The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 4, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS J T\rTT\ <vT ® \}±±$?'-ok VIQTOD ''""DonaldI" 'she murmured. "I - thought—I thought you were dead, ^Where.are we?" "i don't know," he answered, in ab; solute bewilderment, v At that moment he heard the mel- , •' gonglike sound that they had aboard the F55. And slowly, as if la answer to the «U1, the Jellylike medium that surrounded them began to drift away, to h« hung up, as If It were a curtain. 'jind before their astonished gaze there -evolved • £he strangest • stage setting that could ever have been conceived, First there came into view the submarine, occupying, as It were, the center of this stage, her bow sunk In the ooze, her stern sUU lower. They had been lying within a hundred paces of her. Next appeared the sloping edges of the crater, seen, not through water but through cle'nr air, with a- border of .yellow crinoids, ceaselessly stirring, as though a breeze ruffled tliera. Then there began to be visible, in the flanks 'of the mountain, structures, apparently of hardened mud, 'taking the ?'Tia:?e of fantastic temples, with pil- 5,ara and doorways with low lintels, a nut-merged city, of cliff dwellers, and yet each identical with its neighbors, so iliat they seemed to have been fashioned with the Siirne unchanging precision as the. cells of the bee. .And the whole crater swarmed with ' the sea-monsters, no longer Invisible, "but outlined in phosphorescent fire. And, standing in front of Donald and Ida; hig features clearly visible through the glass of his own diving mask;'surveying them with a cool, dispassionate gaze, was Ira MacBeard! : As they stared at him, he raised his hand and struck'something suspended from his neck, giving out the mellow sound which they had heard before. Immediately he disappearedjErom view In the midst of a swarm of the monsters/ which, surrounding Donald and the girl, began to push them toward tie cavern in the mountain side. ' The push was gradual, and apparently the result of some natural quality not known on land. There was no sense \>f muscular movement It seemed tq be momentum devoid of the accompanying fector of speed. Irresistibly, and yet quietly, the two were pushed toward the entrance In the flank. of the island. In vain Donald resisted. In vain he j tried to force a path toward the submarine, dashing his fists against the bodies of the monsters. He mnde not the : lenst impression upon those half- spherical forms. A sea-man under water nnd one in the air 'had very different powers of resistance. He might as well have fought an army of animated featherbeds. Slowly, without strain or attack, he felt himself being forced forward. He was held tightly on every side, except j .for the narrow gap-' that opened in front-of him. He was forced to devote himself to supporting Ida. On every side the globular, translucent, phosphorescent forma seemed to crowd In on him, leaving only a itoy way- in the direction of one of the mud-pillared entrances. Yet, even thus, Donald had the impression of some unconscious force that animated these monsters; It seemed, like the •routing expedition of a colony of red ants, - returning' with' Its - booty. He could J.sense no-conscious Impulse in •the sea monsters. • — His pace became accelerated, and *nddenly, swept off their feet, Donald find Ida. found themselvesi.within a litige cavern, faintly Illumined by pbos.- jihorescence, and roofed'with the same cloudy' substance that'they had seen upon the ocean bed without. The monsters left them: . The two stood. .there together, :sti)J in bewil- . derrnent. But they were not alone, for, with a. shout, Davies emerged from 'the dim recess, and ran toward them, followed by Clouts. Their cylinders and headgoar had been removed. The four stared' at one another in incredulous joy. "They nabbed us the moment we left the air-lock," cried Davies, grabbing the .lieutenant by the hand and forgetting his discipline for the first time. "And Clouts, too. They sort of edged us in here. We were afraid you were dead." "They gave us a little longer respite," answered Donald. "Davles, am I mad,or dreaming, or are we breathing under water?" "If you're dreaming, then Clouts - and I are too," said .the little middy. "Hello! There Clouts goes again! Pve tried, to keep him resigned, but ie gets frantic occasionally." With a sudden howl that seemed to rise from the depths of an outraged nature, Clouts, lowering his head, rushed like a battering ram into the doorway.