The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 23, 1978 · Page 26
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 26

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1978
Page 26
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2-D (•.:tltu-..tmi p:iiln N\-m 5 Saturday Morning, September 23,1978 LegalNotices i Ex-ICC Official Indicted : WASHINGTON (UPl) A, federal grand jury looking into public corruption indicted a former Interstate Commerce Commission official Friday on charges of bribery, obstruction of justice arid conspiracy. Robert L. Oswald, an ICC congressional liaison officer until last January, was accused of accepting $4,000 in payments; free trips to the Bahamas and to Hilton Head, S.C.; and three cases of liquor from Consolidated Carriers Corp., a New York trucking firm seeking operating authority from the ICC. Oswald, fired from his $47,500 job after an investigation, also was charged with obstructing justice by allegedly persuading a grand jury witness not to disclose Oswald's dealings with the trucking firm. One count of the four- count indictment returned in U.S. District Court in Washington said Oswald conspired from 1971 to 1977 to defraud the government by failing to give honest service to the ICC. Two other counts charged him with accepting bribes, and the fourth count contained the obstruction of justice charge. The Justice Department said the bribery charge .carries maximum penalties ;of 15 years in prison and a $20,000 fine, and the conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges, each five years and $10,000. GC Comedy Auditions Scheduled Auditions for Galveston College Community Theater's third production are slated Monday through Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Upper Deck Theater. "Marriage-Go-Round 1 ' by Leslie Stevens is set for November and will be directed by GC drama coach and speech instructor Betty Hilton. The play is an illustrated lecture on the perils of monogamy delivered alternately by a professor of cultural anthropology and his wife, who is the dean of women at a New York university. The comedy has roles for two men and two women- .the professor and his wife, a male next door neighbor, and an attractive young Iwoman who turns the .professor's household ~topsy-turvy. Backstage positions also need to be "filled. All interested persons are invited to audition. For more information, contact -the theater at 744-9661. The Upper Deck Theater is :located at Galveston College's Fort Crockett -'Campus, 5001 Ave. U, third floor. PO Handling Next-Day Deliveries The Galveston Post Office, 601 25th St., now can handle those shipments "that must be there the following day. If it does not get there in one day, the customer can claim a full refund. Mail should be presented from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday. The Express delivery by 3 p.m. the next day, or it can be picked up by your addressee as early as 10 a.m. the next business day. ' Express Mail should be used when overnight delivery service that is reliable and fast is needed. Legal Notices 1 NOTICE fo all persons claiming any Interest n the properly located at 1?14 ttlh S'lreet, City of Galvoston or more particularly described as Block f>, LOl 3 Pleasr: lane- notice lhat the Building Ollicial ol the Cily ol Galveston has Brjtermincd that the structure located at in above address i! in such a state ol disrepair and dilapidation as lo constitute a nuisance and » serious hazard lo the nenilh and sale! / ol tho citucn*. ol me C\\f ol Galveston This Buildimj Official fias furlf>r : r dc'lerrni'ied thai .art structure i*. unsuilinlr; lor repair ano must ix.- usmoliinecl. Pleaso take further notir.i.- nolico thai Legal Notices I Legal Notices 1 tru 1 C«ly hflV Advoriiv.od Itn* structure ICX <VmoMiOri Any inU*f -rtltW (k'fSOrt <k' -^r -rig 10 jppt'Ak ttV cH'OiiOo ot trw BuiKMtQ OH<Cr«*l :>lrfy tX> SO Of Tiling with It.o Bu'lairvg: OUKMl A v*ntifn noticr ot ^ppt'i^ tx'tore Ocl&oor ). 1978 M no ini^rciiied pflfli- t>'rt an AppOAl lo mo A&ove prope'iy, irv*? ot G<>lvc*lon will pfocf«J W'tn inr Oemo1.i.onoiine4tru<Ture utnru 10 I NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING FOR A CHANGE Of ZONING DISTR.CT CLASSIFICATION City o* G«lveston, Texas, Nol«ce >s her toy given lhal ine dly ot Gdive^Ton Planning Commiii»on will conduct A Public Hearing on TueWay. OclOMf 3, W78, at 5 00 PM anattieCit^ol Gatvei.tonCiTv Council will conduct A PubhC Mt^ on IhurvjAy. Ocrooer 17. 