Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 21
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Young Musician Debut Is Delightful By JlrtlEN MUSAF1A Tte winners of the annual Young Musician's Competition were presented in a formal debut with the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Lauris Jones Saturday night at Millflcan High School Auditorium. I · The opportunity to play be-j It was gratifying to note fore a Urge audience with the how a c c o m p l i s h e d these tccompamment of a profes-Jyoung, locally trained artists sional orchestra is perfups.were. Certain moments of in the most momentous and use- security notwithstanding, they ful award that can be given,*!! came triumphantly through an untried musician, and a test that miy be deter much credit must go to thc'miaant in their plans for . Long Beach Symphony A^so-Jmusical career. Union ItoOMriinc Trust Fjadi fhe pieces chosen f for the judiciousness of their debut were cot easy, in fact 1 - they were taken from the In a ceremony on stage.!backbone of the standard rep- monetaiy prizes were also ertoire. An exception was the given the winners by repre-[seldom heard clarinet con sentatires of Beach clubs. several Long certo by Staiaitz. John Dorch played this concerto witf From Bloodied Nose Didn't Hurt Bandit Portrayal By SAMUEL A. BOYEA Confucius never jot tround to saying it. but put iretty brunette to play » bold, bad Chinese bandit with vigor aed the result might be a bloody nose--for the pretty bandit This is the way it turned out in the second half of the and music by Mark Bucci "At work an they talk about is dates, and on dates an they talk about Is work." great clarity, in a restrainted * snne f l n« m style ouite clausibV for the Pursued them. Nothing Stops Fan of Beatles LONDON WV-The Beatle took to the water Sunday ba a shrieking mob of fans still style quite plausible for the I Manheim school cf compo- I sition. Soprano Kathleen Crawford' While adults were stf aghast at the hysterical we! come French A-Tcst in Africa Told PARIS. Monday (UPO --[graphs at Haiss Messaoud." The newspaper Combat Sun-j Both French and Algerian day quoted what it described'authoritles refused comment as reliable reports that oa the report fan- was tlie first of the two plays. It was well sung and BiL Griffith (Hi Tee) and RacheHeJ Lacbnan (his wife. Li Mo)'I performed creditably. "The] I Lost Princess." also by Dan I Tctherob, with its thunder-- f the Liverpool (delivered the -Jewel Song-IJUturday »t London airport ¥mrr« *F*Mr# ** t**r r^ss..«i»^t * ' . from with "Faust," by Gounod a resonant voice on their return from the wo one-act Oriental asies presented by Long Beach Recreation Department at Marshall Junior H i g h School auditorium over the weekend. To the credit of the unusual production under director Kenneth Rugg and lovely ind the unbilled "bloody| iCtthy Martin who portrayed nose"--was the more exciting Lo Ho. the bandit, the mishap of the double bill, even added to the "casual" charm of the production. · * » · WHILE BUSS M a r t i n fought off the bloody nose off-stage, accompanist Elsie Kimbrough gamely played 'Misty." Miss Martin returned after a few minute's delay and continued her fine performance as the leaping, hen-fire bandit The young actress was indeed the out standing performer in the two one-acters which, unlike the France carried out an underground nuclear test in the Sahara Friday. The newspaper said according to the reports the explosion took place at Ain Ekker, Algeria, and that it was "clearly registered on seismo- Nikes for China TAIPEI «V-Four test fir ings of Nike Hercules ground- to-air missiles are scheduled to begin in April in North I Formosa, the Nationalist I Chinese army announced. INOEPtNDEiVST--?