Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 15, 1967 · Page 44
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 44

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1967
Page 44
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.PAGE 44 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N MONDAY, MAY 15, 1967 Tom Inglis FLOWERS 23*2 E. MOADWAY 622-4643 LANCER'S for Mil your floral needs 60 E. Pennington MA. 2-4638 LEGAL NOTICE Gift From Friends The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Don H. Hughes, retiring as pas' tor of St. Ambrose parish, holds keys and a model of the car his parishioners presented him last night at a farewell dinner. Msgr. Hughes founded the parish 21 years ago. NEW CONTRACT Nurses Get Top Pay At Hayden Hospital Funeral Announcements Pet-. 8 PROBI EM C ddyjci perUlnlnq to ill S 17 E Koott 88? 7V46 Registered nurses a t C a r l Hayden Community Hospital will be the.best paid in Arizona under terms of a new contract with SP Memorial Hospitals Inc. The new pay rates will be retroactive to Jan. 1. Newly hired general duty nurses'with seniority of employment will receive up to $29.43 per day. This matches the pay scale set up at SP Memorial Hospital in San Francisco -- believed to tbe the highest in that area. Carl Hayden Community, Hospital is the former Southern Pacific Hospital. "The new pay raises assure .that we can obtain and maintain the highest professionally qualified nursing staff, so important to the care and treatment of our patients," said A.B. McNabney, administrator. The beginning monthly rate was raised last July from $510 to $590. Under terms of the new agreement, the new minimum schedule will be $640 per month -- highest beginning wage paid in a hospital in' Arizona and more than $50 per month 1 higher than paid by U.S. government hospitals, said McNabney. Agreements with hospital institutional workers and laboratory specialists are being negotiated. . RESOLU1ION, ORDER, AND NOTICE PROVIDING FOR A SPECIAL ELECTION VO BE HELD IN HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. ONE OF PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA, FOR THE PURPOSE OF SUBMITTING TO THE REAL PROPERTY TAXPAYERS WHO ARE QUALIFIED ELECTORS THEREOF THE PROPOSITION OF THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS OF SAID DISTRICT. WHEREAS, a resolution adopted ov th« Board ot Education ot High School District No. 1 of Pima County, Arizona has oeen filed with the Board ot Super vlsois requesting lhat a special election bt cailtd for tht purpose ot voting bonds ot said District In iht aggregate amount ot FIVE MILLION blX HUN DRIED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($5,650,000.). NOW, THEREFORE:, BE II RE SOLVED AND ORDERED BY THfc BOARD OF SUPEHVISOKS UF 1 Ht COUNTY OF PIMA. STATE OF ARI That' there be and hereby Is called ai election tor the purpose of submitting t tht reai properly taxpayers who ar also qualified electors oi Hlsh Schoo District No. 1 ol Pima County, Arizona me question ot whether or not the oonds ot the Sctioo. District shall be ii sued In the aegregate amount ol ii,6iu ooo.. far the purpose ot raising mone tor purchasing school sites, constructlo of additional buildings, making alters lions and additions to existing buildings p u t c h a s ' n g or constructing portab classrooms, supplying said rjulldmns wit furniture and apparatus, and Improvin Ihe grounds thereof; and inslaljln wells pumps, and tanks thereon. Ilia the aggregate sum be submitted to Ihe real property taxpayers ot the District as one proposition oh ont ballot, for the sum Ot FIVE MILLION SIX HUNDRED F I F 1 Y T H O U S A N D D O L L A R S ($5,650.000.), as hereinafter provided; and If authorized by the taxpayers, then to be embodied In one Issue or bonds. That the election shall be held on Thursday, the 1st day of June, 1967, at Ihe Doolen, Magte, Mansfeld, Navlor, Safford, Spring, Townsend, Vail, and Wakefleld Junior High School bulldlnas, end at Cragln, Davidson. Duffy, Howell, Hudlow, Hughes, Keen, Kellond, Lynn. Memo Park, Ochoa, Pueblo Gardens, Roblson, Steele, and Wheeler Elementa. open at the hour ot 6:00 a.m. of saio ry School buildings, all In said High School District; that tht colls shall be day and shall remain open