Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 34
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, P«g. C.I2-INDEPENDENT IM (tick. C«W, 4. 1M1 Television Log KNXT C»»««»l 1 I KtlA C»«a«ll J KAIC CUMMl t K1TV Cfcannil II KCOP Chan** U atwnttt M rotaeaixitt tor cftanoH made »f ilanoe*. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4,1962 5:45 2 Farm Report: News 6:00 A.M. 2 College of Air. "Biology" 4 (Color) Contln. Classroom "Contemn. Math" (repeat) 6:30 2 USC Tclecoursc: "Music" "4 "(Color) Contin. Classroom "American Government" (reasonable search) 7:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 4 Today, John Chancellor 7:45 9 Cartoonsvillc--A.M. 8:00 A.M. 2 Panorama Pacific 5 A.M.-LA.. Stan Chambers 7 Chucko the Clown 8:15 11 Food Mart on Camera - - 8:30 5 Morning Cartoons 11 Susie. Ann Sothcrn 13 LASC: "Lit. Fine Arts" ·('Manon Lcscaut') -1- 9:00 A.M. 2 Calendar, Harry Rcasonei 4 Say When, Art James 5 Face-Lifting by Exercise .7 I Married Joan, J. O.ivis · 9 Movie: "My Favorite .Wife," Cary Grant ('40) 11 The Princess, Pat P.lake 13 Public Service Film 9:15 13 Guidcpost to Science (3,4! 930 2.1 Love Lucy. Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 5-Romper Room 7 The Pioneers ,11-The Jack LaLanne Show 9:45 '13 Guidcpost to Science (9) 10:00 A.i\l. ' 2 Video Village. Monty Hal . 4 (Color) The Price !s Right 7 Abbott and CostcMo '11 The Pamela Mason Show ; .. 10:15 13 Public Service Film 10:30 , 2 The Clear Horizon 4 Concentration, H. D.iwns 5 World Advntr "England" 7 Our Miss Brooks, E. Arden 9 Film: "The Seekers" 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons 10:55 2 Harry Reasoncr, Nc-.vs 11:00 A.M. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) Your First Impression, Bill Lcydrn 5 Yoga for Health T NEW) "THE TENNESSEE * ERNIE FORD SHOW... MUSIC t VARIETT DAILY! Hank Jones and Dean Kay Interpret "The Twirl" n Crime Docs Not Pay 11 Broken Arrow, J. l.iinlon 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences 5 PM. Mike Wallace, with · Jim and Henry Bavkus. Don Cherry. S.immy Cahn Eddie Grccnslccvcs 7 Yours for Song, R. Parks !) Medallion Th'trc (tclcplay; 11 Songo, Del Moore 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Schcrcr News (11:551 12:00 NOON 2 Burns and Allen Show 4 Jan Murray Show, fiom Cypress Gardens 7 Camouflage, Don Nfnrrnw 9 Movie: "Thcic Goes My Girl," Gene Raymond (717) 11 Sheriff John, John Rovick 13 Midday Report 12:15 13 Public Servlrff Film ·1 Floyd Kalber Ncwj (12:25) 2 As the World Turns ·1 Lorctta Young Theatre 7 Window Shopping, Bob Kennedy 1:00 P.M. , 2 Password, Allen Hidden 4 Young Dr. Malone 5 Dr. Brothers; Telecopier News; Movie (1:10): "Missing Juror," Jjnis Carter ('44) 7 Day in Court: Privacy 11 The Gale Storm Shew 1:25 7 Alex Dreicr Report IJO - 2 Art Unklcttcr l'e I'arty 4 Our Five Daughters 7 My Little Margie 9 Tic Tac Bowl, I). MrGri-w 11 Divorce Court. Bill Welsh 13 G'dcpost: Man's Ad^ntr. 1:15 . 