1978, at 2 00 p m Trujie Hcar.ngi wH oe h*lo in the G-ilvrtlon C'ly Mall, ai _vtncr\ *»rnc ah inlerc^TM porioni vhannav* ttxe opportunity tn? oe heard wiTh Afrspeci ro ir>r (ollo-iviny dppt<c£T<on lOf A cnan^e in in* C'ly'V District Ciaii*tiCAi»oni. JSP 110 AmencJ'Hg 5ecf<n 75 70 (Board ol AdiulTrrt-nt} ot The Zoning SUnaards 19/1. C»ly of GalveVoo as amenoe<J and Cnacter ?i 1 Zoning) ol me Code ot !ne City ol Galveiton, I960 o% amenood m oratr to reqy«rp written tinc^ng-* tx. appeal* 'o tn* Board, o>1in<r Board powerv rclfllive to appeals, ..peoai e»tepiions. and vaf»anccv pror\iO>t if>c granhng ot uw vanaixci. and to autrvxi;c IMC Board ro place condition* on iptoai ««ceplion.i and variance.!, The Puolic Hcar«ng will D* field m Ihe City Council Chamber., ot City Hall on In* ?no Ficxx . 873 Wow-noerg Reipectluily lubmiited, John Untxrha.ien, Mayw C^r ot GalvfVon Ittucd and given under my nand ana the UMI o' Mm courl a! Galv<-fon. Texas, this me 16in day ol August, A D 1971 ATTEST; VJ BENINATI. JR . Orrk District Court, Galveston County, Texas By Samoa Evans, Deputy Puolnnt.19 2,».16.2] NOTICE To All persons claiming any interest m me properly locatfOal 1.5702 Avenue M (LOl 10 OR B Ik 443) 7 4308 & 4.10 Avenue G t Blk 401. LOI 9 10) 3 J9I9 Avmue G IrcdrHBIk 3)4. Lot O Subol 1 lo S) 4 Lot 10? ol Spanisn Grant Section I 5. Lot GA4 ol Bay Harbor 6 Lot 32Joi Bay Maroor 7 LOI 21001 Bar Marcor ( Lot 707 01 Bay Harbor ' LOGAJof Bay Harbor Please lake notice that the Housing Department ol 1h« City of Galveston has determined mat the vacant lots are a public nuisance in which there exist hio,h we*os in excess ot nine (V) inches in height the Cily ot Gaivcston hereby gives rvotict to ony persons claiming an* interest to the above propertif. lo cut and clean the tots oeiore Octowr t. 1?7B Failure to comply with this notice will result in the Cttf proceeding, to have in* lots cut ana ci*_ned. and Inws filed against this profwrtr Put>liS«J9 12 thru 10 I FICIAL NUMBER J45MO, OWNED BY TRAWLER MISS SYLVIA. INC. OF FREEPORT, TEXAS 7JM1 OF WHICH GALVESTON, TEXAS, IS THE HOMEPORT. TO BE CHANGED TO STACY MARIE. SHIRLEY S.MELILLO BY DIRECTION OFFICER IN CHARGE MARINE INSPECTION U.S. COASTGUARD GALVESTON, TEXAS Bi<j$& Proposals 007 Lost and Found Trw Village Council ano trn- Zoning Commission ol tnc Village ol Jamaica Beacn win hoto a public hearing regarding the adoption ol a Zoning Ordinance tot tne Village ol Jamaica Beach Tiw meeting will rx- held m me Villa.* Oilice. 16679 San LviS Pass Road (trv f-tre Station Building). Saturday. Seplf-mtjer W, \tlt at lo a in A cop* ol lh<> Zoning Ordinance ana Map mar DI- examined in th* Village Otiice Sam ,pm Monday through Friday _ PuOdtfx^X ISlhru9 10 Bids and Proposals _ 2 Bidding Requirements A NOTICE TOBlD A 1 Calve-too Historical Foundation will receive scaled cid in Duplicate on the tollcrwing project unlil October 9. I97» v»id bids to be r«eived «l the ofhce ot the Architects, Tall Ar cruti^ct, 2400 Talt It , Houston. Texas and loDe publicoliy opcneo Hendley Building TO: DOHISGUILtORYHALL. * -k • DORIS MAR IE GUILLORY.LEHOY GUILtOftY, AUEOA GU1LLORY PUGH, ALBERT GUiLLOftY, THERESA GUILLORY THOMPSON, RITA GUILLORY JONES AND ELVALOISGUILLORY BURNS1DE MX) «ll unknown h*lrtt »1 lavr of LoJi GullKXY «n4 Vkk Gulllory, Oclendanl) Gre«lmgt; Yo\j are herctjy coffimandc.) to Appear by tiling A written «ny*er TO Ihe p.aintilt't pctilion arxl sup piemen Jar y pehtion be I ore I he District Coitrl ot Galveslon Counly. l?7rvd D'Slricl Couri, ai Trw Court HOUMT thereof. ,n Gai^fi'oo. Texas*. at Of bvlore 10 o'clock ft M. ol \t\e lirsl /Aonday rievl after expiration ol forty two days from ifte dale of tnc isuarxie erf ihi* citation, wme being (he 7nd day ot October, A D 19^8. said plaintiff's petition was t>te<3 In uiid Court on irve Mtfi oay ot July. A.O 197.1. and supplementary petition w «s liled »n vsid Couri of\ the l>th oay ot August, A.D. 19/8. in tnis ca ITS*, numr>oro.j 1 1 r,4i3 on the docket ol iJid court and sty ted THOtVAS PLETCHER PlamlHf, vs DORIS GOILLORY HALL. ETC.. ET AL D-?fcn<_anls, A briel italement ol the nature o* this s<l i*. a% tollows, lo wit: Thai plaintiif has tiled Suit Ln trespass lo iry title, claiming title to i he following described property. A certain lot or parcel ot land inlhe City of Galve%lon in Gal ve ..ion Counly, Texas, being tot 17. Block **«, Galveston Courtly, Texas, sometimes known as 7*18 Avenue B, Galveston, Te*as. ai is more lully shown by PlainliM's Pen ) ion ana Sup plcmentary Petition on tile in tnfs suit The officer cxect/Nno ^hrs proc«i shall promptly execute The same according to law, and make due return as the law directs, if m<i citation i\ not served within ninety days alter dale ol issuance. 