The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 4, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS L*ocai News Frank Sumner, who is suffering from • .an eye- infection, is taking treatment .at the Haley Eye Infirmary at Cen• tralift. Miss Nora-Spence, nurse, who has YOUNG PEOp£k'§ SERVICE BARONESS ROUSKAYA TO VISIT CARBONDALE The Baroness Rouskaya first, achieved fame in. Paris, a/ntf later In London, I Brussels and in razil and the' Ar- A special young people's service will genuine her appearances have resulted in a veritable triumph. 'She is said been ill at the hospital, -was reported : ice. The pastor wail give a brief ad- he held at the First HA. E. church next Sunday in the auditorium at 6:30 p. m. This will be the only evening serv- j en on the stage today and is'describ- to be one of the most beautiful' wom- uruch improved today. Harry Revele, representing the Tooney & Holland Art Studios of St. Louis, -was here yesterday to regard 'to the stage scenery of the new Earth Theatre. Tooney & Bolland is the largest scenery painting concern in the United States. . Mrs. Julia Kimmel has. been removed from, the hospital to her home, being much improved from an. operation two weeks ago. • Mrs. Theodore McCasland of Greenville and daughter, • Mrs. Ada Dixon, of Decatur, are guests of the former's sister-m-law, Mrs. Sarah' Dewey. Mrs. Art HSarn, who underwent an operation at the hospital several days ago, continues, to improve. dress on the "Young Man and His Mission," followed by the illustrated song, "America, the Beautiful." LADIES'AID ed as a "daringly different" dancer, who has broken records for (box office receipts both in Europe and South America. By the critics of. Europe she has been -hailed as the most original dancer of recent years, and has been described as a second Pavlova. The Baroness will give here several of the remarkable dances which have made her famous on two continents, and will" wear some of her most ar- I tistic and -original costumes; which I are said to have cost a fortune them; selves,. The Yerkes Novelty Jazz Or- 1 chestra and Saxophone Sextette, which • — : | has been the,'New York, will' Special meeting of Shekinah lodge ] afford amusement-lovers an oppor- 241 Thursday night, March 4, at 6:30,! tunity of hearing this season's Broad- Tie Ladies' Aid Society of the Pres- bytefrian church will meet' at the manse Friday afternoon at 2:30.— Advertisement. Ash for HILL'S FIVE MILLION PEOPLE USED IT LAST YEAR ' mdard cold remedy for 20 yun form—safe, ture, no Teaks up a, cold in 24 tablet iate: CASCARA& QUININE mrs—relieves grip in ,3 days, back if it fails. The has Mr. Red Hill's .inc box with picture. At Alt Drttf Seam cents ancl miscellaneous assortments to 41'cents, as compared to the preceding clay's price o£ 47 to 49 cents. According to the Chicago butter arid egg board the drop will have a two- cent echo, in the .grocery stores.. • Eggs, now selling at 59 and'60 cents will'fall in price to 55 to 57 cents.' " for work, x T. A. Weaver, W. M. H. C. Mertz,' Sec. Advertisement. Mrs. E. J. Ingersoll was a St. Louis . -visitor yesterday. | FOOD SALE The-ladies of the Alpha Bible Class of the Methodist church will ,have a Dr. H. ,0. Moss has returned from j food- sale at Stotlar-Federer Hardware Marissa, where he was called because ' 'Store Saturday afternoon.—Advertise- of the total destruction by fire of the! ment. tome of Mrs. Moss' sisters, Misses Mattie and Anise Wilson, which occurred about noon Sunday. The loss was estimated" at twelve thousand dollars. Mra. A. A. Logue and children have returned from a vusit with relatives • in Birmingham, .Ala. Dr. John Stewart of Anna was business visitor here today. Mrs. Chas. Wiley was improved today after two weeks' illness at her home on Michaels St. ROYAL NEIGHBOR SOCIAL There will be a -social at Modem Woodmen Hall Monday night, March 8th. Everybody invited. Music, piano and drums. Admission'20c. Come and have a good time,.