The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 19, 1957 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 5
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FAHilY CHURNCdD ( SPREADS SMOOTHLY WHEN ICEBOX COLD; MMGARMC C<*>3 TKiiR, Frf. ft Saf. VAN CAfvii 5 DELICIOUS MRCTW. FOIL-WRAPPED QUARTERS Beans...2 N c. 3 .° 3 39< DEL MONTI SWEET EARLY GARDEN Peas 2%?39< DEL MONTE CREAM STYLE GOLDEN Corn 2^29. HENKI'S "FINEST FLAVOR" ALL GREEN Limas....2 N - 3 .° 3 39< MARSHALL TASTY WHITE SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICES ON NIW KROCIR DRY Save 12c Over Nonfat Instant Milk -'-;, 19 Say* 30: Over 0)h<r Ircndfl 8-QT. SI IS 49 _ , _ g _. . Sweet, frwili PufarlaeJ milk wltfc «nly the fat -*& w*tw remwred. PrtTlde* _. LjClirV"Fr£Sn FlflVOri »moant« of protein, calciuut, aad B-Viiamm*. Low !• t^loriw, deliciaw t» driak MU! fine wn y vi. . .«ww. . | or eoowng. Tl7 , t . OT(l wvel '— ** * •- i»- - •- -••*.• •- • *y*vrepm BEST BACON BUY! MAIZE-UNO SLICED BACON Hominy.. 3 N ^° 19 NORTH BAY MONEY-SAVINfr GXATED Tuna 2^ HSNW-'S GREEN lEANS AND Potatoes 2 N c?.° 3 29< >25< Mild Cheese E 49 •ORDEM'S ailCIO Cheese PDIE TO KIAFT LONftHORN Henke's "Tender-Trim 1 ' 2* »u.s. CHOICE •«'S«&Fi, Heavy Beef S K]N« SIH SANDWICH S^nwtOtt Ptf houldcr RoMt ShortfUi r* Lk. P«r Lfc. Ground r* Lb. Cookies EVERIIST LOW-PRICIP PRESMVES Blackberry.. ' TOWIt TASTY FRESH U.S. COVT INSPECTS SLICI* Luncheon Meats PleHt Mrf PtaMrt* LeW Olive L«W • Nf B«I«9M Meit ami Chettc Lnf Hut WITH Ita COl»i>H PtM NtXT PURCHAU Tastt-0-Sei fish Steaks.. !£ 39t S«P»kRshStkks ....... .'t£ 29c PAM9US. TASTY. TIN MR Hormd Dairy Brand Franks V£ 49c CHOICI OP VIAL. NIP OR PORK Rath Black Hawk Chopet»es? fc t49c Salad Olives r35< TWO r LAYERS—LUSCIOUS, FRUH LEMON Lean s r Picnics Coconut Cake..49- U.S. COVEKNWtNT .SUGAR-CURED, SMOKED SUc« rold lor summer stand- wlohei. Eeonomioal and really Rood eatiag. Picnics are Itaner at Htoke's! p, r Lb HENKE'S —ALL POPULAR FLAVORS Ice Cream... FANCY U.S. NO. 1 TENDER, WELL-FILLED EARS CALVOtNIA THIN-SKIN Large, Juicy Lemons ......... 2^ 29c CALIFORNIA JUICY, SCfOLESS Valencia Oranges 3 L £39c FANCY CRIST Green Cucumbeis 1 ^ 15 ° BANQUET FROZEN CHICKEN. IEEF OR Turkey Dinners READY TO TOAST AND SERVE Nifty Frozen Waffles PRESH FROZIN CONCENTRATED Kroger Len YOUR CHOICE OF JTOKILY'S FINEST FROZEN lie* Cashmere Bouquet Soap iT 9c Cashmere Bouquet Soap...S?13c Pink Dreft ?S31cft Black Flag Insect Bomb Mc ^ ^ Black Pepper...S KARO' SYRUP LoM 25C ••« 6td»r blanki in >ta.-« or Fruit Pies 4 Cklckea • Beef • Turkey • Tun* • AppU • Pe*cb * Cherry Little Bo Peep Ammonia ...Si. 15c Prince Dog Food "J\r 2 1 ct29c Havanaps Paper Napkins'?«" ISc Calgon !F£ 33c 2 pif 71c gifts free f« Top Vthw Stamps Wish-Bone ITALIAN DRESSING vV'AX jiVf.M rio.ji'jf Lriguttr, ,; aiiiu^! It « CA.U*- *iu.>o it ni, w^U-r .-p^i, Ng ^j JL ui-itj. >'or tile. n:i;Lii;r tain, 9 /Vlfssf/es In Use By US Forces (Editor 1 ! Noi«: Miiiilc d«T«lop- mtnt ii rtvoluiioniiing w*ip> onry. Th« U. S. has or U furluot* 17 working on nearly 30 mifl- liUi, tome guided and «om« unguided. The new weapons •!