unlil and be closed at tht hour ot 7:00 p.m. of said day. That at said election there shall be submitted to the rea property taxpayers of said District who are In all respects qualified eitclon tht following proposition. ' PROPOSITION Shall High School District No. 1 of Plma County, Arizona, Incur an Indebtedness above four per centum (4%) of tht valut of the taxable' property In laid District In the amount Of FIVE MILLION SIX H U N D R E D FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS (15,650,000.) and In evidence thereof issue Its negotiable bonds In the aggregate amount ot FIVE MILLION SIX HUNDRED F i F- I V T H O U S A N D DOLLARS ($5,650,000 1 for the purpose of raising money for purchasing school sites; building a new high school on Site IX, located at Pantnno and Escalante Roads'In the southeast portion of the District; making alterations and additions to existing bulld- lnas; purchasing or constructing port a b . e classrooms) supplying the sami.- with furniture and apparatus; improving the grounds thereof: and installing wells, pumps, and tanks thereon; In and tor said High School District; stld bonds to bear Interest Bank Of Tucson Picks New Vice President The Bank of Tucson an- J nounced a new vice president [ today, and in a related move, the Southern Arizona Bank Trust Co. told of plans to consolidate and later expand its Phoenix operations. Arthur H. Sossong, formerly a loan officer at the Southern Arizona Bank, today joined the Bsr.k of Tucson HS vice n resident. He said he will be working primarily with commercial loans. Before joining the SAB in 1963, Sossong had been asso- e l a t e d with Crocker-Citizens Bank of Los Angeles and Provident Tradesmen's Bank of Philadelphia. Sossong will be succeeded at the SAB Tucson main branch by Arnold Moore, vice president and formerly manager of the bank's main Phoenix office at 313 N. Central Ave. John W. Kenney, president of the SAB, said the shift wasn't significant "because we're noi sure it's permanent." He noted that the bank has a number of personnel changes taking place. However, Kenney told the Phoenix Gazette last week that the Southern Arizona Bank will close the North Central branch, combining its operations with those of the SAB office at Third Avenue and Osborn Road in Phoenix. The combined operation will then become a regional headquarters, Kenney told the newspaper. I ' it should be completed b y 1 Aug. 1, he said. The bank's Piano Event Opens Today More than 100 piano students have entered-Tucson's 15th Annual National Piano Piaying Tournament which opens today at the Muller Recital Hall, 4349 E. Broadway. David Hornsby, from Boulder, Colo., will be judge for the five-day event The local tournament is under auspices of the Tucson chapter of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, Hornsby graduated from Ft. Worth Conservatory of Music, where he also taught piano. He . received an undergraduate degree in music from Texas .Christian University, a master's degree at Columbia University and performed post wrk. at lb« University at a rate of not exceeding five per semlannually In each year In the denomination of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS $1,000.) each, or multiples thereof, and maturing serially over a period of not exceeding twenty That the election shall be held, except as otherwise provided by taw. In conformity with the general election laws of Arizona; and only real property taxpayers who are In all other respects qualified electors of the District shall be permitted to vote. That Elsa B. Hanna, Clerk ot the Board of Supervisors, [ hereby instructed to cause this order end notice to be posted and published »$ required bv law. PASSED AND ADOPTED this 19th day ot April, 1967. AS S* JAY ATTEST: - tM ^ /s/ Elsa B. Hanna, Publish: April 24, ZS, U, 27, it, 2», May 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, t,t- 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13, 1«, \7. 11. 