Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 25
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 25

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 25
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Northvwi Arkonwi TIMES, W*d., April 21, 1974 FAYKTTF.yilLE, ARKANSAS ' ' . Leslie Sutton A-Pompbnning We Will Go IfVbu liked Busby Bcrke ; ly's "Gold Diggers of 1939, '''"you'll love the Porker Potn- v - ^.poners.of 1976. · = " . - · Or.'so say sonic o r the educators, administrators and " . students of Ibe University of "'··' ; Arkansas. To some the idett of forming ' - · ' · a ponipoii squad i s ' a s anti- ·F- i "quatcB as it is offensive. To :·-2Bothers', it is merely, "good; £.1: clean;: wholesome enlertain- ·?* mcnC" . ' . · - c; Th't'se two points of view , . - h a v e clashed repeatedly since .- ·'the'"announcement Ural the · ' - . , Athletic 'Department is spon- -. ,-'soring.and f u n d i n g the for, ..malitin of ti pompon squad ' - . - - for -women. The squad, ac'- cording to the guidcincs nnb- -Jished-by the Athletic Depart' ment-fpr orientation for pom- .,. i pon Iryouts, will he composed *'· of eight members and Ivvo V ''"Jailornates to "...serve strictly -.',"as-,pompon girls, performing / ' dance., routines coordinated . ...with .the Universily of Arkan- t '. tas'.Baiid." They may also, according ..... to the by laws "... at limes be called upon to serve as official hostesses for Ihe Athletic Department and-or the University functions. WILL PAY The Athletic Department v/ill pay for a pompon director, for a summer clinic in pomponing which all jnerh- .bers-'of the s q u a d ' ; are '-required to attend For um forms--and first class (ravel '-for'aVvay football or baskel- Inflection, 1-A (he. pompon constitution states that "Mem, bers shall "be - female undergraduate students of the iljJtuversity of Arkansas. ^-Section 1-0 requires . that ;-^V members shall have a mini- i^imim gradt point of 1 80 Con falhe 4 0 scale) bolh cumula J'/tive and for each semester »"-thleyare on the \'t . · W o |they are on the squad." ·· In ' r e t u r n for the benefits (^accrued to them by pompon- jfing these women must carry ' 7 .the burden of ft number of ·viccomplishmenls '-St. a) Appearance -- Beaulv of f;f'ace ::and figure, general · Jj^i p p e a r a n c a and slage ''/presence £*f b) Sparkle -- Smiles en v.'thusiasm and vuudousness, C\' c) Coordination -- Rhythm P'fcnd dancing ability. K' d) Kicks -- Her'ht of kicks J?j The possible -iCMst implica i'ticms :7of the pompon squad : I-were :explored by one protes- ·t'sor: iVThe squad represents T-'the spme relationship ··^ism tfiat the black-Eace mins? ';;"trel shows did to racism. The ''rprogfam does not encourage Vpeople to think of women as -'-intelligent h u m a n beings, the ·,,·'?« am e " way that, minstrel ··^hows" portrayed blacks a; C (child like and idiotic." ft: COMPLAINTS i ? ; Nancy Sindoh, Dean 'of KWomen, reported that she has ^received a - number ot com- t plaints from persons who-con- ·'eider the progrtim to be f l degrading to women. '.'.;'. T H e " purpose of the pro-" gram, Lon Farrell, Assistant f ^Athletic Director, pointed nut ;-!is to, "provide entertainment ^/ind to produce re\enue -s^iollars at the gale and to :vfnolivate the player* ' £·* At least one administrator's Xlre was aroused by the plana ;£(or the. squad In her opinion '·y-.''A pattern of programs which ''·'znakfcZwomen the 'object of !, v sbniBPDe else's entertainment ' is pppx policy for the Univcr- j;' Another member o f . the ·i'JLfniversity community, a pro- f- v fessor, fell t h a t the pompon j^quad "casts a woman in , JfabouL'.the, same category as- v?chorUs girls.'it'puts them i n , ·i-the role ot an entertainer and " '£it trivializes them." . '' , '*·' "Personally," he continued, X f ' I don't think it'.s a good PR ^gimmick because the women ·''would be presented, not as ^·persons who are achieving ^something in an athletic field , *but as entertainers for the ·/public.^.College doesn't seem £lo be the place to learn to ."·use _ pompons. They could faiways go lo the,,I ' idon't : L see any educational ;lvalue in Ihis. It is neither ·^athletics nor art." ;-·;·'; S t i l l another (acuity ^member commented, "We · ^.w'ould be leaching - t h e . m e n ;and women a -grout deal .by Cfnol having this, program. Us (-absence w o u l d - b e an import,; ant leaching experience in i* itself." ; FINANCES ·** A second large area ot. p'controversy concerns the ^question of finances and Apriorities, Financially speak- ;ing, the Athletic Department .