Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1930 · Page 9
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 9
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7 if in »y the a view the t>iHH»etty the the foltotfs *«, At the at ,, high «*te the 1 view is dw»'d I A ..£^.«aH, sa « 6iu«, "ftfld our lj»V«»tlg*tl6n Covering the state IH- diaate* tftat conditions Ate i purtteutew da«i«i(tou» at tHte titftf douBtl«8« i«- »s«6tl6fl9 . art Serened by ,Hlgfi growths malting It i«pwi?™* ft / -ittotoMflW to see dara fl« the intejMofc. Wg highway, until they >iv« actually Entered the Inteieseailbtt, j , "A Mt\g*>* ttot feadliy afipreolated by 166AI -autiffiritttt la the, Bresencd ort,th« hi*h*avs oi thoiisandfl ot motoNst's : .wlttt Weal conditions. Ih they M6 tihaWaW of the '.'*jar<i*t read until they are >'ttifcfr ; ' : ft» MVP* tMe moat catet'ul diving by laaal Mdterjpts is apt to go for haught if they 4r«/ufiftbie to sed around the 6brner ana ''nose 1 theif cars into the ifttersectlon at the .mo- hient a ,stranger, unaware of the danger, af>proa«)ies at a /fast rate. "Sy-tt'lmmlng hedges and iPefflovlng obstfudtlftBS, property owners will be contributing greatly to • the ; satety of the hlghWaysi Jndldentally, they will at th« eanifr time improve .tWe of theit 1 property." . GAS AND OIL ENGINEERS MBBT AT 8TATE COLLEGE >.*• tornter Ohio c<nt* fft* dty w&tlft tN$tefl|Lro tn6 G$|L trftl -' 3r6flnSytVftnltt Bill ttt* fAriaui pUbllo utllrtlrt t taJtCBI il»JlAM jrtthiJK AlLjUVjll 44&4MM(* Dull Hydro Aim XJelTlrAI , power MBM Ka<W ( heett fbreefi. tB UM power" tUl tH« itfttftttiB ran 16W, This condition 1* bringing Busln thd cdkl flold. thfe irtereAse At pi ahldutiting td 10,000 to 10,000 ten« per w6ftk> The only hydftx »lftn» th»t »fe not HftMted by d«* weMHef Ate tnosfe about Niagara tfaik fhe May loadings ih th« JPannsylvania field >efe flfl.SBfl c**ri, as compared with 6A,»is o»f» in A^nl, 0u* to Memorial day last week's.Joadlngs w<*fe iO,30r cars, as cempared with 12,» 116 in the week of thl24tH. oteel to* ivatert, a driver, & wriitUrV ft, watteif ' and a boiler maker. H6 also gftln«d faffi* 6s a chau- iJ^ t . S'TAfH COLLBJGffl, Junfl 4,-^The national gas and oil power conference will'be. held, far the third consecutive year at thft Pennsylvania State college. .Meeting under the atisploes of the American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, 300 engineers frohi all parts olf the* bountry ai'o planning tO'gather here JUna la, 13 and 14. Seventeen oil and gas power authorities at* td present papers , oh Diesel VlrplartB engines, light weight 1 Diesel*, pOWe* costs,. metallurgleal developments, lUBrication, and a number Of technical ritUdleSi Captain HonrV ti. Dlnger, head of the governnient experimental station at Annapolis, Will discuss Dleael fuel standardization, Dr. Christian Lorensett of the fiendix Aviation corporation win relate their experiences with superehanglng piesel engine^. Oliver F. Allen, until recently manager of the automotive department of the General Elfletrld company, and Lee. Schneltter, plantJ>eu terment engineer for the filectrlc Bond and .Share tjompany, are among the experts! Who. will speak, j . Reports Ott the oil spray -research being made at Penn State will be presented by Dr. Paul H. Schweitzer and Kalmdn 3. DeJtlhaafc. Both of the. engineers are on the committee ih charge Of arrangements for the conference, of which Professor F. George ilechlei 1 , head of the engineering research department at penn state, is chairman. Dean B. U Sackett of the school of engineering la also serving on tha committee. An exhibit of the latest developments in parts and accessories in the gas ahd oil power Held will be held. STATE COLLEGE NAMES ; ASSOCIATION LEADERS 'j '*\ • ' 'm STATE COLLEGE, June 4.