1*, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, Tucson Dally citizen NOTICE INVITING SEALED BIDS I Notice Is hereby alven that the Board " of Trustees -- Sahuarlta Elementary School and the Board of Education -- Sahuarlta High School -- Sahuarlta School District No. », Plma County. Arizona, will receive up to, but not later than 4 P.M. local time, of the 29th day of May, 1W7 sealed bids for the construction of Elementary School classrooms and locker room and shower expansion, and a high school science wing addition, located at tht Sahuarlta Elementary and High School In Sanuarlla, Arizona, In the County of Plma. Such bids shall be received In the Architect': office located at 4439 East Broadway, Arthur H. Sossong Thomas Mall branch won't be Room 201, City of Tucson, Plm« County, Arizona, and shall be opened publicly and read aloud at the above stated time affected. A "second phase" of the Phoenix operation, the Gazette reported, will be the establishment of offices to serve the east and west sides of the Salt River Valley metropolitan area, aiming services largely at small and medium-sized businessmen engaged in retail, wholesale and manufacturing operations. Kenney said eventually the SAB will probably will erect its own high - rise office building somewhere along Central Avenue, to serve as a regional of- headquarters. Amphi Teachers' Pay On Agenda Tonight's meeting of the Amphitheater School Board is expected to produce a final decision on whether teachers of that district will receive further raises. The business session opens a 7:30 p.m. at Helen Keeling School, 435 E. Glenn St. Teachers have been negotiat ing with the board for higher pay since they were granted raises last month which wil cost the district about $45,000 The instructors would like approval on requests totaling around $100,000. at the above address. Each bla mua conform nd be responsive to thlt Invitation, the Instructions to Bidders, the Drawings, Specifications, Contract and General Conditions, and all the other documents comprising the pertinent Contract Documents. Copies of ths Contract Document! will be on file and open to public Inspection In the office of John L. Mascarella and James L. Merry, Associated Architects, located at 4439 East Broadway, Room 201, Tucson, Arizona, In said County and State, and may be obtained by deoslting $25.00 for one set. This deposit will be refunded ; f the set of contract documents delivered Is returned In qood condition within three days after bid opening and If the Contractor has submitted a bona fide bid. Additional sets or sheets of Draw- Ings, pages ot Seclficatlons and other Contract Documents may be purchased at cost without refund. Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check, cashier's check or V\\ icmd payable to the BOARD OP TRUSTEES AND BOARD OF EDUCA- 'ION -- SAHUARITA SCHOOL DIS- ·RICT NO. 30, Plma County. Arizona. n an amount not less than five per cent of the maximum amount of 1h» id. The check or bid bond shall be given as a guarantee of Intent of the con- ractor to enter Into a contract should ils bid be accepted or as liquidated dnmags to the aforementioned Board In the event of failure or refusal of the contractor to enter Into a contract. The check or bid bond will be returned 'o he unsuccessful bidders and to The successful bidder upon the execution of a satisfactory bond. The successful contractor shall provld* a surety companv bond In the full amqunt^of Jhe contract jrlce^Sald sure- JV LrOfTU 3llSl' WW pvilSw Vr'llm" · »"-' after notification of fh« award of the contract to the successful bidder. The rontract shall be In accordance with the provisions of all pertinent general public laws of the State of Arizona In effect at the tlm» of tne execution of the contract, and the contractor shall pay the wage scale as provided OV.Iaw. The Architect has ascertained the prevailing rate of hourly wages In the lo- catitv In which this work Is 1o be nep FLOWERS BY HAL BURNS 3600 E. SPEEDWAY MMN8AMJISHVKK FOXOV»4»YIAR* formed, and a copy of ttie Certlfed Wage Scale Is Included w th the Con- · - - ' file wrh the Bull- tract Documents on .... - . ders Club, Arizona Tech Service, Dodge -- be ma form to be obtained b' j Owners. riade out on « bid 'applying at the iv appi In wnl Report Service and .. Each bid shall be form to be obtained _. ~ rr _ office of the Architect In which the Con tract Documents are on file. . The School Board reserves the prlv!l?"