1.1 Guidcpost: Spanish (.1) ^ 2:001'.M. 2'Thc Millionaire 4 .Make Room for Daddy Guest: Dinah Shore 7 Jane Wyman Presents 9 Movie: "Behave Yourself.' Farley Granger ('51) 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 2 The Verdict U Yours New case: murder 4 Here's Hollywood, Jjck Linklcttcr: Ne-.vlywcds .. -Joan Tabor, Biodcrick 'Crawford 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz I I Movie: "New Moon," ' '*, Jtanette MacDonald. Ncl- .ton Eddy C39) · -r* 2:33 -.2'Charles Collingwood 4 Sander Vanocur, News 5 Telecopier News 3:00 PM 2 The Brighter Day 4 Act I (tele-play) 5 Makeup Tips; Dorothy Gardiner Show (3:rVi .7 UVE fnii Phili4il,rili *~ "QUEEN FOR A DAT" 3:15 2 The Secret Storm 230 2 The Edge of Night 4 Highway Holidays: "Pomona to Palomut" 5 Skipper Frank's C?.:ioons 7 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 P.M. 2 Amos V Andy 4 Movie: "Out of the Clouds," Anthony Steel 7 American Bandstand 9 Birthday Express 4:30 . 2 Life of Rilcy, Wm, Bcndix 9 Movie: "Androclcs and thj Lion." Jean Simmons, Vk tor Mature ('52) 11 3 Stooges. Don Larhond 4:50 7 American Newsstand 5:00 P.M. 2 Movie: "13 Hours hy Air,' Fred MacMurray, Brian Donlevy f3G) 5 Popcye.-Tom Hattrn 7 Love That Bob! I I Superman, George Reeve: 13 Joe Palooka. J. Kirkwood 5:30 7 The Soupy Sales Show 11 Rescue 8. Jim Davis 13 Malone Goes Skin Diving 5:55 4 News, Almanac G:00 P.M. 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Bozo the Clown 7 Baxter Ward. Nc-.vs 9 Ncwsrccl. John Willis 11 Highway Patrol 13 Peter llanscn. Nc'vs 6:15 4 Huntlcy-Brinklcy Ptport 7 ABC News. RonCxhran 1.1 Harold Fishman 6:30 2 Big News, Jerry Cunphy 4 (Color) Curt Masscy Shov 5 Clcte Roberts Reports 7 Men into Space, William I.undigan 9 Cartoon Express 11 Space Angel: Dick Tracy 13 Waterfront. P. Foster 6:45 4 (Color) Jack Latham new 5 The Big Three (news) I I George Putnam D.itcline 7:00 P.M. 4 Death Valley Days; "Miracle at Whiskey Gulch." Fcss Parker, George Kennedy, lildic Firestone. Two-fisted parson and a minor miracle bring religion to Oregon mining camp. 5 Beat the Odds. M. s;tokcy 7 Danger Man, Patrick McGoohin (new time) 9 Science Fiction Thcjtrc 1 Heckle and Jcckle Show 13 Passport to Travel, Hal Sawyer: "Mediterranean" 7:15 2 Douglas Edwards, News 730 2 The Alvin Show, Huss Bagdassarian (cannons) 4 Wagon Train, Kobcit Hor Ion. Philip Bournc'i!. Indians warn of sxvjmp when Flint leads gi'vjp from the main caravan. 5 Peter Gunn, Craig Stevcr 7 Howard K. Smith -- New and Comment J SNEAK PREVIEW-lsl tr RUN--MUSICAL--COLOR Teresa Brewer, Gene Barry, Rhonda Fleming. 11 The Best of Gouch'i 13 Global Xobcl, Myron Zobcl: "Athens" 8:00 P.M. 2 Window on Main Street, Robert Young, Cnlren Gray. Hi-fi gilt to rvansc.s --has unexpected -crrrp"" sequences. 