Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 1950 · Page 22
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 22

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1950
Page 22
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DITTOS FOR SALE 23 -SINCERITY Is Contagious! When you see the happy people who have bough- finer, cleaner Used Cars HERE, you'll understand their sincere satisfaction And YOU too will be con vinced that we do give vou more for your money We'd like you to come in --see our low cost transportation specials- Make your purchase on easy terms, if you wish. Studebaker Convertibles "49-$1,775'48-$1,595 Both Keen! Deluxe Champions iully equipped with O.D., heat ·nd music, etc. These arc low mileage, guaranteed, one owner cars. '*49 Jeepster $1,395 BeautUul metallic blue. Practically a new car. 7,000 nctual miles. Overdrive^ heater, bumper fuards. «te. *47 Dodge $1,295 BUILDING MATERIALS 5Q| Miscellaneous FOR SALE 52 WE BUY-SELL-TRADE "g^ShES ^STS-fa'S! New and used plumbling, electrical and hardware suoDllcs. Southwestern Builders SUPPLY CO. _Bth ' Ph. 2.271ft Custom 4-door tlonally clean equipped. :dan. EXCCP- car. Fully ' *47 Chevrolet $1,195 Jleetmoster 4-door nedan. A little black beauty. Must be seen to be appreciated. We have a FORD I-TON CAB t: CHASSIS TRUCK. Som» driver Is Kolnjj to make a steal on thi* one. J B MOTORS 616 N.'Stone Ave. 1939 BUICK Special sedan, excellent cond. Radio, htr. Ph. after 6 -am _ 5-2522. '47 CHEV. club coupe. Only 16,000 . miles. Oi-lfinal owner. 921 2. 2nd Ave J942 ^ Pontiac. S-nassen^cr sport cotlpq with radio, bargain, by owner. . 5-R789.' · OlOsmoblie; Low mlleace, Hvdramatic drive, good cond. 2-025S. JFOR SALE by owner. 1548 Ford deluxe tudor. Clean, excellent cond., new tires. Call Davls-Monthan Air Base, «xt. nST. S*t. Hooks, between 8 a.m.- p.m. joTarEVROEETT-'Let's swap." -Hits the Country Bovs." 294 S. Stone. BUICK. EXCELLENT CONDITION. BY OWNER. TERRACE MO- .TTq. «" CARA GRANDF HT1VAY '«7 JEEP station waaon »855 or will " TM · · -' 50.000 OREGON Ibr. 45.000' plywood Say? 520-830 M 3-7640. 1601 N Oracle; OYPSTJM" LATH ?»" -- PLASTERBOARD ';" and li". FELT 15 Ib. and 30 Ib. Straight or mixed C/L, Western Plywood Inc., 3707 Cnhu- enita Blvd.. N. Holl-wood, Calif. 'StAnlev 7-1421. MISC. FOR RENT 52A PIANOS for rent Cousin* GZS'N 4th 3-5231 ' Phone ?-4lfl8. CLOTHING FOR SALE 52A - t o - N e w S h o p . 1 6 3 8 ~ ~ N 3-1151 Open l to S "LET'S SWAP" 53 OLD stornKe battery for 5 gallons gas. SG32 E. Broadway. STAG'S Swap Shop. buy. sell trade We need gum "33 N 4th. CLOTHES LINE POLES Miicellaneoui FOR SALE 52 We Buy and Sell Used Furniture and Tools Or What Have You? Vic's Trading Post 2-4241 1319 S 6th Ave. Nt very modern jewelry showcase for sale. 39 E. Broadway. JOOD 1X8 sftoathlnK, S85 M. Phone 3-7640. 1601 N. Oracle. MODERNIZE YOUR HOME ONLY 10CI DOWN. 30 MONTHS TO PAY. COMPLETE PLUMBING FIXTURES SOLD ON EASY CREDIT TERMS FOR DETAILS i TREE ESTIMATE SEE NATIONAL PIPE SUPPLY CO. 1028_S._gTH AVE. 5030 E. SPEEDWAY ioo SHEETS corrugated aluminum. 2 x 6 . Price S1.50 a sheet. 3-6470. WOODWORKING eoulpment, excellent condition. 4558 £. .9ih.St, S'ORGE DeLuxe Gas Range, table top. 36" lllic new. 814 W. Kelso. MODEL D4 Turnapull-enKine. Completely rebuilt. Ideal for land lev- elling. Arizona Eoulpment Rental, Ph. 5-7S01. 1H4 N. Maple Blvd. ZELLE ANTIQUE SHOP FOR SALE. 724 E. 3rd 1 7 1 Woot Showcases, like new. will icll cheap. Curio- Sox. 49 E. Con- zrress. TILL DIRT VERY REASONABLE COPPER It MOUNTAIN STS. 5-5116 Frigida i res FROM ' 1154.15 VOUR CHOICE OF GAS RANGES MAYTAG EASY WASHERS DOMESTIC SEW:NG MACHINES "ec/V Cover's Electric Service Co. 225 E. Congress Ph. 3-2045 4'20 N. 4th Ave. Ph.3-9252 !$17.75 INSTALLED $17.75 Welded constr set tn cement ft wires ready to use Also mail hOKes, £6 50 Ph fi-0547 before ID or after A p.m. JUST RECEIVED a new shipment of heavy duty clothes line' poles: B ft hiRh, 4 it., cross-arms made of 3-ijl heavy duty pipe, special $11.95 per set Fully Ruarameed. Tucson Salvage Material Co., 451 W, Congress. HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54 RADIOS, MUSICAL, Be. 55 ROOM Without Boar'J 75 USED PIANOS · $98 UP COUSINS, 625 N. 4TH FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN ARIZONA-: FOR RENT microphone phonocraph amplifier system. Just the thlnfe for nartlw.-Ph. 3-3716. PRACTICALLY new 80 base Hohner accordion for sale. 5-2407. LUCE NEW console pianos. Expert ri- pairing, rebuildins. refinlshlnit. tun- Inc Spencer Piano Co.. 331 S, Carap- hcii. Phone 3-1S5S. ' JMALL walnut Wurlltzer stud ^97.1 Cnlisinfi B5.1 N 4th Aviy GULBRANSOrJ mirror-piano; sell trade for trailer. 2621 Oracle. wlTC'PAV CAgfc F"SR~gP3JlTs~ AND SMALL LTRIGirrS. CALL 3-5231. __^ PIANO TUNING 5SA SINGLE ROOM -- Private entrance, Near miiv. 12la N. Park. Ph. 4-1240. INDIVIDUAL furnished cabin. All Drl- vate- Slnclc person. Bus. shopping. fill? E. FtedrJ ek. {Off. N._ Park ·). 2 -78S3, NICE., clean tmlet bedroom, kitchen prlv.. bath. blk. Vets. Hose. Heason- _ahli. 3532 S. 7th. 2-BI50, SLEEPING room, twin'beds, private entrance bath. Patio aaraec, ;HI8 E. Draclimnn. S-C935; EMPLOYED irontlcman. private co- trance. bath, walking distance. 2-5974 nflc . 4 FOR GENTLEMAN--Detached room with bath, lovely surroundings, beautiful patio. Near eatine -places public transportation. Ref. re" ~" - - ·- - ipolnt. _'I.'^M_'"- -* "· '--I'-ri'' J"' ppt-m-p...-. NICE licht room, '.i both, central heatinc coollnji. 302G E. sth. Ph. 1 NICELY fum, front bedroom. Employed lady - Jefferson Park Dls- Naar bus, shopping. 6-1321 NfCE steam heated room, near Kitchen prlvllcces. Ladv. 1015 Fork , A f ternoon , UnJv master KOOM--sv week. Close In. Shower. "~ ~ · ~' Hay? vour piano serviced by one o:£ the'uiner-technietanft from GLOVER-CLARK INC They »re tne men who can tune and malte ativ repair* necessary even to complete rebuild- Call J-462B __^ MITCHELL'S OCTOBER SALE _ SPECIALS!! Used Elect. Range .,$79.50 Westinghouse Elect Range 89.50 Perfection Oil Range 89.50 Gas Range ....'.... 49.50 3 Burner Table Top Stove.. 39.50 Gas Range. 'H. O, .. 19.9? Laundry Tray, Porcelain »... 24.95 Bendix Automatic ' Washer 129.50 Launderall Automatic, Washer 99.50 calf stoves. One Ice 2 small, cood as new., 2222 E. flth _ CARS Orepon "lumber rolling; lou prices. 1601 N. Oracle. 3-7MO. AUTOS WANTED O W N vVlKirxUi- . n «.^L. TMTM UL «,,. No charge for instucttons and lay- N" Wafnut after 3 urn «ts by experienced electricians vrtl -- -- ; 'save money time and trouble when buying vour electric supolies at -- HENHY ELECTRIC CO 71 a E gth 24 ~tc MS first or sea UK tart but see «·) We pay mor« for TOUT car. Dald for or not Consolidated · 110 S. STONE CARS WANTED.