Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 19
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Lopez Pitched It With Heavy Heart A ' ' - . v --AP Wircototo ASHFORD'S FIRST APPEARANCE Emmet Ashford, major league baseball's first '-- Negro umpire, chats with Angel manager Bill -, Rigney prior to Sunday's game with Cubs in ; Palm Springs. Ashford.was making his first ap- - pearance behind plate for major league teams. METS FfJV AGAIN Astros Continue Mastery of A.L. By ROSS NEWHAN I, P-TSIiHWrlhr PALM SPRINGS -- Mar- cclino Lopez realizes it is not as easy as he makes it look. The mental scars keep reminding him. The most complete athlete in the Angel camp -- - a 6-3, 195-pqiirid picture of grace while pitching, a dynamo de tonating while 1 hitting, a panther when asked to field his wsition. "· ' ' He was all of this Suiiday while restricting the Cubs to one hit during a three inning prep. But it wasn't as easy as he made it look. "1 learn yesterday that my father died," said Lopez, his inflection t o u c h e d t h e rhythms of calypso except when the sounds are muffled as they were Sunday. Reynoldo Lopez, 55, a mechanic by trade, a devotee father of two sons and four daughters, died of a heart attack in Havana on Feb. 14 It was March 12 when the sad news reached Marcelino "The mail is slow," saic Marcelino," and sometimes the letters do not get in 01 out at all. A friend called from Miami two days ago and asked if it was true that my father had died. 1 did nol know what to tell him, so I eleg'ram my family. Yesterday, my sister Carmen called 'rom Havana and I learn about my .father." Marcelino Pons Lopez, 22, lad not seen his father, nor any member of his family, since March 9, 1962 when he slipped Castro's cla'sp. "Each year I have so much rouble leaving to a t t e n d spring training that this time [ decide not to go back," said Lopez. He brought his wife out of Cuba with him and now there is a son whose presence combines with his .own blossoming baseball success to leave most of Marcelino's moments carefree. But one simply does not erase the memory of his environment. "I want to bring my mother and family out of Cuba am bring them here with us," sale Marcelino, "but it is not easy and you have to be lucky. "It is not easy to talk on the phones because they tape all the calls. Sometimes yoi have to pay the govermnen 500 or 600 pesos before the} even think about letting you go. They make you pay all the bills and Castro takes your house and maybe for the las month you live in the streets "My family gels along pretty well because two of my sisters nre teachers and I send about $100 every month. Last fear I s e n d - a lot of medicine, jut the packages are slow. Vly sister tell me that the Christmas card 1 send in No vember arrived yesterday." This is the burden which Lopez lifted while becoming the Angels best-ever south paw (14-13, 2.93 .ERA) and runner-up to Curt Belfary as American League Robkie-of- the-year. He is currently so far ahead of the hitters, they may never catch up. "I've been ready since the first day I get here," smiled Marcelino, who reached this state of preparedness during a dazzling winter campaign in Laguaira, Venezuela. He even Impressed himself "I was 14-5 with 1.57 ERA I had six shutouts and 1 complete games. 