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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 14, 1966
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Gj INDEPENDENT *·**· ****" C " H ' ***"·· M *" 11 "' tHt Grass Stakes Caps Anita Meet By ERNIE MASON The curtain comes down on a highly successful win; ter thoroughbred racing season at Santa Anita Park today with the presentation of the 525,000-added San Marino Handicap at l'/2 miles on grass. ..' A bulky entry of 17 prompted a division of the race for the second time in its history. The race was split in 1963, with Juanro and Pardao victorious. This is the only Monday program of the meeting. · This should be a highly competitive race, attracting a number of distance-loving horses that barely missed receiving invitations to Saturday's San Juan Capistrano classic. Nashua Plume, a provisional invitee to the Capl- strano.'and Tiburon II, a recently imported Argentine . ,, CONSENSUS / d»i· -fMAMM nisi ITE'KUTm I HOLLY im lc«m«inui mil IISSBflffiU IU'eW/ . · | Sailing By I Grand Finals I Bo-jndaway Sailing By ICamClly IC«enCltyH) I Colonel Dav 1 Sailing Bv 7) Sailing By a-Flll Alcm (21 rr««TDr«im«) OruOr 2 ]Pr«ny- te? 3 Dreiin!| laoy nxl Cruder I Prellv Dreams I Pr«lv Drmi (14 Baron orwiw I Escalation 1 BSSB-d I ftSSfSiS 1 Bft I Adleul Cocrnr I Ray Fllrl I PfQ Hfe fQMf Rttcct I ·5|J .lying . I Ask Father I I Prosaic On* · I Green Crtewe Atk Father Grey Abbot AUc Patrnr AJ G.en Roy U LL._ ..Green cheete . I Green Cheese I Mr. Pavna Leandro Perrll · LeartIro(12) Perrli (» ^r. Payne (51 I Black Pool . · I Feeomwv * ' I Ter-Chl-Btrzo! · I Hustachl i| . 1 BfacV Po iuter 1 Tcr-Chl-J I Black Pool Dear Bill I Mullachio L Black Foot ( Feedman (6] Mirtfachla (! horse with impressive credentials, will likely accept equal starting high weight of 120 pounds for the San Marino Handicap. The closing-day program will feature special winner circle ceremonies in honor of Johnny Longden, the 59- year-old riJer who has announced his · retirement. Longden has won .6,032 races in his career, which began in 1927, including 452 stakes. From the' standpoint of both attendance and pari- mutuel handle, this will rank as the second most successful season of Santa Anita's history, since the track opened in 1934. Only the record-breaking season of a year ago surpassed the records of the current meeting. High point of the year was x the victory in the historic $145,000 Santa Anita Handicap by] Lucky Debonair, who-in 1965 won both the Santa Anita Derby and Kentucky , Derby. Lucky Debonair became the first 'Kentucky Derby king ever to win the rich Big 'Cap. THORNTON TESTS CARTER Gonzalez, Fullmer Vie for Bout With Tiger 8 1 Tlbure.l II - I N a PXtorKl . ' . . - · I Pel I Nashua Plume I Til ahua Plum* .'elegrtn Tlbourn II TlburMI II Naihua Pluj I SIIX Hal Nashua Plume i Haiti a Pi me C8) 9 1 Nutvo Vlinto I Home Town Marks-Cover Hutm VlenK I Akan RMH I Flnt Strike Ma rks-Cove r HomeT--- KL-IVO' Home Town iVIentc lean Road . ...arks-Cover Nuevo Vlento I Nuevo Vlnlo ( Markt-Cover i HsmeTown (I NOTE--Number aller hindlca«ief'» namr It number of wlnmn Itleded. SANTA ANITA'CAP By ROYBETZ "fcri? Mm* \1 CMar-Flst - ftU 1 p.m. NEW YORK (UPI) -- Josei Gonzalez and Don Fullmer, a pair of top middleweight con- lenders, each hopes to earn a shot at the title when they meet in Madison Square Garden Friday night. Gonzalez is the World Boxing Assn's. leading contender In the middleweight division despite a rather unimpressive record during the past year. ' Fullmer, however, is now third-ranked contender after a successful year with victories ?M7--FIRST HACK. * furlfrntn, Index Horse J«*ey -T5I Cajn City (Yc«a nn a Fill Atom (Yaner).. 