The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 3
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 3

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 3
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EJJGINEER LODGE huddles with Eisenhower at GOP Convention while Lodge was running-Ike's pre-nomi- » nation drive. KENNEDY WORKERS in his Boston headquarters are mostly young ladies like these, busily assembling campaign material. After Leading Ike to Victory, Lodge Faces Toughest Fight BOSTON—(NEA) — Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, General Eisenhower's pre-nomination campaign manager is locked in the stiffest election Stevenson, he is unknown in Massachusetts terms. Lodge seems already to have gained more than he has lost from his identity .with Eisenhower's cause. Heavy'publicity since' January, plus the immense prestige of leading a winning nomination fight at Chicago, are worth endless hours of stumping in Massachu- etts. After a short whirl at newspa- p e r i n g in 1945, Kennedy announced for Congress in April, 1946. Then 29, he won the Democratic nomination in a field of nine and went on to capture the seat formerly held by James M. Curley (not competing). Since 1947, Kennedy has built himself a liberal-internationalist record and has twice been re-elected. He's been too busy to get married. Henry Cabot Lodge was almost the same age when he broke into politics—30. He won a seat in the Massachusetts house. Four years later, in 1936, he tried for the Senate and made 'it, trouncing Governor Curley by 136,000 votes. A third party candidate got 134,000, but 'there is no proof these would otherwise have been Curley's. Lodge, tall, blue-eyed, owning a winning smile, was on his way It was a .life to which he came naturally. Born of a long line of Yankee aristocrats, he was the seventh senator to go to Washington from the Cabot-Lodge families. Most illustrious was his grandfather, the senior Henry Cabot Lodge. Young Henry's father died when he was a boy, and he lived much of the time in Washington absorbing political wisdom from his grandfather and the men who came to visit him. Today, in the beautiful house overlooking the Atlantic in fashionable North A Shore Beverly, the books lining the grandson's study are the elder Lodge's. And so is this creed— adopted the whole way—"in politics, don't be an amateur, be a professional." Lodge is patrician in manner, and usually unbending. Yet h e has mastered the art of politics and leaves little to chance. Lodge and his wife, Emily Sears, THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Thursday Evening, September 4,1952. Tfcre* have two strapping sons, both taller than their father. Lodge favoring well-tailored clothes and the name "Cabot," looks like a prototype for the social set. But he's really not. Politics is his life and on the hustings or in Washington he knows little else, self-styled "modern Republican" t who stands for a strong social program and a world viewpoint (he made 335 speeches for the Marshall: Plan), he made himself something of a phenomenon by winning steadily in often phenomenon is to be a continuing feature of the American political landscape, or whether Washington will get in Lodge's stead! the young fellow who looks like! anybody's brother but conducts) his affairs like a cool veteran of 60 years. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and' Worry No longer be annoyed or feel ill-at- ease because of loose, wobbly false , ., ,-, • ,. , - •.. . • teeth. FASTEETH. an Improved alka- heavily Democratic territory in a line (nonracifl) powder, sprinkled on time of unbroken ' Democratic i your P Iate s holds them firmer so they „ . j .. , , feel more comfortable. Soothing and presidential ascendence. • cooling to gums made sore by excessive acid mouth. 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SUBSCRIBE FOR THE match of his career, b attlin g|celerates fast, giving us first three against popular, young Rep. John F. Kennedy, son of ex-ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, in his bid for a fourth election to the Senate. The thing that hits you right off is that Kennedy is meeting Lodge on his own grounds. Since the senator first won in 1936, Lodge has offered Massachusetts voters youth, good looks, fine family name, education, money. After 1345 you could add his status as a war veteran. But Kennedy presents an identical array of selling points. He of every four and then four of every five votes cast. We look for a 2,200,000 vote this time. With that turnout and a strong candidate in Kennedy, we believe we can take Lodge." Yet Lodge and his lieutenants concede Kennedy's appeal. But they stress that he's never had to get votes beyond the safe confines of his sure-fire Democratic d i strict in Boston. And they say they welcome a big vote. Lodge's three senatorial tri- aciu array oi semng points, ne hs can har(J1 be disrnissed as has to give Lodge notong on these j who]ly ^ product of Democratic valued attributes. In fact, in years he can spot the senator 15 (he's 35 against Lodge's 50). weakness. In 1936 he beat James M. Curley to become the only Republican in America to unseat a More than this Lodge always! D emocrat in the Senate while has scored lieavjy among racial, Franklin D . Roosevelt was sweep- religious and nationality groups which normally tend to go Democratic in this state. And Kennedy's appeal figures to be strong with these very same voting contingents. Democratic leaders' optimism for Kennedy is thus understandable. Indeed, scanning Massachusetts voting patterns for the-last 16 years or so, they allow their hopes to soar. They say: "The idea of Lodge as i n d e- structible is a myth. He's never really had a strong opponent. Nor has he ever run in a year when the total state vote exceeded SIDE GLANCES By Gailbraith T. M. Rir.. V. S. Pal Off. Ccpr. 1952 by NEA SirWc*. tne. "J like to come here often, too—otherwise I'd have to giv« more parties to get all my friends together!!' s)BIue Bell 8-Ounce quality denim. $1.25 Rotary Popcorn Popper $4.25 Uni., , Roller Skates Bright nintl. ..-• . . $2.75 CARD TABLE Family size popper with heatproof handle and'rotary turner, to prevent the corn from burning. Makes delicious popcorn in a jiffy and no mess to clean up later. Sturdy fibre top with steel bound edgewod cross brace in frame under top. Reinforced legs and underbrac- $2.75 Vahie only $1.98 $1.89 1,900,000. Our figures indicate thatj when the total reaches that level j or higher, the Democratic vote ac- ing 46 states. Today his adversa-i ries admit his basic strength, his; shrewdness in campaign, his tell- internationalist| voting record. j Lodge certainly will not be easy to beat. The big intangible is thej impact the Eisenhower-Stevenson' race will have. ' Experts concur in saying Eisenhower sentiment has failed far from its April 29 peak, when the general swamped Senator. Taft in: the delegate primary. But a vig-! orous campaign might restore the full flush of Spring glory. As fori DEPENDABLE DRUGS LAXATIVES 350 SQUIBB Castor Oil, 3-oz.... $1.35 SAHARA 10-ouncc 75o ZYMENOL 8-ounce.. $1.00 SERtJTAN Powder... $1.00 NORWICH Norolar „ $1.75 BASSORAN . 7-ounce S1.2S MUCARA 6 Ja -ounce ...... 33c ..$1,09 ...... 73e .89c __„..„ 89c ......$1,60 ....$1,19 BREATH! • Kills odor boo toria better than chlorophyll, better than tooth paitel SAVE Itt, BUY THE >« ECONOMY 3ZSI MCKESSON PURE DRUGS 30c 40c 3oc 33c 15c 25c 25c ESSENCE OF PEPPER- BUNT — %-ounce OIL OF CITRONELLA 1-ounce SPIRITS OF CAMPHOR 1-ounce BORIC ACID CRYSTALS 4-ounce . ALUM POWDER 2-ounce .. EPSOM SALTS 8-onnce SODIUM BICARBONATE 8-onnce. 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