The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 5, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1920
Page 3
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THE! DAILY FREE PRE38 EAUTiFUL Baroness Norka Rouskaya Premiere Dansense International 'Celebrity Classical and Modern Dances Saxophone Sextette ..i ..<••••>' • •• ^ . •, These are the boys who have spread their iame from New York to San Francisco through"their sensational hits on Columbia records. JAZZ Orchestra Syncopaters of the first school The entire programme is distinctly good entertainment. You will find it/ superior to anythtaig you have seen in this city. Real Music Real Dancing Real Artists Prices $1.65, $1.10, 85c. These prices include war tax MUSIC BY MISS JACOBS 7:45. CURTAIN 8:15 ALFRED OBERDORFF :!*•! THEPEOPlf'S MEXICAN WORKERS TO U. S. Alfred .pberdpcft Is the new German, ambassador to...Spain. He succeeded Doctor Rosen, who wus rejected by th« Spanish government. Exodui of Laborer* Becoming Alarming According to ,ReporU—^ln- duttriec Short of Help. Mexico Glty, March : 5.—Mexican workers . are-j, going, to • the. United States in larger numbers and the- exodus is becoming alarming, according, to press ad vices; from, northern .states. Serious;numerous industries in that 'region,;.through nonuse and- through large areas of farm land .through lack of. cultivation is apprehended. The .department of labor has I issued a .statement, warning Mexicans- to beware;of .fraudulent contracts',, by .which,, it;, is .alleged, many Mexicans have been swindled In southern TTnlted .State's. .'.''"" " ; Saturday, Matinee and Night | "When My Ship Comes In" | Also ADVENTURES OF RUTH, 5th Episode I Matinee 2:30 P. M, 6c and lie Night 7-8:45, lie and 22c | "' ' - ' ' B miuiiiiiiuo!!ii«^ INews Mrs. Frank Farnham of Minneapolis, MSna., is .visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 3 1 . M. Caldwell and other relatives. Come in and have fresh schrJmp. Fowler's.—'Advertisement. T. E. Hughes of Chamipa'ign was here yesterday on business. Mr Hughes described the condition of Dr. J. S. Lewis as practically the same. Dr. Lewis, who is suffering from a general breakdown, has 1>een confined to the Hughes home for several weeks. -Mrs. Hughes is his daughter. Mrs. Lewis is also in Champaign because ol the doctor's .illness. THE NEWEST ATTRACTION OUT Phono movies amuse the children and 'the big folks too. See the attraction in SHEPPARD'S'BOOK STORE window. The ballet dancer and the dajncing darkies all keep time to the music of your phonograph on any disc machine.—Advertisement. BOLT LODGE ON PACT PROGRAM Senate >Washes Hands of United States in the Shantung Deal. Senator , Lodge, • Republ'ican7~Iv retorted heatedly that it was."a dan-; gerous thing for one mai to endeaVor to interpret other men's motives." Nevertheless, he announced that he would Coffer no more of the tlpartisan: compromises. This statement pleased the Irreconcilables and 'irritated the "mild reservatlonists," including Sena-, tor Kellogg of Minnesota, who threatened a new bolt' "To W,hat PurpoaeT" ' . "To what purpose are we'spending 1 time here day'by day' discussing' teser : vatiohs?" asked Senator H'cCormlck 1 .; ".We sit here' like 'a"lot of medieval theologians discussing how many an'- gels can dance; on the point of .a'needle. AH this is said to be'in the interest: of compromise. God save the mark!" Senator Lodge took the floor at once and .insisted that he had to listen to all proposals of compromise, but added that he would olter no more of the changes tentatively agreed to iu the bipartisan conference. "Maybe, we'll make some headway now.," commented Senator Borah. "I want It understood that statement won't prevent ray offering changes in the reservations," interrupted Senator Kellogg. "Of course not," retorted Senator Lodge. "You can offer all the changes you want." Senator Williams of Mississippi broke into the debate with a sarcastic remark about all the bipartisan compromises failing by the wayside. "Yes," agreed Senator Lodge, "just where your treaty has fallen. And I don't care." "That's what I thought all along," Senator Williams retorted. Ccnslderable wrangling occurred over reservation No. 7 under which no one is authorized to represent, the United States in the league without authority of congress. The bipartisan conferem-e rewrote the original reservation, leaving its meaning the .same. DETROIT TEACHERS RAISED Mayor 'Couzenii Say* Wage thereat* • Will Make Instructor* Highut • Paid In United State*. '. Detroit, Mich., March 5.