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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 50

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 50
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a Peril to Civil Peace Los Angeles Police Chief Tom R e d d i n Wednesday accused mayoral candidate Tom Brad- Icy of endangering civil peace in Los Angeles. Reddin issued a six- page, point-by-point reply to an attack upon the department by the city councilman. The chief specifically cited Bradley's charges of "increasing tensions between law enforcement and the community." "This is not true," declared Reddin. "Tensions between the police and the total community are easing. Statements to the contrary are damaging to the cause of civil peace in our community." Reddin, who issued his disclaimer after Mayor Sam Yorty asked him to "set the record straight," stated: "Continued public release of inaccurate statements concerning the policies and practices of the Los Angeles Police Department can only be det- rimental to one best interests of the community. "Any inaccruracy repeated often enough can ultimately become accepted as a fact and can serve to undermine the mutual trust between the citizen and the police, which is vital to the peace and safety of our community." * * * * REDDIN noted it had been charged that 90 per cent of police recruits' time while in training is devoted to " c a t c h i n g crooks." "This is woefully inaccurate," said the chief. He said 56 per cent of the present training program is devoted to such areas as administration of justice, police-community relations, constitutional law, sociology and other social science areas. The chief said the. training program requires 20 weeks, not 13 as alleged. Replying to a claim of "lack of communication between the police and the community," Reddin TIDES -A-ISTID FORECAST Long Beach and Vicinity: Fair today, cloudy tonioht and t-ridav with chance ot ram. Hiflh todDV about fifi, tow tonight near 8. Mountain Areas: Cloudy tonight and Friday with chance ot rain lower elevations and snow above 6,000 feet. Slighllv warmer through tonight Interior and Desert Regions: Fair through tonight, cloudy Friday. Warmer,. highs Jf ,!!!. «,i!° °5tV BB ,V and u to n lowcr "'""s. overnight low! j to 15 Owens valley, 25 to 35 upper and 32 to 45 lowcr valleys. """SIS. ^U'^S!?. Yffiffi. "°?l ll ?TM.. p .'»'n ?wiTM.»).: Cloar lows overnight pera and Coacncila Valleys (Including Palm Springs): night, cloudy Friday. Sliflhtly warmer, highs today 72 to 35 to 45. . Antelop« Valley and Mojave Desert: Clear through tonight cloudy Friday with chance of showers near mountains. Highs today 55 to fit), overnight lows 35 Offshore Wind and Weather Forecast (P!. Concepclon to Mexican Border): Clear ££Sl t '£ w! !? ni P h L» antt ? r JS av - wllh cfmnce 0( rain - Llttle chan Bc 'n 'em- peratures Winds lioht, variable night and morning hours becoming west io southwest 10 to 18 knots this afternoon and southerly 12 to 20 knols Thursday SUN, MOON AND TIDES Thursday Sunrise: 6:34 a.m. Sunset: 5:53 p.m. Friday Sunnst: 6:34 a.m. Sunset: 5:53 p.m. Thursday Moonnse: 1:32 p.m. Moonset: 3:53 a.m. Friday Moonrlse: 2:32 p.m. Moonset: 4:35 a.m Thursday Tides: Highs, 5.0 feet at 6:06 a.m. and 3.6 feet at 8:12 p.m. Lows, 2 7 t feet at 12:06 a.m. and minus 0.3 foot at 1:30 p.m. Friday Tides: Highs, 5.3 teet at 6:42 a.m. and 3.8 feet at 8:24 p.m. Lows, 2.4 feet at 12:42 a.m. and minus 0-5 toot at 1:54 e.-, Long Beach Lifeguard Sea Report: 56 degrees,. WEDNESDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS California H L Prc. Lono Beach E. 66 47 04 L.B. Airport 60 44 .01 Los Angeles 62 47 0! Bakersfield .59 45 .02 Big Bear Lake _ 40 19 E5 Bishop _ 44 17 Blythe . ITfiB 55 Rurbank ,,_ ,,.. El Centre . "72 5? Fresno 57 3B Lake Arrowhead ... 39 29 .03 H L Prc. Newport Beach 5? 45 Palm Springs ... 68 O. Riverside _...55 44 .13 Sacramento 55 39 .01 San Bernardino 39 d6 .09 San Diegy 60 47 .66 San Francisco 52 44 .10 Santa Ann ...63 45 .03 Santa Barbara .. _. 39 43 .22 Victorville 53 33 Albuquerque Atlanta Bismarck. Boise _ Boston Buffalo _ _ Chicago Cleveland Denver DM Molnrs Detroit Fairbanks Fort Worth Helena Honolulu .. Indianapolis _. Kansas City Las Veons _ .52 .39 Across t L Prc. _.3S 34 .10 .^ 32 ....33 27 .60 ._» 27 .08 .36 32 .32 30 .01 ::_:"! J 2 . 132 70 52 "77 65 .OS ...42 27 41 38 .02 Miami Beach _ Milwaukee Minn. St. Paul Nrw Orleans .,, New York Oklahoma Citv Omaha Philadelphia Phoenix Pitfbburgh Portland, Ore. _ Reno Richmond, Va _ St. Louis Salt Lake City _ Se-ittlc Spokane Washingion _ 32 24 .67 37 ,, 39 30 - 72 « 35 34 ..40 31 66 41 _ 32 24 .04 46 31 .02 36 24 .55 _. 44 32 43 33 38 73 .02 ~JS ¥, .03 Highest temperafur* Wednesday In the 48 adiacent states was 79 at Chlldress, Texas and Gage, Okla. Lowest was --7 at Havre and Bozeman, Mont. IIST Acme Bast ,,,, fiennlncton Benner Blue Bradley Brvce Canyon Butternut Cape § rter Hall andler emiino Eolleti or mo ran i Cove Cunningham Decatoor peHavm tdson . ._ Elk River Embattle t nglond . vcrsole Excel Fechctler Fellows Stewart ~= L $$$ rE^fli/ Pier 16, Nav. Sta. Pier 10, Nav. Sta. Pier 9. Nav. Sta. Bethlehem Steel Pier 16, Nav. Sla. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. Drydock 2, NSY Pier 9, Nav. Sta. ..TM....Pier 9* Nav. Sta. .Pier 20, Nav. Sta. r_"Zl"..Pier 15, Nav. Sta" AFOL-48, NSY B-63, NSY '., "'p'Ter"i57 Nav. Sla. .^...Pier 10, Nav. sia. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. _ B-125, Pier fc -- B-22, NSY ,, Pier 9, Nav. Sta. ...Pier 15, Nav. Sta. Pier 6, NSY Pier 9, Nav. Sta. . Todd Shipyard ...Pier 9, Nav. Sla. Holjister ....... Hooper _ ..... _... Hubtmrd ......... Isbcll _____________ Lovdlty ......... ..... Lucid . . Manatee .. Maratno'i _ Marsh ........... AAarysvllle ____ McKean Merrick ____ Mispllllon _ Moore Navorro ---------O'Brien ..._ ......... Okonagan ....... _. Ozbourn __________ Prime ...... -Pt Defiance .. Princeton -- __ Recper __________ konaidor __ Somcrs _________ ........ Toppjhannock . Uhlmann ..... Vammen ,, ...... For snip InfOi call 547-6302. B-13, NSY ._ -.pier 16, Nav. Sta. _ ...Pier 15, Nav. Sta. Pier 15. Nav. Sta. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. .....Pier "). Nav. Sta. ..