Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 28
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 28

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 28
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Ou:e; iviy (HHTator, Custodial wwkcis icnlturc.Twrmtclan*. Grounds keeper, viorlcA (SH reiuiivil, Clerk Stcno- here (Sll rcquircdt. "dork Typists R-r. ·Apply I't-rsoHnel,' Administration fdlnt;. Unlversily of Aikanss. Equal Oppcrt mt'iy Ki»*t!«yer 10--Help Wanted SCHEDULE YOUR AD FOR OUR tOW-COST SEVEN DAY RUN. YOU MAY CANCEL YOUR AD WHEN YOU GET RESULTS. PAY ONLY FOR NUMBER OF DAYS AD ACTUALLY RAN 21--Automotive--For Sale THE LITTLE WOMAN \VAXTKl r.\.-ron1crs helper. Student retired person ivho recite to supplement Uielc Income, Coll SM-C636. Alter S p.m. MARRIED nun !o operate so« Abboud, Fiedoni £S3 for dc(nl!s lADJES-InflaUon sircti-hlnB budget lo ikfa? posnt? 3 or -1 hours a day wiil g JTU a prntltalile tnconic. For lie lalls wrile Bo.\ 10, Wat kins Products. \\Tnona. Mn. 56W7.^ AVON learnings "mean - trcedoirt! Hedeccrdte travel, splurge. Ill show -ou how to di LI m your own time. Call rijht a%-ay 442-9836 Call 442-6242--ASK FOR CLASSIFIED 4-^Dogs, Cats Peh . , , ruurance'al n reasonable , -are. CynlhJn Johruon. 412BW2. Grooming WANTED mod' 1'cucka for 22--Machinery Farm Equipment KC CHAMIMOM 'blood line Hsswl oundi. rort and while, black, wid Trt- s for' sale. Some lull srown dogs. 72 MODEL CalerTiltar. 5,400 hours wi rower shift, brush t-ali; .ind tree iiush C3 International (ruck with a ttimmiti wiglno. lo Ion Cflrjrj'-haul trailer. Cars Miller. 78a-2fiM. COUPLE or woman, wanted /or child" nxi housekeeping. Must Hie on iiisos. Private hourfnc, 2 bedroom urnihcd. Send inquiry to I 1 - O. Ikre 603 i-ayetlcville ·NTfiR HKI.P needed, da's Drive Inn, 15 W- No phone calls. 1--Announcements HOUSE PLAXT HOME PARTIES AVAIL- ard nxessones dcfisered at vour eon\en ence sifts, raffles, eanws.' Call 5215717, after 5 call +12-4134, write Greenup Parties P-p, Box 123. Fajnette- LOST Mixed CoLtic, frmalo, rrrldbh rol- Road. Regard KO. Call 5313213 7--Business Opportunities EVANGELISTIC CENTER, INC. Charles Thompson, Speaker will conduct a . Charismatic Meeting Fn da* and Saturdaj al 7 30 p m Apnl 23 i. 2, And Suodaj at a 30 p m \pil 25. (Tom' south from Hwy, 62 West at JTawfens Body Shop."Photo +43-H66. WANTED Applicant to grow rruke and sell fresb vftjrrtabos rulne handcralts aiJ bous«- ptmiis at Fayelteville. Sprinsdala - t Bentonviltc ma'rtctr- Write or call Bural Mountain Prcdwers Exchange. Ilox 11S5 rayett^'ille- Iliotie 521-1394. FOR S.MF or lease c BOO square spice lor NOW OPEN Laad's Auto dirJc and whc«l alignment ·t 3)3 S. HMIlOTv, Fayeileville, Arkan- KZ [in fe former Herb's AUgomeal SciTicc Building) All n«w equtpmcct, new nvuiaEe merit srd pcrEoond with 34 *RI\ T ATE niedioal clinic ncuds tabora- orj 1 techniciaT]. \nih. experience in gei* jal Hematology, urinalysi s, chomisire^ and barteriology. Piefer RT. A\-ailabU Hay is*, 1976. Hours -- daj-Uine onJ iHh liberal extras. Salary open. " " H5. from fl to 3 s of experi . All ivork guranateed. ' ' . rfilckcn' dirincr al Land' PancaJc2 HO-JSB with ivteel aiigcmont Job, Call 4U-9961 or -M2-9764 (or Aen,1cs. IB- trodactory ctfcr expires June 15, 197S, 2--^Coming Events GARAGE S/ite -- Moving -- Must ! «verj1^rng Including remodeling sirpp! ond clctWns. Friday arid. Saturdaj'. C n^r of Juncway TeiTac« 4: Qvercrest L.