—Cabinet ^members to head the student Y. W C. A. at the Pennsylvania State col. lego have been elected by the retiring cabinet and the officers of the asao clatton>v M. Isabello.Yackel of Jersey Shore was sheeted as'chairman of the pro gram committee with the other prin oipal place, freshman advisor, going to H. Louise Marquardt of State College. The other «;ommlttee heads are Gladys A. Kaufman of ' Strasbttrg llnance; S, LoiUse HVerltt Of Allen, wood,.membership; Helen M. Lilly of Bethlehem. Social service; Laura J Griffiths of Taylor, conference! Dot'ib E Hafeelton of Scranton, scout Work Rhoda J. Oberdorff of Sunbury, w.o^ld fellowship; Esther M.^Lytton of Wyo missing, poster chairman, and Shirlej Thorpe of Germantown, sooial chair man, \ REGIONAL ADVISORY BOARD MEETS JUNE 12 The next meeting of the Allegheny Regional Advisory board will be held at Morgantown, W. Va., on June 12 The ^board's executive and railroac contact committees will meet on the preceding day at the Morgantown Country club. Reports will be presented by repro sentatlvea of industries and railroad i as the prospective freight ear requirements for the forthcoming thirc 1 calendar quarter of the year as com pared with the corresponding quarto last year. The board's territory em braces western Pennsylvania, eaaten Ohio, northern West Virginia and the Maryland panhandle- in Denver, Colo., C. Wi Mftloney attended thri wedding of his Iflend, Everett ,'BJ. Stewart. Following the ereiflony, tot & joke, C. ft. Maloney rocured a gun and a rtiask, staged fake holdup, pointing the gun at'the ride just aa 'the husband had turned is back. When Mrs. Stewart scream* d, Everett B. Stewart whirled, dre\y revolver, shot Jolter Maloney dead. • • * In Harmony Grove, Calif., one Henry an Steenbelfger sat, on a bet, before en gallons * of Wine. Ho quaffed, uzzled. imbibed, choked, sipped, trained, swallowed, until only Half-a- mi remained; after three nights and wo days of drinking "at one .sitting." hen Bibber Van Steenberger fell over cud, loti^.. his bet. Learn About Your Man From "SWEETHEARTS 'AND WIVES" D. S. MENCHEY I'WJMBKBS Good U1 17th HI. Phono 2r8575 DR. I. EISENBERG Optometrist und Optician Eyei Examined; Glasses Fitted 220 CENTRAL TRUST BLDG. Hours U to 6.30 Sut. U lo U NORGE ALTOONA ELEC. SUPPLY CO. 1«0 WUi Ave. Dial 2-82U7 EVERYTHING FOR THE LAWN I'flmmei-K, Hedge Shears, Weederu, Sprlitklcrg, eti!. W. H. GOODFELLOW'S SONS 1319 Eleventh Avenue ALTOONA FIRM* OUT ARMORY CONTRACTS . June 4.*-*hfl'gehet „._„„.. for the ertctlan of ,a,n Ad- nWilstration building at the Huntingdon Armorjr was awarded h^ftS yener* day Afternoon by the st*t« boafd to the Luta Construction eemgftfijv ft" ndelphla.rat us bid Of $17,880. J. Spene* of Altoons; Meelved the.:el trical contract atM|i,9(W, and W6ut A tftughlngbftugh. Altoona, the plumping 1 contrast for'$2,900. ... • . • Stortebdekv & Nase of QualteFto 1 wai awftrdea the contract for an armory at Bethlehem W cost $39,678.. CANDIDATES FILING EXPENSE ACCOUNTS Representative J. Banks Kurtz, re nomlfiated far congress in the Twenty- flrat district, 1 filed his expense accoun at the .office of Paul L.\Hali, pro thprtotary, yesterday afternoon. He declares in his statement that he as pended 4881.20. •-•... State Senator ttlchafd W. Wllll*tn son Of ttuhtlnfrdbjl,, who was .rehOhl inated in the^ Thirtieth district, filed .his account In which h.e says that hr expended $1,010.84. ..There were no re ceipts or contributions. if Afctf ttf .f wi* >AAM}fc*«M*»< ... „ jhpi sf'ttwi i^lfg' l™*y • tHfc S? etef&rtnttftt «< ift* PentilylVa- •titty, I»M*«ss<3* t. H, iftifltt of ttt* college poultry department aft- Kunoetf tufty.