Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 29
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AHM90 GAMES There will be olenty of-activity for the fisherinen ^k weekend with the Redondo Rod and Guiv Clubs .Dodgers ore KMPC Fanfarfe each. Then; for others, there s the finest winter fishing in history offshore as the barracuda anu bonito move back, to the Horseshoe Kelp. Down the coast, around- San Oemente Long Beach boats are taking some white, sea bass and yellowtail. If you don't want to fish, take a drive to Atlantic Blvd. and 'the Santa Ana Freeway go into the Great Western Exhibition Bldg. and see the finest array of boats ever presented in this area. · ' The Southern California Marine, Assn. has gathered samples of every boat possible to 'show to a public that is evidencing ever-increasing interesi in fishing, speedboating and water-skiing. should be four or five dozen top-ranking dogs taking part. If you like to watch .spaniels at .their best, drive through Santa Ana Canyon to Corona, turn northward to Norco and iollow directional signs to the ranch. There "is no charge. . You'll see, among others from Long' Beach and vicinity: Sgt. D. M. Wienss of the Police Department; Joe and Violet Nizzi, A. E. and Esther Perle, and R. B. and Innie Harvey. First trial starts, at 8 a.m. Saturday for the cockers in the open all-age event. Springer trials start at 7:30 a.m. Sunday. A catering cart will have coffee and lunches. The Dodgers announced their radio broad- ·cast plans lor the 1958 N«-. tional Leapie.««a»on.' . · · ' The games will be" aired locally over KMPC, with.'Yin Scully and Jerry Doggett, transplanted from Brooklyn, doing the games. . - . Other stations on the bttlc Dodger radio network will Include KVEC of San Luis Obispo, KFXM of San Bernardino, KYOB of Blythe, KBEO of Indio, KROP of Brawley and KOBK of Las, Vegas. A total of 190 games will be broadcast In Southern California, s in any of those recreations, gel out the ocean outfit and try _ for O paieye and perch around Practically every major man- L^ t, rea kwaters, particularly Hungarian to Coach Club Team ,. ,SAN FRANCISCO ttE _ IF YOU AKE NOT interested Hungarian track and field As you know, I'm not much for, betting. In a \vay, I'm like Hollywood/Jack IJempsey, who-insures most of the race horses. at .the;track r everyday; but has never '·wagered ona'-hprse-ih his life.·.'"'.'·, ,.'* : " ·Back in' 1947, 'a Notre .Dame. ···: . . ' . . . - ,, v · ' . " . . - . , : . - .-· · · ' - " - to ;doubted.:the'.Dodgers would lave a sellout, because, .the jame wais on a week day, afternoon.'. I was so'Confident of a sellout," I.biurted without think- .TTaULii-i^.v C V A J ..-«j-~ ufacturer has entered boats in 'the show, which opens ^riday and continues through Sunday, Feb. 23. Hours' are from 1 to 10 pjn. daily. * * · * ' SPANIELS, English Springers and cockers, will have a big weekend at Hidden Valley Ranch Saturday and Sunday when the English Springer Spaniel Club of Southern California has its . .field trial. -12th licensed Many spaniel owners in this ·area are vitally interested in .this and other trials and there County Moves to Purchase Lakewood CC · . ·· A new county move to -pur- · chase Lakewood Golf course · WP- launched Wednesday by 'supervisor Herbert C. Legg. ' Legg won approval of plans to hire appraisers to set a value on the land which the -county now holds under a 25- near Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro. Rocky coves also are .good. James T. Davis and Earl C. Clark were n the San Pedro end of the -breakwater this week and, u s i n g red-rock shrimp, each got a limit of opal- eyes and buttermouths. Fishermen using moss also are having excellent luck, but moss, like sand crabs, is hard to get at the tackle stores-and harder .to use. You really have to keep at the moss habit to become successful.. One