5 Line of Sight. Bill Siout Show explores whether "The Twist" and Jean Tingucly's sculpture in motion (sec "David Brinkley's Journal." 10:30 p.m.) arc art or oddities. 7 Straightaway, Brian Kelly, Myrna Hanrcn. Scott's ex-girl, an heiress, succumbs to charlatan's promises and joins pseudo- religious cult. 11 The Gale Storm Show 13 Your Weekend. Dirk Garton: "Marincbnd" 830 2 Checkmate, Dour; Me- Cliirc, Suzanne Lloyd, David Janssen, Robert Colbert. Girl fears her brother will harm the rodeo star (Janssen) she's fallen in love with. 4 The Joey Bishop Show, Danny Thomas, M-inorie Lord, Sid Melton. 'This Is Your Lite" plans nearly wreck a happy marpagc in this repeat. 5 Olympic Wrestling, Dick Lane 7 Top Cat (cartoons) II MEDICINE OF THE tOt 1-HR. SPECIAL lilmid ll LA. Orlhopitdlc Hotp. I "Prliili-i el Wilkint" Hour-long study of children with bone defects under treatment for club feet, curvature of the spine and congenital dislocation of (he hip. 1.1 Seven League Boots, Jack Douglas: "Persian Plain" 0:00 P.M. 4 (Color) Perry Como Show. Anne Bancroft m.itrs her first guest appearance of the season, singing and dancing, and joining in the salute to Illinois. 7' Hawaiian Eye. Ar.thnny Eisley, June Vincrn;. Tracy runs Into murder while Investigating itrsnje hotel jewel Top Viewing Today 830 PJM.--MEDICINE OF THE 60S on channel 11. Hour special concerning children under treatment at an orthopedic hospital for bone defects. .10 PJM.--U. 5. STEEL HOUR on channel 2. Maui rice Evans and Janice Rule star In "The Loves of Claire Ambler." a. drama about a yours girl who falls in love with an invalid. Radio Programs MIO TM E»x UriW WAC -niH aua«Mi M rtt»Mta)iiirv lor taiatu mt4t ·· WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4,1962 by TERRY VERNON Davey Crockett hits the TV rontier trail again tonight, but you'll ncv_er recognize him. No coo'nskin cap. No wild a'ar. No long-barreled ramrod rifle. No buckskins. Instead. Fcss Parker, the actor who brought Davcy Crockett to .the TV screen, will be wearing the garment of a fron-jj tier preacher. | He stars on "Death Valley Days" at 7 p.m., channel 4. | As Crockett, actor Parker, in 1955 captured the imagina-; tion of the nation's children and a good share of its adults.: Rare was the toddler who could not lispingly sing the words: "Davcy, Davcy Crockett, king of the wild frontier." After Parker abdicated as frontier king, he made five motion pictures, the latest be- utcs. he winked at the audi- FESS PARKER Frontier Preacher ing "Hell Is for Heroes." Icnce five times, apparently 7:00 A..M. KFI--Pal fcino* Rrpaft KABC-- f ran* Mo*«rv«a* KH--Ne*ll Seor« KNX--WOOdNtwir KFOK--Oiarl.olnir *GER-OirUlf»tl 1:11 ,,. -Htir*l»»1 KAOC--Newi; *Dor*1 CHJ--Robert Q. I *»!» IGEB-AlAr'eTlee KABC-Ne«t Arotsrl WorM KNX-Franfc Co» r:ewi 1:11 KFI-New; Soulr-Lind KABC--W. NoWt: Newt · KNX--Boo Crano fow KGE«--Mea»t« Memo 8:00 A.M. i»BC-Ntw».'paui