Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 10
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 10
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A-10--INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM Line RMU. Ctlll.. Sundiy, July H, mi Foreign Aid Bill Pushed by JFK By WALTER T. RIDDER Chief, l r P-T Waihlnglon Surfu WASHINGTON -- The ad-j ministration is having a rough time of it with its foreign-aid bill, .so rough in f a c t that President Kennedy has interested himself personally in the matter and is interviewing an almost endless stream of congressmen and senators in an attempt to wangle the necessary votes. Word has gone out to the legislators that the President would be delighted to talk to them about foreign aid. As invitations to t h e White House don't come very frequently, most of the members of Congress a r e availing themselves of the opportunity : One of the main sources o: friction on the foreign-aid EftRLY AMERICAN MAPLE I STARTS 1328 ALAMITOS Just Norlh of Anaheim bill is the plan to get a long- range authorization. This sort of thing has been a perennia joint of conflict between the executive and the legislative branches of the government * * * * FOR OBVIOUS reasons, the executive finds it easier to make plans if it knows sev eral years in advance h o \\ much money will be available If, for instance, it knows nov, that numbers of dollars wil be available this year anc next year and the year afte for the building of some dam then the work can be plannd and started in more order! fashion. Long-range authorization also make it easier to dea with foreign governmen! which a r e understandably worried that while the money may be forthcoming this year, who can promise them that it will also be forthcoming next year? As matters now stand, the answer is no one. Thus o t h e r governments a r e constantly a f r a i d t h e source of supply will dry up and they will be faced with some incompleted project anc no way of completing it. The year-lo-ycar basis on whicl foreign aid is operated makes things uncertain for both donor and donee, a situation HIGHWAY DESPOILER In an apparent defiance of the highway warning sign against littering, the motorist tosses an empty beer can out of the window, adding to the others strewn over the grass. This picture was set up and taken by AP Photographer Robert A. Wands, illustrating the widespread despoilment of the n a t i o n ' s highways.--(AP photo.) Drive on to De-Litter Roadsides of America Congress Calendar WASHINGTON (#-- The tatus of major legislation at he end of last week; Unemployment cojiiDtmalloo txtenjlon Aid for depressed! areas--enacted. Minimum wage Increase--enaded. Improvement! In Scdat Security bene 1s--i Additional help (or c^ld.-sn sf untnv oyed--enacted. cral farm _ in Hws* com Feed gra'-n price support and control row am--enacted. Federal airf for primary and secondary ihoo 11--o ass ed Ssnal;; in Koutt cci Federal aid for college! -- In Houie ommlMee. P reslder.i I al reorganize! km a'jlhorllv-- i acted. Additional federal ludoeirVos--enatled. lllQ.*vway userj' tax increases--enacted. General lax revision--in Housa com illlee. Soclaf SecwItY health orooram--rra ac- acted*" iuses go to \vork over here it will hardly be encouraging to realize that the Britisl haven't whipped the problem yet. The approach over there after almost 350 years, in eludes a poster pleading: 'Take Your Litter Home Keep Britain Tidy." wearing ©LASSES Ccr.!;c; Iciiics have come a long way since they were first introduced to the human eye. NOT--so comfortable, so undctcclable--contact lenses arc for just about anybody. Whatever your reason for Being inlereslett, come in anii see what Science h.u done about conlact leiurj to make them u'onderjul to wear. Come in for a no-obligalion demonstration or merit the coupon. Open Friday evenings and all day Saturdays. 32 years in Long Beach. Offices in Tor- ranee and Wilmington at 12G8 Sartori and 810 Ava- Jon Blvd. DR. J. M. SOSS, Optometrist 37 I»iue Avenue · HE 5-6219 Send illustrated literature on contact leniai. NAME --~ ADDRESS I CITY ZONE._ STATE- which this like others, iremedy. administration, is seeking to NELSON UNIFORMS Special Clearance Sale! Uniforms REDUCED TO 788 2 for $15 Group includes discontinued styles from our regular slock . . . wash 'n wear in eUcrom, cottons and frosfys . . . Y ou recognize the famous brand names. Come early! . . . these won't lastl Sizes 8 to 20; H'/2 to 24Vz Other Uniforms from $5.98 Nelson Uniforms 618 PINE AYE. Fre« park Shop Houn: 9:30 to 5:30 Man. thru Sal. By J. W. DAVIS I WASHINGTON UPt -- The ordinary beer can is only 4% inches long, and 2% inches in diameter. Empty, it weighs less than three ounces. Yet it's become an enormous n u i s a n c e , thanks to people who throw cans by the thousands onto the roadsides of the country. They've enraged fanners, igercd and saddened beauty vers and robbed the tax- ayers. But now comes the word iat the appalling mess creed by these p e o p l e and must be spent each year to clean highways alone. Countless millions more go to clean up after thoughtless citizens who befoul beaches, streets, parks and the countryside itself. There's a health menace, too. Litter creates breedin; places for disease - carrying insects, rats and mice. * v * * KEEP AMERICA Beautifu was founded primarily by l e a d e r s in the industries whose