informant told this columnist that he saw two men on the San Pedro Breakwater recently with' 150 perch. That's carrying your fishing ability top far, we think. There's no coach Mihaly Igloi went te work Wednesday as a coach with the-Santa Clara - Valley Youth Village and announced that his-greatest creation, milei Lazlo Tabori, would run for that organization this year. Igloi said it was a "great opportunity" to be able to coach in this country--and he has given up all- thoughts of going back t o Europe- · · . · - . "I'm extremely happy-working in the Santa Clara Valley," said Igloi through an -interpreter. "When I first came to this country I was unhappy because I couldn't - get a job coaching. time I thought of going to. Finland or'some other country in Europe 1 to coach, but now I'm happy. I hope to be ; able to help the U.S. develop talent for the 1960 OVER NORTHRUP fan offered him the Trojan and 30 points, -·against; ·the- Irish. That was too' good- to 'pass up; so Dempsey broke'his rule and put up-50. bucks'.'. ; Served' him ri gh t,"because N. D. won by 31 points, -38-7. The man came^back-and asked if he wanted a chance to recover his loot. \ · "I'll g i v e you .SC and 45 points in the Rose Bowl,"^ he offered. "I can't.pass that up,". Demp- year lease. " County officials · originally planned to buy the golf course last year, but a 52,000,000 fund for the purchase' was deleted ..from the 1957-58 budget as an economy measure. At that time former county -manager Arthur J. Will estimated rental payments under ·the present lease would total $2,800,000 over the remaining 20 years. . Wheaton Tops- Small Cage Poll . N-EW Y O R K OE --The Wheaton (111.) Crusaders and Steubenville (Ohio) Barons, wanning up for next month's basketball tournaments; were 1-2 Wednesday in the United Press small college ratings for the fourth straight week. TEN need to be hogs about it just because the fish are there. , . * * ALL INDICATIONS are that the general summer trout season will begin May 3, with a May 17 starter for the central 1 Sierra Nevada area. There will be no change in the 15-fish imit throughout the state un- ess the Fish and Game Commission .makes a sudden rc- 'ersal of policy, The commissioners have re- eased their proposed changes or angling and will meet in Los Angeles Feb. 28 to adopt hose regulations unless public pressure should bring about modifications. There is nothing startling' about any of the regulations except that the salmon season probably will be shortened to a Feb. 15-Sept. 15 period, two months less than previously. Other proposals:- Put limit of 5 on ling cod and cabezon; increase kelp bass limit to 11% inches; change abalone fishing hours; ban minnows and cut bait in all Southern "California inland waters to prevent carp from taking over the trout and bass fisheries (San Diego Coun- V M S v e . - «a:orn Illinois (6) (1S-0) ....24 outhwwt (Mo.) St. (!) (17-0) 2 sey beamed. "Let's - make it another 50." .You know 'what happened in the Rose Bowl. Michigan. 49, SC O. Since then, Dempsey, who runs the annual Kentucky Derby Junket,-has .sworn .off gambling of any .»ort, for life. * *..-*· I AM NOT .quite -as smart, however. Earlier this-week, I fell into' a. discussion of how many people the 1 Dodgers would | draw for their" home opener against the Giants' in the Coliseum Friday .afternoon, April 18. ' . ' . ..... The gentleman.I was'talking Husing Loses CBS /o: Starve, That's AW YORK WR--Ted-Hus- Calif., recovering from a brain ing's agent said Wednesday that the-famous sports announcer 'of yesteryear has lost his $150 a week job at CBS radio which he had held only since last August. ' ' : .Busing is now at Pasadena, Olympic Games." Tabori, who also had been reported as" dissatisfied with| his chances to compete in this RobcrtSOUl country,- now said he is happy. "I'm working at a steel plant in