2«4 Sailing By (Medina].2815 Bcundawav (Alvarez) M42 Colonel Dave (Mahomey) = ( ' c and w. Purst MOW. Clllm-lfl PJlct «Kt. OMs Itili Grand Hnale (Jennlnoi) 10 · 2159 Cousin Sam TBazelJ . 12 U77.) Poooed Paoa [Hartackl--u . 5 2737 Rich Time (Moreno) 3 ma Sir Kit (Hall) -_ II »SO Bte (Alvarez :_. _· | 2«5I a-Dlsarco (Pineda)., :-- » - · a^Mosbacher-iraTned entry. LOHCSHOr-COLOHEL PAVE. r-rTtna.. - .yt»r*ld5. ATTiwai 1?2 Figures close --------- ·]7 May lake a part 1M Threat all Ihe way 1T4 Chance to upset :. 117 Out st_. Unreal 111 Needs to Improve -- ~. . 1M May be Inb oood 117 Needs easier 117 Appeears .overmalched ·117 Scratched 129 Scratched . 2-1 5-J 7-2 '·} ._ «- !-l ; 10-1 1J-1 15-1 -- 20-1 -SECOMD KACE. « . rant ! Butch entire ) Escalation (Pit (Medina)-. 7«7 Frontlish (Baie) _--r ,, IKS Steel -.Ruler (Pineda) 2J3J Rare Print* ITanlirucnl), - 27S3 Mary's Waldo . tYanez) 3 *TM ?.ir«'«n!ra Xsffl ill J irc g- l j~ " IB Comes right off wsy win , -120 Speedy ana game - T17 Inside Dost only drawtwdt-- 130 Will force the pace _ 120 Anolher wllh speed . "" Ootside chance Would have to : LONG SHOT-- STEEL ·urlonos. J-veir-okh brid'ln Calif, pursi $4s». claiming Goldsmith Outdrives Ex-Gridder ROCKINGHAM. N. C. --Paul Goldsmith, a lean mid- westerner, driving a year-old Plymouth, won the Peach Blossom' 500-mile stock car race Sunday, beating out ex- football player Cal Yarbrough over Joey Archer and welterweight champion Emile Griffith, .who will meet middleweight title-holder Dick Tiger next month. Fullmer hopes victory °yer Gonzalez will bring him closer to the 160- pound championship his brother Gene once held. Wayne Thornton, No. light heavyweight challenger, takes on Al Carter at Las Vegas Thursday, Light heavyweight -champ Jose Torres, who hasn't defended his crown since winning it March 30, 1965, has been ordered by the WBA to sign for a title fight with Thornton before March 21. Junior lightweight champion Flash Elorde meets former lightweight king Ismael Laguna at Manila Saturday to wind up the week. This week's schedule: * * * * TM[9M-l0nn, Chic Caltferwood vs. ..Lai.Vegaj, Mel FerouMn Tears Fall as Writer Recalls George RoyaPs 1st U.S. Win By PETE HORNER The,tremendous v i c . t o r y scored by a pair of Canada- breds, George Royal a n d Johnny . Longden in Saturday's San Juan Capistrano at Santa Anita h a d . t o . bring tears to even the stoniest of the backstretch colony. . . . I t ' m u s t , have brought a trace of a tear, too, to those who watched the stretch running son of Dark Hawk run his first race in this coun try. Pardon while I get out the hanky. Now a three-horse parley is pretty tough to put over. Trying to get one winner is a job in itself. I once knew a jockey (he's still riding) wb_ went 68. races without a winner and when I found him up TgsS on a horse who had beei burning up the track in the morning I asked him" what he thought. ''Well, I'd 2M1 Proper Resoecl Baz«) _________ 1 5M1 Rnv Flirt (Manual!) ___;_ 2"« Adieus Cocntr (Yvui) _____ 7771 Apollo's Promise (Cam Das) 1'2 Mav hold a si 122 Flourcs rlel ' .·109 Should faki a sltoht edac 5-J chl (lure ; 3-1 :e a part- 7-2 "L.