• named after everything from Gre*!c godi lo deiert Tattle inaketi. If you haren't be«n able lo keep Irack of them, lh« following diipateh may help). By WILLIAM GALBRAITH UP Staff Correipondent WASHINGTON — W— Th» Armed Forces have put nine different guided missiles in th« hands of combat units and are working to develop at least IS more. The robot weapons now ready for action are of comparatively short range. The highest priority now ii on efforts 10 oeac Russia in the race to perfect missiles in both the 3,00-to-5,000 mile "intercontinental" and the 1,500 mile "intermediate" range. In thi* ,the services are en- gaqed in intense competition among themselves. De-lens Department ofricia): concedr thai inter-service com- oetition causea duplication of ffort. Eut they say some duplication needed to make sur? t'.ie Jnited States gets the best mis- iles possible. Each of the missiles now in he hands of combat units is esigned to perform » differ- nt task or to cope with prob- ems peculiar to the service in- olved. Here they are: Command From Ground Army Nike-Ajax — Anti- ircraft guided missile guard- ng at least 13 major cities and our air bases in the United fates. Range is about 25 miles, an reach planes at 50,000 feet alitude. It can be "command- d" from the ground. Army Corporal — Bombard- lent weapon for battlefie'd se. Can strike targets 50 t» 00 miles distant. Can carry micleai warhead. A jam- iroof missile, supersonic lik« he Nike, the Corporal cannot >e balked once it is launched, t has been assigned to troop* n Europe. Air Force Matador — A (!M o 700-mile-an-hour surface-to- urface winged missile that lie* about 650 miles. It. Ion can deliver an atomic punch. Units are in Europe. The Mali- dor is now being replaced with a version having greater rang* and an improved guidance sys- em which resisti electronit amming. Air Force Takon — A small ;tiided missilie weighing »bout 100 pounds used against opposing aircraft. Interceptors con carry a number of these dockets under their wings. They are electronically fired and guided o the target. Navy Regulus — A naval version of the Matador which can >e carried by either iurtac» vessels or submarines. Navy Terrier — A need!* nosed supersonic missile latin- rhi-d from surface vessels to knock down attacking aircraft. It rides a radar besm to *.h« target and ii accurate to about 20 miles. Navy Sparrow — An air-to- air missile carried by aircraft to launch against enemv aircraft. Deadly at five miles. Up Tail Pip« Navy Sidewinde—The Nav- y'i newest air-io-air missile can destroy enemy bombers anywhere from sra level to 50,(WJ feet. It homfs in on the infrared rayi emined Irom tha exhaust of a jet aircraft or missile and destroys its target by slamming right up the tail pipa. Navy Petrel — A guided missile launched by patrol planes against enemy vessels. The Petrel can bft fired from well outside a ship's anti-aircraft defense, thus saving the pilot from hazards of ainti-aircraft fire. The Army's Redstone misst',8 is v\ut >tH m combat units but may bf soon. The missile, can- abie of carrying either or non-atomic wai heads, is be- limi'rt tr, have ucen tired about 20(1 milf-s. Succi-ssorj lo these missiles and a luu-h of new type* ant coming along faM. I Vary The Hamburger With Ihese Tricks ! ! NEW YORK - -IPv - Here ar* ; a few quuk tricks for making . n .• 'iniii'^t'i" an even greater j Sorve liiii iiconnmy meat j with an onx.n ^;ii:co. made witli I ipAi-kase of oniun joup m:< iiia 1 i'i;p of v. au-r Arid a dab wph 2 id^U-prjonj, nf flour | or, fr\ '••iorp-'.i nnunK- m rt JiUiM Li.ttiT Or n; ( il>'.-il Tlf. , SL^M-ii tu i:-;.-!(-• v. H'i c;;rry D o w d e r a 111 i a ! t: w > i r o p s of :-'h"i j •-•!' - !:-..'cjc in tha f i r. c .. a; 11 u,. r ^ e r. By (he iK-u 1 tin,- n.cji is i-oukvd tii« ha:- iiitiicd inside:. He H-Jidl« A Complete Line OF ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE SELLERS HARBOUR lusui'c.iice Agency PHONE 3-3593 318 P-Ark Ave. f rcejwrl

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