- The watchers saw him recoil as if he-had butted a feather bed. He looked up, rubbed his hea<3 in perplexity, and then, retiring a "few paces,' repeated his experiment more ..furiously than before. Again -he was hurled back, as a ball ••rebounds from the cushion of a billiard 'table. The- monsters' bodies .blocked' the' entrance_as effectively as i£ they were of rubber. Slowly Sam Clouts withdrew, looking back with a puzzled expression. Meanwhile the three glanced about They were In a huge natural cave, In which the sea monsters had evidently been at work, for the interior was coated with mud, hardened In some peculiar manner to resist the water. And yet Donald had the same ,'.'L6ok!" Exclaimed Donald. Impression of a beehive. There was something of sameness everywhere, the same sense of automatism. ; It was quite bare, except at one end, : where arose u mud mound, decorated with senshells, and upon this was what looked like the upright skeleton of a small, mammal. "Look!" exclaimed Donald. "If came from—from behind the curtain!" said Davies in awe. "Donnld, the air was thicker . . . something keeps rolling buck . . . ?" They looked at each other, still unconvinced that they were a\vnke and nllve. Then they went toward the object at the end. , Sam ' Clouts,- who had preceded them, fell back with an exclamation of horror. "Yes, Clonts?" said Donald. "I beg your pardon, sir, but don't you see that it's meant to be a person, sir?"' He spoke the truth. The figure was a rough pile of bones, but high above them a' grinning human face, made of tie same plastered mud, looked down. It was the first- sign .of conscious process among the -monsters, and some devil craftsman had contrived to catch, .not so-much the form as the humanness .ot it. It was upon a larger scale, precisely such a figure as a child ,or a savage might'have made in its first efforts to reproduce the human, figure. There were even the dawnings of -art in the shape of whales' ear-bones, strung, braceletwise, across the breast. The mound beneath the figure consisted, of innumerable bones, a .sort of kitchen midden snch as Neolithic man left behind him as a testimony to his °yjj?i feasts^ <T» »e oranraad.) HINES HOSPITAL IS 0. K.'D Senate Joins the House in Passing Appropriation for'Project at Chicago. Washington, March 4.—The senate by a vote of 33 to 27 adopted the conference repHrf <;nrrylng nn appropriation of .$3,400.000 for tiie Speedway hospital project in Chicago. The re-' port lias already passed the house. While^'cxpressiriK vigorous disapproval of the entire Hines controversy', opponents of 'the Item refrained from pressing the fight further, savin™ they feared the iloi.ny incidental to a reopening of the controversy would result in serious embarrassment to the activities of the "ovprmnont in endeavoring to care for wounded soldiers. VOTE ON ANT1SALOON PROBE New York Senate Refers Measure to Judiciary Committee—Passed v- by the Assembly. Albany, N. Y., March 4.—The senate hy a vote of 20 to -15 referred to the judiciary committee n resolution introduced by Senator Salvatore Cotillo (Dem.) of New York to commend the assembly resolution for an investigation of the Anti-Saloon league and urging the senate to co-operate in the investigation. Home Made M-m-m-yum! Hot crumbly-crusted delicacies covered with sugar and made o£ Valier'a Enterprise flour. The kiddies just can't keep their hands off them. And grown-ups need watching, tool Valier's Enterprise Flour \ produces such baking as an every day matter of course. For it is special-milled from the finest hard winter wheat grown. Of course such a floar costs slightly more in the sack, but the difference is only insurance. It protects you against expensive failures and assures you of More Loaves Per Sack Aafc your grocer to-d*r for V«fi«r*« Enterprise—the perfect lUl.purpc«e floor. "Community" i, Valier's high-grade popular priced flour. It has made a host of friends. TURKS CONTINUE'MASSACRES New Slaughter of Greeks and Armenians Reported—Paris Reports' Lack of Details. Paris, March 4.—The .Greek legation made public a telegram announcing the slaughter of a large number m Greeks aud Armenians by the Turks In Roclesto, 00 miles northeast of Gnl- lipoli, on the Sea of'Marmora. Details are lacking, but the telegram says that the French governor at Dedeughtor, a seaport .In Thrace,' on the Aegean KREI, has-left hurriedly for Enos. the heatlqunrters of the followers of Mustnpha Kemal Pnsha, Turkish nationalist leader, wlio are .said to be terrorizing the inhabitants of that region.^ Enos is a seaport on the Aegean sea, 38 miles northwest of 1 Gallipoli: - BATTLE OVER BRANDY IN N. Y. Federal Agents Beset by Ship's Crew, - but Seize 527 Bottles of ' Cognac. New Tork, March 4.—Government agents were' victorious in' the first pitched bntr.le in New York' over enforcement of the prohibition law and the victors triumphantly-turned over to the customs iiutborities 527 bottles of cognac seized on board the Italian steamship Presidents Wilson. Tleset on all sides by many members of the crew, who switched off lights far down in the ship's interibr and smashed bottles by flinging heavy pieces of iron, fi half-dozen men from the office of Thomas E. s Rush, inspector of the port, carried the liquor oft the ship. HOBO NOW SCORNS THE BREAD LINE GETS $1,000,000 FOR BONUSES Wisconsin Secretary of State Receives Money to Be Paid Soldiers-^D rafts Sent Out. Mndtsnn, Wis^. March 4.