Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 47
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 47

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 47
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C-6--INDEPENDENT (AM) JC Tennis LONG it*CH CITY «. CERRITOS S Sinakj: Bruce (LSI del. Bdrnum, 6v* V Naouin (LR* del. Acos*8, 6-i. 6-3; PRESS-TELESRAM (PM) Lmn tmli. CIH.. Ttwri.. ftk. 17. IN* ··; N»oui ~«cr 1C) (KM. (C) del. Silver, ,. Ba'cchcfll IQC (LB) del. ' ,3) def. Klein, W, 6-3; Cwierr (C), 6-1,64. Doubles: Barnum and Foster (C) def. E-vco and Naauin, 6-2, 46, 6-2; Bsssier did Ebc (LB) del. Acosta and Johnson, 61, 4-6, 64; Rux and Silver (LB) def. Church and Klein (C). 6-3, 6-3. TIMEX FACTORY SERVICE STATION We are a factory authorized agency for repairs under the Timex guarantee. For watches cut c: guarantee, the charge is small. Genuine Time:-: e!ec- *ric watch energy- cells a v a i l a b l e . Sorry, no mail orders watch repair 703 may co lakewood. 5100 lak.wood blvd. m* 3-0111 Golf Outlook Bright for 49ers, Vikings By DOUG IVES Staff Writer How often am a coach lose his No. 1 player and still talk of having his best team ever? How often can it happen when "ever" represents nearly 20 years of coaching? Rare as it is, such is the case at both Cal State and City College, where Jack Montgomery of the 49ers is entering his 18th campaign and Buck Andreason of the Vikings has been coaching so long he cannot recall when he started. State has known few powerful teams, but Montgomery says, "If Steve 1979 « Whiskey* ,, *S*C 1 %STAIRS i Carstairs^^ is ten years ahead of its timeT \1CIOt FISCHEl CO.. INC. N.VC CAKTA1RS BLENDED WHISKEY. 50 FfOOf. ??'· Gf *!r* NEUIW1 jP Cook bounces back, this will be my team ever. We are pointing for the CCAA title and all the major tournaments, too." Cook is the team leader as well as its top player, but he currently is recuperating from knee surgery that not only kayoed him from the top of the 49er ladder but knocked him out of the Long Beach Masters. "His cast comes off Monday," reports Montgomery, "and I hope to have him ready by the CCAA opener March 10." Andreason's Metropolitan Conference opener is a day later, but it won't make any difference to his No. 1 player, Jeff Walker. He is out for the year with grade deficiences. 'It's hard to lose a player like that." says Andreason, "but we've pot. lots of talent. 1 have no great player like a Larry OripKS or a Bill McCormick, but this team has a lot of depth." Andreason believes this year's group may be better than his 1957 team led by Griggs, Steve Lane, Bobby Clark, John Berkhol ;md Dave Elder. That team won a flock of titles. Here's how the 49ers and Vikings stack up -first at State College: Greg Thompson, Bruce Dummitt and John Vestermark, all lettermen, are the top three players. 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IhrK Fri.«lo l-Sqr.J lo 6 - NORWALK · 5-POINTS SERVICE Rosecrons at Pioneer Blvd. 868-2211 WC HONOR AUCRiDIT CABDS MON. THRU FRI. 8 t o B S A T . t S U N . 8 l a 4 FA.CTS Rodondo--33 annlers on 2 boats cmiaM 1 calico bass. 4fi bonllo, 17 whllellsh, Zi rock cod. Pacific Lftndinp--23 Anglers on 1 boals cauaht 36 whIlcMsh, 17A bonito, 5 rallco bass, 2 halibut, 2 scuioln, 1 ling con, 8 rockflsh. Plerpolnt landing--32 Anglers on 3 boats caught 2 barracuda, ft calico ha*s, 220 bonltO; 132 rock cod, 12 cow cod, 4 the team's most pleasant surprise, according to Montgomery. Only a freshman, Newell has played key roles in the 49ers' narrow wins over Valley State and Cal Poly (SI.O). He is remarkably consistent for his age, says Montgomery. Cook will be in the top five upon his return and t h a t leaves only one vacancy. Alan W a t a n b e from Harbor JC and Tom Springgate are challenging for it, with Jim Lovell, Wade Cable and Bill Odett nor far behind. To give you an idea how strong the 49ers are, Odett played No. 1 at UC Irvine two years ago and will be lucky to crack the top six at State. The 49ers play 12 matches against conference teams hut only six count in the standings. The CCAA team championships at Annandale April 28-29 is more presti- gous, followed by the SoCal Intercollegiates at Torrey Pines May 8-9 and the Pacific Coast Athletic Assn. Championships in Stockton May 15-16. At City College, Andreason will have ample time to coach his No. 1 player. It is Ihis son, Bud, a freshman from Lakewood. All but the No. 