- A (Wteen ftfown eggs Peered 94.8 pet 1 iflt to *m first pflie in the class. 560nd prl«e at*» went to PMH State i the browrl"*^ division en »' dd*en Beefing 1 917 per deht. ih the white egg division of the experiment *ta- tion claas the college won saeond and trflM prised Oh dozens adoring 94,fl and §18 per cent respectively. tCZEMA KtttMe th« Honing, burning tw- metlt «fld -iMff t»« hotllng with omiMiwH 1 Wttk AT THE STAR STAR SHOE ftEPAIBlNO /win •» *. lith A»e. Ptumt ^LIBERAL Credit ClolhingCo 1507-M : AVENUE Screen Door <fc 1 ft A Closers «pl.UU Stop (thai-Slain DOUGHERTY HDW. STORES Ilth Ave, ilth St., 7th Ave, 7th St. ~ * "& Growing with /*V 4 WIT T^fC Forv&if £n& CjrAISLIi» »£&*:;, TELEPHONE 4-14*1 " * This heading is you* guarantee that this par- tieulair itcttt offew extwofdihaty value, deaitablfe metchandise. On sale orte day only 'at this price. THURSDAY ONLY! Women's t^nd Mitse*' Washliresses Not A Drets Worth Len Than $1 . Vat-dyed prints, pique*, broadcldths, lltieties arid dimities. Sleeveless and short sleeve models. You should, secure several at this price tomorrow. Sizes to 52. dABLE'S DOWNSTAIRS STORE In Chicago, a Jhug held up Ste- ographer Mary 'Johnson, took her urse, coat; beads, dress. Disrobed, tfary Johnson got into a taxi.' ,Said be chauffeur! "I'm a stick-up guy my- elf, dearie. See these two automatics? ut yquso've had enough for one night. '11 taile you horns." '•*.•• In Buffalq, N. Y., Jive policemen vere. needed to handle traffic on the oads near Pitle Hill cemetery, hea011: Ghostly Vdlces and music \yere ssulng. from a tomb. Amateur sleuths Irially discovered that the horrid o.unds came from a distant radio shop, jut . were refracted by the marble nausoleum. * • * * •At Indianapolis, one Aaron Everett, aged 69, left his son's home because f the inbessant radio. Searchers ound him nestled in a hollow tree munching ginger snaps,, mumbling: 'A fellow can't Sleep at all," over And ' ' '" Ati.(South Ozone Park, near Manhattan, one August Zullo entertained i quarrelsome group of friends until J a. m. At that hour; one guest shot another to death. Host iZullo, vexed, cha'aea everyone outdoors,, meditated on throwing the corpse out after them. But We was tired and sleepy, so he placidly went to/bed, Reaving'his murdered guest sprawled at the dining room table. • • * In Jackson, Tenn., one Herbert Irane told his wife not to put the dat out. 'She did; he shot her. • • • « * In Manhattan, a Professor Huber, manager of & troupe of trained fleas, conducted his performers from a burhi ng building With the IOSB of only one, J. Ceasar. Told that ho must treat ;hem gently to make them so obedient, Professor Huber replied: "I treat 'em gentle or I treat 'em rough according to -their nature and their> needs. They're artists." DOG KETUUNS CHE'BOYGAN, Mich., June 4.—The black leather wallet that Mall Car- rlSr William Spies lost one stormy moaning last fail, Is back in his possession. A dog owned by Joseph Burdo came across It recently and picking It up in his teeth, took it home to his master. Burdo returned the will let to the letter, carrier. Y GLADSTONE ROAD. UANDSDOWNE.PA. HARD—SMOOTH — SAFE I Pavements of port-land cehient concrete ire durable, rigid, even-surfaced and safest In nay weather, Their first cost is moderate, and they require practically no maintenance. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1315 Walnut St. PHILADELPHIA PORTLAND CBMBNT C O A 2 For • ' ' > Wall Paper Sale *JPP * Thursday, Friday and Saturday FOR TWO ROLLS YOU PAY ONLY THE ACTUAL VALUE OF ONE For these three days, we are offering new spring Wall Papers at reasonably low prices. Patterns and colorings for every room in the home. Gable Month Sales patrons will not want to miss this opportunity of securing quality papers at low cost. Bring room measurements with you. Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular 60 Wall 12c Wall 18c Wall 28c Wall 35c Wall 45c Wall Papers, Papers, Papers, Papers, Papers, Papers, 2 rolls 6c 2 rolls 12c 2 rolls 18c 2 rolls 25c 2 rolls 35c 2 rolls 45c These Papers Sold Only With Borders to Match 12th AVE. BUILDING GABLE S ;^^^i»yy\^i»^^/V^iii*V«<>i<^i^>^\^»^V^ FIRST FLOOR Fine Relief agraph Wedding Stationery See ouf'complete line of Rclicfagfaph Wedding Stationery and particulafly the new "Junior League" and "park Avenue" styles. Colonial ivory plate finish. No plates are necessary for these wedding sheets. Samples on display at the counter. Announcements and Invitations 100 for ... .......... ................ ...... $11-00 to $25.85 At Home Cards ............. ...... .......... 46.65 to $10 Ilth AVtfNUE BUILDING— MAIN FLOOR '.A inkrthe Mode . . . .. . . • Soft, printed voile, cool shantung, batiste, lawn, geor- reveal > lovely color harmonies for the summer gette, chiffon, linen and pique, these cool washable wardrobe and offer innumerable suggestions for'sum-. fabrics are ready for summer sewing. A ^stroll mer I frocks and ensembles. And the prices are just through the fabric departments at Gable's will } ndthing at N all for 'all this sheer beauty. Fine Chiffon Voiles 69cyd. Very fine quality chiffon voiles in a wealth of patterns and colors. You will want several dress lengths when you see them. 39 inches wide. Basket weaves^ Piques 59c and 69c Large and small novelty designs in beautiful color combinations. Make lovely sports frocks and ensembles. 36 inches wide. Fast-color Percales 19c yd. We have just received these fine percales in novelty, floral and geometric prints. Light or dark backgrounds. These launder nicely. 36-inch. Plain Honan Pongee 89c yd. TI " •»' i ' 1 Our regular $1.95 printed georgette and chiffon at Rough finish honan pongee for sports frocks arid en- this low price for Thursday. Both light and dark sembles. It has a nice lustrous finish. Launders patterns. '40 inches wide. . well. 33 inches wide. Regularly $1.25 yard, ' Ilth AVBNUH BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR Voile, Lawn, Batiste 39cyd, Geometric and floral designs on pastel backgrounds; 36 and 38 inches wide. Quite lovely for women's and children's summer frocks and undies. • .; / / Voiles, Checked Lawns 2 yds. $1 Washable materials for summer frocks. Both light and dark patterns. These are special for Thursday only. /r Shantung and Sportella 95cyd. Many new patterns in this washable printed sjiantlmg. The sportella in plain colors. 36 inches wide. For frocks, coats and- ensembles. V Georgette arid Chiffon $1 yd. New Quilts Lincoln Cabin Detignc .50 Summer weight Quilts, 80x90 size. Rose, blue, orchid end green. These quilts launder nicely. . Feather Pillows Curled hen feather pillows, j^ Q » 21x27 size. Covered with $*/ VO feather-proof ticking in neat jLt patterns. $3.95 value. ^" Crinle Spreads 80x105 striped C ri n k 1 e ^ -4 QC Spreads in rose, blue, gold «Q> I ^ und green. Regularly $2.50. M. Ilth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Linen Footwear Is Now at the Very Peak of Favored Fashions Its delightful coolness and the entrancing effects, which may be had by tinting, make linen footwear the perfect complement for / ^summer frocks. and ,50 Any Shade Wittut Charge Ilth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOK

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