1 walk only 23 in 108 innings and I pitch 62 straight innings withou giving up a run. Not bad huh?" Lopez denied that such a winter workout would pro duce weary muscles during the summer stretch run. "Winter ball is easy," he hummed. "You pitch only once a week and the weathei is beautiful -- 100 degree: during day and cool nights ike Los Angeles. "During the winter I work on keeping the ball down and h r o w i n g sidearm to left- landers. I work hard because want to win the bie 20 thisl "' sce some of lll ° phillies '»ear-perfecl weather condi- season. I look for n better', this winter and they tell me tions. year because now I know the! how "^ G , ene M ? l ' c |) w . cn | litters" [ l o o k i n g for n leflhandeu i pitcher. That is funny be- Lopez's rapid development'causc they gave two of them INDEPENDENT--Pig's J-3 : ' Bt.Ui, ciilf., Mwv, MwcH H, Wtt Bahiit Corinthian . fit-Is Ideal Weather farm system, shifting from mound to outfield and back.; A ric | d of 70 boats com . lie has run the 100 in under 10 seconds and batted over .300 in the Eastern League. peted in Sunday's . yacht race, sponsored by the Bahla Corinthian Yacht Club under OUTSIDE: Cri lot--Boo V DtxwcllV (NHYC}. INSIDE: Udo UA-Upst, Al Pt.f was n surprise to eveiyoiie(Uuiiy May was (he other) ISSA)' L« Lam, AM ' MKL£M:. except .pitching coach Marv (0 the Angels. jiocyc!: ute'Hj^Aitii.. wSrk AU Grissom, who predicted last IInf nt , K , ^^ , J^^c^' c^«. K? :al with as]!?^;. U"/i. ·"T.'Ji 1 'S.S. Pcfk^rj. LtrvJa HilUr n o u * spring he w o ul d win 15 games. A torn rib nuiscle during the final three weeks andji"""_^!!!!L. an erratic road record lefti Lopez one shy. "1 lose a lot of close games on the road (record: -4-10), and I don't think I pitch that bad. I love Chavez Ravine (record: 10-3) because it has the perfect mound. It is high ond this forces you to follow through. "All of us hope they have the same mound in Anaheim. I think the smaller park will make me a better pitcher because it makes you think more. H keeps your mind on the game." H will be iialletl that Lopez came to the Angels in the lend-lease arrangement for Vic Power. He hud spent four seasons in the Phillies Car Bureerioo IBCYCI. i ftttCMHKtS. Frkio»8P.V.Sjliirday218P.M.SuiKijy2*6P.M. Alt Muliol Tkkel *icncM, Walllch'j Musk City Slwas. Jixftin J Music. 9676 (kintal Grove BSd . Dilncylind Ifcltl met Aftocy. ·WMMti Send Sett Addressed, stamped «tiY*lof»ind cfc«clc to RODCO. IONQ BEACH AhENA, IONQ BEACH 2. Tkkell w» U ig.M h rtlum mj4. . j By Associated Prtsi Houston's Astros, also-rans! in the National League for four years, kept winning and Minnesota's Twins, defending American League champions, were.still losing as baseball's exhibition schedule completed its first weekend Sunday. The' Astros shaded Washington 4-3 in 11 in nnings for their fourth successive Citrus Circuit v i c t o r y -- all over American League teams. Minnesota dropped its fourth in a row, bowing to Detroit 2-1. In other games Sunday, the Chicago White Sox nipped Cincinnati 1-0; the New York Mets won their s e c o n t straight, 3-0 over St. Louis Pittsburgh handed Philadelphia'- its third consecutive loss/:(M; Baltimore edged the New "York Y a n k e e s . 4 - 3 Kansas City downed Boston 8-4 and San F r a n c i s c o whipped Cleveland 6-2. . . ( - * * * a GREG SIMS, a 19-year-old rookie outfielder, clouted an llth'inning homer that gave Houston its victory over thi Senators. S i m s connectei with two out against rooki Casey Cox. Lee'Maye drov in the first three Astro run with..a;homer and single.. Detroit beat the Twins whe Jake Wood scampered horn on Bill ,Whitby's wild pile in the'hinth inning. Minnesot nicked Hank Aguirre for it only^jyn on Cesar Tovar 1 first-inning single but wer shut out the rest of the wa by ASguirre, I.avry Sherry an Mickey Lolich. Exhibition Standing! "2 NATIONAL LEAGUE HfluSlM .