—Advertisement. i Mi ROYAL ARCH MASONS The C. W. B^M. will meet tonight ait the home of Mrs: G. R. Huffman on North Normal- Ave. All members are urged to be present—Advertise- j ruent. CIVICS AND SUFFRAGE -Special meeting Royal Arch Masons j The Civics and Suffrage Club will March 5, 6:30 p. m., work in Royal j meet at the home of Mrs.'Eckhard, Arch degree. Also March 8, 7:30, work' 300 West Oak St., Friday evening at in Mark Master degree. J. E. Youngblood, H. P. J. E. Willoughby, Sec. Advertisement. I 7:30. Miss Jones and Mrs. Parkinson. I will entertain.' | /Mrs. Bailey, Secretary. Advertisement. ,way musical comedy hits, played in a manner'as never before presented j here. All in all, nothing has even been presented in Carbondale to eg.ual it. They will appear at Earth j MEETS HI COST Theatre Friday, March 5th.-Adver- p reS Jd en t [.eHVCS White HOUS6 tisement for First Time in Five MEXICO ASKS U. S. FOR ARMS Medina-Says Demand for Permission to Import Munitions Will Be Renewed. Washington, March 4.—Mexico Is said to be preparing to demand permission to import arms and munitions of war .from the United States! Hilario Medina, subsecretary of foreign affairs, in a statement which has been reported to the state department, has announced that as a result of the retirement of Robert Lansing ns secretary of state, it is probable that the Mexican demand will be met. Because of the unsettled conditions in Mexico the, state department has for several years refused to permit war munitions to be exported to Mexico, except in a few specific instances. Months. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE GOOD TONIGHT ' THE CUP OF FURY" -BY- RUPERT HUGHES America, it moves swiftly and surely in'a ^ °l d " mat i c situations that has never .been-' I in photoplay, making. W. Every motion picture ]over,will^o wild about it.- | - T his Picture is for you don't miss it. " ' 1 ALSO— ' ' . ' -''"'• . § ? BRAY PICTOGRAPH I - The News Magazine of the Screen .' • . ,.§' Orchestral Organ-MusJcal Interpret- 1 turn by Miss Anrwa Jacobs | ''. Music 6^45 . Pictures 7 :oo P M 1 11 and 22 1 EGGS IN CAR LOTS LOWER Drop From One to Six Cents ai Dozen on the Chicago Produce Market. Chicago, March 4.—The price of egg» in carload lots dropped from one to six- cents in the Chicago" produce market, forecasting a grocer's price to th housewife of 55 to 57 cents. Receipts from the farm of first grade eees fell made by COLUMBIA SAXOPHONE SEXTETTE Exctu*ive Columbia Artists • • Earth Theatre FRIDAY, MARCH 5 Under the management of Weiler Music Co. Coluinbid. Grd/onolaf Sta-nda-ra Mctiftj *f 11 3!ZyO: Period' Disigiu up u> $2100. is your first opportunity to hear this harmonious JL organization,; made up of the greatest saxophone players this country has ever seen. You will carry away in your head their melodious fox-trots, one-steps, and waltzes, and whistle them, many a merry day. Be sure to get your tickets early. Greatly. Surprised When He Sees Sign Advertising Pork at 35 ' Cents a Pound—Salutes Senator Borah ;ii—Doffs Hat to Crowds. Washington, March : 4.—President Wilson, went for "!i^> first automobile ride in five mouths, and surprised all who suw him by his'physical appearance. He rode" around the capital speedway and through the heart of the city and capitol grounds, apparently enjoying every minute of an "hour's outing. "I feel as il' I'have been away for a. long journey anil am just gettin. back home," lie told Admiral Cary T. Gruyson, his personal physician, wliun he returned to. the White House. Mrs. Wilson With Him. The president walked out of the White House, carrying a cane, and 'Stepped into the automobile