Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 27
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Jlridianapolis I Lap Honors , |toFreeland ';V INDIANAPOLIS CD --High :.( winds and H damp track re !·· itrlcted action at the Indian ·\ npolis Motor Speedway 'Hies ;·; day, but action was · expectci j: to pick up today with · ho · weather predicted. ' Don Krccland, LOI Angeles took lap speed honors Tor the day when he toured the 2!»-n -. track at 140 miles per hour Hilly Garrott. also of Los Angeles, was runner-up with a lap . of 1.19. Most other cars, Including the twin Novls, were content to ''. travel at lower speeds to lessen . the danger of an accident which would put the car out of con- '··, tenlMin for the last weekend of qualifications coming Up. The yellow caution light was on briefly shortly after the track opened when a car driven liy Freddie Agabanhlan, Walnut Creek. Calif,, developed minor troubles and was , throwing water on the track, · Meanwhile, the Insurance company which owns the remains of the car which was to he driven In the May .10 race by former world champion Nino Farina of Turin. Italy, an. nounced the wreck would be sold by sealed bid. · , . .'. Long Beach CC Wins Carl While Trophy Lone BeacJt CUy College was Tuesday awarded the Carl '. White Trophy, symbolic of all- nround sports achievement In · the Metropolitan Conference for £·';}*, * the preceding athletic year. -'. By the table of points. LBCC was awarded 59li point* tn 1 runnerup Santa 1 Monica's 5G!5 -,. The Vikings made their winning margin by finishing In a three. way tie for first in baseball last ,·· week. Viking Bert Peteraen was named the conference's top per' former In swlmmlnc. L.B. TOURNEY City Fathers in Golf Play ' Long H«neh Mayor flruru" Vftrmllllnn, City Manager Nam Vleknr* mid Cminclltnnn Lrwl* lima unit Tuby Wick will piny ft featured fuurnomn during NIIIII|H.V'» i|iiallfyliiK round In the SSnl HiuiiiHl IinrnrRwIi rlly Eiilf rllnm|liilliih!|» at KIT- ruatliin 1'wrk, Aiiiillixr special attrartlnn will b« the upiwHranra »f Ann Tmtxiii, Mlu Wftlninii) In Long BpHrli, who will he designated "olflcliU" irorflkirpnr. · Ruth rhHmploiiihlp and handicap flight nitrlm for Ihn tiniriiHiiiriit HIT (till hrlng* accepted, All gulf«r» with fwlHh* lUlml hanillrnps urn tu euni|wte. ;h Cily League,, 'Softball Scores W».I|M. Ch n( CNII.l'im ((I- 17 7 H UH. Ill L.n.H. (HHI 2U-- 2 3 1 I'.lk * VltilMli Jirkion, rilnt A uTi'!""")! ... _ SM ww 1--in i ii *PI, MJ.R IMI i3u 1-- v t* a l'om«ll« * I'«rdu«; Hr.JUury * nil- in. · n 2HO "01 1--4 t 3 U*nk of Amtrlrft .. 11HI tut *--7 T ft Arllnir W.rl 271 1114 X--111 II 4 A N o w l i n ; Omnnon. * Cunli«n. r Zlnk S«n JJll--I « 1 ·II*. . IUJ U4II--Ii It 3 HchllllliK. Utr* * ·*nrt prt»by r l n U v H*| NhSillmr H. «·" M|t|. *.U adUy .""^! Mill. Hill . fcwli A ' ..... . 'Ml Wtandtr; no l lUktvtrtw * '· Htrrlii*. .llindtnon * .UUrlil _ Campb4ll ..u * / Urn OOJ 00(1 l-- 3 4 1 3111 SIHP »-- » II A n«)M. PiDaUAi biiilnttri iWk. " Mary H l u r ' . ... "10 o«o 1-- 1 B 0 ^ H. N«»«l Bhl'Vd, IK»I (WO O-- U 2 1 JofiM M BhnWitir; Voillit A Hiniil.r. Kl H.pli.l Voulh ll«) l»-- 'i 1 1 I.I Lulll*TM* 4JU tin--I) 14 1 H«l«v. WIlIU A Oikty; H. M'yfr UihrMn. I I A M K f t TIINimiT At t*»fk Avf.--llii*iii. 1, 7:30. Supply . Bhnp IT; ».4S. Htrry Kll*y v.. t.lkt K4; Ilium. 