Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 22
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B-6-INDEPENDENT »·"· ·-'·· «·"·« *·» "· "" THE LYONS DEN Benny Leaves Tent .TOANOIMLLE, N. Y. W -- Bchny Hooper, who «urvlvcd 23U hours In a 24-foot well, cot out of his oxygen tent Tuesday. Still In bed at Bayvlcw General Hospital, the 7-year-old bey probably will have to stay there until Friday or Saturday. WEST COAIT FOX THUTRIf ADVENTURE Equally Great ClnemaScope Hits "AND 20» cunwr-rai UtAP GENE BARRY ANGIE DICKINSON NAT "KING" COLE TODAY OPEN NOON CONTINUOUS EST COAST Ht 317 E, OCEAN BLVD. PHONE HE. 6.3973 Open 12 Noon-STARTS TODAY EXCITING;ACTION HITS INfllTAIHMIHT HUH Heaven Knows, Mr.Allison" THE RAINMAKER ICASmi-HEEBURN John Loder Divorce Ends Long Idyll By LEONARD LYONS . TTie divorce of the John Lod- crs In London this week ended an Idyll which began on Broadway some years ago. They spent their honeymoon touring America, while Loder co-starred In "0 Mistress Mine," playlnc S3 cities In six months. The bride came to the theater at each performance. Hhe got to know the play no well that one nlchl, when the seound lead In the show «ml- denly become III nnd couldn't perform, Mrs, Loder made her ntHEe debut In the role. Loder previously had been married to Hedy Lamarr. When Miss Lamarr's household effects were sold at public auction, one of the most publicized items was a large bed with semiprecious stones set In the quilted silk on the headpiece. Loder saw a- photo of that bed, and Insisted that the semiprecious stones mint have been placed there recently. "Don't tell me about that bed," he said. "After all, as George Washington did In so many places . . ." * · · · DURING LODKIt'S summer- stock appearance In Newport he and his bride were invited to lunch by Mrs. Cornelius Vander- bllt Sr, She showed him the inscribed photos of two kings of England, two kings of Belgium, the kings of Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Yugoslavia. Mrs. Vanderbllt asked Loder to send her his Inscribed photo. The actor sent her a picture he deemed suitable: A photo of himself playing the role of Czar Alexander. Milton Bcrie sat with the ANTHONY QUINN 'THE BIG CAPER' TKU T»r'l Aeadtmy Award Winner STARRING ROUT CALHOUN ALRH OJFION SOffiR lADD'WEBB-LOREN BOY ON A DOJPHIN IDinH pnTlM PLUI Ht NIT ANGRY MEN" M-G-M'l COMEDY CYCLONE! GREGORY PECK LAUREN BACALL JOHN LODKK ' He Knew the Bed other comics In Llndy's recent ly, discussing "straight men." aerie's best "straight man." of course, was his late mother, Sandra, From the very beginning of Jils career she sat In the audience laughing, cheering ani responding to cue lines. Once, at Loew'» Metropolitan, Just HS Brrle flnkhed his act, his mother shouted at n man and hit him with her "lie started pinching my lee 20 minutes ago," Mrs. Berle said. Milton asked why she hadn't complained sooner. "Be cause." she said, "I didn't wan to ml»s your cue," · · · · THE ' MAYFLOU'KR II, replica of the original "hip, now Is rn route from England. It will be docked In N.Y. nt I'ler 81, 'where customer! will be Invited to board It and ·re the Mayflower II Exposition, featuring eihlhlts of hls- torlral Import. K h e I n K o l d wanted to Ht up » dlnplay of 10 Mlu HhrlnKiiliU ilremd In Pilgrim centum**, "Horry," an exposition official ruled, "but we mnnot consider women to be of historical iilgnlflance." , · · · · SAMMY DAVIS Jit. probably will play the role of Sportln' Jfe In Goldwyn's movie version of "Porgy and Bess." Davis first played It In a benefit show In Y., where he was directed by Robert Brcen--who will help Goldwyn In the film production. When Sydney Chaplin plays n his weekly high-stakes poker games, Judy Holllday has ilece of his play. In the low- stakes games, she