Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 31
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tieinc. for Sde Ut BIXBV AREA ' ^-r^ioof-^ · ·: j! 'VACANT J! ·teffaPGUlSS ·-: ·RlOOlH}«)D'A«J 40J w ' ftt tatti tii*i joj'ft w-iW ' "BiXBY KNOLLS LOVELY HOME · A* lovely setting 4 very.nk* JBR. hem* win lit tams. Many (tttracttv* features. .1191 ATLANTIC HE tint ~*~~~ "CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS , " CALL TO SEE ... i t/ }BR. * tans. rm. I ba. tn.fW *V 1 BR. + den. Just rcdec. S14410 ,· 5 BR. + lliJJ den. col. ··' J-BR^*lew tlstv- sharp SI4JCO ',- DUPLEX-elew lUtro S!T.KD ,' J BR. evil*-- Vacant _ 1U.XO !· IBR: Fiifw. *stai* _ man ·\f JBR: sean. Esiaie~ tij.7» - 1' 1 BR. To*. R-2, rented S17JOO ". H. J. HUNTER** ASSOC. ir» E. WarSWw GA 7.114* GA 4 TWO NEW LISTIfiGTi Nearly new sld* by skve I Br. du, D'*«. Each im sa. n. w. n w. l ; OA sfEELE "M r OSS H Ca 41 .'.'· COUNTRY CLUB . . ESTATES . MODERN LIVING DELUXE bit-In ranee * oven. Relrlg. A treerer. wash*r. drver. foedxent«r *T tend. 1 battn. W-w ccts.. tiros. PLUS e*l. den or elite*. Beaut, horn*. Must b* seen. SU.SOO. GENE NEBEKER RltY. HA 5-4441 OPfM IVES TIL 1:30 PM. DOWNTOWN .Moderrmed 2-br. $9500! · y Owtnl Try Sign dn t Trade? REX L HODGES CO. HE 7-17)1 decor.. I reoalred. TE 1-1447. EAST SIDE YOU CANT BEAT THIS *wi *Jlry lot. R-4 Ton*. Onry t'ltM O*»r»ef may h«M» fmantt. WALKER LEE Hwy. 101 Anaheim, GE 4 7474 WE URGE YOU TO SEE (OPEN I?I IT. IOUISI ,TKU Ibdrm. }ba. ttecieui charm- !··-. Rso-i to build i-its tn rear. INear RalorYs. Sc* todavt GE *«434; GE (4149 · REX L HODGES CO. , 5 BRS.. 2 BATHS ANYTHING DOWN. TRAOEr WHAT.HAVE-YOUT : MAKE AN OFFER ·vYOU NAM£ IT-WE HAVE ITI ·SCHWENH, RLTR. HE f-7411 SEE IOr~EDISON PLACE 1 til. E. ct Ga.ioH. oil First SI. Quaint Sttory. br. hem*, no vard. 1 blk. to Ocean. Nr. schools, shepcirj downtown. Prw* SIXfSO. VANNET REALTY HE 70411 Jtvarn 2 bdrm. Comer. You won't briirv* m* pricel C 1 xenino. Call GE U0434; GE 1414] REX L HODGES CO. ESTATE: 2 ON 1 3 Bd'ms.. I'l baiFs, w w CleaM "liMw'f.ti rnt* r.E f Jt« Leedem. Rltr.. GE 4 1171 · 1200 E. IOTH ST. Hey. you mutt l»* trus'l eerrer lot. c tun* Priced' to ten. Terms. Rltr.. GA 4-attt REAL COZY .1977 MAMANNA OPtN 14 inn down. Pncrd Uw. Hom*v. federera'ed 2 br- d.n. nn., th»r. no heat, nlc* yard, fruit tr**s. MABRY Rlty. CE I S7I7: GE 1-1411 IBR.. llvbati front. IBR. rrar, 2 garages. Lot SOim. C-4. elley. We'sn Rlty. 1411 E. 4tt HE i-?*lS QUICK Poss. 1741 E. 1st. 1 Br. » 2 acls. ever S tars. SS IU R 4 let. LOVCLY 1 r. 2U. slvua hcrra « 2 aets. over 4 tars. C-4 lot. Owner will finance, low down L O Graham Ml Redondo GE 1 7531 · BUILDERS ATTENTION Older- 1 Bedrm., I'.Y ta*fi. On 50.113 R4 lot. Nr. 7m A Cr.erry. Try terms. BKR. HA 11711. ~ I ' lllTSTANLCY ?br. hem* + 4 on* fcr. acts. Inc. SJ4S. Efth. Jor.. -a-n* area ^a se* ca'l Rltr. HA f ll:l Small Home Nr. Wilson · t BR with tjaraTc Gond buy. _NtLSO» GE "MSW; GE 1 S4» ! No Down Renf To" Buy ! Itr. IBaT ttj.eoo Ric Owen. REX C. HOOGES CO. HE 7.1111 \ BR. nous* et 131 Eagie. HJCO lull price. HE J4S11. C BROADAAY-- 1 onits. 7 salt 1 1 do'*. C 7 ton*. Bkr. GE 1 77t7 . LAKEWOOD AREA TWO EATH Gl NO DOWN! sildng tyass dr. to covered eat'o tram rear living rm. are choice features of this smart 1-BR, ho-^e. BirtK kitchen, tool Ca'l HA · !*ll --Key at Xlg Woodruff A»» '-WALKER LEE BUILT FOR TEENS MO sa. ft. rumous rm. lb" . w w. VB. Ores, xint landsc. Clos* 13 ·Vay Co. «. Oougtas. Ask for Berfi* H A S 7414 Eves.: GE t Ml] MOULD REALTY TRADE Vfluf 7-RftJrrn. Laktwood hort tor Oftawi,, c*rp*td, tat. Guirer.RicfiarcJsME3-BII2 SIOOO DN. :.(R. CLEAN note to Mad.son a. Hoover. Owner bouynt anorrxr. Ask Berm* To suhmit. HAS7IH Eves.: GE 1 141) MOULD REALTY FIX-UP SPECIAL Laaewood City 2 L den. needs tnylno ca'l. Barga n. Hurry! Shoemaker WA £l]7t: GA 1U7S REX L HODGES CO. ONLY $14,500 5*»drm. 1 drn. Jmt rrdxrtj liyj. W-w curort, h*wd. tloort. Try inM down, f HA t»rm. To-W PtilrV, HAV7477, rvrs HA 1-7111 5613 BRIERCREST 9 bedroom, nice condition. 7 car flsraae, drfv* bv, don't disturb tenant. S17400 FHA loan avatlabie. HUMPHRIES REALTY TO 7 7797 _H1I E. Atondra Blvd.. Bellllower Nr. sthools. shocotng. This wont fast. Can Orson tor apoointrntnt. TO V6U»-- Toner Realty -- *ves. To 7oeos ROOMY FAMILY RM. ADDCO to rwc* } Bedrm. horn*, seo. d.n. tm.. Ig*. lot en quiet street. Wa:k OtNF NEBEKER Rlty. HA S44II OPEN EVES 'TIL I:M PM PRICED TO SELL! JIIR. BEAUTY. N»wjy dKOra*ed · MIULY IECKER.'RTALTOR 593TDUNROlBlR^Owi»r 7 Br. fum, maol*. ww cct. dbl. ear. Pitio. hew screens A Hno'e- um kttch bam. I14.7SO. TOA-S1S4 CAL.VET OR Gl NONE OR LITTLE DOAH 16R 4 ww cartten. food vard. CHAS E, WRIGHT HA 5-1701 ..$750 TOTAL DOWN" «arv'HcilfL l AND. HinT'el* . J 1111 · fves. HA 1 Sill *r ME 2.7144. R-2 LOT S4.100. close to Lakrwnod. S7y4 IP., Cal Paul. HA Iff77. Torxrr RaaVty F"" HA · JU1 RICCNTLT reoeui. i^..,v Wao- in« distarx* ta Lairwood Center. By *wn*r. UN S7X7. immat. 111400 Ritr. HE 2lt11. ItDRU. LGE. LOT. OrVNt*. ME »M«. iCfyc'R With S7700 rash wants "- tr. home. HA a-ITW. Bkr. h-e^er. Bir HA sUll n»f.H 1 TO 4 sin CA»DaiE JICl IBR ALL tllClRiC. B«r. HomtiferSol* 13t LAKEWOOD AREA 3.8R.-YACANT-- 3-BR. OWNER VERY ANXIOUS SB*drm. c*m*r, ce««*lsiety re- «autml KjLjM- ··"' j|vi«« Mfv'Auint »l4.?o-Sul«TJII*i3J mil ELLIS-SCHRADER ·ir EXCLUSIVE AGENTS £· Key el 1711 Lakewwd MC JllU . MOVE RIGHT IN IBedrmt t SMtiims. dm wim *iret«*ce. BlMns dmsknf rm. p«*B ttnced tot with Trees. 