Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 18
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I P*s« C-J-4NDEPJNOENT L4* luck. Cad Mw. F* X 1*4 WINS SENIORS BY 3 K. *r \ Snead Starts Tee Life :· PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. Cfl -- Slammin* L , Sam Snead withstood a late challenge by John Baraum ^Sunday and won the $30.000 PGA Seniors Golf Tourna- jment by 3 strokes with a nine-under-par 279. Rockets Lose to Dodgers By FRANK WHITNEY Was it or wasn't it? Was Bob Agoilar's blast in tie eighth inning a hare run or a foci ball? It was so close not even the umpire could tell I Thomson ^ Beats Doug i fin Playoff a one-under-par 71 on the final round Baraum was elos- While Snead was shooting fouL in moving from fourth to sec' ocd place. The old Arkansas t r a v eler. D u t c h .Harrison, also [ ( · · MANILA l«-- Peter Thorn- · ton of Australia defeated-^ ^ t ttto , Americas Doug Sanders o° tied his martin j ;the first hole of their sudden-' tol ii j death playoff for the _Phmp-} $hoL But J ptae Open golf championship' rison had ^^ ; Sunday after they had forged b,.,^, . four - - SNEAD from wen back for a place tie. ; -Thomson and Sanders rat Today the World, Next the AL! * * * * * * * * * * Alexander the Great Kin Seeks Angel Berth · . ·- x . M.- .. . O - · · · · · · - · · - . - the difference. So he called it Not only did it deprive A-uilar of hij second rounding with a 69 and a 2S2 total tripper of the fame but it holes on the final nine an I tied "sensationally with four- 1 under-par 68s on the final, fave the Huntington Park Dodgers a 4-3 win over the Rockets and the 1964 semipro baseball Winter League championship. An estimated crowd of 30,000 was on hand in Dodger Stadium to watch the Dodgers go through some fundamental driUs and later see the final game of the Winter League playoffs. Aguflar quickly put Long Beach in the lead in the firsl inning by blasting a fast ball finished third with 285. {into the right field bullpen, Leland Gibson, third round^TO feet away. This gave the runner-up, blew to a 77 and. scrappy Rocket first baseman settled for fourth at 287. I the distinction of hitting the - ,s«ueaioriounnai.w/. . , round, making cp a six-stroke PLAYING for the first time first homerun this year in deficit in overtaking New with the Senior group, the 51- ~ ' ~ " ' Zealander Bob Charles, vtio,ytu-oU Snead won the bad led the international f ield.Teacher Trophy, a $2^00 first t i n c e Thursday's opening ' and a trip abroad'to round. They had 72-bole 1 pi ay the British title-holder scores of 285 while Charles ' ballooned to a 75 and a 2S6. .THE CO-LEADERS imme- for the world Senior crown. ·I hit a 10-foot putt today," Snead grinned. "The longest one I got the whole touma- { diately went into'their play-|inent. Until then. I'couldn't ! cff and Thomson took it cm hit anything over seven feet" · the-first extra hole at the He missed m 12-footer for Wack Wack Oub with a'a possible eagle on the 12th. With seven angry Dodgers bogey five to Sanders* double.but this birdie and another standing around bin the first bogey six. The Aussie ace's on the 15th enabled him to winning shot was a putt after the American pro Lad missed looter. from Harrison. Dodger Stadium. · · · HOWEVER, the Dodgers, on the strength of three singles and a double scored three times in the bottom half of the first With one out in the eighth, Aguikr lined a hooking drivi down the right field line anc into the box seats. The firs' base umpire ruled it fair base ump asked the hotne plate ump for his opinion. He slid it was foul and that was that. *ck«tl AllM'DwMn Al · H · Praird.3b-3b 4 · I « LcFrvgrr 2b 4 1 1 ' ' ~ By ROSS NEWHAN I P-T !