· -"js self-sufficient, says Farrell, v'The Athletic Department has J ',heen accused of taking money t h a t would have been used --,!to buy microscopes for the -';; chemistry department." '"* "We're not taking any tax .; "dollars," Farrell continued. /·'»''We generate our own funds :*'nd we should he able In ; . ^ p e n d our own money, within -."reason, the way we decide to. ~;We're a separate institution ; - when it comes lo finances-" M The extent of the Athletic J CDepartment's financial aulo- -.Tromy is qucslioned by some ^'who point out that since $]5 £of each student's fees arc "allocated lo the Athletic Department, whether or not (he student has any-interest In ever seeing an .athletic event, Ihe department is not 'as separate as it.contends. "5 Jn-any case, to many,- "The ^pofiSt^fs that a program .Is »'bcffft' provided \frhich is sim- rply-_'jiot necessary. It U a matter of priorities." Farrell estimates that it will'cost four to f i v e thousand dollars -for the «qu'ad. This cost does not equal the expenditures for cither the cheerleaders or th c band. Ponv pointers will not attend every away game. "They will go io all. home games," - sairl FarreN, "and If we're on TV in Texas or somewhere else." · 'The; Athletic Department should be able to administer Us own budget within limits,' 1 s«uid another University lacul- ly member. "I can't say what the Athletic Department's priorities are but'what order of priorities would place a pompon squad over women's athletics, intramm als and minor sports? H fe incumbent upon them io cx-- plain their priorities. Th« Funds are theirs but the' ought lo be e.\plaining hm*' they 'arrived at that order., of priorities. It doesn't m*ke sense lo an outsider." '. Whijc the women's Inter' collegiate sports- prograin H not a part of the Alhltle Department and therefore the Athletic Department is not .responsible . f o r - its .financial stale some persons feel that it uould be a worth} recipient of the Department s largesse Noblesse oblige,-,the -argument gos. RECIPIENTS To one - ·administrator. 'What, we need are program* (hit \ \ t l l allow women to be recognized that will allow women to participate them , selves! instead of-being obser r vers oE; life.; They should be the d i r e c t - . recipients, - that would benefit thorn." Minor sports programs b) contrast, arc funded directk by the, Athletic Department. The state of their funding also bothers some people. One swimmer noted, "If they re t going to paur out m o n e \ , the\ might as well pour it into athletics. A c c o r d i n g t o , Parrel!; Arkansas spends as much or more money on spring sports a^ most other Southwest Conference schools...We're being- accused by the misinformed and the. five; per cent o [the people in the United Slates that are against' everythitrg und I'm lumping the women's lib groups we've got going on this campus with everything else. ' Nonetheless, it can be countered by critics that the Southwest, Conference is not noted for its minor sports program. NOT FOLLOWOED Still more criticism has been levelled at the. ponipon program over the issue ot whether or not the Athletic Department followed UnEver- sity. guidelines in hiring the s q u a d ' s director. Under U n i v e r s i t y guidelines a position must be ^advertised for a period'of 3D days. Complaints have been taken to the Unuersitj s Affirmati\e Cards' Hurler Defends His Met-Plunking ST. LOUIS AP) -- "H he's upset because I hit a hanging curve, lhat's his problem," said Del Unser. But the problems encountered by 1 he vSt. Louis Cardi nal s' Lyrnv McCiloEhen were by no means that simple as the New York Mets bSasied their way iu i 8-0 triumph Tuesday night. The pesky Unser, as il turned it, was Ihe most accessible of three Mets hitlers who hammered McGlothen, 1-2, for early two-run homers. And ·when the New York outfielder the plate in Ihe third inning he was predictably plunked by A pitch that,touched off a battle of beanballs. 'There are game iltuatbrti where a pitcher tfoea out to hit a batter. This was one, 1 " McGlothen later admitted after also hitting winning pitcher Jon Matlack, brawl. 2-0, to ignite a near TWO HOMERS 1, he (UHMT) Ml two "No. home runs off me l«t They didn't coont for nt I didn't want lo see it again McGlotben said '1 just ihmk the pUeher has a nght io try to contain the hit ters" the St Lo«i« hurlef added If a pitcher fwll t" h'e's'intimicfaled.'lhat smtwtlff is the otily Ihing he can do." The n e'ws that, M eQlaih who HpnirEefl in th* ffHifth, hl( intended to bit both Ul M d C I 1CK \VdS llOt W e l l in the Mels' Jt s a part ftf i 1 p^rt I don't Iika; ed Matlack *^ from a McGi^tlji* struck him in fife I think it's bui l a c k whefl McGlolhcn's no respect for the man of it " RED -WELT I Action Committee that this procedure was not followed. Said' Barbara Desmarair director of tho Human Relations office of the University, "Mrs. (Frances) Stokes (the. director ol the . squad) is undoubtably" the best person for this position 1 m sure she wasn't awXVe of it if" the proper hiring, procedures were not --being used/ Her competence is not wt issue. 