The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 4, 1920 · Page 1
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Thursday, March 4, 1920
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OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY MAR 51920 Carbondale--"Ath;ens ;c|f Egypt." ' • ' '' •'••'•" ' VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE, ILLINQIS, THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1920. NUMBER 122, TO LAUNCH CAMPAIGN FOR AMUSEMENT AND EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS FOR EGYPT'S GIRLS Representatives From Con- gressonal Districts in Southern Illinois Will : Start Movement for Girls' Glubs, Recreation Benefits and Other Attractions for Girls. CHICAGO GETS MEN WANTED AT MOUNDS TOOMITCARBIMIALE- MURPHYSBORO ROAD IN BOND ISSUE VOTE A conference of women' interested in the Educational and Financial campaign of the Young Women's Christian , Association will be held at the Roberts Hotel on Tuesday, March 9th. Representative women from the Twenty- second, Twenty-third "and Twenty- fifth Congressional Districts have been jinvited by Miss Grace Dixon of Chicago, state chairman of the campaign, ;to gather at Carbondale for an all-day ^meeting. This' rally will launch the campaign -in 'the Southwestern section of the state and familiarize the workers, who have accepted County Chairmanships for the drive, with the "World Service Program. Illinois bias been asked to aid "the work by subscribing 5275,000. The campaign has the indorsement of ST. LOUIS, March 3.—Tne y Chicago police last night won over the Mounds, 111., police in the contest' to get Max B. Kellner, arrested here Feb. 20, suspected of beioig. ooe of the men who robbed a Mounds bank of $7300 on Feb. 7 and who confessed he was the messenger who disappeared Feb. 6 with ?38,000 worth of .Liberty Bonds from the Harris Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago. Police of both cities applied for" requisition papers. The papers from Chicago arrived last night and he was placed aboard a train for that city. Chief Mialley and Sheriff Bankston of Mounds announced that they would wait here for requisition for George Lackowitz, 'arrested here with Kellner. Declare State Will Build Road Between Here and Murphysboro—Bond Issue For $80,000 to be Voted on in April. The voters of Murphysboro township will be given, another whirl at the I hard roads Question in the township election 'in April, when] ."they will be asked to vote about 580,000 in bonds for hard roads. The petition must name the routes to be taken and it'was a.meeting-o£ representative citizens held in 1 the city hall Wednesday to expend half of the amount on the Sand Ridge road, the balance on_ the road to Jones'boro..; Both o£ these' roads are' travelled T>y people • from the Poplar Ridge vicinity; sikys-'th'e OFFICIAL TELLS OF GREAT WORK AND AClfVITY JF LEGION Declares American Legion Will; Soon Become Amer- icj|'s Greatest Organiza- tiph—Sees Country Rec- ogfiizing Principles and Purposes of Ex-Service Men. EASTER COMES ON :' APRIL 4 THIS YEAR Easter will will come early — (era April of the amount. to build two miles of road if a first class .brick road is decided upon. R. Z. Gill offered a suggestion .that the base for a hard road be built, the surface to be added later. This would- give several ~~"j ,„„ -i^.i ., i . , ,. ^. . . -j, „ „ in,toe opening or his talk, the rtatAa nf th& ' miles in each direction 1 , instead o£ -2 ._•••'<, , , . . tne dates or the, .__.. Cauiy. declared;the American Nearly every-phase of activity of the American Legion wa.s discussed Iby State. Vice Commander W. R. McCauly at a well attended meeting of the local lAinerican^Legiqn post at the Armory: Hall last night. , ' ' Commander of the Ideal Post, T.'B. P. Smith .introduced Mr. McCauly, following a few remarks on the Legion, ^te. spoke of the Legion being a civil- i& organization and- that rank and "'" of .service were erased ,for- iiiithe Legion. Mr McCauly was a '"tin the army, being just below the fjiftte commander, a colonel, U- lustrljsing all service men are for the sa'me^things—no rank or branch of counts. ' In .the opening' of his talk; Mr. M'c- Snow And Big Drop i Of Mercury Everywhere v Special to the Free Press: • CHICAGO, March 4.—The w.orst storm of the winter is sweeping from the- ••' f • ' ,:•••'• Rocky Mountains over the Central States today. Low temperatures are pre— •dieted for tonight with heavy snows and severe gales. Many trains are. snow bound-. The train service in Wisconsin and the northwestern states is- crippled. Traffic is impeded in many quarters throuighout the central part of. ,dhe Unj'ted States. ' * iThej full 1 wake of the storm/began to be felt here early : this afternoon,, when heavy snow began falling, accompanied by an icy north wind of tagii. velocity. . - ' .