Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 13
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-CLUB CALENDAR ? Astrologist to star at meeting * :« Lawyers' Wives -- Carroll ; Rightcr, nationally known , .astrologist, will be featured * -Speaker at Tuesday lun- ,, cheon at Virginia Country « ,'Club. Meeting will start at * '-,11:30 a.m. and members are * ';invited to take guests. » · Realtors Wives. Club -- ',,· Mrs. Harold Steele, wife of ·· the Board of Realtors presl- *"· dent and charter member of -..- the wives club; will be hon~ ;ored at a tea and meeting, 2 .;. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, in the * s nome of Mrs. Paul Grandle, · f ) '5857 Elm Ave. Members of J/Presidents Club also will be ^".honored. "'. *' r l ";.!' Young at Heart Club -* 'Shirley C o o p e r of Long " · ' B e a c h Health Department ' will speak on "Your Health ',' *--and How the Health Department Can Assist You," '. at 10:30 a.m. meeting Tues* day, First Christian Church. ».- * , *; ·;, Business and Professional *« Women -- Mrs. Georgiana Raether will be installed as CARROLL R1GHTER . . . guest speaker Club at 6:30 p.m. dinner meeting Tuesday, Jones Din' State College arid, is a teacher at Horace Mann School. Daughters of the British Empire -- Lofd Kitchener Chapter will hear Cecily Berry, soprano, during Easter luncheon, 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, in Guild Hall of St. Luke's Episcopal Church. Welcome Strangers Club A film on "The Homeless Child" will be shown following 11:30 a.m. luncheon Tuesday at Anderson's Tally Ho Restaurant. Guests are welcome. Typographical Auxiliary --Mrs. Ed Hipp, 3079 Knox' ville Ave., will hostess a meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to plan thft group's Easter project. Delta Delta Delta--Alum- Lot* MKK, e«in., M«., M»rc 14, i«4 INDEPENDENT--P*9« B-5 ing Room. Yola Brazil, past nae chapter has invited all president of Harbor Section, senior members of Phi Kappa Collegiate chapter as well as members of Tri Psi, mothers' club, to join them for potluck dinner, 7:30 also will install Bertha New man, Kay Kuroda, Darlene Agre and Daisy Shaw. Mrs. Raether obtained her mas ^'president of Manuela Nieto ter's degree at Long Beach p.m. Tuesday, at Los Altos YWCA. ; tEAR ABBY Methodist Church. A speaker from the medical research committee will explain Tri Delia's major philanthropy. Dr. Margaret Clark Sunshine Circle -- Noon luncheon will be followed by a business meeting and afternoon of cards Tuesday at Linden Hall. California Grandmothers --Dorothy Camarota, state president, and Peggy Guthrie, state musician, will pay annual visit to Jubilee Club 75 at 11 a.m. Tuesday in Veterans Park Clubhouse. Catered luncheon and card play will follow. Catholic D a u g h t e r s -Court St. Ann will welcome new members at its meeting, 8 p.m. Tuesday, at the YWCA, 550 Pacific Ave. Elderbloom Club -- Cards, games and a social hour will follow noon sandwich luncheon T u e s d a y at the Reduce Now To Wear Slim Attractive Spring Clothes REDUCES FROM A BULGING 170 POUND SIZE 18 TO A TRIM 128 POUND SIZE 12 is on the Have fun, but behave! DEAR ABBY: I realized soon after I married that it was a mistake, so we were divorced. Here's the prob- - lem: I helped pay for my -/wedding band. It happens to ' be a very beautiful and ex* . pensive one. I hate to leave .iil in the box where no one will see it, so I wear it on my right hand. I don't feel sentimental about it, and it doesn't mean anything to me. It's just a piece of jewelry. My mother says I shouldn't wear it because the minute I meet a ding band on my right hand? --NOT SENTIMENTAL DEAR NOT: Most widows wear their wedding bands on their right hands. And man he will know I was m°»t divorcees keep theirs married before. 1 am not «rt of sight You are either consciously or unconsciously advertising the fact that you were once married. A wedding band, unlike other jewelry, is symbolic. I think particularly proud that my marriage failed, but I am not going to try to hide it either. Do you see anything wrong in wearing my wed- Oswald Jacoby Long suit can wait t One of the first principles J of dummy play is to attack \ i your longest suit in order to J set up as many tricks as pos'. sible. When you have to de- 1 velop tricks in two suits "you · should make a further study to see if there is some reason . to try the shorter one. North's raise to three no- trump is eminently correct. · He has ten points and a balanced hand so it is pointless 1 for him to show his five card · club suit. South wins the heart lead 1 ', with his queen and counts !'