3. 7:30, Hlmli 1124 VI. Hhop M l mm. , ·· 1'»p*»l. -- T:3n. l Admlr.l Klilil-7:M. U H. Ix«l R. c. I)r«r; M:(S. l. 8. Boy" Club Aiumnl vi. Prt»'T«li|r«m Slrlitiin. t Pun Am*rlcin -- T:30. Untlhllllrl L. B. P l).i «:4». U V. C. C. vi. Lu» AlimltM, At ll«monn-- 7:30, romplKH VI. IMpl. .14: 8:4, H|«UMMI No, 1 V*. II No. 2 Al Tli»rry Av».-^AIl |»n)H pofllpobld, lt II.W. ·M *M nt Memorial Day ·· Thursday, May 30 2:15 and 8:15 P.M. Friday, May 31";! Nite Only, 8:15 ; ROSE BOWL PASADENA l . 4 K I . \ V I H I I I VII.ltf4.IIK I . K A t l l ' M . .................. :l«» ill)-- » It . ............... . Mil 4 -- II t lr" and PIM.I : (Imv mvt H u f f . · KAKT l^tKKtMHIII l.l^lll K , T lip . . . . . . . . . . WMt IIM -- I 1 4 ll»r»*-4 ........ (M 'III lit-- I K U t M. IMnildion, Klni (2t, XeCmthln r 4 i . H IMtiuld«in ( 4 ) . n4 nnlilhiri, Wvitn; Bloom, Wllll.rm (41, .nil ( CIF Baseball Scores IHH P HI. Anthony 4. lUwlhurne 3. . Hani* Am 9, liuntibeltfi 3. B, burriHiKin It, L'umptMii f - Vvnlum J, rUnt* Ha (bin I. ., l l a l l k , V4, UliiiiiD Hay today. . WHIlllPT *. M t r a ttwU V, ' ' Kii|r 6. Oinanl 4. . ' C h u f f s 27, ChuU VIM* 12. ' InfllewQOtl 4, lialrfwin I'artt 1 l*i*ii«v. Anahtlm. l»»nl«. H l l f l U . ](lv»r§trt», Mark Kappvl ana J Htio dr*w by«*. NflHTIirilN 4IKWF i j i " N»1lai ft front 3. M»i*r !#( ? Tiiadwlrk 1. --· H a r v i M ';, Htll Utrdtni t. Hanta M » f l » Id, M(. Hnmra 3, H D i T M K t t v i m m i * Kallhrnok I" lmuna iUarh A rtkarnvlla I I . Him at World .1 f.\ Caniro ind Clirut dr«w hyti, BOWLING Hoy Kecf's 831 for four games highlighted the action at the Downey Bowling Center the past week while Bob Winders shot an 815. Ilish three-game set was posted by Bill Matthlc- sen with n 582. Winders' 2ji'gnme was high In league action while Joe Kelt had a 251 In open play. · Shirley Nlemeicr edged Doris Makln, 480 to 488. for high honors amoiiR the ladles, Peggy Washmund hcd a 209 game. to IO INDEPENDENT-Paq. C-J' Colored Ghosts inl ****- · ·/··: Friday Exhib|lionL.B. 'Y'Girls Tie ;; j Alhambra Swimmers 7 i The Sioux City. la., Colored Ghosts, one of the funniest tcamn In Softball, come to Long Beach Friday night to face the world champion Nltehawks at Park Ave. Field at 8:30. The Ghosts are to Softball what the Harlem Globetrotters are to basketball. They are currently on a nationwide tnur and reportedly are better ,than ever. Their famed shadowball and rowboat routines are still In the repertoire, and to give the rosier an added sparkle they've acquired a home run-hitting mid* get who stands only 3.8 Inches high. . · - , " · · Jerry LaUonte's YMCA swim " club, composed of Long Bea,ch · girls, Tuesday met Alhambra . YMCA in n dual swim meet. Tha *.· · locals tied 19-1!) In the junior dl- * vl.tlon, won 42-31 In the prep ril« ' vision, and lout 35-25 In the mid- ' get classification. Best times were posted by Sonja Blacklcdge. who swam th« ·' 40 frwEtyle In 25.5; Pat Glllis, ·'.., the 100 freestyle In 1:17; Linda : ; Cole, the 20 backstroke in 14.0; ^ Karen McQuarrle. the 20 back- · stroke In 1H.1; and Kathy Sen- . slons, who grablied the 80 Indl- - vldual medley In 1:21.4. j 'Cats Sign Ex-Irishcr HAMILTON, Out. H'.l!i -George Terlep, 34, former quar-! terback and halfback at Notre Dame, was signed Tuesday as; backllcld coach of the Hamlltonl TlRcr-Cats of the nig Four Football League. JONES , If* iMtrm ' 10th American lOLLINS SCORES WINNER FOR SAINTS Wcs Collins slides across plate with winning run for St. Anthony's In ninth In, nlng or CIF playoff with Hawthorne Tuesday. Collins reached first on an erroc, Btole second and scored on Jim Senskc's single.