4 player, Paul Mattson, are freshmen, although there are sophomores who could move up. Andreason, Scott. Monson, Bob Erganian, Mattson, Can' Wishon and Paul Crawford make up t h e l a d d e r now, w i t h Mike Murphy, Mark Hollingsworth, Don Woods and Dan Cooper capable of supplanting them. "I expect Murphy to move up," says Andreason. "He was a strong player for us last year. But the mere fact he is not in the top six now tells you our strength." Wishon, from Wilson, had to shoot a 69 at Lakewood recently to crack the top six. The challenge rounds may be tougher than many of the Vikings' dual meets. * * * * JF ANOTHER storm hits on Friday, as expected, the Masters will have to be delayed again, and that could pose an interesting problem for Steve Cook, who gave up his spot to Bob Stanger when he suffered a broken leg. The cast comes off Cook's leg next Monday and that means he might make the starting field after all -- if the rain hits, that is. Then again, he may feel four days isn't enough time to get ready after being sidelined three weeks. Last weekend's flood situation already saved one player. Tom Green of Virginia yielded his spot to Del Walker at the last m i n u t e , due to a business committment, but now he will be able lo play. Wkiskeytown to Open Saturday Trout season at Whiskeytown Lake in Shasta County opens Saturday, with a limit of five trout or salmon in combination in effect until the opening of the general trout season, when the limit for the later season applies. Anglers also are reminded that Clair Engle (Trinity) Lake in Trinity County is open. The lake previously has had an a l l year season. Under new r e g u l a t i o n s effective March 1, it is open from the Saturday nearest March 1 through Nov. 30, with limits the same as those for Whiskeytown, COMING TO MY SHOW? The next outdoor exhibition, the Western National Boat and Marine Show, will open at the Anaheim Convention Center March 8 and run through March 16. Show queen Cynthia Paden, pictured above, says: "If it floats we've got if." And a quick glance al this pretty lassie should bring a lot of volunteers for her crew. POWER AND SAILS 9-Hour Enduro Is Top Boat Event The boat-racing picture changes to power for the coming weekend and the scenery shifts to the Colorado River, where the Parker Boat and Ski Club will sponsor the 7th annual nine-hour Enduro for o u t boards and boats with automotive-type e n g i n e s only. The Enduro is a race that gives spectators many thrills as it is run over a course from the Blue Water Marina, Lake Mooval- ya, to a point opposite Windmill Trailer Park on the California Shore and Jay's Trailer Park on the Arizona shore, and back, approximately 13 miles. The boat acquiring the most laps and finishing at 5 p.m. will be declared the winner of the first-prize money, $2,000, and a perpetual trophy. There will be $8,000 in other cash p r i z e s . Spectators may drive northward from either Vidal Junction on the California side, or cross the bridge at BIythe and go northward along the Arizona shore. * * * * A SPECIAL AWARD of $100 went to the Outboard Boating Club of Long Beach for the promotion of club activities when the OBC of America announced its most recent list of prize winners in Chicago. You'd never think so, but the top award of $500 went to the Colorado River Skippers at Grand Junction, Colo., a town perched a mile high in the western part of that state. The OBC of America said that 350 clubs participated. The Colorado River Skippers got their top prize for their work in developing Hiline Lake, an impoundment o f f e r i n g nearby recreational opportunities not only to boaters but to fishermen, hunters and water-skiers. Previously the club had been 50 miles from the nearest water. * * * 4 DRAG BOATS will brat it. again at the Marine Golf Club Results 4^u ponuu, IJ4 rocr. co I ion, 19 mUcilKneoui, WOMEN Lakffwaod: Par Fours, class A, Stewart, North 37'/?; B, Ellis, Nicholas 39'/7. White 40Vj, De Lono, Bearman 41; C, Movers 43. Soulh Count: Most Pars, class A, tie Perrv, Mvers, Strcsdcr 12; B. Atkins 14, tic Graham, Wallace 13; C, Righler 14, Chambers 13. El Dorado: 8rst Nine, 1st fllghl, Bursk 30, Lcodom 31; ?nd liloM, Govctle 36'«, Mulligan 27; 3rd night, Alllzcr 30, Anderson 31. . SkyllrHct: Low Ncl Minus Putt!, class A, Foolo 78-32--46; B, Baumgartner 8232--50. Gcsdieirier 84-34--50; C, Wiglon HI-36-- IS, Underwood 