Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 25
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Witnesses said the gunman drove away in Hfle- DES WOLVES, Iowa C*v_ Fingerprints confirmed Sunday that the dead man found in a car Saturday was Doyle' Hileman of JVs Moines, 1 charged with murder in the death of his stepdaughter, De- man s car. A farm boy found Hileman's body in his car ia an isolated bean field. A hose lead frctn the exhaust pipe through the trunk into the pigeon.TM Hoffa probably will person- alty challenge an official of his own union who has linked the Teamster president to the alleged tampering of a Nashville jury in 1962. Hoffa and his attorneys have labeled Edward Partin. CM Ur« »·**. cat. MM. f*. X. 1H4 car. The accelerator was he!,! Louisiana Teamster official, down with an ice scraper.- "stool pigeon" and a govem- Officers said they found a ment "informer." Partin has note in the car. but did not testified that he heard Hoffa disclose itj contents. Allen,^ 5 TM" several 'alleged at- said 'an autopsy showed that ' Hileman died of carbon monoxide poisoning. · '* · · GREEN County Sheriff Roland Rilcy said he believed tempts to bribe and corrupt jurors in the 1962 trial. · · · · THE TRIAL ended in a mistrial and a subsequent investigation by a federal grand jury the car had been in the field.led to Hoffa's current trial almost a week. The date of He was accused in the 1962 Hileman's death was not de- trial of sharing in a $1 million LOG CABIN SYRUP in »a-4r"p p'tJitr , . .------ 63» BATHROOM TISSUE 2»"?3 DELSEY Sp.cTol! TM m**f 5ARANWRAP 1S-B. K»n SPECIAL FREEZER PAPER 50-R. KoH _ -SPECIAL terra Ined. Miss McConnelL, and popular high school junior, was killed as she walked to a friend's house for a ride to school. Officials have mentioned no motive in the killing. Allen said HiJeman was arrested in 1961 on a morals charge "involving his forcing his attentions on the girl." The charge later was dismissed. The detective captain said Mrs. Hileman told him her daughter reported on Jan. H that Hileman had threatened her with a letter opener. He said the couple separated the next day, Hileman moving next door. However, he continued to visit at th: home. Hi'.eman was a salesman for a chemical firm. ikickback from a Detroit DALLAS COUNTY DIST. ATTY. Henry Wade, right, and his assistant, James Bowie, confer in Wade's office. Wade heads the prosecution in the murder trial of Jack Ruby. This sketch was drawn by Woddi Ishmael. SELECTION OF THE JURY Ruby Suspense Goes On By ARTHUR EVERETT [mind about a time limit." Sex Sales Booming in New York By ROBERT HOLTON NEW YORK t« -- A rash of cash-register sex h a s cropped up in the New York metropolitan area, plaguing wlice in their never-ending drive to create a labor shortage in the oldest profession. The spotlight fell 11 days igo on prostitution in suburban Long Island, shifted a few days later to the fashionable Forest Hi£s section of Queens and then moved into Manhattan to illuminate, the dark corners of a firehouse dormitory. The operations catered to clients ranging froon motion picture personalities, wealthy businessmen and politicians to firemen and u-ea-heeled un- derwtr!d figures. The women's fees ranged from $5 to J100 a night. DALLAS t« -- The slow laborious process of picking' a prettyitrucking firm in violation of. 1 jury to try Jack Ruby for ' * the Taft Hartley Law. |the slaving of Lee Harvey Os- Hoffa faces a maximum ofi wald . nst TM e * toda y. ^e be- 15 years in prison if convicted ^"""S , of ?*»' ."?»? P ro « of the jury-tampering charges.!