___,, Pier U, Nav. Sta. AI Larson Bout Shoo Pier 19, Nav. Sta. pier 7, Nav. Sis. B*thl«h*m Steel Pier 15, Nav. Sta. Pier 7, Nav. Sta. .Pier 16, Nav. Sta. _...Calit. Ship Buildino ,, B-U, NSY Pier 9, Nav. Sva. B . I W e . n 3M, Pier ?, Nav. Sta. .Submarine Pier Berth t?, NSY __ Pier 7, Nav. Sta. ....Pier 9, Nav. Std. B-34, NSY .. Pier J5, Nav. Sta. mat Ion 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Vessel Anadarko Victory Artemisia) II (LI) Bay State Bris (NO) Brunskoog (Ge) Bessc-gqcn (No) Black Heron (No) . ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT Compiled by Marine Exchangt Berth.. u perator LB-214 · ' ·' ----Lfe _LB26 178 LB-34 LB 1 Banja Lulca (Ys) LB 211 Blumenthal (Go) , 154 Brasilia (Sw) _ 4 j Colorado Star (fir) _._ _ ,, 219 Chuo Maru (Ja) LB 205 Cabo De Santa Marta (Bz) LB 6 Coos Bay _ . 126 Despina N. (LI) 160 Fmma Bakke (No) 198 Fineo (It) ,, _ 145 Fuyo Maru (Ja) __ 175 Gc-ira (No) .. ... _ , I B S Glotv Of The Seas .LB 13 Graziella Zeta (It) _ . _ LB 20 Hozan Maru (Jal _ ,, ..LB-25 Jaladharall (in) _ _ _ _ . LB 2 Java Mai! , .90 Maria Carla D'Amico (It) _ .. 191 Mizukawa Maru (Ja) _._ LB 24 Monte Sa|a (Sp) 166 Okishima Maru (Ja) LB21 Ocean Comet (Li) _ ,, ,, _ 1« Overseas Alice (Tk) . ,, 241 Pacific Alliance (Pa) _ 232 E Pacific Viclory (LI) ,, 234 Point Lacre (Li Tk) LB 73 Pacific Reliance (8r) 137 Philippine Admiral (Pi) _ . . 1 B M4 Pipat Samut (Th) LB-10 Phllltos Washington (Tk) LB77 President Garfie'd ,, _ _ _ .,,, 241 Santa Maria (Tk) __ 149 Santa Ana . - 5 7 Sot. Jack Pendlcton _ _ UB-43 Sinnloa (Da) --. J79 Silvcrstone (Li) . _19? Due to Sail For Lvkes Line ~...Fcb. 27, Cam Ranh Bay United Int'l Shpg. Corp. Indef- Matson Nav. Co. Feb. 28, Honolulu N. Pacific Shpg. Feb. 28, Singapore Nissan Motor Car Feb. 26, Guayaquil Bldtj. Materials Term. Feb. 26, Nanaimo Lloyd Brasileiro Feb. 26, S. Fran. Steamship Management Mar. 1, Stockton Hamburg Amer. TMFeb, 28, S. Fran. Johnson Line Feb. 28, S. Fran. Blue Star Line Feb. 27, S. Fran. Toko Line Feb. 28, Fushikl l-loyd Brasileiro Feb. 26, S. Fran. Chamberlin 8, Co _.Feb. 26, Coos Bay Grdncolombiana Feb. 28, S. Fran. Knutsen Line .. Feb. 28, S. Fran. Italian Line Feb. 26, S. Carlos Showa Line Fob. 26, S. Diepo Norskhvoro Mar. l, Stockton Columbia S/S Co Indef, Marine Chartering .... _. . . Inrfef. "K" Line Feb. 26, Mazatlan ScintJIa Steam _...Mar. 1, Bombay Amer. Mail Line Mar. 1, S. Dieao D'Amico Lino ... Feb. 26, Manzanilio "K" Line Feb. 26, Manranillo Hiide Christen Gran Feb. 2/, Rotterdam "K" Line .... . Feb. 26, Champerico W. Coast Line Feb. 28, S. Fran. Maritime Overseas _ inrief. Client Overseas _ Indef. Orient Overseas Feb. 26, S. Dieao Humble Oil Ref Feb. 27, Aruba Furness Line Feb. 26, Ghsnr.w Rotla S/S Co Feb. 26, Redwood Citv States Marine ...._ Feb. 26, S. Diego Phillips Pet. Co. ..Feb. 26, Moss Landing Amer. Pres , _ Mar. 2, S. Fran. Pac. Cst Trans. Feb. 27, Richmond Grace Line _. Feh. 28, S. Fran. Mil, Sea Trans. Feb. 26, S. Fran. The EAC Line Feb. 28, S. Fran. Hal Pacific Line Feb. 27, S. Fran. Silvcrstone (Li) ,, _ 199 Hat Pacific Line Frb. 27, S. !-ran. Sunnvville (No)" LB 6V Kiaveness Line --Mar. 1, S. Fran. Sououeta (Fr) - - LB 22 Inslitulo De Fomento .... Feb. 26, Connto Saivada (Br) 177 Trans. Maritime Feb. 28, S. Dleqo Transerle (TW " TM- -- 150 Hudson waterways Feb. 27, Ozo! if« n « lf l!=.. l .ft j .«.-. MI unjicd Fruit Co Feb. 27, Seattle ThuroMacrsk (Da) _ _ . Vlshva Prem (In) Yavarl (Pv) .. Lcland 1 Doon (Tk) . · Vesicl Ahrcnsbura (Ge) .'. Aslerl (LI) Br.nshu Maru #31 (Ja) Houston (Tk) Hawaiian 1 colslator Johannes Maorsk (Da) Kashu Maru (Ja) Lcmoncore (Is) Marqo (Li) Moblloll (Tk) ·Phillips CalHornTalTk) Peru Maru (Ja) ,, President Jefferson Philippine Bear KlitWlBCr (No) RotH (Du) Sundora I t ) -Sac Jong (Ko Snnla Maria (LI) _,,. Wilrl (Fl) Ya.suitTlma Maru (Ja) . ~, , n/ 59 LB31 " ; 217 VESSELS From "...Puerto Bolivar AmagasakI .... ....Yokohama Niklskl _ Honolulu S. Fran. Tokoo Naqova S. Fran. Drift River ".'.'.'."'.".'".'. Avon Buenavenlura ,,, Yokohama _ .....Stockton Buenaventura '..., Manila .......Pert EsQuIvel _...Mofl Sallna Cruz unnea rrun to rco. //, a^niiic S.C.I. Line - Feb. 26, S. Fran. Gold Shipping Co _ ....Feb. 27, Pusan Marine Tram Feb. 27, Piltsburo DUE TODAY Operator Standard Fruit S/S Co. Slarborr.l Shir/ping Co. .. Taiyo Gyoovo K.K Trinidad Corp MaisTM Nivioation Co. . Macrsk Line . ... Yamashlta 5'ilnnihon Line W.iilcnlus Line Trans. MfirlTima M e .x . . Mobil Oil Corn Petroleum Co (Phillips) "K" Line . American President Lines . Pacific Far East Line wcstMl L.vsen Lino Llovd Hoenh Line Sapuen^p Srilnnino Ltd. Korea ShiDDinn Corp Santa Maria Shionlnn Cn. Bucnavsnlura Hanscntlc Vaa^a Line !"" Cristobal "K" Line Berth LB-208 LR 211 .. 232-D 118 200-A - ' S :- .. . "i 2JO-A 2J8 . .LB-2S «-B 92 . Anc.-LB 2 330 ' !.~:.LB-!1S " ... Anc. . . . . 1 7 8 . LB-J12 radley we said the department is contacting and communicating "with more people in all segments of our community than at any time in hisotry." He said total noncrimin- al contacts by the department the past year totaled 1,131,940 - - "and this does not incude contacts made by 'beat' officers and other routine contacts," said the chief. " . . 1 have personally communicated with more than 122,662 people in the 308 public appearances made during my two years as chief of police." THE CHIEF also took note of the suggestion that the department put less emphasis on physical mental abilities. Reddin quoted Bradley as saying, "we shouldn't be so concerened about whether he (the policeman) had 32 teeth. He does not need to bite anyone." The chief noted there has not been a requirement for "some two years" on natural teeth. He further took issue with ft Bradley position paper that said more than one-third of the city's budget is devoted to law enforcement. "Actually, it amounts to 28.1 per cent," said Reddin. ADS PAY OFF IN HUNT FOR 5 GUNMEN SAN FRANCISCO (ff) -- The Bank of America published full-page advertisements in San Francisco and Los Angeles papers with the pictures of five persons snapped in the act of robbing its banks. That was in December. Wednesday, the bank reported that the publicity has paid off: four of the five have been captured and information has been obtained on the fifth. It wouldn't give the