- U It ruru, run It tato BIRD HOBBf il U14 So. tth Ave. WE BUY Used Cars-Trip Casfo Hackett X S · WHY TAKE LESS WILLIAMS Pays More For Clean Used Cars Tn; S »T° PHONE 1 WILL -TRAT5E my well restricted corner acre In I.oma Linda Estates for part-payment on a late model Cadillac. Phone S-M35. TRAILERS. New Used 25 1947 INDIAN 25-ft, 3- room trailer, 1st class condition, new refrigerator, cooling system'. CaL 2-4364 DUDLEY A. DOBRJ Investment Corporation 848 N. 4th ' LUMBER BARGAINS -- 2x4. 2x6 sheathing. Phone 3-2911. 1056 Mission Hoad, USED BRICK SI.50 per hundred Larce orders free delivery. .Phone 4-1)951, .22 AUTOMATIC rifle, almost new. Very_reasonable. 4H S. Fremont. SINGER electric 201 model, like new, Save'JIOO on this one, 1168 E. Lester, ^ GALVANIZED S T A N D A R D PIP1 available in any amount at Hobin- son's hardware Store in Nojaiies, Arizona at the following prices: t" .14 FT. K" 16 FT. 1" 2! FT. lit- :::::=::--::. S S: 2" .SOFT. .30-.30 WINCHESTER Model 84: _ Colt Woodsman, oportcr: 8x30 binoculars. Ph. 5-B452. OIL CIRCULATING heaters, portable kerosene heater. Butane A: oil water heatprq. kproseng cooker. S-5B85. F6WER OPEHTAfEirwEeel chair. $95. Phone 4-1323 "iRAi ^.».».-- IK. Antique flurine. cigar cutter. 1218 N. Park. Ph. 4-1249. .. . boueht. nold repaired. Richard's, =420 K. 1st. -- CASH .fc'OH vour furniture and household goods Call 2-3283 . SELECTION OF READY mixed colors In town.: American P»ln1 Glass, 2424 M. 1st, Plal 2-3-- wnr DRINK RAINBOW WATER TYPEWRITER. UnQerwood cortable. 1951 DeLuxe model, never us'ed. bar- 'caln. Other misc. Littler's Court. inn W Ccmftrers. Apt. 54. R 1*1'. LIBESTYliouse trailer. 2 bed- _room«. Polly, 3050 E. Alvin Road. *OTER16R 1046 --Sleeps 4. butanT glee. braKes. cooler. t750. a); E. Intllo, SPARTAN MANOR 2J' tully eoutn- ped. Will sacrifice..Term;.- 2227 S. 4th LIBERTY" with bath extras. yt.150. Ph. g-8734. HoUSEIRArT^R for sale. Will sleep 4. No wheels. $1!3. Phone 2-6555. 1217 WArHSfc--2?' 6n oVES" Walker Tr Siles. 2$.U S etb PH Trailer Headquarters ·TATE DISTRIBUTOR FOR SPARTAN KIT SEE THE NEW I BED ROOM M OTHER NEW USEO TRAUUERS FROM S300 W _ TRAILER FURN1TTJRE DEPARTMENT COMPLETE TRAILER PARTS STORE ADMTRAL P.ETRIGEHATO3S WHIRLPOOt. AUTOMATIC WASHERS Ted Walker Tr. Sales OPEN 8 TO » MB S. 8th Ave. Ph. 3-2385 2 Wheel Utility Trailer. 2012 E.' 171h St. 11' PAN AMERICAN 194S. AwnlnC XS'xlO*. Also -window awnings. Rea- aonnble. Space 17, Desert Village .Trailer Court, flli) Benson. Luggage Trailers to Rent 25 A Star one way o- round trip, anywhere 2027 N 10th at W Flores Phone 3-2533. ' · ROUND TRIP anywhere Bumper clamp furnished. Hal] Trailer Sales .3115 S'. 4th_Ave. BICYCLES, Motorcycles 29 feUY. sell, trade repairs. Bicycles. Jrlkes Richards 2430 N 1st 2-0044. SCHWINN BUILT BICYCLED Sale* end service lawn mowers tnd erlnd. Tree pick-up and delivery RUSSELL SHEPERD plal 2-T362 218 N Fourth Ave Cushman Motor Scooter Custiman Engines TJsed Scooters Hand Controlled Invalids Machines Authorized Sales and Service GARDNER COOK CO. , 91h Dial 4-1323 J94B MOTOR bike, eood conO. Rcason- .Kbll- g-2«4.. 2129 S. th Ave. HARIjry "IIS," perfect condition, ex tras, S200 cash, terms or trade. 33 Polo Village 5-1568. TM7 CUSHMAN-- Best offer soon. Phone 2-^163. : ECHWDJN bicycle. 26-ln. Basket ic light. S35. Call 2-1955. 1838 INDIAN Motorcycle, cooa condition, cood paint, new tire*. Worth iskin« Tprlee S125. 5735 E. Plma^ BUILDING MATERIALS 50 Cash and Carry Specials !-Ox«-S~2-Danel I 7.9S S-OX'O--14 CXt. flush ... 14.95 3-oxO-S Calif, combination 14.S5 2-8x6-8--1 Lt. Sash door.. !.33 4x5-- 1" DU-wood ,, 3.34 4XK--A1" ob"WOOd 7.98 4x8 Masonlte 2.40 4x8 Asbestos board ...... 5.78 4x8 Ivory Ins, board . l.iiS . Hex shtnelcs. per sa...... 7.87 45-lb. roll roofine J.2) 80-lb. slate surf 3.87 Inside,Brsss lockset ..... 1.HB Outride Brass Ixsclcset 4.95 JlJx3\ F. M. Buttl 69 Why limit your choice of Interior color schemes to a few neutral shades when vou can have a choice of 56 exdtlnit , new colors when you buy O E N E R A I . PAINT'S new TREND TONES In · 11 h e r HEAVYKOTE flatwsll SEMI- GLOSS or GLOSS. Buy direct from our -warehouse stock to SAVZ on tou .Quality ualnt. Hazeh, Ellington Building Materials 1818 Aviatten'HiKhwuy Bloclc E. of Cherry J-10J1 WE BUY - SELL - TRADE Furniture and anything usable. 1417 S. 6th Ave. VALLEY FAIR 3.-8121 ODD SCREENS Odd Steel- Sash screen* and aJumlnuni winnow screens -- priced to close out Southwestern Sash Door Co 210 Ave: TENTS TARPS Headquarters of Tucson GOVERNMENT SURPLUS flat «nd Plumblni; Suppllei Water Heaters Camouflage NcU Fence Post* Furnittlr* Cots Beds Mattresse* Chest of Drawer* Pillows Tables Chairs Couches PAPPADKAS CO. 1514 N Stone USED BUILDING SUPPLIES Lumber, sash, doors, plumbuic. lavatories, toilets, pipe, electrical supplies, cas oil heaters, COL VAUGHAN AND SONS BLDC SUPPLIES Corner Venice and !.«. Out speed- woy past Drive-in Theater, left on ice to Lee 30-06 CUSTOM sporter. 4-power u- nerth scope. Model 82 Winchester. !2 pump. 2 N shotiruns. Alter ' fl P.m. J-G234. 100 N. Cherry. LOOK AT THIS G.E. Refrigerator ..$65.00 Mnt. Ward 110.00 Kelvinator 65.00 Cold Spot, three, year factory warnty. 195.00 These are cash'prices but payments can be arranged, We have for immediate delivery New Norge, Crbs- ley, a n d International Harvester. Morris Appliance 2734 E. Grant. Ph. 5-1372 Lane Cedar Chest Kitchen Table ... Dinette Table ... Armless Divans ·. 2-pc Sectional ... 2-pc Living Room Suite ../ Metal Wardrobes Gas Heaters , Oil Heaters 39.50 14.95 9.9 39.50 99.50 49.50 28.00 12.95 39:95 of To Insure You Satisfaction We Service What We Sell MITCHELL FURNITURE , 75-100. W. Congress Phone 2-7461 BAMBOO RATTAN Grand opening at OUT new thow room. Save up to 50% at our rac- tory-to-.vou prices S227 valui S oc. sectional at 1149.50 Open daily til 9 Sundays I to 5 814 E Spcedwav Dial S-0585, HARD MAPLE dinette jet: Jtitchen ranee, excellent cond.: reasonable. 30B E. Virginia St, 6-8 p.m. SACRIFICE, twin head boards storage, box combination--39x39. brand new. red leatherette. Rue pad. never used. 3x12, Eiectrolux vacuum clean- fr. S51S E. Jin. REFRIGERATORS Oouzm sold ana repaired Modem boxes to 170 Prince Enelnenrlne 2631 E Prince Ph NATIONALLY advertised refriz.. 71.4 foot, all deluxe features. 1 yr. warranty. $149.95 Arizona Appliance Mart 312 E. CONGRESS LIVING ROOM couch club chair, frieie. like new. £1.25. 