* of relectlrm any or al' bids for anv reason whatsoever or to waive anv irregularities or Informalities In the bids or In the bidding , . . No Bidder mav withdraw his Wd for n period of 30 days after Ihe date set for Ihe opening of bids. No bid will be reo oqnlzed unless the bidder Is duly licensed as · contractor In ttie State of Arlrona. This license must meet all requirements for performlnfl the work list- erf on th!-, Invitation. »S^ltm$?M SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION K A H I I A R I T A HlflH SCHOOL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. X PIMA COUNTY. ARIZONA by Frank R. McG^e. Clerk Puhi|*h: May 10, 11, II. 13. 15, W7. -~i_j-^_f\_f-^r\^rt^~\-f\s\-*~*-S-r\J**j~*S~*^*'* Funeral Announcements . 1 WALLS, Jesse, 58, 1021 N. 10th, died May 13th. Survived by sister, Mrs. Hatti Lowe. Services and interment will be in Madison, N. C. Arrangements by Tuc- ·on Mortuary, 204 S. Stone. CALVILLO, Daniel E., 15, 719 W. Jacinto, died May 11. Survived by his mother, Mrs. Adelina Calvillo; brothers, Ariuro and Ernest; sisters, Mrs. Gloria Chase and Mrs. Alberta Hcrrera. Services al 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, f r o m Arizona Mortuary Chapel, Stone and Third, with Rev. William Graves of Amphitheater Community Church, officiating. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery. COOPER, Thomas E., 83, 1614 Circle A Drive, died May 12. Survived by sisters, Mrs. Alma Babcock and Mrs. Ethel Thornton. Services, 11 a.m., Tuesday, at Arizona Mortuary Chapel, Rev. C. L. Pair of Columbia Street Baptist Church, officiating. Graveside services at Tucson Memorial Park., South Lawn, to be conducted by Builders' Lodge, No. 60, F. and A.M. Friends may call at the funeral home Monday afternoon and evening. KINSER, Vivian K7 CO, 10161 S. Sun Valley, died May 13. Survived by husband, Jess; daughter, Mrs. Dorotha Lee Jensen; son, Granville. Private services on Monday, May 15. Interment at Tucson Memorial Park, South Lawn. Arrangements by Arizona Mortuary, Stone and Third. LEWIS, Harry, 77, of 413 E. Prince, died May 12th. Survived by wife, Elizabeth; daughter Mrs. Sally Elbon, of Washington; sister, Mrs. Janet Grail, of Florida; granddaughter, Miss Gloria Lewis, of Ohio; and grandson, James Reynolds, of England. Services 2 p.m., Monday, Arizona Mortuary Chapel, Stone and Third. Interment at Evergreen Ceme- tary. LICHTENW ALTER, Arie Arthur, 89, Nogales, Arizona, passed away May 13th. Survived by nieces and nephews. Requiem Mass will be offered Tuesday, 9 a.m. at SS. Peter Paul Church. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery. Arrangements by Reilly Furieral Home. LUGO, Richard, 31, an officer with US Border Patrol, of 1316 W. Congress, died May 14th. Survived by wife, Virginia; son, Arturo Manuel; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Lugo; sisters, Mrs. Lydia Gracia, Miss Ceceiia Lugo, Mrs. Socorro Hartman, Mars. Armida Valenzuela, Mrs. Celia Romp; brothers,- Charles, Robert, William, Tony, Conrad, Manuel. Arrangements to be announced by Tucson Mortuary, 204 S. Stone. MALONEY, George R., 77, 4809 E. Cooper, passed away May 14th. Survived by daughters, Mrs. Vivian Harvey, Mrs. Lillian Block, both of T u c s o n ; ' 4 granddaughters. Arrangements p e n d i n g , Adair Funeral Home, Dodge and Speedway. MENDIVIL, Carlota Q-, 67, of Benson, Arizona, passed away May 13. A lifelong resident of Benson,' Ariz. Survived by husband, Pete; sons, Mike, Riverside, Calif. Robert, St. Louis, Mo., Fernando, San Luis Obispo, Calif.; daughters, Mrs. Teresa Gradillas, Mrs. Josie Barrios, both of Benson; 8 grandchildren. Rosary, 8 p . m . , Monday, Westlawn Chapel, 107 W. 5th, Benson. R e q u i e m Mass, 9 a.m., T u e s d a y , Our Lady of L o u r d e s Church. Friends may call from 7 to 10 p.m., Monday, at Westlawn Chapel. NELSON, Roger, 8, 6342 E. Hayne St., passed away May 13. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Nelson; b r o t h e r , David; sister, D i a na ; paternal grandmother, Mrs. Eleanor Nelson; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bowen. Arrangements to be announced by Palms Mortuary, 5525 E. Speedway. VISIT OLD TUCSON ' FAMOUS MOVIE LOCATION OPEN DAILY SUN UP tO SUN-DOWN 40? LONEl V? f FUN IN /OUR '-IFB TOWN t. CPU NT RV DANCE CLUB SWEDISH MASSAGE 1333 W. All EGHENY M7-03S3 I WILL not be responsible tor debts contracted by anyone olhpr than mv- self. Andrew J. Cnenln. MASSAGE - Sauni and steam bafti. Lorraine Ortkltse, 1210 W. La Pasa- dlta. 887-0576. _^__ MASSAGE 454 W. Roger Rd. 10 i.m. to 10 p.m. 887-23A5. ROSE JOHNSON, M.T. Massage, Steam Bath, I masseuses. 