0 shall bo relurrved un*erved- PUBLIC NOTICE On Seplernber 7. 1S78. Alo>n Com muri,canons ot Texas, irx . tiled an application with the Federal Com municafions Commission lor a lelcv.iian station ai Galveston, Texas, on Channel 45 wilh a maximum power of 3400 k«v EHP tvisuaK witn a transmitter site on Alvin Fnencswood Road, three miles Norm Northeast ot Atvn Caivrvton County. Texas, and an antenna hei .hi of 978 left above average terrain, with studios m Galv«le*>, Texas Officer, directors anasiockhoioersot AlOfn Communications ol Texas, Inc , are Michael M Porman. James J Cotter, Jerome A Form»n. TM Vmsky, John E Bo_arous. Andrt-w Stelier ano Ald*n Communications Corp A copy ot this application and related materials are available Irx public Inspection at Ih* crflice of Helen Spangier Varncr, 5401 Avenue PVj. Oaiveston. Texas, during regular butirw-sshours Published « IS. 16, JJ, 23 PUBLIC NOTICE Th« City Council ot the City ot Gilvrstoo will conduct a Budget Httrlng on tr* protxnM use ol its Rcvenu* Sharing 10th Enlillemml tunas in the amount ol fl.OOfl.S70 This hearing will b* Iwla in tn« Council Chambers of City Hall on Thursday, September n. i;7< at 7.00 p m. Stalf recommendation to Cily Council is: \ General Fund Capital Outlay 1101.000 1. Sanitation Fund U27.500 3. Vehicles. 42»J,5CC 4 RSUP. W.OOO 5 City Hall lmprovemfnl.VS4.000 6 5lre«t Improvement. S137.3M) 7. Program Administration, 1200. ToiaHl.OM.570 Cituens are urged lo provide written or oral comments and ask questions concerning Ihe entire budget. Copies ot the proposed budget are available lor public inspection in Ihe Cily Secretary's Office between Ine hours of I 00 am lo 500 pm. Monday through Friday. Final approval ol itw Revenue Snaring expenditures will b« made on ih« iamf day September •n. I97J Published? IIthru2- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN ORDER DAED t-11-71 HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE UNDERSIGNED AUTHORIZING THE NAME OF THE GULF MOON Of- Gatveston. Texas A 3 Copies ol Conlract Documents. Plans ano Speculations arc on tile at the oMice of the Galveston Historical Foundation 123 Rosen berg, Galveston, Tf xas. or tne oilier ol tne Architect. Tatt Architects 7400 Tall Streel. Houston. Texas upon payment oltSOOOdollars each s«l All bidders upon returning such set promptly and in good condition will be refunded his payment, and any rvsn biox>er so returning such a set in good condition within 1 10) days alter Ihe opening ot bids will be refunded his payment A 3 All bids whether mailed or delivered, must be in the hands ot me Owner nol later than Ihe above specilied time lor this projert. All bids should be sealed anct marked on Ihe outside ol the envelope Propoval lor Hendley Building 2016 strand, Galveston. Texas No bid shall bo withdrawn within thirty (30) days alter the opening ot the bids without tne consent of tne Owner The Owner reserves the right to reject any bid ana lo waive 4ny formalities in bidding A decision concerning th award ot Contract will be made puoiic as soon as possible A 4 The Owner shall have the right to lake such steps as he deems necessary to delermine the ability ot the Bidder to perlorm the work and the Bidder shall furnish to Owner, all such information and data for this purpose as may be reasonable lime a contract disregarded his obligations to sutxortlractors. material, men, or employees A S All Conlract Form Bidding Documcnis, Drawings, Specifications ana addenda issued or referred to during me bidding period shall be considered as Ihe complete set of Contract Documents and shall apply to ail work, materials and labor necessary lor the total completion ot this project A 6 The successful bidder must furnish Perlormance Bond and Payment Bond in the amount ol One Hundred (100) percent the total contract price, trom a surely com pany holding a permit Irom Ihe Slate ol lex as. to act as surely. Ccrtiticafe ol insurance must also be furnished. ___ ___ Published 9 21. n DUNNAGE BAGS Sealeo bids tor tne purchase ol 300 dunnage bags will be received by A B Wisrodt. Purchasing Agent lor the Galveslon Wharve-s. 1578 Water Here's What's Cooking In Gaiveston County THE PIER DRIVE-IN, .i«h & Seawall, 7423388. Galveslon's only drivein! Specializing in. coneys, hamburgers, po-boyi specials. Open \\ a.m. til' midnight daily. SEAFOOD ADVERTISE YOUR RESTAURANT in this handydiuing-out guide for only 40 cents a line. Call .Gary Dobbs at 744-3611 to start your ad. BARBECUE BIG 10-4 BAR-B-Q, IH~45 at Bayou Visla, 935-9870. Enjoy our famous, prize-winning barbecue—brisket, ribs, links, chicken, po-boys. Open 11 a.m. til 9 p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday. Catering (or 25-5,000 people. Custom Cooking. HOFBRAUGARTEN RESTAURANT, 1 block West of Gulf Frwy. on FM Sli (Dickinson-Hughes exit), 337 2333. Located in the Hot braugerten German Village. Excellent German cuisine for your luncheon & dinner enjoyment. The Biergarten will entertain you with music, great beer, and German wines. Visit our Deli, Bakery, & gift shop. Catering, banquet facilities for up to 400. Open 11AM til 11PM daily. MC, BA. DC, AE, accepted. ALFIE'S FISH & CHIPS, 21)7 Broadway, 762-5962. Fish and shrimp delights. Eat in or take out. Open 11 a.m. til 9 p.m. 7 ddys a week. Good dining for the entire family at reasonable prices. SEAVIEW SEAFOOD RESTAURANT & CLUB, 2505 Seawall Blvd., 763-4451, Specializing in fine fresf seafoods for Ihe discriminating diner. Open from 7 a.m. until U p.m. Sun. thru Thurs., 7 a.m until midnight Fri. & Sat. Mos1 major credit cards accepted. SHRIMP 'N STUFF RESTAURANT, 3V01 Ave. O, 763-2805. Dine in or take out. Seafood dinners & Po Boys. Open 11AM to 7:30PM. Closed Sun. CAFE I MEXICAN TRADITION CARNELL'S RESTAURANT, M01 Stewart Road, 744-8373. Open 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week. Hot lunches served 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. The test In home cooking! GOLDEN GRIDDLE, 1824 Seawall Blvd., 763 8777. Open 24 hours every day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served in an' Informal atmosphere at prices. you can afford. Luncheon Specials. 11am till 2pm. We're always open to serve you. BH, 'MC accepted. DELI DON'S DELICATESSEN, 2002 45tM St., 762-7171. Featuring all types & cuts of quality meats. We offer sandwiches, platters and catering service. Open from .0 a.m. til 6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. fil 4 p.m. Closed Sunday. Galveston's finest deli. Dine in our.spacious dining room or call ahead for prompt orders to-oo. Most major credit cards accepted. APACHE MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT, 511 20th, 765 5646. A delightful, family-style Mexican restaurant serving atl your favorites including Tortillas, Tamalcs, & Mexican- style 8.B.Q. Dine in or order to go. Open daily from 10AM til 8PM. Sun. 6 til 2. Closed MOn. ORIGINAL MEXICAN RESTAURANT, 1401 Market, 7u3~r<6o. J-TViM^ in. frTlcSl ill Mexican dishes for over 30 years. Home cooked meals in a home-like atmosphere. Bring the whole family. Open from 11AM til 8:15PM, Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sunday. Remember, we're the "Original". SANDWICHESJ PAUL'S SANDWICH SHOP, 706 Holiday n block off Seawall,} 7639256. Home of the Po-Boy! All varieties of sandwiches along with tempting pizza. Dine in or call for orders to-go. Just right for the entire family. Open 7 days from u a.m.toBp.rx COUNTRY KITCHEN, 52S Pine Dr., 2 blks east off IH-4J on FM 517, 337-3033. A unique family restaurant serving real home cooking buffet style. Smoked BBQ beef, links, ribs & chicken are only one of their specialities. They feature a special take-home menu for Kids under 1C & a gourmet salad bar for the adults. Lunch special from tl.75, Mon.