-the Federated Clubs of the state, which . two aecompanytofe. feolidiays, I Good j miles and seems to meet wii unanimously approved the work of the . Friday anfl Easter Monday, fall on siderable approval. Y. W. C. A| and its plan for further Aprll 2 ana - 5. "* '-' *• "- *•-"— *-' th" con-1 extension at its Board meeting held in Decatur /last December. . . Immediately' following. Tuesday's meeting, campaign work will be car- May. 30 ,1920, will come on Sunday. iSchool children will Ibe interested in the fact that Labor Day, the first - - fft DS _ _ _ ______ __ ried forward in each county represent- . Monday in September will come on ed at the conference.- Every communi- ] Swtember 6j for the puWic scnools .• tjr will be fully informed of the service |jn tne city ordinarily re open. on the which the various departments of the ; day tollowing Labor Day Y. . W. C. A. are furnishing to girls • • _ __ everywhere. The ' lowii - and . Country - - - ... J department is reaching .rural communi- 1 ties through Comity Y.W.C. A's. which j establish girls' clubs, promote community entertainments, and develop recreational work. Summer 'camps are a strong feature of this program.- Mrs. Andrew S. Caldwell of Carbondale, Jackson" County Chairman for the campaign and, a .member of the State Advisory 'Committee, is making arrangements .for. the eonf erenc,e,w.hich is to be held at the Hotel Roberts. It would be much better to' have a Legion | the . strongest organization in the Unitefl States., and it hoped to reach ,„" 'T'" ;%~"^ "^°: ~ r~'-V i tb « £°<> 0 .<>00 membership mark with- through road of pretty good.hard roads' . <! . _ „ • than to have one mile of fine first class roads aind then several miles of' mud. An organized effort will be made to put the proposition xjveiv It was decided to omit the Carbondale road for the reason that the state will build' a hard road there when it goes to work i in a iew' weeks. He first took up the question- of the Legion, an organization worked, in harmony«with labor unions^ .but the Legion was against anytfi'ing or anybody un-American. He pointed out how wrong reports had fouiKlHb.eir way in the papers with regard; to labor and the American Legion, Consulate Of U/SHit By Bomb Special to Free Press: . ZURICH, Marcli 4.—Bomb exploded last night under porch of American Consulate here,- seriously damaging building. No one was injured. Suspects have been arrested. HONORING SERVICE MEN WITH THEIR NAMES ON BRONZE TABLETS Several Names of Service Men Have Not Come ta the Normal Committee With the War Records of the Ex-Soldier. Workers Reported to Have Proclaimed Soviet Government. Police Seek- Ea-d of Assassins—Radi- ais and Soldiers Clash 1 • in Milan. • ' Madrid, Marcli 4.—Reports from "in attendance will I the Portuguese frontier declnre that Among the -women be: .Miss Ella Hynes', Greenville; Mrs. -Wilbert Poos; : Trenton; Mrs. Sig Kaufman, Salem;Miss Consuelo Smith, Columbia; Mrs..W. L. Wylie, Sparta; Miss Kate .Krughpff, Nashville; .Mrs. Laura Fritzge'rrell, Marion.';"-- M-ps.. G. A. Kerr, Genton;, Miss; Ernestine Roe, PinekneyviU.e; .Mrs. William Butler, Cairo ;M.iss May Hawkins, Mound City; Mrs.: Hi'-'L. Baggott,-Amia,. and Mrs. Wm.--Hart;!of Benton, president' of the Illinois Federation of Women's. Clubs. .Speakers at the conference, aside from'Miss Dixon, will be Miss Julia Tolman Lee, from National Y. W. C. A.' Headquartens; New York City,' and' Miss Edna S-troh'm of Chicago, state director of the-'campaign. Mayor Krysher Buys More Land For Fruit Mayor Fraiik C..Krysher has bought 30 acres of land adjoining his peach farm of IOC acres five "miles south of town, from W. R.-CnowelVat a consid- eratipn of $2,000. This ra'akes a total of 571 a'cre3 of land owned by Mayor Krysher i» this section. Thirty acres of this newly purchased farm will be set in fruit. I the-work'ingmen in Portugal have proclaimed a sqylot'republic. The postal, the'telegraphic and other workers are said to bave joint*] tne railroad men in the move. Tlie news, which- reached here from the border by telephone,''luis' 1 not :> been confinii'efl... .-•.''• Reports received here from Barcelona sn,v_ that .the police bave found traces of fi Inrgc "band of assassins .wlio'are believed to liave participated .in'"a number of the recent crimes in the city and province of Barcelona. Several arrests have been mnde and others are expected. , Milan, Italy, Mitreh 4.