*ss C-S . tlt MM* r«. «. tM4 Wilson Back in Race LOS ANGELES UV-Con-! gressman Charles H. Wilson.' D-Los Angeles, said Sunday he will run for a second term, in the House of "Representa-' lives from the 31st District H d C H S O I N O O * Monday, March 9th -- 8:00 P.M.Ii WNfT *0*WALI we3 controlled dynamics. The' rich quality of her voice and LISTON-CLAY FIGHT TICKETS ON SALE NOW1 Wtit Coast HE 6-4209 CHOICE her good sense of pitch at traded immediate favorable attention. DON KRAMER played the third movement from Men- 'delssoha's Violin Concerto. .His fleet fingers helped him negotiate the most difficult [passages in this concerto at ithe requisite speed while his bowing showed more than 'once considerable strength. "^.United States, the kids remained in fuU cry. The Beatles started by ear for an all-day television recording session at Teddington, outside London. At Twickenham they boarded a launch to cross the Thames. But on the banks and clustered over the bridge were more than 1,000 fans who scrambled to get close to their heroes when they disembarked. When the Beatles got, to ---the recording studio, officials The department will repeat t j presentation at Jefferson Junior High School, 750 Eu-| did'Are, on Saturday next at 10-30 a.m. and 230 pjn. The plays are best suited to children nine years and over. SHOW TIMES Here are the starting times] of features in Long Beach, average children^ play* leftjtheaters as listed by theater something to the imagination mangers: of its youthful audience. The large cast, supplemented by voice "orchestra" and an all-purpose property man played with the right deadpan disinterest by Glenn Mon. was not always effective in pulling off its ambitions, but it was inspiring to see them grapple with techniques now popularized at the adult level is the Brecht Theater. Accordingly, indications are that ITATI ·Martin J9*n.~ 3:30, ron." 12:39. « 10. I-H. J.SOl "Ctantr- Iriindint m* VOTI." 7.00. 18H ^nulc*." I.4S. A rUU« TIC .- Itif Yuffl Vw« Trw." -««rt M«nr.~ I 3L -C«mt'«" Wort Com.* 10 X. J «. 7.30. I ~ ~" r I4rri 4 *°^ t ."!. V ;T 'i J - :i ?-' ! ?· I 1JM. l:l». BTl WWhnjn--Card Lvnlrr LMTM ftKUl "SHOCK TREATMENT" To conclude the program.] told the kids they would be _ = _ , T: --- , ----- ^. '-busy until midnight-- but the fins stayed outside, braced for a 1 2 -hour wait Lenten Procession Led by Pope Paul Paul has a director in Kenneth !;v a · O X Y »«nctwjrin canSiai**,- * 234 -«!r»4 Gun." 4«. -Fivt rttinin.- I Craig Nies played the first movement from Tschaikow- sky*» first Piano Concerto, His tempi were beneficially slower than those prevailing among young pianists, but certainly from choice and not from want of technical prowess. Nies already has *n im-:' £ f' th* pressive command of the key-, wa in a Lenten board, through the square in front Laurij Jones provided gen-, o{ tl; « modernistic Church of erally alert accompaniments " ^J °' Lourdes on the to the soloists. He also gave outskirts of Rome, before each piece short ver-| T* 1 * ^P* told a crowd of bal explanations of the music [thousands gathered there that that were well founded and he was making such pre- interesting. H is therefore re- Easter pagrimages to -awake ! grcttable that he chose to Christian consciousness like perpetuate the popular myth « ^^ *^kening her chil- that Ene sco'j Rumanian Rhap- '"" 'Hunger Command' JAKARTA WV-An "anti- hunger cocurtand" has been set up in central Java to ease the suffering of thousands of ALWAYS AT your call'persons in the food-short, when you've a need to be overpopulated region, the In- fined--that's Classified ads. donesian Antara News Agen- Dial HE 2-5959 now. |cy reported. Rngg (George Spelvin) who! is willing to lead his group of