-Fri Special Sunday buffet, 11AM- :8PM. Country breakfast with hot biscuits A gravy served whenever you like. Open Sun•Thurs., 7AM -8PM. Fri. 8. Sat. until 10PM. GALVEZ HOTEL RESTAURANT & CLUB 21st 8, Seawall, 765 7721. Daily buffet $3.80 11:30 to 2:30 p.m., Sunday buffet maitre d'hdtel. Champgane buffet J5.SO J3.5C senior citizens. HOLIDAY INN, 600 Strand, 765-5544. Experience fine dining. We offer a wide i select ion of steaks, seafoods, and many other tempting dishes. Our menu is sure to meet the desires ol the whole family. Banquet facilities available for parties & meet ings for up to 600. Restaurant open 11AM til 10PM dally. Our lounge is also wailing for your ^enjoyment. Most major credit x ards accepted. Sm-c-t, until i CO p m . vYeoncvdii^, Ctuxx-r 4. l»'« Bids will KC publicly opened ai I JO p m Ihursua,. Oc loex-r 5. IW« Copy of bid lorrn mdy be- picked up al Ihe above address during n-gulr workirtg hours A B Wisrrxl! Purchasing Ag^nl Oalvestoo Wh.irvi^ 1 . p.Qt.siit-av n. « Personal _ i PAUL MACLEAN please remote pervonal elte^ts from t>arai>e, ,1?3 N 1 j D* Srpt 78lh PREGNANT t, NEED HELP?? Call Birthright. Gjlvcslon J446104 DiCkinvon. .3? 4704 yvi- also nreo donations i. volunieers who an- pro ML- Unwed Pregnancy For help with unwixl pregnancy call E DMA GUVDNEY HOME Fort Worth, Texas I -COW 1104 FOUND: Large miieRo Cailto.a Furnished Apartments- Galveston 21 Unfurnished Apart menls- Galveston 23 No question <nkc-o lor return cil Ihe leivclr^ & Brown lewi/iry rx>* lakyn Wed .cntimenrai value Vicinity i;tn R. SV.IM^IIBIVU '44 V6? LOST-8EAGUE Adult male, dro-rvl J/lh & Avt- f j /I'nik- spot or) rurno REWARD Itf I'M REWARD FOR INFO liradmij to Sdfc recover f ol ? P ^trton sn.ikes. slo'c-n V 71 78 No question*, ashed '67148? LOST GOLDEN RETREIVER malt. 3 mo. old, answers lo Moon doy. VA BE'-VARD. 76] 7.31 LOST DOG S mo 010 yolden rvlrt-ivur. mall. 1 , JOJo Lost 13th t, Ball Tags on Cham collr. REWARD 763 3ili InMemorium Oil Announcements ON AND AFTER THIS OAY, I WILL NOT BE OESPONSIBLE FOR DEBTS INCURRED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN MYSELF, MELECIO ESPINOZA. 3537 41st Sir , GALVESTON, TX L r7i» tlOO REWARD lor ,nlo :.-,ia,ny to Ihe wrx-reibouts ol a l»/i ,el<o-.v 400ct Yamaha, slolcn Irorr, 4$1h & Shcrmrtn Sept i; 765 n_o Los1 arxJ Found LOST —PLATINUM U-OMrr.ond ring, vic.nity JStn e. Ave SlGerland ,) REWARD '»3 'S&4 LOSTrHOUSTON & MAGNOLIA 51 . LM Full grown m.llo tjoatjlt' Red & blAcK. witn white P^AS. chest & lip ot tail Jlooffe^ard 765 t,1_U FOUND Small White 009 near LaMarguc Part. Cjll evenings, 93S 6363 LOST: Laro<? ei.Kk Lao Answers to 6<9 Soy Wonder divay (r&m 1CCO DICKK Ol ?4ttl AVC NO , Tca.lS Cily. 9 1576 S100 krward »48 1631 or 93} 6188 InMemoriam 11 tn Lovirrg Memory Of MQ. BURL ALEXANDER Wno D«p4rt<d Tnis Lilc Septembef 23,1975 I cannot vav. and I will not sj f inat he is dead Ht 14 iu^t flway 1 Wilh j cheery ^mile. nnd a wave ol the hand. he was wandered into on unknown land, and left us dreaming now very fair it needs must be. since he lingers there and you oh you. who the wildest yearn lor the old lime step and the glad return, Think olhis fa ring on, as dear in the love ot there as the love of here, think ol him still as trie same, I vay : He is nol dead • He is lust away Loved & Sadly Missed By His Dearesi Wile ana Lovely Children & Grandchildren In Loving Memory Of EDWARD SMITH SR. Who P*«_<1 Away 3 Years AOO Today Sept ember M. 1»76 A precious one from us is gone, A voice we love is still. A place is vacant in our home, That never can De tilled Safe >n the arms ot Jesus. Safe on his gentle bream; there by love ovcrsriadov/s, sweetly his soul shall rest Sadly Missed By wile. Son & Daughter, Family & Friends Furnished Rooms- Galveston j5 EXCELLENT ACCOMODATlONS Near UTMB. kitchen, clean, modern. Reasonable Appl^ No 1 Rear. 30? Avo. C between Tennis Courts. BREEZE MOTEL. B«5 Stewart Rd . country living, weekly rales, bait £. tackle 'U 9147. NEW FURNISHED rooms in the heart of town. Weekly and daily rates Phone 7630263 between 10AM IIPMor 763 3740 FURNISHED ROOMS lor rent Mates, singles. i1?s to SI50 per mo. plus 550 dep Utilities paid. !9l9Scaly Avc I 765 7119 MONTHLY & WEEKLY ac comodalions. A C. color TV. kil- cnenettes available. Maid service Call 765 7738 or 765 774S Furnished Apartments- Galveston 21 S.S. GALVESTON MOTEL 802 Seawall Blvd. 765-7438 On the Seawall, T.V. & pool. All bills paid, large 1 BR opfi. $290 mo. $25 deposit. No pets. No children under 12. Card of Thanks 10 The Family Of Mrs. Thelma P. Smith Wishes to thank everyone for their cards, telegrams, flowers, phone calls and food and other expressions of sympathy during our sorrow. Paro/ee, Charles, Sisters, Brothers, Niece, Nephews 1 BEDROOM APT. tor miduleageo person Ground lloor 1611 ?irtd Street | \ 6R. completely furnished All utilities included in rent. SI70 rno SlOO ocp I Bf* o.