names or circumstances for fear of compromising the prosecutions. The robberies were by two men in Glendale July 8, a woman in La Brea, a man in Santa Monica Aug. 21, and a man in San Francisco Nov. 13. Phony Agents in Gem Haul WEST LOS ANGELES (CNS) -- Two men posing as federal security agents Wednesday ransacked the residence of a West Los Angeles apartment house owner, taking $13,500 in jewels. The pair, carrying a phony badge, knocked on the door of the apartment of Mrs. Sylvia Berg and told her they were federal officials making a security check on one of her tenants. Mrs. Berg told them she would have to get her glasses to examine the badge and retreated into her apartment. The men followed her inside, pulled a gun and forced her into the bedroom where they tied her up. Vital Statistics Death Notices ATKINS-- Lewis F., 74, of 230 Linden Avo,, died Tuesday. BANDY-Arthur 0., 89, of 210 E. Ocean Blvd., died Tuesday. ,, BUCKALEW-Charlcs E., 76, of 84] Cherry Avc., died Wednesday. CHASE-- Clive W., 71, of 3807 Chatwln Ave., died Tuesday, n 41 L-- Anita M., 93, of -J55 E. Ocean Blvd., died Tuesday. DOOLITTLE-- M. E., 62, of 13351 St., Andrew Place, riifd Tuesday HALL-- Emma, 45, of 3372 Gale Ave., died Monday. HAMER-- Joseph H., 78, of 9743'/j Arkansas SI., Betlflower, died Wednesday, J AM HS-- Louise, of 2018 Lewis Ave., died Thursday. MILFORD-- William C, of 70? Pacific Ave., diet! Wednesday. McGRATH-Astrld S., 73, Of 3617 AndY St., died Tuesday. ONEILL-Alicc M., 80, of 2230 Ximcno Ave., died Tuesday. PATTON-- Luella F., 73, of 5813 Castana Ave., died Monday. SHEETS-- Robert J., A7, of 4713 Castana Ave., Lakewood, died Monday. Building Permits THIS Month SIMf 1.010 This Year 23,014,335 G A G Investment Co., alterations, 675 E. W.irdlow, 59,500; D. W. Ncill Construction Co., contractor; Stanly Van Go'den, cnoinrer. Dclduc.i, alterations, 6116 Brayton Ave., 51,100; Builders Lid., contractor. Crane, alterations, 118 Rovcroft Ave., $2,000; Builders Ltd., contractor. Tommy W. Bvbee, alterations, 5332 AbnovlteM St., si. 700. Mrs. W. A. Mrdvman, alterations, 117 Pomona Avc-., $4,000. Russell Oauinn, alterations, 3201 Chestnut Ave., 55,000; Drew Construction Co., contractor. K, F. Stickncv, alterations, 2537-39 E. Second St., 5-1,000. Mike Ch"rmin, aoartmcnts, 500 Rcdon- do Avo., 5200,000; David Cardinal!, contractor; Paul M. Stone, enoincer. I Silliphant Killer Sought in Oakland LOS ANGELES UP* -Police are seeking a man accused of slaying a dentist in Oakland in the kill- | ing here of the 18-year-old son of movie writer-produ- 1 cer Stirling Silliphant. Loren Silliphant was shot ; to death in his Hollywood apartment Feb. 12 by a man who officers said demanded narcotics. Police said they will seek a murder complaint Thursday against Chester Allen Johnson, '22, who is still at large. Oakland police said Tuesday ihey were hunting Johnson in the fatal shooting of Dr. Glen Ivar Olsen, 54, whose body was found Tuesday in an Oakland park. * 3 * * OFFICER said information linking Johnson to both killings came from his girl friend, Terry Phelps, 19, who is in custody in Grand Rapids, Mich., where she and Johnson are charged in murder warrants with the Olsen salying. Officers said Miss Phelps told them that Johnson told her he killed the son of a Hollywood producer. She was arrested last Saturday after a Muskegon, Mich., liquor store robbery and told officers she accompanied Johnson to California "just for the ride." Detective Sgt. Claude O'Steen said Miss Phelps told police she and Johnson stayed in an apartment near Silliphant's for three days after he was slain, then hitchikcd to San Francisco, kidnaped and shot the dentist, then drove east in his car. The car was recovered outside the apartment where Miss Phelps was arrested, officers said. A Big Tool Haul Tools valued at $200 were taken from a garage at the home of Foster "Hooper, 3521 'Marna Ave., Long Beach police said W e d n e s d a y . Burglars forced open a garage door -to gain entry. ft Legal Notice N O N - H E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is herein- given by tlie undersigned Oarl F. JS T filson. Jr., rp,- Uling nt 19103 WadFey Ave., Gardena, California, that after the date of Feb. 27th 1963 he will not he responsible for any debts, liabilities, ttr obligations incurred by any per- ons other than himself. Dated Feb. 26. 19C9. CARL F. NELSON. JR. Fnh. 27, 2S, March 3. 10(19 (3t) I, HI. N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Notice is hereby siven by the undersigned John M. Romijn residing at -120 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, California, that after the date of Feb. 27, i%n he will not be responsible for any deli ts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated Feb. 26. 1969. JOHN M. ROMIJN Feb. 27. 28. March 3. 1069 (3t) LEI N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is hereby given by the un- lersigned Chester W. Bock residing it 362 Flint Ave. 90814 Long Beach. California, that, after the date o] February 27. 1969 he will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any pel- sons other tha-i himself. Dated February 21! 1969- CHESTER W. BOCK Feb. 27. 28. March 3, 1969 Cit) LBI N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is hereby given by the un- lersigned Bruno B. Posius residing it 2543 Eucalvptus Ave., Long Beach. California, that alter the date of Feb. 27, 1969 he will not be ·csponsible for any debts, liabilities or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated Feb. 26. 1969. imirxo POSIUS Feb. 27. 28. March 3. 19S9 f.'tt) LBI NOTICE TO B I D D E R S The Long IJftach U n i f i e d School District w i l l mr-ive sealed bids in he office of the Purchasing Division, Room 206 Administration iuilding, 701 Locust Avenue, Long 3eicli, California, up to 11 a.m. March 27, 19G9, for the following; Sched. No. -12M-E LIbrarv Audio Distribution System Specification and bid forma may IP. obtained in the office of the Purchasing Division. LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT By MARIE WELLS, Assistant Secretary Pub. Feb. 20. 27. 1969 (20 L.B.I. SPS 18602 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. T 9765 On March 10. 