· two sure winners in each ' ! red suit. He looks over the ; '· clubs and sees that he will ..; make either four or five ;; tricks there depending on '. the position of the king. l ' * * t * · \' i HE ALSO notes that if 1 ' . West holds the king he will WEST 4.A.85 V K J 8 7 3 * J98 + 75 NORTH » 4 J 9 3 If 9 6 + K 5 3 * A Q 9 8 4 EAST 4 1 0 7 4 2 V 1 0 5 2 4 Q 1 0 6 2 * K 6 SOUTH (D) 4 K Q 6 * J 10 3 2 North-South vulnerable West North East South 1 N.T. Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Op«nin lead-- V 7. your marriage ragged edge. So either resign yourself to a life of imprisonment at the hands of a jealous husband and his spying friends, or tell your husband (and his" stool pigeon) that you refuse to be intimidated, and go about your business. (But be sure you behave yourself.) Therefore, South leads out his king of spades at trick two. If West ducks South can afford to go after clubs since he is now assured of his contract. If West takes the ace and leads the king of hearts South ducks once and takes the next heart. Then he tries the club finesse. It loses but that doesn't bother South in the slightest. East doesn't have have time to set up spades '.. 'la^r on and will make five a heart to lead. no-trump but a careful de " clarer should allow for the chance that a finesse won't '. · 'work. ".', ' In that case South sees * ' |only eight tricks and that if *' 1 'West started with five or six t Ihearts and also holds the ace ·'-of spades, he won' get 1 ,around to a spade trick in · -time to make his contract. ~ . Further study shows South - a way to handle this un",, "favorable situation. The sev- ·· '--en of hearts looks like a " "fourth best lead so that if " ^anyone holds five hearts, it 7 "will be West. your mother has a point, see her first, RUN! DEAR ABBY: My husband was recently sent out of town by his company to attend a 16 - week training course, and left me with our 3 - year - old son. After being cooped up all day with a child I would like to get out for an occasional evening ol relaxation with some adult company. 1 have been invited to join some respect able people who live in our building for an evening o innocent fun. The problem is this: A friend of my husband i. keeping an eye on me, and he says he'll report any moves I make to my hus band so I had better behav myself. Abby, I DO behav myself, but my husband i a very jealous person. I am about ready to climb th walls. How can I get out for little relaxation without thi friend giving my husband bad report on me? I don 1 want to cause trouble. -COOPED UP DEAR COOPED: If an eve ning out with respectab people can cause you trouble. 6 Q1 9a Treat Yourself to Bee's Famous One-Price Permanent Machineless Machine Cold Wave Creme Shampoo and Wave Includes rt5O Creme Rinse A No Appointment Necessary Completely Air Conditioned BEE'S? Bcaufy Shop GA 4-1016 2337 Long Beach Blvd. Of rich calf, set prettily on a maple heel. So flexible too, prettily on a maple heel. So flexible too, from ribbed rubber soles to the elastrdzed front. Be walking on Air Step smart and discover that wonderfu' dKsraion . . iMtroui work irm . . . THE WIDEST S E L E C T I O N O F QUALITY MATERIALS to M M«i "»· where PLUS SENSIBLE PRICES AND THOROUGHLY RELIABLE SERVICE « add ao 10 customer sallifacllcn. Call for ti»m« Aowwmtnl WILLBANKS DIUPS'ltS - CARPETING GE 4-0901 ^**\ In Oriatt Cnwlv ClI! S***t T · it. 7-111! ' 1 IIT7 FKCEMAN_ SIONAL HILL . ^^ LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD CENTER ,,, 5031 HAZELBRQOK VE. 3RD PINE , DEL AMO CENTER ,., 21924 HAWTHORNE BLVD. Here you see a snapshot of Mrs. Janelle Gleason when she was a size 18 and weighed 170 pounds. She tried pills and dieting and would lose a few pounds but in a sliort . time would gain tlie lost pnunds right back. Nothing seemed to work until she tried the Pat Walker reducing program. In the next photo you'll see her as a size I 2 that she is today. ince at all without puffing like as told by /Mrj. jttnellr Glenson Long Beach I will always be grateful that I happened to pick up the paper and sa.w your advertisement. It was about an older woman who had lost weight through program. Sol decided to look into it I had a beautiful figure before had my children. A f t e r the rst one I went up to 135 pounds and stayed for 10 years until my second son came. . then weighed.170 