—In compliance wilh orders from socialist- leaders, workers wiio hnve been on strike attempted to resume work, but anarchist groups attacked 'tlie factories, the tramway and stores, and . compelled the continuation of the strike. Radicals seized a number of Milan es- j tablislifneritK ami proclaimed ^i soviet, but 'wore expelled byvniltiary forces. An attack on tlie labor exchange, by anarchists was repulsed by the troops. SWIFT & CO. WILL BUILD FINE PLANT AT MT. VERNON The plans of Swift & Company to build a modern creamery and poultry are nearing house in Mt. Vernon completion. : ., ,— ...„ ., „. . i Alscilnamed- Legion Posts nu the.state on the JIississiiippi Valley . Highway I ._dP&i-'-t' '""I ' ~•••] ur^Siicli : eYery-member was a union man. Mr. McCauly then took_up the purposes and the work of the Legion., pointing out beneficial legislation for former • service men which had resulted from the efforts of the Legion. He read several bills now before congress. Told of those 'the Legion supported, those which were introduced by members of congress, who N,J, ASKS SUPREME COURT TO DECLARE DRY ACT UN CONSTITUTIONAL Manager. Rose stated that he was knew at the -time they 'would die in not in a position to make definite an- 1 the committee,- but desired to intro- nouncement of the plans, as several duce bills so they might go back matters have not yet been settled,. which might even yet overturn the plans. Six lots- adjoining, and east of- H. W. 'Faulkner & Co.'s new factory will be occupied, and it is proposed to' erect a brick -bundling 100x^70. It will be one story, 'with a tialf story. for storage purposes, amd will contain 40,000 feet of floor space. The building is to be modern in every resipect, and sanitary, in fact, as Mr. Kitch expressed it to the Register, it will be up to the Swift standard of excellence. •It is expected that from 100 to 200 men will be employed. — Mt Vernon Register. SENATOR ASKS TURK OUSTER Coach Lodge Improved— Removed to Battlecreek The condition of Coach Wm. Lodge, •who has been in Holden Hos-pital for the test several weeks with a severe attack of .pneumonia, is such that he was removed today to Battlecreek, Mich. He was accompanied by liis mother, Mrs. J. Lodge, of Philadelphia, Pa., who was called here because of his iMness, and 'two nurses who have been in attendance since his iilness. King of Utab Offers Plan to Expel Ottoman Power From Constantinople. Washirifrlon, Itlurcl) -J.—Under a resolution inlrwliicert toilny by Senator King (Dcin.), Utah, The senate would favor tin 1 expulsion of tlie ''government -of tiio Ottoman Turks" from Constantinople and the ei-ectioii of three iriili'iiciiilent states in the old Turkish umpire; under I'.ie "ilii'ei'tion. of (lie allied powers or the League of Millions." Tbe resolution was referred to tiio foreign relations committee. Karl von Martins, Chemist, Dead. Berlin, March 4.—The death is announced of Karl von Martins, noted chemist ami founder of the Berlin ani- • e dvp works. RUSS RELIEF PLANS READY American and Italian Red Cross Folk Prepared to Act to Aid Stricken Nation. Geneva. Jlan-li 4 — -Halations between the old International Reel Cross and tbo nc\v Lpa^uo of Red Cross Sociotief are very cordial, said Gustavo Ador. former prosidt'nt of Switzerland, in addressing the Ked Cross congress at Its opening ineetins bore. Miij. Qen. Sir David Hendpi'son. director general of Ibe league, announced, in submitting bis report, that the American and Italian delegations' hail worked out independently of each other complete plans for relief work in Russia. Would Also Have Decree Prevent Enforcement of Volstead Act arid Amendment Invalid—Wants tH S. Decision. Oklshoma Lynching Peril Ended. MeAIeslei-, Okla.. March 4.—The possibilities of a race disturbance or lynching brought about by the attempt- oil transfer of "Cap" Davis (colored) from tbe county jail at Chandler. Okla.. to Mils city ended when Sliei'HT /iraUs "f Seininnle (Amnty delivered the- ..r,..o .1 r HT> c-;"-n rwinil Pn t !H ry. home and -tell the seTrvice boys they tried to do something ' for them ' but their bills were buried in the committees. Mr. McCauly. stated 'nearly 100. bills had been introduced -in congress of this nature and circumstance. He, named the bills, .and what each embodied, which were backed' by the American Legion. Some of the bills providing- compensation adjustments, which lie said service men resented by called bonuses, the word bonus, implying a gift. The service men do not want a gift, but desSre a little financial adjustment to assist them to re-estalb- •lis'h. themselves in civilian life. 1 He said while .those at home were profit- eeririg,many slackers getting enormous wage's,, the service men. were in the trenches and 'camps, suffering hardships, and privations. And for. -this. $,30 a soldier" got. No soldier would exchange his memories - or sense of 'having served his country for the millions of., material] ijstic profiteer, declared Commander M'cCauly. • • ' ... The post last Anight adopted resolutions unanimously to be^snt to- Congressman Denison 1 , stating the post expected him to support certain- bills, those advised by the State Vice Commander. ' ... The question of compensation £or disabled soldiers was taken up by Mr. M'eCauly. He showed how 'the Legion had brought action and relief to disabled veterans. The 'state official of the Legio'n presented facts concerning the activity of the War Risk Insurance Bureau.HetolcV how the Legion had been successful 'in getting the Bureau to handle_..the trubles of soldiers, saMors and marines. In this connection lie sai-d.the chair warmers in "Washington 'drew large sal- Special to Free Press: • WASHINGTON, D. C., March 4.