products contribute to litter -- such as paper ant box containers, w r a p p e r s , Missouri may have hit on a n e f f e c t i v e punishment; those found guilty are sen tenced to clean one mile of roadside, in person. Officers report there are no repeaters All states have laws against strewing of litter, with signs proclaiming fines of SI to as much as $1,000. This has been going on a long time, with varying success. In the year 1612 warning signs against trash tossing were put up in London. SAVE AT BURKS -.SAVE.AT BURKS SAVE AT BURKS TODAY'S SPECIAL Sunday Noon Until 7 p.m. New General Electric 19" SLIM LINE TV c k SAVE AT BURKS SAVE AT BURKS SAVE AT BURKS And, as the advertising gen-| her litlerhugs---can tosscrs leans and bottles. oming under attack in 1061 orn a new quarter. - , . r ., , ·, - One suggestion that has re mst part of the tribe -- is , , . , . totl . ,. , ( ' ,. , . i n r i ecu kicking around calls for nrtllnn llnrtor nilnrlr in ] n ( \ l ° iaking beer cans redeemable, ke soft drink bottles. A cash alue, say two cents, would e put on each can. That idea looks strictly no ood to E.W. Turner of the 'irginia department C: high- r ays. "If people are going to pur- hase a six-can pack of beer DASHING LIKE Hercules ito the Augean stables is he Advertising Council, with lans for a two-year cam- aign. The council, which has done ffective public service work or higher e d u c a t i o n , the united Nations, mental health nd infantile paralysis pro rams, will unite with the eep America Beautiful or- anization, which has been vorking since 1953 for the indication of litter. The problem, despite al hat has been done --· anc here has been much -- ha ;rown mountain high. Every year the populatioi s larger, the beckoning high way system longer, the wor week shorter. The chances fo outdoor recreation are,bette As a result, Keep Americ Beautiful summarizes: 1. In one year close to 80 Americans are k i l l e d and n e a r l y 75,000 seriously jured as a result of cars striking or swerving to avoid l i t t e r on the highway. o drink as they are riding long, they certainly are not ;oing to be worried about he 12 cents they could get or saving the cans," he said. In California, one particu-' arly messy location yielded 12 loads of bottles, cans and other trash in three clays. As far back as 1953 it cost Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming $228 a day to keep road edges reasonably clear of litter. COMMUNITY ra SAVINGS lias a personalized gift for you MONOGRAMMED CRYSTAL GLASSES with your personal Initial In 23-K pure gold Hade from realcryslal. A set of S, withany initial,w yours free for opening a fSOO account or adding this to your present account. Again! Our Popular Serving Casseroles. Set of 4, decorated in Western Designs. For accounts of fSSO. More Free Gilts. Select from the varied and useful display at eaek office. Sorry, no ffifts mailed. Your Account Is Insured to $10,000 111 an instrumentality of the U.S. Government, Save By Mail. We provide envelopes and pay postage both mays- C O M M U N I T Y S A V I N G S Assets over $70,000,000 Bayer E. Dunn, President Bex A. Dunn, Chairman of the Board COUPTON 477E.Compton Bled. tARAUOUNT 1SSSS Paramount Blvd. IONQ BEACH 3301 Atlantic Ave., BiibyKnolit FOR FULL EARNINGS. An savrnet rtcelvid by thi llrk ef ftnr menth earn from Ihl lit. iPEClAL. oo«n ivtrv Friday c n l H i P.M. N O W ! TRIPLE BLUE CHIP STAMPS Anolher Coaraunity first, Triple Blue Chip Stamps for new accounts or ad- ditions to prsseni accounts up to the 1085 Hail, Your choice at stamps or tills, Stamps will be mailed If you savt by mall, FREI REV FUKOl ISI tsi tl III 110 1101 ll till tot liDt It lill 13) S1CO tl Silt ICIS KOI ·f »«r» IN I N D I A N A , engineers calculated that five miles of modern dual lane highway could have been built with the money that went to clean up the state's roadsides in one year. A few y e a r s ago, near Roma, Tex., a full truckload of beer cans was collected in ten days on one three-mile stretch of Urs. highway 83 Incidentally, it was found in Texas that riders in conditioned cars are more careful than most about litter They don't like to open thei car windows. AS IS INEVITABLE in an situation which gets Amer cans stirred up, slogans hav been coined. Such as: "Don't be a Strewball, 'Annie Doesn't Litter An More," and "Don't be a I.itte Bugger, be a Litter-Bagger. There's a horrid little in sect leering out of poster the litterbug. Ohio poster hopefully advise against b ing a "Scatterpillar." There's even a band tune, appropriate for cleanup parades, entitled "The Litterbug Rag." One of the most helpful developments, which may be expanded on by the Advertising Council - Keep America! Beautiful campaigners, is the litterbag. This is a sort of inside-the- car wastebasket. You drop your travel trash into it and the next time you stop at a service station or picnic table you can empty it. More than 12'/2 million lit- terbags are given away each year by business and service! groups. There are more than' 50 types on the market. Yet there are still millions of drivers who just roll down the window and chuck the stuff out. * ·* * NOT MANY PEOPLE arc arrested for littering the highways and fewer still are convicted. · DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH .'TIL 9 P. LOS ALTOS CENTER FENNEYB

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