The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 19, 1976 · Page 28
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 28

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 19, 1976
Page 28
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19, 1976 HAYS DAILY NEWS Emergency Medical Class Is Offered At Stockton A Basic Training course for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) will begin January 3 at the Stockton High School. The course will meet every Monday and Thursday from 710 p.m. and will end April 15. EMT training is required by the Kansas Legislature for emergency services in larger towns, for all Kansas communities by 1980. In order for a town to have emergency services at that time, it will need to have sufficient number of trained EMTs to assist with the service. This training is considered the first step in the preparation for paramedics. It consists of 75 classroom hours plus an additional 10 hours of In-hospital clinical experience under close supervision. The course covers all techniques of emergency medical care presently considered within the responsibilities of the EMT as well as all operational aspects of emergency care. It emphasizes the development of skills and recognition of symptoms of illnesses and proper procedures of emergency care. Time is also spent in actual demonstration and practice procedures. Crossword Puzzler ACROSS oven 10 Cuts 12 Quiet 13 Bard 16 Meadows 19 Coins 21 Partol airplane 23 Female relative 25 Hostelry 27 Choose 28 Policeman (slang) 30 Substance 31 Sarcasm 32 Coin Answer to Friday s Puzzle 1 Dinner course OFruillpM 1 1 Deposits 13 Individual 14 Near ISCIothesmake 1 7 Three-toed slolh 18 Number 20Gr9upot ships 21 Snake 22 Ireland 24 Dine 25 Strikes The course is sponsored by the office of Health Services- Educational Activities (HS"EA) for Northwest Kansas, based at Fort Hays State. The Rooks County Commission has agreed to cover part of the cost for this training. The course is approved for academic credit by Fort Hays State. Persons interested can receive for hours of undergraduate credit upon successful completion of this course. The lead instructor will be Pat Lewis,' certified EMT instructor-coordinator, and the faculty includes local physicians, professional nurses and other allied health professionals. The medical coordinator is Dr. William Votopka. This course also is approved by the Emergency Training Department of University of Kansas Medical Center. Students who successfully complete the training also will be eligible to take both the State and National Registry exams. These registries establish standard requirements for certification and recertification for EMTs. Students will be selected on the basis of their current or expected involvement in emergency care. Preference will be given to those students who currently work or intend to work with an emergency medical service and clas*size will be limited to 35 students. Rooks County residents will pay a course fee of $10 per person. For those who are interested in academic credit, the regular tuition fee will need to be paid by the student. Persons from outside Rooks County will pay $40 per person, because of the Rooks County Commission decision to subsidize the cost for students from Rooks County. Persons from, outside Rooks County may be able to obtain support from their home county commission. Registration forms and information for the course is available by contacting the HS-EA Office at Fort Hays- State phone 628-5370, or from Francis Cadoret, Stockton. Enrollment is based on first come, first served basis and all applications must be received by Dec. 29. (pi) 35 Strokes 37 Lyric poem 26 Descendants 33. lnsec ! 28 Mountain passes 29 Retained 30 SpecK 31 Clan 32 Frolics 34 Wan 35 Fondle 36 Run easily 38 Possessive pronoun 39 Italian poet 4 1 Pinch 42 Symbol lor nickel 43 Snickers 45Noleol scale 46 Bodies ol soldiers 48 Wondered 50 Dispatches 5 I Cubic meter DOWN 1 Freshet 2 Changes 3 Note of scale 4 Perlorm 5Hardo| hearing 6 Saucy 7 Bitter vetch 8 Conjunction 9 Cooks in 40 God ol love 43 Bushy clump 44 Posed loi portrait 47 Preposition 49 Pronoun 1 n 14 IB 22 & £•: 34 38 42 46 50 2 26 31 3 $fc 1? 