unassisted. Mrs. AVllson and Doctor Grayson accompanied the president on the trip. The president doffed his hat to the crowd waiting outside the gate anrj seemed, amused at the efforts of tin photographers to '"snap" him. The president showed great intere ( in the Lincoln memorial," and had tl« car stop for a lew minutes there. ..: Borah Salutes Wilson. Senator Borah of Iduli'o, one of the treaty, "irreconcilables," spied the president, and as the car passed he first waved his hand and then doffed his hat, the president acknowledging ths greeting in a similar mnnner. The, president commented on a sign advertising pork at 35 cents a pound. ,"! knew the cost of living liud soaredj-.Jbut I did not know that porl; had reached that figure," he said. Doctor Grayson . expects that the president will now be able to make daily motor .trips except when the weather is stormy. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Cash In Adyi One month, .per word -...,.' u One week, per word .o§ One insertion,.'per word JH Three insertions, per word .01 WANTID. WANTED—To trim trees. Experienced. William O'Neill, 611 North Washington. LLOYD INDICTMENT STANDS Judge Hebel of Chicago Denies Mil- llona'ire Socialist's Legality Plea in Conspiracy Case. . Chicago, March 4.—Petition for the quashing of indictments against' William Bross Lloyd and 15'other alleged members of the communist party, on charges of conspiracy to overthrow- the government of the United States, was denied by Judge Hebel. •.. The judge juled that the indictments againstrthe defendants were properly 'draw'h'and that statements of specific acts were hot necessary in.Indictments for conspiracy cases. / OUT $10,000 WORTH OF BOOZE Chicago Wholesale Liquor Dealer Accuses Man He* Hired to Haul Whisky; Chicago, March 4.—Loss oC i?10,000 worth o£ whisky was reported by Thomas Hesily, wholesale licimn- dealer at 421S YV'GKt -Madison street, to Capt. James GIrason of the Filmore street police station. '" He accuses a 111:111 ""lioui lie says he hired ,to transfer the liquor to' other quarters. * ,- WANTED—Two girls of neat appearance for work in confectionery. Apply at once. Fowler^ Chocolate Shop. "" WANTED—To rent house with five or more rooms. Permanent renter. No small children. Phone 128. WANTED—Housekeeper in family of three. One that will make home a home. No washing.' Address P. O. B. 602, Murphysborp, 111. WANTED—To rent or buy, small , " * TEACHERS' EXAMINATION An examination for teachers' certificates will be held 'at the. Murphysboro Township ftigh School building Thursday and Friday, March 18th and 19th, 1920. ' •' . Examination begins at eight-thirty a. m. the first day and at eight a. m. the 'second day. • Any applicant, who is 17 year* of age or over is eligible to enter so fai- -as age is concerned, bat 'no certificate will be issued until the applicant has attained the age of' 18.' ""• -" Second Grade Certificate*. To be admitted to the examination for Second Grade Certificate, the "applicant must present evidence of grad- FOR. . FOR RHNT—Two trout room* or«r Style Shop, tor office or aleeylBg room*. Apply Miav Bieth, Normal and Ifonre* fit. , FOR RENT—-Storage tor houehoU goods, in the one story brick,bufldins, cement floors, en alley back of >«w Berth Theatre. Apply Ulii >Rtath. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 216 West Walttut. Phone'370 L. FOR RENT—Furnished room. Call 414 X FOR RENT—Three room house with electric lights. Call 476 L. FOR BALK. FOR SALE—Five .room house and large lot, close to town, $1600. Call at 305 East Main St. FOR SALE-^,Singer seyrtag,machine, *10. Mrs. R. C. Wright/ 314 East College. FOR SALE-^Four-room house In good condition 1 . Water, lights and gas. 407 West Elm. /ou can hear this Sextette's rhythmic saxophone recordings right in your own home on the records they make for Columbia exclusively Any Columbia dealer will gladly let you play : some of their records. N*u> Columbia KtcorJ* on Sale tha 10th and 20th at Every Month . COLUMBIA GRAPHOrHONE COMPANY, New York Fort MycrN. Fin-., March 4.