\HCE 0 Farail Yard.. Sale - *-»-Y6 Hwy..'"16 West 'past Bsiley's Grocrey. Turn lelt in fron of White Rock O:vu 3rd house on ANTIQUE SHOW ar.d Sale--Brttles, «ulafors ( ~ Avbtu,. Jew dry, 1 and small coj 'lectjbles. Washington County Fairgrounds April 31th t Zilh. H-M£ BERMCE ff Karen's Resale--Good r rev. dcChIrig-9:3Q 5:30. CloscJ Tfaun, It Saturdays ZH mites on West 68 3113. PBTB'S BATtGAIN STORE - _ _ _ Center, Uwd fumituie, hoosehbtd Items ·{earner trunks anrj foot loclwrs. Gla"a ware, iome deprcasion. Miscellaneous BastmerLt rcm open, aothing. ASHEH'S Trading Port Li *ar LincolD, west s;Je of sqnaie. Open 9:0 5:30. UMd fnrniton and antiques. 824 5175. M5-3S54- 4--Schools Instrtietions lost Found INCOME PROPERTY xceltent [nvcstmont. Weil located, rned in :sii cmobile home park. City utilL es, race _landscapiiig, close to Fayclte- ippreciate. Call us todaj- far ; riml .Grecre'-Rc " Vest, Siiriagdaie eaU 442-3320. 10--HeTp Wanted btisin ess, for fuiiher SHARP aggressive ealerfady \\nalcJ foi small ladies icady-to-^i-ar shop. Ser^J in- Uon on experience, qualiffcat Mf ard perUnem details to box P 97, c/e TLMES. "I just love tennis! Especially when I'm able to get the ball over the net." 20--Metortyele* IOT1 YAHAL\ IUOTORCYCLE S50, road jikc lor *alo- J3S. Good shape. Phon* 521320. Saks · hoslww potfon-'; · avaiUb avrrage c^rrunEs, - pleasant »w widitfoiis, apply In person'.lo Kc · Fried Chicken. 514 No. Oollegc DAYCARK Center has posiUon a\ May 1. (or haid-iTOrkJiiR parti lim is lo work as janitor. OATI LPN--Good .hourly base plus Jnwi paid hcspilalizalton, 11-7, Fall OT p Contact Pam Ttdd. a31-9353 800 11--Situations Wanted widow "wfslics pMilCon as Northsvcst Artan; WII.L, DO babjTillin? in h o m c ' t n ' J IE E. 7 m!lcs \ Ircan lown."' Wot through Friday W-DO por day. call 16--Services Offered BABYSITTING tiii[drcn 2 or qjdi caU S21-t»8 ' 3571 KAWASAKI 500 Very fast, recent top Dvcrtiaul never wrecked. J673. Many spare i^arU. Pbone 442-7415 21 -- Automotive 197L IJNCOIiN COnUTMsitnl, $L580." CmUd bclore -5. p r 3 p.m., 52]t596. For Sale full iwwt GOOD 1967 Ford Mustang. 2SD, ispeed. Call.; 5QI-71H-1 after 5 p_m. 1C66 -MIF.WANG "vriUi 3 spwd bodi r roush," runs good. J500.. 1091 .arter 5. ACCT. $750 up ; reso, N.W. Ark. Decree or mfg. t acccuntins f,vporimcc.- C-aJl Jan. COUNTER .SALES $381 Plants lamps. 37H hr. ivk. Call Jo Aim. SEC:-8KKPR $475 UP NW Aik. Dictaphone or SH. Call Jan SCHOOL RN TO $850 mo ol the''year. SW Ark. Call Jan. TEACHERS 1073 FORD Raiigor : pickup, , twlomatlc ptnver 5locHng, A/C, rcat. sharp, 13830. Call 321-3266 after 5 p.m; 21--Automotive--for Sals 68 PLYMOUTH Fury HI. pwcr steering, SSK3 'Mustang body and uiot in excellent condUion- Ne«ds brake MOT call 321-7MG er after 5 dll 521KS3; Spec. hom ich-soc. - studiesi librarian, ycc. ct :rfi., curnculum spec., principal, o ;, i n ' A r h . t Mo. Call VcrgU. MGR. TRNEE $9000 UP Proven , leadership. . mgmnt. rxper 'mess or restaurant m.Emnl. deci lilies you- for - food mgr. tmce, ib to SIB.rXfl plus i n . y