--.(Staff photo by John Neagle.) Fanfare TOMORROW DFACH I.ITTI.K I.KAIII'K mlirxill nd I^nip.1; lloldin MII'TH'MKKWIHIII I.ITTIJI IJIAIIIIK 1 I | . (ItanU 4W4 III-- U S B »k«l. MeDowill 141. tnt RjtlKn. tM\, MHI0IU mvrf H.illK. fl^llA I.ITTI.»: I.KAdllH ibumu-;;;·;;;;·;;;;;·;;; ,,, ,,,_ , j, , klcy IIH! Mirlln; Ciippi. OrlUmkn Ii. i ml Iw.nvln H l l f A K V I.KAIH'F !»· T l . IMII «l-- » 'ruvonia »n^" cdnnlMr; Cola. lto«« M. .n.l luinirark llrillrn ..... .19* M--II II I \V.I.H. M»rrirk - MHI ·»-- II I l^flmlpl. llutLrrti ^t. .nl frlc.i Bowman. Rowdtn (21, andcBliva. College Baseball 1 Wtihln (Onion SEC thrffllfig International Hunt contcits . SEC . \;-_.. tptni-chillinc ' ·uto-»rl«l icti ·'.; - SEE ,.: - (taring c«r.|a-c*r Inmpolln* »cfob»Bc» , tptcucul*r ·uto SEE " ·- · glgintlc circui pirtd* SEC - ·mulng inlmil «ci - SEE V,: fun-loving clown* " S E E · · · · ; 'V Motor Circus tuna In ·II Iti cotortui «pi.ndar tfl then and mora hi the World's only MOTOR CIRCUS ' Gon'l. Adm. $1 .50 A limited number of FREE TICKETS at Your Authorized FORD DEALER Tlek»1i for ehlldrin muit b« obtiinid by adults. IV WIL BSTTtR I* TOO 1 ?, E MB \W U ALLOWAMCC Saints Win GIF Opener by 4-3 t _ , , ' . . By GENE ESQUIVEL ' St Anthony's High went two extra Innings Tuesday to defeat Hawthorne, 4-3, In a CIF baseball playoff opener at Long Beach City College. The win was the Saints' 12thi ______ tralght and first playoff vie- FavoriU'H Breeze in tory In history and pulled them! · . Into Friday's second round camp 2nd Rollltll of Tennis , iignlnst Const LciiRtie champion! Downey, which drew u first| Second round play continues round bye, ' today In the Long Beach City First baseman Jim Senske's High School tennis champion- line single with two out In the last of the ninth drove Wes Collins home with the Saints' win nlng run. Collins had reached [Irst on an overthrow by Cougar shortstop Mike Glllesple and stole second to set up Senske's hit. , TV ,... . St, Anthony's scored Its first three runs all In the first Inning ihlps at Lnkewood Tennis Club with all seeded players still unscathed after two dayji of competition, TUMday's second round results: :i ' . ' :'.,;·····;· · UirlllM (W) rfir. C1II«I4 (PI,. ··». 8-0; Wllhimi ip) dif. KobolA IJ), B-4. 7.5; Johnren (W) UK. Brim (P), «·!, ··4. ' B-II, On»on SUIl 2. 7 PIT* Nnrthirn llvlllon Juhi Swift l\/tnrl?c R f l f l M TWlin I'lT^^.'^.n'o.V^'!, 1 !,'!' IflUl ltd* iJtllUl L VUlll ««ny s .» ;;iii!v^.. 3 s J ,'i S (iiil.n».." 4 1 3 4 ('...«.,.'I. a a 3 , McKrnn.ii 4 1 1 II Adliili.3li 4 0 II V when Roland Osgood and Al Roman worked a double steal and came home when Haw. thorne catcher Bob Sheets bobbled the ball. Later In the In nlng Ron Caiagna scored on Collins' sacrifice. The Cougars tallied a disputed run In the seventh to tend the game' Into overtime. Cougar John Short scored after a tough shoestring catch by Saint left-, fielder Frankle Kicudcro and! · there was some · debate on, whether he had tagged up prop- , erly., · »···. . · ' I · Hawthorne rlchtflelder Chuck. J McFcrrln drove In runs lor his | team 111 the first and ninth In- 1 ! nlng*. Bymnin.mTm^i^HmiiffliijmmmiyijiUB^^ sharp . . . from any anglel "Surfer Pants'I From Zuma to Enlenada . . all the beachei in belwctn you'll tae and Wear th»t» Surferi! Mode of ilufdy cotton (will, with contrail tide trripf trim, . ··, Perfacf for turfing*, iwimming, walking and caiual wear. Stop in today and get yourt now! Colori , . Royal blue, black, ' white, red, khaki and aqua. · 4.95 Friday 12 noon to 9:00 p.m Buffumt' Stare Hour 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m · .III I ·* Wilson High failed In Its assault on the national Interscho- lustlc mile relay record of 3:17.9 Tuesday, but the Bruins' clocking of 3:20.2 Is the fastest mark recorded by any high school In the nation this year. ·-· Although slowed several seconds by a poor baton pass and a slightly damp track, Wllnon bet- tcred the 1957 best of 3:215 run by a New York prep team In the Pcnn Relays earlier this season, It was the seventh fastest mile relay ever run by a high school team. In a companion feature of the weekly Invitational events at Wilson UlEh, Bill Marki of Wilson won the two-mile handily In 9:45.7, followed by Clavton Ward, also of Wilson. In 10:08.9. Marks' time Is the sixth fastest n'fvtV.'^b" 3 II 3 2 Cnlllna.M 3 1 2 0 KKII.3I. 4 1 1 3 W.W...I . 4 II U I HMU,ii 3 O 7 II M.n.k.,11. 4 I T II curtiB.p ' 4 1 0 0 E««uiir0,ir a 1 4 u ii ToUH 311 · 2I« S T.tlll Jl 1 111. f, ,--Two out whtn winning run Korrt. H.wtk«~ ..._ IM 1M lt»-3 Ml. Anlh.«r't ..., --. 9:37.^ The series winds ' up ' next week with the distance medley relay. Summary: Mil" r»l»r--WIIMH (Jim Flikln Sl.l, f i n Khminn 4»M. Willr HIiylorK 4».«. Hun Ho«ki»r ' Hwilll 'ilirw* Winl (WHiohl, lo:04.ft; Coiul, Mirill (Mornlnilldll, ,j.*v.m, MornlnK ·r, 3:2T.B; Mid li»(l«n», 3:2w.O; (Wllion). »;4n;T; O lUv«r ··" t Tastes so rich... Swallows so smooth 3MI flM 4X1--4 K--()rVM. Kl«ll. RbMli. Hill--Mc- F.trtn 2, Ez«U, i:*un !, Bfi«k» !B^ ...... -- -^ KMll. SB--R. Oliooii. Homin, Colllni. In prep h story. National record xhon. «.f._w. n«ni, r«««n, 'i 1 H * ··-- ||HI--lriru Ihy W t o n i . H"- rurtll 7-». B, O»nxxt H.4. W.Dh 3-.1 BB--Cnrtli 1. n. iHiood l. Ho^nurhi 4. R. O.iooi 3 W.T,b 7. Ill'--ft.n.H IIH...HIM, Ki.l].(lr«....mK)rl. Wl'-- Wlbb. LP--Cuilli. MORE SPORTS ON PAGE C4 ; FASTEST IN THE U.S. Anchorman Ron Boccklcr of Wilson High hits tape (left) to give Bruin mile relay loam easy victory in 3:20.2. At right, Bill Marks of Vnlson leans Into tape ^ with 9:45.7 two-mile. Both clockings were fastest of year for U. S. high school athletes.--(Staff Photos.) . . . . . . . - Served and en/oyod In the finest taverns HILL KENTUCKY WHISKEY AT ITS BEST · Alto avallaklt at a Ktntuck* Slraltkl Bourbon Whlttty ., -v , * in Iki JiiUHfuiiHid $quart bolllt , ravarns HILL Flavor from Kentucky.; Richness from Kentucky. Smoothness from Kentucky. . It's "Bourbon at its best!" ... , 1 Take home a fifth of Hill SfHill tonight. HILL I HILL CO lOUISVIllE, KENTUCKY, DISTRIBUTED BY: NATIONAL DisTILlERS PRODUCTS CO., KENTUCKY : STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY-BOTH 86 PROOF-KENTUCKY BLENDED WHISKEY, 65* GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS

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