Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 30
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WHY GROW OLD? Rubber Gloves, Exercise Are Therapy for Hands By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Let's Explore Your Mind INDEPENOENT-fig* K-5 «·«*. CJM, Ttan- irri t. mi DOOCLDREN TELEVISION W« ctrttirJy take cur hands for granted, not only as to the terrific use they .are to us but as to the care 'they need in order to remain lovely. Today, it is possible to do housework «nd wash the dishes and still have hands that are attractive. However, many women who cleanse and cream their face faithfully every day forget about these appendages which are almost always "oa stage" in a very , prominent role. The habitual cse of rubber gloves when the hands must be in hot water or exposed to soaps and detergents is a terrific help. Don't miss this beauty aid! The use of a hand lotion several times during the day, as wen as after your bath, will pay charming dividends. These are simple measures but they can make a tremendous difference. · · * · ' · ' ALSO, protect your hands when you go out into cold weather or the hot sun. Be ·especially kind to them by treating them to gtoves when doing your gardening this spring and summer. Dress them up with good manicures. Keep them flexible with special h a n d exercises. These are not only valuable in a cosmetic sense but are helpful to those who feel that their fingers are get-ting stiffer. Many folks past early youth awaken in the morning with bands that are sore and somewhat rigid.- Try these two exercises daily: (1) Clench the fists HARD. Unclench and fling the fingers back as far as you can. At the same time separate the fingers. Continue, clenching and flinging back. TELL THE PUBLIC about the dance, raffle, or rummage sale through an inexpensive Classified ad. Dial HE 2-5959 today. (2) Sit comfortably In a chair. Raise your right hand 3p in front of you. Keep your thumb still as you touch it with each finger (separately). K e e p the thumb steady and lift each finger op and back as you straighten H. · · · · IF YOU would like to have my exercises for the hands, send a stamped, self- addressed envelope w i t h your request for leaflet No. 12 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. DEAR ABBY New Twist to an Old Story vision confusing? Yes, surveys f i n d that there is much about television that is confusing to children. For instance, the MEDICINE AND YOU Medical Mystery Is Maddening to Dieters By BEN ZINSER V McOcal-Scitnci Editor Medical researchers ire curious about the town of Roseto, Pa^ (pop. 1,676) whe-e inhabitants are grossly overweight. A 300-pounder walking down the street attracts no attention. One of the healthiest men ia town weighs 320. Another resident, a 92- year-old man, 'says lasagna and ravioli are his favorite foods. He drinks five glasses of wine daily. The local ItaBaa bakery sells 5,000 loaves of bread each week. In fact, thei whole town is on a starchy diet. And yet When a University of Oklahoma research team examined 3S8 Roseto residents, all overweight, they found not one case of cardiovascular disease. Many of these residents. 21 to S3 years old, were obese. In Roseto death from coronary disease is tow. Dr. Stewart G. Wolf be By SYLVANUS AND EVELYN DUVALL I. Do children find tele- Stanford university s t u d y finds, -He (the child) learns about what behavior a person can or can't get away with. He learns something about manners (for example, how you treat a girl), something about customs (do you tip an airline stewardess?). and something about style (hairdo's and clothes). He constantly c h e c k s these .against real life, and sometimes becomes pretty coa- fused." · · * · 2. Epileptics are usually subnormal. True False False, utterly. Some of the world's greatest leaders have been e p i l e p t i c s -- Julius Caesar, Lord Byron. Mohammed, and many of today's able men and women. The epileptic's greatest hazard is the prejudice and superstitions that make it difficult for him to be accepted by his associates. The Federal Association for Epilepsy, 1729 F Street, N.W, Washington 6, D.C has free factual material on spilepsy on request going. No one tries to get ahead of the other person. There may be a hereditary factor involved, too, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical As- 'sodation. The town, founded 72 years ago by immigrants from Roseto, Italy, remains a close-knit community. Ninety-seven per cent of today's inhabitants are of Italian descent Roseto, Pa.--a medical mystery, and a maddening one to dieters elsewhere. ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR A B B Y : I cced some advice about a very touchy problem. I'm mtr- ried to a man who has been in the service since 1939. We h a v e a four-year-old son. E v e r y month I get an allotment check for mei aad my son. Two y e a r s j f ago I met a man and we started going t o g e t h e r . ! hive had two children by this other man. Since the birth of my last child (in November) I found out I no longer love this other man. I'd like to get rid of him. Can I get him to support his two children? I don't want to lose the allotment check f r o m my husband. Can this other man cause me trouble? Sign me--"B" DEAR ~B": The laws on child support differ in vari-, ous states. Your local Legal t Aid Society can advise you concerning your own case. For you to accept an allotment check an id such deceit tales p'tJty of galL Whether this "other man" can cause you more trouble than he has already caused you is anybody's guess. He might be just as glad to gtt rid of you as you are to get rid of him. · · · · DEAR ABBY: I w o u l d like to know w h a t you think of a priest who plays cards for money. I didn't actually SEE him playing cards, but the person who told me was in the game, so I know it's t r u e . -CHURCH-GOER DEAR GOER: If c a r d - pbying Is contrary to the rules of his church, shame on the priest. Otherwise, what's good for the flock is good for the leader. and tell her to quit bothering my husband?--TAKING MY CHANCES D E A R T A K I N G : A woman with HER experience shouldn't have to inquire a b o u t moving van companies. She should retain one on a yearly basis. M Stops RiGH FISK10I 4 tar IIS fllE AYE. HE 5-0071 DOWWTOWW LONG IIACH . PARK FREE DEAR ABBY: My husband has a very good-looking young woman working for him. She is 23 and has just divorced her f o u r t h husband. W h e n she was ready to leave the last one. she called my husband (at home) and asked if he knew the came of a good moving van company. One Saturday she called my husband at home and asked him to take her little boy to the ban |.ame b e c a u s e she couldn't get her car started I trust my husband, but 1 know how this little tramp operates. Should I call her ie Perfect Easter G i f t . . \VE HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF BIBLES AND PRAYER BOOKS IN THE AREA The Voice of Scripture, The Tilling Bile '· The Complete New Testimeat | ' on Record I LAKEWOOD CENTER BOOK SHOP :. Oft« Sight Till 9 -- Sit. }:}0 BEST SILIERS. CHILDREN^ EOOKS. COMPUTE LIN! OF PAPER BACK BOOKS. TOTO LARGE BARGAIN TABLES. 500 FACULTY AVE, LAKEWOOD ME 4-2^J (OPEN SUNDAY 11-5] lieves the main reason for this finding is an almost complete lack of stress. Roseto residents are easy WIGS CLEANED, IESTTUD. DIED. SET. INSTANT GLAMOUR! FROM $7O50 101% Importti KIBII Kill FASHION WIG SALE! FROM 79 GLAMOUR Direct Importers WE At IT K! I AS LITTLE AS SZ.S9 tt( WEEK! * LOOK It TUIS TtUIGEI * LOOK MOIE lUtrrifUl * FIEL HOU GUKORSn * IE KOU tlOUITHS * II tut 91 SEtOIDS 2SI LONG HACK ItYD, LONG IEACH · All COLOIS ATA1LAILE FOt TIT ON. Hll H O M E DEMO. * sin wins n lutrn SHIPS * SIT LISTS Kill KlllS * UTS FCI ITSItf II 51 Til OS * uwm HUT TI SUF oi * CH1ICE STTLE IITTIKI l i l t SEFUIUCA. WESTCHESTlt HE s-m» OfiH WON. THtU.SAt. II t. t OI 0-1411 DISCOUNT KING-SIZE BED BEDDING BUYS COUN.ET! KINS SIZE EMS EM HE INCLUDES: · 4'iT littnprilg Mettrtu tol Spriif $5 DOWN HOLDS ANT OF THESE SETS 2 COMPLETE Hollywood Beds Twin Jin. fill Priet 7 , 12 ncrsTerrJ H««* * I Pillows. AT) IECES COMPLETE, DISCOUNT BEDDING CD. IXC. 15314 LAKEWOOD BLVD. 1 UllFlOWER PHONE TO C-lStJ ere* sunoAY 11 n i P.M. ««.. Thin. Frt It AM.-I F M n. Wft. I*. II AM.-I P.M. GRAND OPENING TIIUUSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, APRIL 4lh. 5lh, 6ih LEE'S EXCLUSIVE FREE Gifts! FREE Gifts! FREE Gifts! FREE Gifts! The newest anil mo*l completely stacked EXCLUSIVE Naliirali/er More in llie entire Male of California! Our store has been designed to bring to you the atmosphere of leisure and comfortable shopping. No confusion, only ONE BRAND, NATURALIZER! The shoe with the beautiful fit! Come in and see them. Make this store YOUR store. It was designed for YOU. Qualified and courteous people to serve you! Your size our specialty. FOR WOMEN THE SHOE with the BEAUTIFUL FIT AHEAD OF THE CROWD IN COMFORT AND FASHION! Naturalizer blends comfort with fashion to give you the feel and look you've been waiting for. Smart walkable heels and famous heel- hugging toe-free lasts give Naturalizer the name--the shoe with the beautiful fit! Up-to-date, always in good taste, you'll choose from a large collection of dressy or tailored pumps or good-walking, good-looking casuals! 812.99 to 815.99 DOWNTOWN SHOP MONDAYS ami FRIDAYS TILL 9 P.M. LONG BEACH " ^^ - Phone HEinlock 6-3330 434 PINE AVE.

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