Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 9, 1929 · Page 9
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1929
Page 9
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AtTOONA MmRjDR-SATyRDAV, NOVEMBER 9, 1929 \ MOTOR > Information Hundreds of qucrleft are received dally by the bureau of mo* tor vehicles, at HarriRburg, relating to road ruled nnd the motor code. In the belle* that the questions and their nnswera will solve problems which puzzle motorists In general, Commissioner Benjamin O. Eynon of the motor vehicles bureau Jinn decided to publish a number of them In this newspaper each week. The Information herein contained Is, of course,- official. Q. The "in and outer" who makes a practice of passing cars on a hill or a curve, where the sight view Is limited, la a menace to traffic and frequently the cause of many automobile accidents. I believe this kind of driving is unlawful, but apparently there are not enough patrolmen to enforce this provision of the law. What can motorists do about It? A. Motorists can help to break, up this practice by reporting the license number of the reckless driver to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Harrisburg, Pa. Crossword Puzzle HORIZONTAL 40 For, 1 Second country: In wheat production. 5 To view. 9 To be in debt. 10 Obstruction. 12 To perish. 18 To rent. 14 Sorcery. '* 10 Moisture. 17 To expiate. 18 Marked. 32 Beat being. 20 To stay. 27 Grandfather. 28 Freedom of access. 80 Transparent. 82 Cruder. 84 Aye. 87 Barrel part. 98 Pussy. VERTICAL 1 Entrance to Panama Canal. 8 Reverence. 3 Fishing bag. 4 To abolish. 5 Saline sola' tton. A Queer. 7 Untruth. YESTERDAY'S ANSWER WiillM fllsIB HSSR HH0H Ullld IflSS HlflHHGB Q. What la the best Way to start a car on a steep grade in line of traffic? A. Advance hand throttle a notch or-two, with feet on brake and clutch pedalsj shift to low gear and release both foot pedals gradually, then shift right foot to accelerator. Q. Does a red "blinker" mean stop? A. ;The blinker is to motorists an a lighthouse is to sailors. • It marks a danger spot, such as an intersecting highway, or railroad grade cross-j ing. An amber blinker would be less confusing and would serve the same purpose. ' Q. What is there about the motorist's complex that Causes him to speed up when being passed by another car? Is not this practice unlawful? A. Those guilty of this practice are lacking In courtesy. • They jeopardize the safety of others. The law requires the driver to give way to the right In favor of the overtaking vehicle, and the driver overtaken may not increase his speed. Q» Til 6 1'GIlGCt.iOn 111 lIlS 'WinClSniGICl me 0jjn\ft:^a • j. nv** c *** ^ ««,^« • >r ».- w -- i m_ UA| *US AUIIU w a • vii. GUI. A a, in a a,\f icto of the headlights of the car behind occur in this climate, at almost any | replenish the springs, the brooks, th makei it difficult sometimes to see i season of the year, wherein the world swamps, and impregnate the earth ahead, and to overcome this I pull! reaches its perfection, when the air, Then a severe frost succeeds which prepares it to redelve the voluminous coat of snow which is soon to follow .hough it Is often preceded by a shor nterval of smoke and mildness callec .he Indian summer. This is in genera the invariable rule: Winter is not sal jroperly to begin until these few mod srate days apd the rising of the water 8 Hero of Manila Buy. 11 Since. 14 Affairs, 15 Blame. 19 To have. 20 To make lace. 91 Melody. 28 Twitching. 24 Wrath. 25 Two lives. 28 Home of Cleopatra. 20 Diner. 30 Flat. 31 Giant of mythology. 38 Strife. 85 Eon. 30 Drunkard. SSVnlgar fellow. 80 Beer. customs and habits, his word oh the 1 remove the thought that the expression subject is gold bond. " ' ..*... What Emerson has to say places Indian summer earlier in the calendar. 