29 '•£• 47 4 15 '$ 13 '"/•' 43 5 20 ;& 27 :<•:• 39 12 24 :•:•:• 35 *X' '% <>: 16 '*!-!• 32 :|£i '•M $ 13 $ 30 48 •"$ 6 S^ 28 '&. 40 51 7 $$ 25 36 $f 44 8 $$ 21 41 ;# 49 9 17 33 45 10 : : ;-; : J7 Distr. by United Feature Syndicate, ' nc -/2'/$*7& Education Project Plans Approved TOPEKA, Kan. (UPI) — Preliminary plans for one of three extension and continuing education demonstration projects in the nation were approved Friday by the Kansas Board of Regents. The board endorsed preliminary architects drawings for the statewide demonstration center to be built at the University of Kansas. The university also was given authority to negotiate with the architectural firm of Ekdahl, Davis, Depew and Persson of Topeka to prepare final work- ing drawings. KU received an $86,400 federal grant in July 1975 to support planning for the center, envisioned as a comprehensive open-learning facility for the entire state. The $8-$10 million needed for construction is to come from the next Congress. Dr. John Conard, regents executive officer, said Congress has expressed such interest in the continuing education project that it may increase the appropriation sufficiently to double the size of the building. THE FNSH-IT-YOURSELF HOUSE FROM CAPP HOMES. THE HOUSE YOU WANT-AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD. l-'iiii^h-ii-Yiiii'-.wlf means JIIM il H\' ilimii; Minn' of ilic /////v/iwi,' mu'k mi \'<ini' new div lunik', viHI mil M/IV tin HIM. Ami lln>\c Mi\'ing\ nidki' \'<nir ili' ///i/m 1 /irm/'/'/c - HIM: llt'i'i' s him il \\'iu'k\. iL-T*, YOU DECIDE WHERE TO LIVE. l-'irst. select I he area where you'd like to li\e. then buy a nice piece of properly. If you already iiwn a lot. you're .ill set. CUSTOM DESIGN YOUR FLOOR PLANS. Select from ranchers, spin-levels, split- eiunes and ixxo sioncs. You cirn eus- lomi/c any of our plans or we'll huikl from your plans — to I'll your l';miil> si/e. your way of hung .mil your budget. ONE-STOP SHOPPING. Capp proxides you \x ill) the Mandar materials sou need to complete a l-'imsli-il-Voursell' House And not only do you choose plans. \ou also select roofing, siding, and all the interior . features such as kitchen and bathroom accessories, doors, windows, flooring, lighting fixtures and so forth. Ymi plan sour new home exactly the way you want it to he. WHAT WE DO. Canp custom-erects lite home on your foundation, according to the plans and Capp Homes specifications \Ve install sub-flooring, interior partitions and exterior doors and windows. In short, your new home is enclosed and ready for the finishing you'll do. WHAT YOU DO. After Capp does ils part, you handle I he finishing work xourself. or hire someone to help. And you'll get the standard malenals xou"need to complete your Finish-il-Yourself House from us. What's il like 10 finish a house yourself? Things like plumbing and wiring aren't all that lough. Wegixeyou instruction manuals to guide you. and you'll be surprised how last you learn. But even if you hire -people to help xou. you'll still save by eliminating some of the general contractor's profits. \'<lll till, ilk' IIHll'l' I'll/I j . . ,, 'mil \n\\: And when you're finished, not only will vou haxe a home that's worth a lot more than you paid for il. you'll haxe a real feeling of accomplishment. CAPP QUALITY — NO COMPROMISE. Capp doesn't compromise o materials and building specifications, we maintain an old-fashioned dedication to quality The I'ael is. xxe'xr been building homes for 30 years. And oxer 50.000 families are lixmg comfortably in Capp homes today. n ,' n quality. With our THE MORNING STAR, |-e.llllMII|! .1 hedlonlUs. - rulll- LirjJC IHIIIj! MICllll .111.1 ilimne room loini .1 1M.KUHI-- I uiiti\ .i.a-^ lo kiiihri' You'll K' |iiiHi.l n> oil n home Ranchers from $17,300 to 335,620.' THE SAN CARLOS I his iinu|uc $ hcilriiom. 2 h.iih home h.i-i ITUTX Ih .in .k'liu 1 f.imiK L'Diikl tt.iru 1 SJupal ceiling .Mil Ji.iiiKi ID lmii£! mum. 