plays against him. , . . Victor Borge returns from Europe July 9. lie writes: "1 always stay away long enough to be missed but not long enough to be forgotten." The new issue of Holiday features a story about the Ford family, by Joe McCarthy. The author discovered Henry Ford's typical vagueness about money: Each morning his secretary placed an envelope containing $200 under his Inkwell Three years after Ford's death scvcra drawers In his home were fount to be filled with $200 envelopes . One day Ford withdrew $130,000 from a bank, examined and counted the money, then re deposited it at another window He was just testing. When Edsel reached 21. Ford gave him $1,000,000 In gold. · · · · DON AMECHE and Jackl G lea ton reminisced In Shor's the other day about hang overs--the shakes, the coin Jlngllngs, the foot-tappings, th "Oh, No's" on suddenly rcmenv boring something you'd done ast night--and the long groans n suddenly remembering every hlng you'd done lait night. Thcrc'i also the refuslng-to-an. wer-thc-phones, because It could only be John Perona re porting what you'd done at El .torocco. .. . . . . . . . ·"It's beit to «tay stiff," said Gleason. "Other-wine they'll a»k ou 'Say, what happened to you astnlghir 1 " ilna*un'i hangovers, li« iiald tire r«m|Hinnded by the pile uf nlght'club photo* taken the night \Hiton and delivered In th« morning, lie approm hrn each warily, like ft pokrr player about ID examine hli hole caril. ,, , "You »hould've teen those photos when I was In 'Follow [he Girls'," he said, "I know '. can handle my drinking better because my pictures now are better." WILLIE 8HOEMAKKB. who liMt the Kentucky Derby by misjudging the flnlih line, Roberto Deserts Room Next Door 5 'DESIGNING WOMAN 1 DOLORES GRAY , tlHIMAKOn I MUKXOIOI j ·MM *I« PIOPLI 01 1HE tlHlH "JS'Y WOK HI PRIMIllVC PfRMKEU-MaFERREI JOMKERR-MCKUMOKM **« VINTAGE TODAY ONE WEEK ONLY IS. 11. MONT Hllll-tl ' · NOW ·5-* Dttonh KERR w SHrti «f i f ,M, KobertMITCHW] Heaven Knows. Mr.AIIison"*. PLUS--«cy Mllland--Anthony pulnn "RIVER'S EDGE" ROXY *·"· »r« ··« · OOC'TII I r.M. lu. Ill- IM.. KM. if OHN UL NIOHT * Mil MIKING Aftw 4 r.M. O.ll r All Pay ft**nrrf«y 4 lw^«y CINIMAICOM « TI04NIC010I M««*«l OttAIIA . A«lh«»» QUINN "Magnificent Matador" , I. »i.l-» . I. lmliv-*OlM ·' ... "TROPIC ZONE" N..llh HAND . J»i IflllINO "RETURN From The SEA" W THE RAIN MAKER" L i. cur couioi AUOIIOHIUM roaring excitement of America's most exciting, era-and JAMES STEWART asXlNDY? BOMBAY, India (UD--Pretty] Indian scriptwriter Mrs. gonall Das-Gupta secluded h e r s e l f Tuesday and film director Robert Rosselllnl left for location without further comment on reports that they are in love and want to marry. Physicians attending the 27- year-old Indian mother of two at the Taj Mahal Hotel ordered icr to sec no one until Saturday. Rossclllnl and two cameramen left his adjoining room at the hotel to continue work on his documentary, "India, 1957." Mrs. Das-Gupta, wife of an Indian film director, has been incommunicado since Sunday when she denied as "humbug" the reports that the 50-year-old Rosselllnl would divorce Jngrld Sorgman because they had fallen In love. The Italian director a l s o lenled the reports as "fantasy 1 md "absolute nonsense." In Paris, Miss Bergman ap pcared serene. She said she had no reason to rush to Bombay to sec her hus- iand. * Introduced · by George Jmo] Bt K Hollywood rmc«« track dlnnrri "Hewer* of thn rrn«irnudi of our iwlal tlrom. One nun «t»nili up and gad k round of appUuw; another man «t(ind» up--«nd t»U iu«- pendnd for 15 day*. 