Har»« KHJ--Nrwi; Soor HI--Wdltr aKr» NX--NetMM J 1i:M KABC--OMn L»» KN X--paf Bvltram Show KGER-Dr.Orr.IH* Nt»t KGCR-Witovr r, 1:11 KABC-- New»; S0Offe KHJRot*ftQ. lr»'t * Crane View I:M .mam w vttr 1:11 KFI--AMf and Vno*la KABC-Martet Nr«1 9:00 A.M. KABC-Ra'on Jant,; Ne»l KHJ--Foster Brookf. Nfwl KABC--Mrrcn J. tmntrl KHJ-B»f*rtQ lr»» KNX-Boa Crane'.how KFI-Lad.e.'o 1 .', KCc R -- John Brown Hour Ml 10:00 A.M. KFI --Nwj; Swlnon' Year) KABC--Nwl; Br'H I* Ctvb KFOX--iff Ron do 1:10! IKK) P-M. KABC--NewlJ Q. HOW KHJ--Warn* Thomat I . . KNX--Hewlj Tal Bwtlram KCER--Airmail from Cod KABC-Pam.rlaV.jon -kit I Cow. Leatuo KNX--woman'! rvtrld; Pat Bwtlram Show ll.?ll KFOX-Bitl Colin I to II KCER--Otrl»tlan trutado KCCX-HtalmTa'k 2:00 P.M. KABC-N«*«I J. C S«t«t KHJ--Newt: Fulton lewli KNX--Newt: Pal ruttram KCCR-Lvif ieaoi Band KABC--Flair KHJ--Walter O'Ketft KABC--WmOeil Nobl« KNX-Woman'l World.' Prnli0 Norman (7:111 KCER--Oeoroc MtLam KGCR-LHelino 3:00 PJH. KABC--Newt: J. C. Swavze KH J--Fotler Brooit rtwt KNX-New« KCER-YoulMorOrlil KFI--Scoreboard; New* KABC--OfO.-Betty Skinner KHJ--Perry Allen J*c* KNX-Tr.eSrarvL'"t Pwtu* Mifit 11:11 KHJ-Lu(ky Pitrtc In 1960 he appeared as a trying to convey the impres- Confcderate army captain on s jon that his host assignment a "General Electric Thcatcr'V would be as easy as shooting KctR-o»mo5,r,Li't program. ; fish in a rain barrel. lKCE«-««.!'eJ«itoM His appearance tonight on But the winks, instead ofi"'- tmf "" ''"" "Death Valley Days" is a rc-. C onveying cafe, appeared to , K r ,_ N «i j,.£:J/' v ,., turn engagement. , me to be signs of distress. For Parker made his tele- He was as loquacious as a vision debut in the first radio fight announcer trying "Death Valley Days" story to'with words to duplicate action be telecast in 1932. ;in a boxing match where the * * * * ' boxers were spending most o] THE GRAND opening of thcj the lime in clinches. "Tonight" show Tuesday had ( In interviewing his guests, its moments, but not enough 1 he seemed to say more than of them. i he gave his interviewees an Art Linklettcr was trying so'opportunily to offer, hard to relax, he appeared: He couldn't wait until they nervous. In the first 15 min-' finished one sentence before thefts. J SECRET BETRAYED IN * "THE LAND OF THE PHARAOHS"--I. COLLINS 3 Freedom Club Addtess (taped Tuesday at L A.'s First Congregational Church) Dr. Ernest L. Wilkinson, president of Brighain Young University, Utah, is the featured spcikcr. 9:30 2 The Dick Van Dyl:c Show. Dream sequence (filmed' in fast action of early movies) depicts Pctrie family at the turn of the century 11 Wanted--Dead or Alive. Steve McQueen. Stranger offers lo split reward, (new time today on!y). 10:00 P.M. 2 U.S. Slccl Hour. "The Loves of Claire Ambler," Maurice Evans. Janice Rule, Nancy Carroll, Maureen Hurley. Bcoth Tarkington story about · the romance of a frivolous girl with an invalid man many years her senior. 