^Z 2 113 Would be 'no surprise Fa!r recent form J8.13 Ltrov'l HOM (Mihorniy) . MS3 A Bold Bay (Jmnlntn) LPNOiHOT-- JEOIRE- 11] Trailed all lh« wiy HantHcap (TKMlToulore (Sfoeirwk"-) .(7*tt}SheMrake (Lambert) 2750 Shady'Living (Ycaia) vm Chosen Victory (Pterce) 2tW NEarkos (Pineda) MM Going Abroad (Mahomey) im Miss Rlncon (Camoaj)_ 2JA5 r" "~~ '' --'--' tat c 119 Gocd winner i«l start _ ^-_ _ , _ US Slrkltv Ihe one lo.beat.~-TM 3-1 112 Dangerous all the way ____ ,,-_ 7-2 117 Helps make II a tough race ____ 4-T 117 Sure to Imorov* _-- __ ___ *-! 1» Sons' Iwwtwt dunce ____________ 9-1 108 Dancerous as weighted ------ 10-1 112 Must Improve IK Henry Wallllch; Belfast, Ireland, wally Swltti vs. Al Sharppe; Sacramento. Calif., Fredd!a Root* vs. Richard Gosha .and Arturo Vlnoochea vs. Ronnie Par«l; Miami, Gordon Lett vs. Dfck DlVeromlca; lea vs. Ronnie Pir«l; il, Gordon Lett vs. Dfck DlVeromlca; ewiston, Billy Loncroan vs. Dick French. Wednesday--Boston. Billy Collins V! Ted Whltliew; Johnstown, Pa., Dick, WI( perman vs. Grmiv Clay. Thursday--Las Vegas, Wayne Thornton vs. Al Carter; Los Angeles, Rlcardo Mo- rer.o vs. Raul Rolas. ' Friday--Lunezzare, Italy, Sat* Amontl vs. Leroy Green; Goteborg, Sweden, 'larry Scott-vs. Sugar Bov Nando; New Harry York. _____ ... _____ ork. Jose Gonzalez vs " r Bov N n. Don I Rash E Will probably weaken Jtll--FIFTH RACE. 1A mites. \ 'M5JCO. -rear.g!4l and UB. Pure tttW. Clairnln* frit* ·JH7Ask Father (Shoemaker).---._. 3 i" Lava Finw (Burns) .--. S 9VO fireen CheeM (P]er«).._. 5 »4» Grey Abbot (Mahorneyl _. T .2751 Glen Roy II (Lambert)TM 9 - -- _ , _ . ItfS Prowlc One (Camoas) 1 11* Longshol factor 8-1 · 2W5 CardJoan Bay (Yanei) B · 5IUI Game Rcuser (Haiti I 2H4 Proud American (P!neda)..--~. 2 LONGSHOT--CABD1GAH BAY. "2m--SIXTH RACE. Abort atlowances. POTS* M5W. . (2ltMLeandro (Can .IIS Strktiy the nru- to beat. i_ ll.T Danaerous all Ihe WAV s-' \n Tmig.h talk t wetohlrd ' Al 150 M»v need easier ______ 111 Wiring In touiti : iii 116 Appears Hast limv 20-1 ftfflMio- *n turf. '-year-elds ind BO. CUttirtd LIB) o 2772 PerrTs (Shoemaker) __- -_ 12 M57 Mr. Paynt aambert) M ·xm Sfilch.back (Mahorney) .1 6 7793 Too-Mv.Hosf (Hall) 13 21M Hlsh Perch (Yanei) i 27« Be Good Boy (Burns* in 2TH Ky. Choice (Harlack) 2 1» Looked oood winning last 5-? 117 Have him to beat 3-1 117 Chance today 7-2 117 Threat off belt J-l 122 SowJ -to threaten 6-1 172 Belief dunce ttils distance..- 1-1 in the last 50 miles. Goldsmith, a 39-year-old veteran : who races out of Munster, Ind., finished the five-hour plus grind over the one-mile North C a r o l l r i a Speedway 3.8 seconds ahead of Yarbrough. For Yarbrough 1 , a 5-foot-8, 200-pounder who played semipro football before taking up racing, it. was the second time he was runner-up in .a big race in five months. He also finished second in the American 500 at Rockingham last October. * * * * GOLDSMITH p i c k e d up $14,390, including lap money, for his second victory of the year. He won a 100-mile'race at Daytona Beach, Fla., last Veterans "stadium.' Aqueduct Launches Long Meet NEW YORK OP) -- Impressive, backed fay; an easy victory over his more-fainous stablemate, Buekpasser, is the odds-on-favorite 'to take the $25,000-added Swift Stakes as Aqueduct opens New York's 234-day thoroughbred racing season today. The Swift, first of 114 stakes carrying an added me but not 'the third. It was Clavo, a horse that anybody vho could read a tote board ad to believe