10% ·town. 30 vr. loan, by ewn*r. no MMtl M pay, A iVSWfc LISTING PREFERRED LOCATION M O O R E HA L848I 4ISI C. Carson Otxm Eves NEW LISTING 2-BDRM. "C" MODEL Tile kitchen A bath. Garbage »· rosai. New fteers. tile inch l s*rvk* perrh. Newly decorated In I eutV Prked f* sen. M O O R E GA 3-5441 1172 South St. Octn Eves Walk TO DOUGLAS 3 roomy bedrooms. In excellent conditwn. Redetor. thrvout. Has w w caro*ting. fireolac* A btauti- MOb'R°E' HA 1-8481 4111 E. Carson Oc*n Eves. NOTHING DOWN TO G.I. IBdrm. "f model with rear living rm., dbL earaoe. Blk, wail fence, sliel e*r mo. + taies. ELLIS-SCHRADER ·iV EXCLUSIVE AGENTS ·£ Ke/ at S71S Laktwood MC 2-SlH NEAR MILLIKAN 2 SRI.* rarMtrl* firroleKt* »'*') ihoivfr. Trt»luwJ ttrttl. Try iirco down. BEAUTIFUL "D 11 Laree d'nlng rm.. eating area In kitch : blk. tence; seo. coy. patio. Will trad* for smaller horn*. Keys at 4412 Stearns. JOE WARREN GE 0-1033 SWIMMING POOL $i?5 DOWN 3br. horn*, w/w cot. en rwd. flri. inter convn.. B8Q on cwnp'tt-H** t)*xkM vard ·rot-rrf * rl * rt 'yJ*J with lf»tyr«. · real bw. READ/ REALTY, 14NI tattwood Bv4. ME 430J5 Witt Nr* en* mart tamman. Ot*n f a.m. ft 1 pm MAKE AN OFFERT" V. 1 * think 1M» 3b»»dTOOrT., IU tta**, r-omt u w«'rt mt atBina met ·now 10 rnafc* a Dreocftv te*tt- rnrrtt. l| u locattd tn th* ChrtcJ. VII ito* area, carptti, birth cab. rtftt, blotk tffic*. Lrt v*. »N-w it ta vow todavl Priamerr RtHV. Vfaitori. TO MTU. REDUCED! VACANT! Uitd trltlr firtolac* M larot 3 B(t . 2 bam horn*. Mint *tH. B* first tt can HA 1-1211. K*v *' WALKER LEE J1WO DOWN ill MONTH This Zoedroom Is newly painted Inside I out. wall fo wa'l carpeting, garbage disposal, etc. NIC* laidscaolne and in verv eood area. WALKER LEE r#o ft«!if.ow.f nt-ti , cc i nn SpfJt'ftt IMin.. 2 b* Firfelacv. · ilMndH kitcNr^. 223 wirirvj. many titrit. Neac .cheeii 4 IATB* *vhopp«n*j t*n»*f. Qnlf llt.tS). RAPHAEL REALTY HA ISt 17 44JS E. Sonn-j HRST TIME OFFERED Submit 10w Oown ta FHA, tor tiarpeit JMrm. tn Canon Park. Cart***!, «'*0*1. CMKrfl m'rm »x t«wi* hot dan. block ftnc* 1. lots ef rein. BOB EMRICH REALTY HA 17411 HA 1-SI.A NO DOWN Gli 2-34.BDRM. HOMES *rn, Oroo in t«r intormation. No ebtiiat»».. WOFFORD REALTY HA 5-IHt 4111 F. Canon Com *vt«. 4~BDRM. 2 BATHS Cutton bvitt; trelc^ biHn own, rang«; vtrv nU* t»rt); nr. M«f Ca. Trv HOC on. n Aik f«r Stan fr HA S2*tl TO 77»1 MOULD REALTY LAKEWOOD PARK MexM .t. Larg* .br.. w/w car. r*tmf, brtatfait nook, vtrv t\t*n. Cknt ta io»a Port yieo t Latt- wood HI. Jirtt biOd, 10 hvrrv- Gutver.RichArdiHA5.l251 DRIVE BY 4112 Conout.t*, rfdfC. 2 Mm ·vxTct Oatraot* r*d*c. tncd.. on!* t;sa dn t« r«w FHA. Byir-ntt. s;; mo , Pit, ¥»»it. C E N T f B REALTY tMC 1«7AI Vacant -- Move In Today SIM down, large Jbr.. rear liy. rm^ seo. dming rm.. dot. oar., cinder block fence. Pvmfs. less ttian rent. Gu!ver.RichardsHA5-l25l OWN TRAILER or boat? This big "O" br. home Is lor YOU. W-w carpets, patio many etr*r eitras. Try Slrao dn. to new PH/k loan. Ask tor Hy, eves. MH^KJ. MOULD REALTY HA 3 MU VACANT 3-BDRM. LO DOWN OR NO DOWN Gl-lry JISO FH*. Carpel, draoes. Near schools. WOFfOKD REALTY HA 5-1761 4111 E. Carson Otxrn evtt. BEST BUY IN AREA Clean Lahewood Part. 3-Bcrrm. model n Ternflc location Ash- tng IIU50 Male offer l!ey at RAPHAEL REALTY 4411 E. Soring HA » !tl vacant. Newly dec. in «. out. Nr schu dark. pool. May Co. SItJOO. 41U NIPOUO. 3br., needs paint amer *itras. Vacant. II4.J50. SuO- mif. Sliow by ac«t. HE (VIM* JAHNKE TO 1-tm 3- BDRM, 2-BATH BEAUTY HUGE. LOVELY YARD Stvtlsh. has rear living rm , fin* litchen, W-XV carpets, draoes ATKINSON BCALTV HA S74I 4174 PETALUMA. Clem l^bdrrn Model F. pat:o. Gl or FHA terms oner, HE »nn. LAKEWOOl) VILLAGE YOU'D BETTER SEE! 41IS HA7ClBeOOK - 4 BR. . fan. rm. bathi. MOO so. ft Vacant. A'l e'ec. hit. Submit rtn pvmt. Owners will carry 1st TD W l% or leil en contract. Look Into fhlsl SUBMIT OFFER! 470S HARVTY WAV-Large tfO L an, uu sa. ft. wort out terms to suit. Immed. poss. LUXURY LIVING-- POOLI 4791 GDCENMTADOW -- Ultra modern IBR.. 2 bams, all «i*c kit irs a beaufyi Live it -no YOlTcANT'VEAT TiHISI 1414 HCATHER ROAD. Soarlous JAR. 1 lam. rm. » ciuesf ftouse a'l e'ec. ail.. sa. ft. Try Slcryj dn. er submit, tmmed. poss Villag. Rlty. HA 5-7466 CHARM PERSONALITY Distinctively des!gn*d tor tracleut entertaining i. luivnovs liv«g 1 rwerj***s 4 den, OR 4 B B . on a IMiltttt. lot. in trw most ei elusive »rt« ef Lalewd. village J estos + plenty ef room fx pool 1 games, xmt termsl M O O R E HA 1-8481 4111 t. Canon -- Oooi fvn 1-BR. PIUS FAMILY RM. ONLY S14.JSO Slfal this r«m« svttts S1UO down Large varj near City C*4l«g*. HAHMATZ 1 KALE HA 1-7414 VILLAGE 7 BB. DOLL HOUSE Cwstemired Vacant .-rneve rn R*n.J(ed 11900 for quick sa* ·fir i Hoor,rs_ro MA »im ""dfbuCED TO Still »*. b*ajet^f garden, eat.* freeiar* HI « Vacant. CHAS. E. WRIGHT HA S IJ5I Hem*) for Salt 13? LAKEWOOU VILLAGE mice xtoudto $1.000 CUSTOM-BUILT I-BDKU. HI cVeils, rwlecl leceba*. S4i14l ial. e«la»i» ttreei. Trv U.ts* Wwn *r ·nY liaoe. 44JO Crnrt. WOFFORO RLTY. HA S-IHI 4111 C. Carteo Oren eves. LOS ALTOS 2-BEDROOM HOME 2119 Radnor Avt. Ntwly Decoratid Thruoul Ntw W/W Ntw Unoltum Kit.. Bdfri Nt«r- Grb. Disp* Thtrmo. FOR SALE BY OWNER $ 13.950. Ph. GE 4-2888 ^ \s \s \s \s TRY AGAIN!! Here'i Another "IT Plin Spaeleui I-BR, Dbl. Garage !':·} Front Kitch, Rear LR.I Hurry If Inlerelledl 7 ! M O O R E GE 4-3464 - EARLY AMERICAN Prime Location « Spacious Fireplace. FA Heal. Patio .2 Baths. 3-BR.. Fern. Rm. 127.100-- FHA Terms or TraJa M O O R E GE 4-3464 34)1 Beliflowef -- Open eves. !! FIXER-UPPER U ! SUBMIT YOUR TERMS ! en IttU Ibedrm. win eovfd. oatto BBQ, carpeting t. oraon. Nf*d» A imit work, but IM prict II right!) S toller Realty Service 411] C Carton dav-nltt MA f-5901 ! SPRING MIRACLE 1 4 br., famltr rm. |**H Pedd«k pool wdMng txL Lot. covtred MtiO. Choice treolcal l«rOKaDf. Sturd/ LepiW built. Beautiful pmk ·ice. kltcnen tnoi^n diihwei*-* el ri'ff. trttztr. Trvt/ · tatvovl RTX 't. HODGES CO. HA f S«1 NO CASH NEEDED WILL TRADE Mioht Mim.dtf l*«* option. Will ta^c imaiicr homt for Ure« it*. with poet, in best A^Uikai HI ·ft*. BOB EMRICH REALTY H* mil H* i ss:» 4-BEDROOM A truly tme bvy. !'