·* Write- PALM SPRINGS--Alexander the Great conquered the world and Christopher Stephan Maneff may some day do the same to the ·world of baseball. What's the connection? Maneff is a direct--although somewhat detoured --descendant of the Macedonian empire builder. Not since last year's visit of General Dwight Eisenhower has the Angels' training camp been honored by the presence of such a distinguished dignitary. Maneff, however, is here to work. There are BO emissaries to his court--only, perhaps, a wayward writer. Maneff, a 20-year old rghthanded pitcher who only two years ago was an outfielder at Pierce JC, admits the lineage to Alex- ander has more than its share of dips. "I'm the 35th removed something or other," says Maneff. "My father came from Yugoslavia and his father's father's uncle was in the direct line from Alexander." Chris has yet to conquer any worlds, but he's doing his best to explore the tense one in which he lives. Like the Angels' Russian- speaking Rick Evans, Ma- neffs interests are varied, his mind is quick and his talents appreciable. He will register at UCLA next fall to continue studies in psychology. "I like people and I want to know what makes them run." His hobby is collecting Danish modern furniture. "Nice things have always appealed to me. About three years ago I b o u g h t a who was playing in the same j« ClU ttvunfc. CAinj__ 7i77-73-7i l.cfll* HMi. J«p*» -- 71 74-7J7J. .., '«**Tif»« Twoot, P. I. . 77 717*7*--29* tAuna Jac« K""G-£S Bud WIIUwnuM C**rt chr« ti»un», Jae« 7in-n n--**, }ri "»^ri KEnJ. W.dVVtJV L -^7*7J-Wij ( J u 5** c » - {#£» Rm.o' i M i Mt -_^ Srix§iS7i*^i«* f r * Cr*rntf_, AintrtJ. --_ TJ-7475- Ve«nimtU» Fvlll, J««n - - TV77 77 COLLEGE CONFERENCE STANDINGS 74-7J-7J. 7»77V7$--W7 J»n7 79-391 71-T7-73 7»--7V1 71-7J7413-M Gty Basketball J-TI. t t »nnr S **"" ~V4v« nooecn vt. S:K r«ot. -- -- -.11 Tn ftori4nza n. McKlrv ley 4dle; t l i ftitt M«z«r«rw w w* tow Slm Churdl « Co*; t H Clorin : t it die*! »««rtv; t 1 iltrt rrvsbvtwi4n r. nu n. cnoo-, ·" 1} «4irw, vi. ________ « J CC44 C4Hlerenci »!··» * V a« n S-.-e j J n« 1 » f.V -^-- . . OovBl« 0 M« MunOrw n. t. ·. STRANGE HORS D'OEUVRE Angels outfielder Albie Pearson coughs up winning golf ball for gallery after winning baseball players golf tournament at Miami Sunday* Second- place Ken Harrelson of Kansas City finished second. Pearson will switch to kissing baseballs this week when he reports to Angels camp in Palm Spnngs. Tot* 14 ] I * "--Hunt fc*rtt4 In. »--Struck cut tor In 4th. --(xouncMd eut for Irewn M Ttti. e-- Orourde4 tut tor t*B · *Ttu «--Ground «i *ut tor Chnvnm M fB -«i4-n*fHa, OTBYWT, _ UX Hoektns. PO-A--*ack*ti J*li -- w*vwr, Prttchwt LtFrvtrt, 27Tt. 78--Jcnhirrv HK--A0ylJar. Alhic Turns 011 Power for Tee Win BULI.ETS COAST 76ers Limp to Win, End Kmcks* Streak Plymouth Syveeps at Daytona DAYTONA BEACH. Ha. (UPl-Richard Petty, follow- mg in the track of his father, pushed his 1964 Plymouth to t record 154.334 miles an hour Sunday to win the Day tona 500 stock car race by a lap before £2,460 racing fans. Petty turned laps is high as 173.095 mph in winning the race, which he led comfortably for more than 125 of the 200 laps. · * HE BROKE the 1962 record of 152^29 set by Fireball Roberts despite the fact that 23 laps were run under the yellow caution flag. Petty*s father, former national champion Lee Petty, won this race in 1959. and Richard finished second in 1962 and third in 1990--with his father right behind him in fourth. Final standings and prize money: C. IW4 PTyrnogtll 2. Jimmy PM-OM. lll.nCL Morttt ara. H.C, 1W4 Plvmojl* 1 'M Goiasmllh. njoa. Mrx:c» C»y 1964 Kvmoum ' J £! '«*·!, VJX, Hfi Card Dlcn ser. tlOOO. Chariot* rv 1944 Ford Fr * nk * * T - 75 * CrKnvine. J C- «obert Junior Joftson, « f\ DOui KSSi. j. « S\\ 17 I ·IS. I 15 in WC AC C-mfWKI AJ t»m*»l W I W L --!! ! J ? 