r or 2. Mi rcloc. BonctiLs. Call Jan SALES" Salary Comm. :n e a P Carl PROD, ol : · makes 53000 Vergil. CONTROL to $9,500 pgree or cxp. NW Ark. Call Jan COST ACCT. $11,500 up W Ark mlr. Degree fc exp- Call Jo Ann 751-8221 EMPLOYMENT . AGENCY COMMUNITY Preschool has immHliate opcrdnps 1 · tor 'diDiJrefi 2'A-5. Qoee to UoTA,. open a]J summer. Cafl 9n-883. HIGH SCHOOL AT HOME Write today for Mrrnlrtt (art* abom ottr home stirfy method. Americas School o* Ctlcago, BOT 7ZU, UHFs Hrk. 122(77. Departmntt AT. K, Ern Busines College. The 1 where JOT learn to earn. 221 Soath Locut, Pboce U2-2X4. FarettevLfc, Ark. 5--Los* Found , Ea* of City. Phor* REWARD; I/)?! Brittany SparJel. . Wearin ? brown tnllar. Wsc( flt-a rotlar. Ha 1 BMLMERATOEW \rantfd., City D-iredory e Lo update rre^s' Oty Directory fo 1576. .Musi be 18. Ifaev good hanth^Tiftn must have car. OTfire lr*atc-d 1765 CWlese (Burtxin Plaia) Itoom 1 W an cquat opportunit- emploj-er COLIXGE student or y tighl dfrAnirp and ba rt«Trter. Apr^y the Roclcwtwd Club, 4S2-0559. (OT KEXTRErARY v.:antcd, pcnrvanc/rt par time, ZV30 hours Meekly. Must - U*e shorthari'l, W w.p.m. Also need lpi _ skill?. Posltton open ImmedJately- Ca3 days Kl-5110 or evenings 521-5IM COMPLETE TREE SERVICE INSURED JOSEPH KASZYCKI P.O. Box 542 Uuntsville, Ark. 727,40 (501) 738-6873 BY Owner: 1975 MGH, leaMng Uw com- rnu« "sell lmrn«lJntcly, K31-4814 after · P.m. Mbfdfs Steam .^Cleaned $5.00 Car Wash $ 3 0 0 Lub'e Job ·$1.50 230 FRANK'S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Mill Si. 442-9711 YARD WORK -- leaves removed, ; mow 1 rimming, clean up. Dependable rk. Readable prices call B39-M28 La G mr,dc Super B t?eWu. im/fm. sunroof, radial Un 331-3*77 .illpr 5:00. BEST BUY USED CARS 1974 Aucf? Fox ?ry nice' Termites? Pests? 1975 Honda Civic CVCC l 'toadcd' 1973 Honda Civic 1970 Chrysler New Yorker real' sharp* 1971 Ford F-200 RUSTY TAILPIPE PROBLEMS? End this expense and worry by letting us install a HEAVY DUTY SCOTTI TAILPIPE Fully GUARANTEED as long as you own your car SCOTTI The only muffler company that guarantees both muffler and tailpipe HEAVIEST DUTY MUFFLERS Includes labor Fits most can Clamps and hangers, if needed, extra., CHARLESWORTH Pontiac AMC/Jeep 71 So , Sprmgdale, Ark P, S. We, as a Scotti Center haven't set a car on fire yet v-lrt WANTEt) to buy -- Big Duic-hrhah chhfh yp" J (cedcr system 'lor , hcavjr ,lay iyMcrn must consist'. ol 2 Hoppers IBOa feel ol chain and trough. Call R39 2MW mlor U.M.E Slock and lloise Trailers. Peater Harris Aulo Sates, -KoperS, ' Arkai Phone 6360530 or 6360559. 23-- livestock -- For Sol* LAHtzt. top gndt Ho'stem Heavy Sp cr 4 vcirs old \tw a femnlr- \ustralJan ShepIiErds ready to train,'excellent : Phone K-33U TWO quarter horse gtidings,' ore bla cup. pinlo. '.Vso (ms\ gray;S'ycar man Biacfc saik^I griding. All. wi and, brche penile. -H3-??77 days; Prai Cro\~e B6J-2031 cvonlncsr Sundays ( Mondays 5_Hwn» Neadi For Sal* HEB Lu KooJ tain tile lilack nnd ^ ·ccks I'Ul. Fhonc c. Hiort-n.itieu, 7 iKC KNGL1RII IliilldoR puppies. Srand ires, Silver Spurs -ifid HJg Hen, 7 weeks 200 up! Prairie (irovp. Ark. 516-2342. IKC~»FOISTKHKI II ox era. rcatly to g ·lay let, $73, 10 1100. -m-7783. . iXXl GROOM KIO - All breeds - 11 rears ex[wrienc« --', HOnlta. Vlsser -Ui^-ay tS E '-- Pho/ic 521-6ai or 44S 2511 .. ' . JOLJJD 'MiihbgA'ny iDuiit ainl btilfet.