1813), His language, quite as musical as ; menter and writer, who spent 27 years Longfellow's, intones the harmony of I \ n America, wrote In 1782, at the age the spheres; "There are days Which o f 51, aa follows: "Great rains at las rose by clmnce or that it is a misnomer Hector Saint-John Crevecoeu'r (1731' a French agricultural experi- down the rear window shade. Is this i the heavenly bodies, and the earth, unlawful? i make a harmony, as if nature would A. The law says It IB unlawful to j indulge her offspring. *'««*These haly- place any non-transparent material co ns may be looked for with a little upon the rear window. Why not equip I more assurance in the pure October your car with a side mirror? Q. Why not paint white center line weather, which we distinguish by the name of the Indian summer. The day, immeasurably long, sleeps on the markings the full length of the high- broad hills aud warm wide fields. ways instead of only at curves and hills? This -would tend to keep the road hog in his proper lane. A. Disregarding the question of cost, it is believed that the use of white center line marking should be confined to those locations where traffic should not cross it under any circumstances. To make the white line effective, its use should be restricted to dangerous locations only, such as ore found on sharp curves and hills. In mountainous sections subject to frequent and dense fogs, it is advisable to have a continuous white line. Q. Is there any case where "O" tags are issued even though the applicant does not hold a Certificate <jf Public Convenience? A. Yes, if the individual or com• pany was operating prior to January, 1914. Q. Has a dealer or manufacturer the right to remove a number from an engine' and transfer the same number to another engine? A. Yes, if special license, as provided for by Section 304 of the code, has been obtained. Q. If an owner junked a car and the title certificate thereon was cancelled, and he afterward rebuilt the car, or if car was titled out of the state and the owner later returned We pass into a delicate realm of sunset and moonlight, too bright almost for spotted man to enter without, novi- ciate and probation. We penetrate bodily this incredible beauty; we dip our hands in this painted element; our eyes are bathed in these lights akd forms." i .•' Longfellow (1807-1882) and Emerson (1803-1882) were contemporaries for three-quarters of a century. But, on the subject of the Indian summer, the former, a student of Indian lore, Is the more trustworthy authority, dealing with the idea of the Indian summer as originally conceived. Emerson no doubt expressed, and only incidentally, the later and concurrent notion. The dictionary halts between the opinions of these two masters, or, rather, attempts to straddle them. In 1824, when Longfellow was stripling of 17, Doddridge wrote: "The smoky time commenced and lasted for a considerable number of days. This was the Indian summer, because It afforded the Indians another opportunity of visiting the settlements with their destructive warfare." This, furnishes a definite explanation and establishes.; itself by priority in. the absence of earlier conflicting information. It will be noted that in the more careful usage, the definite article "the" Invariably forms part of the phrase "the Indian summer." This would seem to > iupl« it directly and to this state, can Pennsylvania title significantly with Indian activities and certificate in either case be restored? A. No, the owner must apply for a title certificate on form 158, after which investigation la conducted. He must then make application for a new certificate on form 188, submitting an explanatory letter. Q. Will there be an extension of time for the use of 1929 license tags? A. No. Tags for 1930 have been available since Oct. 1. THE INDIAN SUMMER (Continued from page 8.) of the peculiar phenomena—the blaze and the -undue warmth—attending it. We turn to literature, therefore, in-stead of the weather bureau, for enlightenment aa to the origin of the Indian summer, and for a description, of its attributes. The material here collated, meager as it is, ought to give a more definite conception of the original and" true signification of the term. "It is the Indian summer. The rising sun blazes through the misty air like a conflagration. A yellowish, «moky haze nils the atmosphere, and' a 111 my mist lies like a silver lining on the sky," In such language Longfellow announces the symptoms accorni panying nature's relapse into fever. He further notes that the song-birds have taken flight, that the gorgeous tints of autumn's coat of many colors have faded, till orange, yellow, scarlet and crimso; have turned a monotonous russet, and that frost-bitten, wilted leaves clutter the streams. His short description