12 * -- H--4 T M WC*S Knedu1«r but ,, * l»of ceunt M l'» unnj 1WS. * " i J?! i . Anrw % * « 1 . _ _ i ] ln _ _ _ _ 2 5 W l 14 I ;;,' i* in 11 i 1 w :j L 1 T U 7 U " Mtuoull »4LLIT aLK.r»viH« 111! 4UJ 'Hi II 1 " i U · 14 ICirrtycif t«W» t«a . .Tennvu«« . 2TM'-- C-»or»fi *!«b»m| Wiwuifooi . rfintfrr-- 'M.nmpei irar-*. l T_^*x«« __. »y a s 11 17 II f! 1*13 1) It 1 s ! : » Is C01IT " wet A* Cifrwi THE PALMER METHOD VVUST ACTION UUS rUNTY .THars'l a k4tap -of c£rT«r*nc« bt- r»trn tb« action of fr« wmh In 'I anih. In'!, lh*vrfi*hav» cellapMd en Iri4j raltacnra/* Tfi« rt«jlt7rg i w T i t f will U IOOM, ·loppy. 4 4 4 1 4 MIAMI (UPI)--Little Albie " VM " rrm j | * ! } P'-arson turned on a burst of I The Philadelphia 76ers.; reach New York in time after » · ! J iP° wt r drh-ing and predaon p hampered by injuries and returning from a scouting!'ri 1 u-Jw.'ooiJer,* putting Sunday to walk away 'playing with only seven men,'trip. ~" ' 'with the 24th annual national'snapped the New York! The Baltimore Bullets, get baseball playeri golf cham-|Knickerbockers* three - game ting a 32-point effort from H.C.. ,'·, 0«v» C4iiL 1 jt; N ·.2. 1 _FirTM wrlVi o* (K« tforf «· *2) will pvt your £ioti th« occuroey et contact wUdxyou inutf ansin. h '2, tfv* fact oral ol mail fonn Al Toncocf/ iforvforv, al mown in '3, a iquer* tx'l It InuraJ. Start eff riaKl -- cni yea wcn'r fiavt r9 malt rvvadfra comp«n4)or7ont rit rot of **« iwirtg. «. t rau I, »-. » I-Z4 «\ njoa fort t. K. C. ..'if ifn'filUm. tl,0a. T»om«sviri».t - , 'pionship with a 54-hoIe total winning streak with a 114-105 Walt Bellamy. led all the way i?' ta of 223. victory Sunday at Madison to defeat the Detroit Rstons, "a? v »,.CTM J941 Plvmoum 'c. The tiny outfielder, sinking Square Garden. j 129-104. putts as if he had radar on T 116 victory. Philadelphia's ,,.. Trt , his chib, outdistanced Ralph f^d « * r° w . reduced its |~«- Terry, who had been tied with. 011 ^ number for a playoff *,-«.,,· § ^ him going into the final round'sP 01 ^ t*" 6 - jt^i, · ! ..': SIJCO. Tlmmon*. r IT.QG K4m»- Sl.ESa Peffiim. wrought iron' chair. Since then Cve put about $1,600 into furniture. Fve furnished my bedrooct and now I'm working on the master bedroom. I hope to furnish my folks entire bouse in North Hollywood." His taste for aesthetics has not affected his love of athletics. Besides playing football and baseball at Grant High, he participated in track. running the 100-yard dash in 10 flat He was aO-Valley player of the year in 1962 and. at Pierce, was all- Western States Conference centerfielder with a .324 average. Angels* scout Bert Niehoff corraled Maneff for a modest bonus. They signed three of us · in one of those 49 cent package deals." cracked Chris. Maneff had hardly got his feet wet at the Angels' farm base in Anaheim (spring. '63) when he slipped and fractured his right ankle. *"! didn't get a chance to run an spring and the Angels were ready to ask for a 49 cent refund. Then Niehoff recalled that I had pitched in high school and asked if I wanted to give it a try. Of course I accepted. Danish modem is only nice when you can pay for itTM During the final week of training, Maneff faced the Hawaii I s l a n d e r s and fanned seven in three innings. He joined Quad Cities