had a chance if some kind. He was even money! , The first two "tips" won as econd choices and every- hing was going to Clavo. In he same race was something allel... yep, George Royal. Slow anybody who can read a Racing Form could see that he -Canadian invader h a d arned $45,747 during t h e year in Canada and had a record of nine wins in 11 starts including eight successive victories. But, American hprseplayers eing a bit skeptical of "bush track" horses, gave him a ?ass for the most part, although the 'in' money founc its way to the mutuel wickets to keep George at $5.80 to 1 Clavo, of course, wirigec like him rea away in the six-furlong event and looked all over a winner at the eighth pole when down the stretch like a charge at a women's sale came George Royal. .You can guess the rest. He won by 3'/£ open lengths and returned $13.60. I tore up tickets. As events have p r o v e n , that triumph of George Royal's at Bay Meadows had to good if I wasn't riding 'im,' was the honest answer. Th colt ran up the track! But, back to December 21 1964. The track is Bay Mea dows and it's Getaway Day A friend, who hadn't give: me a winner since Man t War was a 2-year-old, cam up with three horses. Th names of the first two escape be tantamount to -stealing money, for Just five days later the Caliente Future-vBook on the '65 Santa Anita Handicap opened with George'Roy- al listed at only IS-irAnd if you think those are. j long Kids, consider that same day .he "book" listed the eventual winner, Hill Rise, at 20,-1. And we bet against him on something n a m e d Clavo. ' Ouch! . . . The 'writer didn't feel bad after Longden and the : Royal one got back Saturday. The Santa Anita fans have short memories, too. After all, he won -the- same race last'year and still they let him go off at 6.50-1 and pay $15. * * * * ' . ' YOU GAL horseplayers no doubt have some compassion for Hazel Longden today,'tha wife of the "Pumper." No longer will the stands with 117 Will fore* the pace 1H Will have (o Hnorove. FTcnre* to weaken . 1M c i (Bazel . ··- · v~n^» -v -n^a^-, *«-. 4 Bflrran (Alvirerl H 117 One pood race thfs rncrffng ?0-1 « AHlDiano rU'iUiu) s "' " * ,1 (Pineda) 11 "« Sol no (J«r.nlngs . . 1 ^ftala Host No bov) .1 Ma Tixch Err.bef ILambcril IS LONGSHOT--HIGH PERCH. 1U Failed «gainjt" e'?iiIer"L 114 Figures Among stragglers 1M Scratched 117 Scral-chMt 1-7 Scratched Seattle Pulls Out Soccer Standoff The largest crowd of the season, 2,800 witnessed a thrilling 1-1 tie Sunday as Orange County Soccer Club and the Seattle . Hungarians played to a standoff in the opening.match of the Pacific Coast Regional playoffs at _ _ _ _ _ _ ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Vto Feed/nan Yanez) ____ __ 7 2*V7 Ter-Cht Btrzo (Mahomey) _ « J741 fAuslacMo fMedkn) ____ ..... ,, II 7»-»T nrar Rill tYcara) __ __ 7 27»1 Doo Star (Baze) ______ 3 2837 Fallhful Ruler (Lambtrl) ______ 10 s 5 1 4 no May cat* this field 5-7 Iz2 Will Iry runaway race ~- 5-2 IM Showlno slors of life 1-1 114 Seldom a bad race 4-1 114 Chance of? h«t . . 6-1 172 Usually ctoiei well 8-T 172 May Inwove .10-1 y BrloM Baby Pineda__. . 7KD Dardanus (Alvarez) ______ 7734 Tarwo (Campas) ___ ___ __ . 