Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 30
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PatjrC-4--INDEPENDENT ' : : Rocket Bases OKd ' T H E HAGU.E (*--Th'e Netherlands government will agree to rocket 'bases on territory to. help keep NATO's defense strong, Defense Minis t«r Cornells. Staf told parlla m«nt Wednesday. - Dollar Days at ZUKORS,.... Lwig Itoeh · St« Pag* DD1 DEATH IN OUR SKIES 'Flight ty Sight 9 Hit (This it the fifth in a §erle» . of article* on our crowded air lanes. What Is betas done and what could and should be · done will be explored In this and following articles.) BY BOB HOUSER ,H. S. CHANDLER, "deputy chief of federal airways: "Pilot visibility stinks. ' ' "(Our present traffic control) is something like trying to reg- ulate .today 1 * powerful autos ligh flight test areas even- over'horse and buggy roads--though it hai the power, to do along with the horsei/and bug- so." (Feb. 2,1957). gies:" (July 8, 1956). WILLIAM B., HARDING, Air Transport .Assn". of- Amer- chief of Air Facilities :Study lea:. "The.future will require -a group: "Only 15'per cent of : all fully .automatic traffic, control air traffic how flies under"con- system." (July 12, 1956). Dale Carnegie Course t Public Speaking--Memory Training--Human _ Relation. i DiYiltp ConrtIt~Polit-C.ntUinci-I.Mrn t» Spuk 1» mill* Frit Dim.«rtr«tlon MHtln t -Hiri»n Hall Empw MM* . W Ittiil AYtiut--Tlmiidiy, Ftfc. llth, S F.M^r'rtHiittd by Eric litton trolled conditions." ( J u l y 8, 1956). 'JAMES R;- DURFEE, chairman of CAB: "The U.S. may ' C. J. LOWEN, CAA admin- run out .of safe air space for istrator: "Traffic congestion ... flying' in less 'than 10- years " and higher speeds .of many air- [Feb. 13,1957). craft make avoidance of colli- r ADM. ARLEIGH cratt maKe avoiusuiue LM. L-UUU- Aum. .tLnjui^iAj-rT £wii^}~i^, sion by sight only, more", diffl- chief U.S. Naval Operations, cult." (July 3, 1956). banned Navy flights over ' REP. JOE HOLT (R-Calif): cities "except when such r«- "The CAA has failed to estab- strictlons Impair accomplish- VandeKamp's Valentine features ^ I4^f ····», ^^ *'2'Z O^ ·»Y e ° j MJ»O ei 7h$ w '' %* ct« awj WEEK-END SPECIALS Thun,Sun., Feb. 13-16 ^ California DATE NUT LOAF . , . 471, (Reg. 53c) ^Toasted Coconut DOUGHNUTS . . . 6 for 27* (Reg. 6 for 33c) Valentino BUTTER COOKIES Rich' butter dough, rose pink and sugar crystal topped, baked in heart shape. Dainty, very short. 29*. Valentine HEART BOXES Such a nice way to . CR* lit I II TM WJt*» W ·say I love you." Bright red and 8 OZS. 95 full of'finest | M|Q Chocolates. 14 01$. LOW ^ H '%.Van de Komps B A K E R I E S KEN SMITH, chainnan of " BURKE ment of military flight mis sions." DONALD HOUGHTEN, CAA flight operations specialist: "Fists are responsible for most aviation Accident's." (July 7 1954). - . . - · · PRESIDENT EISENHOW ER: "Delaying the planning of new aviation facilities would invite further congestion of the air space, needless hazard, economic loss, inconvenience tc users and possible impairment of national security." (July 2, 1956). * * · * DAVID H. HOIXADAY, instructor in aircraft accident prevention in the government- sponsored Aviation Safety Division, University of Southern California, earns his livelihood lecturing safety.. Ho also flies 'hundreds of hours per year -as an aviation enthusiast. He has seen near' collisions from his own cockpit He has discussed the air safety problem over the Los Angeles- Long Beach metropolitan area with his; coDeagues. * .* * * HOLLADAY'S preliminary observations include: Evaluation of a mid-air collision potential for high density air traffic must be - comprehensive Positive interim action to reduce the exposure hazard is immediately .necessary. It must be practical and not unjustifiably restrictive of military, commercial, civil or industrial aviaton Holladay's recommendations Establish a restricted high density air traffic control area over high density population districts of Los Angeles anc outlying cities, and require that flights within this" area be conducted according to the following criteria: 1. Raise VFR (Visual-Flight Rule) minimums from 3 to miles visibility, and from 1,000 to 3,000 feet celling. 