3122 Terra Alia Blvd.. Apt^A^ 5-6422, for vour \VTLL pay more CAS'fi used furniture Call 3-1840 Repossessed REFRIGERATORS-- DEEP GAS it ELECTRIC RANGES MAYTAG WASHERS i rHONEBS Terms to suit vour budget. Dave Collen Son IKS N. Oracle Rd. . Ph Z-«2I Your Crosle.v-MavtaR-GilJscm And International Marvcs»er Appliance Dealer OPEN EVES SUN _ _ 1040 COLDSPOT refer, cood condl- tlon. 5-5318. C-5 P.M. 5758 E. 2Cth. RENT portable sewlnc machine S5 oer mo Morris Sewlnc machine .rtore ;_734 E Grant H Ph S.1TC WANTED TO BUY 58 NICELY furn. room, twin beds, walk- distance town. 37 E. Speedway. FRONT ROOM, private en'irnnce. Central heat. Adjoining bath. Phone " "flu. 715 E. 3rd WE BUY CHINA. oi...i^m, BOOKS. ANTIQUES. SCHAEFFER'S 72fl N STH A VS. DIAL 2-1P53 DO YOU NEED $5, »10, or *20. COME TO GIANT PENNY. 12g W.lCONGBESS. FirRNrruRE WANTED fllchest prices paid Dial »-4371 WANTED FURNITURE. SOWING HACK.. PIANO. PLUMBING. 3-S093. f l l K N wanted Hl«hM cash onrw AUTOMOBILE motors. 1337 * later, for rebuilding- Servici Motor Parti 4-0443 SPOT CASH FOR CUN3, CAMERAS, WATCHES. GIANT PENTTY, 126 W. CONGRESS. JUNK WANTED Highest Cash Prices for scrap Iron, metals, batteries, hide* wool and rubber. Arizona Hide Metal Co. -St. ft N 13th Avf " Dlnl 3-4371 . ...... E. 3rd' St, _ ; _ FRONT double room, central heat. Meals Mabel. optional. 5-5420. 2115 E. CLOSE-IN, comfortable, .private entrance. Employed man. 728 N. First APARTMENTS FurmsFiecT 79 t \*E and 'Ewo bedrm charmlnKTy fum seasoned rentals available Call 3-.*03! m 2-U4B7 BEDROOM. Dorlor, kitchen, shower, cooler. SW, 150 utilities paid. USE. Alturas. BEAUTIFUL room-desert · homes. Close'to town, furn., modern, electric rcfrlg.. includlns utilities. £50, _Ph. 2-52f)7, ATTRACTIVE 2-room ant. NX. on bus 31nc. Utilities ucid. one or 2 adults, no pets. sGO, 5-5075. 4092 E Av LIVING ROOM, bedroom, kitchen. shower, patio. G months to yrs. lease. _3fi2H E. .MnbeT^ · APTS: 'Utilities paid, conveniently located. Reasonable! 4561 ._s_. 7th.Av*L NICELY furn. ant. for rent. 3725 E. Two-room Sc bath apt., new. clean, near Solcne Shopping Center, bus: S4S. utilities furnished. 120 E. 34th St. B-334Q. Couple or slngLo. Houses for Rent, Fum 81 j REAL ESTATE WANTED 86 E riT TTIMTCT We will accept your listings »nd · JrJ-Uiiv 11 the sale of vour property our 2-bdrm. house. Nr.. shoppinff center, attnctlon school, hus^jTs month. MIKE KENNON REALT1 NEW. attractively furnished. 2-room house. Suitable one or couple. Rear. 1425 K,_Jnd Ave ere E Navnlo Rg GUEST house, adults, no pets, utilities Included. S40. G2B N. Belvedere. . Nicely furnished. $65. No utilities. Ph. 5-7303. 2615 N. Falroatal. Phone 3-M. NICELY FUIIN. 4-bdrm, house, closi In. 533 E. 4th St. 2-01188, MODERN 4 rooms, bus. shopping district, trees, S55. Accommodate three. 5-5803 utter 5, ' 3618 E. 2nd Lovely 1-bdrm. home. No D«ti. Adults $"5. Phono c-:sao. Close to E. ~3'BEDROOM HOME Completely fum. Garage, circular driveway, heating cooling. Lots o: room, front b»cJc. $65 Call 2-8874. UL furnished 2-bcdrm. «Sts. room, ironi a: oncit. . _ bus. shopping, schools. 331111 BDRM., IN residential court. S57.SO. 1 plus utilities, before noon or aftc: ant. NE ^tiff'sgsr£5£P 5: s *Ta£«*- Jit, .. , block from high school. $05 per month on lease. 2.--Two 3-room and bath apts. One unfurnished, the other with *tove and refriserator. $40 and J4S, SOUTHERN REALTY fe TRUST CO. Phone 3-0524 BOOMS and SHth. N."BaIboa".~7l35 57 WEEKLY. Jarse room, w*rrn. rlrflri. hns. Lfidy._ ROOM for employed aentlcman. r,, 7th. .^____ Housefceeoinq Rooms LARGE FURN- room, refric.. nmire" linens, by week or month. Reasonable ratcf. '00 N. 7th Ave. COMP fur refr rgc, 1-2 rra.-klt apts also rm. twin beds, hdw. fl 102-E. 3rd month. Near bus. Cal! 5.1130. 3-4253. SINGLE patio pat. Close in/suitable lor 2 adults. $65 monthly. Inquire. 421 N. 'Par*. * MODERN 2 ] ,4 room. furn. duplex apt, Clost to town, nr, Unjv, ShopDlnK. bus. *85. on Jpase- J"S monthly, Ph.' 2B604--3-B3M. S30 N. 4th- nve. IF IT IS EAECTE~furn rooms: re couple. SIO wk 503 E. Privacy, conveniences, comfort and ilocntloji you wish; see thtse for- nlshqd apartments. 1 2 bedrooms, new, modern. By season, or year. 1742 E : _9th_._ GUEST HOMES--Hotels 77 GERONIMO HOTti. Air conditioned rooms, private bath Summer rntcs. Euclid at 3rd 3-358S GLEN COE LODGE Newly furnL-shed. choice location Kitchen privileges. Reasonable rates 1745 E. 10th St. APARTMENT NEWLY TURNISHED AND PAINTED, PAVED STREET. $77.50, YEAR'S LEASE. DICK! HALL KEALTY. REALTORS DIAL 5-3375. CASH FOR DIAMONDS GOLD GUNS CAMERAS HIGHEST PRICES PAin ROGF.R 37 W CONGRESS USED PIANOS WANTED Will Pav Cash or Trade. MCKENZIE'S N 4th THQTie 3-9458 SPOT CASH FOR MEN'S SUITS. GIANT PENNY. 128 W. CONGRESS. WE BUY SCRAP Iron Metals. Batteries, etc. We Wreck Butltlincs Call. Writ« or Wire Nat Bosnos Son Bnn_TO_2nrt_5t LARGE size windmill. Also used farm DOGS, CATS, PETS 59 REGISTERED well-bred black CocKer puppies. Rincon Kennels. 5-Q49f ENGLISH Sorimzer pup. male 4 mos S. Dclroar,_Apt. 10, Ph,.3^57711 LOVELY hotel apt. central downtown location, opposite post office with Icltchen i: complete hotel service. Rbskruec Hotel, Scott Broadway. Ph. 4-0427. ESTANCIA Dfit *0t INN For persons desiring modern restful exclusive place to live try Estan- cla Dei Sol Inn Best food and service All rooms have twin hedi and private baths. American Plan M4.1 E COPER ST PHOME !i-1? REST HOMES 77A ~~TRAY SERVICE i N Edith. Phone St. Luke's in the Desert A sanatorium for the treatment oi early cases of pulmonary tuberculosis F.. AHnms. Din) 2-1HS2, CONVALESCENT Guesh 78 ALFMAR KZNN'ELS - Rec. Cockers, Qlipples stud SPrvico. Dial 5-081fi 5lAMESE~'lcittens~ stud service. Cats ooarclcd. 2321 Ft. Lowell. Ph. 5-4064 PRACTICAL nursing. Private home, reasonable, Women only 437 t. Navnio Rd. _.OLDEN Hamsters are adoraole ecu, Wholesale. Retell tastruotions. Sup- 0]1!S S-OS27 CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES AKC ree. vest pocket slie. Out o: winners. 2124 E. Sprir.t. CHSERfuL ROOK,~~HOKE COOKEDI I FOOD. NUUSING CARE IN GOOD PRIVATE HOME. IDEAL FOR ARTHRITIC. PH. S-B2Z6. 2435 E. 8TH WALKING DISTANCE -- Finest res dentl.il district, no dust. Lovely er, closed grounds. Excellent food. Tray service. Phone 3-0639. · MODERN COTTAGE 2 roorrs. refrig. Table top range, ventian blinds, inner sprinc mattress, panel ray hoatinx. boautilully landscaped. $35 a month. 4348 S. Parlc. 3-6396. ., ,,,-,,., . _, ^ _ ,, - J-HOOM modern. Clean, nwd. floors, eamnat.!. 2607 N Campbell, , . Knotty pine liv. rm, with fireplace, carporte and ample storage, comfortably furnished. Only S105 per mo Small hcme 1 BR screened porch, larKC lot picket fence. Xcar Speedway Country Club. 565 mo. Phone Mr. Wallla 5-2537. Stninlc Kealty, 2-B4M. ·__ Rental Listings WANTED ThB mar.y Intjuir.!*! «r* already rx- ceedlng the available rentals. Oui Rental Department want* rentals o; all classes. Call S-752* Ask lor Mr. Ryan or Mr. Rowlanc H.-C.TOVREACO. Realtor! 33 So. Stone. 