2741 Bold Invader (Medina) : ' . LONGSHOT-- DOS STAK. _____ _ , n»4-- EIRHTH R»rr;. iVk miles »n torf. .y!r-of4s and uo. The s»n Marino ._-_---. ___ Han Jcap-- 2nd Division. Furse S1I.K3 aifded. Cross «1.075. To wtr-ner SH-Mz.M. 114 Oulslie Threat · 15-1 119 only an outside chanct. " 115 Scratched 115 Scratched .. j II (Yciza) ,,,, 2»?2 Pelwln (Shoemaker) .. . js-w Nashua Ptume (Hartacfcl...TM . [W»Si|k Hat (A'vareil _ _ 23*9 SlnndirH (Mor^no _ 75V MarPlnm Tl (Mfd'na) ,, W^ Jimrny cannon [Jennfnasl 283? K»~%r»d Sir ILamberll LO'intHOT--STANDARD. '?a;t--HIHTH PACE. IJr m»ei. -vear^1as J»i*d un. purse swop, c'ulmlng price i 1*1 May fake II all -7-2 llrt Closed well lo win . . 4-1 110 Lnr.gshol Ihrnt . A.I 11A Closes well on occasion.. in-i 'tm alike 15-1 month. His average s p e e d was 100.027 miles an hour. Yarbrough's car was the only one of seven factory- backed Fords still running when the checkered flag fell. Bobby Allison of Hueytown, Ala., .finished third. Harold Smith of D a y t o n , Ohio, was fourth and John Sears of Ellerbe, N. C., was fifth. All drove Fords not sponsored by the factory. Yarbrough, of Timmonsville, S. C., won $7,875. A crowd of about 45,000 watched the race in mild, ov- Seattle will host next Sunday's finale with scoring the mots the team goals ad- ^Wl Hnevo VTenlo (Harmali) ,, II (n.WlJMrkl-^over (Jeorilncil 7 7W Alcen Road CHarfack) in |7««)HMr* Town (Wahornev) I »»» Flnt Strike (Lambert) - « 3«« I'm Htoh (Yanezl . 1 M» nsrV silver rwe«na) 5 f2t23!Pao9 Tla (Pineda) . 7 2W Rrooknle Atvarez) 3 VSt Tyro Lad (Caracas) , 4 ZU1 Barnyard Savaoe (Hall) 1 116 Mav ooiet th'm 113 Probably co ftie favorite 114 Alwavi Icwh to caldi IK Game winner lajf Ifart_ 118 Not without a -cnance 114 Would b ro sururiie - 1W Conlentlofl runs deep 10-1 Ihlj good ercast weather. Completing .the first 10 Will! lira fhi ma eai'er trail -. May need eai'er _______ Fltn/rei to Scratcl^ed . finishers were Roy Mayne, B o i l i n g Air Force Base, Washington, D. C.; Elmos Langley, Landover, Md.; David Pearson, Spartansburg S. C., Henley Gray, Rome vancing to the next round against the Midwest champl on. That victor goes for the U. S. National Challenge Cup. Werner Mata got Orange County on the Scoreboard in the 61st minute but Tommy Major brought the Washington representative even with a go_al on an open net in the 75th minute. This marked the second tie .o blemish the Northwest team's record while Orange County chalked up its third. OCSC upped its goals- scored total to 105 against 19 while Seattle has booted in 92 and allowed 17. BETZ BEST Most Probabli Winner-Pretty Dream! *Beil' Bel-Ncivo Vlento In tfh. Bisl Monty Prospect--Nashua Plume I Win Piriiy--Ask Father In itk I Lflnsshot Special--GoTnsT ADread In 5lh. Lucky Louise tailing By. Disarco. Pretty Dreams* Baron cruder 3-- Ray Flirt* Proper Respect, Jeolre. 4--Toulore* sheldrake. Going Abroad. " Ask Falher, Green Cheese, Prosaic , Mr. Payne. t4ashua Plume, Peregrin, silk Hal. 9--Ml I la *s Turk, Home Town, FlrsT SI 8F.St BET--Blade Pool In 7lh. BEST CHANCE BET-rlrll Sti-lfc. In Mason's Specials _. PREFERRED PARLAY -- TOuTtV* to Plum*, nar s Italian Driver Dies MONZA, Italy (UPI-- Italian auto racer Attillio Zuppini was killed Sunday when Ms car flipped over during a local race. Zuppini died of internal injuries after his Fiat Abarth 850 crashed. AL Hockey Results Buffalo t. Pifliburon 0. Ovebec 10, Serlitpfleld 4. Rochester VBaiiinibrj a, _ . Tr»cK--Southirn County Heel, PmUtnu 4. VkiofH ((WL) 1 (OT). minster High, noon, Ga.; Va. Preps Take to Outdoors Spring spdrts storm to the front this week with Moore League contests in baseball, tennis, swimming, golf and gymnastics. . , ,,, . Also