*r apl completely furnisnvo il'O mo plus utiMiiS HQO dtp conaictmgr at (7WAvc- L ? MID INN is m.owd^ rx-twu-n town 4. bt-ach where tnere's irjyel/ I room kitchen apt IVOfcAve M EFFIENCIES AVAILABLE for rent Qf week cr month Apptf Sandpiper Motel. 2nd i Seaman CANAL FRONTAGE at Crystal fieacn. Bolivar Pennisuta J BR. S225 mo. plus deposil Elficiericies sue mo. t deposit Lights & water pd Sat.. 6-4 3751. weekdays & Sun 585 jlUforappt HEED FEMALE roornmale lor 2BR apt Wenl JI40. A1I bills paid Call Wlariah. Days 948 MS] before 10pm F.TRNISHEO ONE BEDROOM aparlmcnt. 1818 f*',. Phone 76? 37J8 SMALL BR t Kitchen apl, SlOO S20 deposit 767 9347 FUHM. 3 ROOM apl . ITuO mo plus deposit. Character references B/ appl.76] 2891 NEWLY FURNISHED 3 rooms and bath Bills paid including cable vision. A C optional Adults only No pets. Deposit and reference required 7633A1S EFFICIENCY APTS. SIM per month. Bills paid HIGHWAY HOUSE 57< Ferry Rd ?»3 9446 1 FURNISHED, ? BR apts, on West Beach. $2505375 mo. Sit bills paid. SIM deposil. 1 year lease 765 6009 ) OR FULLY FURN. garage apt. A C, carpeted, wood paneling, near Galv. CoHe.e. no children. 765627! afler 10am. It* BROADWAY (rear). Furnished ell. apt. iUS mo, Adulls onl r . no pets. Phone 765 7439 WEEKLY RENTALS » •-:<•• sh*-.j / & 3 Br- -o'->" s w *' C«"-' o' A»* o n EAST BEACH HOLIDAY VILLAGE 763-5389 Furnished Apartments- Mainland 22 NICE APARTMENTS for rem weekly. Reasonable rales. The Highland Molel. 4020 Hwy. 6, 935 9350. 1 8R FU RN. apl. No children or pets, references. S165 mo., stoo deposil. We pay water. 945 6391. 1BR Very nice. Carpeted. AC, no pets. Deposit B. references. Call 986 5370. SMALL FURN. APT. lor rent. SI75 mo. E.I. Tar in & Co. ,945 3384. Unfurnished Apartments- Galveston 23 NEWLY DECORATED unlurn 1 BR apl. Close to medical center and beach area. AC, wall to wall car peting, drapes, new Irostlree relrigera tor and kitchen range. Adults only. No pels. Renl S250 per month -\ deposil. 765 7439. LUXURY APT. Large newly decorated unfurnished 5 rooms & 1 '/? baths in good neighborhood. Central A&H, rent S400 per month r utilities. Adulls only, no pels. Phone 765-74J9, 2 LARGE bedrooms with litchen appliances. Central air & heal, garage, washroom. Couples prelerred.S?95 4 dep. 9354952. THREE ROOMS and bath. 3420 Winnie Rear Upstairs. Phone 1 986 5793. 711 POSTOFF1CE. (Ave. E.) Across Irom St. Mary's. I BR, newly car- peiea. no children. S165 mo., lease 6. deposit. Abe Kellner Real Estate, 765- 6A46. RESTORED HISTORICAL HOME. 1312 Sealy. 2 BR. duplex. Built-ins, CA8.H. 5375 rno.+ uti.ities. SlOO dep. Near UTMB. References. Mo pets. PEGGY COATES REALTOR. 763 6537. I BR, KITCHEN, liv.n. room, oath JJM 010 . an DIII-. W can alu-r S. '" wie ONE BEDROOM apt Walking distance uTMB. SIS* month Deposit No pets, children M4 70^7_ 1511 AV6. P 2 BR. I nath. liymu.. c*-droom. k.tcnen Carpctc-o, water po l?SOmo • m-poMi 7»4Jia73_ VERY SMALU^HOUSE. 5175 mo Utilities included Stove i. fridge turnishfrd 1IJ5 Smtjlc ptrson only 7449607 ONE BEDROOM garage apt . kit Chen, living, dining, oaln, pool privilege SJOO mo, plus utilities, 762 0573 1118 M Vj. Two o e a r o o m s. relrigerator and stove lurni.heo phone '67 nit MS AVENUE K Upstairs Large 4 room unlurmsned apt- Appliances. Waler and qas paid S300 mo Relerences required 6 month (ease- Apartment open 8 6PM daily. 763 2S41 - BRS. W» Q Carpet, a.r cond No kids or pels, ftef t. oep req Slab mo 74? 2479alter 5 TO* 16TH. No. ? Near ho.pilal Historical Disi. Large 7 BR duple* Carpet. New appliances. Nice yard Tunnel ol love No pets! 1 child ac cc-pted S765 rm>. Water paid s?oo dep 7.2 456? 1919 AVE. O, Downstairs Large clean 3 BH duplex Carpet Ap pliancey Nicu yard No pets! 1 child accepted S350 mo., gas water pa. 76J 678?. CHARMING, SPACIOUS 1BR apt Hist. Dist. Modern kitchen, aish washer, disposal, A C. no children or pels 7-7 B-06. 765 5237 evenings PARTLY FURNISHED apt 5(50. Bills included. 1678 Ave. N. upstairs. 7<>7 9347, ________ 2 BR. APT. completely remodeled. CA8.H, carpeted, slove 8. refrig. No children no pets. Re! lease 8. dep. red S23S mo. Call 763 3330. 4504 P'.';, JBR DUPLEX. 1801 3151. i!8S mo. plus utilities. S100 Call 7671497 alter 6. betcrc6, 7634315 TAKING APPLICATIONS for nice IBR apts. Must have local referen ces. Nochildrenor pets. 763 4471 after 5. NEAR UTMB. 173 BR apts. No pets. Call 763 8444 or 7448918. 1 BEDROOM DUPLEX. Large, CH&A, carpets, drapes, stove, refrig. Near beach. UTMB. Adults, no pets. S310 i utilities & deposit. 