· baths, opt. drrs^ d.shwasher, wired tor z?9. eat.0. somktrs., tieeut. landscaoed. Eicel. cond. rusting 4'^% loan. · Won't last at lit 450. NEAR ST. CORNELIUS SI.TO DN. 44t CHARLEMtCtJC. IBR. w/frpl. SrjotlessI Owners transferred. Choice locale. These **e hard ta f.nd. Immed. Dots. VILLAGE RLTY. HA 5-7466 LIVE RENT FREE TRIPLEX~Teo cond. C o r n e r Montair Stearns. Tenant oc- njoied. Inc. SH5- Will fHA. ee IOE FU»» PF1LTY T,F 41477 Br owner. Have tbr. t txn or 4. bedrm. CIoi* to Slat* Cal'eoe. J earns, rrewece. VACANT. Needs little paint to finish. Will fate as trade In Ibedrm., suitab'* for rental. Owner. GC 4«HT. POOL 2 I DEN. VACANT IMMLD toss m Plan. Ca.l Berni* HA S74H Ces. Or 1 I4U MOULD REALTY JtlAIFORO iduai*. air* Culdt-sac. access tor boat or hous* tra.ler. Beautifully land- scDd. Sprinklers. Sbdrm. 7 b a . rrctna. draoei. frDlc. Many ilras. 11) VW Owner. HA 1 S414 A DREAM HOUSE rerfKt Mslde 1 out. lor, i l»m- lly rm. 2 ba. W-w rarpef. Nkest in area. Win trade. Br. HA »5t;i Mt )30M Eves. 1 BRS, 2 BATHS Beaut, comer kt. eipaM Hesr plan. Cots. 1 drps. Sharp 1 clean! 114.750-iWst terms. JOHN READ RLTY. HA S 6416 PAINT 'N 1 SAVE Tlir JKO DOWN IBR. l4 BA, rOX S14.ID9 CHAS. E. WRIGHT HA $.1201 BV OANER. JWrrtv. w/w. draoes. f replace, patio. dtie ear. 114.250. 3151 Marter, HA int. TKO I 1 DFNS Many citras. PRICED RIGHT 1 Custom. Submit. Rltr. CE f 1144 4BCCKCO.VI. 1'. BATH RV OWNER CE 1-3141 LOS CEURITOS AREA 3-BR. FAMILY RM. Cuttom bit. * lliO fii'ftd pool. H*f«» ff»t IMf"), Blt..*ni gaiort Fret., 7 ea. can ta »n! LOVCLY IBR. dm, n ba*ti«. WiLLHOIT, Realtor CA M!7I NAPLES-MARINA AREA $2,000 REDUCTION-3.BR. FOR QUICK SALC: Vacant. l4 baths. On larger lot, So. ef Tnd. S** trin today) WATERFRONT HOME J den or ) bdrm. *» i,.--- riac* (room ta *dd). Citra tronf*i». Covrrcd pjtio. Eitra lare* 2-car earao*. MUNTZ REALTY CE 1 lUt-Realtors-- 5114 E. d PENINSULA FIRST OFFERING! Charming. Interesting, JBR.. 11; balls home, 2 tirecMs. Enclosed court-yard patio. Owner leaving area. Priced to sell NOW. MASON E. KIGHT CO. SS'J r Trirt Day or Nile. G£-t-*«)l NO LOAN CHARGES TAKE OVER EXISTING LOAM af ll!.tro a 1}7 montti in this JBR.. ill bam home. Flreolare. DM. oar. t Mt. to school Priced at only I23.TOO Try UA» down. MADEIRA RLTY. GE 4-0535 "ON ALAMITOS BAY"" .Sbdrm. den, Ibath. See tti s provincial beauty today! 3 vrs. new. 3000 set ft. Can GE 14434: CE 14111 REX L. HODG C S CO Owner Says Sell 4lft. waterfrt. Boat dock A ramp. Btr. GE 4-7431 GE 9-81 16 room. Corner nf »r Blf WHITE REALTy GE »KSI NORTH LONG BEACH ATTENTION-BUILDERS LOW DOWN to 4% IN. B09 R-4 Lot aoproi 117it44. Near Business 1. Apf. district. Call John HA »M1) eves. MOULD REALTY GA 3 6441 LONGWOOD ESTATES A lovely JBR- bam home Im L B.I. Carpeted -- many eitras -shows verv w«ll. SltJOO. Ca.f nnwl HOWARD BUTLER, RLTR. 4174 AT1ANTIC AVE CA 144TI 4-BDRM., 7-BATH 7v«n. eld. Froi. Co*. Datit. N'tt (·rNtUtKMro. Try .1300 dn. .VtMnakir WA 5-1171; CA 1MU REX L. HODGES CO. $1500 REDUCTION!! IBR. home t pool. THIS IS A BUYI Seoar. dining rm, Carpeled. fenced, very cieanl S. L. STARR REALTY 711 Sou** St. GA 1 IJir $900 DOWN IBR. 1 den. Pvmts US month. MUST SELL! YOU NAVE IT-WE HAVE ITI ICHVttNN, RLTR. HE S7411 2 ON 1 -- ,IS,fOO Good proDerty hi oood restricted are*. Rental US rno. 4 modern MR. horn*. S** 1 comparel HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. tISOO DOWN large IB*.. «,I]S corner R 4 lot. Ooub'e garage NEAR SOUTH i. ATLANTIC C. T. BELL, RLTR. GA 2-S400 LOOK $4950 LOOK Paramount, Small house Yard. Fenced. GA2411I. GA1C21I 2-BR. + INCOME, TOO! Ctrrw location. h*n * ( i». BKit. CA i-n;* -- iu,j» ittAor INCOMC 1 itoret * ? BV. pwxn* ite, ino JC»«»r i otALTr BUILDERS. LOOK-- N.L.B. C-l l»n*ni|. 1?S ft. · 1'4 ft, ) houses. HlATT. CA 14W. in~»(t. imrj~d« ttwi" f o~it" . re^ed, new rtet. aOili; fe*re-i Mf. (fea'rer. GA ttwl By "owNi R'ITM sa r/iMrm", wtTj-rt"' '** "*' "*'"* HomttferSal* 13t NORTH LONG BEACH 2-BR-- "JIOOO OISCOUNTI- Out et sewn ewnee M«ds manevt Iw* Jim. stucco. Under IIUOO. .1100 DN--SHARP 2 I*. (rm. tfucce. New pa*nl in owl, leer. All fenced fl M. Hvrr.l · ·BUIIDIRSI" -- BIG LOT Build veue dreem heene on tMt aJilJl let. Nr. lied t Grant*. TRIPLEX DANDY -- AGE 7 II-B?:. aofs. I eoretes. Nr. 41st t nv* A.e. Rent wceme tlir tn*. regr 1-BRt. tumished- inc. uja. iV* IS \S V \S CUPLt3( 2 BEDROOMS EACH Living mi t Cmlng rm combiM- tievi. HoVd Itoon. nit kitctvcn b*ttu CeirtMoe tfispoMi* CM t*- r»9t. Completefv fenced. Xvit. Mb C O*R l E l "GA 3-5441 im South St. Oren Eves. IMPORTANT NEWS!! TRY irst) OH. tor a 4 BR.. I bath. fireol. ie* todayll FIXER*UPPER 7BR. 1 d.n. rm. 2-story stucro. R I lot. Pa.ed alley. ONLY tnttx D. VAN LIZZEN. REALTOR Open eves. 41 orange. GA JW7 J5000 DN^-S UNITS INCOME l». PR. SI4.ISO Near 1 tm 1 Market. S firm. 1 Br, tpts. Ground floor. On SCilSO R-i comer lot- wills s oarages. Pay* ments. S17S me. Only reeds eaint. JOHN W. REED. REALTOR 110.700!! J2700 DOWN-JW PER MO. See this sharp Jbedroom home and voutt buy. Carpeting, custom drapes. Venetian blinds, new water heater, carage, lnt. location 1 WALKER LEE »«0 Btllflower Blvd.. GE 17471 NCARTSUTTER SCHOOL SI200 DN. $11.500 Newly listed s bedroom frame with ranch style rambling porch, d nmg room * breakfast room. !0i1» lot. Dbl*. laraTC. Needs some reDa ; r, tut a rar* buvl JOHN W. REED. REALTOR GA 3-7VI1 431 E. Market GA IS60? ·A- J»00 DN. i"r VERY HEAT IBR. Sep. dn. rm., Ige. kit., tile tMth. Slail shnwer. Lot 40i1» w'CBF. sprinklers. Lovely yard. Euel. """n^Call Mary to Sh»w t MOULD REALTY 2-br. 2 car gar. Corner loJ. Don'l miss thisl Lge. clear property. Uv. rm.