Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 22
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 22

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 22
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K'H3 K WE 1 OF TH£ M1 ITS TOO TO S ALAKMEP ASOUT BVPA- : fii BRENDA STARR HERE COMES V VOUR SHOE fviV Rf 1=^ ·', "^ t re- CM*. iii-Ljeri ( WHAT A WAY )..--.= A-~ TO DO £' ( BUSINESS: - ^-^-^r^ . _ ou BLONDIE COM* KNOW 10 PRIMKT VOU COUUO CWOK* t0 0tATH; THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS SATURDAY, JUNE 4, I960 { HE WENT IS IT FUN TO SKIN-DIVE HELLO, SI -WHERE'S YOUR DAD? IT IS FOR HIM -- HE'S CLEANING- OUR WELL WISHING *Yes, Ma'am, t little noire inside nf me told me 1 HIM doing wrong, but iht motor made so much noist I couldn't bear it" '?*^,... NANCl ""!?; THERE GOES A PATRTOL 1 SHE'LL NEVER \ CAR AFTER HEST/ -^^. MAKE T H A T . / ^ CURVE/ '-- SHE'Li-KILL HERSELF/ ·HE'S HEADED OUT OF TOWN ...AND THE ROAD AHEAD ...MNU' 1MB KUML/«|1E«U y /XIJ.. ~ \ if.' ^ISATgEACHESOUS ONE/^T^^T^f^ fif^ REX MORGAN IT'S NICE TO KNOW THAT A YEAR FROM NOVV YOU WON'T EVEN REMEMBER I MAPE YOU STAY HERE ANP WORK / YOU'RE I TKOBABLV V RISHT ^^ I 6UE-SS IT PAYS TO L.OOK AT THlHSS PH1LOSOPHICALLV LIKE THAT LOOK AT IT'THIS WAY r SA^SE. A YEAR FROM MOW YOU WON'T EVEN THAT YOU LET ME OFF TO SO TO TOWNJ BEETLE BAILEY IM MV BUgiNESS ONE HIS HEART, TILL JOB'S DONE! SUPPOSE vojJ DO THE SAME, PODMEg UOK HERE, VOU\ KNOWING WHAT I AM, VOU HAVE ME OV£(? A , BARREL! O.K.! BUT DON'T CROWD MEf f 'COURSE NOT? HM-Ml BY TH' WAY, I S'POSE YOU'VE BROKEN, MARIA'S HEART/ I BUT WHAT'Q A I KID'S HEART IN I VOUR 5USINESS? HI. ANNIE? ER -JUST MV AUNT IN SCHENECTADV! DIDN'T . WANT TO USE TME COMPANY PHONE AT TME LAE ' OH! , HELLO,. PINKY! ORPHAN ANNIE ClOWP 9UCES AEOUNPTHE SViALL AUTO -- ANP IT I* DO NOT TOUCH THE MAJOR AfP Ml* WIPE. BUT TMEY iTANP §Y AVIS LAl'fH A* THE TWO AwtvVAepjy EXTRI- CATS TUIWfELVS!. FSOVVTHE IWiMCHUZEO VEMICLE... ...IN A CEETAiM L*TIM-AMERICAN f!TV THE I 1 .*. AIE .ANP HI* WIFE MIS PRIVINO TD A { p;MNt=. IN THEIR PfKiOSi,^ CAa... THE- 4TOP .AT A TEAf? 1 !; L!cHT ILL MCE !* COAMV6 TELL ME WHY Where Did Coffee Originate? Win * valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The §ri- tannica Junior, 15-volum* encyclopedia for school and home, will be awarded far the letter selected In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will ·elect the winner. Today's winner it: RONALD BATTOCCHl, II Hartford, Conn. Because coffee originally grew wild in Africa, it is believed that it was first discovered there. However, the first cultivation of- coffee took place in southern Arabia. In fact, there is a legend about the discovery of coffee. About tha year 850 A.D., an Arabian goatherd called Kaldi noticed one day that his flock was behaving in a peculiar manner. He investigated and found that his goats had been eating the berries of a certain evergreen bush. He tasted the berries himself and felt » exhilarated that he rushed off to tell people of his discovery. The action of coffee in helping keep people awake was soon found out and was used by the Moham- medans during their long religious services. But it was claimed by the priests that coffee was an intoxicating beverage and *o it was prohibited by the Koran. The original Arabic word for coffee was "qahwah," and it t» interesting that this word has served as the basis for alt languages to designate coffee: Bohemian, "kava;" Chinese, "kaifey;" Danish and Swedish, "kaffe;" Finnish, "kahvl;" FXihch, Span- sh and