Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 25
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BOBKELLEY'S COLUMN ON PAGE C4 Phon. HE 5.1161 -- C.giilfltd No. HE 2-5959 Independent The Southland* M Finest Morning Newspaper LONG BEACH 12. CALIF.. WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1957 by DAVI IIWIS P«g. Deny PCC Seniors Given Okay to Play that the Pacific Coast Confer- rnco hail granted permission for next fall's seniors nt penalized schools to play half a season, or five games, was branded "en tlrely unfounded" Tuesday by TCC spokesman Dr. Glenn Sea borg of California, He said that PCC reprcsenta tlves meeting In Spokane "have not even talked about the matter," It remains an Item on the agenda, however. Seaborg also discounted reports from Los Angeles that n movement was under way to have UCLA secede from the PCC 5-4 vote which barely kept the Bruins from being ousted by the conference rulers, Seaborg added that a bare majority, not six votes, would have been enough to expel' the Ilrutns since they arc on probation. A discussion on rule violations and possible penalties took up most of the day for the PCC representatives Tuesday, With the meeting ending Thursday, It ap« [tears that a formula on aid to athletes will have to be put ofl until the December meeting In San Francisco. Seaborg admitted that ma- MIS By STEVE SNIUKK (I'lnrh-'hlttlne for NEW YORK l'K -- Dolph Schayes of the Syracuse Na tlonals. one of pro basketball'] brightest stars, predicts the pros soon will raise the goa from 10 to 12 feet "because »u pcr-tall men arc running away with tho game." "It won't be long before ev cry tcam'.ln the league has ai exceptional Jumper like Bll Russell or a seven-footer like Wilt Chamberlain of Kansas,' · said Schayes, no runt himself at fi-8.i "The priM will have to take the lead In railing the b«*- kft," he i»ld. "We can dti It. We're s, tightly knit group and dnn't have to consult »ev- eral thounand officials as the amateurs ilo. "But the big men arc taking over the college game, too, and something will have to be done. One thing tho pros have-proved l« that a so-called 'goon' of the old days can be developed Into a great player today. The big men are running the show now and raising the goal Is the best way to restore balance." · · · » « MINCK KKW players In the pro ranks realize 'better than Kehaycs xyh»t « lo uc n tlmc H tall, gawky kid has In learning basketball coordination, he's doing something about It this summer at a "baskclball camp" for youngsters near Plattsburgh, N.Y.. on Lake Champlaln, "They'll get Individual attention from me and other pro players," said Dolph. "It's some- Grand Slam by Drake Rips Angels · Solly Drake broke up a 1-1 tie with a grand-slam home run In the top of the ninth Inning Tuesday night AS the Porllam Delivers dropped the skidding Los Angeles Angels, 5-1, In the opener of their Pacific Cons League series at Wrigley Field Drake got his big blow after Bob Borkowskl singled, Ed Win- clnlak doubled and Sam Calde- ·one drew an Intentional walk Solly socked the first pitch over the rtghtflcld screen, . ,-j., · Prior to game time the Beav ers cut down to the 21-playcr limit by* sending first baseman Joe M a c k o to Louisville and second baseman Bob McKcc to Memphis, ad, AH II II A AH H H A i'nma,ib.3b 4 1 5 ft Andirtih.2b 4 2 3 ! 