765 6074. 5 ROOM UNFURN. apt. with en closed qarage. 1 or 7 children accepted. Stove provided. S.OO mo. +- ulil. S100deposit. 765 6067. ONE BEDROOM unfurn. apt., cent. A8.H. Historical District. -750 month, S75C deposit. Also, efficiency apt. $150 month, iisodeposit. 765 6367. TWO BEDROOM, IVi Oath un furnished. Cent. A8.H, newly remodeled, S775 mo. S-75 deposit 765 6387. 2BR, Wi bath Apl. CH&.A, carpel. Near Ursuline. S275 mo. 5775 deposit. 765 63B7. 4902 AVE. S.-Unfurnished 1 bd. apt, with stove I- refrigerator. No children, no pels. S150 mo. plus 5150 deposit. Abe Kelner Real Estate, 7656*46. LUXURY APT. Large newly decorated unfurnished 5 rooms and IV] baths apartment in good neigh bcrhood. Central A4H. renl WOO per month -t- utilities. Adults only, no pets. Phone 765-7439. ^___ 461tt & Ave. P Brand new unfurnished 3 room and balh garage apartment. Rent 5300 per month. Adults only. No pets. Phone 765 7439. NOW AVAILABLE 2 Bedroom UnfurnithwJ Balconies — Patios Full Electric KitdiMs Utilities Paid CASA MARINA APTS. 515 1st St. WHO DOES IT? HAS IT? Service Directory An Up-To-Date Listing of Business & Service Specialists Three Lines of Profitable Advertising For Only $24.30 Monthly! CALL 744-3611 TO PLACE YOUR AD. Accounting Coin Appraisals PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANT & Tax service. Under supervision of experienced accountant. Business & individual. 74J 7954 COINS Buy ft. sell Appraisals & investments. Pirate's Market, 511 So. Oak. LaMarque. 935 2641. Doll Making Air Conditioning WINDOW AIR CONOITIONING- Buy. sell, renl A. repair. All work guaranteed. I day service Holmes Air conditioning, 938 «81. LEARN TO MAKE your own por celain Dolfs Class limited tor Inaiv. instructions. Dolls (or sale.925 572?. 1 337 J496 Moving 8. Hauling Grape & Tromas' WEE-HAUL 14 Mrs. moving, delivery & hotshot service. Anything, anytime. 7»-.M7. LIGHT MOVING & HAULING KELLY LEE 915-47&5 Painting Electrical Appliance Repairs DON'S STOVE REPAIR. Cook stourjs 4 heating units repaired. Parts replaced. .2 yrs. exp, 7-u 7379. REPAIR & SERVICE Air cond. refrigerators, i elec. ranges Used A C lorsale 762 3S67 alter S SERVICE REFRIG.-FREEZERS, service calls. 763 37B3 Blue Jay refrig —air conditioners, 3616 Ave H (REAR) Boat, Motor Repair OMC-JOHNSON-EVINRUDE- AAERCRUISER Mouse calls. Galveston West End. 737 2625 Bookkeeping BOOKKEEPING, TAXES 4. business services For all businesses & in dividuals West :sle Business & Tax Service. 76? 7919, 7 days a wk. Blinds, Screens OUTSIDE BLIHOS. <<rfi.-iiir,e_ 4 repainted. Owners' choice ot colors. Let us paint your home same time as blinds are being done Free estimates. 7*4 1004, ask for Anthony. ALUMINUM SCREENS «• screen KAHLA'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. specializing in lignt commercial & home wiring 109 2Qin St. Phone 763 ?725 Exterminating A-l PEST CONTROL State licensed & certified. Reasonable rates. Experienced. All work guaranteed. Free estimates Owned & operated by Johnny RicoSr. 744-3100or 744 4460 General Contractors MANDO CHAPA General Con tractmg & Co. Remodeling & atJ ditions. porches & stairways, pain ting Free estimates Call 740 0931, 765 7639, 7J4 0205niles WE ARE NOW caught up. We build houses, garages, additions, repair or romodel. Give us a call now! Mur- phcc Construction Co.. 9359244. Handyman WHY PAINT YOUR HOUSE? Install vinyl siding, instead, and end painting problems forever. No rust- no corrosion —no peeling. Great insulation tactor-40 year guarantee. Free estimates, easy terms. COASTAL INSULATION 8, SUPPLY CO.. 7923 Mustang (Scholes Field], 740 1165. EXPERIENCEDPAINTERS interior exterior. 20 years experience Free A master's touch. 74J 7.70. AUTREY & JOHNSON Supplies. Cook paint & Gulf State Paint. We also do painting, inside i. out. Open 6 days a week, 7.30 5:30PM. 4313 Ave O 'i 76S 5955. PAtNTING Interior exterior or restoring Reasonable rates. 765 9599 PAINTING, ACOUSTICAL spraying, interior exterior, no job too small or loo big. Free estimates, 26 yrs, exp Call Tony.948 3813. ED'S ROOFING Gutters, Old Roofs Repaired, Paneling. Free Estimates. 763-4.13.5. A1B ROOFING Rod repairs Free estimates. 6 years experience. 7628017. 5-10 pm. RONNIE'S ROOFING- New roofs, old roofs, roofs repaired, gutter work. Free estimates. 