1 * · · J°* Htyui III li In London pru- imrlni · wrle on Prlnrn* Marguret , for the Ladle* H o m e J o u r n a l . · NEW SHOW TODAYl-3 THEATRES! tt Opem + LOS ALTOS 4, TOWNE Opens % at Noon * Starts at Dusk * at 5:45 m WHOLE*AMD 7RUJH! American's Qnb Closed in Mexico TIJUANA, Mexico UP)--Arrest of the American owner of a Rosarlto Beach establishment called the Yncht Club was disclosed Tuesday. The club was recently raided! and closed by police, who seized what they said was Illegal gam- bllne equipment. The owner, John T. DeMasil, was charged by Federal Dlst. Atty. Alfredo Trujlllo Mler Saturday with attempting to bribe him. DeMassl told news reporters he had only ottered to pay expenses of expediting a court hearing in the case of tho club's closing. He Is In Tijuana Jail. SPECIAL TURKEY DINNER SERVED DAILY, 5 - 10 P.M. Delidou* Sporerlba-- Meaty SandvrlchM BarbQ Meat* by the Ib. to go. Longhorn BaxbQ W. Comer Padflc 4 Willow 75 c P A L A C E Q COMMUNITY PLAYHCUU 1021 UST ANAHIIN (Lilt N. T. Hit-Nil i Mulltil) PH. HEmlock I-05H "ANNIVERSARY WALTZ" Rock HHOWSYAm»PPIIOI[.IP.H. HUDSON · Elisabeth TAYLOR · Jamei DEAN DRIVE IN T H E A T R E ImTd M Mull f* Tl 4*4WI T H E T H E A T R E AUGUST MOON" U1T 4 NIGHTS Urn. · In, The Spirit ofStlouis JO UNI AVI. -- PHONI HI M4H 4D« Till I p.m. -- Kldt 2I (0 EVES.-WEEKEND I HOLIDAY Features Always 3 P»r (WAVII "IT CONQUERED Thi WORLD" D«wl O'KIIH "CHICAGO SYNDICATE" Dm ANDMWI . O~. TIIIHIT "Whin Thi Sldiwilk Ends" -ALSO- FOR YOUR EVININ6-J INTIRTAINMINTI Jiff (HUNOKk HAW! CKAIM JACK C«RSON f-AII SUSSIll ABOUT THE MOVIE THAT THROWS THE ACID RIGHT BACK. IN THEIR FACES! THfY CANT f · STOP US FROM OPENS NOON SHE'S SERVING TIME ON A PRISON jayne mansfteld OPEN! eVllft -- Fill I FABKINO Deborah Robert KERR-MITCHUM SHOWS Start Tonlte at Dutk TWO GREAT NEW PICTURES! 2NP ACTION HIT! fUlff trM Jttlt Jtmttl SHOWING 2ND TOP SUSPENSE HIT ' "STORM RIDER" £Kr * FIRST LONG BEACH SHOWING RICHARD TODP HELL" 2ND 'TOP' FEATURI IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY 2 Adults Admitted for the Price of TONIGHT ONLY Anthony QUINN William CONRAD "THE BIG CAPER" RORY CALHOUN JOS£FERRER DEAN JAGGER JUUE LONDON KM OOUOIAI "TOP SECRET AFFAIR" tlnwil · «i«1.10ill -- nui -- Jtll CMANDIII · J«nM DSU "DRANGO" Silt · VIOLINTI IXPLOSIVIt S'The Garment MUIIU l"l! ItKlhwir TO 1-141! IF II. LOUII" TiTTIKID OSIlt" ROADIUM T S Pirimt. 1 Gonpt. Rlvl. Piriml. Hlk. 'NAKED PARADISE 1 Ptm ... r.n'll I* T..i« --nut-- ' i Will DIlHT'l 1m Uli A4tutin SECRETS. OF LIFE 1 (lilw) . THE VINTAGE "The Burglar" IIDM 1 flU · NMM HI Mill J«fl HUNBLIR--Jllll* BNAIN "The Tattered Dress" (CIIMlllIM) -- Pill -- KlIkHlH HIHU««--lirl Itlltltll "The RAIN MAKER" NIW 1TIAND TOIICT-- All IIATI Fri. Ll«i thi IHf il UlUy (I H HUNTINOTON HOTEL M or A RUK;* LONO . 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD. LONG BEACH Tftli HuUi HIM thraan from UH boillivitnl to th* onMa. Two loftM«i. All rooaii rtAV* pnva.c bathl. will- tcHwill MtH'Inir wrtlliiK o«lk. t*l* rhoiM anrt tliHv m«l^ Mr*lc« l^rKI Knln* mom f*r«« lh« actm. Room Ud nMIt (11.00 m «eli Mrwn. rhoir* iiMiii. Mm* nb» of bMf. rout inrkiT. bk«i Vlnrimt Mm t ·T«ttlil»ii »oo4 In Ml H« b«ll«l oM inrwhtre PlHm HK »-tKt Our rtlnlliK roaM ·!·« e«t«r« t« th« oul«l« miblla. Club brukful IM! .·vular alnnvrt H.11. OHJU. A. BARNITT inn i. »«.«( TI 4'lill »I1009 AUIT" "KIDINI IHOTIUI" LA MIRIDA, Unin I III III M i l l "II *»I«I Mil" · ' "Hill Of ll»" UIIOU, IHM firt J» !·»! "HOOD UlIT" "TNI IOIHTI NUITII" IOOIUH, HIM I. '"··· HI *-4l4l "·KID MI»IU" "iiinin or uri" tUIDOWl, IIII4 I. Wiik, WUtllir ···Hint IITI" ·'TNI HAT TO THI I0l" TWII VUI, rinmi H III D 4-11*1 "THI T»Itl«l» DDIII" "THI IHMHIM" WILSON HIGH SCHOOL present* ^Stceethearts 9 OPENING WNIGHT'^I 8 p. M. ITImndiiy It Friday) Wllm Nl|k tit. Tlikili II. All Hid ImnW, ' AURTHHR WALSH CASBAH with KENNT SIMS NITELY at thi Ntw FUNNIEST MAN ·' IN SHOW BUSINESS LONQ BEACH

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