1969. at 10:30 o'clock A.M.. at World Savings Bids.. 11601 Wilshire Blvd.. Garden Level. City of Los Angeles. County of Ixs An- Teles. .State of California, Trans- World Financial Co., a corporation as Trustee under the deed of trus made, by A r t h u r S. Alarid anil Edith F. A l a i i d and recorded Mav 27 1965 in Book T-M79 Page 936 of Of Ticial K words of Los Angeles Coun- y. California, given to secure ai .ndebtedness in favor of World Savings and Loan Association now the owner and holder thereof, by rea- .-im of the breach of certain obligations secured therebv, notice of which was recorded Nov. 4. 196S in Hook M:iQ:tt Page 750 of said O f f i - cial Records, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for i-ash, pavable in lawful mnncv of the United States at the time of sale, without warranty as to title, possession or encumbrances, the in- lerest conveyed to and now held by- Trust, in and to the following described property s i t u a t e in the said Count v of Los Angelit.% State of C a l i f o r n i a , t o w i t : Lnt 3 in Block B of the Lent Tract us per Map recorded in Book 6. Page 127 of Map.-', in t h e offioe of the County Recorder of said County, for the purpose of paying obligations seciued by said Deed, including the remaining p r i n c i p a l ?»m ol 511,592.41. interest, advances. If any. under the terms of said Deed and fee?, charges and expenses o thft tru'tnn. TRANS-WORLD FINANCIAL CO Trust e By Mildred Orernboi* Assist n u t K f c r e t ; n \ Pub. Feb. 13, 20. 27, 1909 (.'ill LBI % LfpAl Nolle* 024 4 S C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS, F I C T I T I O U S N A M E S9-2414 The undersigned does certify he * conducting a business at 1S14 \Y. . 21.«t Stn'ct, Lnne Ileach. California, under the fictitious f i r m name of l.O.T.C. MAC1UNK SHOP and that -aid firm is composed of the follow- 112 per.-n:i. \vluve lutin*? in full and ,'lacc .f n'sidonce i-s ns follows: KttJEXK L. HK.NJAM1N. 14U01 i Ftiala Pt!»vt. \\YstJiim5Tfr. V'aM. i Datod Fobrudrv 1. lyyo , 3ii:intur4 KL'CKNK L. K K N M A M I X State of 0:i!if''*!!ii:i. i LA*- AngoU-i i\u:my : : On Kf*!Ua:v -1, U-ti, Wfiic in.-, a Xm:ny Public in an-i for .:«*( StMv. irtvn:t!lv aj;'t':i:vd Kuirt-ne L. IJt'nj.msii! known to mo to !·-·" tho iHT.'on whose iiaiiio is suh.^TiluM ti the \viihin m s t i m m n t asul :u-km\v edged he extvut.-d the same. KUTH O 1VVKKS ' (SKAL1 N,.t. t ! -v l'u!.!v 1'ub. 1-vb. i::. :V. 27, Mar. 6. l:»u'.t U t 02440 C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS, ' F I C T I T I O U S N A M E '. ttf-LMSU i The iimlfTsifini 1 *! do i v r t i f v th«?v! re i-omlueting a buMni'.-s HI 2lM* Jm :ts-sy Aveuuo. Long ItiMi-h, I'.Ui- · orniu. under the fu-tiaous f i r m ! lame of J A D E D FKiH', K N T K R ARISES and that said f i r m is r..m- Mst i d of the followiui: ]»H-iins, v i-vo nunn's in mil jnul places of t'Si enco aro as follows: John K. Forney. LMsiM) Embassy \VO!:UO. Lo*l; !';irh. ('alifurTiia. Sirphnnie L. Kiirnoy. 1MMM Km- i:tssy Avenue, Long lJt-:irh. Califor- iSiiteil Jaiuian,- 24. 19u9 tSi^naluro) ! JOHN K. FOKNKT STEPHANIE L. FORNEY State of California, -o.-* Angles Countv: On January 24. I9i»9. before me, a Notary Public in and for said State, )orsona!Iy appeared John K. For- j lev and Ktophaiiie L. Forney k n o w n 10 me to be the persons v io?e names arc subscribed to the vitliin i n s t r u m e n t and acknowledged thi'V executed the same. PHYLLIS M. N E 1 S W A N G K U SEAL) Notary Public V v Commission expires June i, 19ii9. Pub. Feb. i;;. 20. 27. Mar. 6. 19C9 -It) LBI 37tiG9 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. T.S. 16GS L No. 41191 NOTICE IS 11EKE1JY C I V K N That on Tu-sdav. Maivli 11. 1PR9. at 11:00 o'clock a.m.. at the EastL-r- y entrance of the H;:ll of Justice facing Sin-ing Stivet. in tlie C i t y of and C'ounty of Los Angeles. State of California. \VESTKltX P I O N E K K COMPANY, as tnisl*:P or s u b s t i t u t ed trustee u n d e r and p u r s u a n t to t ie Deed of Trust execute.! bv DEWITT V E R A D F I E L D AND W I L DA G. 13RADPIELD. husband AIK w i f e in favor of Pioneer Savings and Loan Assoriation, a Corpora- ion, recorded on Ju!v l"i. 10G5. in Book T-H69. Pnee 579 ot OHirln Iccords of Los Angeles Coumv. by ·eason of default in the payment or cri"orriiance of obligations securer icrebv. and notice of default aiu Beneficiary's election to cause to be ·sold the propertv herein belnw described having "been recorded as )rovided for bv law on November i. 196S. in Book M:t035. Page 2G1 of Otiicial Records of Los Angeles Countv. and more than three nontlis having elapsed since such ·ecordation. will pell at public auc- ion to the highPst bidder for fas i ( »AYABLF3 IN LAWFUL MONEY OP T H E U N I T E D STATES OF \ M E R I C A AT T1MR OF SALK), w i t h o u t w a r r a n t y express or im- i ied as to title, possession or encumbrances, the interi-st conveyed o and now held by it as such trus- .ee. in and to the following described property in the County of jOS Amjek's. State of California, Lot 13 in Block 1 of Tract No. 7519. as per map recorded in Book 83. Page 24 of Maps. In the Office of the County Recorder ot Said County. for the purpose ot paying the obligations secured by paid Deed of Trust i n c l u d i n g fees, charges and expenses of trustee and of sale. Dated: .lamiarv 16. 19(!D. "WESTERN TMONKMH . .. COMPANY as such Trust re Bv MICHALE A. FORT. "Trust Officer Pub. Feb. 13, 20. '21. 1969 (3t) LBI 02439 C E R T i r i C A T h OF BUSINESS, F I C T I T I O U S N A M E 69-2036 The undersigned does certify he is conducting a business at ISli'i W. Anaheim. Long Beach, California, under the fictitious firm name of FORKLIFT STORAGE arid that said firm is composed of t it following person, whose name in f u l l and place of residence is a.s "o lows: Donald II. G r i f f i n . IS25 W. Ana- leim. Long Beach. l',i!if. Dated J a n u a r v 29. 1%9. DONALD H. GRIFFIN State of California. Lo? Angeles C o u n t y : On J a n u a r v 29. 39G9. before me. a Notarv Public in ami for said State, personally appeared Donald H. griffin known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to t ie w i t h i n i n s t r u m e n t and acknowledged he executed the same. H U T U C. P A R K S (Seal) Notarv Public Pub. Feb. 6 13, 20, 27. 