- f2ai.''Antj'ij( " , S75 0 or, all for f?i in-AUHFUl izalcax for siucberty'': iiiii ';aifty: .Easier m ITvvire -table .!, ; 412*lfi95. · ycllov ·»nd hanging :.._ rh'ododcndron-s. ' Opbi iveofe, ; Bd Brmiti Blueberry AR/. Phone 789-28M, 1 -' · · DENNIS HpME FURNISHINGS V 1 OUTLEt:STORE! k V; AT STUD Joe Don-Reed Registered Quarterfiorsr. Siring ccnlirmat on 1 speed Joe) ts fared the be=t \ tev, bookinfis left Contact Bob Filzhuph 521-7788 OowB·',hj'·· and '*« oar. fine,.select good lumiUi/e. ::--.-' 'i'i. -; -'i. 1 :^New 2 pleM 'so/a and chair, ?ood'( Save S50: . J-- '-·;·. "'' ' ·'· - ' Bean B3gs.-'F*gul Heavy duly -.vm ' Rockers, goodv. . . , . Used chest of drawers Martiag as I Uswliliving TOotn''s«ife starting as low a Goid sclcclimi of : u^cd Items-- - . ; . · ; · , . . : ; : , V - 1 . ^ - . . . ; '. ' *10 regular J29.95 Now ...J19.K vinellcs^-'-'',.-/· '- : :-,; ' «lVcoyoi^:-OjtIy ];. 1 ^.r J ?39,S EVANS BLACK CARPETS I By Armstrong , -AMERICA'S BEST,; SELLING POPULAR. PRICE CARPET-NOW BEING ;;; SHOWN IN OUR"NEW CARPET ·-··' V.SrHOWROQM IL: : ; Free j Estimates^' ' CARPETS V^ .Home tir. 521-4500/. """FREE ESTIMATES" .;·; MO\'1KG ^Must s*3l 5 black vinjl. bar stools. A larsfl triple' dteeser, ctest 4 2 nlsht rfft.Jds?-- Spanish s( J ,!id3k. 521-HM. , '-'··': i v ;;. · ·' 4 RACE HORSES FOR SALE 4 year old Stdllion by (30 MAN GO 4 Yreir eld Eetdins by AZURE TE ' Vear old stallion by LADY BUGS MOON Year old stallion by GO LOCKING MAN Good condition--Heady to go to pamiu raw track. All 4 horses lor $10.000. further information, call 321-2316. TRUCK ON IN AND SAVE *%. ·t#» ICLIPTHISCOUPON "^V I AND TRUCK ON INTO ~ * UNITED FREIGHT SALES WHERE YOU'LL SAVEfjjpOlM FURNITURE, STEREOS AND BEDDING. AT STUD -- Registered iron gray quart- erfiors*; Bprt, OWahanvi Star, nnd Poco Bucno breeding, For [ntomiaUon. call 442-G3W HORNED HEREFORD BULLS Service Age RAGSDELL · FARM Prdlrle Grove 846-3583 a\IULE pafted golden. Pala gnod riding horse, : good «1l Call, 321-3SW, eveiangs. s, Cats Pets [·"OR SMiK Pointer ISird dogs. Full pups, call SW 3703. FREE puppies, 6-\veeh old, Call alter 4r30 p.nil 67 FUKV..D. Estra clean. Call: Kl-2785 a BIJICK Wildcat, : 2 door haVdtop, PK le/il 'condition,, full 'poster, -hc.Stcr/afr idilfonlng, one-, oniicr. JD30. 442677 TRIUMPH TF6 Convertible ·nex fun. good condition, AM/KM Navy Bule. Call 521-3653 or "' 1D71 FORD LTD Country Squire, 0 pa ;enger station wagon. FJtcellcnt condition LIVING ROOMS Z PC. sola fr chai Itcayj- Ecd Tables Wallhu^ger ntdin Large Early · Ame Odd Sofas : BEDROOMS 1.argp.-^"pc. sets , All Wood 4 PC. M Odrf Oiests ,T. .i Odd llaodlioards All Size Bed Frai STEREOS 1139.95 8 Track Decks i . «3.95 AM/'S\ 8 Track 2 Speakers^ 5200.96 Caawltc Kecordera '. ' 51M.9G BSR Professional TUmtabiw .. '\ BEDDING . 4193.95 Full SIM OrtfiopeiJic ee(s .. . f259.93 .Quecn Size Orthor-«iic wls . . S23.9J Kinff Size Onhoped:c 'SHs . . 5IZ9S Tiiln 15 Yr. Guarantee wla )rt Extra Firnj Full :·! «ts . . IW.95 . 919.99 ' . (199.93 I 1 registered'Brittany SpanSd, and «fiile, 2 ."years'* old. (30.' WiS^l DOC 'Grooming. Sinoll' breeds. Expert k , ' Reas«ial)!o rales.. 