—The largest single check evc.r received, by the state cnme to "the office of the secretary of state from Milwaukee -in the form- : of a payment of $1,000.000. for 'soldiers' bonus money. This is about one-fifteenth of the amount required .to''pay the bonuses. -Thousands of .drafts were^sent .to the adjutant gen T eral to'he-passed:, ori to : the soldier boys. • '''••'•' ••;" : <-• Three Men Killed in Rail Crash. •Blixabethport, N. J., March -4. — Three men were killed and several others seriously injured "in a collision between a main line express and a Newark branch uiCni train of the Central Railroad .at * r e\v Jersey at the junction her«! LAURA £. SWARTZ OSTEOPATKIC .'' Chronic D1t*a«ei • •pcolaity Office In Laud»r-Nlohol» SMf- W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MAC KEY. ; COAL OWICB " " . ; - Phony 204 •: ' " ' Virginia Building : .DR.: J. W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILOIN* H*tir* • to 11 A. M. and t to • P. . .. PHONK W"- 1 'ECONOMY COA1L YARD J. B. WOOD*. PROP. " : Wuhtd Nut, Phone 149 K. and L»m» HENRYBAIN ''•' • GET : OUR PRICE* Phone 342 : K H. O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL-PRACTICE AND THB '~ -•-EYE- Eye* Tected . QlaMii nttMt Virginia Bldg. OrboHdal*. IH, • Q»n*rm\ PractlM ' attention to Ey«, Ear, /jwtf Throat . . Phone*.: Residence 330-2, OtHoe Mfrt DR. H. H. ROTH Practice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, Murphysboro, III. . HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorneys at Law Phone 212 K Suit* 112-118 New Hamilton Building DELIA CALDWEUL, M. D. McANALLY BIN LCmG 211 Wast Main StraaV Pfflea Hours—a to lu A.M.; 2 t» 4 p.BO, CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candles and -Ice Craa<«) Telephone S44Y ! V '^^ -' M^'W - and Colds Are removed by Vino!, our Cod Liver and Iron Tonic, because it is a constitutional remedy,, DONT DESPAIR If you- are troubled with pains or aches; feel tired; have headache,, indigestion, insomnia; painful pass«go ; of urine, you will find relief ir* GOLD MEDAL PHICHESTER S PILLS W__^ TDK l>lAMO?iD BRAND. A »dl««l Aakyonr ttrnc PlHiin Ked ud boxes, sealed with Blue. Ribbon. ? Tnhc • »• ' •thgr. B«y cif Tenr " ' Dm**.**. AskfoiCDfl.CJllE6-TEB,8[ »iSM«N» BRAND ruaSifSeiv yeirekocnrofts Survey Made fay Intecchurch World Movement Shows That Even .the Cheap •• Lodging House Is Going Out of Business. ' ' The old "brend line-' is gone from its accustomed place itt the cities. In the slums throughout, the country huddled queues of men 'no longer wait .to be fed. Their pnssiiig Is a symbol of the passing c-f the hobo. ' Everywhere, for lack <,f guests, the- cheap lodging houses are being abandoned. Only a fsw,old, decrepit' men remain in the Salvation Array Industrial Homes. In Kansas Cits the once crowded dormitories of the "Helping Hand" building are closed. In Lincoln, Neb., in 1915 there ' were 1,756 nonresident single'men who •applied for aid, -n-h'ile in 1918. there were only 136. The hobo, the wandering .worker who'went to the lodging house and the brtad line between h'3 seasonal Job* has been'lifted from, his old plane bj .the war. A study of the conditions of migrant labor is now being conducted by ,the Interchurch World Movement 1*ut it may lay the facts before tlie Protestant ' Churches ^ of America, whose closer co-operation is its larger .purpose. ' This study shows' that the hobo; has-found a ciosor succession of jobs, a higher 'retm-u for his labor. He has become almost a. "steady" worker. He no longer needs his old .refuges. • Beyond the reach of these agencies he offers the Protestant Churches" so opportunity to provide new ineuns of influencing his life 'and'maintaining his standard of living, and the Intex. church World Movement survey IB determining how this may best be achieved. Here is Proof: Manistee, Mich. — "I was in a weak; run-down condition as the result of ..a chronic cough and cold so that I often had to stay at home from work. Vinol stopped the cough, .broke up my cold and built me tip after other medicines , had failed." —MARGARET DALE. m It's the beef and: cod liver peptones, i iron and inangan$se< peptonates and bypophosphites contained in Vinol that I makes it such a successful remedy for chronic ,coughs, colds and bronchitits.' It .is not. a paiiative like cough syrups;! but a remedy of the cause. Try ft on' Our guarantee. - '". Your money bock If U fails. Claude For and Druggist* er«rwh«r«. Th» world's atandaid remedy for kidney.. liv«r, bladder end arie acid troubles and National Remedy of Holland since 1696. Three sins, all druggists. • Guaranteed.- look for tko BUBO Gold M«i«I ca OT«ry box: amd accept no imitation ALL YANKS OUT OF SIBERIA Last American Troops Leave the Country for Home, Says Moscow Wireless. London. March 4.—The American: troops have virtually/completed their evacuation of Siberia, the soviet government 'reports from Moscow. The- wireless, dispatch from- the Rusfiaa : capita] sajd that "the last ,-Sjneriean de- i. laehment evacuating Siberia" had ; rpachefl Vladivostok. TO DESTROY TURKISH FLEET; Supreme Council Also Decides to Re- • duce Ottoman Army to Almost " Nothing. | London. March 4,—The disposition of fhe Turldsh navy was definitely, settled by the allies' supreme council when it decided that the peace treaty provide'that the "'warships be broken tip. The turkish army will be reduce*! | .to such.-a,point bs the.jpeace terms that' j it would'not' be'effective- against aa- other, country 1 ,. ;

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