3-7525 NJiw--l-bdrro., patio, barbecue, snade, paved. Couple, $52.50. Ph. 5-0088. NxAV mocern l-odrm. bouse. Tucsor Foothills, $45, year's lease. Ph. 3-3825 2'BDRM., tile kit., bath, lawn, lars sleeping porch, nicely furn, 2117 E, Silver. 5-5367. MODEKN 1 bdrm. home. Cablneis. Shade. _Clean. 1335 Prince Rd. 2 RM. 535 mo. Cabin 18. HlcPC rm ^1? mo up S4t1 N Tucsnn Bl a UKM. r.tccly lurnii'flcd. convenJcn: location Least $-25. 2343 B. 21ct 5-4175. ADULTS, clean, eiec stove, refrtx. heater: garage, fence. SC5. 5-5M7 NEW 2 bdrm. home* beautifully turn available Nov. 1st In restricted N-E subdiylslon. Call 6-OSIO !o ste_, ' i 140s"st iS Mar t v's eI ph t ' ; 3 t - h 3!5?' :nt S42 ' 5 "' schooli - b'us. thopplns. 2518 E Hamp. S40 FURNISHED efficiency kitchenette, utilities, new refriecrator rane.C', cooler, shower, porch, auto- matfc lanudrv. 3428 ' 3 ROOM apartment. Close to" U.A 1028 N. 3rd 2 bdrm. house. Amph District. $60 or $55 on year's lease JPh^J-ailB. 5-12 TO S50. 1 bdrm aots. Cooler refrU,, laundry, bus. lawns. Some new. utilities paid. Lasuna Plaza Courts. 25U W. Lagu.ia,. Ph. 3-0764. LMMACULATE 3 room apt. WalklnK distance downtown. Hvvd. floors, SG5 S-2738. · LIVESTOCK 60 LIVESTOCK AUCTION Thursday, Nov. 2 10 AM.' CASA GRANDE LIVESTOCK CO. Vz mile north of Casa Grande on Gila Bend Highway. SALE EVERY THURSDAY--10 A.M. ' PHONE 3612 ICT ARIZONA Meat Packers pay more for your livestock. Custom slaughtering, processinp and packaging are our specialties, 670 w. 33rd St., Dial 3-B69S. _^^_ iOHSES BOARDED. New barn. CO north on Romero Hd. First left after Gllpln Fleld._C. B..BOV " IBS paid^for all (Trades HIGHEST L ,, livestock. We do custom killing. TUCSON PACKING CO. Dial .1-3928 ?OR SALE. Shetland pony, cheap. 3956 N. 1st Ave. 3EAD STOCK removed fret. Dial -0041 3-3S3S or 2-79B3 Tucson Tallow Holsteln Heifer For Sale. ·! year old, Ph, 5-0084. UERNSEY, just fresn 5 sals. day. Recer.tly tested. Very eentle. Makes fine family cow. «150, Call Florida 3. fi to B P.M, ' POULTRY. ESSS. Be. 61 THUNDSRBIRD" CSB mash «4.90 cwt. In dress print bass. Daiw ieed « per cnvt. Horse feed. 14.80 cwt. Ft. Lowell Feed Jt Suoniy Co. 3237 E. Ft. Lownll Rd. Ph. fi-0632 TffBKEYS hens. *5c live; 60c oven- ready. 55c order 4 or more, AH orders delivered. Phone 2-S977. Wednesday Thursday between 5 THE AID-WAY SANITIZES vacuum j clpaner For demonstration oh. 3-4244 JECIL GAVER'S Complete Applianca Repair Service Radios, All Makes ', Home and Car Seta Refrigerators, Al! Makes Washers, AH Makes . FREE PICK IIP Si DELIVERY ALL WORK GUARANTEED FRIGIDAIHE - MA'lfTAG DEALER Cecil Cover's Electric Service Co. 225 E. Congress Ph.3-2045 Ph.3-9252 420 N. 4th Ave. 500 GAL, Bu. eas tank with iittlnks S100. 1224 E. Wovoriy. 3-20B3, FRIGIDAIRE--one yr. old: 8' X 10 and 7'.i' x 9' linoleum rutfs, Llk: new: box springs: sell reasonable. E. 2nd S' Child's Cot -- 2442 E. 3rd Ph. 5-2309 · let ann lurome oumpi 133 S 6th Ave Dial 3-3EM Heating Equipment Space Heater ... $5.50 6000 BTU Radiant Heater $13,50 15,000 BTU ' Vented Heater $33.00 20,000 BTtT . Pane!Ray .... $31.95 Stovepipe, ftttlno and everything for your heating needs at Arizona Maintenance Co. ISM Miracle.Mile Open Eves. A Sun. CLOSE OUT Dutch KaJsomine ALL COLORS 5 Ib. 25 Ib. Bags lOclb. f ' . Cofbett Lumber zlO E. 7th. Ph. 2-8881 Bargains galore In -'ElectrlcsJ.-llcnt- ing fixtures all kinds" See them through tile uvindows-at night or let us show ajia quote prices Your fixture allowance will leave a surplus of fundt for your own U chair, ccuch cover, tier table, macazine rack, bed complete. fcab.v bed. clothes hamper, class corner ' bathroom shelves. 11EXAIR Vacuum cleaner, aood con- dltlon. S40. 210 E. Hearst, 45.000 BTU circulating oil he'ater S25. Gas range, hlch oven S13. Excellent WALKING distance. Employed (jen- tlemen or studcn'j. 3-1D65. SINGLE, double, orlvate bath, central heatlnd, Kosiier tneals, 928 E. fith street MTNDA BEOS EQUALS BEDSTEAD mattress and* box sorlncs In assem- blv. 2B sizes. Twin size S29 343 E, mh Thomoson. Phone-2-34^2 BUSINESS girls or students, lovely home, private entrance. Close-In. KIRBY Vacuum cleaners with attachments power polisher. 533.95. See at 3M8 E. wninrd. RADIOS, MUSICAL. Be. 55 PIANOS , ·FujlTrucklo'ad Mason Hamlin --Winter Chickering -- Betsy Ross THIS WEEK ONLY $20 Down and $20 Month -' 36 Months to pay FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN ARIZ. .$595 Up Worth $695 - $795 McKenzie's STORE NO. 1 419 N. 4th Ave. Ph. 3-M58 .STORE NO. . 4 a. eth Ava. .._.. THBBWr- whites. bucks and does, |3.50 each. 2202 E. Valencia Rd. RED CHICKS TS. lay mash J4.75£Wt. Tlemann's. 2001 N r Stone, 3-2441^ _ HARVEST lay mash with Panaroin tn colored print bans J4.80 per -curt MIDDLETON'S. MCI S. Sth. Ph. 2-232J DIAL 6-1357 LAY MASH IN PRINT BAGS. J4.«0 UPHAM PEED · SUPPLY CO J5» E GRANT 3D Fresh .Dressed' Poultry Pop's Poulti-v Market Dial 3-704! TRAILER COURTS 73 INVESTIGATE culet Foothill Court. Shade pvt. rcstrms, and showers $12 mo Soft water. Adults. 1600 E. Roger. Hospitals Convalescents 78A Barf i eld Convalescent Hospital Over 3S yean ejrperlence In correct care for convalescent and rest coses. Utmo** privacy fuaranteed Airy dust · tree rooms Registered nursing c»r», provided Horntscooked meals. Approved b.v American Medical Association Member Association of Western Hospitals, Rotes as low as t7.fio per day. BAWIELD. CONVALESCENT HOSP 2100 5 Sne«dway Dial S-1521 __^_ APARTMENTS Furnished 79 WIKTESHAVEN APTS 2422 N Richey at Grant. Rd. Charm- R 3 rooms, asphalt tile floors, lawn patio and snuffleboard. MIRAMONTE APTS. New deluxe · I bdrm. furn. 01 unfwn. In lovely Encanto Park Cent. heating, coolinR. » private porches, paved streets, 330T E 3nrt St Phone S-2258 Vista Sierra Lodge Apartments Arizona's most beautiful apartment settinx 5-room (2-bedroom) apts. Spa- clous CTO'Jnd. Excellent individual furnlshdnss. Selected cjlentele, Private POD!, bus service. Phone B-2G03. 4B01 E. Brondway. SAN CLEMENTE APTS. Tucson.s most beautiful garden apts Luxuriously furnished and magnificently landscaped. Linens utilities, etc. lura. One large bachelor .flt, and one 4-room apt. available in very reasonable rental basis ase or seasonable DIRECTIONS GO :3st on Broadv/av 4 blocks past Al- 'ernon to Bryant then turn South i short blocks lo BrMvn-Wav M irpr on nt*prn 1 _' cp -* ! - · t Jd 7Tn. El Encanto Apartments · ' "ARIZONA'S FINEST" Completely furnished 4 and 5-roorn jpartments in ideal location on annual lease or seasonal basis IS20 E 6TH ST. PHONE 5 : 7221 AND 2 bedroom new Beautifully furnished Reasonable Close in 913 E oth For Information call 3-8363 or 5-7482 MODERN 3 rooms, practically new lawn, clean, carporte. adult*. 620 N nth Ave 1335 E. 9TH ST. Ultra smart cardcn apartments. 