players away from the outworn and overdone. A mm to be encouraged. CHAIN OF Jade." an cf "T 116 Sto!en by D by flKELUOOD OKI 1:1) -- nit ruuis "GOIUTH u Ibi tin or 1*11101- flu "SAM10V Hi Til JUVE QUEEN" "America! America!" CHARITY BEKEFIT SHOW Downtown Loag Beach Asseclates* 12 A Annual Festival of Fan Fosfclon · for the Benefit e! Long Btach Area United Way and Red Cross America'* Fincil Entertainment LONG BEACH AUDITORIUM * SURPRISE PERSONALITY Sxtrol Tcp Namtt l«i«» ConiVtrid! * TOP NAME BAND W.'cS for tKi Anioitnttmlnl! * CALL'S GOLD MEDAL TROPHY DANCERS * SOBBY BURGESS AND BARBARA BOTLAN tnm lowr.»c. WtTV'l TV S^«- * LEE CASS C«mmt«*otor (er IIT Spri«» FciKIeni * CAST OF 100 FOR TICKETS Drier ·«« for k«il itoh! Ticilh «r« UK tott o* t: I Peclflt A»». lufJiimi* «r Wotiir'i Strr'ct Dtil (iraT« fleer) . . . Ui"'4 Wr er Iti Oc» er call Dewatowt tcnj Iiac% Anocioitt «» HE 5 7377 er HE 1-4351 BALCONY 2.00 and 2.50 Re»«r»«i MAIN FLOOR 4.00 end 5.00 Reimcrj LOSES 4.00 and 10.00 R««er»ed Jill, li.lrf Tl l-ntl . -- -uri riTiiiti igir* -Til IIIU II It tll- I iTiiot. i»Mi TI mil r.m. -- "UiKi i um 13111- IJLHII^I in n« ii uinii" mill, i via i . nun i Ml.-- limit -HHIH mil- » I^SBe) · -II III i um- I f O O N D O IF1CH lllll _ lirt. 1:11 _ ri l-IItl tut ll»«l« -- -TB» Til f III* -·OJ1I Kll- iTini TIL-- -TII n;n- 4N4HIIU IIBItlOItT II MX! -tIESt TIIITIIIT- 'i!t» ir 11111 «iit- ClIOfN GIOII ·imti i in SITU MTILU1NTON tltllCI -»if ·! -ii mi ii ·TIIIUUII 11 « ·Cl»[« Til Til T9« T ·iil ITI mail- ISUIMIU.U III I Cni. I . 1 J « I llrt III "lll'S r»IC«:TI 1'I3T S^ltrt Ivtil -- "Ultllin - IUTI tit 1:1 w. 111 u i n n -iFTiii tr Til mi---lei -tl»UlJ IOIll- 1:11 II U IIIIFIOWEI IOIEI Kill l«i:n..K IU II Mli »»»·» -HIILI1 JOIH- Iru -(111 III3III Til ITDIir* I.U 1'im »riJ -IH IllZf* . -i nw 1:11 ir tin-HIM IF til s«r* «:m KIIirr»t IS S-lll -in M.I.V ··mm n rn IIIIT- iWl ICJ ·.«!.» if" mtlllf ML. tlf* ··II HIS IT MIIII" loi itiniimii« MI-HI -in » riTBitfi troii- -tii 11:3111- Phbne ME 6-4259 or HE 5-7377 I ·»» - 1r*-K n I 111 · · I I «1TI I-liT ITIS-- -TII «:l liitni- | sody is Gypsy music, especial- iry since it's purely Western type cf complexity 'almost confounded both the orchestra and the conductor. SAVINGSJO CHIRP ABOUT IN AP's SELECTION FOR MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAYl UNITED ARTISTS III E. (CUI GOLIATH MD THE SINS All NEW COMING MAR, 4th £3, "CHARADE" »*«*»»***4TK JACK tEMMON I ATLANTIC * "Under Yum Yum Tree' t intone v. mm:, CA 1 Jill I ***»*»+*»»* ·MAtY. MAIT- Bf Sl:l I *********» No's Minding Slore?"!***; IIY tr»-il-tLv:« ritsiiT J fj. "Fun in Acapulco" v SUPER-RIGHT GRAIN FED Steer HUCK STEAK CUT FROM 0-BONE SHOULDER SWISS STYLE STEAK I C.tac -V**+t+*»^ BONaESS CHUCK ROAST 69 rtn 30 y/ho's Been MARTWU- FAMILY NIGHT TOMORROW AT RIVOU -- $1.00 ADMITS THE ENTIRE FAMILY -- EVERY TUESDAY CPEIJ $ riL--i nw COMUIII WtR Itmfi 'Min.II JOiU* WIlDUfi THI ITOIEr I · -· _ ·L1r^ SHOW iTA«tl «T t» · CKIUtH BKDH H Fill "THE 12th ' NIGHT" Presents RED NORVO OUINTFT * KAICHURUI t«rr rivi l» HIKED GUI" MAVIS RIVERS New Appearing HE 5-E68I LAFAYETTE HOTEL irr« sus to CAIAIS ^0l«10 lour- 'CIVKCt WOII Come See You'll LEAH SoveotAP! SHORT RIBS. A A msH UAN 4A sum IIOKT 29rb GROUND BEEF... OVfb FRANKS GOLD TIP SLICED BEETS VAN DE KAMP MARGARINE '· 37 WMim'Ml A A I'*v Gtirtltm NAVEL ORANGES Large Juicy I ^^ M IB · · · « TW PA* -*^B 4B° rrfcn t(f«tfr, Utttrt. TwUn » WrV.rU»y. f.V. 14. It S 1( 3426 5 1 1 6 4243 E. 7th E. 2nd Woodruff Long Beach Long Beach Lakewood STEWING BEEF WHITE HOUSE Evaporated MILK 14V2 01. Cans f KRAFT -- American, PImlento or Swiss Cheese Slices YELLOW ONIONS FROZEN HALIBUT 9Va-oz. Pkg. Ckttt* Eacknadas 7Vj-oi- 3/$l

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