—Capt. 'R. C. M. Page, decorated in overseas nir service, and two pasesngers were burned to 'death near Everglades, Fin., in a fall of a seaplane, which caught fire. . Captain Page won the American Distinguished Service Cross and tIie_Fren'ch Ci-oix de Guerre and was sniil to have'brought down three German" planes in France. As pilot of the plane, lib'started on a flight'with G. Hunter Bryn'nf,'-ttix assessor, and Thomas:H. : Colcord, member of the city • council, to assess road taxes In the southern part of Leo county. FOR SALE—Regan mahogany finished $500 piano at bargain. Alsp music box and bench. Must sell at once. 'Call 249 Y. FOR SALE—Five room cottage on West Sycamore St. All conveniences except heat. Lot 60x230 feet. /Has '-good barn also. Phone 247 K,' at 412 West Jackson St. -FOR SALE—(Maxwell touring car, 1919 model, .good condition. right it .sold at once. Sycamore St. Terms ,,^,. J ^—*„ t -«nc or ouy, small nation .from a recognized two vear LS^r S r.rrr4 i «• -- - - A-JES Farm improved. Ralph V. Dickey, Wayne City" 111. R. R. No. 3. tion. Eight units of secondary education earned in a recognized, high school or academy will toe accepted as an. equivalent of graduation from a rec-. ognized htgh school. No applicant will be admitted who cannot furnish 'above evidence./ Remember this. Applicants are required to file the names of three competent references as .to character. / " . .A general average of 75, with a minimum of 60 shall be required for » second grade elementary certificate.. First Grade Certificate. To he admitted to the examination • for a first grade certificate -the applicant must be of lawful age and must present evidence of graduation from a recognized four year high school, or equivalent preparation and six months of successful teaching, ^ and: file"' three names of competent persons for references as to character. A general average of -80,. with a mini- ' mum of 60, shall be required for a first grade elementary certificate. - ' •' Provisional Certificates. ' A provisional certificate is valid for one year for teaching in the first eight grades of the common schools. It Is not renewable and cannot be Issued a sec- < ond time to the same person;At the op- .. tion of. the -county superintendent it may .be? Issued to persons wha have failed -in. tie examination for a second grad£ certificate after July 1st, 1919. '.. - . '"•• •:':. '..:._.' ' . ' Renewal of' Certlflcat**.-'?-. Teachers holding; 'certificates ; must comply with all . the requirements ,: stated in the certificate before - thro""" county superintendent wiUr-fehew it. Teachers' '.Pensions; ' All, teachers' who taught in .Illinois prior to. July 1st, 1915, and expect to receive' benefit under the State Teachers , and Retirement Fund; law prior FOR SALE—<Jqod tour year "old fresh Jersey cow with heifer" calf. Phone 8134. LO£". LOST—Left gray kid glove.-Return' to Free Press. Pension Call 413 W. | must gi ect to come under to September Ist^ 1920. For further information write the county superintendent. - Otto F. Aten, Murphysboro, 111. Advertisement. LOST—Red jfox (muff at. Normal gym Saturday; night'. -/Return to Mary Youh'gblood. . • ' . . LOST—-Wrist; jwatcli between ; home and postofflce: Call at division | office and receive-iward. Miss Susie I as the rmson. Potatoe* Sell at $5 P«r Hundivdweight •- Chicago, March 4.—Potatoes were 'quoted at $ Sr;'a hucdi'edwe!«ht, or 75 cents a'peck wholesale; This Is: the highest,figure for .potatoes registered here. Light receipts w«r» flren McGhee.

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