Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 15
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en- · · --. ···· 1500,000 'Investors' Question Radio Preacher ^.p'ntinuerL from Page B-l) Dr.^Walberg's radio program fijr^several years. She heard of' the Cup's appeal for the and "we decided it wpjjld be a good way to serve tfiei'Lord and gel a return on our money." -'»-',' * + * * ''REV. FRY, Protestant chap- la'jn at Orange County General Hospital for 14 years, c^tjtinued: secretary When for the Cup as Dr. Walberg's 47-year-old Gardena widow, several years. ministry Ql gave $500. on a. note for gi hotel which I thought was arorthwhile project. I under- fid somebody ran off with yne of the money down but after talking to Mr volved in the hotel, a large part of her Job was to call on people who wished to make loans. She recalls, "I felt that I was doing a good work. I was vitally concerned about ministry and also I made it a point to bring cheer and terest into the lives of people and invalids who were he list. Many of these people had retired from active life and many were physically unable to attend church. I felt that I was bringing encouragement to them. · They felt that Dr. Walberg was their loaned the Cup $9,500 on separate notes and donated another $5,000 Cup 1964 after her husband died of a heart attack. She recently u n d e r w e n t surgery for cancer and asked Dr. Walberg for her money, which was due. Before entered the hospital she was told there was no monej And what of the "hotel for the Lord?" The City of Hermosa Beach has given the Cup and its new financial angel, Clifford F. Smith and the International Evangelistic Association, til May 3 to show cause why the structure shouldn't be vacated and posted as a hazard to health and safety. And, Edward J. Bloom, available at this time, but if Sgjjth (Clifford F. Smith) h»Je complete trust in Dr. VKfiberg and I'm going to s3wd by them in their troub l^jphour. I'm not bitter, even thcjigh it did take our savings. l^ust hope I can get our little sayings back." Aldr. and Mrs. John T. Curry, ot=131 W. Washington Ave., she should would be daughter. die the money there for her Palm Springs attorney and one of the mortgagees, has served notice he will foreclose StJJfjO at educe two Ana, gave a note for '-" ' interest people just can't geljalong on social security al^oe," Mrs. Curry said. '-*·*£ * * *' * ^1. HAD worked for three yows, collecting clothing and otjier things for the Cup of Cold Water : Ministry and I gave a monthly $5 donation. 1 w'as certain the hotel was a gpod investment and my husband and I decided to let our savings be used in this work. I've heard the project is in trouble, but I've been reassured by Mr. ; Smith that our ' minister via radio." * t » *. SHE SAID the money she collected for loans was'turned over to Mrs. Anina Walberg Dr. Walberg's wife and bookkeeper of the Cup. The amounts ranged from $100' to $10,000 and some was in cash and some in checks. "Tlie knowledge that something was wrong, came to me gradually. On one hand, I saw these vast amounts coming in totaling up to a huge sum. Yet hundreds of unpaid bills were accumulating and the Cup of Cold Water Ministry was not paying them," she said. She was so sure the situation would stabilize that when she discovered more thun '$10,000 was needed to pay back salaries for Cup em- ployes, Mrs. Timm and her husband m o r t g a g e d - t h e i r WHERE IS the money? "I don't know," said Dr. Walberg. iFRUITi Gift-Pocks Shipped The w»rl« i«r iln ·-- , Knelts B*rrv Fwra - , Deitrl Date fBlft CD. 121 Alllillc tl. HE 7.19ZI We SH1» All Ovtr 1t» World on April 14. The Cup of Cold Water Ministry may have run dry. MICK, ciur, MM., Mutt, ·. Hi INDEPENDENT--P«j» B;7 FOR INFORMATION /BOUT DENML PLATES AND OTHER DENML WORK UNDER YOUR UNION PROGRAM, COME /N - CALL - OR WRITE DR. H. LEO ROWAN, DENTIST . . . 107 W. BROAD- WAV (CORNER OF PINEJ, /N DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH. PHONE HE 6-7241. du Botry's -- Buy Direct,From Importer,. W I C S f 100% HUMAN HAIR ^ ABO Y*I - _ - . .1. . _ _ unw aT U*^* V? * REG. $125 Will CtlMW, »tM 1 fltlrt ALL WIOS 100% HUMAN HAIR I Kii4 Till-Ill net. 260.00 NOW . 179 50 TERMS AS LOW AS $2.00 PER WEEK PHONE POX FKIE HOME DEMONSTRATION ALL SALONS OPEN tl TO I, WON. THRU tAT. LONG BEACH 250 Long Bitch Blvd. HE 5-8368 Huntington Park 6i» Patllle III ]-«lli WESTCHESTER 83U Slpnlvtda OH I-243C md'ney is hope so." safe. I certainly Ifilrs. Curry is 79; her hus- barVd is 80 and they recently celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary. "Mrs. Bonnie Thomas, a 79- year : old widow of 74I I /$ Barris Drive, Fullerton, .said she heard radio appeal arid loaned $2,000 at 8% interest. + * * * jj"MY BANKER advised me against it and I guess I should haye listened to him. When I didn't hear. from the Cup of Cfcjd Water Ministry, ;l called thorn and then wrote a letter asking for my money. -I've been w o r r i e d b e c a u s e 1 home and loaned- the Cup $10,000.. .Mrs. Timm finally resigned from the'Cup. Miss Wilhelmiha - Jensen, 76, a retired nurse mosa Beach, loaned $2,000"to the Cup in two notes; .then ripped up one of the $1,000 notes as a "gift to Df; Walberg." She now is stricken with' a deadly bone cancer, multiple 1 myeloma, and is nearly broke because of o v e r w h e l m i n g medical expenses. She is an outpatient .'.at General Hospital. Angeles haven't heard from them, want them! to understand, lokned the money, I didn't give it to them." Mrs. Robert Timm, 43, of Hollywood Riviera, workec MISS.JENSEN, applied for state and county aid to help her meet- the expenses. The $1,000 note to the Cup of Cold Water was considered "an asset" and she was turned down. 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Mendes, Los Angeles for Additional Names Check list at y*nr t*c*!Sf«r* Robert Haake,Pasadena . Phyllis Howall, Huntingdon Pirk Mrs. E. W. Hsrro, Injle'wood . \ Mrs, Dick.Moore, Lot An'ielii '·· Katherine Sugar, Long Beach Avis Jones, Los Angeles · A. C. Bortz, San Mirlno : Mrs. Robert Badger, Lot Afl|*lw CIGARETTES FILTER or KING SIZE Except Benson * Hettgts, Masterpiece or Pell AUI! Fll lets. $2.11 plus taxes. Golden Cornish. 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