San Jose, doing manual labor," said Tabori. "But I'm going to get a chance to compete' for. an organization now. And I'm under my old coach." Tabori will make his first start of the year on March 8 at Stanford in a triangular meet involving teams from Stanford-, the Youth Center and San. Jose State College. Prep Cage Star Sets U.S. Scoring Record FOLEY, Minn. (HE)--Norman Jrow, 6-foot-5-inch Foley High ichool-cager, set a new United tates prep basketball scoring mark Wednesday night,, break- ng the former record held by Wilt (the Stilt) Chamberlain, Grow pumped in 35 points against Cold Spring, Minn'., to boost his three-year prep scor- ;ng total to 2,260 points. Cham- Derlain scored a total of 2,252 UVJ- Aau* i3\,v* ^" «·» »w *.»" »·- --,---,-- j . _. ,..(-,-1 points during his prep career, in the Cow Palace in 1952^ SO proo] * Product o/ . 100% t ra ' n neutral spirit) The Alfred Hart Co., Los Angela 'Alto Available 100 Proof ty would retain mudsuckers and salt-water chubs). Other proposals were minor in character, but will be published when the · commission makes its' final determinations later this month; » · * . * TROUT PLANTINGS were held, to a minimum this week as roily streams interfered with the DFG stocking program But if you want to try for some fresh rainbows, fish San Juan and Trabuco Creeks in Orange County, Fulmor and Hemel Lakes in Riverside County and the East-Fork of the San Gabriel River. II Among the Schenley' Sportsmen's Club winners this- week were George H. Bridges, Long Beach, with an 8-pound kelp : bass, and Clyde L. Massongill iCom'pton, 19-10 rock cod. George D. Evans operator a1 Railroad Canyon Reservoir, jusi above Elsinore, sends word thai he will open his resort March 1. Heavy rains and Metropolitan Water District lines have raised the 'lake level tremendously and Evans is expecting a big season. A campground is (available and a trailer park for 30 units is ready for the .1958 [season. ' A half-dozen Californians Were lucky anglers at Walker .Lake, fewthorne, Nev, last 'week. They caught cutthroats l|ranging from 9 to 15 pounds, j Barney O'Malia reported that Walker is having a terrific season with some of the biggest trout in histery going into the record books. tumor which paralyzed and blinded him in 1954. Mark Hanna, Husing's agent, said news of the cancellation was contained in a CBS letter he .forwarded to Husing about three weeks ago. Hanna said no reason was given. Husing's recent work with CBS had been jnainly- on a Jo- ing:'..',.. · - . /.,-: .-. "Betcha they, break ,the all- time 'one-game, record set by th'e" Boston Braves 'in : Cleveland during .the' 1948 .World Series!" The mark. :is ,86,288 fans; ' ..· ·'· - ' Afterwards, I b e g a n to 'think. I am still -fully confident the Dodgers' opener, here will turn; fans »way, barrlne very poor weather. But the question becomes: Will they be able to Jam almost 87,000 fans Into the Coliseum? : ·., i Harold 'Parrott, the, club's business m a n a g e r , , told me Wednesday at the cocktail party announcing' KMPC will air the Dodger games: "The way we-figure It, we can get 94,600 into the Coliseum for basebalh.There'U. be 18,000 box seats and-17,000 reserved seats. Seating' area for. these . 35,000 fans will be wider than it Is for football. · "So we figure we'll lose about 8,000 seats compared to what .the Rams. can. stick into the C o 11 s e u m. .Since the Rams jammed about 102,600 in · for the 49er game last fall, that cuts our potential down to 94,600." ' ' * * * CONTRARY TO the thinking at first, no portion of the Coliseum stands will have to be cut away for the foul lines. WarnRome Armstead Solid Pick paulie Armstead, who has won 18 v of 21 professional, fights and U rated one of the best prospects on the coast,Is a solid '10-8 favorite to whip' Mlckey.Northrup In the ' 10-round main, event at the Olympic Auditorium