*^ 6 Partin has testified that he, ii was called to Nashville by *"«* of 3«TMon as to , ... ·, eve it union president sponsored^ several efforts to influence the Nashville jurors. Hoffa's attorneys have alleged that Partin's past includes such activities as manslaughter, rape, drug gIJn« fied," said Dist. Atty. Henry Wade, alter Saturday's court session left the jury box with 10 of its 12 seats still cnfiHed. Two c o 11 e g e-educated men f" w ! However, another full week 1 without a jury undoubtedly would lend weight to the defense efforts for a change of venue -- a transfer of the trial away from Dallas. The 52-year-old Ruby, operator of a Dallas striptease joint, stepped from a crowd at Dallas police headquarters Nov. 24 and shot down Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President Ken nedy two days earlier. Charged with murder with malice. Ruby faces a possible One run pleaded illness and was excused. addiction, gen and immoral with women. smug- affairs with technical backgrounds ,have been seated. However, chief defense tomey Melvin Belli con ued to insist that a jury never be picked ia Dallas be- jThe defense sanity. if is pleading he had . ***" 1 ' LV PREVIOUS legal en-cause of bias against Ruby, counters with the federal gov- and that the trial eventually jemmeat, Hoffa was twice ac- will be moved elsewhere. He quitted and one ended ia a declared: the President's murder. "He's becoming more tense as the days go by,"'Belli said Sharp Fartluiuakc Katllcs Greek City ATHENS. Monday WV--A sharp earth tremor shook Athens early today for sev- mistrial. He is scheduled to go on trial in Chicago April 27 on charges he misused union funds. Hoffa's lawyers have subpoenaed Atty. Gen. Robert era! seconds. There was no'Kennedy and FBI Director J. immediate report of damage " "I am satisfied we are 'making progress proving that it is impossible to get a fair and impartial trial in Dallas." Judge Joe Brown, the man who kept things men-ing or injuries. Many Athenians slept Edgar Hoover as witnesses. But Federal Judge Frank Wilson said he would not rule on through it. But others, espe- the merits of the subpoenaes ^ --"-- in the upper floors of until after the case went to buildings, fdt the shock. (the jury. ACTION CHLORINE BLEACH Glar.f She Box SPECIAL SNOWS CLAM CHOWDER rt'i con4tnirdl 4 100 «« I IS-cz. can through the week of the said: arduous historic first trial. -I don't know h I have long it 99.5% Pure BORAX SPECIAL 5-POUND BOX C CHICKEN OF THE SEA CHUNK LIGHT TUNA No. '/z Can SPECIAL! CHICKEN OF THE SEA TUNA and NOODLES 15-ci. can SPECIAL! 29 WOOLITE COLD WATER WASH I-lb. PwdV. or l-pf. Liq. SPECIAL 99' WEBER'S BREAD Wt; er WViit fc.tOM WARD SINGERS WtrU fam.i · · » · * Iscl trem m Iicc*ufil WOILO TOUI! Wn · nit VACATION et AfPU TAUIT Ortr 199 Frtrfon. FUN . . . for the whole family 1964 5ih ANNUAL HOME-0-RAMA in the new hranlifiil LONG BEACH ARENA Wed., February 26th Thru Sun., March 1st Quten Cofttcsi Opening NTgM (Wtd.) Doerj Op«n--W««V Doyi--2:30 PM. Sif. S Sun. «t 12 Noon Adm. S1J5 -- Jnlen. fCe CITTirei csdtr 12--FREE with portal Sfo-jt Shaw Moriiru S«t. · Sn. mi mzu In addition the state has BY WEEK'S end. sweeping probes were under way from used two peremptory the far reaches of chal-|County to the city Nassau hall in lenges, the defense seven. Manhattan. Some leads in the The=e are devices by w-hich Queens County operation either side may eliminate a were being checked on the jury candidate without stating a reason. Each side has IS and once they are exhausted. jurors nust be seated unless the court finds then disqualified for certain specific reasons. The slow progress of jury selection admittedly is due West Coast and in Europe, Police thumbed through ledgers picked up in the $300- a-month