-- 1 ning rm. combination. Tl'e kitchen. Eating area. DISP. W. 13 w. c»'p«t. Service porch. 270 wiring. Sorlnklers. JOE HODGE, REALTOR CA 3,7*14 GA 24274, GE 17440 HOME AND INCOME NEAR ORANGE «. HARDING f*drnnm In front. 2 bedroom rear over ds'e. garages * guest room. Lots et closet space, me baths t kitchen. Call for atttt. todayl USOO dn. HUGO. JOHN W. REED. REALTOR GAimi 491 C. Market II A SHI? Fine Locafed 2-Br. $10.950 Snail let. ld«»l for retirement. Hr m fhccs 1 brtnet. Fu'l d n rg rm Tii« 1 it then. Service D^rcft. JOE HODGE. REALTOR CA ITfU CA 24:74 CC t S«« 2 DEiN M loe. R J lot FHA teff-i. f-wwfd V«rtf W'*»l frgi! tf|fv ltjf*i tor eilf* ynit.. Smi'I dc*fi * ff *"^CA~J\IS7; CA ?«I7 REX L HODGES CO. 3621 POPPY ST. Cl m«'e. I b'k. E. of Downey A.t AnrfOT. Ii60 n. tt. IBR. 2 b*m. 0 nttte. BH-in rtftft* 1 even. Dmo. Lovetv lrepl. W w wool c*rpet, draoet. Cov. pi*o. w*teri»ii. CB fence. La^diccced. CA 34f20 MINKS Rlty. CA 3 SI3I "304 ELLIS-- OPEN fTO 5 Ai »ttr»cTiv» h-wt cn ji correr lot. compie'tiy fenced. tr« IB*. bitctren ·nd ti'nifia rm. Lnciated porch. atr otfcgt. JOE HODGE, REALTOR GA I-nu GA 7 l!4 GA 74114 3-BDRM. + DEN ·1.9 nxnwrt rn witn fireoi. I 1 * bt. A rol f*rriilv heir*-- h»i everything. Owner mivinfl, rrnnl nil. Near Market 1 On^o*-- -Caiil GA M1W; CA UH* REX L HODGES CO. BUILDERS DELK-.HTI! Lot- elder fr*rr»t JBR. SeiVrt north. Omino rm. Lot flillS doom t« tujtltt en 49il)B v»c*nt lot. F.P. tU.ISO. Submit on down. JOE HODGE. RcALTOI'. GA 1-7111 GA l-un. GA 7^UI "3350 sq. ft. bldg., C-2 ions ) storn 1 acts Citr* Ige. tarage Reauty parlor S vr. lease *r s«o nx. Act. rent IIOO rna. Pot. 12m. TJ.« (414 Price IM »0 JOE HODGE REALTOR CA 17*14 GA74ISI GE 4 17U REDUCED"PRICE Cft tttKe. Take ever 4'i% loan or S:SOO dn. to rew loan. Micley Bemis GA 2-4444 S17S L. B. Br, d . E.esGA 11444 C-3 CORNER with S rentals. Incorre S7JO Gone] investment lor t-e tvtirre. Call t»r Mkley Bem!s GA 2-4444 S17S U B. Bl.d. Eves GA 11444 SHOWPLACEI! Eitra sharp 2 bo m bath home with rvstom-built POOL. Carpet ed. Bit-ins. A p'eature to seel HOWARD IUTLER. RLTR. 4174 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 1441 TRY (1000 DOWN Vacant. Redecorated attractive 7BR. StvctO. Very clean Near O'ade school. 43.111 lot. F.P. sl» tu Call tor HOWARD BUTLER, RLTR. VERY- SHARP!! 7br. i fam. rm. w 'bit In bar, 1v bams. Etra Ige cor. On'y I1I.7SO Eves GA 71744 -Since 1144' H. J. HUNTER 1 ASSOC. 1734 E. Warglew CA 7 ll!« GA 4 777] "ff Disney Lila ·£; Newer 2 bedroom stvrco. Near Poolers. Small lot. USOO down- CHI Ke-s Mettart. GA 7S4II: GA 2l:r» Eves. REX L. HODGES CO. Ideal located 2-br. den. Service porch. Eating area m kitchen. }rer iir. Lot 4Cit19. F.P. S11WO JOE HODGE. REALTOR CA )7II4; GA 74171; GE 17443 "END THAT SEARCH Se* thi* 2 bdrm. So*ntih itvcca. 1 blk. ta treODOing. ? t n ta tchooii. Onlv SlOOO down C»i| GA 3 i21/; GA 1139* REX L HODGES CO. SPOTLESS 2 ON 1 }BR. each. Fine area. Ifnmedi- a'a possession. Fenced. Garage 1 parkinf space. 117400 CA 21144; GA 217(4 IARRY MIILER 4S» Ora»ge CUTEST llBR. IN N.LBf * covered petit. 12500 dn Owner will carry bat. Only Itxa JERRY'S REALTY 4TJ O'e-je Ave. CA J 14:7 PARK ESTATES RUSTIC BEAl'TY Saactovs 2-BA. 1 den. 1: ba. rear 1 R. wtrpl. laced secluded yard. Barga* 0 UI.«0-S14COO on A 1 REALTY SERVICE GE 1D431 PLAZA AREA 3 DEN -- FRP~ ·esl share On'y tll.tU Trade? Call GE Tllll; GE 4 7047 Eves. REX L HODGES CO. RANCHO POOL J IR . 7 1*. tjufst rm. w'sy i drpt B.tlM. Ige. Mt*. treoc plants. 1 V rtwV fenced 1 pny. by ewner. HA 1 JX4 eve. i weekends. " VACANT-- 3~-BDRM. seller mevet East. Vvst se 1 !. 1 tjiack to snopp'ncj ren*er A tvs. Near at sctvs Easy_terrn._MA H707 Bkr. POOL 4~attract. Jbr. f'rren* nnal" 701} N pnm». MA 1 »7g Ower. dn. r»n. dN^(*r^ 1 MA_*saoj'eves w r M n Riv. ' Gt 4 Till HemttferSolt 13t , PLAZA AREA, TRAVELING OWNER wants «e uil tMi sharp Ibedrm. torn* with fireplace. W-W carpets t oL wet*, located n axeleried cwea, E i 1* tvtl We'll auftemt vewr terms. ELLIS-SCHRADER ·it EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -ft Hey al UM Atherten CE f 1(44 AHENIION VETSII *iSO f*xtvctinf cosh moves yet* lnt« HEART OMSxEyVOOD KAlX Vacant and redecorated*subi« ·areee. Bieck enclosed yard 111- Job lull once 4, till mmm M- cxrdinst laies L Insurance. WALKER LEE 41M Beliflower Blvd MA S1714 IS \S \S \S \S VACANT QUALIFY t MOVE IN W.W Carpets. Lets of Tile dole lo Schools I Patl TRY J77S DOWN M O O R E GE 4-3464 VACANT 4-BDRM. Owner tr«mferrH. Matt tell te*- CiOV* 4 Bedrm^ 3 b*tt) horn». I1JOO down, to new FHA, fthouM t*n- « ; e, Owck ecwenkm. ELLIS-SCHRADER * EXCLUSIVE AGENTS £ SUO ATHERTON CE f 21 M "KEYED TO COMFORr This FHA approved l.stmg Is In Immaculate condition end may te purchased for S2600 down. Attractive eitenor -- combination living * WALKER' * LEE 4100 Beliflower Blvd. ONE BLOCK TO "SKYLINKS" trslt court* from ttm imArtett 2- bedrve-om ho-me ki C»t LB. Be*i titul CatrDCt, dr*D«s 1 new b«m fivum «ft lint · ctivet C*U HA Mill-- Key *t SU» .f.dodruM Avt. WALKER LEE VACANT 3-BEDROOM! Prkrd to *ett ouiekl/. RHeccra'fd tloon frfmivvd all reddy tor your turnitvrt. «e t lubmit. Cat) MA 1 3T2i. Key «t Via Wood- rvff Ave. WALKER LEE NR. MILLIKAN HIGH I Bedrrr hon*e, trort kitchen, reir living rm., 2«r detach, o*r».r« on *ntv. ide4i for trailer t' bo*t p*rhma- Fenced V«rd. Widow rrxnt id). Fred Rose Rlfry. GE 4-0981 YOU'LL LOVE THIS DEN p«rtv tun. Pitf» »Barm^ J t*.. fretn»ce. ctrpet. d'irtwttti. NitHy l*od.c»o»d In · lovely *re«. RAPHAEL REALTY HA f 5*17 M3S E. Sprmfl Owner Sayt . . . "SELL IT!" Tram'frrw, v»*n*i oukk de*t. ,Bedrm.. 3 b*ittt -Eiecutive- LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP. GA 3-7979 tWJ DEL AMO lit Cherry) 4-BR*. 2-BA.-- $ 18.750 About S2000 01.