1 and 2 bdrm. Ideal location. Every convenience. Month., year. CATALINA VILLAGE Garden acts., vwimmina oool «oa- eious grounds Maid service available satin hlof:k Bevprly 5pej?dWH,v , IdAVE 1 ? 3 room apis Reasonable rent Inquire 2QQ E a3rd__2.i)630. BUENA VISTA APARTMENTS Larce 2 bdrm, ant., excellent location. completely fum., central cooling, cen- LARGE screened patio e storeroom. {tral heating. 2815 E. 6th St. .Apt. A private showers, toilet, 1525 N. Cray-! SAVE ON R E N T I -- Complete home croft, · ' "-- - MISSION TRAILER PARK -- Private bath houses and patios for each trailer. Beautiful trees. Corner Ajo and Mission Rds. . AND BOARD 74 DOUBLE ROOM for young man. Bus at door, tl! -week. Ph. 5-1401. PRIVATE entrance, central heating, wholesome Kosher meals, 829 E. 6th. 3-1767 3931 Paspo Dorado. ^__ UPSTAIRS 2 rms., bath, kitchen L rt rms., bath. «40. 1JQ9 St. Mary'* Rd. Ph. 3-3152, . CHRISTIAN home. Rood food, new room, adult or_Bchool chl!d. 3-1658. CLOSE, pvt. eptrance, meals, lunches packed, good Beds, bus. Phone 3-20S?. 2925 N. CAMPBELL Modern, nicely furn. 3 room apts Season or yearly. Central MR. and coolina. hdwd. floors, nr. showins and transportation. ROOM with board. Private bath, oui side entrance. Ambulatory convalea cent. PH 5-R228. 2435 E. 8th St. KOSHERTTScellent meals. Also kltcri^ en privileges. 821 N., First Ave, 4-1020. CHILDREN or adults asthma or con- ·aiesc,entf7. Bus, schools, Ph 3-122 G KOOM Without Board · 75 STUDIO · room. bath, private unit, bus. reasonable, suitable employed gentleman. E34B E. Praohman. 5-5477. GUEST HOUSE, studio bdrm, with shower bath, attractively turn. Nice siirrounglrms. gentlemen. 2-OU2. PRIVATE roonTii bath, separate ent.. kitchen, dining room priyiloce, bus close, reasonable. 3714 S. flower. AIRY room. 2 walls completely \vtn- dowcd. kitchen prlvlleCes, S25. Sundays Ph. 3-1833, weekdays, 5-5855. Ext 32. PLEASANT homelike room or employed gentleman or student. Close to TJnly. 421 N. Park Ave, HALF WINTER KATES Half of new dUDlex on ten acre knoll overlooWne city only 2 milej out with 15 minute bun service.' Beautl- fulXv furnished by Gcebcl Decorators. Sbrty foot lonjz »orch with, lawn furniture faclna City. Crass ant! flowered Patio facing Mountains No dust. Corral and two rid(nR horses, TM Smith. 3-B34 CLOSE IN. bus. Front room, studio beds, private bath. 3-3243 after 4:30. PRIVATE H O M E . ATTRACTIVE ROOM. PRIVATE ENTRANCE AND BATH ]14S E. 4TH ST. 4-1434. FLEASAJCT ROOM. USE OF LIVING ROOM KITCHEN PRIVILEGES. 2015 E 9th. · J SLEEPING room, private bath. 3rd Ph. 2-2322. - DE~LUXE ROOM, NE location Excellent mrals If desired Gentleman nn!v Dial fi-QtIQ . LOVELY room Private entrance bsth. Near town. 3-2Q62. PATIO guest house, sleeping accomo- dationa only. Private bath, emplnvrri gentleman Dial 5-643S. CLEAN '. comfortable rooms $20 mo. Car.garace 1326 E, 8th. Phone 3-5073 JAFFORD ROOMS, private entrance, in town. 441 So. Sth 2-9373. NICE ROOM, I private bath and entrance, cood neighborhood, meats optional Ph. a-068Q. 2 NICE sinEle rooms near UA Gen- lleman preferred 1208 E. ath. .INGLE or double kitchen orivlleaes 311 E. 41h Dial 3-402;, SEPARATE COTTAGE Private bath. Sincle or double. Reasonable. Ph. 5-3460, ROOMS -Sincle double beds. Kitchen prlvileeea. Cent. heatinK. 541 N. Park, SLEEPING room. Icitohen A: livin* room.. prtvUeKM. IS) DM °n.. *221 X. Ut St. · FINEST downtown parden apts- oo- poslte Carr.ccie library park Also 3 room apt.. S70 7J E WOi St Dial LA TERRAZA APTS, 2 BDROOM. FURN 4 IINFURN. Bus. ShopDlnK Blenraan. Catalina District Apply J13S-C -N Forgem. Ph. 5-5172 TUCSON'S FINEST, ' BRAND NEW spacious 1-bdrm tar- den "homes" \vlth Individual Karase and · patio: paved streets. University, schools, shopping, bus. See 1325 E Drachman. 2 lo 5 D.m Or dial 5-0193 for appt. LARGE DeLuxe 1 bdrm. out. Lots of closets and tile. U, of A. district, bu; .and shopping. $75 per month, ALSO 3 room Duplex. 42t S. Fremont, month. '7033,. Evenings 3-4068, Los Patios Apts. Completely furnished. 3332 E. 1st ONE 2-bdrm., one efficiency apt. both deluxe.,.301 Sllverbcll. 2-7264. I ROOM with twin beds. Private bath kitchen. Close in. 140 month. South Manor. 3901 N- Country ClubiRa. 3 ROOM cottage and trailer rm. at- tachcd. ea. $30 me. 2S35 N. Stone rear r^:--,__, , . ,, _..j,. SS WEEK -- Clean kitchenettes. el«c refrigeration, utilities !22J S. 4th BEAUTIFULLY furnished one bed- roorn apt., private patio, convenient location. 954 Jones Blvd. MODERN 3 large rooms, nr. school $05 mo. 4-0593. 1015 W. Wetmor;, 1 BEDROOM apt., finest home, hardwood floors. 1717 E. Mitchell. S-4530. FURN. 3-room apt. 4004 N. Btonc Ave. Ph. 3-9312. 3 ROOMS i bath. Adults. Gentiles. 3Q3I; N. Cherry. 5-6683. NICE 2 Room apartment, oak floors, Garane. Utilities, £50. 3S35 E. Beile- vue. Ph. 6-1520. ON-ROOM efficiency apartment cms ortvatc bath, near El Rancho Mkt 138. utilities turn. 3525 E, Soeedwav 5-8340. Couple or nlr.g!c. LAKGE living room. bCuruum. K.ILI;II- en bath. Hardwood floors. Patio. Lawn. Larse shade trees. Screened oorch Mountain view. Central heat- ins' cooling, utilities. Ranch house ""·" K. Prlrn-e. 5-msfiL 3 ROOMS apts. clean, modern, S40 in- cludlnn util. Devonshire Park 2-6753 NEW bcautifuljv furn. patio act Idl'Hl Inratlori. 3414 E. 2nd St EXCEPTIONALLY nice Apt for counle. Day week or month S737 fj Stone 2 ROOM Cottage furnished Frlglo- '·a hardwood floors 802 B Adams ATTRACTIVE 1 bedroom oatlo apts. Steam heat. Carporte. Completely turn, from $85 month. Unfurn from $70, .Wagon Wheel Ranch E. Broadway near Wllmot. H- CLOSE IN--Onc-bedrm,. suitable for couple or one person. J55. Fbone 4-iato. EL PATIO 3144 E. FAIHMOUNT New. modem furn. I bedroom apt, carports and private patio. AAA--PARK MOTEL 3001 S. 4th AVE. Ouiet, new motel, kitchenettes. Patio. Friendly atmosphere. OvcrnlRht · accommodations ATTRACTIVE apartment, near town, shopping utilities Selected clientele Phone 2-11342. 2 ADULTS utilities, clean, washer J45. 330 S. Norrls. 2 3-HM. acts., Univ. dist; Reason- nble. 727 E. ?th St. 2-BDRM furn: basement .opt. near Dniv. $50 utilities Included 527 E Leo, 1-Rm. Furn. Apt.., 5-6219 -ROOM AFT5. -- Refrlg; close in. Blocl: to l;us. B08 E. First. NEAR U. OF A. Very lovely 1 bdrm. -3 rm. r bath :ouoge on paved st. Very modern and icat as a pin, Newly furnished, fully -andscapcd. Only S65 mo. See it to- tayl Collage C nt I03S E. Spring. _ _ LO V£LY. 2-hdrm , home convenlSil Oracle Foothills Estates Located flvt* miles north of town, route 80. Out of dust area. 1. 2, and 3-bedroom homes Swirnminjt and rid. ing. 3 ROOMS, comfortably furn.. close to Davls-Monthan north sate, Wllmot Rd. 1,7 mile S of Broadway Tony'i Banch, 2 BDHM.. furn.. hardwood floors Near irnlv .giaLl-4945. 