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You will see all our homes in full-color and learn how to customize each one. You'll find special sections on b'uikling lots, financing, energy sax ings and many more fact-filled articles. For your/rir copy of the all-new 1976 eililipn of our" planning guide, call x our Capp Representative today. Or mail the coupon below. Why wait? Learn how you can build your dream home today ...the Capp way. ' Puces •'lumii .ire tor Ihc house, u'liik'oiisiriii'lulnn llu 1 owner's lot anil louiuLiiion .mil iiii'luilc nuucruiK lu finish Ihc interior. Suic .mil loail laxi's. l.irutsi'.tpini:. scpuc uuiks. Milcuulks. • ilnu'u.ivs. iiKisonr> uork. brick anil .lie nut incluJed. ' Sad Scene _ Grief-stricken Lee Evan» Sr. clutches the body ol his son, Lee Jr., after the boy,, oge eleven, was killed by a car when he ran across an unllghted street In Pompano, Florida. A highway trooper Homes A otvition of ( ) tv*n» Moaucri com**nr CALL YOUR LOCAL CAPP REPRESENTATIVE OR MAIL THE COUPON TODAY Your representative is: Larry Jordan Hays, Kansas Phone: 913/628-1532 I I I I I I I In CAI'IMIDMLS.lPtpl. KS-1915 •4>:> Noiihp.irk IJr I'nlor.idii Springs. C'n KIWII7 I I 96-PAGE FULL COLOR • HOME PLANNING GUIDE | I'l.inning (iuule --- uilh IKI io*.l or obligation. NAM I. _________ IOXXN_ 'l y . ._ SI All . I'HONt U We PU I I I I comforts Evans, who eried/'Why my only son? Why; couldn't It be me?" No charges have been filed; against the driver. '(DPI Photo) ~ New Card To Foil Illegal Aliens WASHINGTON (UPI) The Immigration and Naturalization Service said Saturday it soon will start giving legal aliens a new type of "counterfeit-proof, imposter-proof, machine-readable" identification card to thwart the widespread use of fake "green card" IDs. After testing the new card for eight months in El Paso, Tex., INS officials said they believe they finally have outwitted the thousands of counterfeiters who have flooded the country with perhaps millions of phony green cards for use by illegal aliens. "It's going to put the counterfeiter out of business," immigration commissioner Leonard F. Chapman told UPI in an interview. "Second, it's going to put out of business those now holding counterfeit cards." Counterfeiters may produce a "look-alike" card, Chapman said, but a red light will go on if a counterfeit is put into a slot to be read by the INS computer. / He said -the same thing will happen if an imposter tries to use a valid card issued to someone else. The new card contains the holder's photo, signature, description and other information in plain words. But those and other facts also are put on the card in a computer code, and officials are confident the code cannot be broken. Cryptographers and computer experts used techniques of the most sophiticated military codes to produce the new card, of- ficials said. He said only the INS computers can unscramble and read it. "I'm confident we're right out on the forward edge of technology with this card," Chapman said. "I'm sure it's the most secure card in the world." The immigration service plans to start issuing the cards in January or February, Chapman said. Production will gradually increase to about 700,000 cards a year, he said, and replacements ultimately will be made for all the 4 million valid green cards now held by legal aliens. The State Department soon will use the same card and the same computers for visas, Chapman said. He said computers ultimately will be located at all INS stations, at ports of entry and at foreigfl consulates. * Until the final system is in place, INS officials will check; an alien's card by telephoning its code numbers to a comj. puter center. £ AAnn GetS IW1V *" v SEATTLE (UPI) - "You; can't go to jail without any; reason," said the policeman!"Then I'll give you one,"replied the man, who punched! the officer in the stomach. •; With that, the man won his; goal—a night in the Tacoma- City jail. .1 The unidentified man's es% tranged wife had asked police;; to move him out of her house; Friday night. He told policed he'd rather stay in jail tharu move in with relatives. ". NOTICE TO OUR NEWS ADVERTISERS Earlier Deadlines Must Be Set For The Coming Holidays And Will Be In Effect As Follows: PUBLICATION DATE SUNDAY DEC. 26th 12 Page Ads & Larger — 3 p.m. Dec. 21 si Ads Less Than Vi Page 11 a.m. Dec. 22nd MONDAY DEC. 27th II a.m. Dec. 23rd SUNDAY JAN. 2nd '/2 Page Ads & Larger — 3 p.m. Dec. 28th Ads Less Than Vi Page 11 a.m. Dec. 29th MONDAY JAN. 3rd 11 a.m. Dec. 30th

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