867-3151_. _ ROSEMARY pltase call Ml-5791. We love you. Les and Jim. LOSE WEIGHT safely With Dex-A Diet Tablets. ONLY 9«C »t Skaogs Drua Center Business--Services 12 i Employment Prep. 14 i Employment Agencies 16 MUSIC INSTRUCTION NEAL COSANp Guitar, B»»i, B«n (KOJJARSl lo. m-1711. INTERIOR «nd exterior, ill work guaranteed, free estimates. 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SUPPLIES Let us service YOUR coolerl MEN WANTED TO TRAIN FOR ELECTRONIC DRAFTING Pleasant work Rapid advances Easy to learn High pay ARIZONA COLLEGE FINEST TRAINING IN Radio, TV, Electronics Drafting Tuition $3 Weekly 623-3748 no ans 793-8581 VETERANS MAY APPLY Employment Prep. ANNOUNCEMENT'S"! Lost and Found MISSING: brown doo. Q«, rm »" ? no , r ' haired Pointer wRh White spot In front Lena ta II. Good looklno. Pltase notify Jonn Asuvelman, 1610 E. 1st. 622-9382. , LOST: "Marty". Black £ tan Dachshund. Call Ptttr, 327-38»3. Personals 8 ____ ... Scientific Piychlr Reading Ont visit wl help tolve vour most difficult propiem, AppoiKjrynH onlyj. »» 164. Masseur expert 5t«am sundecks nirf. calls, S.inUi Rita Hote_ 623-05Sl_ __ MA Massn VMO _ wltl_masvi9e E S ptodwav SPOTS before vour eyes-on your MW c i rp « l-rtmovs Ihem with Bfu« 4* FERTILIZER SEED LANDSCAPING -- FHA financing, licensed and bonded. Free estimates. Call MA 4-M62, 887-0164. _ . FURNITURE REFIN1SHED REPAIR 8. Reflntsh all furniture. DON'S Furniture Hospital 298-1025_ HANDYMAN _ PAIN? ING Floor Ceramic Tile Building cooler? BrevicK 623-3880 PAiNl interior exterior Gen repairing cooler service Rsaspnaple 32/6190 COOI ER SERVICE. $6 Plus parts. Panting rooms, $2 nour 327-6710. _ GARDEN Work-Gravel-ljght Hauling- Prunino I awns-General Cleanup 7949490 _ HOUSECLEANING LOW R A i E S window clng floor wax- fna, nouse clng Carpet Shampoomo C 8. G Window Cleaning (.0 326 0081 COMPLETE houtecleenlng, carpets, window cleaning. Insured * reasonable. Call Dav, 624-1 5M. _ LANDSCAPING Yard clMn-up. Tre« work. H«ulln« Renovating. Frank Barher 298-0583. QUICK CLEANUP, trfe work, landscaping, gravel, sprinklers Installed, repaired. 622-1430. __ LIGHT HAULING HAULING all kinds dOM rtAS and quick Vard cleanup 298-OSt3 CLEANUP. Yardwork, Leveling Lots, Handyman, cooler repair. Elc. Cheip. 673-S74. __ LIGHT HAULING, vardwork. Very reasonable. 327-8S3j_ _ TRASH hauling, yard, cleamio. Monday Ihru Saturday. Prompt service. MASONRY BrlcK Block, «l y/ENTURO MASO NRV ALL TYPES maionry, WOrK, and unuiuiT p*tfot. 3U-VU. 2H-J en Women Critical shortage of Programmers and Systems Analysts has creatfd opportunities for loalcallv minded high school graduates. Enter the world's newest orofesslon In less than one vear. No math required. Computer Programming AIT GRADUATES are earning Up to $12,000 A Year VA APPROVED FREE APTITUDE TEST -- DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Free Placement - Local Nationwide 204 W. Grant Phone 624-2364 2 LOCATIONS WORLD'S LARGEST PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Dally 9-5; Mon. J. Wed. 9-«; Sat. MJ 110 E. Alameda Tel: 792-0622 FREE PARKING -- FRONT !. REAR 2227 E. Broadway, Tel: 623-3405 TECHNICAL CALL STU SCOTT 623-3405 BSEE .: $16000 Solid position for solid state Integrated circuits M.E .$15000 For the practical Space- envl- _ _ _ rormient.iolUjw up. ,, .,,,, ME OR CHEMC .. ... S140CG Testing programs High pres hydraulic systems. ELECTRONIC TECH . . $9600 Test, analyse, troublesnoot DC low freq + solid MECH TECH . . . . . . ,,. .$9609 Optical tool system align repair precision Instruments. OFFICE CALL PAT WARD 623-3405 SEC CLERK ....M12 Mature good with figures steady and stable with good ; typing and s-h Call today. SECRETARY . $350-400 Front ofc appearance handle people 8, phone. Med background most helpful! STENO SEC. . . - , ,-, «90 Attractive gd personality lots of phone work, typing. TYPIST . . . . . . . . . ... . $280 This wonderful boss needs lop notch typist speed 8. accuracy Important. ADMINISTRATIVE CALL TOM BRITT 623-3405 BOOKKEEPER ... .... . ..,$4200 Front office lob. Reliable with neat appearance. MANAGEMENT TRAINEE ... $3600 Self starter can go only one way. Up Up Up. JANITOR , ... $3600 Ase no problem here If you are able to work. DRIVER . . .