3-ROOM HOUSE - 3527 East Ft. Low. ell R d , ' N£W 4 room house, beautifully furn.; ideal for 2, Central titE Sc cooling Nice lawn. 2925 E. Adams. LANDSCAPED 2-bdrm.. hwd floors, adults, S75. 302C Geronimo. 2-8232. FOR LEASE. NoKiilcs. Ariz. 3 bdrm turn._homq. Ph, 776-W. Nogales. ^ (i ROOM housss, Complet'clv furnished. Free from dust. No communicable diseases or pets. Peck's Manor. 3901 N. Country I-URN. or 2 bdri . All utill. FURN. l or 2 bdrm. home. All utilities paid. 303 'E. F»!mdale. Dial 4-0628. 2 BEDRM. house, close-in, near schools, shopping. 115 N. Jacobus. SMALL house, nicely furnished. Near Veteran's hospital. 3543 S. Sth cute small efficiency, 2 house. Ph. 4-1077: rm. SPACIOUS duplex, newly decorated! fenced yard, shopping, bus. Rea- son.Bble.4j5z 5. Plma. 5-1380. BEAUTIFUL ^ room desert homes. Close to town, Furn., modern, elec. refrig. Including utilities, 150. 2-5207. ~ SEEtnesc before renting. Clean, cozy house. -Well furnished. Good bed. Reasonable. Also nice 2 room apt. $35. Drive W Speedway past El Rio Golf course, turn R at sljin to Club- vlew Vim. fl-HM. home tile kitchen, bath. Near bus. nicely furnished, S85 mo. Lease only. Call 5-0885. .2-1562. N.E. 2-bdrm. house, new furn.. ranee, refric.. restricted addition. Paved streets, _Yrs. lease. $65 mo. Ph. 5-506S 2-BDRM. house. Ft. Lowell Maple. Butane, bus. pavement, stores, SCO mo. 5-I6PQ. 2-1235. 2-BDKM. house near Univ. Wood floors, dust free. Ph, 3-7165, MODERN attractive. 2-bdrm. house, Adults_preferred »80. 444 E. Kelso. COMPLETELY furn. house. Very reas- onablc. Ino. 121 Veterans Blvd., I-EDRM. furn. house, refrlz. · car. XV'nter furn, i.fc blk.. school, 545. 3-5880. SPACIOUS. 2 rms.' bath, utilities furn. Block to^Catalina Thea.. bus, _Adult'i,_jl60. 1836 E. Water. Listings Needed Now Have buyers for 2 i 1 bedroorr homes In all locations. SERVICE REALTY-CO. !433 E. Broadway Dial 2-4677 anytlm If you really want to sell or ren your properly, I can help you. LISTINGS NEEDED N O W I I 1 Wilbur (Slim Gruver 22 East 3rd St ^_^ Dial 2-6295 HOMES. RENTALS and all -type o business listings needed Personal · tention given all. A-l REALTY CO J82S N S t p n e D i a l 2-8Iir REAL ESTATE Exchange 8* WILL TRADE 5 apts. all rented In Menlo I for house and cash difference mortgage. Income approximately per mo. Phone 2-B7P3. FOR a Good DEAL DEAL With DOBRY DOBRY Means GOOD REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES Six furnished apartment and a 2-bedroom house 5 --3-room; one --2-room cottage; recent constr near schools, bus . an shopping. Will trade on working, ranch. · Call Mr. Miller PHONE 3-4364 EVE. 3-3372 Dudley A. Dobry Investment Corporation Member I.B.A. Plma County Realty Board DOBRY INVESTMENT BUILDING 848 N. 4TH AVE." Real Estate--Insurance--FHA Loans COURT.' On five acres o ground. Small house. 28. hook · Semf-prlvate and community res rooms. Close to bus, phopplnR an school. Sickness forces owner t_ sacrifice for SI0.800 with a low down cayment or will · trade. Oracl Realty. 2223 Oracie Rd. Ph. 3-S3B1. Tucson For Chicago Exchange or Sale Beautiful six room red brick,etucc home, furnished, hardwood floors central coollnfi. floor furnace, at lached cat-ace, large flagstone terrace full patio wall, nicely landscaped Finest Jocation in Tucson. Will ex change on eoual value for Chieag oroperty. Call for Mr. Welnlnge "-2895. Evenincs Ph. 4-08D7, -MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. Est. 1898 aw N. Stone Av«. BUSINESS Opportunitief 88 FOR SALJC OF LEASE 10 unit motel cafe No a Ucenge Chevron Station Hiahwav 00-W-80-BB "!all 4-1S10 eveningf,. GOOD GOING business, average *1( or better weekly. Prlc« $2,500, Cal 2-2242. CUSTOM furn. reuair shop, vert good oppt, for this aolnd business host clientele. w r l_te Star Cit. Box 7 Dry Cleaning.Plant Busy llttl* plant with 3 Pick up stores. All stood eautmnent, I truck Dolns n Eood busines. Excellent in come here. Price $11.900--',4 cash Ice. Cream Plant Fully eaulpt., ' dolnje doodi' volume Also has large serving room. Goo Price (13.300 Strunk'Realty. 1 ' 24C2 E. Broadway Phone: 3-845 ;'OH SAL.B--General store. Call o tvrifi* Ben While. Sfln Simon. Ariz jm* established tailor shop, Mus be seen to appreciate. Star-CIt I-SM. Mouse, nicely furn. 2213 E. BlacKlldee. 5-7856. Houses for Rent, Unfurn. 82 DRIVE IN This splc fi; $pan -business well estab lisiicd, good business ideal loca tlon, owner must leave, Priced $4,250 Hial 3-SHl 1833 E.-6th St. MARGUERITE'S PERSONA!. SERVICE YOU CAN STORE Or Ship your furaitur« anytime anywhere Citv y^ui Storage Agents United Van Lings 5-2211 U8OOH STORE IN HEAVX trajfi location. Rood equipment, zoo lease. Business must be sold Come to office for details. Dick Hall Sealtv. Realtors. By South orn Arizona Bank on Campbell. ATTRACTIVE 2 bedrm.. redecorated, ceii. htp.. tile kltcrjen bath, wardrobe closet. 928 E. Limbcrlost, 560 on lease, no dogs. 2-7341 1 BEDROOM, stove, refrluerator drapes. 2M5 N. Treat, 450, PH. 5-3375 jllghts. 5-0304 days WHY HENT7 Uul)d"vour own. We ti nonce materials and eastsidr ncri- s w d n s«i mo DRIVE by 3443 N. Wilson. -2-br. un- furn. on yell landseaoed lot with Karaite. Hcnt S90 month on vr lease. with option to buy. Dial '5-6434, EQUIPPED nelshbor hood grocery Sacrifice property anc cauipment for $7.950. Only S350 down balance S80 montl-i. Consider t-rodlnK for home or mice. ORACLE REAL TV. 2223 Oracle Rd. Dial 3-S381 EQUIPMENT for vour restaurant an .fountain. 2016 S. 4th. 4-040] SALS by owner, one half o. full interest I'.i business property ?n N, Campbell Ave. Choice loca tion. In erowinit-shoppin* district Call 5-6045. · STUDIO aot, Pvt. bath,, kitchen, entrance. $45. Utilities included. 429 E Helen. 3-4291 . 5; 3-ROOM apartments, turn. 850 $60 mo. 4224 E. Grant Hfl. W3DRM. Furn. Apt, 309 E. Sth. Cat 2-1170 Evies J VICE duplex furn. Refrlc. Close tovm, Bus line. 709 S. 3rd Ave, DOV MTOWN elabi 3 rooms. Ph. 4-1384. TRAILER for rent for one. utilities i ' - O cottage S35, also 1-rm. $20 Elec, furn.. children welcome. Also trailer space. Mrs. Chas Hope. 61" rd. 3-8489 l-BDRM. npt.. nicely furn,. Amphl. " UN1V district, 10 blocks to Congress. Front duplex. Completely furn, S75. i-SM. furn. apt., utilities. Near Central Aircraft Plant. Ph. 3-2736. 113 "· District T^JvM, npt.. all utilities paid. 2fl W Pennsylvania Dr, 2-5193 COMPARISON PROVES Terra Afta Apts. WEEK - MONTH -- YEAH Twin beds, linens, sundcck, garage. Sth St. bus. 3122 Terra Alta Bl (bet. E. 4ih-5th Sts. on Country Club Rd.l BROADWAY PLAZA Completely furn. 1 2 bdrm. aptj., weolc. month, year 2100 E. Broadway^ 2-ftOOli or efficiency apt., private ent., near Univ. .3-4643. 1438 N. TRAILERS FOR RENT 79* Trailers and Apts. for Rent. Reasonable: Hoyal Court. Ph. 2-935^ TRAILERS for rent in friendly Robins Trailer Court. 