6aVdmg arxJ iirfi nlso avnitahlo. Cynthia Johnson 4428592 or 4133111. United Freight Tlvy. 62 West, Fa'yettsviflle '^ Open .99 Moil. Ill : 6:00 Set SERVICE DIRECTORY LOCAL, concern needs -J e to assist FISHING Tloal cr, Itolcg lots tt( *: ne in my Nfiw[ be rwAt, sharp, ar,d ambitious. High rmihwiiaie ra min^Si wih profit sharing- paid vacations various ar^l olher company bonuses. Call Kodak DISTRIBUTOR WANTED EVEREADY POLAROID GE HOLSON ALBUMS dislnbu!« esiab!krfii*3 1oc^ jtur year (' se agreement. if;ctS irdvifJyal JJalc cr Femaie needed, full or part-time, to dislnbu!« world e KcdiR film ar.d o'Jier pVf products (hrough company . "NO SELUNG OR SOE.tCTTLVC REtlUrilED, 1 ' Make Oiia er^I«xt. J4K3CO investment. Cuararitttd 12 month repurfha CALL Mr. Martin (Tell Kruc) 1-4003430200 M- Collect ASH 227,-lTS! Mor.ijay to Fndsy, a.m. lo 6 p.m. E.S.T. O.- Writ? Firestone Thofo Oo. Fires(or« RuIWin? -- Sfwc 1»« W N. 3rd .., Columbus, Ohio 43215 PUBLIC AUCTION LOCATED 225 SHORT C ST., ROGERS, ARKANSAS FRIDAY, APRIL 23rd, 1976 at 10:30 AM OVER 45 YEARS OF ACCUMULATION ANTIQUES, COUECTABLES, MODERN MISC. taWe, 2 Sep lamp Uiblts, I 1972 .Mil: ·ampcr, a! tfon. Phrmi weekends. Sec the 2-Pc- Karly Arwrican l i v i n z won su.ic. C'/fft , sWo!, Shrivel rrx'k^-r, Wack arrf wh ts TV, I'ldifotm /ocfrt-r, Ejednorn suite, compete wiih .sprins? wrf maltrnw, AnUiir Floor IWTP, Ume ewf; btlrrr,ni ornipiutc with springs ar.rf bade . , . al, No:ih W-x^J, i , juc SSHRCT (rcadlc.- Acting marJilnc, An; mirror, Aratii|ue brass harrcl csp nnrt rul, prts«d and deprc»von, , OJ lamp. I//. Chin pictarcs, Ifass/«k, DatfoR Hrjac metal shaving st; ' Tiffany vase, I/A Can S«t China service Tor ArKifUft G.E, rar);o, cabkiW mry-rf. «ua «vrf. Set (nuplao: Irons, Antiquis Arti^ue wrouaht mm bed, comp'iL-'.e springs ard mattress, 3 High *r hack d'lnfng chairs, Duncan f'/ffe d:op *j'm r nj! (able wiih f, chars, An cak dresser with yak* lyr-c wa! fl*'* tfaa? t«vtl mirror, Hr/poinl douhfe rfffrfgeracor, 2 Gas ran?os. Doartxjrn p*x circujaior, \'arjum t-lcaixsr, X/ I madfl baaheU, I/X vrrt-riches, KocVcK, ttc,, L/. ar.U^w wrenches. Some i Wits, 2 I/? chains, I/X brjr-- * - -' - - -form tools, shwcls, eLe. 5 = ar/3 rubtr fx»kis, Anftque kitchen cabinet. nvwcr, llarid gririd sKme, ESenrx: fear box, ftwna To Numorous Too McnUon. HAROLD HARRISON, Owner . ASTf N(/r nraPONSIRLF, FOK ACXHOENTS AMERICAN BUSfNESS AUCTIONEERS Phone -VE 6.22!« Ft'^ers, Arfcjnv^ 727TX A 4mn'l COOT, Jt PAVS (o W l-r« ch*s. Call fV;l. c. J. H«rjton "THE BRRATfSST AUCT/O.NKETl ON EMtT/l" CW. Roy Hcnson -- Auct!'i -- fW, a J, Her^/A PhotiB K52SW, Rozeri, A / k , A Iitttr cwrtrol-^X --*^ insen 521-3740 ^er. o21-SJ27 or -H34672, ats Marine ip plies 5port Craft boat. 45 h.p. mol^r r ski or fishing 'ris, trason- TO 301-22S6. 16 It. Larscn, 100 h.p. Johnson i FJiliy trailpr with 12" svliet 1 jjoe H2-726B. Call atlcr 5:00. Tloai with 1D75 Jormswi SLfn«- Ij-dUpr wilb 13" wheels with lras. Call 521-41:!!. ptionaJ acctiss'jries Indudcd. isk for Terrj-. ks -- built to last installed fit Call W-5364 day or everJngG. 