only to find success a fickle lady. He was 1-7 with 'about a 14.0 ERA" over the first half of the season. "Chuck Tanner's fatherly hand finally got through my hard head and I was 7-3 with a 13 ERA over the final half.'We don't expect Maneff to stick this season." said manager Bill Rigney, but he is an example of the growth cf our organization and certainly gives us great hope for the future.TM Single, with the classic facial features of the Far East Maneff fits nicely into the Angels' mold. His idols ire Jimmy Piersafl and Bo Belinsky. ^^^^^ _ r II 4S t n O.«rkinp and wound up eight strokes' ahead of the pack. day. The final scheduled for Saturday, but cevcr 'rain forced postponement *»i« Ptarjan. Anoell 7S-r*74-- 23 Hal Greer led all with 23 and Paul Neumann ( «oS shoved the 76ers to the front' ,,!_",; after the opening minutes and 14 RLcrr U Meumaral 14 Walker in--. C F I 2 I-) 7 t M U 2 44 3 · Ml S 7 44 IS 4 3.1 11 I H 12 Tota 1 * 4S243tl" at n a 24--101 !Jin« Mom*. Of- ,, ftiH Snort. Oriotol. i4"t CUik Reds CtmlM p-ionl. for the Knlckj for I straight game as cc Eddie Donovan wis unable to fcSlf J * Crtw x-«nt*nc«-4,2EL ruck*. Plr«t Hermwi, ftctf S B'»nrf. Oriol -irtf^it pnic LIl. Soccer Club Hlanktd Ly Sparta .. . _ Long Beach Soccer Irt «r,d^o-. A--HC1--IHMt-CT 4^^ U , ^rf ^^1, jj, _ .- . ,. . e . row at Sparta tacked up a Knuihon h.lgcs Sola 2 ^ , ictor f s . jnday , t Herfor Caracas Crown Imosi Beach. Long Beach now C A R A C A S . Venezuelai^ 5 '? fa Padfic (WI) -- Canada's George! 1 -"^ e Knudson, who two-putted all 18 greens in aa amazing display of consistent golf, fired a final round 74 to win the Caracas Open Sunday by three strokes over Ramon Sola of Spain. Art WaH finished with 231. one stroke behind Sota and four behind Kcudson, who Jcompfled a four-round total of 277. Jim Ferree was fourth with 282, one stroke better than veteran Al Besselink. ·jflimor. C T T Oelrxt Drscn.nger I II 24 Howetl Johnson I M 14 Scan Bellamy 11 lft.T3 32 Hartf rg Thorn 7 T 1 15 Ortl "* Cm* r M I Duffy HwdreH 2 M 4 Ftrrv Kdiil 4 1 1 9 tmhaH I I I r T ,: fl » .!; 11 -tM* f ,i' '" t**Hr*xt M «·"·»! in -- 23 *vm WnArnefOT I J 4 u H'»ii E **Tr ,, .,,. f t it. *--^S=,^ - ,«__jrn'" e |j ^·-- IJ ,'/"' ··$==(l !fl e»i*«« 7 V - nt Yrrmm II i Vlriif»l4 T** t i f»»"i« HUItn ~ » 4 f«TM---..- n ---IJ ; ; T«TM» * B te««« Tt ; JsJrj -if** -- j 5 CflyVollcjhal! ·· , . . W Fr»»B« Jr. Dirt ^ ^ 7 IS-Hnmrort n. L rf IC4y«fh) TAKB MY WORD KEN'S HAMBURGERS Begfnn?ng I f a.m. Monday, Feb. 24 Ends doting Time T/iuncfay, Feb. 27 3926 LONG BEACH BOULEVARD BROADWAY AT ATLANTIC i~/TV TUCKER 7WE CHICKEM PLUCKER SAY$:WHEN OSCAR GREGORY TELLS ME WHAT MY CARISWOftTHINTRWEI NEVER ARGUE. I)* CHICKEN//" 'CH£VROl£Tt Why just get your electric shaver fixed? We'll remake it for $5.95! We've discovered how to make any old shaver run well practically forever! Our factory-trained specialists tale out all its tired old insides, and literally make it over complete. From transformer to motor to the tinest bolt, everything is replaced, then cleaned, timed, and toned op. The cost? An $8.45 value for just $535- for a limited time only! That's big quality service for just a Ettle. So don't settle for a patctnp repair job. Let the world's most experienced electric shaver experts remake your shaver. And when you're in, ask about our special new_ Two Year Service Contract Any problem, any make... ' when it comes to sharing, come io Schkk? SCHICK C.ENTER 9 Long Beach Blvd., L. B. HE 2-7026 HOURS: Doily 1:30 fa 5JO f.M. Saturday 1:39 't3 1 f.M.

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