* dl. B" 1 . C«rpcti. d'aoet. tik. tetxe. Re- deter Liiftcire^ Qyifk D»MM« Set t buv. S"»'P Will MEL MACK. HA M21JL NICE 3 Mrni. de*»ch*d CDt. or»r. Fndoted p«t : o AAatny 3AM ROSSMOOR LOS ALAMITOS EARGAIN HUNTErtS I ! 1 J»ec» V»ur »**rch. we've twind It tar von Immticwtilt JBM- room L l*m,iy rm., by tint le«tur« In fcitUi. W-W rtrpett draw*? . .Yeit 1 B«rsa.n priced *n tuttmo 4'*% Gl loan tool C*n new far *i *ix remtment tt BUY. ELLIS-SCHRADER ·£ EXCLUSIVE AGENTS fr 5i53 Amtrton GC f -JU4 VERY SHARP PLYMOUTH-- J26.900 Beiutiful l«*it ctrottinv In Iivir9 room* tamilf room. dnmo room hall. Curtain* 1 draot* threuon- eut Covered WKt overtook* l«id' tcJDrt yd. Jinnklen. Vacant. WALKER LEE »4I Pale Vert*. CC «1114 SHARPEST "HOME FOR THE PRICE New 1 stlnp-- will t* P 1 )"* tl s weekend-- IBR. t FR.. 1 Pans. svool carpeting, fireplace eiup- ment. bnct. planters. Call fo see- try 12.UO do^n. WALKER LEE H.v 101 t Anaheim »d CE 4 7114 "MAGAZINE~PRETTY" Lovely J Bedrm.. family rm. nn crioice proiess. landsc. lot. witti uetecned faraoe Ideal for I'OOL. riusti carpets JL drarjes thrwout. B'a coyd patio. B'ock fence. im COPA OE ORA RYERSOM, HAZIET. JONES CE 13111 -- CC «0nt ·ft FURNISHED -ft BfavifiMty I rot. Center Ittand t'ovc. B'l m even, ret rig , frrerer. di.h*»hr. 5 Bdrm , 9 ba , w-w carpeting N.tefy tjrniihed SU,?30 n Deal witt Don* A HA 12*11 f»M, HA 9IS43 MOULD REALTY MOST'BEAUTIFUL words cannot descrlb* this 3 BR. family room estate. Ail eitras tor carefree farnilr living. Full one* lust IJf.eoo. Terms Toner Realty · MA S-J477 Fvfs- TO 71470 FUN IN THC SUN J. Bedrm. I bam, "Farmhouse model. Ranoe I even, disnw . top condit.on. 1li}4 POOL. Beaut. Orel ing, bvftv vard. Lge. tat. Slf.W Must be seen. GENE N E B C C F R Rlt HA t«U1 OPEN fVES TIL 1:10 P.M. Provincial Showplace Premium Corner Lot POOL 1li!4 (THE WORH5II WofforTRIf y " H A S-Twi DRIVE B' 411S LOCUST Modest price In evctuslve area I 4- Duest house, ivi batn. Can Br Wolfe CA 7-J1l; CA 4«!7 REX L. HODGES CO. SHARP 1 1 COLOCN CSTAIt MODEL wltn I7in" alum, patio. On beaut, landscaoed remer. C. ROY CONN GE 1-6515 RANCH HOUSE E i c e l l e n t buy -- 1I4.SM n Freeman Rlfy. WA 54454 GOLDEN ESTATES E i c e l l e n l b u y -- t!4 100 Freeman Rlty. WA 5-4454 ) BORU.. ? ba'ttis. at cost. Lanci- scaced. fenced, paf-i. w^w crpf. See at Jill O-jul Run Del. tos Alamtos. CC »]TIf. Prtv. party. Oy/NER-- 4br., w^v rrpt POOL. fAust sac. t/IJOO^}*!! Co'eridae C. 1. Resalt, El Camlno, Ibr. Pool CTATE COLLEGE AREA MORE ELBOW ROOM? A POOL? Intcext fT»l* beautiM 4 bedroom tm:i/ room. Bjctin ITSV«, e * w fe'ria. L treerer with tviwri'Xr* »rMt'r*fl f. tuitom drar^n. L»ro* e«al IJiJl Antnony Pool torn- fieteiv landvcewed in tropical oecor. WlXO WALKER LEE ml Patt Verde CE « HW 4-Br. + F«m. Rm , 2 Bat. I17JCO -- LarS taynity *hom* Rull14tS; Steve 1 even, dishwasher t repl. FA Mat. Reaecor. Fenced. Imme4 possess. Tr tISOO m Owner srtl he*9 tmanctnt. Wil trade. Met Mack HA 14)311. $3000 DOWN will tvy a beeutifvl B*dryn. r ·MBI eslat* home Cl tence t beaut.tvl f»*cll yard. Guiver-RithardiME3-8ll2 WEST SIDE U.IJO-1 t*. HOW(-tl.M DN ·y*m IU MONTH. CLEAN OflANTOvVM RCALTV Hf -I44l J7Jl"FA»Hl64-0tN It*. Jpdrtn. rre«4ere. wt* rH CA 14UO DRir.HAM (.A 4117] lit Sre fl arr-ern'e CA 74l',l Homt, for Solo 13* WEST SIDE HOME t INCOME »M M. tl. cinsemMt. heme t ""RDC!. fiobGEs'cb. LIVE REN'ftRE'E TRAOC YOUR HOAAC EQUITY en tt» dandy new 4wvt Plut J- Bltrm. en rear. Units, IBdrm. eactt. c«od spandabf* cosh. ·£ PRICE DROPPED ·£ OonerbKit IMrm. 1 den. Corner. Can b* recened 4er business. SHOO down. 3lfS Santa fe. Ken Moffatt CA 75411. CA 1 120t fjcv 1 LinnAtt. CD JtUO FASHION WANT LARGE ROCM5.T See this tovely llvlna room tireolace. 1 eitre tare* bedrooms. 1 baths, fee fenvly kitchen. Many ettras. CA *4tB BRICHAM CA J tin 1713 Me«noii« . 3br.. 1 ban m taiv Tbr.. ii ba-h in* Adriatic Ibr. Just Usted 2741 Adriatic 34r. A buvl Ttsl Adriatic - Ibr.. sns. dn. 7114 Cale Jbr-.. has pool. PAGE 1CUNNINGHAU GA4I11! BETTER GRAB THIS GOOD LOAM -- TRV LOW DM. Cu*e 2 Bdrrn.. R-2 lot. wim xtra b«m In c-iraoe. Nr. stores. RYERSON. HAZLET. JONES CE »COT -- CE 1 3)11 2-ON.I LOT. R^'ZONING I 3-br. homes. Finished In Inetty p»e. Lrj. bn. SOilU lot. BOWIES GA 4JM3; Tt 40J34 REX L HODGES CO. OPEN 2 TO 4 3565 EASY 3-BR. Vacant Newty dee. 114.590 F.P. OWNERS. ATTENTION LISTINGS WANTED WILL ADVERTISE UNTIL SOLD "GOOD SERVICE" Is evr motto. CA VUiS BRIGHAM CA 411/3 ANXIOUS TO SELL! h «. J Br. den. See*r. room :r rental w/U ba*fi. R I zone. Carptt. tfrKNrs, e'ectrtt itove. BLRNHAROI Realty GA 74417 BR.* rovered paf-o. remtnt cellar, rew w-w ctrpet tTirDugtvowt l JUST LISTEDII N. ef Wallow. peauTitut 2 Br. CarpttH Wrfuovt. Patio. JJO wir- STOLP ii »*w. n wiiiow GA .urn 2 B R . WELL KEPT. NICELY FURN. COO. HOME. W-W, FLEC. STOVt. DBL. GAR. ATT R AC. TERMS. COLORED WTLCOWC. HE_HMS ^Ptcfcert JtZJ^E.^Jit J-BR. .two, w-w tarpet, dovb-e o*ra.n .U. WO FP AL RUT2 REALTY Ittf Pacific Ave. HE 73S47 1S4I DELTA- OPEN J L den, fireplace, ww ept. Lots ef eitra*, cft'e. a»t. gar. CA *Jt43 BRICMAM GA J tin COVELV Iffe. CWtom J-Br. Hirt« U* rm. Seo. d-r». rm. B'fl kltrh. STOLP lit W. V.ltlow CA 44712 WRIGLEY RED TILE ROOF 0!ves tMs soaclous Ibdrm. sturto e Fiesta atmospner*. A Rorel Danishca nter has porrjies, tence I. driveway. Price ti440o wtn attractive terms.. CE ]-4t1l CRABTREE CORNERS. INC. SEE THIS 7-EORM. t DEN Over 1430 sd. tt. J bas. Frrl. W/W rarret 7ar ea'aoe. Call ROGCRS. CA ami: HE s-mr REX L HODGES CO. S UNIT WRIGLEY 1 3 BDRM. TRADE FOR WRIGLEY 2 BDRM. CLEAR HE 1 1414 Socterion Realty HEART OF WRIGLEY I B R . Hi BATHS. 1UO SO. FT. CORNER LOT. BERNHAROT Rea:tr CA 7141! SOUTH OF WILLOW Lf . 