2 months stall rent ra lirst la!. l/il nrid^e Marina. Phone '.0, HOT 93, Cacfi*ld, Ark. imping SporHng »STATEa\TAN 1«4' «l*vc* Steps rix, In very good rtmrli- e 8^2026 atter 6 p.m., aitjtimo Wl-4063 ! _ after 5:00. Da^ 4-K- e New '76 Solid State APACHE tamper Trailers Sines Body Shop Did Farmington Rood hone 442-2691 e \y owner. S'lnffower t ravrf gll-rwiwlncd , » /rxXcr, 1ale e], used one nionth. J3W, CftIT NS, rirfcs, jdiotgurkS. SmuJi and ar^ Mhers, also police supplies, awn She* 403 So. School. 442- Dforcyelcs ·ATI R«, hrorwe color, cocrellent IMS than 400 m-lw, £2210 p.m. 8K-3T97, SDA CT*t75, WOO, 1S73 Owo IV) kc. FAcdlrnt ewwlilxw', J325 J-tfftl or S2l'WK« after 5:00, .KY Iavldv« X-». (300 cash NHA 7», IlfiSO, 4.W1 miles condition. Phone, 267«9 o alter 5:«». n inuU sell C/71 Blue IfArTcj , +127W7. R _. nonneville' 6M -- i»vc V/A of chrome. Needs Htxrk. J700 *W7 «!r 6:00 p.m. MAHA DS 7, 230 SU«1. i MAHA YZ 80, exr*r:cM wr/1 4 rrwnlhs o!d, rww rei r U r« J, (450 or bcM off«r. 2t-M.Q. SPECIAL 1965 Ford Mustang ·4 «F«d : 2R9 y-r HOUSE OF HONDA Hwy. 71 N. F'aye4t«%-iL1e 521 3H13 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE ON TRUCK TIRES .; CALL LARRY WADE 751-9608 -- 442-6621 fWfStt°76 1W4 JKKP Piclmp. Small down or Old cr car for trade-in. 4 used 14" tires Blow 'dryer hair miter, 16 roller. 442-7fiai. lSf?4 FORD Ra ngor picfciip vrith libc r- Kl-Afx camper lop. Heavy-duty, autnmalta Heavy duty su-^ervslon. New Ures, ex- ffllenl crwlilfon. W.IM. 521 6JL1. 1M/FM radio. All opticms. Excelktit ttlttdjlion. Jf.400 .Call 442«T71. !1C6 VODFH, Interoatiwial rttimp [ruck, Sspecd transmission , 2-sjK-ed nxlo. Very good condition. f!600. Phorrt 761-3il7. 1375 DATSUN B210, 2 door sedan, 4-speed, Aciory air, radio,- mas wlicclj, txrel- 1erX cwJiUcm. «,OW. Phww ·H^-4549, ccnd:(loi r air (ondilioced, electric win flflf.vs, pffitcr Mccrlr.S, 4rlorir hardtfip STusl Sell! S1730.- Phone 267-3«0 after 5:00. .' , · l%a \VH1TK F.'-l Air, tiutnmaiic. power skering. air corutiCnried. «45. Call Ml SPECIAL CONS 9 Ptckups 1 Van 1962-197 Absolute sale by one dealer p.m., Thursday, April 22, Regular Car S TRI-STATE Al Pohn» 501-787-5433. £1475. Phftne 75 1 -MS 2. fo -HF\\ Stipcr Sport 283 run perfect Ihwie 44-*45a) l-6j \-\\ BUS Run gird V s Hres 5le*tw 2, See-to sppreciflto. Call , 443- 063 CORVAIR.' good tmnspoitalion, ?1M). 15 CHEVY -li trw '4 siwtd. new paint, run ^ood,-'S350; 4434076, BY OWNKR 173 Con'ctlc T-tDp, extra r-Ican tow mileage, -new radial tires. Phinic 756-34W. K8 CHEVY Nomad Wagrni 6. aulmnallc 375 1957 *!i nn UBS n ·yor rad als shocks, clean S»fl. 443-I07G. 067 C11EVY \ 8 aulomailt ST* IDttf CIIEVY new paint' and overhaul. .106: RE VAULT runs rcil" Ruod ^300 4)3-40 6 IOG2 C1[F\\ '4 ton etc n H-0 1%8 \"V. 375, l%t CIIKVy good second, (160. 1E66 CMC pow«r steering, real clean in- ·fte and out Mtut self K7 I%1 FIHIV [II 2 door, VT,',. 44^407fi. 1KB CinEVCLL?'. 'Malifcil 4 door. !CSO milei on complftc o\cr ulcd engr* rfcpirA-ible arwl clean. J7OT. Call Kl- 4700 art«T 6:00. CADILLAC 1073 .Ooupe DC ^VilFe CabrWei. Silver wflh '.Wtic lealher. Loaded, with all op Uun. Very'', low rrKteage. 524-5240 or 524-6127 : IVJl VOLKSWAGEN KAR.MANN.GinA -- PIiOTiC 442-7415, ..; Ton SALE 63 Chevy Station wagon, ric-in,- starts nrd runs good, air coodi- DUMP trucks tor rent -- . 6 yard trucfc ir. r«r day. 4 yard truck WO per daj-, Inquire at Serall, Auto Sales, 103 So. Sthool. 