Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 48
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 48
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Check Roads Before Going Skiing By M. R. SNOW Snow depth in the Southern California area continues to be measured in feet, but skiers are warned to check on road conditions before they head for the slopes. Because of the record storm that has been raising havoc throughout the state, some areas are difficult to reach. Many roads have been closed due to landslides, or undermined pavement. It is best to check with the highway department or those officials who have up-to-the minute reports of traveling conditions. Skiers should make certain they have tire chains handy at all times. If weather permits, the. big event of the week is now underway at Squaw Valley with the opening day of the World Cup Races. While this competition is going on, other meets MfKtor, U.S. AlplM Ski Twin, l Hiton X SKI Miflriw also scheduled: Junior point meet at Mt. Rose Saturday and Sunday, veteran divisional championships at Dodge Ridge Sunday and the Las Vegas Junior Cup at Lee Canyon Sunday. The Long Beach Auslich Ski Club plans to head for Mammoth for a weekend of skiing, leaving Friday. The Mogul SC also leaves for Mammoth Friday for its second trip of the sea- * * * Ski Report Summit-- 5 to 6 feet of tuck. (»· dimes hone to be operational bv Saturday. ·IVl Ri*t*-3 to 5 feet of pack, optr- ting daily. HHIdav Hill -3 10 1 feet of oack. Table Mwntiin-- 4 to 6 feet of fresh powder, operating bv Saturday And Sunday. Green vallev--4 le to feet of oack, opearatlng daily. June M»vntaii»-- 5 to (eet ol fresh powder over 10 to 25 feet of old pad., hopes to be oDcrational bv Saturday. Snow Forest-- S to 7 (eel of powder, operational by Saturday. son to that popular High Sierra area. A third tour will be held in mid-March. Mogul, which includes Long Beach and area sisnpw ·dSrrs youngsters, also has an instructional trip to a nearby area this weekend. The World Cup is the first important international championship meet held at Squaw since the 1960 Winter Olympic Games. More than 125 racers from 13 countries are in the field divided in men's and women's divisions. Action started with the men's downhill today. It will he followed with the women's downhill Friday and then climaxed with men and women competing in two slalom runs, starting Saturday at 10:30 a.m. and continuing until late afternoon. Stay-at-homes c a n watch the big event on television (Channel 7) on Junior Baseball The Lakrwood Ponv League will hold Foi further Information ohont Tom Jofjnson at A1E 0-W52. The Heartwell Bobby Sox ioftDall leaoue will hold signuos Saturday from 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to S p.m. in the activity room at Del vaiie Park in Lakewood. Girls f-)S living in long Beach or Lakewood are invited. The Lakewood Village Little League will hold trvouts Saturday at 9 a.m. «t Bancroft Jr. High. Bovs aged MS are The Long Beach Ltttle League win hold trvouts Saturday and Sunday at Stearns Park, 23rd and Roycrofl Avenues. Bovs nine v-*rs of age report at 9 a.m. Saturday, 10-vrar-otds at 1 o.m. flows 11-12 reoort at 1 p.m. Sunday. L*M »·»«, CMIf. T*vr», Saturday. 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.. following "Wide World of Sports." Members of the American teams act b*ch to ra'e on their own "home courst" After a SUCC-SSfyl Invision of Europe. The men were In 12 World Co* events, while the women wtre in 10. These were held m Switzerland. Austria, France, Italy, Sweden and Yugoslavia for men jnd in the same countries plus Germany and Czechoslovak^ fo* women. Th* Americans trail Austria «nd France In tte te*n standings, while Austria's Karl ScttrMi and ReJnhjr* Triischer are one-two in toe men's dvi- sion. Gertrvd Cabl of Austria is leading the women. Schraru. incidentally, com- oeted n Souaw In the '69 Games. INDEPENDENT (AM) ion Yankee Individually I* Siltfcr U- bich. 2J. of Kvbun, California with M Mints, whit* Kiki Cutler. 