— New Jersey, through Attorney General McCran, today filed m United States Supreme court, suit -seeking to. have prohibition amendment unconstitutional and to prevent enforcement of Volstead act. tiy ciL uuruuuirditi i^ pictuuiug LU t.two bronze tablets:Tin the foyer Hi new ai.'i!iiorium,"-'i.E-.;ia' 1 nio"rjr;.Qf The Southern Illinois Normal ver-sity at Carbondale is- planhin'g to erect, of thi; its sons who served in theg-eiu-worjii war with liennnny. On thea5 !ahl«ts will bo insoribei! Ice names-- of- the-students that-served-in the navy or. marine corps.. For. more than-15 months'the work of collecting names has [been going on,. questionaires were sent out to-.tall, the young men whose names appeared on the rolls of the Normal' during-tne-' last 15 years. More than 550 -men Aav-e 1 • established,, their qlaims to having their names on the tablets^ ".''V The former service men. of the N,or- ,mai, which includes students who.have t no .questionaires communicate with, . Prof. Browne. - ' ..---. Now She Demands Written Request for 0. S. Army Airplane Stranded in SonoraJ 'Douglas, Ariz., March 4.—The statd department must present formal request to the Mexican government for the release of the airplane in which' Lieutenant Wolf anil Lieutenant Usher,' array aviators; landed near Nnco- .zari, February 2, before'releasing the •plane-can be considered, Mexican officials informed Nacozari authorities. SGHWARTZ-GGIF MARRIAGE §CG1H& Edna Schwartz and Robt. Cjolp •'•• Wed in Murphysboro Last Even- ' i^g—To Reside in Carter- • V ville. ; $30, .a month. Arid not only this, but bonuses were given the "Washington "heroes." He said nearly " 3,000,000 men or more had .their eyes on the 'members of congress, anij lif things we're conducted by pussy footers.,.; pne miay expect to see some new' faces jo Corigresls after the next election, Following the talk by Commander McCauly, who said he had-spoken to .126 .Posts in' Illinois 'within the',last few weebsjocal 'Commander T. B. F. Smith, took up a few of tlie activities of the local post. It was unanimously voted by members of the Legion to put on ithe picture "To Hell and Back Again. .With tlie Boys From Illinois," a picture of the boys actually flgihting in_France. The. picture will 'be put on .at the new Barth Theatre. The picture, will be shown on Sunday afternoon and evening in the near future. Other activities of the local post were discussed. : " ••''•• ••Attbuney Fletcher Lewis of'Murphys- boro'-attended the meeting last night extended lUie members of 6he post an invitation to attend a smoker and meeting of Paul Stoudt Posl; at Murphysboro today..-, Attorney LeWis is district A marriage' of local interest took ; place last evening when. Mrs. Edna.-. Schwartz and Mr. Robt. L. Colp were married at 6 o'clock at the home of'.' Rev. Frank Mitchell, 'Presbyterian' •minister, -in Murphyslboro. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Logan Colp and Mr. • and Mrs. Harrison Colp-ol Carterville were attendants at the ceremony, the • gentlemen being-brothers to Ibe groom. The .couple left last night on a lew • days trip, to Chicago, returning to Carterville where a home a.waits: them. Mr. Colp '.will foe associated, with .his, brothers in a milling comipany at Carterville. : He was until recently an employee ait the I. C. division offi'ce in', the time keeper's department. The- bride was also employed at the division office in the accounting department, having resigned Tuesday, : • The marriage was a culmination. of several months' acquaintance. aries, while the service men drew the' organizer for this district. ' Budapest, March 4. —An attempt was made to ' assassinate Stephan '.Friedrich,' former premier and minister of war in- the present Hungarian / cabinet. Several shots were fired at the war minister's motorcar as be was cro«?.inc the KHzahetJti bridge .shortly before noon. Ilerr FriedrlcK, however, was iiot injured.-The. minister's assail- anf"escaped 'in nn automobile held in' readiness. • •• • HEAR DEAL TONIGHT-RAIN OR SHINE- Church

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