Portuguese, "cafe;" Hungarian, "kave;" German, "kaf- ee;" Italian, "caffe;" Japanese, "kehi;" Persian, "qehve;" Polish, 'kawaj" Russian, "kophe." Coffee was introduced into Europe in one country after another during the 16th and 17th centuries, and it had quite a history. It was used in religion and medicine, it became fantastically popular and was prohibited. In fact, there was a considerable amount of literature written about coffee in that time, most of it in defense of the new beverage. Johann Sebastian Bach even wrote a "Coffee Cantata!" Coffee really became an important beverage through the coffee houses in London, which became of political, locial and literary influence. The first license to sell coffee in the United States was issued in Boston in 1670. # * * FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Bob: The first act was so exciting! I wish I cotild have stayed for the second act. Mother: TVhy couldn't you, Bob? Bob: The program says it takes place a month later. * · *, Picture Secret Add and subtract the letters in the names of the things shown Clue: We'd *H be cold without it # * * Answer to yesterday'i "Puzzle Box": y/i miles. Send yoar trtekf, rfddlei, «r puwles t« TELL ME WHY! Give your name, «ge and **· dress. A Brltanntea WarM Atlas or illustrated Year Book *f important eventi hi «*ery fl*M will be awardeJ for tlw ktleri telected each week. if It Needs Repairs IT N1DS SUTTONS! STEVE CANYON I'm talcing all my Appliance Repairs t* BUTTONS APPLlANCf KIPAIRS DRIVf-IN 11 N. Alvemtw EA l-»5»l · REPAIR STATIONS for your convenience: WILMOT PLAZA Hdw«. Broadway at Wilmot. HALEY'S Flrestene Store K97 N. Tucson Blvd. SPRING HARDWARE 1st Ave. t Ft. LoweB Plus New Station: DELRAY HARDWARE 4211 E. 32nd St. RADIO A TV SHVIC! Graduate Technician All Work Guaranteed BM AIM House Calls ·· ...SO HAVE A HAPfY UKEK-END. / I 60E55 I /WON'T BESEEMS WHAT IS HAPPINESS? FERRET, CO \ IF THERE'S ANYTHiNQ- TO YOU THINK YOU \ FIN0 OUT} M\SS LA AtEKB, CAN F1NP OUT Sfess--._j-it YOU'VE COME ASOUT A ^ISM^^ TO THE PERSON! F D R - S f f l r k R»HT AT LEAST £ FOUNP WHAT X VIC'S THE WORST MNP OF CHARACTER. BUT HOW TO LET FORTUNE LEARN HER OWN LESSON! WITHOUT HURT? e. HOPS YOU FOUNC7 WHAT WANTED! WHERE---WHE»?e' A YONPE?? THERE 15-TH/fT TERRIBLE. RIVER LAREDO /IFIT'6THEOMEITHIHK ' WBLL,WOW, SPIPER HAS MAWVIWTERESTS- JSM'T IT MRELY POSSIBLE HE'S 6ECOME 1MVOLVEPIW 0»6 OF THEM " He's IUVOLVEP iw ( x»uwr rHA--HE' IWVOLVSPJ you LOOK TROU6LEP/ »PIOER FOR OVER ^W HOUR. BIG BEN BOLT THEN HOW'S flBOUTSOME i HieH-6LOSS i. FURNITURE POLISH? HAIR TONIC? HOWDY, FRIEND FOR ONE WEEK ONLY VM FtftTURIN' THIS BOTTLE OF MA6NOL1A HfllR TONtC SNUFFY SMITH , WE'VE «T«OOP NfWl fWVOU. V«Vt 1.0«T*P THW C« MID THE. COUflE 10UVE IE£N HUNTINS, ' 7«Y HAVt AN APHRTMf NT AT THIS / JUST OFF BOURtON SMITH l THE WHO MADE OFF WITH THff NAVY PAYROLL BUZ SAWYER -MILLIONS OFTSM/AND THEV'RE MINE-ALL. MINE// THE LEGENDARY . 1 --SO JUICV/.'-ICAN'T WAITTOTAStm IT// ABOMINABLE SNOW-MAMS LIL ABNER The kind'-of person . she should have ./ rue. eafcen wouldn't eat in a f there and it dump like that. / isn't a dump.' She meets fellows all day long-a lot more than 9 would in an office But in this job they are thrown together al! the time. 9he has no chance to look around, . be jt 5o he's a nic«\f° ffl ' me to , ^ a V, he guy. Well, he / orient Judy has a certainly isn't 7 head on her shoulders. GASOLINE _ COINS ON DOWN THERE? SOU BREAK TABOO OF CODS WHEN VOU FOLLOW vou01 BAT SUNDOWN CAVKSOWOPPINC sHOULD WOT FOLLOW WORRIED ABOUT YOU DICK TRACY | KING AROO

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