302S Oracle.- APARTMENTS, Unturr. 80 . Hb'tSE" 3G52 E. Plmn, 2 larRC bedrooms, enormous closets, tile both kitchen, central heat coolinR, Blcnman School district.' 185 nlus utilities. Call Tucson Realty Trust Co.. rental dent.. 4-0451 TOWN DESERT APTS. 331 S. Alvcrnon Way Phone 5-0631 New 1 2 bedrm'. apts. Hefrlg. stove draw drapes included. Hwd floors. Fireplaces. Carportcs under construction. Near bus shopping center. Winter lawn. Before you rent see them 2-BDBM. new. Close to unlv. Bus line. 1335 N- 1st. · NORTH GATE APTS--«« N. Tyndall Ave.. I blk. from Unlv. Attractive 2 3-rm. ants.. S47.50 to $6c per mo.. utilities paid. Call owner for appt. after 5 p.m. 3-3870. SHAKE APT. working girl. Speedway- Unlv. bu°es. Ph. 3-S094 weekday eyeji. 2 B0RM. 2 blks. univ., schools, central cooling, heating, stove refrla- orator. 1028 N. Tyndall. 5-341" ir'UHN. · baaihclor apt., suitable for couple or one person, downtown location. S50 per mo. 300 W. Alamcdn Call L;HII ^-tj^a. 2 -BEDHOOM furnished aoartmcnt. near Davis-Monthan field. MANr GELS REALTY. Realtors. 618 N. 4tb Ave. Ph. 3-0531 3V--ROOM duplex. 1 bdrm. cottase. 1'studlo cottage, all completely furn . nicely landscaped, patio, barbecue pit. Convenient to bus sbcppm* center. 1220 N. WlnstcL Vista Sierra Lodge Apartments 3 room f2-bcdroom) homelike apartments in Tucson's most beautiful apartment scttlnK. Private pool. No outside cares. Bus service. One at sso a month. 4801 E. Broadway. Phone 5-2S03. SHARE beautiful home, board optional Bui lines. HeaionaW*. 3M N. Cherry. FASTIDIOUS 7 7 7 New. northeast. Central heating, g. Patio. Tastefully turn. 5-84J3. LARGE lovely studio room. Heatin.. ccollns Tile bath, shower. Private entrance. Desirable location. Coll 5-5229 or 2-8874 For Gracious Living 1033 East Adams. Laree four room, fully carpeted, richly furnished, twin or double beds, room length closets, exhaust kitchen fan. crosstown Mis. Walking dijtaac. University. Two ·dulU. NEW attractive, close in. Bus. noo- 'Inc. schools, S55. 5-7359. CATALINA-BLENMAN - Bus. furn unfurn. J45-J55. 2301 Nortbway Dr. 5-0859 CATALINA VIEW APTS. 3!4 lame rooms, tile bath, kit., garaBe, nr, Ehoppinc center, bus line. Owner on premises. 1249 E. Water. Ph. . - - . ) . _ ^ _ Ci.OSJE-IN. 3 room duplex, Y/alkinc . to\vn. 5-5223. Houses tor Rent. Furn. 81 ATTRACTIVE 2-bdrrn. turn, home, all uttl. paid, $100 month. Zoned for business also- Ph. 3-QS05. S25 LIVEN'G. bedroom combination kitchen Si showci. 220 E. Rozer Rd !-4043 3-BDRM. furn. home. Hcltn. 261 t. ' $52.50 Will rent a 2-oedrocm urJt on a year';t lease. Paved streets, sewers rsnsportation school soon. Clever. ;ew prize winnlnx floor plans to he esturori In Ladle? Hnm? Tournal CalJ 3-2G2J tor information, or M manner *t 1847 S NorrtA. PUEBLO GARDENS H. C, Tovrea Co. Mtfrs. Realtors 33 S. Stone 3-7525 S BDRM. Water iSi eicctricitv- oaid Ph. 2-67S3. 2-BDRM.. ranKC. redwood walled Ir patio, S65. Call 3-3E13. 2717 N. Spark- WBEDROOM unfur-... o f ' cupboard closet space, -patio wall. 860. 6003 E. Lee. Call 5-8788, DELUXE duplex. 3 laree rooms. Tile both kitchen, carporte. Separated pntio wall. 560. 2154 N. Forgous. 2-BDRM house. Near Arizona Inn, ! on lease, Ph. 4-3201. . . NEVER OCCUPIED, modern 2-bdrm.. city cas, wash water on · rear porch. Plenty closets. Venetian blinds. Hco- sonnble. 20fl W. Jaclnto. BUSINESS RENTALS 83 Choice Locations!! New group of store build- mgs now being offered for rent in fast growing Frontier Village. Occupancy available about November 1st. There are many businesses and services needed in this choice northeast location. R e n t a l s and terms will surprise you. This project will complete the. entire shopping area for Frontier Village located at East Pima and North Maple Boulevard. SOY DRACHMAJT HEALTY COMFA.Yir --Realtor-EXCLUSIVE AGENTS 13 "W. Pennlngton Di.nl s-050'. PROFESSIONAL PEOPLB1 SMAM, BUSINESSES! . . FOB LEASE.' Good businesj location. Soeedway at Campbell. Apply Sppcchvny Keaity. Ph. 5-7290 -AST Speedway store. Reasonable. Sunday and evenincs, Dial 5-8381. 6-Q798. M^UTW «Ui Avenue store. 1600 sauare feet blR vard suitable for retail or wholesale business. Call 2-3285._ RIV office or desk. SD»W »a uo Tel Serv S.QT71 5-M13 EAST 6th Camnbell. 2 lartfe rooms full bath Suitable for bus i liv. Quarters. :91i E. 6th St. 2 NEVVLY decorated modern offices. S50 - 555. Free utilities. 134 N. Church Ph. 2-6382. ' REAL ESTATE WANTED 86 WE NEED Al-L KINDS OF LISTINGS. PROMPT SERVICE, Emil P. Maianga tit N. 4U JUllt«r' 1-4132 BY OWNERsorvice station equipment slock. Doing good business Good location. Lease property. 24' W. 25th St.'2-9264. BE YOUR OWN BOSS Wanted reliable man or woman "t own and ouerale route of vendlnc machines Tucson and surroundinc towns. No sellinj:. No experience Earn up to $100 a Week Full or Dflr time, Ifor interview civc phone and Box ^OM.KLiiJT.i; food marvel. Good CQUip- mont. Fast growing neighborhood Paved street. Plus completely fum. 5-room apt. CaU owner 2-2416 eves after. .7,__\Vould SMALL factory 'set uj for novelty woodwork for sale. Ph. 5-1154. SACRIFICE SALE Entire stock, fixtures, trade name, etc., must be sold to satisfy creditor's claims. Auto home supplies, any reasonable offer, insolvent at present time. Contact room 408 Valley Na- tionol Bank Bldff. Phong 3-C?jl. CAFE for sale, lonR lease. Music pays rent. Good business. Doc says--sol off my feet. You make offer. Will take some trade in except property. Box 1054. Phone _79Q9. Elov. Ariz. ILLNESS, forced to sell one of Tucson's better small 1 dry cleaninc plants, showlnn excellent profits with room for expansion 113.500. 4H39 E. Grant Rd. FOR SALE. Very modern dry clcon- inc plant. doinE SGO.OOO yearly business, here in Arizona,. Priced for aulck sale. S2S.ODO. Terms i£ needed. jtar-CHiy-en Box 1394, BE YOUR OWN BOSS Wanted reliable man or woman to own and oocrate route oi vending machines. Tucson or.d surrounding towns. No soiling. No experience. Earn UP to SIM a- week. Full or part time. $650 cash required. For Interview nivc phone and address, Star-Citizen Box 4ns. SUPER MARKET GHOSS S23Q.OCI) HIGH GRADE FIXTURES LIQUOR LICENSE GAS STATION* DOWN TOWN--LOW RENT LOW PRICE -- $1650 TOTAL MEN'S CLOTHING VERY HIGH CLASS. PRICED RIGHT RESIDENTIAL COURT SHOWS GOOD RETURN · 8 UNITS ASK .TO BE SHOWN BUSINESS.LAND .. FOR LEASE -- GOOD LOCATION CALL TOR INFORMATION Mr. Saclcctt Smoot-Mannini-Realtors 543 r.'. 