1909. (4t LKI. O F F I C I A L CITY P R I N T I N G N O T I C E I N V I T I N G BIDS FOR THK INSTALLATION OF UTILITY SERVICE LINES AT PIER F BERTHS 201-205 RACK AREA. U~)NG BEACH OUTKR HARBOR. AS DESCRIBED IN SPECIFICATION" NO. HD 95S AND DRAWING NOS. HD 20427-1 THROUGH HD 20427-3. 3ID 6133-A AND HD 619S-E. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, pursuant to an order of the loard of Harbor Commissioners of the Citv of Long Beach. California, made o'n the 24th day of February, 1969, sealed bids will be received at Uit! office of the General Manaf^r. 925 Harbor I'la/.a, Long Beach, California 90S02. or Post Office Box 570. Long Beach, California 90501. u n t i l I0:u0 A.M.. on the 19th day of March. 19S9. nt which time and place said bids will be publicly opened and declared tor f u r n i s h i n g all the necessary labor, mater'.ils except as otherwise specified, power, equipment, tools, transportation, and supervision and doing all the work of installing u t i l i t v service lines in the back area of Berths 2u and 205. Long Beach Outer Hnrbor. in accorda?icfi with Specif en it ion No. HD IirjS and the drawing numbers listed ahoy ft, on f i l e in t h e nl- fice of the Cliicf JIarbor Engineer, 925 Harbor Plaxa, Long Hftacn. California 90S02, to which spocifica- tions reference is licreby made for further particulars. Copies of said specifications and drawings inny be obtainf-d by prospective bidders nt the, o f f i c e of the Chief Harhor Engineer w i t h o u t deposit. Each copy shall he returned in gool condition w i t h i n fifteen ( i n days a f t e r the bids are opem-i . The f i u a n t i t i e s sp'-cifi"?'l ;n-e approximate only hoinfT given as a basis for the convenience of thi bidder when lump sums are involved. Tlift City or the Hoard of .'Inrbr.r Commissioner." dncs not warrant the actii:sl amount of t t i p work . w i l l correspond t h o r w i t l i . but may bo increased or dea-"a.--"d in ; i ; amount not t o cxcct-d t w c n t v (-(it \pcr cent. Til': estimate '.f the a p p r o x i m a t e principal q u a n t i t i e s is as follows: Water System Pipe. 12" A.C 'J.215 Lin. Ft. Pipe, S" A.C. ,, HD Lin. Ft. Pipe, 6" A.C SO Lia. Ft. Pipe. 2" Polvethylene L _...100 Lin. Ft. Fire Hydrant Assemblies _ - -I Kach ]2" Gate Valves .... 4 Ka^-h S" Gate Valvos _.... 1 Each 20" Di:im*;tt;r Steel CarfinK Telephone System Four 3 1 --Inch Telephone Ducts 1.7S5 Lin. Ft. Precast Telephone Manholes 3 Manholes 10" Diameter Steel Casing 4:1 Lin Ft Septic Tank System l.KO-fiallon Sc-ptic T;mk l Tank 4" Ca.«t I n m Soil Pipe 2.") Lin. Ft. Leaching Bed and ·1" Tile SO Lin. Ft. Pursuant to the provisions of Pnrt 2, Clmptcr 1, of Article VII I/np Beach Municipal Code, am ordinance No. HD-676. ordinance, of the Honrd nf Harbor Comni s- Pi.uiiiip. the C i t y Council, bv R.-.^o- ufyn No. C-2U:i71, n n d the l i n a i d O F F I C I A L C I T Y P R I N T I N G | if Harbor rcmmi.'smriprs. bv Mm- · i t f Order a d o p t f l at its mVi-Mns: " n*M on J:i!tti:ny (1. t'.-mi*. h:i\- asror- .linft! aiiii t!r;pv:ni:if J J th* 1 general 'iTvailin:; rat* 1 of j**r dit'iii WUK*\; nd v*-itime waives for t-urh f.iitl \ T typ* ^f laK'ivE'. ^ofkm:ut tr ni' 1 - ' i:iinc i\''|Uir»'d in tht pei^'rm-uifo j if p u b l i c worn. tV'pit-s of .-aid ro. j o- M utK'Hs arf- .-n fi!-' in tliC i - ' f i c e o f h he riiirf H;o-b,. r Knirin-'(*r. ?a:d; ·( Oi;issifn.-:!i:-ni^ ;n:tl gfiu-ra! p r ^ i ailinir rat** of jv.- iliom wngrs and }'· »v»: i i M i f iv:iir» li s UM- inci »;·;«»; at *·»! · ' !«·: ( in liv ivici t- iii'*- l!j-; . t o -.\ :tii l ik.- f . - i , V : t : i . | .-:f«vl as if vxp:«-,s!y ^ r: i'i'M!i l:.':-fi:i. ;tn-i a r^iitrai't - iu::!ilo! lsor*-U!iior ,-h il! p:-.'Vi,U .1 :· -.: til' 1 t '··::'.! ·····? m-i-'t '-"nij'J^ 1 vrii :h-' c--::-;-:;l '.".··\--i:\ms r.-.i ( · · · ( · ' . ·i-r ·\'.'-',n wa-'i-s a:iil i ' \ ' M : : ^ o wMitv ;; ''l'\\^^n::'.»\n-' xvil'.'.ils'o 1 rtli.i.W.' · UK iMiif..!:u t.^ l}.e p!.iVi«:oi!S "f I ·f.-i!ot; o-'.:-! o; :!if Cii.iMO! . . i t i i . - ' : 'ity ».f l^.n- I V t c h :'.;!vss p iy:i.f]ii w i l l le m-nJt 1 V.\ ' 'o!' "L..W j'«icU. "^-i-.-ranJ : : : . m ^ y . l.y ,-:.«vk.- Jr:.\v:: .^i :!:»-' *s!v T!IMSU:I-!'. ;t.~ providi-il in D I M - -i.-i'is 7.1-1 and 7 (0 nf Snocifiraln-n ' \o. nn its-;. i All l i . l an-t !'id bonds shall W ' l ·^uli:nitli'ii upn'i infill .d'tain'-il at · lit- t'iiu-.' of t h e fhivf I I : t r l i r Km:i-i i.-:K;ii h bid iSiall \i? .irci'mji.imt-tl !«v ' t i - i - r l l l M - d ·!· liillk - l i . i f t !·:»·· . tibl.- t - the i ' : t v A u d i t o r oi l..'iitr | I V a - h and di.iw'n ..n H'iit Kink I n l...s Anufi'-s I'ounlv. or a . - i t i s - "aciory bon-i :n an aiiininn n.n lo-;s '-. \ ;;tn i f ) i i !i*^ J»T ivm of s'.u'li !.'! L-; a guaraiu. 1 *' t h a t tli« bi-id--i w i l l . ; if awa'.iiod a O'Htraci. w i i m n l*-n ' i!0 d.i\s alt.-r sucli (·"inraci is] »'iido!-,-.i to him fur s i g n a t u r e . i»xf- ·iii.- a iht di-!i\vr such r o n i r a f i \i thi- G.'in--;!! ManagLi-, t o f j f t h i - r w t l b : t yo.-i! :iiiii sut'iti-icnt corporal o sur i · i v bonti t'] ht one h u n d r . t . il'iW ;trr cent of the font met price. ·omJitiiinHl upon the f a i t h f u l performance of siien coiitrarl. H m l a ^'o .! ;md s u f f i c i e n t c-iip-'iatc- surr-- j t y buml equal to f i f t y UiU) per cent of the contract price, romlitionoil I upon (he payment of nil labor and , m a t e r i a l 'riauns. Tli. work specific,] shall be ivm- |.|.-!ed bv J n n « 1. 19:0. The lio-irti i»f Has-bor Commls- *iouers. a c t i n g t t i r o u d i t h o G e n e r a l Maiiagt-!-. re.-=ei-vr-s t!io rij;ht at a n y ; t i m e prior t.i t!ie awanl. !-·» reje.-i ; all bills and to r e t u i n all deposits ; i r e i n i [ i : i n v i i i £ ; .-:d'l bids. Da;ed :it Loim IVnrh. California, this 2li h d n v "f F.-l.niarv, l!' t ;:t. I ' H A U L K S L. V K ' K K R S , ( M i - M a ! Mana^.-r of t i n * H a r b o r Department, C i t v of LiMiy Bcai h. r a l i f e r n a Pub. K.-b. i!7. 1%» U u 1.K1. NOTICE' I N V I T I N G Bibs Foit PAVING A N D FIM-: FOU P A V I N G A N D F I N E G K A D I N G MUSCELLA.N'EorS A It E A R AT LONG 11KACM1 H -WHO!; AS P K S r K I U K l ) IN SPECIFICATION NO. H U ?l!0. NOTICE IS H F . U K K Y G I V E N THAT ptu-\i:ii.t 10 an n r d r r of t l ·· Board nf Harbor Commissioners o[ ! l i e Citv of L.HIK Beach. C.