-_.. - , * 0 l.W Pllhburoh 3 0 1.00 New-.York . 2 0 San - Francisco 2 0 Atlanta .._ l 0 Chlcaao __!.". ~~-~.ia \ Doofler* « ] St Louis - 0 2 Philadelphia . .0 3 -; AMERICAN LEAGUE Balllrnwe r 3 0 DclroTI _ _.--2 0 AlUKlI 1 · Lee Ella's ninth-inning dou- e scored Pete Ward with \e only run of the game as White Sox edged the eds. Ward opened the ninth ith a single and had reached lird on a wild pitch and an ifield out before Elia con ;cted. The Mets beat St. Louis for le second day in a row with hoo Choo Coleman hitting a ases empty home run. Jack isher, Ron Nischwitz and -arry Bearnarth combined for :e seven-hit shutout. The Pirates won their third traight by. whipping the Phil es. Dave Roberts homered or Pittsburgh and Don Card- veil pitched three scoreless nnings. Baltimore got a 'run in the inth on a triple by rookie irst baseman Mike Epstein ind a single by catcher 'amilo Carreon to beat the Yankees. The undefeated Or- oles, who won their third straight, also got a two-run homer from Boog Powell. * if * EXHIBITION BASEBALL At Phoenix: CleveFand 000 MO WO--1 1 an Francisco 4M 1M lOx-- i ... McDov;c!l, Stanae (3), Weaver (6) ar.d Edwards; Bolln, Henry '" "'-·'- '·" ·' Llnzy (7) arid Barton. McDowell, KR--Mays, At V/inftr Haven/ Fla. RAYO014 JOBS-IN-ONE BRAKE OVERHAUL REGULAR 34 35 OVERHAUL 1 QwlitT Mot! « 2. RtbuM «'-rh«fc^»dHV 3, Re 4. Arc ind lining to perfect fit. UEfcS-- Kaniai city -. Botlon. judo, D ;cr (i); UO H! KO--» I . OH ]!» 0»--« 10 Monlcawdo, Duschorn (5 and Lactic- · -- - " - '" Rsdatz, Grllll (3), Mao- rlnl (6), Sanders [31 and TMUrian, Moses :i). WP-MootedgL*c/o. LP-- Raifdlz. HR-- Sco ft. Al Miami, Flo.: New York CA) - II 000 07J-3 S 1 Balfimorr 3» 000 001--4 f 0 Slotlle.-nvrc, Downing M), Peiecson 7,l Ramos (9) and Howard, Fernandez (81; McHallv/ Palmer (J), Short (6, Cos- prove (8) and Etchebarrcn, Carr«ocni (" WP--Cosgrove. LP--Ramos. HR-- Powel At Pompano, Fla.: Houston 120 BW 03i) 01--4 1] 2|L Waihirtfllan .... 000 010 .110 00--3 10 2 I Ravmond, Giusti (41. Rar ( 7 ) , Owcos I (9), Coellar (IT) and Brani" DucXworth,- Craig (4. RII (9) nnd Orsino, Camlllf (7). WP--Qwcns. LP--Cox. HRs--Wave. S!i E u, Sd and adjust etcentncs. ·· A \ \\ 1 0. ClMK Mlill bllkt I for 8 out of TO cars. Includes parts and State Licensed mechanic labor and lining. Si^-F^% j^W:ar' w '«' SO G0°0-LINING IS GUARANTEED IN WRITING. 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE GOES INTO EVERY JOB 11.B'tJ DullilnSltl-J1h)dcHliclyitML '^£j -.\ mt^ 1 2. A i lot pioptr r 13. \ 6. Rtpxk front rrh«el btaiinjs. _ 7. iHipecl mister cyliwfer. ·· A ' \ , N 8. Inspect txafce how*. 3 a, A'ctifirT~7'i;'l aaa. i?). C('«i| ,n, .Fr«ncri.,(?).|r SEAT COVERS Kansas City _"" "---..-~J2 J Cltvriand M 7IZ17iriZTM_~.0 ? V/aihlngton --_ 5 3 Boston TM o * Minnesota 0 * - · · ' · · Games Tetfay Allnnta vx. Baltimofe a\ W«I n--^- Fla. :EM .«7 .333 MIMJIIIC, onci i y- i-*|. LCTicn \i) anrjiB ^cr-arfarn;; Boswell, Sleblcr (J, V/hilbvil 7) and Sevcfk. V/P-Lo3lch. LP-Whllbv. I At St. Pcterburo, Fla.: 'I Cincinnati vs. Houston at Tampa, Doogeri vs. DelroJt at Lakeland, Fla. Ntr* York (N) vs. OUcago (A) at SI. Pfiiladero'ltia 'vi. Minneiota at Cl*ar- W8 pJtliburcTi vi. St, LcuH a! Ft, Meyers, chfcaco (N) v*. San Frarxiaco at P^.oe- titvf York (A) V!. Boston at FJ. Laixl- frrdare* Fia.'