83-38--45; D, Starns 84-37--49. Los Alamllot: Best Nine, 1st lllrjhl, Dundas 33, Huffman 37; 2nd lllolil, Wrlghl 22, Camnbell 33V); 3rd Illflhl, Frve 32. Sardiler 3!; 4lh flight, Me- Conncll, Harris 34'/i, Barker 35. MEN Heartwell: Low Ncl Tournov, 1st Illohl, Mevcr 49, plcconl 50, Little 51; 2nd Illnlil, Lewis, Scpulvcrta 52, Wendl 54; 3rd (light, Hlgglns 48, Thurber, Hart Recreation Park: Defeated Smith Course, 740-231, in team marches. TOD flnlslicrc: at 9-hoit, Jim Cole 7fM--ft, Hal Herrmann 71-6-4$; ll-holi, Coll 761-134, Htrrmann J2-13-11I. Stadium here March S and 9, with an estimated 200 hoats taking part in several classes. Eliminations will he run nn Saturday. March 8. with thn finals the following day. This drag hnal. meet will he called the All R a c - ers' Meet. Chuck Pierce is the director and promoter of the event. Even though it is well that the Marine Stadium be kept husy, it appears that drag meets are becoming so numerous that some of the lesser ones may meet with financial disaster. The last one was on Feb. 22, when one driver was killed after his boat flipped. The following day's races were cancelled on account of had weather. * * · * IN SAILING, the only big event on the March calendar is the Long Beach Yacht Club's annual Congressional Cup Races, scheduled for March 13, 14, 15 and 16. In the Congressional, nine yachts'men representing North America's greatest sailing centers will (.ompete in match races, with some Olympic champions and others who almost made the Olympics taking part. The skippers will he Lowell North, San Diego, who just recently won the right lo compete by defeating Denmark's Paul Elvstrnm at. San Diego; Ted Turner, A t l a n l a ; John Long, Vancouver, first, sailor from outside the United States to compete, Burke Sawyer, Newport Beach; Tom Hazlehurst, East G r e e nw i c h, R.I.; Tom Fisher, Grosse Point, Mich.; Tom Blackaller, San Francisco; a North American Star Class champion in 1968; Henry Sprague, Long Beach; Buzz Boettcher, Marina del Rey, and the Long Beach YC defender, Tom Pickard. * * * * DIVISION V, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, will be manning the Boating Safety Center, Coast Guard Base, Terminal Island, on Saturday and Sunday. Trained Auxiliary men will give courtesy examinations to all boaters and. provided a boat passes the strict inspection, the owner will be given a 1969 dccal for the vessel's windshield. If not, the boater will be told what equipment he needs for safe operation of the boat. There will be no citations, just friendly advice. No Auxiliary member is a "marine' policeman." The Boating Safety Center is open on weekends only, form 10 a.m. to t p.m. For more information about it, call the director of the Auxiliary at 4325771, extension 218.--D.C. I DONNELL CULPEPPIR Aylesworth Once Again Heads ISFA The International Spin-Fishing Assn. had its annual installation and awards dinner last Saturday night and that good and faithful servant of spinfishermen everywhere, Gene Aylesworth of Long Beach, went hack into the president's chair. Nobody seems to remember just hnw many times Gene has served in thai capacity, but one thing is certain: He has been a giant pillar of the organization through the years, and has been responsible for adding new clubs to the roster. Taking office with Gene were the following: Richard Ream, corresponding secretary; Ed Dupras, recording secretary; Charles Berto, treasurer; W i l l i s Carr, chairman of the awards committee, and Neil Haeger, director and trophy chairman. Gene will serve as chairman of the line test committee. The dinner was held at the Water Wheel Restaurant in Anaheim and the following trophies were given out: Garcia (club champion, fresh water). Four Pound and Under Fishing Club; Nate Buell (individual freshwater champion). Gene Newman, of the Four Pound and Under Club for 15 species; Zehco-ltob Barrett (outstanding junior). Rnhorl Cruce, I.agunn Anglers, IS button fish and 5 species; Maxima (largest salt, water), R. N. Schliesmayer, Douglas Long Reach Rod and Gun Club, fiS-pnund, 8-nunce bat ray. * * * * WILLIAM SPAULDING SR. won the LSFA Trophy Tor setting nine world records. John Smart got the Shakespeare Trophy for the largest colio salmon, 22 pounds, 12 ounces on 4-pound-test line. Dale Slocum took the Shakespeare Trophy for the largest fresh-water ' fish, a 46-pnund, 4-ounce lake trout, on 4-pound-test line. The Laguna