$3120 Reliable driver needed now by local A.A.A. Co. STOCK CLERK . · . . , · _ , U , S29£0 Neat clean dependable with highly rated local Co. 14 SALES $7200+ DRUGS TRNEE: Join a leader car+exp+bonus+penslon+fee Pald+! C a l l Jim Stone SNELLING fc SNELLING 792-0622 110 E. Alamedl FAR'WESTERN PLACEMENT BUREAU SERVING ARIZONA SINCE 1923 301 Arizona Land Title Bldg 623-5737 We Still Need Stenos MED SECTY, 1st Bkkg ...to $400 RECPT TYPIST S day ... .$375 FC BKKR, Gen Leds ....$300-5345 FC BKKR, heavy detail ..$325+ DdNTAL rSecpt. exp only ... $250 FC BKKR. · a.m. 'i p.m. 5 days · i LEGAL STENO $300 K c o i A U K M . . f Cashier, split shlfr $28C+ CLK TYPIST 55 wpm, credit reporting TELEPHONE solicitor, exp DATA PROCESS, 1401 OP ....$520 SALES ENGR, DEG $13,000 MbCH fc,\ION, strucrurat design . . . . from $750 ACCT, candidate for CPA from M50 CIVIL ENG deg from $700 RETAIL SALES CREDIT MGR $400 SALES MGR, 35-40, TV radio exp FAMILY SHOE sales, relocate S:rtO Wholesalers Rep $6200+ Got sales aptitude real Int in really =cod lob? Optv here 4 NOW. Call Leo Taylcr SNELLING SNELLING 623-3405 2227 E. Broadway. PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT 400 Phx. Title Bldg. 792-0382 SEE SUNDAY'S AD For the many available positions CO REP st $6000 Co paid schooling fantastic pot this Is not run-of-mlll lob or co. Call Lee Taylor SNELLING SNELLING 623-3405 2227 E. Broadway MEN WANTED TEMPORARY WORK. DAILY PAY. FREE INSURANCE. REGISTER TO WORK 7:30 10:30 A.M. mo SERV CES LABOR DIVISION 261 NO. COURT (2 Blks west of Stone) An Equal Opportunity Employer SALES REP st $6000 Able to deal with business people real top product to be proud of Call Lee Taylor SNELLING SNELLING 423-3405 2227 E. Broadway ALBERTA AGENCY URGENT 10 adult babysitters, day or night work. 10 experienced hospital sitters. 1 p.m. appointment. 825 S. Cravcrolf. DRUG SALES FEE Pd. $7600 This top notch lob comes w-car + exp + bonus. Above avg. acv. pot. Call Lee · Taylor SNELLING SNELLING 623-3405 2227 E. Broadway Help Wanted, Male 17 TEACHERS (2) Needed to supervise H.S. Seniors Part TIME NOW. Ful! time Summer Call 623-1568. HIGHLY experienced meat market manager. Top salary, plus profit sharing with rapidly expanding company. Only qualified personnel need apply. Send resume to Star-Citizen Box 152E. YOUNG MAN with electronic background to manage new stereo tape shop. Apply Mr. Underfill!, Country E lub Car Wash (new construction) ountry Club-Speedway. Applications May 17th only. CAREER SALES OPPORTUNITY TUCSON AREA Allstate Insurance Co. will hire a young aggressive salesman (25-35) to work as an agent In the Tucson area. The man hired will have a successful background In public contact work, not necessarily sales, will be neat In appearance and be able to deal effectively with people. Me will be thoroughly trained al company expense, receive a generous starting salary and have excellent Income potential In excess of $10,000 per year. He will' share In outstanding package of fringe benefits including paid vacations. Sears profit sharing plan plus Allstate agents retirement pen- H « l p W o n t e d , M a l l » | 7 WANTED experienced coeter wrvlca man · rtfrlBeratlon MrvWf rn«n . cooler cad maker. Apply 1WO Wtr- acle Mile. . . . . ; STRUCTURAL BRIDGE, dataller. At least thru years experience, Salary open. McFarfand-Johnsfln 795-1745. _ JOURNEYMAN Construction Electrician living in Tucson area. Picas* forward your past record of · mplov- ment. Experience* resumt, and hourly wage requirement. Home tddress phont. Act promptly. P.O. Box 4152, Tucson, Arizona. GENERAL MANAGER For rttall tire »tor«, Experienced. To SLOOP monthly. EA 7-6B1T, SPANISH SPEAKING Dry clean routeman GUARANTEE for right man. 4802 E. 22nd Help Wanted 18 COOK, full time, experienced, good wages. Day work. 126 W. Congress. BOOKKFEPER, experienced In hotel work. Good salary, excellent position. Write full details, Star-Citizen Box 134-E. EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT. Excellent working renditions salary. Write education experience to Star-Cltlzpn BOX 135-E. : _ PART TIME baker, man or woman, Three Sovereigns. 