19. ot Beryl, O'C., 'i loos amwg 'he U.S. womfn witM s- ooinls. Sabirh itard* N- 1? among tr\c InternatiofalKIs and Miss Cutter, fiftf*. SNOW TRACKS: Tht U.S. V.'orld CUD- p*rs and most of the Europeans will ccntiny* their tfid In the America^ Wri.ig racino strlti In IWs country and Canada . . . The Long Beach based Far World Ski Club has a lwo-we«!c Our to London coming up ard will Inclixte side tiJoi to sVi soas . . . Disney intereits exoect 60*. visitor attendance donna the summer months once the Mineral King orojtct Is in ooeration . . . No new date has been set tof the iw.'ce oostooned An LnVlerer Family Slalom at Alsine an official because ot tre reavv snows. PRESS-TELESRAM (?M)--C-7 "I'm not dying for a cigarette any more . . . Learn to quit smoking in 7 days as I did -- without pills, hypnosis, or will-power and without overeating or walking the walls backwards." HAL MARCH CW/ far frn n,ial coruli,no* AMERICAN COUNCIL ON SMOKING HEALTH Smoking Control Cfiltrt IN LONG IEACH AT 4220 LONG IEACH ILVD. PHONE: 422-1217 Alt« 1* Torronct, Or«f* County and L» Angeles DICK BOWDEY GMC I waited oast deadline i« turn In this little snot and this understandably irritates the printers as I realize they're swamptd. tut I was waiting and now I'm really 'miffed'. (mat's tht only clean word I could think of over the snubbing the NCAA oave cal si»tt LMW Beach. I think they really goofed. L.B. would have been a natural Cinderella team. Matt of all I know they would have done themselves and Long Beach proud. My only hopi is that the NIT is · liltl* sharper In their eft oo lino- 1 know that TAR- KANIAN'S boys are bio learjue and thev deserve a chance. I'm sure In* outcome of Friday's game with Nevada Las Veoas will ba a deter- mimno factor. So ... 49'ers do vour thtnq! JACK WATKINS GMC Diomond Reo Trucks 2699 Atlantic Ave. GA 7-7466 STEP YOUR TURN The step turn is one used by racers to make a quick change in direclion and to keep a good line between the gates in a slolon or giant slalom course. It's also a useful turn for recreational skiers. For one thing, it helps develop independent leg ac- ·tion, making you morn flexible in responding to changes in terrain. You may use the step turn to add variety to your downhill runs or in negotiating a series of moguls. Here's how to do it: Using moderately steep terrain at first, start the skis parallel downhill from a steep traverse with weight on the downhill ski. Step the un- weighted uphill ski uphill and shift your weight on to it. Face the upper body downhill with hands forward. Press the uphill knee in, to edge the ski. You will turn downhill into the fall line. Bring the unweighted inside ski parallel In finish the turn. Viking Gymnasts May Challenge for State Crown By DAVE DANIEL imr""? 1 · Same famous road-gripping trend design that comes on new-car "Power Cushion" tires ·High quality, long-wearing Tufsyn tread rubber, toughest rubber Goodyear ever used in tires Similar type tread design and low profile look of our new "Wide Boots" tires for increased stability Wider tread width than conventional tires means greater comfort.. .better traction 4 FOR $JIA49 4 FOR ·106» B »P1«i 45$ W 56$ Fed. It. Ta« rtcmerf ind a Ktreidrtli tin »« ]"' There's been a powerhouse slowly building in Long Beach the past two years and it looks as if the architect's final touches will be finished before the end of May. It's in gymnastics and Long Reach City College coach John Dniglii is the main factor in making the Vikings one of the best teams in the state. Draghi, entering his t h i r d season, has brought the Vikings from a token eight-man team in 1966 to a title contender for the second year in a row. There are 23 men on the team, the largest turnout ever at LBCC. Last season, the Vikings finished second in the slate to perennial champion Pasadena City College, which has won the title more times than anyone can remember. The Lancers are In the Metropolitan Conference this year. Draghi, 