- aeve1and:V3. Angels at Tucson, Arlr, 'ooo McCarver; Flsfter, Niictwilz (·(), Bean, 'non'narih (7) and Goosswi, CoEeman 7). VP-- NjscK*ili. I-P~Slmmons, KR-- Cole-l ,, , ' At Tanwa. Fla.: Palm chlcaga (A) _______ 6M WO 001--1 CinclnaaM _________ WO OW 000-0 HI Fla. 3 _________ - 1 , BalFo (4), Cordicro (6), Ux*- McNerlnev (8); Zannl (7), Mn- Yff-- Loctcer. LP er [31 and . Nuxha'l, Davrduii oori (9) arrf Pav^t! --Mfngori. At Ctesrwater, "" cniidDEjpnid irvu iui uw--i · t CardV/eii, Blais (^), Shcirerbaclc (7 and Paoiaroni, Sancullt« (7); Cub, Herbert (4). Brufaaker (7, Lersche [9) and Uecktr. V/P--Bfass. LP--Herbert, HR --Roberts. (Advertise mcnti (AdyerlTseirent) ·New Discovery Now Makes It Possible to Shrink And Heal Hemorrhoids Without Surgery '·; Stops Itch--Relieves Pain In Minutes New York, N. Y. (SpccUl): A worM-famous institute has discovered a new substance which has the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids without surgery. The sufferer first no'tices almost unbelievable relief m Winnies from itching, burning and pain. Then this substance speeds up healing of : .'the injured tissues all while it quickly reduces painful swelling. .Tests conducted under a doctor's observations proved this so'^-'even in cases of 10 to 20 years' standing. The secret is the;new healing substance (Bio^Dyne*) -- now offered in both ointment or suppository form called Preparation H*. In addition to actually shrinking piles--Preparation H lubricates and makes bowel movements less painful.'It helps to prevent infection (a principal cause of hemorrhoids). Only Preparation H contains this magic new substance which quickly helps heal injured cell3 jl back to normal and stimulates I regrowth of healthy tissue!] again. Just ask for Preparation II Ointment or Preparation n Suppositories (easier to use away from home). Available at all drug counters.- Bring your car's interior afcve again wini famous Rayco Orisan woven p'astic seat covers, kistarled FREE by Rayco eiperts and guaranteed for life against factory defects! And this week you get--FREE!--a precision front end alignment... regular $7.5O job boosts tire mileage, iroprovss steering! Reg. 24.99 I set, '50 FRONT END ALIGNMENT 4-PLY NYLON iTUBELESS TlRESl SO^MUFFLERS CUSTOM Lttfg '" · -FIRST LINE 7CX)/650xl3 R»YCO CUSTOM UHE INSTMLCD FREE 1 Si» 700/650x13 750/775x14 800/825x14 850/855x14 670/775x15 710/815x15 760/845x15 Rej. PlKt 17. M 20.0O 22.80 26.76 20.00 23.80 26.76 sun 5.34 6.50 7.80 10.26 6.50 8.80 10.26 UlPricl 12,50 13.50 15.00 16.50 13,50 15.00 16.50 Whltfw.i:i 2^O mtx*. Prleet pli» F«I. Tix FROM NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED 24 MONTH WEAR OUT GUARANTEE: 4W ft*** fwttwi* t# W« « (.«»«!«* fcWBmtii IMC' ' . All recognited credit cards honored to open your account FREE INSTALLATION! Ptiftctir twMd, llaminurt c«M Birco ·illliil. MLT U »TC«, tittiiAttd u tag M ytx M jwr car--'A jou mr.Md refUcMMK. yM f(t ETC* mrfffcr Mtf fKC ttntc*. IIFE71WE GUARANTEE ClVES TOQ / run stimct RAYCO WHITEWALL RETREADS 6.00x13 6.50x13 7.00x13 7.00x14 Any Size 7.50x14 7.75x14 8.00x14 8.25x14 8.50x14 8.55x14 6.70x15 7.75x15 FULL WRAP AROUND CAP. EASY STEERING DESIGN OTHER SIZE! 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