521 MW. ' GOOl 10W DODGB % too pickup. (350. phrxie 5^1-lffm aticr 6iOO. 1772 OlJiS Oitln.«, Rorly lcnt, retrfs fr«il r^T and some (rthtr bf tty work. Runs Rood. Low milcapo. J7M, Inquire at 103 So. School SL Auto Sales. CAR Painling and body wort, lieasoti- iiMc. Free ostlrrrtles and a» work guar- IGNMENT SALE 2 -wheel drive Pickups : 7 Cars 4 Modelt . Sole ttorls promplly of 7:00 als Will Follow/ : i . . - · · - ' . JTO AUCTION : ' on Hwy. 72, Vi Miles Norlh : Sale Every Thursday if-^ir /^ . . , . -. ,. f ^ \ « ' ^ ^ --Air Conditioning-TT- - FOR AIR CLEANEHS. AIR CO?jniTION. ISC HEATING AND HUMIDIFIERS, CALL S1IELTON SALES AND. SERVTnT. 42-QMO ' , ' ., - , . ' - ' VV1IAT'. 1 ) a Tieal parnn* Call Paschal Air Conditioning, 751-0195. Commercial k R«» dentlal 'Sales * Service, al] mate*. ; -- AnltqueV-- ; " -\ FURNTTURE HESI'OEIATIONS hy Steve Dm 1 ; R efinisHn s. repairs, experienced touch up, anUnues 3M W. D:c)«t«. 521- rs ' · · ' ' . Asphalt Work PARKING ' lots and Orivewaya btHtt or repaired, grarel hauled. Motor Rra**r wort ToinlinKm Aiphall Co. Ul-3179. -- Automotive -- ENGINE REPAIR. nrahes, THM uns electrical. Fob Mnj'cs Auto Scrvit*, 21M N. Gail anil -HJ-4347. MZ-53W. B* k Marlin Mayos. --Bulldozing -- ' DOZKS'G-Top So!t-«ravel-Fltcavatioii - Backhoc ana TractM- Work ~ Landscjp- ing - Leveling -- .DumpliTc* Wor* ·- FootiBjti. Do« and poorrf. J, C J«w« W- ---Carpenter -- exterior and interior) roofing, stonework, and firfpLiccs, Gall Joe Henry RM24M or Tim' Duke 839-2M3. CARPENTRY. ROOFING, PArNTTNG. Paneling, itieet rwk. alomfnam sidlns nnrt other siding.- Windows, *wra, aAfl- if 521-7370. ,' . . . ;ab!net Work, Ilome Bnlldtnfi, RemDOTJ ing. or TEXTURED CEILINGS call 4W 837L . HEITODFILIN'G, carport addition* - l»t Loi - honw Tcvcllrg - roding - p*'i* fofr Phone «34076 or H1-7T13, -- Corpet Cleoning -- · Carpet Seam Clcnniag at Iho lownrt prices in 'area. Phone 442-6G6I. , -CofKTVt* Woffc- ItOUSK H(«r9. paUos, drh'c (raya, tf*e n-aiks and fooiintts. call Jim Slarrns, S3932JO after. 5iM. I'attos, Driveway, RrtainlnB Wallj, DC Oualily .Wort C^ll Ikl»hy 1x«ff/ KMIW, Pallo, Dtivewaj-s, Retalnfrit Walls, Ba»e mcnts, Drainage. No job too small. C* anytime 443-4315. 521-949. ,' , ·. DH«wayi MaMXiry, Patio, Flatwoct Lm ztinmiom - flntt WMT «a?M MWlIS ,p«peoi1(ibt« S*rr*e* ' · -^Dirt, Grovel, Top Soi^r If S -d. dump truck. Some of the b«M (np *M1 hi NW ArkAnsa*. 442^4223, uj llm«. ' , --Dirt, Graver, Top rSpil-- OP SOIL" L^rESTONE xnvel and s-ind divered, for hire, 'con tractors! E Dave Duncan, 4«4003 atter .6:00. '· ' * soil. Bank awl creek : -gravel, fill dirt, Itic (ank 'and lateral · Liney iiw( ailed. 1 2-MM.':'-' ". '·:.-··· '-' . . . · ' . . . - · --Ditch, Digging -- . ' ITCinVITCTI trpnehine !for waiter. Kas, crtric, drainane. elc. Narrow] 24". deep cnch."aj'lt. Minimum Joh, 525. Greg Jndiey, 442-2318- - ACKHOil and Dump Truck Wort !