'It is a procedural issue. The Unuersity has standard procedures under t h e - ' a f f i r - mative action 'plan:..This is the area where ;I".am most concerned^ The University is legally vulnerable' if all its divisions do not foldw standard procedures. - The Athletic ; Department ·has not specified whether the director's job is full or part time or what Ihe salary will be. "She signed n'o contracts," Farreil said! "In time 1 think we'll reimburse her, but i t ' w i l l . b e no' great amount. She'll never- sign a c o n t r a c t ' a n d will be paid on an h o u r l y basis. 1 ' A n o t h e r legal question arises over section 1-A of the guidelines which states that members of the po mp on squad shall be females. The possibility that · this requirement 1 violates Title 9 of the federal law which prohibits schools from providing sex- · ually exclusive programs is being invcslr^aled. SEN'ATK VOTES I-ast week.the Student'Scn- *ate of the University voted 34-26 Tor a resolution against the formation of Ihe pompon squad on the basis thai the group is confined to women and that it represents a "frivolous" allocation of resources. A [though the Senate resolution identified President Bishop as one of the originators of the squad, Mr. Hjshoi) declined thftit honor, A statement issued from the President's office by Willfarn Hughes, director of infor- , mation, read: "This organization (the pompon squad) was the crealion of Ihe alhle- lie administration in an attempt lo involve more stuff en Is in the activities of the athletic dcp'arlmcnl of the University. This was developed after a thorough study of the practices of 'other major universities throughout the country. In fact, Ihe constitution and bylaws are pattcrcml after those of the University of Kansas, "While President .Bishop was not involved in (he initml - planning, he docs believe" the organization will add to the spirit arid! enthusiasm .of student activity and participation in the spectator "I knew it was ,.._ bul when jou go te the plat and fear" becomes a .hab you're not · going to do thmf ' said Unssr, who wa struck on the right elbow an sported a painful red welt. ItfcGlothen's 'beanballs earne him a - f i n e of an amount lo b determined and Matlack pay §iX)~as the firsl recipient e a warning from umpire Brui Frocmming. Other victims of the fla from the scenario', were Ne "York- inficlder Bud Harrelso who was thumbed out for joe eying from Ihe bench,' C a r d s M a n a g e r Schoendicnst. who left .whe McGlothen's target .practice sumcd against Matlack. Matlack. was hit by a pitch an inning after.» twi brushing hack his pitching: f as the 'battle picked up. Outfielder Dave Kingman il mediately led. Mets · playe onto the \ f i e l d but few. blow were exchanged when Cards .met the charge, 'I dropped my glove and was r e a d y t o f i g h t ' said McGlothen, who remained reso- lule to the last in defense of his righls. "I'm a'big league pilch- er. and I \vant to be around a white." HSU Signs Juco Standout Livingston ARKADELPIHA -- Hcmler n State University head bas- thall coach Don Dyer hits gned Paris (Tex.) JuiiioriCol- ^c standout Kenny Livingston a letter of intent to play ith the national champion niicr-up Rcdrtics next season. The signing bihigs to four the total number of commitments for D)cr this \ q a r hirlici U y e r ; signed Grady Bean of Amity, Anthony A very of Mon- Licello and Craig Johnson of Wilnipl. Livingston was a two-year Tomlinson To Retire At ASU JONESBOnO- Jantes Albert ko" Tomlinson, head basebal lach liletics' .IK) ' g e n e r a l l y "Mr. .1 Arkansas 'Stnle niversity for the past 33 years, mounccd today .that he will lire at the close of the 1576 tlk'ge baseball -season next on Eh. The 65-year-old TomlEnson, ho. is the ninth winningest .icn in collegiate baseball tory (according to Collegiate the, bible of H*§ head-coached ' the f f l f § § §1 0 Drillers Nip Travelers 6-4 LITTLE ROCK (API -- A two-run homer by Reggie Wai Ion in tho ninth inning proved the difference Tuesday night as Lafayette spoiled the home opener for the Arkansas Travelers, 6-4. ' . The victory gave the Drillers a 4-3 record and first place in (he Texas League East. Arkansas fell lo. fourth with a 3--1 m a r k . Tn between .arc Shrove- p o r t . a n d Jackson at 3-3. Both were idle Tuesday night. Traveler righlflelrier Pan Husttcind had given Arkansas a ! 