closes with this whimsical picture: "All gone! Only the dismal calling of a crow, as he situ and curses that the harvest is over; or the chit-chat of an idle squirrel, the noisy denizen of a hollow tree, the mendicant friar of a large parish, the absolute monarch of a dozen acorns I" The Children's Poet apparently places the Indian summer in November, after maize and pumpkins have been garnered. As the term doubtless originated in connection with the Indian, and as Longfellow was a close student of their aun NEWS 30 tubs of water for one washing! .">&> wonder our Clothes are so clean!'' said Mrs, S,,. X/"OUR lauhdrett probably thinks X she is unusually sanitary if she changes the water four times. But here at our laundry we use over six hundred gallons of rainsoft water to every washing. We provide « separate washing formula for every type of fabric and every grade of color, with the proper temperatures, soaps and baths to conserve the fabrics, That, a* we explained to fiirs. S - , is one reason why clothes washed our way are cleaner and last longer. L OGAN. AUNDRY Phone 7377 f No Hard Work! Win $300 In Cash, CAUMS ICE CREAM The Better Kind Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest f have announced It to man." Herein' is found the earliest known use of the phrase "the Indian sum tner." Crevecoeur wrote concernin, his day and age, not as a casual ob server, but with an investigator's eye arid we may accept his statement a full face value. the reliable information a hand, then, several conclusions emerge First, if the undue season of haze an warmth, sandwiched between two col Spells, did not occur regularly eac year, it did occur with sufficient regu larlty as to receive the chrlstenln "the Indian summer." Second, origin ally the Indian summer Immedlatel preceded the long unbroken stretch o winter proper, which favors Novem ber rather than October as the mont originally associated with its occur rence. Third, the term evolved out o the relation this warm season held t Indian activities. Fourth, the India summer is inconceivable without th rellmlnary and natural early period or old and wet called "squaw winter." An easy way to remember the period i which the Indian summer ocr Ted i pioneer days Is to associate it with t. Martin's summer, its English qulvalent, which derives Its name rom St. Martin's Day, November 11, he date we celebrate Armistice day. IAMP FIRE GIRLS TO GIVE PRESIDENT HELP WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 9.—A ledge to support President Hoover in Is efforts to "obtain for the peoples f the earth a lasting and honorable eace" has been 'taken by the more han 200,000 members of the Camp Fire .rlrls of the United States. The pledge was contained In a reso- utlon telegraphed to the president. 'It will be one of the objectives of his organization, and a part of its rogram to work with you through a Illgent study of human relations, irough an intelligent understanding f the position of our country In world ffalrs, and by inviting a similar inter- st on the part of our sister organtza- on in England," the telegram said n part, "to the end that, through the nfluence of the English-speaking peo- les of the world, war my become a orgotten vehicle for the adjustment of nternational differences." SIX FACE DEPORTATION. BETHLEHEM, Nov. 9.—Six aliens, harged with violating the Immigra- ion laws, face, deportation here, ac- ordlng to an announcement by Im- nlgration Inspector Irwln Lex. Two f the persons, John Sedaris and his vlfe, Jennie of Bethlehem, are ac- used of maintaining an illegal resort, 'ho other four are Frank Horvath, Robert Parlett, John Saeger and Carl Hleold, all of Easton. Depend on Zemo To Step Itching Use soothing, healing, invisible Zemo for the torture of Itching Skin. This lean, reliable family antiseptic helps bring relief In thousands of homes, stops Itching anu draws the heat and nting out of the skin. ZEMO Has been used for twenty years with remarkable success for all forms of annoying, itching skin irritations. "Relief with first application," thousands say. 35c, 60c and Jl.OO. All dealers. Easy Credit Term* llth Ave. and 13th Street Morning star Loaf Growing Youngsters need plenty of GOOD BREAD Happy, romping children. They play hard all day long. And it's fine for them as long