s c h e d u I e d are the « the Spring Tennis Classic, Southern California Counties highlignv ^f this week s sports track meet S a t u r d a y at card at Long Beach State. Westminster High and the Moore L e a g u e Invitational swim meet at Millikan. Pre lims are Tuesday afternoon, finals Friday night at 7 p.m. TODAY Gol(-- Poly vs. Wilson al Recreation Park, 3 p.m. Biseball--Downey At Wilson, Poly « LaXewood. MllilXan al Jordan. Strvit* at SI. .Anthony, all 3:15 t r».m. , Tennis--Same as baseball *chedo(». Swlmmlno--Moore Leaoue Invllatlona rellms, Mllllkin, 5:30 p.m. Goll-Mnilkan vs. Jordan at Golt--Downey vs. Poly al Whlttler P(ar ran-, Lakewood vj. Warren at Skvllnks (fmrKstlct--Wilson at Hllllksn. Jorda at Poly, Lakewood al Baldwin Park, al rorcfan vs. V/ilson at Recrearlon P Track--Millikan at Westminster, " at Lakewood, Jordan al P«r*r "·"· FRIDAY laseball-- Millikan at Downey. Lake- wocf all 3 1 . A and Worth McMillon Value of $4,592,500 to be raced in New York this year, drew a field of 10 3-year-olds At six furlongs it'll be the first of four stakes for Derby- age horses to be raced at Aqueduct prior, to- the May 7 running of the Kentucky Derby. The others are the seven furlongs of the $25,000-added Bay Shore March 26, the $50,000-added Gotham at one mile April 16 and the l J / 3 miles of the $100,000- added Wood Memorial April 23. Impressive, owned by Ogden Phipps and trained by Eddie Neloy, was made the 3-5 choice to take the Swift by the track handicapper. He'll be ridden by Kenny Knapp, who rode another of the Neloy-trained 3-year-olds, Stupendous, in the Louisiana Derby Saturday. New York Racing Assn. officials look for a turn out of 45,000. Last year 45,101 were on hand for the opener on a raw, cloudy afternoon. Gary G., successful Florida campaigner from the Harbor View Farm of Lou Wolf son, was made · the 5-1 second choice under Johnny Rotz. she sit in that · ever present worry about whether or not the little great guy will be buried under'admass of horseflesh. She's already seen him with virtually "every bone in his body broken. I think she told the''story' best when she said Satu.rday, 'on the way to the track I : told myself that I had to sit ; hrough only four more races. : t has been tougher"for' me each year. Now I'll have someone to sit with in the stands." If you've ever seen a joc- tey go down d u r i n g the course of a race, you'll know what she means. .. CALIENTE Som« Hoofer, .-.«-3:lA*. s'craTched-- 0 G'TTlobtiy, : Classic Pat,,-Vaunt. . M PERFECTA PAID US.IT K?S{?. ras^'WYo. 2* Dear Lark, Ochoa _._ 5.« 2.60 Pir.k Snip, Caballero !.« Time--UOSfc. Scratched--Daring Queen, Scorpion Maid, Gornlshlhelfcn, Flaw Lei. THIRD RACE-- liV mllst: AWachar Dante, Medina 8.W .4.40 3.JO BaKarroch Boy, Lopez . 9.60 7.60 Tlmo, Schmitt , U.M Time--1:40«. Kim Kay. DAILY DOUBLE PAID (44-H . FOURTH RACE--« lurlnm: . Rltt*! BobUe, .Vllches 6 to 4.M 3.40 Andy's Hangover. Ochoi -- 5.40 4.00 Missy Lou, Caballero , 4.40 Time-- T:lWi. No scratches.- FIFTH RACE--4 fwlortts: - . War Jester, Pa(omlr.o._ 7JO 4.M 3.25 Maori Cnleflakl, Pacheco _ 550 360 Klnda Sudden, Salazar - · - 4.00 Tlmt--1:I«S. Ko scratchts. SIXTH FACB-Hlle, » ytr -Cosmic Prlnct, Medina 7:60 Extra ..Flight, Schmllf HARNESS RACE QUEEN Winsome Sherry Campbell of North Hollywood has been chosen Girl of the Golden West to reign over the spring harness racing season, which opens Thursday at Santa Anita. Rockets Smother El Key Cliorizo The Long Beach Rockets unloaded 11 hits Sunday to whip El Rey Chorizo, 5-1, in a practice game at Blair Field. El Key C Serin? , !