Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 10, 1966 · Page 35
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 35

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 35
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T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY. MAKCH Ift. THURSDAY/MARCH JO, IH4 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Should Be Consulted When Parents Need Advice By DAVID NYDICK UP1 EfecatfaMl Writer Parents who have questions concerning any aspect of their duTd'8 education should consult their child's teacher or principal. Listening to gossip over the back fence or talking with unqualified individuate can lead to many problems and false conclusions. Always seek information from proper sources. Tbe school and its staff are interested in each ttudent's success. Every effort Is made to advise parents who need assistance with their children. It is, fterefore, always Important for parents to discuss problems with the school before they take any major actions such as hiring tutors. The following questions sect . to this columnist by readers are included because of their general nature. Parents with specific problems should always discuss (hem with school authorities. QUESTION: I have worked many hours as a volunteer in my chfld's school I recently requested a favor of the principal It concerned my child's placement for next year. The principal refused my request I was deeply insulted. Shouldn't I receive some special treatment, iince I have been so-helpful to the school? ANSWER: I hope you don't really mean what you said. If your principal approved your request simply because you bad teen a volunteer worker, be would have made a serious mistake. Hopefully, «n decisions are made on the basis of the child's. Individual needs and what is most beneficial to him. When parents voluntarily assist the schools, they should not; expect any personal advantage. If personal .advantage were the reward, I seriously would question the professional integrity and competency of the school ·taff. QUESTION: I recently requested that my child's friend,: who was visiting with us for a few days, be permitted to attend school with my son. The teacher said she was not a baby .litter and would not permit such a situation to develop. Isn't the ichool required to accept any child who is in the district? ANSWER: There are several parts to your question. The ·school generally is required to provide an education for residents. This child is not a resident and, therefore, is not normally eligible to attend. Your school would be negligent to allow an ineligible student to attend, since it would be responsible for his safety. Should something happen, such as an accidental injury, the school would be exposing the taxpayers to a lawsuit In addition, you should iinder- Btand that the school is in the business of education for students who are eligible residents. A child attending for a few days probably would interfere with the normal program and the learning of regular students. 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CELERY ^- ib. 10 PEARS * ib. 19 YAMS T-- *. 10' 4 AQ V »»53 O A 1094 * JS2 5*74 SOUTH Q 63 4AKC43 Wdt Nkrtk P a * 1 0 , - , Pass 2 9 DoMe Pint 2 4 Pa» 4 4 AH PM» ppnria* fc«d -- ?2 South raffed fhe second heart and immediately drew three rounds of trumps, when East showed out, South made a face and ted out the ace and king of clubs. The queen dropped, and South led another club. West still had a low trump rat decided not to use it, sinct hat would allow South to make the game. Instead West discarded a diamond. Now South could not get back o his hand without using up his last trump. That left West with a trump and a diamond a take the last two tricks. [own one. South should discard a dia- nond on the second heart ruff lie third heart and lead out he top clubs before touching rumps. When the queen drops, he danger of a bad trump break is very clear. West started wim three hearts and only two dubs, so mat he is likely to have as many as four trumps. South continues with a third club, and this time West cannot gain by refusing to ruff. If West returns a trump, South can draw trumps and run the clubs. If West returns anything bat a trump, South can cash the ace of diamonds and crossruff to guard against a bad* trump break. It almost invariably b correct to work on the side suit before drawing trumps. If the sid esuit breaks badly, yon may need dummy's trumps to help set up the suit. If the trumps break badly, you may need the side suit breaks badly,, you may trump suit QUESTION: Partner opens with one club and the next player passes. You hold: spades 6 5 3 2 , hearts J (t 2, diamonds K 7 5 2, clubs Q 8. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one diamond. With six points in high cards, you have the values for a response at the level of one. Bid your suit such as it is. CopyrtghMM* Soldier Was AWOL'In Army's Book DURHAM, N.C. - »- The Army thought Thomas Gerald Bradley Jr., had been absent without leave for more than four months. / "He wasn't AWOL from th* Army," said Durham Folk* Capt. John Ellen yesterday. "H* was in Viet Nam fighting the Reds." The Army reported Bradley, 2, of Durham, missing from Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., sine* last Oct. 22, Ellen said. The army asked Durham pa- ice to locate Bradley and pick limup. "We contacted the soldier's mother," said Ellen. "She was surprised all right She told us that her son had been hi Viet Nam since the latter part of last year, and had written her letters, sent money to her, and mailed a jacket to brother. to please any cat. special blend kidney 'n meat liver f n meat chicken 'n meat mealy mix tuna

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