tonight. Northrup Is substituting for Paul JTorgensen of Texas In the featherweight scrap. Armstead scored an upset over Kid Anahuac in his last fight rod, · though Northrup always -puts up. a good show-; Ing, figures ti be the faster and stronger fighter. Over in ViDage ROME Olympic B--The Committee Italian warnec INDEPENDENT-- P«gt:C-3 ««Hf.,Th«r»,Fi*.H,-i»Ii Coaches Assn. Meets at State. The second meeting ."of. Long Beach Baseball. Coaches Assn. will be held in the; Long Beach State College gymnasium tonight at 7:30 p.nv ' Present and past major and minor league stars Lou. B'er- beret, Rocky .Bridges,'Eddie Bockman, "Bob' Sturgeon arid Jerry Gardner will instruct classes In play at second base, shortstop and catching. Stats baseball coach John McConnell is in charge of 'the evening 1 * program. . "Your figure makes sense," I said, "except that a few years ago, the Rams and Detroit drew only a little over 93,000--and they turned people away. It was only through strict policing and ushering, where they crowded the people together, that they were able to chalk up that 102,Cincy Win, 94-77 CINCINNATI (ttE)--O s c a r Robertson scored.40 points to spark-,the University of Cincinnati to. a 94-77 victory over. Bradley here Wednesday night to virtually .clinch, the Missouri Valley Conference basketball title and an automatic "bid to the NCAA tournament. A sellout crowd of 7291 persons were. ;in the field house and another 1200 watched on a closed circuit TV, showing on the campus as- C i n c i n n a t i avenged Bradley's early season win, .which was the Bearcats only league loss in 10 starts this .year. Bradley has a 7-2 loop mark. ' Robertsoh.'s total, including 31 in the last.'half, was'the most ever made by an-ihdividual against Bradley, topping the previous high of 39 made by Ron Tomsic of San Francisco l^JDO 1J.O.U UCCJJ. .J.llGLJUJAJ' - I'll «* a" ~ *· cal level on the Pacific Coast, i 000 count in the 49er game!" Parrott s i g h e d .audibly. "Yes, I know," he said. "It He had appeared several times with Tommy Harmon, ex-football great at Michigan, on his "Winners Circle" sports show. The New York Post quoted Husing as saying, "I'll starve, that's all. I have no plans--I can't have plans." . · The CBS deal represented his first employment since 1954, when he underwent a brain operation.' He has made a long stride toward* recovery but still can't read..' · '- happens In Yankee Stadium, too. You can't get the fans to ilt' tight together. They throw their coats down, and do other things that take'up .extra room." I wondered "if. the Dodgers had laid out'any. ' p l a n s- for policing their fans into cuddling up closer. "No," not yet"' Parrott replied. "I'Suppose we'll do i t like t h e Rams'." . . . Rome city officials Wednesday that they must start. : immediately to build-.the $8 million Olympic 'Village for the 1960 games. ' ''. ··, · Giulio One'sti, president, said that "any further delay, evenj of a few days, would fatally || affect completion of the village with most serious consequences." He said construction of other Olympic facilities are well under way and. will be completed long before the games. The Italian 'press, -which jammed a large, room 'at. the Doro Italico sports ground to hear Onesti,. has made heated | criticism of the delay in' construction of the Olympic Village. There-was similar^ controversy in Australia before the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.'' Onesti said financing has been assured for all Olympic preparations, although'..'-CONI must seek a bank loan'of 8 billion lire C$12.8 million). He said the loan became necessary when 'Premier Adone Zpli told him last month that the government could not contribute the money. ' , Gty Leagu6 Scores NLB Real Club 39. drays'TM Controls 34. · · Local 408' HAW B7, Shaw Sportlnj; Qoodl 38. · · Pacific Vulva 20. Crest'Motors 17. nazort"il.