\5drkUs r r«dmflrUf Net Classic Tops 49er Sports Card Brigham Young, Redlands, L.A. State, San Diego State, UC Santa Barbara are but a few of the schools competing Competition, is Friday and Saturday. / TODAY Football--Soring p/acllce, campus field Frosh baicbUh-at LBCC Junior Var slly, 3 D.m. SoK-USC, Hlllcrest CC, 1 p.m. · D.m. BastbalT-- at - - - TUESDA- iorlno pracll V lc*, i rrcid t Pepper d Irn/ 3 - ··- " . PJTt. _. _.._, St*!e, 3 i Teonll--«1 Function Staf«, 3 p.m. FMlbaB--Spring pradFc*, campui fkkf P4T. THURSDAY SwTmm.00 -- NCAA ccllect divlslcn harnptanihips/ Normal, 111. FRIDAY FootbalI--SpfTnrj pratllc*, campus fltkf, 3 p.m. BAM ban--at FuHerlon Sial*/ 3 p.m. Swimming -- NCAA coif toe dtvbTwi imtkntMos, Normal, in, Tcnah--Spring Cla»K, LBSC ceHJrh, Trtck-- at UC Sanla Barbara, ? p.m. Swimming -- NCAA eol.eoa tfivls'or, Sparse Card for L.B. City Joe Lanning's fast-improving track squad and Monte Nitzkowski's always - feared swimming team take top billing on Long Beach City College's sparse sports calendar this week. · The cindermen, who routed El Camino last week, travel to Valley Friday while the aquanauts are at Cerritos the same afternoon for a Metropolitan Conference titanic. LBCC baseballers get a much-needed rest this week, playing only one game--at Valley Tuesday. TUESDAY »xtall-- al Valley. 2:30 p.m. Tradr-al vallevVStM r.m. Swlmmlnq--a I Cemtol, 3:30 p-m, Ttnnli--at Eeit U A., 2:30 p.m. BETTORS IN 5-10 HAVE BIG DAY AGUA CALIENTE--Form prevailed here S u n d a y , which gave a host oT 5-10 bettors a chance to charge the Caliente payoff windows. Fourteen fans shared In the major payoffs, picking six winners and collecting $4,366 each. A total of 607 patrons shared in the consolation prize and were avvarded $33.40 apiece. Sammy Vergara, a former Northern California fair circuit jockey, identified himself Sunday as winner of the major payoff of $45,135.40 in Saturday'* 5-10 pool. He's the father of four and now -A jockey agent. A B R H * K a l » n d i , A " . 1 0 2 4 0 1 0 Hocrklns.s* 4 0 1 0 Rowe,p 0 0 0 0 GruwilF r p r. 3 0 0 0 KttfhtSrtO ^hr1,tinin,lb 0 0 0 Green,If Reu^c-ab . 4 0 0 0 Polls,if 4 \ 2 D Peanon.ct Garcia,rf 2 D 0 0 Htrnartdtr.c 2 0 0 0 Bohan.rf Fol:es,p-rC 4 0 1 0 G1onch 5 V;,2b A ViSo I! 1 ' o o o i Totals 35 1 7 0 To tail ·--Runs balled In. E! Riy Chcrizct .-- Reckttsi 28 E -1 :-elpoch«!t 2,. Pearson, Madrid. Folkts ___________ _ . __.,,_.., rfaana, r-i ______ ._ ·Prllchard, Hocklns, Hlchlidd, Ka ench. JB-Rowe SB-MaclfW 2. LOB- lockets 9. El Rey Chorlio 10. DP-- Rock«lj, El Ry Chorlzo. IP H R ER BB SO FOICtJ (L) ___ 6 i 4 3 f e l t l : _.__ _ _ _ . 2 3 1 1 (W) - S 1 0 0 2 . WP~Folk«s r T- City Baseball ['B. 'OutranId. HMTH 5 faple'or, Gflres/ ( rruwirlh, Sfapfeton; T03 340 8--10 10 HMTW 012 Ml 3-» B Goyelfe, Tuckw an ; Home, Kemmcre WO «T 5,0-7 14 Muitanoi 0« 000 OW-0 2 Hamrner J*nd Wisdom; Br«w«r r Heck entforf ar^J Jankc, Class D Title on Line Holiday Harbor and SS Construction meet tonight at 7:30 in the Wilson High gym for the Class D championship of the Long Beach City League basketball playoffs. SL Anlhon/ at Mtler D«1, , TfJCif--Notre Dam* at ! J:15 a.m. J:15 cm.. Anlhony. Swimmttw-- Moor* Lc»oue Invltallonar Final 1 !. Mllllk*n, 7 D.m. GvniniiUct--El RarxHo Tnvflatrorval/ 7 "a-^^jHSajs' / Normal, Ml. Snrrng Cixsifc, LBSC bastball-USC Frosh, dlamono*, l p.m. , emir Is, campus Cily Volleyball c»d Fliy«f(t al FrMfciH Jr. HM 7 p.m.