pounds and ! couldn't seem to lose it. Oh IV go on i diet and lose a fev pounds but would gain them right back on. About a. year ago I made U] my mind that something had t' be done. I couldn't walk any dis steam engine. I was getting so oft and flabby I didn't look or eel any better and I still wore a size 18 dress. Then I saw your advertisement and decided to give it a ry. Now I'm down to 128 Here you sec Mrs. J.iiielle Gleason with the Internationally Recognized Figure Authority Pat Walker. Mrs. Gleason reduced from a size I S to a size 12. She lost 3'/2 inches from her waist, 5 inches from her abdomen, 6 inches from her hips, 3 inches from each thigh and 2 inches from each upper arm. She sincerely recommends the Pat Walker program. legaiii Your Youthful Figure Without a Rigid Diet nkles and sway back remain ftef dieting. "Under our program we. ic- ept each individual as a sept- ate problem." xiimds and a size 12 dress, feel like a million and look nice, too. My husband always said h liked me big but now you shouli sec his face lighl up and hi chest swell out whenever soni of our friends whistle at me. sincerely recommend your pro gram to anyone that wants t lose weight and feel better. -- Mrs. janelle G lea so. Women wilh problems are inding Miss Walker's figure orrection methods offering them . new way of life without suf- 'ering from effects of near tarvation. The key to success-- or secret f you wish to call it-- is in osing where the loss is needed ind in firming and toning the tissue to retain a new figure. 'Under a rigid diet program women will lose weight," says Miss Walker. "But they won' lose it in all the places the; should. "Perhaps the waistline ma shrink from hunger, hill Ih bulging hips, large thighs, thic hone lor Your 'ersonal Appointment ' With Miss Pat Walker ; Miss Walker is availible for C rsonal consultation at the ikewood and Downtown Long Beach silons. Phone Mfitcilf 4-0672 or HEmlodc 2-2973 to reserve your personal appointment with the internationally recognized figure authority. L A K E W O O D W O M A N R E D U C E S A 200-POUIVD SIZE 20 T O A S I Z E 1 4 A N D S H E I S S T I L L G O I N G D O W N 90-DAV3 HO INTEREST HO SERVICE CHARGE Here you see a snapshot ol Mrs. Rosemary Barto. Rosemary was a 200 pound size 20. She couldn't wear attractive figure flattering clothes because of her large size. She decided to try the Pat Walker reducing program. In the next photo, you'll see her as a smart size 14 and still going down. Here you sec Mrs. Rosemary Barto with th Internationally Recognized Figure Authority Pat Walker. Rosemary reduced }'/j inches from her underbust, 5'/2 inches from her waist, 71/2 inches from her hips, 3 1 /. inches fr6m each thigh and 3 inches from each upper arm. Rosemary reduced from a size 20 to a size 1-1 and she is still going down. m told by Mrs. Rosemary Barto Lakewood I'm the mother of two little girls 31 years of age and 5 foot, 8 inches tall. Before the girls came I had been wearing size 18 dresses and went up to a size 20. I had reached the weight of 200 pounds. I began to feel sluggish n hot weather and suffered fromiand for our vacation (his year|with the way I look in this new he took me to Mexico City and;d r e »- :he heat. I decided that this being over- | worc bemtiful figure flatter- weight had gone far enough I . j hcj _ j, sur£ decided to try the Pat Walker] fc , Reducing Program. ""'"' I'm now down to a size 14 from a size 20 thanks to Pat Walker and her reducing program . I have a wonderful husband ling Our anniversary is next month 15 a won- an ) m y husband is going to take I me to Las Vegas or Reno for tht wearing ,,,« clothes again. I had bought a new dress the r It sure is a wonderful feeling to have a nice figure along with ^'^v, f ?i* i \? h r^Sllifi8««*fl^8 l1 with Miss Walker. My husb.ind * * My was real pleased and delighted -- Mrs. Roiemary Barto -FREE Trial Treatment and Figure A naly sis .·omen can slim down as quickly and easily as the 5 million Under Pat Walker's scientific personalized guidanct, w women who it, in complete service makes Perfection , o see changes in 10 days. Visits are only $2.00. to 9 p m Monday thru Friday. Collect calls invited. PAT WALKER'S FIGURE PERFECTION SALONS IN TH£ FOLLOWING LOCATIONS ONLY1 DOWNTOWN LONG IEACH LAKEWOOD CINIM 423 East Firit St.-HEmlo«k 2-2973 4998 Faculty-Wiled! 4-0672 Other Locations--Honolulu, Kriliw, Reiedfl, Pasadena, San frtmcicw ana Sydmy,

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