apartment headquarters of the Forest Hillj ring and threatened to call for questioning each and every "John" whose name appeared in the date books. The flavor of the Cosa Nostra underworld organization penetrated both the Queens n.j fci«_ u-*j a £,j u j f A-ivLii a n i V A , , . . - _ of Ruby, "but generally he's %!,,«*,.TM ; . holding up well.TM Long lines of spectators sought admission to the courtroom during the first week of the trial, and interest is expected to increase if a jury is seated and testimony begins. During the past week, 45 prospective jurors were called to the witness box in Judge mainly to the defense. Belli has made it plain that delaying tactics are port of his strategy. For one thing. asl^T"^^^ tune goes on he hopes to con- ti Nassau ymce Judge Brown that aifair Att ^_ Wl]llall _ _ _ jury cannot be selected. Also.^ found concave evidence he is gorng to great. lengths] to link the to !ay a record in the court he Nostrl ,,, S*mn*«: S.F. Chaotic | as Throng i Sees Dragon 1 SAN FRANCISCO t? -- A parade celebrating the "Yearjjj of the Dragon" brought utter |!j confusion to the narrow j streets of San FranciscoY ·') 'Chinatown Saturday eight, j ·', I The jam-packed crowd was \] estimated by police at more 1 I than 300,000. JV Cars were stalled for blocks: "*, in every direction and were £ backed up for eight miles to';) the Oakland end of the Bay! Bridge. People were packed J 20-deep along the parade] route. $ A $75.000 fire -- possibly | touched off by firecrackers--jij broke out in a three-story, 1 building on the fringe of.IS | Chinatown just before the'A I The Work-long dragon,'j ^^ manned by 60 Chinese youths, I J mjoiy had to fight its way through'.! EOT""' the crowds. !** I "This is one of the worst congestions we have ever had." said P o l i c e Chief fssr-rs; r | Thomas CahilL should his client be convicted. Belli has argued repeatedly that Dallas was stunned by the cycle of death that began on the sunny autumn day of Nov. 22 when Kennedy was assassinated and reached its climax two days later when Oswald was shot. It is the contention of the . ---o-i defense that Dallas citizens Brown's criminal district are bent upon removing this courtroom. Forty-six of them tarnish from their were disqualified -- 20 be- image by punishing cause they opposed the death This, Belli claims, produces penalty, and 16 because they "The aura of unfairness over held opinions in the ca«-.the case." COMPLETE WEATHER FORECAST t*R* liKk vd Vicinity: Sunn* tod*/ witti icma gusty wtniJi la* tonight and rvty morning BOUTJ. HI on about 70. Interior and Dewrt Jtcviwn: Siffiny iryosf ef today but Bwrlv doutfy tonight Ctraugn Tund^v. srronj eusty nonncrry wire* tonight. Mount** Ar*««: Sunny most of to£*v. F*rr\v cloudy tonight tnd TirrsdJV morrJro. SErorj sutN rtorthrrty winiJi t*t« tonight. Hot auirt M cod. OfTUiort Winds and tvtalticr fmcnt (Pt C*ncepcw« t» Mexican ··rflen: wnT«ny wnd 10 la 30 tf*ot» ffili afternoon. LK»rmd north w fiornv i*5t wincti J to 30 knots I ~ temper*'ura cftangt. ri QUEENS DIST. Atty. Edward O'Connor made no claim of such a link but disclosed that the Forest Hills operation was found by police checking out leads on a murder supplied by gangland informer Joseph Valachi. « In Manhattan, Fire Com- ·: missioner Edward Thompson completed a check of all the city"* firchouscs and said he was satisfied the sex scandal Engine Company 35 had not infiltrated other companies. Five mem- . brio* coastal tonight. Sunny tcdiy, ivot SUN, WO OK, TLDCS TV t m.: ftjnset: ! « · m. .. 