--Holy Mackerel! vs, Pink Pan- lerj; s-- Press-TelecrrBm vs. B.lnionl; 9 -Clowns vs. Bord'i 5lov« IVoru, POWEXFUL M.UHCEX CLEARS CLOOGEDT01LETS S 3.00 2.M '.' 3.W Brown, ..... ........ cralched-Mlsfy" Lallf. SEVENTH VHCE-H4 miles: Precious Hoard, Ochoa 1».00 t.OO 5.60 Frarjde l.«, McCuilar ____ - S.60- 4.20 Confo-.-ndll, Acosta ____ 3.P Time-- 2-06V«. No scralches. · · . EIGHTH DACE-- 4 Miss sa DlaJ, Munoz « 8.10 LI tile Stinger, Solo ______ Francisco Dunham, Pacheco -'Time-- 1:10%. Scratched-- Imok -. ey SI«Tjntp, Or- U V., Ask Ihe Girls A LI tile. - f o n i : 3.M 19. (0 5.00 3.60 7.20 4.20 3.60 Joe, Buz . NINTH RACS-* forlonfli: Rrst Prom, Cabalhro 4.00 Fast Gelaway, Schmltt -Sir Pe!e, Munoz _____________ Time-- 1:W. No scratches. TENTH RACE-- * tvrl9ngs: All To Bool, Palcmlno 4.40 3.60 Lady V/ranoler, Caballero _ 3.00 Drilling, Trevino ?.60 1.60 4.60 2 .80 3.00 3.M Fishing Pacts Pacific Llndlno--144 passongeVs on Mis landed 9 barracuda, 6y'halibut, -- allco bass, 26 shcepsr.ead, 6 tralto, 37 ock ccd, 73 hlue perch, 30 sculpln, ID hue Elth. Seal Biacn--112 anoleri on 2 boats ecked 3 bcnllo, S sand bass, 44 halibut, sculp'n. Belmonf Pier--124. ang(ers on I baroe nugM 402 bonllo, 33 hallb-jt, 6 bass. 11 culpln. ers on 4 PWMInt Llndlno-- lU anol.._ _.. . Noals lanrfed 701 rock cod, 40 CO* cod, 6 no cod, 240 bass, i halibut, rn miscel- , -- __ Tim»-l:0. No 5-11 POOL iltt,l«.M ' 14 lIckMs, six wMifi __ , _ KJ«.M co'nMlitlan: ' «7 tlckili, H» wkintri - 1_ XM ELEVENTH RACE-MS., 70 yards: Sir Tramp, Trevino -- 10.00 4.43 3.60 King's Host, Zamorano ___ 1110 B.40 Decadron, Ochoa ___ :-.__^_:.. 5.40 Time-- 1. -4ns. No scratches. : TWELFTH RACE-Mi furungs: " ablnal, Petly _____ . 3.40 3.M 3.00 -ieems Rusty, Rivers -- L_ 11.20 '6.20 House Key, .Vlvanco __________ ,,.. 11.20 Time-- litmi. Scratched-- Aunt Emma, El Dragoon, School Section, Jose Hard- rock, Solid Circle, Rotating Slar. OU1NIELA PAID (34.49 L.B. Soccer Ties Long Beach Soccer Club ied Bell Gardens, 2-2, Sunday n, the opening match of the Amigos Cup of the Pacific Soccer League played at Bell iardens. Olympic Hero Weds POSSENHOFEN, Germany H?)--Armin Hary, double 1960 Olympic gold medalist and tiolder of the 100-meter world record, was married Sunday to Diana Bagusta, 20-year-old daughter of a wealthy brick' manufacturer. 39 GUARANTEED 3 FULL YEARS BY MANUFACTURER HEAVY DUTY SANDER -MOST USED by Rental Yardf POPULAR WITH US ' FOR IS YEARS , POWER TOOLS PACIFIC COAST Hardw'art 2U9 L.E, BLVD. GA 7-7IBS HEVtl AGAIN that sick f««lin 3 · whtn yexir twl«t ovtrft«wi TOILAFLEX* Toilet ^WBU! plunger Unlike ordinary plonRcn, Totlaflex doci not permit compfeased air or rnrsiy water to iplaih back or escape. With Toibfle* (he Ml pfciiure f]owt through trie clogging man and iwSihei it down. · SUCTTON.JUM STOPS SPLASH-BACK · CCNTEKS ITSELF, CAN'T SKID AROUND · TAfZMED TAIL QIVES AIR-TIGHT FIT Ort th« Genuine Tekflei' *2" AT HAftOWAM STOilS SANTA ANITA STARTS THURSDAY/TUES. thru SAT. First Race 1:00 P.M. DAILY DOUBLE Four-seat Stason Box: $93.60 [neludlni Ux, ·free parking sticker and *cc*t* to Club HOUM. FordtUilicjII MUr»y 1-7401 or Hlllcrcst7-2171, ExceKent but «rvice--for Information call RTD, 7474455 or Tinrwr Gray Unt, 481-2121 1 AJMCMU 9tl

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