Anglers took the club championship, the Browning-Sila-flex Trophy for catching 74 salt-water button fish, and Rudoff Brylla, of that same club, won the Davey's Locker Trophy for the most species in salt water by an individual. He caught 30 species. The only other trophy, Sunset Line's award for an outstanding catch in the ocean, went to Gorden Prentice, an associate member, for his 43-pound, 8-ounce Chinook salmon on 4-pound-test line. Briefly, the ISFA is now in its l l t h year and it keeps records made throughout the world on spinning tackle on line classes ranging from 2-pound test to 12- pound test. World records arc open to any person who make a catch legally, and it does not matter whether he (or she) is a member of the ISFA. The record, if properly recorded and approved, is entered in the ISFA book. However, such anglers do not have any privileges in the club activities. If you are interested in becoming an active member or an associate, write to the ISFA PO Box 81, Downey, Calif. 90241. ' ' » * » » SPINFISHERMEN AND ALL OTHERS might as well put those light lines away at the end of March when the 23rd annual Yellowtail Derby, sponsored by the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce and the participating fishing landings, begins at the Border City Actually, the date is March 29, and the derby will run for 25 weeks, with two fishoffs, June 20 and Sept 19 On each of those fishoff days, a Mustang will he the top prize. In all, $25,000 in prizes will be distributed through- nut the derby period, with a fishing trip for two to Kel, chikan. Alaska, the tops for the opening day. Color TV sets and numerous other prizes will he given away as daily and weekly awards. T ^ n -n S P° rtfishin 8 A ^n. and Fisherman's Landing w,U welcome back HM Landing to the derby. HM pulled out of the competition for the last two years and has sponsored its own derbies As in all previous San Diego derbies, a 1 b a c o r e, blucfm and yellowfin tuna will be counted and weighed m the competition. But on opening day, all of those species may be scarce, so white sea bass, barracuda bonito and even kelp bass will be counted. If the fishing is poor, a bonito or a kelp bass might win that trip to Alaska. K The San Diego Derby is regarded as one of the best-run events in the country, and it. annually attracts thousands of entrants from many parts of California and from other states. * * + * OUTDOOR PERSONALS _ Club installations are coming so fast, along with all the other outdoor activities, that it's hard to keep in touch with all. The Long Beach Rnd and Gun Club, which was formed in 193R and has its own clubhouse at 3333 Pacific Ave gave Robert Camamella the 1969 gavel Saturday night at i t s annual installation dinner-dance. Going into office with him were John Charney, vice president; George Walker, secretary; Beryl Bunch, treasurer; Chris Siragusa, recording secretary, and directors Terry Pertee, Walter Butcher and Jess Harper. The club meets each Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. and visitors are welcome. A belated report from the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, which took part in the 40th Midwinter Regatta last weekend, shows a new commodore, Robert Heifer, in charge. Serving with him are those 1969 officers: Allen Fitzpatrick, vice commodore; Jerry Olson, rear commodore; Harry Palmer, fleet captain; Robert Baker, port captain; Mace Mason, secretary; Rober Begin, treasurer; Dr. William Bouncher, fleet surgeon; James Shaffer, judge advocate, and directors Gabe Flex, William Har- lagc. Art Knox, Ralph Moss, John de la Haye, Aldor Fink, Mick Hoffman, Mason and Begin. The installation took place at the Sheraton Reach Inn. New Angling Regulations Are Effective Saturday limitations to protect salmon in spawning areas. The general trout season will be May 3 through Nov. 15, except in the northwestern area, where opening day will be May 24. Bait, regulations were amended to authorize th« use of liver and meal, for bait for trout in Inland waters. The Department of Fish and Game reminds anglers that California's 1969 sportfishing regulations become effective Saturday. Copies of the new regulations booklets are available free of charge from license agents and DFG offices throughout the state. Major new rules include lower salmon limits and several closures and gear

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