4th Ave. GROCERY STORE Doing $3000 and betler monthly, Living quarters. Rent tTS.OO. Price $5000. NE side. ARGE STORE BtHLDH^G. S apartments, club house, some fixtures furniture, 10 acres ground. Ideal location for general store. Arrangements 'can be rnade for winter guests. Moderate price. No trade. Shown by appointment See Mr. Calvin. · " , . - . . N. A. GONZALES . ' REAL ESTATE BROKER 7 E. Jackson 'St. ___ Tel. 3-ttKl SERVICE STATION for lease. lent neighborhood. Located in city. Small investment required. Apply 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Richfield Oil Corp., West Simpson St. _ : ^ i Men's Shop at cost, flO.OOO Beer Tavern (Realty) J10.000 · Grocery at Inventory 82,500 Many other opportunities, Rlchnun 132: Oracle Rd. F-h, *-M41 Tucson, Arizona Tip W«iiinid«v; Nov. 1, 1950 Tucten. Arli. BUSINESS Opportunitie» MODERN orlnanz plant for »ale by ; owner Established' since' 1932 - olenty of business. For Information writ* _ Star-Citizen Box 471. . FOR a Good DEAL DEAL With DOBRt'S DOBHY Means GOODt! Grocery Store · and Living Quarters |V . EXCLUSIVE ! "^ h!* iy an* excellent netehborhoo^T store. This man li Just out of hoi- pitai and won't be Able to handle th«, business for. some .time. Stock »nd. fijeture* can .be bought, for aboiiv 16500 and cheap leue. will consider bulldlnc'and aJL .» Call Wilbur Jones Now Associated Dudley; A. Dobry Investment Corp. 848 N. 4th Ave. Phone I-J3M Eve. 3-l5« STEAL IT Drive Inn with ft real future. location. Best- of equipment. Newly decorated. Dcin* xood buslneit^Own- nvu.gt . l^avgj Ph . · . . . - . SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE. Ex- ceUcnt neighborhood location in cit?fr EXCELLENT - Drive-In on mala traveled , car prospective drlve-tn - the«tr#, Finest equipped and neat ft* a new pLn. Owner is leaving, says "Sell 1 Quicfc." After inspection of this'prop- crty you will be amazed at the pric«. Metropolitan. Realty Co. 2525 E. Broadway Realtors Ph. 5-5Z3I INCOME PROPERTY 89 , DUPLEX, 3-Rmi. tici i!d« unlum. rrlce- 16500. 5-Rms. each side unfum.. flreplae*. knotty pine walls plenty, of clout space. Priced J13.500. ,,./ G-Unit res. ct. unfupn, room-iofc expansion. All · rented. Shown by ftp* pointment. s Dial 3-HM1 · · · - IS37 X, «th-«. MAHGUERITE'S · PERSONAL, SERVICB UNIT .motel, · $35.000 (make off*r). iichman Reclty 2-563 Auto avail. ORACLE RD. trailer court. tMOO dwn. Rlchman Realty. Auto «v»il j-S64».y. -14%: GROSS ON $21,500 DUPLEXES Ideally .'JtrattS, within short. walking. distance of Unl- versiw, downtown, chopping district, schools. Low tami. Present .lnccn:c i« I3,UO r ef year. TM For Information call MX, Wylla, 9-Mfll. ARIZONA TRUST' CO:f Realtor* ^ ..... ··» Stone GOOD DUPLEX f ,.·.-. PLUS ' -'2 BEDROOM BEAUTY- 823-8rTE JTHST. Inspect outside but -do :not distusff) tenants. . ^ tat fcccluslv* llsttaK XT . . . ' - ,^ Just one block from Tucson ML It* this most unusual ottering, p/ Th« duplex Is tn. excellent condl* Ion, tiled kitchens' and baths . ant(: ery nicely furnished, GaraK* ior each tenant. he'2 bedrom house, upaiiklng new and nice as you please. 'Designed; juilt and furnished fcy present owner or eompect, modem and very gra- :loiu livlna. $7500 cash will handl* vith terms to suit on the balance. Exclusive listing. Call BUI Shrader. : PIMA REALTY CO. Ill E. 3rd Office 2-731 - home t-3»af:' BARGAIN BEAUTIFUL'HOME. · jr could be · operated as. guest noun. Rest Home: Brick stucco, llfctim*, oof. iull basement.. Aardwood floor*, ireolace, central heatln*. Furnished. 2 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 car xarftR* with apartment. '·- on .larce landscaped ot patio, sprinkler system; CONTACT OWKEK at 1177 E. Lester St; to 4. THREE 3 rm: one 4 rm. turn. renUU. · 104 W 32nd. UNBELIEVABLE VALUE DUPLEX--FURNISHED ·$6000 TOTAL I bedroom each ent. 2 storv bUc. beautiful 1 red brick with til« roof u» Inett Amphl. locution, near school, bus, ihopplnp. jus!: 1-blk. from Ston* Ave, fully turn., nicely landscaped, Ity water and cas, about 43.000 cash. needed, balance at $30 per mo. Rental' part brings in *45 per mo., tenant pay* utilities. This is an excellent, vaTu«4«- ESCROW HEAL ESTATE It INS. *»"- 52 N. Ctb Ave, Ph: a-sfisg Eve Ph- g-MM DUPLEX CLOSE m ON ,PAVTO'. STREET, 14x12' LIV RMS 1 BEDROOM EACH SIDE. HDWD 1 ^ FLOORS: FURNISHED AT *P500. TOTAL PRICE.-STATE.'FEALTV, COMPANY. 24 WEST 'BROADWAY. PHONE 2-7423: EVE. AND: SUN. 3-4557 QR f I2W MONTHLY income from- thi* ex- - ccllcnt duplex plus «uest houw. modern, well built. · expensively caulpped. Just'off N, Campbell, clog* to school*, theater, stores. Owner* · must sell Immediately, 412.000. only $3,000 cash. Rood F.H.A. tcrms.-Pbon* Mr. FloronL 2-7253 or 3-6576. Worthy Realty__Tnvcstments. UHN1SHED DUPLEX. N.E. Close to bus. stores, ideal for smart couple de- - slrlnir easy income. OnJv $7 950. with $2.000 cash. Phone Mr. Fioronl 2-7255 or 3-8576. WORTHY REALTY n5- VESTMENTS. 175 W. AlarnedH tENLO PARK--2 bdrm and duplex » on large lot In city limits: *chool,-' and bus near: good cash offer will. buy: trade . or term* considered. ne 2-63ti OR SALE 21 acres, ipts. 2 wells. Cal) fa ranch hou«, "» UBURBAN .PROPERTY 90 m T For A Good Deal *, DEAL With DOBEY.- DOBRY Means GOOD 5-room new maionry constructed cmc. tncludfaw: Kfts ranffe and re- riRerator, on 10 acres fertile ' soiL UJ fenced In,. Own water system. city electricity, vicinity new airport, deal for truck farm, chicken ranch." uest ranch, canine breeding, etc. A SUBURBAN STEAL- for only S21.050. TERMS SUITABLE TO PURCHASED HOWN BY APPT. ONLY, . r. -if '. Dudley A. Dobry j; Investment Corporation'? MEMBEK 1^ A. 48 'N. 4th' Ph. 3-4364 OT5 FOR SALE 92 · Corner Lot 90x110' RlSiey «c Alvin. All utlMUrt. 900 cash. 2 Duplex or Court Lots 68x160' Each--1 bloat off Socedwar. oth for 11500.00. All utilities. Duplex or Court Lot 77x338'--Northeast--1650 cash. HEARON REALTY * Insurance MM E, Speedway Realtors Ph, 0-3771 After 5, Ph. 5-4S7B . 500 DOWN. «6800 total. Bal. *5 mo, Well built, well lurnlhsed a B.A. home. On half-sere lot. Close to hoDcliuc. bui Ac ·- near Davidson chool. 550 DOWN, M.700 total, 'balance $4* jer month. Completely furnished. 1 jedroom home on paved street, m minutes from town, 000' "DOWN . buxi thl»- b»ulUul ; 1. JR home. 'furn. or" unfurn.. masonry onstructlon. Kable roof. larce tiled cltchen * bathroom. Oversized, andseaped .lot. Paved street Excel-: ent .nelKhborhood clo«e"to Amphl-. heater School, -S7SSO. total prJc«. Bal/ Ilka rent. Exclusive. .000 : DOWN. «7.JDO total. baUnw; 55 per .month -at 4**t% New.r ex( remeJy well-built. 2 bedroom hOm«r, TOP masonry construction, (tabled oof. central' cooling, double wall urnace. lar^s-'lot on paved street. In city and fairly cloie to UnlverHty, Oracle Realty Co. -acle..gg'....; 'Ph, 3-3! EAuTIFtJl, .reasonably restricted astslde- half "acres with ,;utllitl«*. 000, 115 down (is monthl*. Conalr. monty availmbl*. FlL f ~

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