5353 E. Braoriway. EXPERIENCED WOOL presser. Steady lob, good working conditions, apply Pioneer Cleaners, 1400 N. 1st Ave. PART-TIME HELP Male or female. If yon need a few dollars a day to make ends meet call 29B-8085; 325-4192; 325-2073. ESTABLISHED WATKINS Route Available. Full or part time. Call 653-1568. Safes Positions 19 SAL FSMAN train at 5150 weekly with 120 year old, highly respected life Insurance companv, Phone 622- An Equal Opportunity Employer WANTED A H MEN LEADS FURNISHED goom 100 21 E. Speedway MAJOR COMPANY has available 3 executive sales positions Nn travel PhO"H 624-2321 WANTED, Insurance sales, man or woman, 296-3990 SALESMAN, experience helpful but rot necessary. $75 per wk. guaren- teed. Apply 3-5 p.m. only, 3810 E. 40th, or call 327-5661. SALESMAN HOME ROUTES Starting salary $100 week plus frlnne benefits, malor firm. Age 25 - 45, married. For Interview call Jewel Companies, 885-1426. MEN to train for home service bakery route. Salary while training. Excellent fringe benefits. 1927 E. 19th St. SALESMAN Drug, Sundries or grocery. In your travels do you desire extra income? Reply to Star Citizen Box 145-E. FURNITURE SALESMAN H« will work from a Sears sales location with no offlc* expense. This Is an outstanding career opportunity for the man wno Is willing to work and eager for success. For Interview call Barney Brown 795-1450 Monday and Tuesday May 15th and 16th, '10 to 4 P.M. Evening appointments may be arranged. Allstate Insurance Co. RETIRED widower for yard work, 3-4 hours, one day a week. $2 hour Sober. Write Star-Citizen Box 144-E. N e e d trailer service-repairman, must be experienced. Apply In person. Ranch Trailer tales 4137 N. Oracle Rd. . SEVERAL VACANCIES Experienced and Inexperienced. Steady employment. Good nay. Excellent opportunity for advancement and management. Zephyr Window Coverings Co., 1S1 S. Campbell. DELIVERY BOYS NIGHTS: Must have own car. Apply MARCO'S 5601 E. 22nd St. YOUNG MAN to work In shop, must be willing 8. able to work. Pat!g_Proudcts 2820 N. 1st Ave. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY Experienced dry. cleaning routeman with or without truck 4802 E. 22nd. BRAKE and FRONT END, muffler Installers, full or part-time. Insurance, vacation and benefits. Apply Fantastic Fair Automotive, 22nd - Cravcrojt. . CAN EARN $3 up hcxjrly. Part Tlme- Or r 'wrtte P R e a r wleIgh, 4707 E. 4»th St.) Los Angeles, Calif. STRUCTURAL ENGINEER for per- i in progressive civil Imum 1 years experience. Salary open. Star-Citizen Box 133-E. W A N T E D experienced equipment operator, «-25, furnished. Call Arizona State heavy room Em. ployment Office, Wlllcox, _ YOUNG MEN PERMANENT positions with an EXCELLENT »uture We are opening new studios and have openings for instructors, supervisors and managers. Earnings «re above average UP to J200 per week. No experience necessary. We train you at night at company expense. Rapid advancement for ambitious hard working men. We are a growing organization that Is expanding rapidly. Apply to ARTHUR MURRAY STUDIOS «45 E Speedway. _ : _ AUDITORS JOIN THE MOVE TO SUNNYSQUTHERN CALIFORNIA PLEASE SEE OUR AD IN TODAY'S FINANCIAL SECTION DEFENSE CONTRACT AUDIT AGENCY AUTO PARTS COUNTER MAN for automotive parts iobber. must be experienced. Steady position. Good salary Phone EA 6-0930, for appointment, E5PERIENCED cook needed at once. Apply In person only. Highway Chef. 5451 E, Benson Highway. YOUNG MAN, iewelry experience or willing to learn sales. Steady. Carter's Jewelers, 66 E. Pennington. NATIONAL SHIRT SHOPS Has opening for manager trainee. Should be neat appearing person, between ages 30 -45 years. With the desire to learn our business and grow with our organization- Our company plans further expansion In Arizona and you can b* a part of It. This Is a permanent position with many company benefit!. If you *r* Interested apply In cxrjon 16 Jamei Reed at National Shirt Shops, 61 Con Center, from 9:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday. to 1:30 p.m. INTERVIEWERS for government office. Start J446, to $490 In 6 mos. Must speak Papago. Please write Arizona Merit System, 420 N. 151h Ava., Phx. today. RFSiDENTIAL construction estimator and office man, must be knowl- edneabTe m all phaseo of home bul'dlnt Send resume P.O. Box 17072. RETIRED appliance mechanic, Part- time work. Experience In washers- dryers preferred, Call 334-0691. NEED Experienced men for counter s a 0 1 Lumber, hardware, paint knowledge necessary. 