*· Milter - Phtxw 44S«m. -- Exterminating -- Experienced Ser\*jco for iu^ily control. Call 756-45H. · -- Fence -- ctiules F/M pstlmnlcj. Call Tack Wnt rook «l 751-7330 or 75l-7»?2 GAfillEN ptorinu, h3iro\ririg, brush boa- fflns. d:scing, yard leveling. satlsMrtlon Tiirantecd. quick service, rtidrs 443- 2W2, ' · · , : -- Garden Tilling -- · .. LavvTiincnvjng -- Yn/oo and smaller. Mower ser^OO, Hanling- (U-3M7. OZAIIK Grirvdins Service, 6:13 nomsvllfe Rd. S21 3090: CarbliJf high speed tool* Garden too!), chain saw*,, hand MW« Miuori, . paper cutting knlvra -- Handyman -- CAPPRNTRY - Painting - Rnoflnj fencing - rife - hanllng - lre» trimming - Yards - Free EsilmalM - OAt Jobs. F»)lcnt reference!. Ken Rogcn, 44J.3407. ' · · ' , . - ; i ' ^Hauling-- trees, shrufihcry removed. Hedge trim mfng; Reliable and reasonable. ?hoo TRASH HAUf.TN'G -- TREK TRIMMING-- Gnragc' And Aftle Cleaning Call before 8 a.m. or after 7 p.m., «4 513ft.' ' . ' ; · · ] -- _ House Design -- COVTF.MPORAKV IT MS* Dcj^jjn -- Orjm new coristrnctlnn, F«M Otlice Box 158o Fayctievlltc, Arfcaams 7270t. ~ Horticuftvra -- ' ' RCOLOGV FNTERPRTSKS fNC. innoo clnfl (he opening of ow wholttale *v1 sloo. W» ar« sp*clJilfarinR tn rrefn)i-»M jf rowing im-d IB, and will mix any K to yoor sp*dflfatfMi*. I 0rcn 8 ,U Monday thru Friday, · Phone 62t-W?B, cubic feel'Vprmlcatilc.-J3.5fl. I cohlc fool [KT|]Ife," (3.J». "6 cubic f«t jphafnnm Sat TWMC, (7^0. TOO Ibs. hwnna peat . 35 th». (of*iii 75c, The comtr Ml, Cotnlort Hoad utd Rnppi* L«e, ' LairidscDping T ^iil! ^NnSCAriNG":-- Yard care, pninfng riilizinj!.- 5«3dinB,' Beod:ru/'trec toppfni rvd 'remOTal. -For tree estimates cil iiync, S21-JOS3. ;.'-;;. ' ,. ·' '. .^- ·; - · TO 'PLACE AN AD' IN THIS - SI 1 ACE WOULD COST ONLY : - $I7J70'PEEI MONTH ' "~ --Lawns Gardens-- X)Mri.KTE lawn nnd yard esre service owin'c. edging. irimminB, anything Ca ^6-23-57 or, 4C6-M14, ash (or Chuck Ojftfl -Painl A Paper- ... Xl'EHIEXCED painter -- does the DM ob for ( he least mom y. Interior o \terior.-Frcc c^thnnie.;, rail Joe-Loc* rd.-4i26jie. ·":; 'fcitisramon guaranlced. For Irec~-««U nralc, tall collect, UncoTTl 8M-5673i EXTERIOR- painting. rcasorrablc-Tttfi efererices if needed. For Fr«* eMlmat all «22-l68 or S2I-13M. ! -i- NT kind of rain! Ing livride or out. Fr« s(imflles. Work ^uaranleea. Jeff Bafh« 21-3039. Fahrrcatkn and TXstrihiriron. AH (j-pe 1 plastics Prototypes niado lo yotir sp rlHcatrnns. Special orders. Free Consult* on, Mnunttiln I'lasllcs. Inc. 52i!?79, -- Plumbing Service-- ,., UGIIT PLUMBING SERVICE Call U3-!B36 -- Koofing -- inp vvHh I t-ar iiTiltwi guflranlee. F Ircc rslimatcs. -a)I 1-273-7202 ' Jam. Brooks, Owner. '-i- ROOFING, all kliwi*. guaranteed, r -- Security Guards--^ ., ARKANSAS Armed Guard Mate Ariri Ifl ally licensed uniformed traards. Ava ab'c rmraeili^iely M honr «r1c 442-7530 -Troetor-- - BIIL'S TRACTOR SERVICE ' Call after 5 .p.m. S2I-5434..- PAUL'S .TRACTOR SERVICE TRACTOR SERVICE 1 ;: HX)W1NG, discing, brushhogglrift- Lar or imall ^fw. Call i2IfiH7 alter ftM p -- Trae Servi« -- .','; Al-A TREE SPESCTAT.1STS ' All i*as« tree tt afcrufcbcry care Os 10 -chrA expwletx 1 *!. 443 213S. Free M mates. , · . · · ' · ', - '··"· '-' - ; - J ·. Mtm-TKCR SKRVTCE,.,, IJ«iw«d F 'Frr«,««tinm«5, Insured. SPT inn -- IrimmfriK -- toppfnjt -- r«twa FMtiliilng, furty '*q'Jipcd.' 33 T^ia pwlnwa, 443-44K. , v . , ; r ; . - ~~~Vwwtioft Winds--- r % _. CAU/ Gab« Oaop«r ' for cont'pl vmtdM biirJ ffrvV«. PfMn« 44? 81 Ml B^t PjMVMt, rvwtlOTUL*, Arfc

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