as they get plenty of sleep and good food. When these little tots finish their games they'll find a neat stack of honey and butter sandwiches made, of course, with Morningstar Sliced Bread. It's so easy now to make sandwiches for die youngsters that Mother likes to do it. In fact, it's so simple that the youngsters can do it themselves. Have a loaf of Morningstar Sliced Bread handy all the lime. MORNINGSTAR BREAD A PRODUCT OF HAGERTY'S The William F. Gable Co. Armistice Day! "to promote peace-and good will on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness." These words taken from the preamble to the constitution of the American Legion express the very spirit of Armistice Day, on which let us honor our own American heroes as well as the dead of all nations engaged in the Great War, both allies and enemies. Each man died with the same steadfast allegiance to his purpose, courageous and loyal, fighting for his belief in right and his country. Their memory should preserve an everlasting international peace, on which the progress of the world and each nation depend. This Store Will Be Open All Day Monday Demonstration! of the Famous Griswold Electric Waffle Iron November llth to 16th Delicious Waffles Will Be Served from 11 A. M. until 5:30 P. M. Mrs. Helen MacPherson, direct from the Griswold Kitchen, will show you how to prepare the most delicious waffles. As an interesting feature, we will show for the first time, a New Griswold Electric Waffle $/• .85 Iron T" Mrs. MacPherson will also tell you about the many other Griswold utensils on display. Beautifully designed—wonderfully durable—sensibly priced. HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING—FIRST FLOOR Not Too Early to Choose His Gift! New Smokers Just Received and Reasonably Priced Cabinet Smoker Walnut finish Cabinet Smoker with large copperizecl humidor. Top tray and handle. 11 .95 Cabinet Smoker -95 14 Cabinet Smoker .95 6 Rich mahogany smoker with top truy, one drawer and magazine rack at bottom. Top handle for convenience. Smoker Stands .50- Walnut finish Smoker Stands with handle. One 1 drawer and glass ash tray. $4.98 value. A very clever smoker with handle and a good size copperized compartment for cigars. Worth $8.50. Mahogany Smokers $5.00 Rich mahogany smokers with magazine rack, glass ash tray and a handle. Exceptional values. And Many Other Good Values at $16.50 to $35 HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING—THIRD PLOOB New Linoleum for Thanksgiving There is still time to have an attractive linoleum floor for the holidays. Our slocks are complete and you have choice of many new and pleasing patterns. Let us give you an estimate "Free." MARBLE "A"GAUGE "D"GAUGE INLAID MARBLE MARBLE $2.50 and $ 4 .50 sq. yd. 19-25 <** sq .yd. Attractive Embossed Handcraft Dutch and Modernistic Linoleum "A" GAUGE .75 2' sq. yd. "B" GAUGE .50 2 sq. yd. "C" GAUGE .25 2 "D" GAUGE .50 »q. yd. •q. yd. Armstrong Print Linoleums New Colors, $1.15 sq. yd. HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING— SECOND FLOOR SPECIAL MONDAY! Bath and Bedroom Rugs Imported washable rugs in Royal purple, Cardinal red and Verdant green, as well as gray, black and blue. You will want to take advantage of the special prices for Monday only. 24x36 size, regularly $3, special $2.39 27x51 size, regularly $3.85, Monday, $2.98 HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR 50-Inch Silk Damask 3 .95 Regularly $5.50 Yard Novelty weave Silk 'Damask for scarfs, cushions, window and door hangings and upholstering. Rose,"* blue, laupe and green. Guaranteed sunfast. Exceptionally IOAV priced for'Monday. Limited Yardage of Some Colors HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING FIRST FLOOR New Colored Sheets and Cases Sheets . $1.25 81x90 sheets of fine even weave. Deep hems in blue, gold, green, orchid and pink. Cases 39c ea. 42x36 Cases in colors to match the above sheets. Nice deep hems. $1 Sheets Full bleached sheets of a serviceable weight. 81x90 /CQ^ size. Special Monday. {Js^ 29c Cases 42x36 and 15x36 Pillow Cases with no dressing. Spe- ^) £* I'ial for Monday L**J\~ 45c Cases Fine even weave Pillow Cases, 12x36 and 45x36 sizes. "!£?/•> Splendid wearing........ t J \* llth AVENUE BUILDING MAIN FLOOR

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