3850 N. Oracle. Is Interviewing TOP Salesmen with Furniture experience. This Is an excellent opportunity for a aood comoany man r capable of earning S12,000- SlJ.OOO per vear. Top Salary with benefits Includlnu count all slort dls- 35 N. STONE Personnel Dept. ASK FOR MISS GREEN Agency Supervisor Between ages 25-45. Has been successful in past sales positions and Is ambitious for future. We have an excellent permanent position far you. Salary plus commission and · outstandlno fringe benefits. Call L. J. Keving, Monday thru Friday » to 4. 623-6389. New Used Car Salesman for Busy lot. Top Plan l : rlnga Benefits. See Merit Whlttemore at JAMES MOTORS 51S1 E. Speedway No Phone Calls . I O N A L service organization Immediate openings for s?les- N AT I has If _. _ _. ... .. .._ men. Guaranteed earnings, company paid retirement program, Insuranca benefits, new vehicle furnished. Or- kln Exterminating Co., 403 S. Plumer. TIRE SALESMAN."Sell tires off the truck deliver. Salary commission. O'Brlne Tire Sales. 3702 E. Grant Rd. AUTO SALES G o o d opportunity with progressive, clean operation. Automobile experience n o t necessary, S p a n i s h very helpful. Good pay plan. See David Sllverman, 2301 S. 6th Ave., Randall Motors. SHOE SALESMAN, experienced for quality, family shoes. Steady position. Star-Citizen box 157-E. Help Wanted, Female 20 Apply Rev. Freeland. 1020 N. Woodland 9 to 5 dally. EXPERIENCED fountain olri or woman. Full time. Casas Adobes Drug, 7131 N. Oracle Road. EXPERIENCED COUNTER GIRLS. Fast, dependable Over 21. Good wages One shift full time nights, one shift part-time 327-9371. Andy* Restaurant, 3440 E. Speedway. EXPERIENCED nurses aides for all shifts Santa Rosa Nursing Home. U50 N. Santa Rosa Blvd., 795-1610. GIRLS wanted, 18 up. Earn UP to 5200 week. No experience necessary If you can dance. Phone 327-9969, The Body Shop. NEAT attractive barmaid, no experience necessary. Call after 2. 2949050. Ask for Manny. GO*GO GIRLS, Good pay, flood hours. Apply Trocadero 4501 S. 6th Ave. El MEDICAL RECORDS TECHNICIAN Also experienced In taking medical dictation, salary consistent with qualifications. Oshrln Hospital, 793-9421 for appointment. __ WAITRESS Over 21, day shift, experienced preferred. Apply In person after 10 am, L L Drive-In. 1830 S. 4lh Ave. EXPERIENCED Inhalation therapy technician. S375 plus dl'lorerjtlal. Semi-annual merit review o'us liberal fringe benefits. Call 3?7-3sn. ext. 42. Monday-Friday. rnn \/nm run iuui MOTHERS -- does your budget fall short of your needs? You can earn that extra Income by working « ftw hours a day representing Avon Cosmetics In your spare time. We tram you. Call 327-4041 for appointment. _ Part Time Bookkeeper Approx. Four (4) hours per week. Simple bookkeeping check writing. Needed about June 1st., sooner If available. Must have own transportation. Quiet, Pleasant worklnc conditions. Ideal part time work for the rlghl person. Will pay top oolng rale for top person, or commensurate with ability. Attitude, courtesy, loyalty paramount. Kindly send letter In own handwriting Including meant photo, age, and local references to Personnel Dept. P. O. Box 6226. Tucson, Arizona. __ WANT to be trained In professional makeup techniques, have fun and make money too? Call 298-3037. COCKTAIL WAITRESS wanted. Apply In person at The Embers after 1 p.m. 3424 E. Speedway. __ . RN Central duty, 3-11. $500 - S525 plus differential. Semi-annual merit review plus liberal frlnce benefits. Call 327-3411. ext- 42. Monday - Friday. BARMAID Good pay, good hours. Apply El Trocadero 4501 S. 6ln Ave. __ COCKTAII WAITRESS WANTED. Apply In person 4-7 o.m., Tropical Inn. 3401 E Speedway. __ COLLECTION CLERK Accurate typing, age 25 · 40. Fringe beneflti. Apply clerical office Arizona State Employment Service, 7 N. Granada Avenue. _ _ _ COOK PART-TIME, 4 day wttk. Apply In ··"'· L * L Drive,,. · In. 1830 S 4lh Ave. _ REGISTERED NURSE. Call Mrs. Llghtharr for appointment. 327-MJ4.

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