-.Union 011.31. · Bin command Co. 33.IBM 30. · Crut'a MoSIl SS. 1st Baptliti ». Short House 40, Fire Dept. B 32; Shell Oil 36, Apcllodoni 30. · GAMES TONIGHT : At Jefferson--7 H.--Gaspers Flying .A vj. Rose Boom: 8:15--1st Ch. o£ Uw Brethren vs. Gartleld. Baptist; ..,fl :13-Allies vi. City .Transfer. At Jordan--7:1!--l»r Presbyterian «· Wllm. Christian Ch. 8:15--Lucky« vs. Fire. Dept. 9:15--Sponsorlesi vs. Goofi.i At Poll---7*5 -- Fearless rive .v». I-PT Hustlers; $:15--Locker Club vs. L. B. JeU; 9:15--Simmons.Barter! .vi. Shull Cleaners. -.' At Wmjhlnirton--T::5--Pacific V»lv» vs. Crest Motors: 8:15--Sweepers vs. Ace Auto Park; 9:15--1st MetSodlsl vs. J °At r *WUsoii--7:15--JO JackrabblU T». Barocs-of Belroont..Shore; 8:15--Bu. "' iihu AC vs.- Body Snatchers, BRAKE SPECIAL Here's What We Do... 3 Add Broil' flu.d Which is better? EXPANSION SPECIAL AMERICAN HEALTH STUDIO - Volleyball Results Mu PlXe def.' G»«p«rs, 14-18, 15-11, COMPLETE BRAKE AND FRONT END SERVICE 6 Months To Pay Pro Cage Scores Boston 119. Syracuse 101. New York 106. Minneapolis »T. St. Louis 122 Detroit 105. -.(Only, (imti sctedulei.) S f O R E S DOWNTOWN, Ttfc ft Looiit OlfliM Irak* ll.llen N*. 11*1 Ctltbrating th« Opening of 7 Additional Sfudioi in ihf Loi Angtlti Arta -- All of th« Studios in Southern California ar» now acctpting a limited 'number of'Charter Mtmbtnhipi at the Sptcial Rat« of $1.00 p«r w««k. AMERICAN HEALTH'S Valentine SPECIAL! Cupid's on your iid«, If . you bilong to American Health! Join now--- talc* Q'J .many »up»rvii«d trtat- mtnti at you like to gain or lot* th» wtight you i from 1795, Piy only loeil tun, If any, ind trimpor- tition fiom South Bind, Indlini. .America's Lowttf-Priced Thntl Economical '58 SCOTSMAN · Full-sized, full powered · 2-door--4-door station wagon Guest-test one...TODAY!, Six-passenjer capacity Exclusive Twin Traction ivaflibl* Studebaker-Packard JAMES MOTOR CENTER .1930 AmM-Icin Avvnu* Lonv Itoch ED BARBARI STUDEBAKER 4200 l«Ufl»w«r llvel. Ice Fishing with a Tip-up or Jigging? Sportsmen may dispute this point, but they all agree ... on CG. No better bourbon at any price. for those who want the finest... mAIOMT idUMON WHIIKIY, It MOOT. DrtTRIIUTID IT MtKEUON 4V tOHIHIw INC," NEW YOtK. H. Y. A POUND T O C H I C A G O E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N S P E C I A L FIRST 20 MEN JOIN TODAY FOR ONLY BARGAIN RATES FOR AIRFREIGHT- call for comparison with surface or · ' i . other service!. OVERNIGHT SERVICE TO THE MIDWEST AND EAST- on America's foremost air . freight service. ; ·* LOCKHEED SUPEK-H CONSTELLATIONS- world's largest, fastest airfreighters available only on Flying Tigef routes in U. S. V v w w v v v v v v .GUARANTEE ONE YEAR FREE W» Art Expanding Our Fncilitiif and N«d 100 N«w Chart.f Memberil Swidlih Mauacj* A»«llobl«i FIIRUARY IE9INNIRS 1 , . ppvndl^3W*H HP' llMlMwilihtt AM 1V4 emn-3V4" ·« «4 dmiUm ^ - Gain .17. U nd» bTlyw.Ighl. FREE SUNLAMPS ComB By Your _ ' ' Studio TODAY! 'KJ«J( - *_*_*-«-«-»-*-"^-*-"--"-"-"~' I ~'; . , Ovtr $4,000,000 'in ·HsaUh-Builiiinj- Equipment, Including 5i«om Cabiruff. M.chonicol Ma.iogt, AT. NO EXTRA COST! ' LONQ.IUOHI ZTH.bit Jbiihita,. L_ -- AHAHEIMi III Nl. Ln An[ilu'_ --. -- lEUFLOWERi ITS I: ItlMliWtr llvl. _ COMPTOHi Illl E. tomptw llvd..^- : ·Per 100 lb§. on cirtain commoditief. Simil»r low rates on other commoditief. Sharply reduced rate*' for volum*. ibipmenti. m WEEK For a Count- Individually Dtiigned for i ANAl 110 Itit 4t» *trnt- _ _TO I-M1J _RE I-Ml I HOURS: 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. SUNDAY: 10 A. M. to A P. M. FLYING TIGER im Comet Scrvlc* 2751 E. Wardlow Rd. NEvada 6-2*87 GArfitld 4-4257 International · Worla's Lqrqest and Fincil Choin of Hcolth Studios' W O R L D ' S F I R S T A N D I A R G E S T A l l C A R G O AIRIINI

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