3 0 2 II Ba»aa,3b 3 5 9 J Jltk*l« 4 1 ft 0 ; 1 0 M I "raaii.3b a 0 e 0 Jtnklnt.rf - 3 1 aniara.2b II 0 0 1 Wmtlt.rt 3 n Inrkwakl.rr 4 2 2 0 3 4 I .1 3 Ummiri, H I Hanlon.p 1 Monday night's terlal concerning rules violation was reported on all nine mem her schools but that the matte is "less Important than usua both In the number and serloui ness of the reported violations. Preliminary tnlks on aid re suited In a new rule limiting till tional grants in aid from source outside the schools. Beglnnln Sept. 1, 1958, a total of I5( grants per quarter or semeste will be allowed each school, 0 these, only. 75 may be used fo football and 20 for basketball Previously, a limit of 60 grants from school funds was In effect, but there was no contro over the number of grants from contributions. The 60-grant-llml from Institutional funds will be retained. · * · · THKKK W A S considerable doubt expressed whether the facultymen would agree on a cost differential which would be the basis of a sliding scale aid plan. It costs more to live In Los Angeles than In Spokane, for ex ample. Senborg said that In his opln ion only minor fines are likely to be Imixised at the meeting. He added, "the meeting has been harmonious." No threat of withdrawal from the conference ever has been presented to the faculty directors, he declared, In' Los Angeles, Chancellor Raymond Allen of UCLA declined to comment rcgardlng«the school's near · expulsion,. but 'aldtrona.e 3 2 H 1 llanlnn.n *l.aiyl«f,p 3 0 n 1 b'Salllll a-t'aiawall 1 0 II u 0 II u 1 **; .- I * 27 11 ' Total! 2tf 4 27 R . Mill IM IW4 otw ***' 0*10 Hill- Jiriik. .--Janklni, llanlon Mill--liraka 4, ·nklnt. IH--Mltkalatm. ml --Ilraai. il,.-- »,«.. l)l'-c»l,l»r..n. WliKtnlak; l.ammtr and Bllko -Portland «. lxa Anatln H, nil-- tllxandlr 4. Ilanlou 4. HO-- Altlairltr . Hlllmah I. llaolon -. Hl-- Aliaanriir In S. Illi man 0 I Il-Klt--Aim ndir 1.1. II.Won, s-4. I'hP-- Hr AltJ ndir 101 ton. WP-AlMarldar 13-3* Harry Longway, secretary of the Bruin alumni organization, said, "This recent action Is another example of the poor makeup of the PCC. They are so different In the basic makeup that they are unable . to get along together." ' Talk was revived that UCLA will quit the conference,.. but none of It was of an authoritative nature. Pierce 4-Hits Yanks, 3 -1 White Sox Win 8th t NEW YORK (UP)--Billy Pierce pitched a four-hitter and singled home a key run In the sixth Innlns Tuesday night as the Chicago White Sox whipped the New York Yankees, 3-1, and ran their winning s t r e a k to eight straight games. .A crowd of 28,059 saw an cr ·or by rookie second baseman 3obby Richardson pave the way 'or three untamed runs that enabled the White Sox beat 'Jinx pitcher" Whltey Ford who ntcrcd the game with a 19-3 Ifetlme record against them. It wag Ford's first start since May th when he suffered a tighten- ng of his shoulder muscles and t was his first defeat of the canon. Pierce, who scored hi* sixth Ictory a n d struck o u t eight lattcrs to take over the major eaguc lead. - yielded an un arned run In the fourth Inning, illckey Mantle beat out an In- leld hit to start the frame and wan safe at second when first aseman Jim Rivera took Yogi Berra's bounder and threw wide o second. Gil McDougald fol owed with a . single . which cored Mantle, ..'· Dodgers Spill Reds for Fifth inRow,6-l . BILLY PIERCE Retires Laat Ifi Yanks OWNERS CONTENT Vot Yankees' Year-«-Lopez NEW YORK WB-A1 Lopez, ccuMomed to getting his nose iloodled by the New York Yan- ;ces. thrust a defiant neck forward again Tuesday with the thTng"th"a7 hundreds"ofkl'ds redlctlon: "I don't think this Is . . . . . IMA Vnitl/nAB traar '· TVini-. Ula can't get In school because their coaches naturally have to con centrato on the best prospects Rut the 20th man on a squad today might be the star of tomorrow If he gets the chanw,' !nlph U » |irtlll« enampln n f that. He grew up ton fH»t, reached rnllegB twi rarly anil didn't brenme. fllll-tlflicril ntnr u n t i l hn hit the pro milk", Dolph's Camp Valcour Is for youngsters tanging In age from 8 In 18 hut most of the nppll cants are young basketball fit natlcs from 12 to IT. - . "We've heard f r o m entire high school teams that want to enroll as a unit so they can learn together," said Schayes. "And because television has car rled pro basketball all over the country we're getting applU* tlons from California, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota -- ·bout everywhere," J u s t HCIIAYKS HAH) his camp It patterned along the lines of Bob Cousy's five year smash hit at Concord, N.I (., five two-week but will have it-unions Instead of one long one. "At the: end of each session, we'll have n clinic with leading coaches and pro players teaching their specialties," said Schayes. "fllll Shannon of the Boston Celtics will demonstrate . his foul shot, the best In basket hall. Carl Braun of the New York Knlcks will trach his great two-handed . set shot. Thing* like that," J Hut the veteran Nyr«cu«« ·tar feeU what today 1 * bus- hMhall · minder) youngster need* tha mi»t Is n perfcctly- rnundMl ityln nf pliy. There's no room for specialists any more," he said. "The boy who can shoot must also learn to rebound and play defense. And I know the youngster* are extremely Interested In the kind of ball the pros play because of what they've seen on television. ' "We Just got back from a lung tour with the pro all-stars and I was surprised to discover . the kids In a place like Provo, Utah, were as familiar with our facet and styles as any New Yorker. And they all want to play our way, too." .·. t · \ ' the Yankees' year," Then his Chicago White Sox went out and beat the Yanks. 3-1. "I said as far back as spring training that I didn't go for all that talk that the Yankees arc unbeatable," added the soft- spoken manager. "Now I'll go even. farther--I think they not only can but will be beaten, "Furthermore, I feel that any one of the four clubs, not Just one, could do the trick." Asked to expand and Identify, Lopez named his own fnst-mov- Ing White Sox, tho Indians, Detroit and Boston. "The Yankees won last year because they got o f f / t o such a terrific start," Lopez said. "They didn't get the same start this year, so they're Just another club." - ,. . Bridges?^ BeltinlOth Trips Stars SACRAMENTO W --Pitcher Marshall Bridges .homered In the bottom of the 10th inning Tuesday night to give Sacra, mcnto a 2-1 victory over Holly, wood In the opener of their Pacific Coast League series, Hollywood scored In the first Inning when S p o o k Jacobs walked, Bill Causlon doubled and Jncobs came home on an infield out by Paul Pcttit. Sacrlmcnto tied It In the sixth when Chlco Heron singled, Bridges sacrificed and Artie Wll- son, newly acquired from Seattle, singled. , PIEHCK RETIRED the last 6 Yankees In order. Held to two hits for the first Ive and one-thlrd Innings, the I'hlte Sox scored In the sixth uhtn Larry Doby walked and Im Landls was safe when llchardson dropped Andy Carey's throw nt second. Jim Rivera's single scored Doby, Landls came In on Bubba Phillips' squeeze bunt and Rivera scored on Pierce'* second hit. Jt was the White Sox' first win over the Yankees this year. r«l««. A K I I I I A N t w Yarfc AB II II A * n 2 2 B a j t r r f 4 , 1 1 1 o Co«.Jh 2 1 3 H'.T.v.Jh 4 u i 4 HIIWO.U 3 2 I OMantl. cl 4 3 3 II U'llar.r J, 1110 OUar'4.r I II ,S I IMU.el 3 « 4 IIM«II.M,.« 4 - - 1 iJthdli.rf. Pirates Stick WithBragan ' riTTSnUHOH (.Tl -- nrn. iwl Munaerr Jim L. Rrmvn of the IMtUbiirgTIrHtn Tllf«- duy gave managnr Ilnhhy Brugan R vole nf rnnfldenrn. llniiin tnlil M|wrli Kdltnr At AbrHhulns of thn I'III»- hurgh Pont-dainttn that hfl not only lia* thn "iilmnut oon- flilenee" that Rragan will gut thn taut |il«r«i Plmtn utralgh- tfinnl out hut that hit has nnvnr glvrn H thought to changing managers, "I don't think that * Canty Ntengel nr a John Mctiraw or n Connln Mark could liavn donn H butter Jnli. Tlionn rlniw gamrs ivn Iwvr been lonlng ulll vper In our illrrctlun noon." · 'atobrzti 3 0 1 3 Wllaon 2b lulitm,rf 4 1 1 n lltl.t cf ·auunn.ef 4 2 2 II Wt.tlki Ib ' 4 I) 111 1 3 1 3 0 Jn .lall.c 3 i N II Wh Qaumtr,3b 4 0 0 1 Hmllh.ia 4 n 3 3 a-Hiavini Uarbar.p . 4 0 1 1 Htron.n B rid ita. p , Jonti^h Whlltill 4 1 2 2 3 0 3 0 4 I a I 3 0 2 0 1 F^lllln..3b 3 0 I VlllM.p « 3 0 OHknwrh,Ib 2 0 0 0 1 llthrih.^b .1 0 OKord.p 2 O llllmar.p II o . ··Uarlln 1 o Turliy.p 0 0 « Total. SO 4 ZJ r Dllmiir In Mh. Total! 33 K 27 a-alruck DIM (or Mw'l'.rk B--ninri. RifVaVitiKin'. nBI-^McTImia aid. Itlvtra. Phllllpa. I'ltrft. 2B--How aM. Kov Hac.--Skowton. Phllllni. \M --Chicago 11. Naw rork 4 BB--For , Plirca 1, Turl«v 2. HO~Korrl A . Itrn S. HO--KoM «.« iflfKl 2 In 7IM Dllmar 0-2. Tw'lt' ' Kord 3-0 Pltrta 1-0 WP- I.P--FoM 12-11 U--Tal MeKlnlir. Boar, T-- 2133 Taim\* 31 ft 2 1 * B ToUli ?fl 4 in 1 ·--Hit tnln rioubl* pUy fnr Morn n fMh. On* out wh«n wtnnlni r K--Baumtr. RBI Irldat.. aB--Cau.l '«!,--Drl'liM. Hall IP -- Iltrnn-Wllif lollywoon . Hafr Mile Greats Arrive ior Friday Race Coliseum Relays officials, fol lowing up on their virtual cuar nntee for a sub.four minute milt Krldny night, will welcome mor* o o i illf'cet forelRners Into town toda; as thi attpntlon of Snuthtan: track IniRs focuses on the four lap frolic. The event card I" loaded wllh tile world's Rrcatcst runners mtnto . . htr A. BridM* 2 8O--O*irb*f ft, Drldrf R*KH-- (l-rrxr 2.?; Rrldr«ii ].|. PR unjr.n, WP-- BrlrtMi ««?.«·. LP-- rhtr 2*4, \1 -- Orr, Pt»tn*r, and C*rhj«|. T-- 2:13. Alt.-- 1»8«. 1 Boxinjz Results tawill. KOI* Jimmy Ptlli, 173. riileafo (U:4B nf I|O. A 4 HkrtfiiNl. r^H»«.--Bill* I.yntti 14 4 , : 'artfnrd. da«. Calvin Smith, I4«. rhlla* I.IMila IOI. ' · A4 RlitirmHxl--Jntinnr Oiltia, IIS, TunUlft, (101, ;' Celts Sign Uclan ' 'BOSTON urn--The world :hamplon .Celtics Tuesday announced signing of six foot, five nch Johnny Moore, oil-Pacific Coast Conference guard from UCLA. Bucs Sijm Gibbon. " 3rd All-American The Pittsburgh Pirates Tucs day added a third nil-American basketball star to their player system, signing Joe Gibbon of the University of Mississippi, and Immediately assigning him to Hollywood, ;Gibbon, along ' with ' Dick Groat of Duke and Johnny O'Brien of Seattle U., form the nil-star trio. The 22-year-old prospect bats right and throws left ahd has experience at first base, In the oUtfle|d, and on the (mound. QTIZEN'S ARREST MADE ,.£ ? Yankees' 'Bauer Booked on 'Night Club Assault Charge " NTAV YORK (UP)-slugger H»nk Bauer wm arrested «n K rharge of felonious amault Tuesday by s dnllc»t4»«en owner who fiooi»»id the husky Yankee nuttlnlder ot iwiittlnt; him on the Jaw during » night rlub row. When (Millee and the district attorney did not act to arreiit Bailer, the alleged victim, Edwin Jnnei, made un imuwial cltlten'a srrent to have the ballplayer fingerprinted, booked, photogmphed and arraigned. nmirr'i attorney, Sidney 1'rledman, |iromptly announcwt hli Intention to mie for rt falne arrent If ,!onon I" unable to prove the charge. Bauer wan released In the nwtoily of hl« attorney. - ' Friedman denied that Bauer or any other Yankee player itriirk Jone*. Jones' attorne)-, Anthony Zlngalei, said he would produce two wltne»M to Identify Bauer as the assailant. Jone* arrested Bauer after the two parties conferred In the district attorney's office. , . . , " ' Jumiwrs and throwers, making the meet the blgcest Catherine of Rlobal spike talcn since lai year's Olympic Games. Rut the one test that usiiall.v to catch the fans'. lm agination Is the "miracle mile,' and the speculation Increases with the arrival of each entrant Expected In from England by air loday are Derek Ibbatson and Brian Hcwson, who'both be- ong to the fast-growing group of mllers Initiated by country' man Racer Bannister who hsve watcn the watch In a four-lap contest of man and second-hand. · · · * t JBBOT8ON. picked along with the United States' Jerome Wai ers hy Australian entry Merv Jnc-oln as one of the "men to eat," himself caused reporters' notepads to trcmhln while pass, ng through,Cleveland. 'A 3:58 mile Is possible Frl day If weather Is good and a ast pace-setter present," he iroposcd, although falling in mm? a blue ribbon choice of ils own. . ,- . Tho mile field: .,:...;'?·'' "_ AH* RHtrr 1. Brian Hawirni nr. Hrll 2. Mirv Lincoln (Auitralla, .i.nn.H 3. Miilo Tahnrt (Hunzanrl 3.M».n 4. 'Dank tbbolann (nr.Brllaln) 3IBII.4 n. J.r^ma Wallara Ifltrldan) 4:01.2 a. T.,l \V)i.alar (IowaI 4:04.T T, Max Truax ISC| 4:12.1 a. Dan mnwilkarl II. A, SI.) 4:0» I I. Jo. Vlllinal (Taiail 4;ll).B ,V5»,S Sports on Radio-TV BAD,,. TVhita Kox-Tanlia, KMPfT 1 |.m,, KMP\ f:M p.m. Blari-ftoloni. KABR. »:1H P.». . ,, Boalni lUn.-Brown), KABC, T:03 Hrillvwood Park Hac.1 In p.m. KABC, K D A T , l;]0 Cubs Score First Home Victory, 4-3 "· CHICAGO (I'-W -- Cal Neeman's ninth Inning single sent Jim Bolger home with the winning run Tuesday to give the victory of the 1957 season. 4-.1 win over the New York Glant.i. The loss was charged to Giant starter Stu Miller, who was one out away from a two-! hit victory. Two Giant errors set up Neeman's winning hit. Willie -Mays hit his fifth homer and stole home (his 15th stolen base of the year) to spark the Giants. w rark . .u i ,,,.u , up --Soutoptw Johnny Podres pitched tho Brooklyn ers to their fifth victory n a row Tuesday nl K ht when he defeated the leaVue.lead- Ing Cincinnati Redlegs, 6-1, with the help of homers by PeeWee Reese and Sandy I The victory moved the Dodgers Inln n second-place tie wllh Milwaukee, a game and a half behind the Redlegs. Tho Dodgers Jumped In front when they got to starter Hal Jeffcoat for a pair nf runs In the first Inning, Reese's single scored Junior Gllllam wllh the first run and after Duke Snider forced Reese, Gil Hodges drove In the second run with a double. Tigers Win in 16 on Bertoia's Hit HIT HIM first homer of the year In the fifth follow. Ing Gllllam's two-out single and the Dodgers nicked reliever Joe Nuxhall for their final two runs In the sixth on Hodges' triple imd Amoros' fourth homer. Cincinnati's lone run off Podres was the result of Ed Bailey's fourth homer In the second inning, . Tuesday the Dodgers added veteran American League outfielder Bob Kennedy to their roster with the Idea of making him the No. 1 rlghthanded ^Inch-hitter. He can also fill In at first, third or the outfield, To make room for Kennedy they optioned rookie pitcher Rene Valdes to Montreal, AH II 0 A All II n A nilliarn.2b 5 3 4 3 Timpl«,2b 4 1 3 3 S 3 3 S POMI.rr 4 , 1 4 o , 4 1 3 0 Bill.(I 4 1 3 0 r*urll!o.r' 4 0 1 0 Aoblnmn.lf 4 II 3 0 ...II. R 311 1 I!row.,lb 4 0 a 3 ·ol.If 3 3 1 0 Ballir." 4 1 4 0 Valklr c 4 o 3 0 Hoak.3b 4 1 o 3 Klimnar'.lb 4 1 3 3 McMillan.!! 4 J · 3 'odrai.p 2 0 1 2 Jtllcoal.p l u l l a-Hohult 1 0 0 0 Nuxhall.p 0 II II A ' ' b-Wbl.nanl 1 o 0 0 ' . . . ,. llackar.p o o o li ..Hull..I 1 0 0 0 Tblal. M |J 17 14 Total! ~lVl 27 11 a--Oroundt'l "»il lor Jtrlroat In Silt; h--Struck out lor Nllihall In 7lh: I-- KIIM nut (or Ilackar In fith. Mr--Win. «a» Ml HM-f Intlnnall »|a *04 MM--I K--nilllam limit 2. HOI -- itia 3. JliwiM". Amorni 2. Tlllltv. 2B IH--nta*t Amorot. Balltv. 8ae.--Pi ·I J. DP -- Jlllfoal.MfMlllan.rrn. tmpl!*UrMlllan,rrnwa; Bttit-Olllla Inditi. I.OH-- Bfnklrn a. Clprlnnall o u .L'I ,,'\ . »B-- larrtoal 1. Nmhall I. llatktr CUOS their first home SO-- Podrai 3 Wuhan 2 llai-ktr 1. !-,, -J.ffto.1 S.I Nmhall 3-7. llafkir M. a »KB--Pnrtrtl 1-1, Jlflnoat 4 - 4 . Mm- all I-?. WP--PodrJ. 11-21. LP--I'll- oat 12-11 -IT--Datpoll, flttnrv, LflrKlii, akir. r--J;l», A I L ; 21,03*. ·chml.t 2h A 1'! 'J 1 Ho,,.n,3b*" "o " * ,kmn,lb,.f 4 1 W 1 R«nki,3b 4 1 3 Miyi.rf 4 2 0 0 Wil.i.rf 4 H 3 H.utr.lf ,1 i 3 (i .1 O i l Urrit.lh n it a o Moryn.rf 4 0 1 0 Rhn-m.rf ,1 II 0 0 Bnlftrlf 4 (I 3 0 {ftll.e 3 n A 1 l.iitrili.ii 4 3 1 4 Hr*ne«r,M 1 n rt 4 Nt«m«n c a 1 ^ ( rill»mn,3b 3 u u 7 Dmtt r 3 n n 2 MIIItT.p 4 0 1 .1 *-Hr-«*h* 1 i n Cmuttrft,)) o o o o Utwn.p o o o Touii 37 fl i»* 12 Toui» zTTrn ·--Hlrttrli out for T)rntl In Nth. X*3 out wh«n wtnnlni run »cor*xl In Kh. N**w Vnrll ^ MM H i t ·(*·--^ IM MM 1(411--4 K--l/ockmin f fttnft t. fBcllrtnan RIM--Dinhi 1. (4-hntnrll«ni(. Miyi rTor«d on dnuhl* ·!*·! (n A|h|, MtVI, ,IHr*ll. finirinn. 2B--t-rttrNrrurl. H»U»T. IH--M,phi, MHVP. rtR--Mnvi. Ktll. nr--Nttmr-h. (XtB--N*w York 7, Chi 6, BH-- Droll li. MHIvr 1 PO -- ro(t «. Mllltr 7. 1|O--Jiroti ft-«, lyiwn t; MHItr l-* f * Co«»n.*«f» 1-n flirH .1* tiinn In Htht n*KH--Drntl .1-3. Mltl*r 4-?. PR--N«ms.n. W!» -- Iwmn 3-nt. LP--MHItr (fi-i t. n-non»«, ^rmnn. Dlnon, mrut Burkhtrt. T-- 2:24. It. I,Wit, tay-Basilio Bout ARreed in Principle' NEW YORK 'U.r.l--A spokesman for the International Box- ng Club said Tuesday night hat middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson has "agreed n principle" to defend his rown against welterweight ihamplon Carmen Baalllo, prob- bly In September. The spokesman said that here hail been "no real discus- Ion of terms" but that Hobln- on Indicated to IBC. president Im Norrls that he Is'willing to efcnd against Baslllo. Jcrbcrct's Homer No-Hit Bid by A's Durcn, .3-0 WASHINGTON t!.ni-Rlnold Duren pitched perfect ball for five Innings but Lou Berberet led off the sixth Inning with a home Vun and Washington went on to defeat Kansas City, 3-0, Tuesday night on Camllo Pas- cunl's seven-hitter. The Senators added their second run In the seventh on a walk to Jim Lrmon, Berbcret's single Hnd Julio Becquer's nlnch single, Kaxa. rilr Haihlail.. AH II n A A H II II A 3 I II " Toil 3b 4 1 0 1 'lMa«trl.aa 4 1 0 2 Hirwia.ff . ftrv.jr "mllb.r lnnlrr..1b TnUH j 0 1 0 2 1 0 0 Nltvtra.lf 4 t I n h-UthtrIf 4 1 11 n pltwt.Sh ) 0 0 2 l^mon r f · I n 0 0 Bti-btrtl.a , 0 0 0 0 BolMna.t* 3 0 0 1 a.Ricolitr ; 0 0 o 3 nrir 1 0 0 0 Pat 3 1 0 3 i 1 0 0 0 BALTIMORE (UPi-Rcno Ber-a 2-1 victory over the Baltimore" 1 tola, Detroit's slugging young Orioles Tuesday night, third baseman, singled to score A passed ball by Oriole catcher · pitcher Paul K o y t a c k from|Joc Ginsberg allowed Foytack second base wllh two out In the'who had singled with two out! 16th Inning and give the Tigers lo advance to secorid base. Then .' 'Bertolagrounded a single to left lo score Koytack. For the first 13 Innings, thn ; game was a spectacular pitching '. .duel between Jim Bunnlng of the Tigers and Ray Moore of tha 'Orioles, · · · · ' ' THK ONLY ItU.Voff Running was a third-Inning homer by Moore, his third of the year. Bunnlng was lifted In the 14th as Bertola struck out for him as a plnch-hlttcr. Bunnlng had been bothered by a blister on hlx pitching hand since the seventh Inning, Bunnlng walked only two. struck out 11 and gave up 10 hits but Foytack, who gave up one hit over the last three Inn. Ings, got credit for the victory. Moore walked nine, struck out nine and allowed eight hits In 15 Innings before being lifted for a plnch-hltter. Mike For- nlelcs, who pitched only the 16th · Inning, lost his fourth game In six decisions. Moore walked ' Earl' Torgeson with the bases filled for Detroit's first run In the slxfh. Oriole second baseman Billy Gardner made 12 putouts lo establish a new major league mark. The old record was 11 held by seven players. · IHttmll Halllm»r» AH H II A AH II II A BILLY KLAUS .lust a Bad Day Klaus Boots 3, Hurt in Bosox Loss nOSTON Cm-Chicn Cnrras. qud's grand ulnm homer and five Boston errors enabled the Cleveland Indians to trounce the saRSlnS Red Sox, 8-2, Tuesday. nichthander E a r l y Wynn iltched a seven-hitter for his irth victory and knocked in the Irst two Indian runs. Three of Boston's errors were committed by shortstop Billy Klaus In the sixth Inning. Klaus, who also bounced Into a rally* dlllng double play with the )ascs loaded, capped a miserable day In the seventh Inning when, he was struck under the right eye by Al Smith's hardj grounder. Hospital X-rays revealed no 'ractures, hut the eye was nwol- en fthut and 1C I nun In rxprcted :o he out of action several days. It was the Red Sox' seventh Rolllni,3») *t -1 4 3 nirdn*r,7b A n 12 3 Ki»nn.» t (I 1 4 I.|Ul* 1 ft O it BooM.Ib 7 | tl 1 7 1 ) 2 1 MiKW.tll.lf 4 1 4 1 rV.wrni.rf T | 1 f t K«lln«,rl * 1 4 1 Nlsrman.lf A 1 1 ft IliMiM.e 1 0 T 1 Jrl*i\4o9,9 4 1 4 2 rt.wiliofl.e 1 1 * 1 p-Pyburn ft 11 n n T (i 2 o oirulMrft.i 2 n 4 1 ft 0 U 0 Pil*r.k,cf H 3 ft rt 0 fi 0 il Wll(l«mi,3b A n | A .1 M 4 II RMrifwir.M n 2 .1 ,1 1 n \ 1 klnnra.p A 2 n 2 r-Dillmtr l n n n h-Cau««r,3b 1 n n l I 1 n 2 (1 Korm*l«i,p it A H l) tiunmni.p ft » u i Koyis\ek,p 1 1 II II l l n o ii f.Brlol4,3b 2 1 u 1 ToUl 13 I I 41 IT IU4IM 0 0 1 1 ritwiMtti 4 O K Si AH II O A Alt II (I A .1 t 1 ** Btuby.rf 3 o 3 *i 4 I 1 o 4 i T 5 vVll«,ab l i n n Mnufti 2b 2 » 1 * 2 rt o 41 5 2 2 n Wli||.m«,!f S 1 i ni l i n n Hmlth^rt-cf 3 2 1 0 f.*ti. l ^o.,l( 1 o o n Totat H a i 0 4 i l i 4 a--WilktKl (or Tultl* In «lh; t--R«n for Torct»on In 0th; e--Htruck out lor Kinii«n in 0th: d--Rtn (or H«u»« in Kth; »-- Hin for Trlindtu In Blh; f-- F*oppml out for fdmford In Hth, K-- Htruck nul fot Huhhim In 14th; h-*- nroundiil nut for Moor* In 1Mb, i-- OrourMtMl out Inr O«rdntr In Jftlh, nMnrii . . «t4 Ml 4NW MM 4MM 1--4 " HftMIHMr« . Ml MM MM MM M« ·--I K-- Hont. RBI--Moora, Tnrf.wn Hw, tmt. IM--Prlil«w.»*r 2. Kallnt. Trii** ' rtoi UK--Moor*, Hae.--WllllBnti, K»* . iln4. Oi*x»i. I/OR--I )* I roll 14, Ralll* mot* M. BH--ttunnlnf 1, Moor* ft. HO-* , Runnlnir 11. Kovuek 2. Mnnrt N, Ko* nlfllti 1. IIO--HunnlriK li In n, Pny* tirk 1 In .1 Moitrti H In lit, K«rni*.«* 5 In |. l:*Kn--Hunltln* H*|i. Kovtirkt ' n.nt. Moqr» (1-1 , Pornl*!*! t-0i,' I'H--ninibtfrv. V\T--KovUf k U-31, *· LP--Knrnt.»t»« l 2 ' 4 l U--Rutif*. tJmant. * I'lrwrtll*, llurliy. T--4 :M, Alt.--T,3l»4.'* icuftl.p l II TrtUli 2B T 27 l! In flh- n--n*' ,--Hkntlttl fnr Bollln* In ,., Fltv«rf In "*»h; *·--Mil of lluntrr Irt tths d--H«n f«r Nort« In i(h- 4»--F1I«»1 nut fnr Tpiek* In Bth --fllrucrf Aut for fjrtff fn 9th . RBI-- B«rb*rtl. Rtequtr, Ltmon. 'trv, Bmllh, HP--Bt-b-Ttl. ""r. Hunt, Runntll. D»--Bollln«.PI.w. tl. 3B-- "Run Runn«U. ton--K-*»»ft" nt* ft W T. Bft -- P-wut) I. Durtn ? I, fin-- niirtn 9. P»iH(*l * 1 Hb -- ntir«n fl-HH. Truck _ ., n*rn--niiftn/'J, Trurhi i.i h'p -p,^,,.! ( V 4 ) , I.p-.nuren 0-1 T_dtt»*n« ( N«pp, Rl««, nnmrntl, T-"1. Alt.--J.W , Today'** Sports Card ll*r«« Riwliif--Hotlrwood P»rk, 1:4 'lil* lp«*iU-- fn Ptrlfl« Aurillorlu : iVrMtHM--Olymplfl AiMltnMum, U30 m. ITlitii Vi. L*«. titl* mm lent. zr __ . n KrinrUeo »,, . . . ,4»7 .364 .2*1 1 H.n V.r, iioii r woori . 1^0. ARK*)*' l. t 2, Ifollvwood 1. 3, ffin Pr^nclwo 1. m\ Mittu. rn|n. li*m*ft TMnlfM '"i-'j). WtlnUf Kltld. fDinU.I «-0) Hi f Brooklyn «. Clmlnnitl 1. 1. Mllw.ulnt 1 (4H In . , llmmn T«l.l Ntw York ·( Chlcaio-- Oom«* ' Mrooklyn r.m 12-01 vi. 'cin«l»n«ll (nl|bl)-- Kou- Mll 10-31. ukt* (rillbl)- 14*1). Anb«rtl (3-l »«, - . _ Plttibitrih ·! Ht, Lnult . K.'lind 13* ' VR MeDnnUI (2-1). AMRHICAN LRAOVf. W L Prt. no -- ]· A .!?! HKrtd - ,,.,*»._ 1? Bovlllff (L*n«- n m \Vr*HtHnn (Br 5). 8;3n p.m. n'rownt. KARC (7), .. KTl*A Southern Association Mtw Orltni 7, Rlrtnlnih.m t, . AlltnlB 3. Mnblli 2. ' , ' , . · niitlinaoti I, Mlmphli 1, ." ! ' N.iKvllli |], JJIIIi R«k 1, ' III lUuoitr 4.21 rinrlnnntl MlloiilkM Brooklyn , Pinlinilnhlt _ . Uuii «,, Niw York. .... Pii NATIONAL MTAOIir « I. P»», 21 V» .1T7 Iruti t.Tur rtivtUnd h, Roiton .1. . . . , W«ih|ng|on J, KiniRi Cltr 0. · * - f'til»ito 3, Ntw York 1. , D«troll ]. BalUmor* 1 414 Innlnfi). 4lMTtr« TndAr Kiniii ntT *t Wsiihlntton--Burn«tlt (3-U vi, Abtroith* (1*4). *^ r*tmlL m BalHrnAr* (nlfht)-- M«ft (\-f\ vi. C*ecar«H| ( n *O. Chi«iiTA ·» Niw York--Wilton (M) vi Kuckl ( 1 - i . . at BMtol Brawir (5-2). -Dilir Ib 4 I n M JlnMn.rf Altib*lli.lti 0 0 7 II (Itrn*rt,]h rolvltn r l 3 1 1 0 M«Uon«.3b ('· 4 ^ 1 2 Kkui.n Rtleklrwl,2b -% I 0 4 r-n^*cln,H HM«n,« 4 1 100 Whlll.r Wynn.p , i 0 O 2 !·,«?.« ·»- Hl'ltr..! » . . tr-GooHmiN 4 1 1 0 not 2 1 2 2 n 4 2 1 2 rt 1 n o o Portrflild.p n n o Mlnarcln.p 0 0 0 d'Vtrrvon 1 1 0 0 4 , TV [Drops " Totkli 3^ 1} '27 t Tntali 3J T 27 ·--i^nid ogt tor Buihv In Kth; b nroun(,*-1 out fnr Rltlir In Tib: c--H fnr Wllliimi in tin: rt-Doublet i llti.irln In 9th. -- rt*r»Ul»4 '. MM 1*1 41*- Bwt,ijn Ml 4HW *l»--| lv--Klun 3. Oirnirl, J«n«n. HBI -- PUmll, Wyhn 2, Ctrniqitit *. Wirt . Jinicn (Avlli icuMd on J*P«n't irror It fithi. 2W--Weortllnjt, \VhMi. Hlhcn. Y*rnon HB--r»rr»«iml. SBC--Carr«* nil. I fVrnn f f l . »P-- M»Uon*-M"iifb. a * r n«rt, KtlcklniMl'f 4 m»qU*l*W«rtx, I.OH--ri««lftni1 11. Boilftn 11. HB-Wynn 7. HUrtr *. BO--Wynn *, Rl«l«r 1 Mlnircln I. HO--Pl»l«r »-7, PnM«r* flfld 4 « 1 . Mlnirrln 0-1. R*BR--»v »n 2-2. ll*l*r d-a. Portcrfl»ld ?·?. WP-in LP^fllilir fl-2r. U-- imrri, MonovhlrV, Klih«rty. Cylik. 3(39, Alt.--(,2*0. Rain Halts Braves, Phils in 6th, 1-1 MILWAUKEE «'J:'--The Mil- aukee Rraves and Philadelphia Phillies played to a 1-1 tie In n game called at the end of five. and a half Innings Tuesday night because nf rain. The game will have to be replayed from the start. klladrlpkla Mll» An H n A AH H O A Aihburn.rf 3 0 0 0 OTnnnll.Jb 7 0 0 2 Umn«r.2b 3 0 2 II A»ron,rf 1 0 1 4( OP*1«.* 1 0 3 0 UKthtwi.Sb 2 1 0 2 2 1 3 0 2 o » rm*«.3b . 1 1 1 0 Tinn«r If Rtpulikl.lf 2 0 1 0 Lot in, M lo«man,r( 1 0 3 0 Mruton.rf ''·rndi.ti 1 1 2 2 rrindill.i OrdwfU.p 4t 1 u OConltr.P ToUH t t t ' 4 IS 2 TotftU PhllkJHphU _ SAN DIEGO UTI-- Earl Aver. Ill's third home run of the season enabled San Diego to edge San Francisco, 3-2. Tuesday night. ' · The Seals got only two hits off Pete Mesa and Gene LaryJ The latter got credit for the win when Mesa went out with · a sore elbow In the fifth. M frMtlif* NAB !)!»· ' ' ' A W I I O A * A B H O A ' tirion rf 4 n i u Boblnion.rf 4 I a IT 4 0 0 1 Ktd.roll.Ib 3 1 1 1 i l o Ixieklln rl 4 ii 1 n |xMk||n,r( 4 ii II n, 4lrTibr«.» rs.rmtr.2b 1 :orlih,p i-Tnormn.% .1 I n o 3 0 n n 4 1 2 l " K*i*k.3h 4 o n *t Mor.n... ·} I » rt FUN*.""*." : o 2 .1 iUrrll,Ma*t 1 o I 1 O » 0 Av«Mll.« l i o n M».*,p (t*li/,p f) O n O Ltiry.p k ..Aiprmnt 1 n rt O "^"'*' \ Ao»rnthy,p rt o rt rt l.Hmtth.P 0 0 rt 0 r ' "' * 2 2 n n n 1 0 1 0 TnUl* T9 ft It S ih In »lh; h-- «·(· ·rrnr for KUlj- in illl, H K»Htlsra ......... ,. IHMI Ht* B** lit Ht*C» - (Ml IWI M»t-- 3 K-K*mk. RBI-- Kfdvroff, Lncklin. Tot 111 3 0 J 2 * t O f/.r rv»r| KUlj- in . --Av*,IU. RR_AV*rllI LOB , H-- K»d*roit. . Pr«n IY 2 M»» 2, Mrr I, BO--D"- M*h A, AUrnnlhv 1. Ml** Z, 1^" 4. R. - -- - HO-- Wuh *·. .**'·')'., *; a « .. _ VH. *V:*ER-- porlih J.K *ry 0-fl, 'K. flmith O-O. HBP--B«nf-». **/ M«. t B.nn. by L.r^ WP-I^ry iMi. L , ,P-- norlih tf, WP . U-- B«r» Yuhaw. T-- 2:15. in i il T « !»·--I ·· ^^ .. i IIWHIIMrK ,.-»TM. - ·*· "I /^* l B--f:r*rx1lil. RBl- Bowmnn, ConUv. h-- Mtlhtwi. 8B--F«rn»nd«i. Jon»i. (ruton^ *»·«.-- R«pu|tkl, Bowmtn Ifi. X1-- Htll»d«|phi* 7,«* .1. BB --Ctrdwtll 2. Conjir 3 HO--CurtwHI 2. C«nliy 3. R*ER--r.irdwfll 1-1. C»nl*y ·1. U--Bnl»lH, Tonlin, DnniUllI, P«l nof». T--1:23. Att.--18.l3«. i o ? JjLulu Perez 10-7 Pick - 2 1 4 0| to Whip Velasquez TV International League Bulfaki IJ, Unritnal I. . . Toronto 3, Rorhtalar 2, Havana at Richmond, rain. Lulu Perez, the former mitt Idol from Brooklyn, was listed as a 10-7 favorite to whip ' young and ambitious Julian ,-; Velasquez In Thursday's 10- round non-televised main event at the Olympic Auditorium. . Bill Tate of New York, former , All-Navy middleweight cham- -. plon, Is a 10-8 pick over Artl« , Dlxon In the televised feature. ..

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