763 0276. CAVAZOS ROOFING Small home repair. FREE ESTIMATES. Phone 763 8072 after 5PM. Sand Blasting ALL TYPES SANDBLASTING. Our yard or job site. Commercial Marine- Industrial. Antiques, trailers, pipes, steel,buildings. Glass frosting, architectural sandblast. Inorganic Zinc applications. Sand sales, equipment rentals. WORLD TRADERS, 2435 Texas Ave..TexasCity. 9483515 Sewing SEWING MACHINE REPAIR Ciean. oil & adjust any make IN YOUR HOME ! S495. All work guranteed. 945 5456. 938 1684. Siding LEE'S FIX ALL Minor repairs or replacement to electrical & plum bing. painting & carpentry ol all kinds 7637864 Home Repairs SHEETROCKING.hanqdoors&door trim, ceramic tiles & do all around punch out & repairs, 10 yrs ex perience. Dependability 9- reasonable Plumbing PLUMBING REPAIR SERVICE For ve-r plurr.bins pro.i.tns ca!! US I 9M-1109or1-»3i-6443 BOB'S PLUMBING Repair & remodeling. Days Bill, 948 8807; Nights Bob. 9480534. Owner Bob Watherly. screen wire in aluminum i wood screens. ARAMCO OUTSIDE BLINDS. SlOSBroaOway. 762 965? Brick& Cement Work BRICK WORK, concrete, plasture Done by Klos Restoration Company. Call 744 9289. CEMENT CONTRACTOR Build patios* driveways, foundations, etc For Iree estimates, call 76? 5543 COLLINS MASONRY Free estimates. No iob to small or big Can call collect. 763 1561 Carpentry CARPENTRY WORK repair porches, railings Roof repair, small paint jobs. Free estimates 762 5457, 763S7JT; CUSTOM CABINETS, p.iinling. general home repair Bonded and insured. Phono 763 1482 CARPENTER WORK. Small home repairs, porches, hand rails, rollen boards. 17 yrs. of reference in Galveston area. MS 5855, Aulry Carpet Service CARPET t-AYERS-We are now stocking pad S., car pet laying sup plies. Why go to Houston! N.ipko, 4128 Ave S. ALL AROUND house doctor Sheetrocliing, hanging, relinished 8, teKlures Painted, paneled inside fi. out Free estimates 740 1473. PAINTING inside 8, outside Shcefrock, paneling, carpenter repairs, ceiling & door tiling insured, guaranteed work. 763 8476 Insulation COASTAL INSULATION & SUPPLY CO. We install (ibcrglass balls in the walls & blown cellulose in the ceilings. 7923 Mustang (Scnolcs field). 740 1165. REVOLUTIONAR~Y new Aerolite insulation, installed in your walls Free estimates Walker Energy, 744 6I4B. Janitorial Service OFFICES CLEANED. Supplies & equipment furnished. Individual. Experienced f-cfercnccs. 763 819] or 76? 44B1. SPIC'N'SPAN - Maid and janitorial service Bonded for residential 8. commercial. Gocd references. Call 935 4881. Remodeling FREE ESTIMATES. Porch 4 step repair, room additions, paneling, etc. V. W. Uher Lumber Co.. 5701 Broadway. 744 3681. FOR ALL YOUR REMODELING needs, get Ihe best work &. price in town. A.J. Chapa & Sons Con sfrucfion. Free estimates. 744 3993 or 762 2773. QUALITY REMODELING. Resident and commercial. Add ons. painting, concrete work, reasonable. Free estimates. B & P Construction, 763 4113; 7445142 COMPLETE REMODELING. painting, repairs, room additions. concrete work, porches, stairs, .undeck. 744 6436 HOUSE LEVELING Foundation, restoration, porch reconstruction, all work guaranteed, fully insured, local references. 76? 7344. PAINTING 8. REMODELING New (.Old Homes Call Steve Good, 762 W32 Good Prices, Good Work ALUMINUM, VINYL 8. Steel Complete siding kit for sell installation or we install. Free estimates.K Siding Company 938 1783, 948 1329. Tractor Work DOZER & BACKHOE work, clear lots, back fill work. By the hour or by the iob 948 17U. Trash Service TRASH MAULING RF4SOWAFH p OATP^H 7,25441 DEMOLISHING, trash hauling, cleaning garages. Call afler 5 or belore 8am. 765 79B1. Tree Service CUT t. TRIM TREES 8. hedges 20 years experience. 763 2713 after 5.30. COMPLETE TREE SERVICE with 30 years exp Spraying 8. leeding. Call before 8 or alter S pm. 765 9974, Upholstering THOMPSON'S UPHOLSTERY. 30 yrs, experience. Free estimates 1612 49th St. Call7446582. Window Cleaning STOPI Do you want a heavenly sparkle? Call on Angel Window Cleaning Co Commerical 8. residential, 763 93Sj. Yard Work Landscaping Roofing TOM'S THUMB Landscaping, top '.oil, grass. Open Sunday 10 fo 4 763 4713 JOHN THOMAS ROOFING, Shpetrock, rt.inelinn * painting. Free estimates 740 0317 MOWING- Lois. Pastures, Com mercial. etc Also Barnyard lor liliier. Call 74J 3839 ACTION FAST-clean lots, yard work, trash hauling Call Rod, 7a.> 345ft,itter jpm LAWNMOWER SERVICE Corn" pleto l.iwn service, eclqino A, trim mint) Ireos. 93* 3i3.\ ask lor Jesse

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