4 (Color) Boh!. Show. Ncwhart plays a bank president and a driving instructor, with Joanic Sommcrs the musical guest. 5 Clctc Roberts Reports 7 Naked City, Paul Eurkc, Horace McMahon. Nchcmiah Pcrsoff. "Body" escapes from its coftin in a repeat telecast. 11 George Putnam, News 13 Peter llanscn. News . 10:15 5 Big Three Final (N'cws) 13 Harold Fishman 1030 (Color) David Rrinklcy's Journal: "End of the World." Visit with Swiss sculptor Jean Tingiiely, n far-out artist at I as Vegas who protests the world situation with self- destroying "motion sculpture." 5 Overseas Adventure 11 The Paul Coatcs Show 13 NEW! TONIQHTI NEW! * THE MIKE STOKET SHOW 11:00 P.M. 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 (Color) Jack Lalharr, news 5 Mahalia Jackson Sings 7 ABC News Final 9 John Willis. News: Dow Finstcrwald Golf Tips 11 The Tom Duggan Sliow 11:05 IOHN PATNE, N. O'HARA "SENTIMENTAL 10URNET" 5 * i 7 Baxter Ward News (11:10) 11:15 2 Movie: "Home in Indiana." Walter Brennan ('44) ·1 (Color) Tonight. Art Link i letter, with Mel Trime, I Jim Backus, Jane Russell. Prof. Hornstein. Ed and | June Langc l J "CHARGE OF THE LIGHT !* BRIQADE"--ADVENTURE I E. FLTNN-D. NIVEH ! 7 Weather News (11:25) 11:30 ! 7 San Francisco Heat 12:00 MIDNIGHT | 1 A DATE WITH MURDER i* "SHADOW MAM" 12:30 I I Maria Palmer; Movie (12:35): "The Grcnr. ! Years," Charles Cob'jrn 12:45 ' 9 Movie: "I. Mobster." Steve Cnchran ('5!t| 1:00 A.M. 2 Movie: "Strange Imru- sion." Philip Horn ('.57) 4 One O'clock Curtain ilf Im-itv 11:11 KGCR-- Bi KABC-THlo-Tnl KMJ-LlKkY f*"t KA n Frrrferlttl KNX--Oarrv Moerr- Show; KT.ER--Vrnffne Mr«*rt KFlIpa^'liw"."^ KGcR-OanGilbrrt °°' 12:00 NOON' KMPC--Nrwi: 811 li-eney KABC-- Pawl Harvey newt KHJ--Foittr Brooki rrwt KN x-Hinn McCoy r*wt KCER--High Noon fl.blo 12:11 KFI-Baiecail IIMil: Oxtoert vv Cutot iwna KABC--Ja^tf-Lo490 Newt 6.-00 iahiriWlrr Keuey, (ortt KABC-- Etfwartf f Marten KHJ-- Newt; c«rS KNX-lMrMOei IMMm KFOX-- Ract Rotroationt KCER-Bactt«ir«Biblt KABC-- Newt; nm Wi KHJ-- Fvlton Lew · Jr. KFI--Uutlc Tirrr. t. Cecil KNX--Wotian't Wcrld 1:11 4:00*P.M. KFI--Newt: Daw* SHa« KABC--Newt: S0orr KFI--Minle Tm-e, C. Cecil KABC--JimMcCul 1 * News KHJ--Prrrv Allen 5*0* KNX-TM Story\n · It KABC--Al» Orrer; Sam Baiter Scttrtt U'^TI ' NX--Oiarlet C»^ncwood. Tha Jlory Lln« " HI KCLR-Rev. AM Sthreider KCF.R--ODti'n C»xi»l'9 KFI--Soerrt Sumn-anr KABC--Bill Stiverta" rrwt KNX-oomr-i Hot-t can 5:00 P.M. KFl-Reconer: Nn» · Jr. ToeHgrit KABC-Cut U*" KHJ--Newtl T~ ' ' KNX--Form ... . KFOX--WorM ol KCER-Re.AI Marian · II KFOX--Al R«ll« IK II KNX-^Ucal Nrwt il:UI 7:00 P.M. . KABC-- J. Raltton; KHJ-PKrt CwrtriWl (tt 1Q| KMK-- «w»; RiOt'd M*»« KCCR-- f«mtf BI94HOVT KFI-- KFI Btnditand KABC-- E*l-*i»l RowxJvp KFI-- Nrwi ·! m» WofW KABC-- C«rl ton KNX-- News; R 8:00 PM. Newt: KFI M KABC-- Cl -- Frank jhS'JIi KNX^QutllWn KCER-A. UjJ^. KCER-Re*. C. T. Wa'tvrg KCER--Dan C'lert 9:00 PJM. KM--New»: L. Oi**ttff1e« KABC-- News; Dick VVtixn FM STATIONS FM HIGHLIGHTS Pee Wee Hunt at 9 a. m. on KNOB . . . "Flower Drum Song" at noon on KM LA . .. 