35-year-old USC graduate, is optimistic about the team's chances this year, despite the fact that No. 1 Pasadena, No. 4 Pierce and No. 5 Santa Monica, are in the same conference. "We've got chances at finishing first in the state in all six events," Draghi said enthusiastically. "The best shot is in the rings." Draghi has nine lettermen and a balanced squad nf 12 sophomores and 13 freshmen, including Hirer: of Lakewood High's CIF championship team of last yoar. "Watch out for Dale Fage," Draghi says. "He's had a five-year layoff. He's 23 and just now coming c;:. He's our top free ex-performer, as well as first in Ihe long horse and third on the high bar. He's a natural leader." Key performers on the team are Dan Uyeda, Jim Jennings, Rich Swartz, Bob Lander, Darryl Miller and Gary Albitz, along with Page. U y e d a , a sophomore from Jordan, is "the best side-horse performer I've ever coached," Draghi says, "and that includes seven CIF and two national champions." Uyeda was second in the state in that event last year. Draghi can also look for strong performances from Albitz, who won the parallel bars in the state finals last year, along with Swartz, defending Metro champion and second in the state on the rings last year. "He's the finest ring man ever to come out of Long Beach," according to Draghi. Miller was the Metro tumbling champ and Jennings is a good bet to take all-around honors, competing in all six events. Landers is a freshman from Lakewood and won the CIF championship on the parallel bars last year. Schedule: Feb. 28 Cfll Slate Fuller-ton Homn 3 0 f i ; Viflrci 6 Trade rech Therr 3 D'TII.. Marc't U, Metro Preview, L.A. Villcv. 7, March 21 iVL.A, Va'lcv There 3 nm.' M=-ch 21 *L.A. Pierce Home 3 o.m.; Arjrll llrtPasadcna There 3 o.m.; April 18 -:iEI Camlno Home 3 o m ,- Aorll 25 ^Sanla Monica Home 3 n.m ; Mav 2 Metro Conference Meet Pasadena 7 o.m.; Mnv 10 Slate Championships Trade Tech 7 p.m. A-Meiropolitan Conuwnci me«l. NO MONEY DOWN WITH APPROVED CREDIT - FREE MOUNTING! 1 Only Goodyear has it! POLYGLAS fights squirm Gives more mileage holds the road better too! Power Cush.on Our newest '··*«*«K$3t PolY9l»* tin Priced~lo~* C7lxl4 tuhleis bUckolM pltt SI .71 Fill El. In "" ·M tkl · A tire that fighu inirm ... ntvfn the tread for longer life unrl improve* road frip · Two Polyester Cord Pile-. · Tw« Fiber-flaw Corn 1 Belt Pliw. ANY SIZE LISTED ONE LOW PRICE RIB "HI-MILER" TIRE SQASO Strong and tough to take truck work in stride 20 Tvn . ; lit. Ei. Tn Jjf* ! P f r T i r t 6.70 x 15 I fibT-tyne ·"" 52.43 ""·[ 13 ; iibeless" " "" " _ _ _ 7.00TT4", Tubeless'l S2.54 toi nnd recoppable tire BUY NOW on our Easy Pay Plan! "Prices as shown a, Goody^r Service Store,, competitively priced of Goodyeor Dealers and All Service Stations displaying the Goodyear Sign" THERE'S A GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE NEAR YOU Long Beach 444 1. JUihum Si. Pkini HE I-W01 or V S.1MI Mon. thru Fri. 8-5:30 San Pedro ! S. Nt'll! «" Than* SP S-633t «r I! I-JJ01 Mon. Ihru Thurs. 8:30-6 Torrance )03i tor, ..l, II. i rhant F» S-W! .r sfs-nis Mon. Ihru Fri. 6-5:30 SolurJny 8- Long Beach 1,, 111., C.M.r Hit 1,111!...- ll'.t i!? JMI Mon Ihru Thnr 8:30-5:30 Fri. 'Ill 9 Sol.'lilS Bellflower DUO I.IHI'-" "·'. ffc... S f 3 - W 7 3 I07-J7H Moo. thru Fri. 8-6 Lakewood 4711 C.fldlci.oo4 531-7570 Mon. thru Thurl. 8:30-0 Fri Til 9 -Sol 8:30-4:30 Artesia I4S-?S73 Won Ihru Fri 8:30-5:30 Snlurdoy 8-5 Norwalk 1W20S. fmttiM. rkor,i UK 1-1711 SMIill Mon. thru Ihurv 9 6 Fri. 9-9 -Sol. 8-5 Lomita H75r.i,litC«oilH»T. mini ir 514-0502 Mon. Ihru Fri. 8-9 Solurdof'lilS BARNES 0 DELANEY LONG BEACH Cherry Ave. at Bixby Road GA 4-1601 - N E 6-1785 GARDEN GROVE Volley View at Chapman 894-4552 - 537-1060 PEDERSEN TIRE CO. NORTH LONG BEACH 2735 E. Artesia GA 2-5419 -ME 3-7444 HELLER TIRE CO.-2519 Long Beach Blvd., L.B.-424-8691 ALSO AVAILABLE AT MOST RICHFIILD. TEXACO AND SHELL STATIONS DISPLAYING THE GOODYEAR DIAMOND

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