2 br.. seo. dm. rm , fenced yard. Vacant. Call SOCKERSON RLTY. HE 2-44)4 6 Gold Medallion Units Two are 2 brs.. t baths, may trade NtLSON CE I-4UI: CA 7 SOU Clean IBR. "t'ucxo. Small lot. Good toe. Close to snccc'na t bus. MATTHEWS. Realtor OA 404f/ SouthlandCIHeiProp.140 AHTESIA }BORM. w/nlce b'V kitchen natural cabinets, bit ins. Guesthouse L Urtm 0ar»o«* B 2 lot. III14 T TI4th St.. Artesla. SIOO DOWN-- 4 Br.. 2 ba-n. CB fence. Almost new. Bkr. CC 0-1 ra BELLFLOWER IJiW, pear ihare-l roo. la*t* 1 oreen hou«t. ma-»y tcr^kieft. imaged newer t-Mt. 2 bedroom 1 den *· IliJO »tufT»im«»Ti itreened ca(4. Only 1 1 i,WO, J1SOO oown, na rttiia-xtna nee* ·iRV^iWITM CO. RfALTORS *(.^ T. fl3«er Are. TO ? -«7J IUI ffatecrant ME 44S41 CLEAN'2-BEDROOM Downtown Beliflower Wt hive lint luted tM« th*rm- trg home m *eid" flflfiowtr't b e s t re'onborttood. Srct'n«if cU*n lntid« 1 out. W w carpeting. tirrpjace, iep, .ta'l »tv«*er in totn YOU will io«* one *l»,WO F P. Priomon Rei'ty, 15561 SO. LEAHY Drive bv -- ootvt d lUrm, r'ette. Cho.ce location for rh-t 2 bedroo-r, 4 imi:i otfi 4 ennoted r»«itio. MJO« living room tireplate. Fftrrwly stvlt kiHrmn, l-rtt tear- HM. 2-car garao*. WWO down. O-vner »lIT""tltT¥. MUMPHRiCJ RC*LTY TO 7 2T07 nil c. Auo-v)ra Blvd. Bellllower NO. BELLFLOWER rvttamfcvlll 3 bedroom Ui^ff. Oen, liOO H tl, 1'. bafM. ww carpet/ drape*, tired ace, covered pario. planter*. 2-car garaot. Oe- iigned tor et«v acreit ta bKk V*rd. $250.) down. Be*utlfu| ton- HUMPHRIES PEALTY TO »-}W fill C. Alondr* Bvd.. netif-ower 20 NEW UNITS 1 JL } bdTn. units, tumtiheif. l»- (town Choke ficrt* m kxai.otv Rylee Cogburn. Rltrs. W 3 t £ . Artnia Betitiowtr BUSINESS CORNER TVS* large wen heot 5 room homt covd tt uied for but-nni. 112 it frontaot en good bouttvard. In Be'tf lower. Dcvetoo tr* vacant part tor itorei or actt. tSOOO down* m*vt« lettl % J. A. MUELLER. REALTOR tnu Clark. Be'lliower TO lint sv'n Saanlsti s*vle J bedroom 1 oen home. In ettellent cond.tion. w w carpets, draoes, IU battis in room off mie garage. Zoning permits tethUnit torses. Asking S22.1U --terms arranged. HAUSER-SMITH CO. ·44? C. Artesla Bird. TO t-ITtl i;» oorvM on nin cute jtdroo-i horn* on Oreo lot In No. Betl- fifiwer. Built so you (an add eitra rooms Uteri The price II rtgril -call usl IBR. turn IOO dn. to new loan. 4 mo. TO 40111 Bkr. HA t4K NOKWALK EXTRA SHARP Ht down yettrans/ USO dn. rHA, 4br, 2 bams, rxble gar., emer"1 rt'lve. twoe patio, r«wly deror. intf D i 1. Will lue traoe. HUE CHIP Ritr. un 1-4747 inn t. r.restorie SENSIBLE VALUE SHARP. IBR. Tenl'd IK. rm. ctee to scttoois 1 sneos Ca'l Jinn far HA fMIl MOULD REALTY GA 1-1441 J95 DOWN Ns outi'tytna. 4 brs . 1't. faa. Tale eyer Ci terns ur r*r mo 4 tncl fates 4 ins. Unbeatable!) _ril Mtt« BROHtRS Ull «?ll LARb ibipdrdorn 2 ta:n home*, e'ect. liitcrten. close lo Horwaik {U'NCKJUIIT.'BC*LTOR TO tfUii r«CD»OO«-- AttactiH garaoa. i.t» etown. 11171 C. /letrdl JI- Kef, · Ik Can UN SttlS PARAMOUNT Illy te beat mst )l« urn It'.Sg ma. Hot! .aalty. TO 14X117 ANAHEIM VACANT "«le*n ffHf: r'«IUTv. Ais*jr-ie*) fi"t'» loan, ha *xx'fy«g. teijil HOI normy '"Terrier tn/y at JIHIS i mil H'W iJ^j'iVr Mr; Drang* CouRryfrop Ml f Non Ve(t or Veh Who H.v. Uted Your 61 S'/lV. ln. $S25 Total Dn. leXJwd-n *t| turvw lett, c-nH ImeovHti. 1 Mrm hom«, IU Mttn. ktt-M RLO, HH. FA heat. CB Ittv*. itrztr, I b^s *· Krhotl. ha ..Milofn Mmb Nt Jn.*,, YM ··t the *»*/ ALiO tther to £1*. *t»t« »e*'t# C*^ HMttari 1144 r. retfi st, NIB. WA »m. vsevM* *jib, tvet. wt Jmo. ANAHEIM FORECLOSURE Pkk v. 1 back Mymentt tale ever 3 BR. til*. 1 eat*. Denied. ·atto. Neetts wort. TR lent. BUENA PARK 10% DOWN i62 ISAM HUSO WAY Sole to** iteoVoom home, btt.- m rane* *ven. fir ret ace, F/A heat, H* bttfis 4 many «n«rr »Xfntr**n« eitm. So. ef Cm- cent, w. of-Kmtt A*t. HUMPHRIES REALTY TQ T-3W ·jV $200 DOWN Vr JBR. WW crpttf-s. hroN^fl. ltr». Covered ratio, tinder B te*te. Orangtfalr Rlty. UN 3-I6W GARDEN GROVE NEED PAINT --and elbow create to nut this 1.OM so. tt. Ibttrm. home in too shape. Hardwood floors, plastered walls, large lltcften liy- Ing room, big 2-ur garage. 1 ORANGE TREES. Good nelgtv bornood. Wa k to C. C. Hi on * sKODOing. Full prlc* 11X200. .% F.H.A, loan. LVENS. JE 7-nM POWER REALTY 1JSOJ Brookhurst. C C. LE t-1141 NO DOWN PAYMENT 100% Cl loan to manned veteran; real s.*iarD Jtxlrm, room. 2 bam home, built-in range 1, cwen. fireplace, covered patio, near school. Full price S14JOO. See this today) tVENINCS JT 4WI7 POWER REALTY tl»t Brookhvrtt G G LE f-1UI 3-BDR. FAMILY RM. Ol/ |1$,7SO for tftl« SHARP J- bedrm L farn rm, 2 ba*ti horre. w w carcKT,, draMS, fireotate. Bit-in range evrn. Covd oal^o. larpt te»xet v«rd. NO MONCY Ra_nael RtVf/ S410 Kate'ia CE 13012 -- TAtor 14131 7V 2 Duplexes t'r 2 Bdrmj. eKti. NeeoH p* nt X vard work. x:nt via lor tmtaii. Owner leaving itjle L 1. open to ASKING "tWOOO FOR t UNITS TIDfttLL REALTY ItJI Kalcii*. Anaheim JA 7 SIM LARGE provincial «ttt hard*ood twor hocrt tn rearl* ^ acre. 3 txlrm. ft tam-l/ rm^ ] b-lth, built- in raigt dlitiwaiher. Giafl Pitio b*r KI unaer priced for th-» are* at .11.739. Tld*«lt. JA 7-IIU. 1732 KatelU, C.G. Ooen eve. htW G.I. RESALE «Mrm. 1V| b*. home. Garden Park Citatei. llUNTINGTON DEACH ONLY 1 MODEL HOME lEFT Builder sacrificing tms^JBr.. 1 bams, landscaped, fencd, bit -ins. trslc , creti^ ir.te"e/st'y cri'M at Low dn.. terms l.fce rent. 2 blks. norn ef Alceia Beta snopomg center. 77C7 Tavtor Ave , oocn 11 to S unrl soldi This house has been FHA appra sed at 114 X8 VI 7^141 Days 3-BDRM. t FAMILY RM. ttlSO down l» loan J b»tf,s. drapes. Irril Bll-ln Ro 1 d.stt- wainer. SHARP. Vacant. Cernler Realty JA 7-7791 JOR.. 1 baths, built Ins. d.shwasher. f repi»ce, eieei'ent toe. sltldown. 1I4.1U LI terms. 11041 Cull Lane. ' HAIKU. VI 7-14*4. LOS ALAMITOS TPr IHO OQAN IBCORVL. OBL. r.ARAGC R 0 tented yard, wltn patio A ana IMwd. floors, on'y i vrs. nld RTrRSOII. HAILtT, JONES CE 1.3)11 CE «07» 2 BDRM.. w.w., draoes. b't.