—Mayor James' Couzens announced that he "Has agreed'to an increase In school 'teach- .ers" salaries 'beginning- September 1, /which will make Detroit teachers the highest•paW'ln''.theiT3hited States.'' The minimum for elementary teachers-'uri- der the new schedule Is fixed at $1,500 a year, minimum for high school teachers is $1,700,Tepre3enting..yearly in of $580 .to $680 a y-«ar. One One. One: Three <' C«»» Advanc^ month, per- word .... ^*B^., ,:vrord insertion, per ;wori - >na, per word .'.....M. ' '••••:>*•••• WANTBD. ' • • . WANTED—Tp - trim trees: Experienced. ; William. O'Neill, 611 Nortte- Washington. . , ' WANTED-r-To with, fire or more rooms. 5 Permanent rentier. No small children. Phone 128. -CANTED—Housekeeper in-family of three. One that wail make, home a home., No washing. Address P. l>. B. 602, Murphysborp, HI. WANTBD—To rent or. buy, .small or large farm, near cirbbndale. Not farther.-than. 15% miles from. town. Farm improved- Ralph V; • Dtekey, City, III. R. R; No. 8. WANTBD—To rent modem house by Otfay : 1st. Addreae "A;" care Free Press. -. -. • '. •-•'•. •;. pow-mtrr. FOR KBNT—Two iroBt roonu arm <Krto Shop,: tor oBo* or *)ee»i»x KNMU. Apply M!s» Rieth, Normal ud MOBT*)*) VM • ••''.. . '• * R. F. PEARSON, FLYErV KILLED Fall* to Death In California When •' Plane Go«i Into Tall Spin Near Ground. • Riverside, Cal., March 1 5.—Lieut. Raymond F. Pearson, a United, States army aviator, was'killed at March field, near here, wheriihis airplane went Into a tail spin too near the ground to recover. Lieutenant Pearson had been flying here six months. FOB ,RBNT--8tor«*«, tar ,bi good*, tn.tbe one »toiry brick . ceiaent noon, en rtley btek of "mew BBrth Theetra. Apply kflM BMh. FOR RENT—Two furnlsbid rooms, 16 West Walnut Phone ; 870 L. Nine Die From Poison Booze. St. Paul, Minn., March n.—Deaths iYom alcohol poisoning in St. Paul since Tuesday night totaled nlnp. . STRIKE HALTS STREET CARS Thousands Walk at Sioux .City, la., As Result of Walkout of Workers in .Power 'House. Sioux City, March 5.—Th'ousnnds of Sioux Citinns were forced to walk tc work us a result of the strike of e ployees at tlje power plant ^ j. ne sioux City Service .iXKsvFiiiiy, whi..'h tied up si! street car traffic. TREATY CHANGE IS VOTED Come iu and have; fresh schrimp. Fowler's.—Advertisement. Gome in .and. have Iresh sctari'mp. Fowler's.—Advertisement. ROYAL ARCH MASONS Special meeting Royal Arch Masons March .6, 6:30 p. m., work in Royal Arch, degree. Also March 8, 7:39, work in Mark M-aster 'degree. J. E. Youngbiood, H. P. J. E. Willdughby, Sec. Advertisement. FOOD SALE The ladies o£ the Alpha Bible Class - of the .Methodist church will .have a food sale at Stotlar-Federef Hardware Store • Saturday atternoon.-^Advertise- ment. / There -will be a social at Modem Woodmen. Hall Monday night, March 8th. Everybody invited. Music, piano and drums. Admission 20c. Come and have a.good time.—'Advertisement. " Mrs. Paul Miller, who has toeen the guest of her mother, Mrs. Olive Kugler in Elkville, was a - passenger through here today enroute to her home in St. Louis. Mrs. Clarence Knupp 6J Anna, who underwent an- operation at .the hospital 'here yesterday, is 'improving. Mr, and Mrs. Claude Newman and little daughter .of iCarterviLle twere business visitors here yesterday afternoon. Dr. Jobm Armstrong made a business •trip to DeSoto yesterday. Mrs. Edgar Payne of Centralia is visi-ting her in-other, Mrs-. Jbhn Hudson. Mrs. Herbert Murphy of Carterville is also the guest o£ Mrs. Hudson. A. N. Goodman of LaSalle is spending the week end at the Dr. H. C. Moss home. World Suffrage Meet at, Geneva. London, March 5.