101 Strings at 3 p. m. on KDDl . . . Buddy Cole at G p. m. on KBIQ . . . German Radio Symphony in stereo at 7 p. m. on KFAC ..; George Grcclcy in stereo at 8:15 p. m. on K P O L . . . Lionel Hampton at 10 p. m. on KGLA. ncnra A»li««»). Alialaaai c*veri4 M » «.·'· rlti · S-»««r fc«iJtd «·». ·it**. Tk« prlct It l*w, teraw c«inil»t. i» · «l* y*r l»t · break. Call GE J-Of4t tr ctut !· T. H. Ule« » $··» ia.»rt». J7M 1.71k Jt,«i «U* ytirkon* · «tw Ittk. TV Service Specialist BJ 2.50 Rodia, rkoio, Smoll Applloictt AUTO RADIOS REPAIRED II »ear» EtOf«ne« nit I. tntimt] Cl I40I3 ·DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOUR SET TO THE SHOP^ 71B KABC'-Nrwi; M*rttt Fmtl Ptill KCtB-- Oc*C9«l rey Lf« KASC-- Sceci*! Rmert KHJ-- Pfrrv Aden ihe* KNX-:«rroll Ala-tt I-- fonl of Law (1:23) KFI-Sld Fuller. N»»w KABC-- Hrwti.rt« Nrwv K N X -- Tom Hirmon.tcfi. KFI-O*vf Sh*w, KABC-- H.*wi N KNX-- ff KABC--Niflpftnm*. J*t Pfif RfOX--Jtrrv'Mtr* t9 17) KCCR-Or. Ofr. B.ttt 10:00 IMH. KFI-- Newtj Emcfuti* KABL-NCWI: Ra'cr Jbnei KNX--lOfl'Ctock .Vr« KCER--Wilbur N«.ton K4BC--Nie*llir«, Jo* Pffit KNX--PTiil Nfiff"«n TOflitf KFI--KFI BoVXtllVXt KCER--CU'tnct WHch 11:00 PJM. KFI--Newt: Soortt Final KABC-- Newt: Alei Orrer KNX--Newt; pml Norman KFi-wraeUo e»icn *|3U I Oil Tkil Ad $1.00 Sertlco C«ll I Oil A Cori Tan Marc* II WE REPAIR ALL MAKES GA 4-6794 RUJS'S RADIO t TV SERVICE IIM I. CARSON U» Yoor BANKAMERICARD AetkorliH Zinltli Dealer . KNX-- Mtnlc ill Dawn KHJ-- Wortd Ted*# (U:J1) 11:11 KFI-- T hi** Cautcf Lift KABC-- E«rl Nioft*^o«'» 12 MIDNIGHT KFI-RonMcCey(to4) KNX-Mul!c't.lD*wn KFOX-- Mifljti Ch«rrv (to it r.J. Vn THIS AD $ WORTH.. CN UH H3MC ICRVICC CALL JACK'S T.V. 1042 E. 4th St. HE 5-0332 20-MINUTE SERVICE MOBILE Dtt . . . NIGHT ... SUNDAY. RADIO DISPATCHED FCC llctuid SERVICE CALLS SPECIAL :t.|ncS Alu-nmlieJ J7.50 ]4.|ncS Aluniniied __.37.50 S H T V Phone GE 8-7843 2°° Rrt.S5.00 $050 WITH SinlciCill W AD O»r aM MIBHT frmrm fry GE 4-3002 I? lUO'S TV, 111 Ciriitti, Otflci IJ · - IK! t (raavar ^ i ·t Almanac; News Wrap-Up lie started another. However, he did a capable job of letting actors Ronald Reagan and Lee Marvin talk on why they felt a star's private life should be private. And he did a masterful job of interviewing a Russian professor who was here as exchange instructor. The professor, in reply to Linkletter's questions, ex pounded the communistic line. The professor turned out to be Dr. Paul Conroy, chief of| the professional school for the U. S. Information Agency. His portrayal, he explained,J was an "old leaching stunt" in which, to inform a student, you confronted him with his opponent's arpumcnts. And it was Linkletter's mastery in this interviewing segment that helped fool me as well as most of the audience. With another l'/j weeks to ! serve as host for the "To-! night" show, I'm sure Linklct- tcr will discard his distress I i winks and attain the same! (case he's capable of when' talking with children. 