Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 32
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P« 9 * B-l-tNDFfENDENT ·««. taw, Taurv. A*r« 4. IHI i f i The World Around French Miners OK Strike Pact PARIS (UPI--Leaders of France's 200,000 striking coal miners Wednesday night caved in before the firm stand of .the Gaullist government and initialed an accord with the National Coal Board that could '* s * » * t-- " - «\ v * !- v?*"Tr-V ' ._*«_$.*.. ·""-*'.· * : - j.. ^ - - /««",·,;' , . |j end a 34-day-oId walkout Leaders of the four ftridng mine unions most submit the agreement to ratificition be for* the miners could return to work, probably co Friday. The wage increases granted were virtually the same as those which the mining unions rejected at a, first round of negotiations on March 24. The agreement also promised to renew miners" wages in September in light of increases in other industries. The s t r i k e had posed President Charles de Gaulle with one of the gravest labor crises of his career. British to Cut Taxes LONDON (UPi) -- Prime Minsiter Harold Macmillan's hard-pressed Consent tive government Wednesday pre- s e n t e d a vote-petting budget that slashed taxes by $753.2 million and abolished income taxes for 3.75 million low-paid workers. The $19.4-billion budget was planned for "expansion without inflation" to build the economy and cut unemployment. It presented Britain with $156 biHion-a-year deficit, the biggest since the 1946 austerity postwar budget. The largest single expenditure was for defen;e--$5.1 billion, or 31 percent, which had been announced on Feb. 20. The budget went further toward a planned economy than any Conservative Party government ever has been willing to go. OK Visa for Bidaull BRASILIA (UPI) -- The Brazilian government Wednesday authorized aa entrance visa for anti-Gaullist Georges Btdault, presidential press secretary Raul Ryff said. Bidault, a former French premier, is in Lisbon. He refused asylum in West Germany and Portugal because of the condition he cease his political activities. Halt Drug Trial HAMBURG. Germany (UPI) -- The mother of a deformed baby Wednesday was ordered to prove she took the drug thalidomide during her pregnancy before hearings continue xa her test-case suit against the drug's manufacturer. Mrs. Ingeborg Sempf, 30, and her. husband Guenter, a 36-year-old Hamburg clerk, are suing the German man- u f a c t n r e r s of the tranquiUzer, the Gruenthal Chemical Co, for an undetermined amount of damages because their 17-month-old son was bom with deformed arms. The case is regarded as a test for the thousands of German families who blame their children's deformities on the drug. The government estimates 6,000 babies were born deformed before Thalidomide waj withdrawn from the market and about half that number died. No date was set for a resumption of the case, but it was learned the court plans to meet again in May or June. Tigers Feared JAKARTA, Indonesia WV-Balinese who lost their homes and land in the eruption of Agung volcano are reluctant to accept an invitation to settle in central Sumatra. The reason: the big island has tigers. Man-eaters have been reported rampaging and one was reported to have killed 17 farm people before being slain recently. Officials in Sumatra say there is plenty of land available for the Balinese, who are known as Indonesia's finest rice farmers. Bali itself is too densely populated to give new homes to close to 80,000 people made homeless by the eruption. Z?FJv^^ You are cordially invited... to attend Union Federal Savings 1 ' Second Annual Flower Arranging Exhibition M Apri 10,730 pxu at the Petroleum dub, 3636 Linden Avenue. FLOWER ARRANGING Corn* sniff i breath of spring with this, our second and very special flower arranging show. There'B be expert Instruction in fjji^., ^"jfttvgrt and arranging .lor parties, banquets--~B»0;^S ···««'? season and · very mood... witrf-^£ » |fjS^ » bridal story in flowers tsthefma'e...aU Vrl~\N5-jp tnder the direction of Mr."fommy Christensen of Virginii Patio. la addition to the beautiful show...each arrangement created ».a be grven a*ay is a door prize., .plan to attend now! nil T)C«TS AVWUBLE AT UNION FEDERAl SAYW6S ONLY!" Quantity limited . . .white they last! FostJgtrfitEcnailMrtby^ail · Financial s«cunfy twee 1927. tranuctcns. · timings eorrpowxJed quarterly. J 1 0,000 by in agency d th.e United Stttes Government rbw is a too4 tiTi'to epen er »4d to roar tccount and sUrt foot tnvtgt *irain| wart. OrlH JATUIOAT, fJin. t. Itil -- «:C» A.I*U1:H f.M. UNION FEDERAL SAVINGS -MEMB«-E£D«RAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM U» IUCI IttlOMl IrTKC: tt!2 ACaifie lit, I=rtj iHlh JJupj*! Cater -utiai , LCJ MCaiS MAill tfTXZi tA SmA Sfriri Jtrrtt CIMU Ctaxn tEaWUL tmcC: IZOl Los AamSn Ehrl, l« JRmto, Trtsl Wueulloft BUENOS AIRES HARBOR GUARDED Troops supporting the Argentine government man machine guns on armored car at Buenos Aires harbor Wednesday to protect area against Navy rebels. TTT" SUTTOW BROS.... HE4DQU4RTERS FOR ARTfflCIAl FLOWERS rtnt is interior deco.-otiig, spccioiizing h custom dtuq**$ tst jour kerne, effic*. factory, oportmeat bailing, rtstaaront. hospital or =crt=ry · · "*' ' re * lo tott5Bl1 our top designers for any ef year flower decoratTtg ittds. Fret dtUrery. ARTIFICIAL TOUCAN BIRDS wifi real feotlen · IN UACt UfE- iiit colors · FUST TIME OFFEStD 78 Manzanila Trees rk 1 · la their natural bark · Below wholesale · Large selection to choose from fOTUB A1T1HC1AI AZALEA PUNT Camp. 5101 LAKEWOOD BLVD. KE «5UI . 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