—The international woman suffrage conference 1 -will b« '•elG iu Geneva from June 6 to Junn Direct Reference to China and Japan Stricken Out When Bipartisan Conference Agreement Is Adopted—Vote "Is 69 to 2. Washington, March 5.—The first modification of the Lodge peace treaty reservations was adopted when the senate, by u vote of 60 to 2, accepted the change of. the bipartisan conference in the reservation affecting the Shantung agreement. As amended, the reservation eliminates all mention of Japan and China, although its effect Is the same as the original Lodge , proposal. It was thought by some of the Democrats that j'he alteration .would iimke the .reservation less offensive to Japun. Senator Reed of Missouri, Democrat, and Senator Suthei-lnnd of West Virginia, • Re- Inibllcun, voted against the modification. - U. S. Withdraws Assent. As altered the reservation rends: "The United Sfi'ices withholds its nssent to ill-tides 150, l~>7 and 15S (the Shrintun^ sp'ttlumcnt -provisions) and reserves full liberty of notion with respect to nny rontrovorsy \vhiol> niuy sirise under snid Hi-tides." Senator Hitclicoek offered n mild subsiifiife f.-'i- flip reservation, ivliic-li NV«S (lefeatet!, 41. to '27. -Tin-" finnl vote on Mia reservation as modified \v:is 'IS to 21, all the negative vol.p.s"l>e!nj: Upnioornt.ic. OIIB of :iie mojit sion'il debates of tlu> truiity discnssicni broke out when Senator McOonnick of Illinois charged that thp trenty ram'.ii' negotiii- tianx were nolhiiij; but "phrase.- spin, nine:," dpsignwl to.Iipftirlclli; flic 'J"' Mrs. J. .H. Ridgway is recovering after several days' .illness. MASONSMENTIOH Special meeting of Shekinah Lodge No. 241 -Saturday night at 6:30 p. m for work. T. A. Wearer, W. M. H. C. Mertz, Sec. ; Advertisement inotinniiiiMitH^^ SATURDAY AND MONDAY Wear Ever Aluminum 75 .,: 85 .$1.10 85 ^ $1.10 v$l.35 $145 $1.75 1 quart Pudding Pan 2 quart Pudding Pah.... . „.-......... 4 quart Pudding Pan 2 quart Sauce Pan......... i........:. .4 quart Sauce Pan.................. 6 quart Sauce Pah v.........^ 4 quart Preserving Kettle............. 6 quart Preserving Kettle. .....'....... 2 quart Covered Kettle. ..$1.25 4 quart Covered Kettle ..........!:....... $1.45 6 quart Covered Kettle .$1.85 10-inch Pie Plate. ..; 5Q n-incb Pie Plate ' 00 ONE ARTICLE TO A CUSTOMER ITOIW& FEDERER. Hardware & FurnitarCi FOR RENT—Three room house iritli jiectric.lilghts. Call.;476 L., ^ ' FOR RENT^rFarJiished rooin, mod- rn. Gentleman preferred. 210 Hospi- al, Drive. Telephone^69. ' FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Fivrt r :room houee and arge lot, close to town, f 1EOO. Call at :05 East 'Main St. FOR SALE—iSinger sewing machine, 10. Mrs. R. C. Wright, .314 East Col- ege. FOR SALE—Four room house',In good condition. Water, lights .and gas. 407 West Elm. FOR SALE—Five room, cottage on West Sycamore St. All' conveniences except heat. Lot 60x230 feet. Has ;ood barn also. Phone 247 K, at 412 West Jackson St. FOR SALE—(Maxwell touring car, 1919 model, good condition. Terms right if sold at once. Call 413 W. Sycamore St. FOR • SALE— Good four : yeasr Ereah Jersey cow with heifer Phone 8134. old FOR SALE—Columbia Grafanols,. at a bargain; Phone 435 L. FOR RENT—Two rooms tor housekeeping. 402 W. Pecan. light . LOT: LO;ST—Red tfor. (muff; :at Normal gym. Saturday wight. Return to Mary Youngbiood. LOST—Wrist jinrteh. b«tw«Mi aqr home; and postofflce. Call at. drrtolon office and receive reward. Miss ,McGhee'.' Votes Sugar • Investigation. Washington, March S.—^-Investlgation of the. "Conduct of Attorney General timer in connection with the price if Louisiana sugar was ordered by'the iouse.. 'The vote was 160 to 124, strict- iy o;n party lines. Flyer Killed In Texa«. • ! Sanderson, Tc-x., March '. 5.—Lieut. John E.'Green, twenty-three years old, in- .aviator from -Kelly field, San An- ;onio, was instantly killed at Watkins when a terrific windstorm sent his machine crashing to earth. THE CHEERFUL CHERUB ' to see ka.fc.irt oF liFe. To Find wKiAa %.t tKe core.. work tjvd mor\e^ •6w.ll tKere. is Or is it sorr%etKing

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