7 P.M. "Death Valley Days" (4) stars Fess Parker as a preacher who arrives in Whiskey Gulch and announces he's going to build a church. He's deeded a worthless piece of property on which there is a burned-out shack. With the help of the town drunk, lie] SAVE AT BURKS CONSOLE AH/FM STEREO DUUOHr. M«,i all ipardi PIUS STEDCO AM/FM Radio. Cholei of PHILCO or WESTIHGHOUSE 3 5- DATS ONLY O^«« [ra!a«i b BURK'S 354 Long Beach llvd. S372 Long Beach Blvd. SETH THOMAS * WESTCLOX ELGIN * WELBY O F F I C I A L FACTOXT A U T H O R I Z E D S E R V I C E ' STATION lettuhi.** M XtHttt* All M*l*i *l FMO Wattfcet «ttf Ctockl * ClKfe r»d«t · Eltctrict · tttv* ClOCtl · MMttl · Cvtmi · Ktrwpntf · Crafidtatfiert CALIFORNIA TIME SERVICE J U t UUWOOD IIYO. UKEWOOD AKO STUItNS tt Mill Service Calls 9 A.M.. 9 P.M. ORANGE T.V. IITH JT. 4 OKANOE AVE. HOUSE CALLS attempts to convert the shack 'The Boh Newhart Show" (·!) in COLOR has him presenting his driving instructor monodrama which is available UtH TV'I · Munti TV A All MMM * AH L***r i r.«rtt C* SYLVANIA PK1«ro Tatn CE J-J32J un Jitami II. LOM ItacK in his record albums. The pres entation is in response to fan Ka ·» an tmt al WASHER REPAIRS AND REFRIGERATORS GA 2-1063 CAFRON TV Lem EXPERT S SERVICE Kay T/iompion TV Co. HE 2-2022 t w*ihtn* HrtrMfr«t*rt *M TVl V,. wiit *ii3* VD ta tiao n» ^atn* »r f*tt Uwd WASHUS from Sif.SO BEGHTOL'S 1 J 7 J W . Willa« GA 4-J41J o Chimo rite WIMANtr JttVICE our OF WllK^NTr ItKVICE Ancther medicjl milestone on televitionl THE PRIVILEGE OF WALKING" On« of the grf »t triumphs of modern medicine it the trtitmtnt of children with) congenital bon« delects. Two such thildrtn--»j« 3 «ndl5-to[«therwith le»d- Ing orthopedic physicians ait presented In in hour- long »tudy of the ti«ld. Th« TV camera t a k e s ut Into Orthopaedic Hospital in Lot Angeles to record Inspiring (Mounts ef skill, hop* and success In rettorlng "thi privilege of talking" to th* handicapped. MEDICINE OF THE 60'S TONIGHT/8:30/KTTV/11 PfltStf4TtO BY BLUE CROSS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Tlli MIKE STOKEY He breaks enough rules to qualify as the World's Worst Disc Jockey; some mornings he's even grouchy and irritable. However, for radio that's stimulating, refreshing and different, try ROBERTO. LEWIS KHJ 930 6:30-10.00 AM k * * * * * * * * * * * * * NOW! ON KCOP TV ALL NEWI ALL UVEI NIGHTLY! MONDAY } 7HKU FRIDAY r***** ******** 9O-MINUTCS OP TOP ENTERTAINMENT BACK ON 11! THE JACK LALANNE Exercising for health, fashions,,, andfunl 9:30 AM MONDAY thru FRIDAY

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