2-i learl in the third with a l o n g ' blast over [he.ccnlerficld fence. The victory went to reliever Andy Muhlslock. Ryan Kurosaki absorbed Ihe loss. Texas League Bjr 7h* Associated w i.ct. r,.i!. I 3 .571 3 3 .V» 3 3 .MO J I .123 El Paso Tuesday's R«J ' Midhnrf f. Am ad I Jo 1 Mfnycttc e. ArkflnnAs 4 ¥.\ Paso al San Anlo (rrcnirfi sports of the- University Arkansas." One aclmlnislralor noted th'at criticism of Ihe program- did not imply criticism of the women themselves: "I am sure that the women participating in this program are fine women and I'm not cri'.'- cizing them at all, but I do not Ihink tlial this is the kind of program we should he offering them...They need lo learn so many other things." The two sides to the controversy will probably never see pye to eye on the issue. The issues are, for the most part, philosophic*,!]. But whatever the outcome, the pompon 'squad , has likely already generated more feeling within the " University before its actual formation llia'n it ever will on the courts or the field. but track- i e a t i n g h i s I'fc to the progress of itne athletic lie has also . worn several other hats at Arkansas Stale, including Director of Athletics (for 24 years), Dean of Men and . Professor of Physical Education. -Tomlinson, No.3 on the active coaching · .list for fell-time baseball victories, has posted an ; overall vvon-lost record of 537432 -When his team was ·invitee to Ihe NCAA District Six playoffs against Pan American University a n d - t h e University standout at Paris -- the same school .that produced : two Eraduallng AH Americans for he Rcddics tins 1 ecu Willie Coulter and Thomas Wesley. The 19-year old averaged over 15 points per 'game .ami eight rebounds per'contest in his two year stay at P.J.C. Livingston played his high school basketball at Shnsboro, La., where he led his learn to . 46-3 record his senior year, He was an All-Stale high school player, Bean a\eraged 26 points per game his senior yearin leading the Rams to a 25-7. seasoi record. The senior guard also was credited with seven assists per game In his career at Amity Htgt School. Bean scored over- 2^20 points .while making All-Distrlc' three years. His high game wa: 46 points, and five times in .hi: senior campaign Bean hit 4 1 of Texas in 1870 (after the Indians had: moved into the major-college ranks), it marked the first time an Arkansas team had ever participated in post season tournament play or more points. Bean ' Is Henderson stranger tc State Universal; fans, . h a v i n g made · All-Tour nament in the 1975 Henderson Invitational Tournament Wells Field House. Aver.v led the Billies to the tale Class AA championship b fashioning upsets of powerful Camdcn Fairyiew and Dumas the -AA : tournament; held at lenderson, In one, of "the tournament amcs, against Hunlsville i n ' t h e opening round, A y e r y sank 3E joints Id sct'a new single game scoring record f o r , t h e . A A tour- [umcnl The"6-3Vi" senior .average'd 2^ xints per game his final year at'Monticello.'a'nd led the Billies io a 24-8 record. A\ erj was selected to tho Class.· AA 1 '-?All-State team, the state s Super Team and v-as selected as th,e Most Valuable Player in Class'AA. Johnson -led his team to 117*21 record over the course o four years. In h i s - f i n a l campaign. John son averaged 20' points pei ;ame in leading AVilmot to i 144 record and the runner-uj spot in Class A. The 5-U'guard "also led i hi team to seasons of 26-3, 2 5 " and 32-9. r John son'.was selected for th All-State team and three-time /as picked as an All District layer. Two of those times, he las also named the Most Valu .ble Player in the District. The four come to a tearri'that inishe'd second in the .nation n 1976. Henderson. capped i its ourth straight Arkansas Intercollegiate Championship \s ith bur conseculhc wins m the 'Jatioml Association of Inter collegiate . Athletics , national .ournament - . i n - ' Kansas ".City before bowing to champion Cop pin State in the finals. Tenoce Injured OAKLAND Calif -- Catcher Gene Tcnace ol the Oakland A's suffered a wrenched knee while attempting to steal second base the sixth inning of Oakland's game 'against -Detroit Tuesday night. Tenace was taken from the Held on a strelcher. Raider Acquitted SAN FRANCISCO --Oakland Raiders^defensive back'iGeorge Atkinson'was acquitted of bank embezzlement-larceny charges by a" federal jury. "iflRT DISCOUNT CITY · WRL-fTlHRT DISCOUNT CITY · WRL-(Tlfl«T DISCOUNT CITY . Wfil-HnflRT DISCOUNT CITY . 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