-.Hfi'i ilia, made on the li-Hh dav nf l-'ebruai-y. H ( 9 . sealed bids will he received at t ift office of the General Manage.r. 92.i Harbor Plam. Lung Beach. California 90SIVJ. or ]\ist Office Box 570. Lniii: Beach. California 9HSU1. u n t i l l u r i m A . M . on the 19th dav of A ait-h 1%!' at w h i c h lime am p ace said hids w i l l be p u b l i c l y o lenefl and declared for f u r n i s h i n ; a the necessary liibur, materials, lower, enuipiiH'iil, tools, transpur- 1 at ion and super vision for paving and f i n e Ki'ading miscellaneous ; roas at Long Beach Harbor in nc- (:-'n!aiii*c w i t h Specification No. HD i'liit on f i l e in die office of the Chief arbor KngniORr. !125 Miirbor I'lnza. Long Beach, t/alit'onua i!((Su2. to \'tlU:h S j i e t i f i r a t i o n s rcfoi'ener- ia icieby m.itie for t u r t l i e r parlicu- ai-s. Copies nf said specifications may )C obtained bv prnspecliv« bidilei's at the o f f i c e of the Chief Harbor Engineer without deposit. Each copv shall be returned in good i:t»ii- tlitiim w i i h i n f i f t e e n (15) days after t ic bids are opened. The (jiiiui lilies specified are approximate only, being given as a lasis for the. comparison of bit s when u n i t prices are involved. The C i t y or t h e Hoard of Harbor Commissioners does not warrant t h a t t 1C. actual n n m u n t of the work will correspond therewith but may be increased or decreased i n an amount not to exceed t h i r t y CIO) j er cent. The estimate of the approximate principal qiiumitien is a.^ follows: AKphaltic Concrete, Tvpe "C" 1.000 TOILK Asphalt ic Concrete. Leveling Course 3!).OW Tons Fine Grading l.OOH.OOO sq. ft. Pursuant lo the provisions of 'art 2. Chapter 1. of A r t i c l e VII. LnnpT Beach Municipal C'ode.. am Ordinance Nn. j i n - U / C . Ordinaiu'es of the of Harbor Commissioners, tho C i t v Council, by uliuii No. C--ii:\14. and t b n Boan of Harliur Conunissioiiuri;. by M i n - uie Order adopt-nl nt its mc'jiing lelii on J a n u a r y G. 1-3(19. have ;u-ve.r- iaiii'?d and d e t e r m i n e d the penera prevailing rate of per iliem wa^e.s nnd overtime wages for each craft "· type of laborer, w o r k m a n or ma- cbanic re(tiiired in the performance of p u b l i c work. Copies of said rcso- titions are on f i l e in t h e office of the Chief Harbor Engineer. Said job classifications and ifenera] |re- vailing rum of per dieni wages am overtime wages are incorporatei icrcin by referoncc llicroto w i t h iko force and effect ns if expressly set for tit herein, and a contract awarded hercmidpr s h a l l provide t h a t the Contractor must comply w i t h the ge-m-ral prevailing rat'.- of per diem \vaffo.s and overtime wages as specified in said resolutions. The Cunt i act or will also observe nnd conform to t h e provisions of Section ;*03-a of the Charier of the Citv of Long Bead). Progress payments will be made n due course of p a y m e n t s of t l i e City of Jjoiis Ilem-h. generally m o n t h l y . In- check 1 ; drawn on th': City TieasuYer. a5 pn.vidcd in Division 7.0J ami B[M'ci:il Provision S.P.ll of .Specification No. H D 960. All bids and bid hnnds shnll be .submitted up-in forms obtained at the office of tiie Chief Harbor Engine er. Kach bid s h a l l he accompanied bv a t - e i t i f i e i t check or bnnk d r a f t parable to the C i t v A u d i t o r of Lniifr Beach and draivn on a so! yen t bank in Los Angeles C f i u n t y . i - r a s a t i s - f art cry bomi in an amount not ie.-3 Uian II.TI (10) per cent of such hjd a.s :L guarantee that tho b i d d e r w i l l . if awarded a contract, w i t h i n ten (10) days a f t e r such contract la tendered 10 him for signature, r-x* 1 cute and d e l i v e r such con t r a c t tr t h e General Manant-r. together «'ii a good and s u f f i c i e n t corpurate s u r - ety bond equal to um; l i u n d r t r d (1K p«r cent of tho contract price. conditioned upon the f a i t h f u l performance of such contract, and a pood ami smhoient corporate surety bond equal to f i f t y (fill) per cent of the contract price conditioned upon payment of all labor and material claims. The work specified is to be done from t i m e to t i m e as ordered bv the Engineer over a period of six Ui) months, dating from the date of execution of the contract. The Board of Harbor Commissioners, actintr t h r o u g h the General Manager, n-serves the right at any lime prior to the award to ntjff-t all bids and to return all deposit.-; ac- companvinK said bids. DATED at l*,i\K Beach. CaJifor- ni.'i. this 21th dav of FV'bnjnrv !%!). ; f ' H A P . L K ? L V K ' K K F i K . 1 C'-ni-ral Man'iper of tlie ! H.-ubor!:nent, d t y of lung i;eacii, : ""alifornia I^ub. Fob. 27. H*69 ( I t ) L.B.I. O R D I N A N C E NO. HD-354 AN O R D I N A N C E OF THE BOA P, D OF II A It BO ft CO M - MISSIOXKKS OF THE CITY OK LONG BEACH DIRECTING TH?: GENERAL M A N A G ER TO E X K I T T B A LEASE R K T W K K N THK CITY OF LONG JlKAf'M. ACTING BY AND T I l R O r C I T ITS BOARD OK H A R B O R COMMISSIONERS. AND CITY TRANSFER. INC. AND CITY WAREHOUSE t STORAGE. INC.. FOR THE USK OK C E R T A I N P R E M I S E S I N T H E H A R B O R DISTRICT, AS .SHOWN BY JIARP.OR DEPA RTM KXT DR,\ WI NG J I D 3 J V O 'RI--V. 2-1-6S) The Board of Harbor Comniis- sioners of the City of Long Beach ordain* as follows: Station 1. The General Manager of the Harbor Denartment o( the City of I»ng Brach or, in hln al).«- ence. the Assistant General Manager is hereby author) zed "and directed to execute, in duplicate, a lease in s u b s t a n t i a l compliance w i t h t h e form h e r e w i t h s u b m i t t e d and hereby iipp.oivd, hrtwe.-n tin- C i t y of [, iiig K f a H i m:\iim by and t h n m u a , II.H K u n n l of I t f c ' b o r Coinini.^ionurs. INDEPENDENT (AM) PRE CLASSIFIED HE 1-5?S» Lor O F F I C I A L C I T Y P R I N T I N G nd Cnv Transfer. IM-. and City Varohouse St"!:i?*-. li"'-. f i r t!; '' i s* 1 of certain pronu-t-i m t » : p Ha: 1 - cr District, as ish.-wn uti H a i l - o r )e:vi:tm.nt Diawimr HI' ::L'V Rl-v. 2- !-·'» a t t a o h i ' l :· --a: 1 ! I'-a-e. , Sec -'- This o:-'i;n-i;: e .^liail !·« uned bv the P:es:.J.-nt or Vice ·resident of the V.,*K\ -f ».ir'-r ·o!l!!i!i.-=si"ll»TS aii'i atl'-.-te.l I ' ^ l - V e:-!ifv*:.i"ll:-» I't.^T--- --f t V o:-!i- 4tu-e bv th.- I V u d *t ! I : » r i ' M i Cum- . »:*-!..ilt"i-.'* i-f ihi- C i t y "f I-" !!i t ;.-.,.-!i. -tjul i'aue t!;.- .-:»ni" t" t" 1 : ui.:i!,...i ..ii.-.. in :M- ..f:.i-i.t. !-'··':- ·IMIT of t!K- Cl'V Of I -- IIH I'.WH. l-.'i -. .-ovt'iii.-J 0-M-v ( 'f **»** !·' be t\.::h-.:th fi:-l W!:!i . ·e Cnv ne:k of l + *r.£ 1^-.ic!:. and ; . .-h-iil i;il;- o f f . o t ien t i n ) days ..for the iul'ln-:ition thereof. J A M K S G . C K A U I . J R . . l'resid.'iit ATTEST. \V A HAI'.r.lXGTON. I hovciiv i V r t l f v th:H i!;1 f.'Jeiiii- \f fMiu'ianOf was ad-'pted l.y t h e . ;o-l!'d Of H - i r l f M - I ' . H I U I l l S M . i l l " ! * "i ' .. 0 - t v of l-.-i!- i:.\ u -!i a! its 1H.VI- ' 111: ..f K e h n i i r y 21. 1MH. by t l , « - 0 A\vJ""*'.'miii!'-i.«^:--.-- K 1 X H Y . l : l t L N G S H A P . I M N i J T O N . !;KiI\ C K A l t ! N,-e^: C"inmisi.'ii''is: N.-UA \i»:'eni : «".iiii:ms.-t.'!!'-! - . N'.iu' ; \V. A. H A i : R l N G T " N . i S-vretai-v i PuK Feh. 27. i'.'t;-.! 1 H 1- B . I - : N O T I C E I N V I T 1 N O D I G S 1-VIt THE SITE t i K V K M ' P - i M K N T O K Kl. 1 O U A 1 K P A R K EAST - A l t E A :i IN THE C I T Y OK LONG I I K A C I i . CAL- H - X t R N l A NOTICK IS H K U K I i Y t l l Y K N . hat th»- C i t y of l.on« »:«n-!i w i l l ·ii'iOVO seale.i liltl.s at tl;e o f j u - e -f ift i ' i t v M a u n d e r , in R - - . I U ;i';i .-f he C i t v Hal! of the C i t v of 1^'Ht; V.u-h. C a l i f o i m a . u n i i l 2 ' 0 0 o'clo-'k P M M a i r h 12. U'hl*, at whu'h time UU pla-'e aid bids w i l l he p u b l i c l y ipen-'d and ileelai--.! f.u- t n : n i s l l i n g ill ne.'.vsary Sal-or. H'O 1 .^. u n t . - n a l A irpliailt-rs and .'.niipm.'iit i.«r. :IIM! : ioiiiLT t h e work of K r a - l i m r . ami ·onslrUi'tiiiK r o a d w a y s . 11 1 ii,'.i!nMi ·ivstems s a n i t a r y s«-« er sy.-tf!:is. na.hvav l i ^ h l i n f ; . P l t v i n e a L - l i s l n - ; i i i t i i i n p v t . - m and s l r u . ' M i M - s in :n'- ; · o ' l l r i i u v w i t li " r i a n s A Sp'-ni..-- t - . lions No. II-:MH f..r t i n - S i t e i v \ . - l - ; ipnient "f Kl p.'t-ado 1'aik K a - l - : ·Xi'ea ;i in the \ ' H V nf I.-ini: lli-aeli. ; · a l i f o n i i a . " on f i l e in the o i f u - - of | t 1,1 C i t v Knt;ineer of s:mi C i t y , to w h i c h plans a'ld inn.-* r o f - en'-llee is heieby mailf for l i i f t h e r a r t t r u l a r s . Copies of said plans and s p - v i f l - · a t i o u s mav b." 1 obtained at t h e o f - fice of lilt! C i t v Emiiiifer, K - ' i - m ·pOL' C;ty Hall. Upoll ilepo.-^st of SUlO.W IHT set. The c o n t r a c t o r slial! s t n r t t h e work w i t i i i n t e n l l - U li.-ivs a n d rom-" a l l w o i k w i t h i n t w o h u m l i f i i 1 200) w o r k i n e l a v s I i o m t i i e d a t e of execulioii of ihu c o n t r a c t by Hit; Citv Manager. Progress p a y m e n t s w i l l be made in due i-oinse" of p a v m n n t s of t h e C i t v of Lon y l:earh in :n.vtu-dain:c w i t h the provisions of Plans £ Specifications No. R-;!Sll. C O M P L I A N C E W I T H F E D E R A L R E G U L A T I O N S : This is a f i - d c r a l l v - a s s i s t f d cons t r u c t i o n project, a n d t h e -urecssful b i d d e r w i l l bo re-niired lo nh.--erve ill a p p l i c a b l e federal rei-jilalions. «m- udimr w i t h o u t t i m i c i t i o n the l.a- nor Standards for icderrUly-assUie.S Contracts and the r o g u l a i i o n nf t h e President's C i m i n U i r « on Equal K m j i l n y m e n t O j i p o r t u n i i y . M i i i i n u m i wnge rates f u r t h i s project have been p r e d e t e n i n i n - d by t h e Seerotarv n t Labor aiut are set f o r t h in t h e ppcHioii r.f t h e Secret a r y a n d bound i n t o die f p e u i f i e a i oiis. In t h e u v i ' n t ih^re is a d i f f e r - ence between the WHK**. i n c h t i l i n g i n i l l U a n d w e l f a r e f u n d s a n d s i m i - lar c o n t r i b u t i o n s , its d e t e r m i n e d by be SecrL'iarv of Labor anil t i n - C i t y f Long Keiieh for similar r - l a s s i f i - cations of labor, the n m t r a c U i r and his s u b c o n t r a c t o r s ?!iall pay not ess t h a n the waire rale which ia ;bi higher r.l the t w o . N O T I C F O F R E Q U I R E M E N T F O R C E R T I F I C A T I O N O F N O N S E G R E GATED F A C I L I T I E S : Bidders are. cautioned as f i - l l n w ? : B v ciL'tiini? t h e bid. t h e b i d d - r w i l l bo deemed In h a v e s t i g n p i l and agreed U the provisions of the ·'Certification nf N o i i - s p f f r r j i a l p i Facilities" contained in the b i d . Tin; eertifii-ati..ii provides t h a t the widt'r does not m a i n t a i n or provide f o r h i p umploype.s f a c i l i t i e s w h i c h are PCKrusated mi a basis nf rai-e, creed, color, or n a t i o n a l onjim. w h e t h e r sin-h facilitie.-; an 1 s e y r e - trated hv d i r e c t i v e or ;i de f.-irto bas s. tho c p r t i f i c a t i - m also pr--vidt's i t a t he w i l l not m a i n t a i n .-·tk-li se«- refrated f a c i l i t i e s . F a i l u r e of a b i d · t IT to ajrreo to t h e C e r t i f i c a t i o n of Xons'wctratfid Ka.-iliii-.i w i l l r e n ( er his bid iionres;ioiisive to ( I n : 1 :rms of P d l i r i i n t i u n s i n v n l v i i i f , ' awards of ( M i i t i a e t . - exeerjilin^ Slu.00 : i which are not exempt f m m the p r u v i F l ' U W of t i n ? E'|iial 'Vpor- t u n i t v i-laiisc. C12F.R. 7-i:i9. May ID. 1UG7) ( T i t l e -II -- Public O n t m r t t ind P r r i p o r t v Mana^em-Mit. C h a p t e r 1 -- l-'edcral Procurement Re^ula- ioiis A i n e n d n i e i i l -- I-'. H. Vol. :','i. No. :t'! -- Friday, February Ifi. 19fiS -- p. :«ifi-0. A ··(!! l i f i r a t i o n nf Nondisci i m l nation in Employment" \x provide! in the bid f o r m , and shall ho e..\e- culed by the bidder i n arc'. 1 1 dance w i t h rules, regulations, and rele- v a n t orders of t h e Secretary of Labor a n d the provisions of Execu- t i v e Order No. M'JHi of September 2 . 1965. As m i u i r o d by the May 10. 1%7 order on E l i m i n a t i o n of .Segr^aied K M C i l i f i o s . bv the S'-cn-tarv of I.n- jor. :iJ F.R. 7-):i:t. i-a-'li bidder shall exet-ute the "Cortificali .n\ f Non- wurr-gntPd Facilities 1 1 -ttta'-hed to and mad- 1 n part of his bid. P U R C H A S E OF STEEL: rVira11v-assiMi:d must met inn roj«,-c[s i t - q u i r e t h a t Mcel u t i l i / e d in c o n s t r u c t i o n be ptin-hasfid on t h e hiisis of lowest possible prices. Therefor?, t h t ; ronl:-ai-loi- is i n.