-ln stove. buildj 1ISOO dn. Br owner. CARSON AVE. Ml. T K. 1l]iS40 a4d.nona1 IOO»WO -- rear + Inc. _PAGE 1 CUt4NIHGHAMjlE_lj;H "IfM.lJ?. loned H NlTTSO. PAGE 4 CUNNINGHAM GE MT1 SIw\l. BEACH OPEN 1.5 DAILY -- 111! OCEAII -- 3-BDRMS.. iy 4 EATHS Large mailer tevonn, ;«,er ga'aije 17], 7» MELSON GF »4SM; Cl IS4I RDR SALE'BY O'WNER Jbr., Jba Cenleral pjl;o. We bar. Ccrncletdy turn. Drapes carpet. Landicapng. 2 yrs. old ArcO'ntment only. LOrain Hill CLIton 4C4I St.tSO DN., S300 nio BR. A farn rm. w wet tar. GE I4t:4. WESTMINSTER OANfiVi; CM* out for vour i s 4 Bdrm home You lilt It. V. will le'l It. V.t will Ira-le it o wt w«l bu-/ it! B.r. Cf J 341 im~TOTAL movei VftU 10 J Barm H**fl . uret trxd vrf. Var*n South Bay Property 142 SAN PEDRO SPECIAL SITUATION PRICE REDUCED I ne*. J bdrm. \\t ba. home ·:| 0*1 i/it iiitjrei, bl) int.. cft'e ·irao«,v. Ca. on ttl tt#n pri ?filIV tot, ftmred 1 lafeduDd -- rsr eny m»:rTin»fifi.-- tout n tamlaatt wanttng ta t'*e rm door to e*v attver. S2.000 tfwn HIS m«. ea. located 1 b'k. from ut 1 vve.tern. Wit) con.ider tradt Tt 1 Ull Realtor. \V1LMINGTON 1300 OOAN-- Ta»« «ver pvmt*. on t vr. old J B R . bt m ra-tot even. Owner. TE SibCJ; FA 1*4 Out-of-Town Prop. 14 APPLE VALLEY HALF ACRf. rear Aco-t Val'ty inn ter »*'t By cut c ita'e OWT* 29 PALMS n PALMS S U. » lot. JJtCO On t l f W O F P. Owner, Ht } «U6J. Out-of-Sf ate Prop. i4* t) ACRES or more m S.W, Uf»i Ranches or Acreage 1 4 LUCE PNC VALLEY IU »rt* Ie ei, »*nd/ tail, itnt wa'tr cono tioni. rear U.J. Jteei m r. n claret* oood tar farmrf.0. i:i^00 W*00 en. w M rtoxt prk« t larper ctn. pvmt. Bat LB 7 FACE BROCHURE. Land. Sao De*»o Gsu-i»y. C.ero\n pity . jpa'a.^C*' Mountain and Desert 14 (FOR SUCI t hf f O LISTINGS H«-e BUYERS tx CRLSTLIN prnr»"ti*\. i* vou want ftctiflri Orange County Prop. 14 aoi-noc=====3oc3or D Credit Rejects Resales of triet*. Beautiful Homes Huntington Beach o Mostly Brand New [| in dtiinkU o Huntington Village fl .' 1 Bdrmt. J 8»^t * J 1 Mrvnt^ r-vm Rm« 2 ··. J 4 KdrrM 7 BfM j v/ifit^Wt'l Carpvf y te*-jrt 'jntj* and Ov« /O*rt»4t Ditwnau y lorn* w**i Ftnc^a D An cv^-r-t cntt-im £ Fit. frlc* Fr«M 114.500 t* $14.4(0 AH w*m-fl *a'»mf tfttanct ·* lwfw»*a»f Orfvfa»xv ^ Crrft Atifirv-ftl U Hunlinjlon Villati 0 W. It Hrwlj JJ n U|i (ll S Viking 7-3505 Ctoc70t==ioc30 .tt,HU8iAM. Wi. ^.1 1 113 Fog.", 1 !! euBtalnwdDcmt 148 iro» mil IO BEAR RUiTIC Ca«WJ lift- Weil, we. kitowi. MoOKia rKt» IS5«. A iB«rV'"*'' wSJ fi5» ~AC^i J. t* C*V Kiyer.'liUfV Bkr. JiJ C. 1st. GC 4-1141. Money to Loan 151 8% Int.iV n }NO TRUST DEEDS ayiil- ·V» tn quatfled loans. Sampt*. t/^ii. Paymfs. Orl Irxls: JIOOO _Jlb JI500 $22 $2000 ...$30 $2500 $37 (Lett tKfew cfimmltslon) NO BALLOON PAYMTS. Shop Compare!! Deal With « Local Co. THE6UIVERCO. ,HA 1-8261^ (Corwr BelTflower*Blv« 1 Private Money LOANS UTS 2NOS LOW INTEREiT-LOW COST MONTHLY PYMTS ON JNDS AS 1.0 « AS: $ 1.000 J 14.50 1.500 21.50 J.500 35.00 3.500 5J.50 5.000 7500 10000 .-. 150.00 VtE ALSO ARRANGE 1ST TD LOANS ticoo-racro SAVE TIWC-SAVE COST WE BUY 1ST-- 7NO TRUST DCCDS CASH NOW-NO WAITINC Hflnnprw ^ l icji ILJC/ i y o 330 E. BBOADWAY CE 4 14I» BRACKEN Mortgage Company A Third Generation Businetl Maiimum 1st -2nd Loans QUICK CASH LONG URM-lOW PYM15. 1411 Lwj Beacn BiJ. HEmlocl 2-7941 ,C WAKI: 1MD TRUST DLfO LOANS. BORMQ'V ON 1OUK HOME AS L0« AS V. INIIB 1 ST ON 7NO T D S AVAILABLE ON QUALIf-yiNO LOANS. LYNN J RAPHAEL -- H A ? Stir 4411 r. SPRING IST-INO-1RO R E LOANS CASH QUICK «VE COME TO YOUR HOWL BANK M1G. LOAN CO. INSURANCE-SAVINGS «· LOAN. Promot AM*eltals IVeble Clark. Cemparty Call Itul Clark. CA 45111 iECONO trust ict1 loans. S vrs. ta pay. Prompt ellitlal service. Burl im.m Co. TO inn: IVE 44ui DEAL in loa^l etch/sive'v. prewoi act«n on all apolication. H. B _R3bertson. CT Allanlic. IIC 4lf» ^SNLY ta'lM'i VI Ut JL int TC. HE 4.IS4I INSURANCE. AAoney to loan. ax. Jl tears Hart. lit Mill AILANTIC'iviORICACn CO t) L, LOANS GA. al'14 Trust Deeds 152 No Commission Charga SPOT CASH For lit arJ Jnd trust deeds any wr.ere. No escrow fee No ao C r a s a l fee QUICK ACTION 14 years 11 T.O. business In L B. Trie aftou"! i pay Is net ta sen*.. BANK SETS PRIVLIT HE tim KI rtU Bldg 1» Pine First T.D. 15% Disc. T.D Sell lor S24.1SO. r. Int. Pars SI9000 June IVn. Bal. !.e 4 rrj. '.t-j-l-1 t» til OPS r--r *rty. LM*ew ltl» DOFJT SELL YOUR T.D.s GET CASH QUICK WITH COLLAIERAL LOAM CeMled Horre lean. CA 40rf4 1 BUY T-D.s Too ffTiei. Immetjia't c«vh Ma mnvniti'On -- No euro***. "l it T.D7T61o40% Return Short Term CheKt Areat. Prlnc. On.y A*a, Inc. ^OJ*ncr| MA* fill vve o*y ia.A tor lit i. ** luv Top prut '»9 delay NE 2144* |-i.jtfu*_ IjrMfl. WC_JJOH POO VAN BUYS R t LOAN* IA1T HI. L. BHOADrtAV pEJJ^O HtCMt$T~pruM p a d lor TDi a-d CASH fOR TDi »l4f.0-^?KD TD, 30'. d»C. 7.J int. a l Ov« 4 i vrt. Bkr. WC 4 14M Money Wanted 153 WANT tlVOOO lit T D. kl«t Mt ft«n*r Meucird tommtrtut b'da. (VWC ta f t ) . Xmt local.on. HE VU11 2C?i t. ;m, LB, CE lityt NEED ID,000 M Eutt I'd* proo- trV, 7%. HIATT HE 71303. Investments 154 BUILDCB wan** imatl Iny»^t 0 r*. TO * C W \ -- TO *7IN Boats and Outboards 16C HFRt 11 r-vf boat your lockint tgr it'* a Owtr* n' if a Ik ill, m* hegtny Laontra-t. S^ ^a» fvfrv A tri.p t» ihorc radio, twl urrr. 4Wj Ait dtrtk co-erl. a e*'ty. t'rc tot it, Airer»cd Hv»d (bmoatt. It volt lighting tfttf*! ·nd tT*tt art many moft titrai tw n*ny t« |]»|. V M«trtd Iri Hi CMC. r^nn* tnor* Ca b*'3rt 1 p m. HE J4370 0« IT GLAllPAft i«ifar »«»n. t'-K, itarTirtg 3f no. r *!«ru* PTCtjrt L trir, Xlnt, cnnditton 4 maty fttrat. GA Mill t^rt II' St.*tM SK. ISO hp. Chryi __U i out VJri»». HA 1-791 11' d *1«1 frruty l,vrHn 7 tna tvmouDE -- Ci*c.