7:51 p.m.; mooriMt: t 39 a m. Tldev fligns, i · feet *f 4:37 a m . anfl 4 1 hwt al | Jl ».n fed H 13;It a m. anrf-- LJ fed at 1 «? a.m. ItnUDATI WVCATHCK R E P O R T S C-1. font a i Sj -- -~z T*« Atajaueraue J7 ATI an:* _._ 'S T .W T ,, _ He* York Oklahoma CTy Omaha Phil«Or'D«i» ,, Photii* ; s» n i«00fl» i« City . Veon ,, R OwncnOl !,, _ ' y. to*n» _ S-rt Lake C-ty 5*«tl» bers of the company, including its captain, were suspended on charges they had . brought women into the fire- S house. ; MORE THAN a dozen housewives and a few thrill- seeking teen-agers were questioned in the Nassau County investigation which brought the arrest of a 31 -year-old, thrice · divorced, mother of three as the madam. At the height of that investigation a 4year-old bartender died in his flaming car and for several days thcra was talk of a gangland rubout because the man had been accused of steering I clients from a bar to the vice 'ring. A final verdict on the death listed it as accidentiaL Meanwhile, police still are checking out leads, and forecast further arrests, in the $200.000-a-year split-levt! op- ;eration in which they said at [least one husband baby-sat for hij children while his wife kept a paying date in a motel. tl \. Virl Nam, UAR Si S n Trailr Pacl r CAIRO VPt -- A three year ITM ) trade agreement was signed iji«v Sunday by the United Arab|irii I Republic and North Viet " S/ii/) Arrivals, Departures ACTFVC VKSSCVS M fOMT. t t i frW owi. ii4 .. ,, L»J Fr»* Ol*«rt LM« . FRESH ! DA11YJ | Ueres 1 00 for I POQI.FY'S Hardware Mart S?ONJ01EO IT IONO IIACH I3IUCSS [IZHANG! will increase t^ir trade ex-'f j; T 1 ^ D »' ----change to $2^ million y*aT-]JjJ l ^«jj| )0l g^------ " ly. This country win export %£?,'£,' ,'J£y. -"-----^ : cotton, textiles, track tires, 1 »|^"J£J£ j «' f ^y]""- ~ petroleum, petroleum prod-:j»K* 1 » ^MJ«» -"..1^1: jucts and fertilizers in return »-i:*e SiAn3«'i»r»~_.'. for timber, tea, coffee, iron vSmtijew/Vina ;~" and steel and tumeric. vS7'c*i3»? ":7~^T O'l . lr^ .I Lift* . ,,.. l» t t*ot»j» 700 Fan t«uvfcft L»M 1« M » C* tn «i«nM *»v . . . LI Jt Utww«n*i MAntifn* me Frt, 3*CK*** 717 N* V«*al t S»»*1 _ frt. 71 CK b« THE QUEENS vice «!d netted three womerv^two of them only 20 year old. one an admitted dope addict, who said she sold her charms to support her habit. «. a'MFrvt The third woman arrested F" !5S ",n'£;was a 26-year-old black- l beauty who police said a tnp-hcavy cut of the arned by the t\ng fjo u sranv"" a Ftb 7] Lonan* F«. Tl^mFro '«, Ui«.O«T F«t. 3 ' 5175IO Me*. * Fri. 1 fo » -- Ties^ Wtd, Tlnrv, Sot. 1 to * 10 ta S NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS IF YOU DO NOI 6tT TOm ItCOAt CAIHU OELmtCD C Independent J 10:33 IUCH r i* f* yev (·· p*n v*tl I I Aik f*r A* c HI S-UII r. P«rea»Mf .... ......... ____ TO *-172l TI French A dress Weils U.S. Broker BEVERLY HILLS (UPI) -Paris actress Lillian Andree J^i, f«r»~I -- -T *rt«* I.M. _ ...- Tram« S«rv ^frt. Ml«Fr4n lln« W«r. ]S«iFrm « r r. IM" .*?·*_.; M n'fiiS H«1M»fc V«*M Llr« F«« n H«nl Tourist Tells $2,200 Loss nf Clothes Robert M. Davij, 27, in n a vacation ntSIlS CUI SUD01T ,C«rl 9 i«»iri CMurnM --r'^Vf 1 *!*" *" s car in a lot it -- 1 "" n Willow. St. while he had W. a Eugenia Clair Smith of Reno,' Nev. j S m i t h . 29. and Miss t^' Brousse, 27, met last August^iPSJ i while he was vacatiocing on S^JJ the Rrviera it Cannes, France. Tfccy plan to make their hnrae in Beverly Hills. VtUtU DVt TUtlOiT . _ . _ . Puerto Anviucim DM Mb* r«r cup of coffee ia the nearby restaurant he told police Sunday. When he returned to the tot 10 minutes later, he found his car had been broken L-.ta and w o r t h of clothing l^Jl The thieff hiul irviuded J." s* suits, 30 shirts. 22 pairs of ;{££ trousers, two overcoats and

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