-pon- -. p i l j l e for d e t e r m i n i n g c i n i e i i l .-teel , )i-iers at Hie t i m e )!-· pla--".s his n r der for 5te*-|. and .-hall f u r n i s h w r i t t e n r u n f : r m a t i o n 1" th-; ("ity t h a t snifl st* 1 * 1 ! wi? p u r c h a f e d at the j lowest a v a i i a h l e p n « - - . Pursuant to Part '.'. C h a p t e r 1. A r t i f l e V I I of M u n i c i p a l r.f t ic C i t v of Lout,' B'-ar-h. t h e C i t y Coiincii. bv Re.snhiliuii No. C-:10:;74 ha,s a-cRi'tainr-d and det'-rniim.-'! t h e penera! prfivaihm: ra!«? nf per diem wafw and o v e r t i m e w n f j e ? for c^ach crafl r type, of labor*:!', w o r k m a n or i n e r h a n i i ' rcquir'-d i n t h ( - pt-r- formaiif' 1 fif p u b l i c w o r k . A Copy nf said Resolution i.s oti f i b - in t h * nf- fir-d .f thfl C i t y KiiL'inc-r. Said job o l a . = s i f i c a t i n n s and i;»-nt;ial prrv.til- iti^ rate of per d i e m waccs and ovftrtime watjf.~ are 1i:'-'rpor.'it*'{l hf.-n-in by ref-'-r'-nce tlK-r'rto w j i h l i k e force anri e f f e c t , as ;f expre-sly fp-i f o r t h h e r e i n . Any C(piHra--t awarded h^o.-umi'-r ^ l i a l l pi-'-vide t h - i t t h e C o n t r a c t ' - r m i n t comply w i t h t h e pr-n-rai p T - v . - n l i n c r a t e o f P'^r ili'.'in waives a i i ' I o v t - i t i m f 1 wajre s as. pnecified in paid resolution. Ail bids and bid bonds sha'l be submitted u p f i i i fi'-nn? to b° .-··· j cur''d at I h e o f f i c e of ?aid C i t v Kimnic-r. Kach bid .-hall be a'Tf.iii|.:iin'l by n c c r t i f i f - d c hf-rk nr bank d r a f t payable to t h e C i t v A i i ' l i i ' i r o! the C i t y of Ijfinu H-.-.-K'l,.' nnd d r - i w n nn a «·.,!- y»nt bank in Los A n t r e l f r s C n u n t y . or a p a t f . - f a c i o r y ijoii'l - - f an aiiKiiint Of ll"t Ir-.s t h a n t'Mi p-r r*:;it ( I - " ; ) of --u--h bi'J. a-: a ^iM.'ant«"r t h a t ih* nui'I'rr. if awaH-d a r o t u r f t . w i l l · · x f i - u t o nnd d e l i v e r !·· the City K n - 1 iriTn-er. w i t h i n ten U O i days a f l e r , Ml - - I ] con t r a c t i tender-'ii. a r - u i - t i a - - t f o r fuj-nislim-,- a l l ti:*j ri'-ce--- a r y labor, tooi.---. materials, a p p l i - Hiu-f.-'. and f q u i p n i t ' i i t NT, and doinc t h - work cal!"d f-r \\w\n. tOKfilu-r w i t h a R"--d and F U f f i c i * - n t corporate p u r e l y bond in favor of the C i t y of' Beach, for an a m o u n t of not ]*.«$ t h a n f i f t y p*r rent Cin',1) nf «ur!t contract price fnr t h e f a i t h f u l performance of such contract, and a jro-itj and s u f f i c i e n t corporate s u r e t y bond in an a m o u n t of not Ifvs t h a n f i f t y per cent (5CK; ) of .--uch contract price for the payment »f all labor and m a t e r i a l c aims. C e r t i f i e d checks or bank d r a f t s a r c o m p a n y i n R a l l bids w i l l be retained by the City u n t i l an award of contract lias been made. Checks or bank d r a f t s ?ubinitted with the bid of t h f t b i d d e r to whom un award of contract is made, nnd w i t h the n e x t higher b i d . w i l l be retained u n t i l a contract between the .successful bidder and the C i t y has been e.\eculcd. Tho C i t y Manager reserves the right nt any stage of these proceedings, to reject all bids ami to ret u r n all deposits accompanying said bids. Date: Fehnmv 20. 1060. . J O H N P.*. M A N K K L L i ' i | v M a n a g e r · r u ' i . Feb. 1M, '21. ISM ( 2 l i L^I. PRESS-TELEGRAM [PMJ-C-1 LOW Buck, Cjlil., Thors., Fei. J7, l»* Obit»arie$-hm«rfll» I Vfif/met ALLISON -- Jesse L of 3723 Capetowne- !. a k e w o o d. Service Thursday 2 p.m. Spongberg Mori uary _Chapcl. ANDERSON -- Lt. William Albert, Motiell's Morluan-, 3rd Alamitos. 436-228-4. ATKINS -- Lewis F. Aae 74. of 230 Linden Ave. P.issed aivay Tuesday. Was a member of VFW, Los Angeles Post, American Legion, World War 1, Long Beach Post, I.os Angeles Dept. of Water Power Post. He was 20 years employed by the Los Angeles Fire Dept., captain for 11 years. Survived by wife, Amelia; son, Robert of Torrancc: daugher, Mrs. Willow Rodbrow of Chi- cai;o; 3 grandchildren. Rosary Thursday S p.m. S h e e l a r / S t r i c k l i n Mortuary, Requiem Mass Friday, S a.m., St. An- thonv's Church. INDEX OF MAJOR CLASSIFICATIONS OBITUARIES--FUNERALS 5-30 ANNOUNCEMENTS . 35-1)0 EMPLOYMENT 125-305 CALL AN EXPERT 310 MERCHANDISE -. 315-375 RENTALS .. . . 400-910 BUSINESS A FINANCIAL 915 97S REAL ESTATE »!0-I4(! TRANSPORTATION --I«0-mS INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING and Information lofoi bated on conincuflvs nsertions per lin*. Skip-day niertiom norn ono-tlme rate. ?-lin« minimum. Count 29 lettflrs and spocei to line. 5 averaq* wordi lo 10 or mort consecutlvt day» 44c 7 to f conseculivi dav* 55c 4 to 6 consecutive day* Sic l lo 3 consecutlvt davi-- He COPY DEADLINES Day Ad Runs Deadllnt Sunday 5 D.m. Friday Mondmv -- 5 o.m. fr Tuesday _ 5 p.m. Monday Wednesday 5 p.m. Tuesday Thursday ..... i P.m. Wednesday Friday .... S P-rrt. Thursday Saturday _- 4 p.m. Friday CANCELLATIONS: For Sunday Ad--4 p.m. Friday. For Mond.iv Ad--11:30 a.m. Saturday. All other days, 3 p.m. dav before publication. Any ad ordered and subseouently cancelled before first insertion will be charged for an* f l ) day. CREDIT IS EXTENDED (With Certain Excep.Mpns) OEADLiNES"UPON" REQl TO ALL LOCAL RESIDE? - - - ( M H R C I A L RATES AND __ REQUEST Advertisers should check their ads in th« first issut in which Kiev aopear and report errors at once. The Independtnt. Press- Teletrram assumes no responsibility for errors after tht first insertion. The independent, Press-Telegram reserve) the right to edit, relect or orooerly classify ill advertisements. Long Beach Office 604 Pine Ave. HE 2-5959 9833 E. Belmont Lakewood ME 3-07M 4635 Candlewood Bellfiower TO 6-1721 Garden Grove JE 7-7441 9624 Garden Grove BL ?$??$$$$$$$ TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES Incomt Tax Q ] C Preparation f I 9 INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM Classified Section HE 2-5959

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