Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 1950 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1950
Page 21
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Real Estate Transactions DEEDS Shell* Marlt Citllnc to Alice Anson end fearah Anson. I 1. B I, woodland Park revenue itampi $1,65. Quit claim aced. Romeo I. Siliceo and wife to John M. Gonzales and wife, L 8 E 38, Grand View Addn. Southern Securities Co. to John M. Gon- tales and wife. L 8, B 38. Grand View Addn., revenue stamps 55 cents. Oran Dale «nd wife to H, r. Burtattaller Jr. and wife. L 1, and part o2 L :, B 52 Country. .Club Maaor. Home development Co. to Santiago Alfredo Tappia, L 21, B 99, National Cit 8ub. No: S, revenue stamps 55 cents. Edward C. Berrian and wife to Atines R, Freeman and Loretta F. Ryan, part of X* 1, 2, B 40, Olson's Addn.. revenue ·tampj- $11.53. Dorothy Appozast to Georca H. ft-., part of Ls 2, 3. B 4, Linden Park Addn, Admlnlitratoi-'i deed, Edward W. Seruses «t al to Alice Anson and Sarah Anson, 1L 1. B 1, woodland Park, revenue stamps . Pima Mercantile Co. to State of Arizona. »«rt of Li, 11, 22, T 11 S, R H £. revenue ·tamps 931.85. James B. McLaushlln »n'l wife to Mabel C. Connelly, I* "15, B 5, Bioadmoor Sub.. kvvenuc stamps $17.05. William .L. .Danltls »nd wife to William C, Cassady. part of L 15. 16, B 31. Country Club Manor, revenue stamps £7.15. Francisco Rivera and wife to Georcc R. Uedlna and wile, L 7. B 1 Mountain View Addn., .revenue rtamps tl.10. BUlie K: Geyer to Oscir A. Brady and vrlfe. -L- 12, B I, La Mesa Sub., revenue ·Umps $1.10. George A. Sllgh and wife to Jobn C. Oleason and wife and George- D. Foreman ·nd wife, part'of L 5, Chula Vista Addn.. r«vinue itamps (1.10. B. J. Moore and wife to Eugene T. Cav- tnaugh and wife. L 4, B 3, LHUc Rocky's Bub.; revenue itsmps fl.10. Hyraan Epstein and wife to Jesse C. Cosand. tnd wlYe. L H. and part of i 15, B 57, Country Club Manor, revenue stamps ·1.10. : . · · H.vm«n Epstein and wife to ifelvin Z. HirtweU tod -wife, part of L 18. B 37. Country Club Manor, revenue jumps *L10, Zdith r. Hayiies to Edward Chesin, part 1 ·f Ls 9, ID. B 8, Grant Road Park No. 2, revenue stamps 55 cents. Edward Cheslo to John Dale Seger «ndj _ h . , ... wife, part of-I. 12, S 8. Great Boad Parkj San Gabriel Addn. No. 2, revenue stamps J2.20. Zditn P. Ha;-ne« io Edward Chesin, part ef L 12. B 8. Grant Road Park No. J, revenue itamps 55 cents. Kathryn S. Forderor to Ralph Lee Rifg, I. it. B 110. City of Tucson. · Kathryjr S. Forderer to Ralph Le« Rl«, 1. 9, ; B'119, City at Tucson. Sneil to M. 1W. Hayhurst and wife, W.OCO part of B 48, City of Tucson. part "of It 3 B 37 Country Club Manor. Rita Soto to Tucson Federal, $.930, L B 7, Sun»ct Villa Addn. Hoad Park No. 2. SrUvard Chesin to EdAvard .Chesin to Fred It. Murray and wife, part of -Ls 9, 10, B B. Grant Road Park No. 2. revenue stamps 1E2.20. Quit claim .deed. Kathryn S. Forderer to Ralph Lcc Klgg. La 0. 32, B 113, City of Tucs_on, Joseph Lleberman and wife to E. Hubert Slices and wife, part ot L 32, B 5, Miracle Mile Manor, revenue stamps $3.30. John C. Hnynes and wife to Edward Chcsln, part of L 1, B 7, Grant Road Park No, 2, revenue stamps 35 cents, Edward Chesin to Joseph Rudli and wife part of L 13, B 8, Grant Road Park No. revenue stamps S2.20. Edith F. Hayncs to Edward Chesin, part of L 13, B 8, Grant Hood Park No, 2 revenue stamps 55 cents. Edward Chcsln to Melvin A. