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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
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Saturday, February 3, 1973
Page 12
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PAGE 12 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1973 at Daytona -starts again ';'. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- They hate it but ^they're doing it. Once started, they hope they can keep it up for 24 hours. . They are the drivers of the four favored cars in the 24 Hours of Daytona sports car race, which started today. None of them likes a race this long, but it's their business. : : Derek Bell of England put a Gulf Mirage on the pole with a Qualifying lap at 129:995 miles an hour around a tortuous 3.81-mile course. Henri Pescarolo of France was close -behind with a 127.641 clocking in a Matra- Simca. . Then came Howden Ganley of England in another Mirage at 125.878 m.p.h. A brand-new Lola encountered .suspensions problems and qualified only sixth fastest at. 114.598, with Rene Wisell of Switzerland at the wheel. However, if the suspension difficulties are solved, it is rated a top contender '.along with the other three. -' Bell admitted he thinks a 24- Hourxace isridiculous, · "I can't see what it does for motoring," he said. '"But we do it because it's there and it's our assignment." Francois Cevert, sharing the speedy Matra with Pescarolo and Jean-Pierre Beltoise in an all-French team, said "This is a car race; not a driver'race. I'd rather be in a Grand. Prix where -- can drive as fast as the car and I will go:" To Mike Hailwood, .English partner of Ganley in one of the Sr'cylinder Murages, said his idea of a good sports car race distance is 1,000 kilometers or six'hours. "A race this long doesn't prove anything except the TM._ . . reliability of the cars -- which. »sJllHlOr tennis I supposed it is meant to *»*...· - · . i.". ' . · - - . · : . · . · · ' - V prove."' ' · ' ' With endurance of .topmost importance, the cars will he geared somewhat below top speed, and drivers probably ·instructed to pace themselves even below the best they can. do. . "But we have to stay with the Matra from the start,", said Bell. "If we aren't close at the start of the last hour, there won't be any race." While these four. are favored, a , handful of dependable Porsches and three production Ferraris are on the fringe, ready in case the prototypes break down. "There's a Roger Penske Porsche that won't keep up, but it should be going at the end," commented Hailwood. Mark Donohue, Indianapolis 500 winner, will be driving that Porsche Carerera along with George Fullmer, Can-Am series champion. A Porsche 908 entered by a. Toronto, Ont., driving team of Harry Bytzek, Rudi Bartling Sandkr jadvances fo finals || All Jon Sandier has to do is ·"sit back and wait. The top-seeded player from Sahuaro knocked off second- seeded Bill Tannenbaum of Rincon, 10-8, in yesterday's second round of play in the Third Annual High School Invitational Tennis. Tournament at Tucson Racquet and Swim Club. By virtue of his win, Sandier jiqw/must wait until Sunday ;i«fternoon when a finalist Demerges from the losers' ^bracket. ; Losers' bracket play resumed this morning with .rounds scheduled for 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. today. Finals are slated for 2 p.m. tomorrow. . CHAMPIONSHIP FLICHT Bill Tannenbaum, Rin, def. Albert Grabb, Rin, 10-1. Jon Sandier, Sah, dcf. Jim Allln, Rln, 10-7. Jon Sandier, Sah, de?. Bill Tannenbaum, Rln, 10-8. LOSERS' BRACKET Trey Brunsteln, Tuc, def. Sam McGlamery, Cat, 10-7. John Davis, Amp, def. Gary Druchman, Tuc, 10-1. Steve TInney, Cat, def. Bill Present, Rln, 10-8. Mark Jepperson, Tuc, def. Ron Kroncn- beroer, Sah, 10-5. John Davis, Amp, def. Trey Brunsteln, Tuc, 10-3. Steve Tlnncy, Cat, def. Mark Jepperson, Tuc, 10-7. unior tennis · · - - · · - . . ' · · · - · · · : · · · ; · ' · ' · · tomorrow 5? .Singles and doubles cpm- ·gjfctition continued today in the !£iso Ran Junior Tennis Tour- laJrament at Randolph Park ten-' _.nis courts. 'SMhe'· tournament is : the first j|to be conducted at the newly ^'expanded courts; : «i The event will end tomorrow ·Swith finals in boys and girls 16 and 14 doubles and sin- ;j Girls II limits -- Dare d. Hermes, 6-4, *!t-1: Woisol d, Arpchcderra, 6-4, 6-3; Gray "id. Hoeffer, 6-4,6-2. 'X "Sins U Jinnies -- Alberts d. Evans, 6-1, fi-2; Scott d. Manwcller, 6-0, 64; Slollcr d. * Cooper, dcf.; Galilean d. Moran, 6-2, 7-6; .''Brown d. Salqado, 6-2, 6-1; McWIIIIams J*cl. Wllklns, 7-6, 6-4; DeHaven d. Honnas, .«W, 6-1; Zent d. Strickland, 7-6, 5-7, 7-5. 11 Bov: 18 Sir-iles _ --_ Anderson ..d. ijKronenberser, 7-6, 6-1; Everelt d. Jolly, '-4-1., 7-6; P.ines d. Goldstein. 4-6, 6-4, 7-6; Bronnlman d. Estcs, 6-1, 6-4; Weeks, d. vRunion. 7-5, 6-3; L. Ol'-on.d. Mason, 6-0, -··6-1; Chcema d. Stanford, 6-1, 6-1; S. "Slocum d. Rines, 6-1,6-7,6-4. "f Boys It Singles -- Vascy d. Wrlaht, '·tiof.; Hughes d. Kern, 3-6, 7-5, 6-0; Ra- "Wiirez d. Klvel, 6-2, 2-6, 6-3; Drobcck d. a'Alwood, 60, 6-2; Dodge d. Rendon, 4-6, -»6-4, 6-2; Greer d. Swingle, dcf.; Slrador «.«. Houghton, 6-0 6-1; Brcwton d. Suba, «#-! ,6-0; Temmermans d. Rubl, 6-0, 6-0; j-Rohllk d. Cunningham, def; Baldwin d. !,, /BoyVH Singles -- Noedham d. Hlcrllng, '..6 ; 2. 6-3; Ancus d. Kemfert, 6-0, 6-1; Barker d. Klmblc, 6-1, 6-0; Lyle d. -'Bu-hsbaum. 6-1, 6-0; Steele rt. Burk. dcf.; . T. Slocum d. Pierce, 6-2, 6-0; Tvrcl d. T. 'Daranvi. def; Gomez d. Miller, 6-1, 6-0; Martlndale d. P. Amos, 6-0, 6-0 Koepkc art C. Craninahc.m. 6-2. 6-7, 6-2 Enclnas d. Bacal, 6-4. 6-2; Trafton d. T. Ollason, 6-2, -3-'. '.-·"; Michel! rt. Hays, 3-6, 6f- 6-1; "-Wcnas d. Ethlnolon, 6-1, 6-2; Vidal d. H. .."Amos, 6-2,6-1; Gianas d. Bolden, 6-3,6-1. and Bert Kuehne was fourth fastest qualifier at 125.878 m.p.h. Chuck Bertelsen of the Minneapolis Ski Club is headed for a fall as he flips over on his skis and lands during the first run of the Ski Flying Classic at Cop- · UPI Teltphoto Over hot so easy *· * i per Peak in Ironwood, Mich. Bertelsen was not seriously injured in the fall and continued competing in the classic. Wffle... Or Hove a sporh question, idea, plaudit or eriticiim' Drop a line to "Write ... or Wrong," Tueion Doily Citizen, PO Sox 5027, up code 85703. All lefferi must be signed with o return address and should not «x«td '300 Vordj (** rtservt tho right to *dit in rht inttrnt of brivirf). ^ Fighting, mad Dear Mr. Spriggs: I have been a boxing fan for many years, and also I consider your writing very impartial, and accurate. However, ;it ; seems that the people in charge of the "match making either don't care, or are just plain abusive. I am sure the promoter knew a;day or so before of the eye problem of Raul Rojas which caused the Eojas-Baul Llamas fight to ,be canceled. Why didn't the radio stations which advertised the fight, notify : the public that the fight was going to be canceled. I feel very strongly, along with very many fans, about this type of abuse. I hope that since you are a man dedicated to your work, you could do something in re-, gard to this lack of responsibility on the part of the promoters. · Boxing needs stimulating, not degrading. · -Sincerely, Arturo R. Ruiz 1025 ( E. Oklahoma St. Your complaint Is age-oML However, promoter Tony Flores was not at fault in the incident. Raul Rojas was not allowed to compete because of an eye injury that was discovered at the weigh-in examination, which was held according to Arizona Athletic;Commission regulations at noon on the day of the s(:hed»'"d fight.Flores''attempt'to provide a substitute bout fell through just moments before the main event was to take place when one of the contestants, who earlier in the day had agreed to fight, left the arena, leaving fight fans and Flores holding the bag. Ring announcer Mike Quints' use of the term "mediocre" in describing what a substitute for a substitute-bout might be like was a masterful understatement. He should have said "terrible." --Dave Spriggs. Recognition Dear Sir: How can an excellent newspaper such as yours ignore one of Tucson's all-time great athletes? Jesse Parker has made two All-America teams and'the Citizen has practically ignored it. An honor like that is not often bestowed .on a Tucson athlete, much less an Arizonaa Jesse Parker is one of the finest people I have ever met, and is respected and liked by his classmates, teachers and friends, I'm sure you could give him a little more recognition than you have, for he truly deserves it.. · · · ' V Darrell Alexander . 4109 E.Hawthorne We carried stories on each occasion when Parker was named to a high school All-America team. He also was named to the Citizen's AlhClty team. Just this week we carried a story and* picture announcing his selection by the Tucson Press Box Association as high school Back of .the Year. ; . · Heated pool ^ Dear Sir: . . "·, ; . Currently there is not a single heated "public" swimming pool in Pima County whereas the Phoenix area has five or six pools heated year around. At the present time, a group of citizens is working with our county government with the hope of getting the Ft. Lowell Park 50-meter pool heated and open to the public the year aroUnd. Presently the facility is used only three months a year... but must be maintained 12 months a year. . The Arizona AAU Swim Committee has estimated that the Ft Lowell pool's use during the additional nine months would average 50 per cent of the summer months in numbers of swimmers. Preliminary estimates (excluding the actual cost of the heater and cost of heating the pool) have indicated there would be a positive ·cash flow of $1,000 or more per month. For ·little or no additional cost, this facility could become "public" year around for the better- the entire community. John T.Wolfe 3411 Calle de Beso Allison maintains pace for Skyline championship " By FRED THE AD WELL Citizen Sportswriter The trend John Allison set on Monday carried right through yesterday in the 10th annual Skyline Invitational /golf tournament. f Allison of FayetteviUe, Ark., '^won the championship flight Atrophy by defeating defending ".vchampion Jack Maas, of Eng- ~';]ewood, Colo., 1-up. Alison ;-iook medalist honors in the. *ifirst day of action Monday. ;; Yesterday's match was not ;'-decided until the final green. First flight honors went to Richard May of McHenry, 111., who defeated Lloyd Cole of Ft. Worth, 2 and 1. Jack Dean of Seattle had an easier time in the second flight, taking a 5 and 3 win over Forrest Laug of Spring Lake, Mich. In the third flight, James Running of Dallas defeated Tucsonian Jim Devine, 2-up. Another Dallas resident, Norm Lewin, defeated Hector Campbell of Dodge City, Kan., 3 and 2 to win the fourth flight. pew tennis club lo open in April .'". The Outback Inc., a Tucson- Abased corporation, has an- ·"nounced plans for a $500,000 ·tennis club northwest of Tuc- json at 5650 N. Oracle Road. ? The club, designed by Guy -S. Greene and Associates, will feature tennis, squash, hand- tall and racket ball courts, a ^Clubhouse, a loungs, swimming pool, locker rooms, sauna, showers and a pro shop, according to Earl Rutz Jr., president. Construction on the first 10 courts, clubhouse and pool is expected to begin within six weeks. The club is expected to be open for play in April, Rutz said. The remainder of the cotirts and other facilities will be finished in stages, he said. Ed Major of Pasadena, Calif., won the fifth flight with a 1-up win over Jim Dieffenderfer of Colorado Springs, Colo. Scoring his third straight 1- up victory, George Waitt of Wichita took sixth flight honors from V. S. Nicholson of Oklahoma City. Bill Ewing of Dallas defeated Fate Hutchinson of Colorado Springs 1-up in the seventh flight finals. Jack Bingham of Tucson won the eighth flight by deci- sioning Floyd Ikard of Pinetop, 2 and 1. Tucson Country Club , Ruth Johnston, Libby Andrews, Kitty Murray and Flo Lovejoy combined for a 64 yesterday in a best ball foursome event played by TCC's 18-hole group. Kay Brown, Betty Ingwer, Ginna Neubauer and Georgie Oyler made up one of three teams which shared runnerup honors at 67. Also at 67 was the team of Patsy Brooks, Betty Dent, Mary Holderness and Mary Jane Cogswell along with the foursome of Dorothy Griffith, Pat Bayly, Vi Emmerich and Marge Addison. - Citizen Photo by Lew Elliott Skyline winner Jack Allison of FayetteviUe, Ark,, displays the trophy which he received yesterday for winning the annual Skyline Country Club Invitational championship. Allison took a I-up victory over defending champion Jack Maas. Basketball Scores ~ HIGH SCHOOL Class AAA Alhambrs 75, Phoenix Union 66 Temoe 67, Yuma 41 ' Rincon 69, Sahuaro 64 MesaUO.saaixiro 62 Moon Valley 73, Flagstaff 54 ·' "i 60, Browne 46 ..Ina W, Amphitheater 41 . ._.:iintoclc79, KofaM . : Palo Verde 73, Cnolla S2 East 84, Central «1 Coronadoi?, Chandler 55 Apollo 76 Paradise Valley 60 Brophv 42, Glendale 32 Casa Grande 73, Arcadia 65 Camtlback«, Carl Hay den 44 Marvvale 66, south 47 Westwood 51, Scottidale S3 St.-Mary's 86. Marcos de Nlza 44 Prescott n, Cortei 60^ SaJBolnte 71, Buena 57 -'_ -,--· -Glass AA Klnqman-», ABuaFrlsSJ Coconlno 82, Coolldae 63 Safford 75, Blsbee 43 Canvon del Oro 69, Ntraales 5» Flowing V/ells 75^ Globe 54 'Class A -Marina 73; Mtamlj Superior 45, Rav 41 Alo 39, Gerard 34 'Gilbert 70, Buckeye 6 . Lakt.Havasu 64, Pto ioria 42 . Benson 7t, Duncan 65 ot Tombstone 54, Sahuarlta 51 Pavson 50. Phoenix Christian 44 Florence 75, Camo Verde 61 Mlnous 70. Dvsart 62 Williams 60, Blue Rldoe 54 Thaldier'54. Babooulvarl 51 Antelope 47, Mohave 41 Beodad 95; St.' Johns Indian 4f Monument Valley 91, Tuba City U St. Johns 56, Alchesav 54 · Round Valley 64, Pact 57 HSivden 69, Scton i7 : ' Wlckenbura K, Glla Bend 65 ; Class C Joseph Cltv 7», Ash Fork 3» McNary 5», Fredonla 51 Salome 58, Grand Canvon 5f Ft. Thomas 87. Bowie 6». Pataoonla 70, rlma 57 Mayer 57, Selloman 53 COLLEGE .' : - ' ' . - . V . : 'East : '.'Penn 74,Yale54 · Brown at Princeton, pod. Columbia 84, Dartmouth 57 Lowell Tech 78, Suffolk 69 Gencseo St. 74, HobartSZ ' Union 70, Utlca 65 Madison 85, York, Pa. 59 Brldflewater St. 76, Framlnsham St. 68 East. Nazarene 95, Kings, pa. 76 Glntssboro 60, wm. Patterson 54 Qulnniplae 94, Newark Engineering 72 Belolt 85, Monmouth 52 Gettysburg 78, Wldsner 72 N. Carolina AT 66, 0«l. St. 64 Boston U. 79, Catholic U. 73 Coast Guard 72, Bowdoln 55 Harvard 78, Cornell 72 Assumption 97, Siena 91 South Howard 85, S. Carolina St. 73 Va. St. 92, Campbell 79 Chris. Newport 72, UMC-Charlotte 68 Shepherd 76, Aldcrson-Broaddus 71 Md.-Balt. Countv 76, St. Mary's, Md. M. C Weslcyan'87, St. Andrews 72 Wash. 8, Lee 82, Bridgewater, Va. 56 Glenvllle 99, Davis Elklns 47 Va. Union 77, Va. Commonwealth 75 Sewanec 92, Maryvllle 48 Gullford82, Elon70- FIs' Flsk 70, Savannah St. 67 . · . W, Ga. Col. 99, Auousta Col. TV Albany St., Ga. 84, KnoxvIHe Col. 93 Mlllsaps 86, Lambuth 83 Armstrong St. 95, Oalethrope 70 Christ. Bros. 88, Bethel 64 Hampden-Sydney79, Towson St. 78, overtime l-New Orleans 73 Md.-East. Shore 100, N.C. Central 80 La.Tech.oi ( LSU-Nev ~ ' Union 79, Belmont 61 Midwest Wavne St. 74, Ferris 6S Fredonla St. 48, Oakland, Miclr. 44 Ind-Pu-Indianapolls75, Ind-South Bend £4 S. Illinois 78, Cretghtco 74 Baker 92, Mo. Valley 65 Neb-Omaha 96, Emporla St. 91 Ottawa 67, Col. Emporia 66 SlU-Edwardsvllle 107, Ind.-SE 67 Carroll 92, Lake Forest 50 Auqustana 37, Carthage 3-1 W. Illinois 103, Chicaao St. 93 Eureka 61, Rockford 60 Lakeland 84, Northland 79 Bemid'l 72, Mich. Tech 60 St. Olaf 83, Grlnnell, Iowa 38 Carleton 65, Cornell, Iowa 62 Mankato St. 67, Morninaslde 58 · La. Tech 91, LSU-New Orleans 73 Quincv 102, St. Norbert 72 Cent. Methodist. Mo. 69, Graccland 68 Wm. Jewell 60, Tarklo 52 N. III. 92, III. St. 83, overtime HiHsdalo 77. HE III. 69 . MlHon 100, Purdue-N. Central 52 N. Dakota SI. 100, S. Dakota St. 95 S. Dakota 80. N. Iowa 68 Augustana, S.D. 78, N. Dakota 77, overtime S. Colo. St. 74, Washburn, Kan. 60 Far West Rocky Mt. 103, Carroll, Mont. 79 Colo. MlneS'79, Reals 63 Las Venas Robertson 65, Santa Rosa 57 Moiutainair 43, Vaughn 42 St. Pius 69, St. Michaels 59 Idaho 100, Mont. St. 71 Washington 53, Wash. St. 51 Whitman 91, Whltworth 66 Weber St. 91, Boise St. 60 Ore. St. 68, Oregon 56 East. Ore. 74, Ore. Tech 62 Lewis.and Calrk 86, Linfield 80 Sonoma St. 94, San Francisco St. 85 Killanin helped out , Lake Placid puts bid in for Games LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) -- Olympic planners from Montreal--'and a hopeful delegation from Lake Placid, N.Y. -- face the International Olympic Committee s executive group today in an effort to firm up the program for 1976. The Canadians, after weeks of speculation that they might be unable to go through with the Summer Olympics, were due "to make a progress report. "I fail to see how the IOC could possibly be dissatisfied with what we have to tell them," said Mayor Jean Drapeau of Montreal. The Lake' Placid enthusiasts, hoping to tale the place of Denver, Colo., and host the Winter Games, will go before the executive committee tomorrow. They are competing against three European towns -- Chamonix, France; Innsbruck, Austria, and Tampere, Finland. The Winter Olympics are in a state of crisis because Denver pulled out two years' after the ICC awarded the Games to the city. The people of Colorado voted 1 against the expenditure in a referendum*. The Lake Placid team, headed by Mayor Kdbert Peacock, will be aiming to do more than win the Olympics for their winter sports resort. They are trying to preserve the credibility of Olympic planning in the United States. After Denver withdrew, the IOC called for new bids toy Jan. 15. Salt Lake City applied to stage the games and so did the three European towns. v This week 'Salt Lake City pulled out because it, was doubtful about.-raising the $30 million, required. Arid Lake Placid stepped'.in. Mayor.Peacock and his colleagues have at least one pqwr erful friend in the IOC -- Lord Kfflanin, the Irish peer who ; has succeeded A'yery Brundage ' as president! Without ·Haward St. 80, Humboldt St. 68 Cal-Rivcrslde 66, A?usa Pacific 65 USIU 82, Chapman 52 Athletes In Action 78, Ca Polv-SLO 71 Occidental 78, Fresno Pacific 67 Westmont 95, Pasadena 69 Northridge St. 87. Car Lutheran 63 Cat Baptist 81, Pacific Christian 67 Bakersfield St. 98, Cal-San Diego 57 Gonzapa 60, Montana 57.- overtime Idaho St. 67, No. Ariz. 59 W. New Mex. 78, Adams St. AS Grand Canvon 94, New Mex. Hiahlands 67 Junior College Basketball Arizona Western 82, Eastern Arizona 65 Phoenix College 100, Glendale Community 84 Scottsdale Community 94, Cochlse 56 consulting his committee, Kill-; anin invited Lake Placid to make its application, even though it.had missed the Jan. 15 deadline. "It was only fair to the Americans," Killanin said, "after all the trouble they have had." Although . its application- came in.late, Lake Placid will be treated on an equal footing with the three European towns. Lots wul:be drawn to decide the order in which the f our applicants wUl appear before the IOC executive committee tomorrow. : - :.·"· Normally the full IOC Decides on sites for the Olympics. But a spokesman said the executive committee is ; "98 per cent certain" to use emergency powers and award the Winter Games this .week-· ' New Mexico State stars still ineligible LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico State Universily head basketball coach Lou Benson* said 1 yesterday he can't put- two former Aggie stars back on the team despite a court ruling. Philadelphia attorney Richie Phillips said a Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia issued yesterday a preliminary injunction against an NCAA action that resulted in John Williamson and Roland Grant being declared ineligible. , / Phillips said the NCAA was ordered to appear Wednesday to show cause why the injunction against fche NCAA action should riot be made permanent. Henson, however, said New Mexico State has "not been served a court order, so therefore we can't play them." ? , He said, "The injunction is against the NCAA ,aiid not against New Mexico State University. We declared them in-. eligible" · · · ' - · · ; : ' ' · ' . - . . ·'. : · ·' ; -.;"! · ' . : : " ' · : ' But Henson also noted that ;NMSU was acting at the direct i o n o f tine NCAA. ^ U . · ' : · · ' . . : / . ; ^ ' ' " V . ; , " As of last night, it appeared Williamson, the nation s third leading scorer, and Grant would not be, able to compete in tonight's New Mexico StaterWidhita,State basketball game here. The NCAA contends Williamson and Graiit received non-university financial assistance for which they were not eligible. The players contend' in the suit that the assistance was in the form wf payment for work they performed while employed by a Las Cruoes firm. Sports Results NOTI .._ n the Matter of in* Estate of V. L. HASHrBka ' ' VIVIAN L. HASH, . · Deceased. Otto Hash and Virginia Hath, co-execu- ors, havlnn filed thtlr Petition for Instruc- lons and the court having entered Its order hcreon, · · ' ,:'-.; '· . ' · '"' : ·". ' : Notice It hereby Blven tliat a Iwarlna has been set on February 21, 1973 at 1:30 p.m. n Division 4, Superior Court Building, 101 West Jefferson, Phoenix, Marlcopa County, Arizona, and all parties to the divorce ac- lons In nuestion as reflected In the sold 'etltlon of co-executors, and on tti* jut ·it- ached hereto, as "Exhibit A" and "Exhibit .[," are notified then and ftiere' to appear and show cause. If any they have, why the decrees of divorce hcrelnabove referred to siiould not be filed with the. Clerk of the Superior Court of Marlcopa County, Arizona, nunc pro tune, pursuant to Rule 5t(a) of the Rules of Civil procedure, as amended. . ' · ' · ' · Baseball BALTIMORE -- 'Don Bufo'rd, :former outfielder with the American League Baltimore Orioles, has slaned a two-year contract with the Pacific Club Lions In the Japanese Pacific League. Skiing AUSTRIA -- West Germany's'Rosl Mlt- lermaier covered the Cannon Barrel slalom track In 91:43 for two runs and won htr first World Cup victory of the «ason. Tennis MILAN, Italy --Too-seeded Ken;Ros wall, Australia, advanced to the semifinals of the $50,000 Milan IndoorJ«nnl» Tournament, deleatlnfi M«rk Cox 6-2,7-6. RICHMOND, Va: -- Top-seeded Rod Laver, Australia sidelined Gift Richey, San Antonio, Tex., 6-4, M, and. moved into the semifinals of the Fidelity World Championship Tennis Tournament. . -. BETHESDA, D.C. -- Top-seeded Margaret Smith Court, Australia beat Julie Heldman, Houston, Tex., 4-2, 6-0,6-1, and advanced to the semifinals of the Virqlnla Slims Invitational women's tennis tour- ncy ' 1 Track Field TORONTO -- I rl» Davit Of T«nn. St. broke the world Indoor, mark for the 50- yd. dash and Glenda Relsner, Ottawa, shattered the world standard for th.e 1,000 (n the Toronto Stir Maole.Luf Indoor Gamej. . - · ;· ' : . , LEGAL NOTICE ·LEGAL NOTICE WILSOND: Bv: F. LUK · Deputy Clei r ALMER, CLERK Helen Alandar v. James Alandar, 40725 W. C. Truman, March 9, 1955. Margaret Allen v. Elza Allen, 1174) James A. Walsh, August 27,1946. Charles C. Ames v. Nettle Ames, 25935 Charles C. Bernstein, Dec. 12,1949. Gladys Aulrev v. Johnny Autrey, 15658 Harold R. Scovllle, Dec. 21,1945. Idella J. Barnett v. Richard Barnett, 19136 Edwin bcauchamp, Sept. 1,1948. Vanna Lee Bartlett v. John L. Bartlett, 19745 Dudley W. Wlndes, May 19,1947 Blanche Mae Bates v. Charles Bates, 9771 J. C. Niles, March 19,1943. Elzy Batten v. Letha Batten, 1449 Howard C. SpeaKman, June 28,1935. Idelle Beazlcv v. Rencher Bcazley, 29676 Dudley W. Wlndes, Dec. 26,1929. Arthur Bcasley v. Violet Beasley, 30565 Richard Lamson, Auqust 20,1929.' Robert C. Blanton v. Maxlne Blantoh, 22759 Walter J. Thalhelmer, April 24,1948, Alma Bolln v. Landon B. Bolln, 42445 Charles H. Elmer, August 9,1955. Leona Bolton v James .Calven Bolton, 25881 Francis J. Donofrlo, June 22,1*49. Daisy Booth v. Gordon Booth, 2S50 Elbert R, Thurman, Nov. 2,1936. Geraldine Avis Bourgeois v. Rene_Caesar Bourgeois, 29584 John F. Connor, Pec, 22, 1950. Napoleon Brady v. Jessie-May Brady, 7107 J.C. Niles, March 17,1941. Mildred Grassle v. Earl A. Grassie, 27705 Dudley W. Wlndes, March 5,1928. · ' Mamie M. Harper v.' Steve Harper, 27686 Renz L. Jennings, March 28,1950. Lucile Harris, v. Frank 0. Harris, 27917 Dudley W. Wlndes, Mav 7,1928. Hazel Harris, v. Charles Wlllard Harm, 21224 Walter J. Thalhelmer, Nov. 21,1947. Bertha. Wyone Harris v. John W. Harris, 1212 Howard C. Sparkman, Jan. 28,1935. · Martha Jean Holt, v. Francis Holt, 29445 Renz L. Jennings, Nov. 27,1950. Sam Howard, v. Ludie Howard, 12430 Arthur T. LaPrade, Aug. 1,1944. - . Edith Jacobson y. Jesse Jacobson, 23459 Walter J. Thalhelmer, June Z2,1948. Eva Johnson v. Ralph rJohnson, 14065 Jarnes A. Walsh, March 6, 1945. Caroline Johnston V. J. .W. Johnston, 19504 Edwin Beauchamp, March 8,1'47.;' Rhudenla Jones v. James Jones, 26W9 Renz L. Jennings, Nov. 10,1949. ^ Earl Judy v; Louise Judy, 3040 J. C. Ni Alma D Pearl'Justus v. Albert J. Justus, 960 G. A. Rodders, Sept. 4,1934. Virginia Keouoh v. Paul Hamilton Kcough, 16310 Harold R. Scovllle Jan. 24, 1946. Mary Kllpatrlck v. James R. Kllpatrlck, 1058 Henry C. Kelly, Nov. 19,1934. Edna E. Kinnlson v. J. D. Klnnlson, Jr. 35127, Howard C. Speakman, Nov. 14,1931. Lola Kissinger v. Virgil .Kissinger, 22581 Walter J. Thalhelmer, May 11,1948. Barbara Laird v. Charles Laird, 33621 Howard C. Speakman, Jan. 12,1931. Josephine Lambert v. Murray :K. Lambert, 30686 Joseph S. Jenckes, Oct. 29,1929. Thekla Leonard v. Ira Leonard, 15450 Harold R. Scoville, Jan. 2,1946. ; . , , · Capitols Levy v. Francis Levy, 35803 Joseph S. Jenckes, Dec. 1,1931. _ Christina Lewis v. Cyrus Lewis, 16005 Howard C. Speakman, Nov. 26,194S. Mabel Llllford v. Harry Llllfod, 26143 Fred L. Ingraham, April 15,1927. Norman E. Lindcr v. Dora Lee Llnder, 20286 Walter J. Thalhelmer, Oct. 24,1947. Betty Lou Lingo v. Marvin E. Lingo, 26396 Renz L. Jennings, Sept. 14,1950. Eva Lowell v. Virgil Lowell, 20330 Dudley W. Wlndes, April 9,1947. Ruth Lukcr v. Raymond Luker, 28469 Lee N. Stratlon, July 25,1929. /rtavme Bray v. Odes Bray, 11672 Dudley Lee Breland, 4001 . W. Wlndes, Feb. 8, 1944. N -. ovpea r! ^cland , - . . , . J. C, Nlles; March 9, 1938. Grade Brldaes v. Georae Bridges, 10295 Arthur T. LaPrade, July 21, 1943. Lorraine Brlsby v. Dewell W. Brlsby, S8201 Fred C. Struckmcyer, May 4, 1951. eillv Brov/n v. Barbara Brown, 38104 Francis J. Donofrlo, March 30, 1954 Floyd Brown v. Faye Brown, 2320 Howard C. Speakman, April 9. 1936. Carmen V. Burke v. John A. Burke, 22704 Edwin Beauchamp, March 17, 1948. Allen Campbell v. Ethel Mae Campbell, 24644 Thomas J. Croaff, Nov. 16, 1948. Gladys Campbell v. Emmltt Lae Campbell, 12507 Harold R. Scovllle, August 28, Walter Cannon v. Ruby Cannon, 103-D J C. Nlles, April IS, 1933. wllma Carpenter v. James E. Carpenter, 21102 Joseph S: Jenckes, August 21, 1925. Robert Choice v. Sherman Choice, 18889 Thomas J. Croaff, Nov. 18, 1946. Frances Cristy v . - A r n o B. Crlsty 6505 Arthur T. Prade, Auaust 22, 1940. Rawleiqh W. Cllnc v. Martha Cllne, 22127 Walter J Thalhelmer, March 30, 1948. Florence Colvcy v. Curtis Colvey, 4350 J. C. Nlles, October 17, 1938. Susie Conner -v. Cornelius Conner, 43082 Francis J. Donofrlo, Dec. 19, 1955. Grade Cowsert v. Joseph Cowsert, 2294 G. A. Rodgers, April 22, 1936. Juanlta Dale v. Dean Dale, 249 G. A. Rodners, Dec. 5, 1933. Edward Francis Davles v. Frances Rich Davies, 8589 Arthur T. LaPrade, June 15, Murll Day v. Theodore Cecil Day, 26625 Joseph S. Jcnckos, July '30, 1927. Cohen E. Day v. Bertie Mae Day, 37551 Howard C. Speakman. Sept. 6, 1932. Esther Mae Dewberry v. Lezell Dewberry, 32894 Ralph Barry, August 21, 1952. Albert DeWeber v. Emma DeWeber 7263 Howard C. Speakman, April 20, 1941. Ethel Dllllnaham v. Leonard B. Dllllng. ha'm 26040 Thomas J. Croaff, July 26, 1949. Willa Dunn v. Ellis Dunn, 33822 J. C. Niles, Feb. 3, 1931. . Elizabeth Edmonson v. Homer F. Edmonson, 3640 G. A. Rodeers, Sept. 1, 1937. Edward C. tklss v. Eunice V, Eklss, 1218 Howard C. Speakman, Dec. 21, 1934. Albei-ta Eubanks v. Harrison Eubanks, 12513 Harold R. Scovllle, August 22, 1944. Bessie Farr v. Jack A. Farr, 20980 Dudley W. Wlndes, June 15, 1925. · Mable L. Farrow v. Georse Farrow, 27550 Renr L. Jennings, Nov. 20, 1951. Graciela Felix v. Mariano Felix, 12141 James A. Walsh, Feb. 25, 1946. Betty Ann Flcemor v. Rhea Fleemor, 43259 R. C. Stanford, Jr., Sept. 20, 1955 Patricia Furman v. Lee Furman, 40018 Robert E. Yount, Nov. 18, 1954. Edna L. Gaibreath v. Lester W. Gal. breath, 2654 G, A. Rodqers, Dec. 9, 1936. Clottee Gibbons v. Gus Gibbons, 1442 Howard Soeakman. June 21, 1935. Stella Gill v. Thomas Gill, 30378 Lee N Stratton, July 23, 1939. Anna Gilmore v. Alba GHmore, 1435 Howard C. Speakman, Mav 27. 1935. Irene Goodson v. Geor«e Goodson, 1464 Howard C. Speakman, March 25, 1935. Daisy Grantharrt v. Henry E. Grantnam, 19832 DWJtey W, WIrxfes/ Oct. 17, 1947. Wyeth 0. Wilson v. Elian Alice Wilson, 35128 Howard C. Speakman, Nov. 2,1931. Lucille Woods, v. Miller F. Woods, 37633 G. A. Rodders, Jan. 14,1933. Louis E. Woollcy, v. Anness- Woplley, 28 G. A. RMgers, April 5,1933. I . ,,, Cleofa Yranzo v. Alelandro Yranio, 21151 'osepn S. Jenckes,'Aug. 21, 1925. Phillip Acosta ,v. Lucia Acosla, 34845 Fred W. Flckttt, Aug. 27,193 . ; ' Alllc Alexander v. Clyde Alexander, 30745 Dudley W. Wlndes, Sejrt. 30J929. Nelson McCorvey v. Olevur McCorvey, 530 G. A. Rodgers, Dec. 14,1936. Virginia McDonald v. Allen L. McDonald, 28069'Renz L. Jennings, Mav 19,1950. James E. McDonald v. Aggie McDonald, 26394 Dudley W. Wlndes, June 6,1927. Roslc Mav McFarland v. Maxlc McFarland 27021 Dudley W. Wlndes, Nov. John W. McKce v. Johnnie Lou McKee, 38187 Howard C. Speakman, Jan. 3,1933. Delphina Martinez v. Ramon Martinez, 3742 J. C. Nlles, Nov. 11,1938. Dudley W. Wlndes, May 10,1926. Lottie Mathls v. Tommy Mathls, 27057 Renz L. Jennings, Jan. 31,1950. Gladys Merrell v. Alonza Merrell, 23779 Ruth Mathews v. Robert Mathews, 23331 Walter J. Thalhelmcr, Nov. 8,1948. Lola Mae Michael v. Garrott Woodrow Michael 7284 Arthur T. LaPrade, July 14 1941. Robert H. Mills v. Jewell Mills, 1739 Howard C. Speakman, March 9,1938. Mary Cox Mulllns v. Calvin B. Mullllns 11489 James A. Walsh, Jan. 23,1945. William Myers v. Mildred Myers, 8169 Arthur R. LaPrade, Jan. 13,1942. Alciandra Pachcco v. John W. Pacheco 36883 Howard C. Speakman, June 14,1932. Malhcw Page v. Vera Page, 3674 J. C. Nlles, Dec. 1,1937. Stella Peoples v. Ozle Peoples, 26735 Renz L. Jennings, Nov. 7,1949, Glenna Pigs v. J. T. Plgg, 31097 Joseph S. Jenckes, Nov. 16,1929. Truman Poyner v. Leona Povner, 828 J. C. Nlles, Aug. 18,1934. Delia May Renn v. Elmer Ellsworth Renn, 21285 Walter J. Thalhelmer, Sept. 11 1947 Lillian Rhvne v. Lyman Rhvne, 26111 Di'diev W. Wlndes, Feb. 24, 192'/. David Rlggins v. Pearl Rioglns, 27317 Dudley W. Windes, April 11, 1927. James D. S Schrimsher v. Anna Schrim sher, 63 G. A. Rodgers, April 5,1933. Louella C. Schrimsher v. James D Schrimsher, 33043 Thomas J. Prescott, Oct 13,1930. Anna Schrimsher v. James Schrimsher 34846 Joseph S. Jenckes, July 16,1931. Jessie Sexton v. Vernon H. Sexton, 74 G A. Rodgers, March 1,1933. Vcrda lola Shaughnessey v. Darwin D Shauohnessey, 3947 Howard C. Speakman March 9, 193S. Laura Shumwav v. Spencer B. Shumway 20362 Dudley W. Windes, Dec. 9,1924. Osborne Smith v. Josephine Smith, 2308! Joseph S. Jenckes, June 15,1926. Veiam Snedden v. Wallace Snedden, 36694 Howard C. Sneakman, June 14,1932. Gladys Stewart v. William James Stew art, 18073 Walter J. Thalheimer, Mav 3 1948. Nannie Bell Stewart v. Vester Stewart 18080 Harold R. Scovllle, Oct. 22,1946: Burneli Sullivan v. John Ralph Sullivan 8577 Arthur T. LaPrade, Aug. 3,1942. Pasouales Vaienzueia v. Severana Valcn- zuela,'29473 G. A. Rodgers, Jan. 11,1937. Blanche Vickers v. Lewis C. Vlckers, 25796 M. T. Phelps, April 25,1929. Arizona Waddell v. Harrv C. Waddell, 509 G. A. Rodgers, Dec. 5,1933. Ada Allene Waters v. Clarence Vandlver Waters, jr., 22188 Walter J.Thalheimer, Vera 'weise v. George Welse, 25953 Dud- lev W. Windes, March 5,1926. Alta Wendt v. Fred Wendt, 31168 Dudley W. Windes, March 7,1930. John C. Werner v, Margaret I. Werner, 36681 Howard C. Speakrran, April 25,1932. Roy Williams V. Susie Williams, 29155 Dudley W. Wlndes, Jan. 9,1929. Arlean Willams v. Thorman Williams, 24904 Renz L. Jennmss, Feb. 8,1949. ftoy S. Wold v. Mildred Wold, 2681 G. A. Rodders, Dec. 9.1536, LEGAL NOTICE VTvibri'Amiin v. "Carl i. r Amllh, · - --ic. 11, 33415 Thomas J. Prescott, Dec. 11,1930. , bonnle Armstrons vs. Frank Armstrong, 4249 J. C. Nlles, May 23,1938. Russell Bailey v. Thclma Bailey, 122 Howard C. Speakman, March 28, 1933. Jerry Boca v. Beatrice Boci, 16402 James A. Walsh, March 7,1946. Pearl Breland v. William C. Breland, 30545 Dudley W. Wlndes, Sept..28, 1919. Eunice Brinson v. Lester Grant Brlnson, 3614 J. C. Nlles, Oct. 28,1937. .rene Brown v. Rue) F. Brown, 3451S 'J. C. Nlles, Mav 20,1931. . Mary M. Churchwell vs. Robert L. Churchwell, 23641 Dudley W. Wlndes, Nov. Vslcfta Clark v. Ben F. CUrk, J30B4 Thomas J. Prescott, Oci. 16,1930. Mabel Claxton v.- Imcr Claxtonj 32402 Fred F. FickCIt, July 14, 1930. ; " Frances Coker'v. Leonard Coker, 26172 Renz L. Jennlnqs, Auo. 3,1949. · Beatrice Coone v. William Coone, 32685 J. C. Nlles, Feb. 11,1931. ' ' , . ' , ' Eduardo Corea v. Jesus Corea, 1421 Howard C. Speakman, Aug. 19, 1935. Sarah Dlllaha v. Charles Dlllaha, 29703 Dudley W. Windes,5cpt. 26,1929. Mabel Dlnsen v. Adolph Dlnsen, 35504 Howard C. Speakman, Nov 2,1931. · Marcella Francis v. James E. Francis, 118 G. A. Rodoers, Mav 2,1933. Edna Mae Franklin v. Charles Franklin, Jr., 33064 Howard C. Speakman, Jan. 12, Hl'ora Garcia v. Alefas Garcia, 37399 Joseph S. Jenckes, Aug. 5,1932. . . . . Lanlc Golden v. James Golden, 28212 Lorna E. Lockwood, Mav 23,1951. Emma Gray v. Daniel R. Gray, 32867 Joseph S. Jenckes, Sept. 9,1930. Manuel Gray v. Doretha .Gray, 31623 Ralph Barry, May 12,1954. ^ · Anna Lee Green v. Fred Green, 25431 RcnzL. Jennings, June 9,1949. ; Florence Green v. Samuel Green, 25774 Renz L. Jennings, Dec. 1,1949. diaries P. Harry v. Virginia Harry, 186 G. A. Rodgcrs, Dec. 13,1935. ' Glenda Hepler v. Wyatt Hepler, 38021 Francis J. Donofrlo, April 20,1954. ' Lupe Huerta v. Jose Huerta, 4875 J. C. Nlles, June 7,1939. Josephine Johns v. Emerald Johns, 19652 Dudley W. Wlndes, March 12,1947. Daisy Johnson v. Noel Johnson, 24070 Edwin Beauchamp, Sept. 21,1948. Gladdls Kotchum v. Jess Kelchum, 857 Howard C. Speakman, July 26,1934. Wanlta Klemann v. George Klemann, 40967 Renz L. Jennings, Dec. 17,1954. LaVerno LeFcbvrc v. Gilbert LeFebvre, 36816 Howard C. Speakman, May; 9,1932. Ira Lovln v. Gladvs Lovin, 34345 Howard Speakm, " ado, 35078 Nicholas; UdaiirFcbr5,"i?53. ipeakman, Mav 6,1931. ' ' " '.achndp v. Marlorle Louise Mach- Rose K. Mains v. Edwin F. Mains, 38990 Henry S. Stevens, June 19,1954. Irene Mann v. V/lllard Mann, 9781 Howard C. Speakman, Feb. 16,1943. Edna Ml lam v. John W. Milam, 38135 Francis J. Donofrlo, Jan. 5,1954. Ella Moody v. James Blake Moody, 6450 J. C. Niles, Sept. 28,1940. Calvin Moore v. Evelyn Moore, 5827 J. C. Nlles, Dec. 28,1939. Walter B. Morrison v. Shirley Morrison, 11162 Harold R. Scovllle, June 20, J944. Margie Mulkey v. Claude Mulkey, 1122 G. A. Rodgers, Oct. 17,1934. · . Mvra Estelle Murry v. Horace J. Murry, 32078 Joseph S. Jenckes, July 28,1930. Elmlra Myers v. Robert B.'A i.C. Niles, Dec. 12,1933. \.. l * l l t = A f UC^.. IC* I TOO. i Sevclla Oliver v. Paul S. Oliver, 31415 Ralph Barry, July 28, 1952, N. L. Kavne v. H. M. Payne, 858 G. A. Rodgers, Sept. 29, 1934. Christine Phillips V. Jackie Lee Phillips, 34629 Ralph Barry, July 21, 1953. Doris Savers v. Moses Joseph Savers. 6433 Arthur T. LaPrade, Aug. 22, 1940. George W. Seabourne v. Georgia Louise ngram aka Seabourne, 3417. G. A. Rodgers, John Sherrlll v. Ruby Sherrlll, 10647 Howard C. Speakman, July 13, 1943. , Lorraine Shine v. Maurice Shine, 26912 Renz L. Jennings, Aug. 16, 1950. c ' C Bruce Smith v. Helen Smith, 2605 Howard C. Speakman. Auo.25, 1936. Wanda Smith v. Edward M. Smith, (no number shown) Thomas J. Prescott, Nov. 26t 91 30. ' eiizabeth Taylor v Charles Taylor, 32124 M. T. Pholps, June 12, 1930. Grace Thomas v. Ray Thomas, '32921 Thomas J. Prescott, Sept. 11, 1930. Roy R. Thornton v. Arlene Thornbrugh, 28951 Renz L. Jennlnqs, Sept. 6, 1950. · ' Doris Threlkeld v. Haske" Threlkeld. 26?« Renz L. Jennings, N6v. 28, 1949. Frank M. Watts v. Margaret M. Watti. Nee Litton, 26477 Dudley W. Wlndes, Feb. 3) Dorothy Marguerite Webster v. John E Webster, 450 G. A. Rod9trs,.0ec. 20, 1933 Grace Windsor v. Dean Windsor, 30019 Lee N. Stratton, July 19, 1929. "·»"'» Ora Winstead v. Jake WInsfead, 1613 Howard C Speakman, Auo. 20, 1935. Jean Woods v. Rufus Woods, 31252 Du* ley W. Windes, March IS, 19M. isma Bemice Younoblood v. Joe Youngblood, 1020 M. T, Phetps, March 4, 1935. Publish: January 20, 27, February 3, and 10, 1973 . Tucson Dairy Citizen. 1"nuarv 21 , 28, February 4, antf 17, mi I Arizona Dailv St-.r

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