-thm ewtteardi Boat, tl ·! Hmn. U1I2 J Pat Caait H«y^ .Wrtvid* CE t«ll 3 FT. cAtm cnrfMr, IMP l« itwt htaJ, Mery. nr * Mi*** titr«. uj? 'Wr» _mrtf._ j _MC4nM after S.38 9f TftClTY. irtl tj 5t r. A'» runs* ry. GB » .;«. m? »HP S«.t«M.«i IwW u»i . UiH rx^jctt. M*Y. ccjiu* 2}~H* MKC. 'J*~i7ncT.x, IJ" M** TF 14141. I!' CUStOu ro»te sreed doat. wit Ira.ier, lot 4 ran^e trooartl »TM _r*«. itrf. fond lion. CC_I J74! ~Sr*OT~~f AitT"FOR HOUR BOA' ir is ;r ere'e-rrt Cf" e«rs jry~f i~. ttTZ u'aJ^Vj n'i1i~ oa nf IISj Ctwr fane TE atlll loon 4Md Outboard) .140 MyjATil'tiSPAi' r *. MoVJi^ -- -- JOHNSON MOTORS , . IUI MODELS. CLOSE OUT LEACH'S 11113 E. CARSON. ARltSIA rrallers 165 NEW 10.55 GUARANTEED Be lemovs mtg. Real ejuallty. $4760 ; Ki 'Ji. K h,^f u 'r.f t " ] !f^' '""H/KVETS CRUSADER ROD t REEL PARAMOUr.'T KIT TROJAN CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER ir 4 EXPANDING dOiCHM SILVER KEY MOIILE HOMES Largest D'solay In Oranoe Co. ·^ MONEY TALKS -ir Paramount, 4 mt). old. tiki pew. Cemolete w/aKms eWrtbKL. Best e*ler takes. CJesr. See at Soec* J1-WESTERt4 SlJlES TRAILER PAR 1C. lin W^Llncoln. Anane'rn. 41 10^37' BUCKINGHAM^ . UtSI IO.J1- ISdrrn. -ROD It HEtL-. i«is' j B«rm "ABC" -.»:;sa HU Sovtts St.. LB. (Between] Cnerry 1 Pararxx»it Bl.) , ; tf KIT. Mob:'* horn*. Ice-elect, refria. Twin teds, tnower. toilet, cabana. Llk* new. $400 nvlty. Tak* ever pyrntt. Ready to move in. 11717 No. woodruff. Bfilflowar Lot 1. TO 4«:i. 40 FEET : of beautiful trailer. Soertan built. Low down will liandie. Guiver.RichardsME3.8ll2 EXPANDO 17144 LAKEWOOD. BELITLOWD-l IIARBofToSR-DTMriR-OVEBr, ^^.V^^'UB" Uil L0n? BtACft Blvd, L.B, BARGAINS en DISPLAY MODEL* COVER TRAILER SAtES AMI NLB. BLVD. NE 3 3«l } ft9.-- IO*lf trailer. t.k» ri«w, wll 1'iantf. 1140 w. Altxtdrt, Comp*. LLT WE StLL YOUR TRAILER ei contignrrtnt. CA J-3C3* or GA Mill. TRAILER liJ5. tUSOl A!» liO. Takf ovtr paymtt. 70 7-2443. TO 4-S4JJ. etoit to Brc»*"«vr *h^p ee«'»r. Vacnf Ownr. UN 1-1737, LA I-4I2/ ttom«. P«nit UN Hn7, LA 1OJ77 '»! USED TriYtHit-- twin bftu 1114 LakfwocKl Btvl. Downey 27' SCHULT. Tell-H, rttna. Itt 1JJJ t*kfi. 1M?I Atlantic. CoTton. trailer Space 165-A TRAILER ic-tce* ta i ue. ·'» cf» f-r n tt)4I AlOndri. BtlltlOWfT. TO 7 U41; TO 4SA1S. HARBOR AREA-e^OCtrn SpACtt. Chiidrm OK. Pt*i. TE S-7144. BUCNA Park Maw. 71« Orao^ trarp«. Pv*n« Prfc. LA 3 Sil? trailers for Rent 165-B N T W »-d mrd vac. trir*. itli-- rrm. HE 7S721 Bumgimtr. 11M E. 13^1 Trailers' Wanted 165-C WE NEED TRAILERS ! Cash for Yours! CtRTlHED TRAILER SALES fill C. AMcilJ, ftftlttawtr TO i )?;* HA V4I09 Oit rtng. t'rc. br«k«. ten**, \rr+tt t Pvt. Btv. CJ.H. T E i m f WE PAY ipot icaifi tor tra:iiri of · f im oft conilt3tvn.«it. RAY'S Tra^tf }ati NC SS7I1 WILL PAY CA^H ta prl*«*t party tor (ic*n trai«r. NE ft 117 CASH for your traiUr. NE 1-6802 V/ANtEO USED TRAILER tar prl- Trailer Towing U5-E tRAilfR TOrt'tNG t JTOBAihri ·VlTCHtlL T R A I L E R S UN 1-471I Motorcyclcs.Scootcr$166 BRAND NEW-ONLY ONE Lf f-f DUCATI SCRAMBLER FORMERLY JM». NOW I4?» DALE BROWN MOTORS :ill LB BLVD. LB. Cushrnen Motor Scooters -SALE ON DEMOS. NOWI LEACH'S 1211) E. Carson. Arfeite CUSHMAN EAGLE · XLNT. 423 W. 6TH ni»-rw.v i LILAC Wo'ft'cyties A Cuslvwan Sroe'erf JOC KOflNS MOIORCVCLCS TKiliMPMS -- NCW AND UStD !)·. DN OAC NO GIWMICHS. LOS'O BIACM TRIUMPH 4!4 W PAC. CST. HE 40IU ·? YAH'AWA-- VLRy CLEAN, iim SPICIAL CAR CO NE 4!ll» 111! NO LB BLVD^COMPTOM . tond.l.on im. UNI a-ljii iiONOAS~lb*.~dn. (OACI tifi f 4Jirj lilll SO. ATLANTIC, COMPTOII tlVi C. tfemoion, Bllflr/TO f4rgj HONDAS 1D\ ON. 04C L ». H^ida il»S Allanfn O*j till Sport Campers 1 67- A Complelo With Cumpor "VACATION SPtCIAL" ·87 Cnevrelet **ton rckuo wir*i S4I actual mll«s. Radio, healer. Comoiei* wirti Dreamer 19ft. cats ever career, sold new wirs triKk. Has refngera*or, wa*er system A, intercom SyS* tern. e'c. Tneir Less-- Your Gain -- Se* It New -ROBIN MOTORS COMPTOM HO«C OF THE "OPEN ROAD" ») Rrseaans NE 1 7U3 Across trom Comcton Drfyeln Thcaier PRE-SEASON SPECIAL ON CAMPCRS WESl[Rf4- MFG. CO. 1«00 ttonvir. V/eslminster In Oranoe Co. TWnoals 14111 CAVPCR^PICKUPS-OISCOIJNT iaree se «cron. No down. .I11S i3fv*ra. Paramount. MC »74, ME 4 mi. Dir. I-.U A'jndra Paransount MC024JI robin, Beliflower. TO72J4S. Trucks Tractors 1S $50 DN. ·u Chevrolet pukva. tVectieoicel'y A l share. Bal, dn. emt. 4 contract can be f nancixt OAC, HOSCOE MOTORS ·SI FORD F 130 tilon Pukue.. V 4. suck sntt 1 tt. ted. Like new. 141 a r-wntn witn normal flown. Cal cred.t nantrser, r.A7Tlr. VUHy PAY MORr.-- S f t SAVE MORE I/it CHERRf across from Harfer. , w*i.te color. Standard ' transmiv »ion . __.S1I?« CHIEF CHAWBCRLIN FORD 11150 Paramount Bl«d. Psramount ME 4-Iflnl ·j; fORD eicw II). ltd. trans. ' Many tmers *o crtoose tron. ' CHIEF CHAVSERLIN FORD Paramount *'*TM OU " Mt 4:*TI . 3-1111 C U T R A N W E R Rjsar'tl } IOD. Mn.mwm down I1.SO) eeth. - w'li f"i-:i Cs'l OX IMl". rres. OX ll'4 _______ · B~uy eVew I»4J fe»d trvtt. e»y - series at IN *»er actual lec""y roil Cat Mr. Beecn, LU tun. J o r - -41 INTER. IT. Mo*l trvcl, win tns. *ic. tsmt. cond. TO Mia : ei'er 1 p m. : '41 CHCV. \ Ton or «4 Tan P«- uos witn new camper, uall ua. i.,e Sim NE Hm Dir. : ··! »ORO tconolln* Van^SKJeiefrl. 1 RIM «;j oeihre^ e«r. nr_jf. »i» · w. Ca 1 Mr BaxKLU ttonjar, ' ·»»""ObOCt-O«*4 t'^^.rsyruo, ' Bai af IIJ4.1 e«r ·«. C*« Mr. · f OR sa' tr tr»3* W t»««aa, clears '%t »e/d Sla'**» yVaaon. fV4U *°\1~* JL 'iSlifWwer'Ti***"* ·il INIIRNA'lONAl.lileriPKI'vO. If)* Pam. Bein-iower Ut · *» R C f R ^ t R A ' f t D -- Se'f^asstajrieel _ «e_len 'll_ferd. TO * W '-- r-r- Stl P *S*m twr * U Jrfei *MI. uirt rvw«*y Are ME am*, P*r, ·M fMtv »*" rlc««l. »onl e»«l. Ne« res't. r^«or. wa. un H41

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