2. That visibility measurement consider smog-haze level In-flight and slant-range, visibility conditions. as well as ground visibility. S. All flights arriving, passing through, penetrating or departing the RA (restricted area) be required to fly under IFR (in strument flight rule) conditions. 4. Abolish the presently used and time-saving device.of using VFR climbs and descents -whil on IFR plansl (IFR .plans as sure traffic control but withou the optional VFR .climb am descent, pilots would be delayed in holding and approach pat terns on takeoffs and arrivals.! 5. That "hljh density" rules especially maximum allowable speed in the area, be strictlj adhered to. 6. That more personnel be added to handle these increase work load conditions. 7. That existing -radar units be required to monitor arrival flight, penetration and depar ture of flights 'in their.areas of responsibility; 8. That a single transmission facility be made available for immediate "emergency notifica tion or aircraft in close prox imity. . . . 9. That more radar equlpmeni and personnel to man it for this monitoring be provided. 10. Flights use available crew members for continuous scan ning- of airspace. 11. Establish clearly defined and enforced VFR arrival an departure corridors over leas populated areas and away from and out of the RA. Such corri dors should produce minimum conflict-with IFR approach corridors. 1 12. All non-IFE equipped aircraft or those operating under VFR rules be required to operate below 5,000 feet while in corridor areas,IS Re-evaluate all anti-collision devices toward possible legislation requiring their installation on aircraft baaed in this RA or regular users of the area. . · ' . - . . 14. That more complex or expensive proximity, warning devices be evaluated as possible required- equipment on scheduled and non-scheduled air carriers and . larger ' .executive transports/ . . 15. Military aircraft be evaluated-for required installation and continuous display, of .rotating . flashing beacon anti- collision lights. 16. All VFR aircraft make alternate turns of at. least 30 degrees while climbing or descending. ., Holladay further recommended -that civil, military and industrial aviatipn safety .education include p r o v i s i o n for] schooling-in visual, scanning, to include psychological as well as physiological factors. . · . " The CAA capability will be discussed in Friday's article. WHE BOASTS CHUCK 43i 7 - B O N E ·£" . . . . . . . . 4 7 ; O n/Mir WELL 531 · JD U W El TRIMMED **P BONELESS-ROLLED SHOULDER.. 69V BONELESS-ROLLED RUMP . . . . 75'* BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP . . . . . .79; YOUNG TENDER BEEF -- AGED -- TRIMMED S T E A K S ROUND m TENDER AND JJJICT CLUB -T - B O N E PORTERHOUSE TOP SIRLOIN SIRLOIN TIP F R E S H G R O U N D M E A T S BOOTLESS GROUND BEEF...39- GROUND r O c GROUND SHOULDER .. 37 ROUND RATH BLACK HAWX -- LI. ROLLS ROLL SAUSAGE... Btft Vol Brand Eastern Quality Pound Stated Pkg. ·DELICATESSEN LARGE ETE SLICED SWISS CHEESE ;. MONTERET JACK CHEESE ALL MEAT LARGE SLICED BOLOGNA ALL BEEF S A L A M I 1 FANCY SEA FOODS FRISK CAUGHT--HEADLESS SCALED Piece* .t»Iak« CORBINABASS CORIINA 29* BASS STEAKS 39* PACfflC OYSTERS T 49* McCOY'S EXTRA FANCY CENTRAL AMERICAN ^^ GOLDEN RIPE NO. 1 ·· B A N A N A S Z LBS. EXTRA FANCY LARGE U.S. NO. 1 WHITE ROSE NEW LBS. WASHINGTON CRISP JUICY FANCY RED DELICIOUS A P P L E S LBS. EXCELLENT FOR EATING OR COOKING WATSONVILLE FRESH GREEN PIPPIN APPLES FANCY 1ARGE READY. TO EAT FUERTE - ,, ' A V O C A D O S LBS. EACH EXTRA FANCY FRESH LARGE . IMPERIAL; VALLEY ROMAINE L E T T U C E EACH

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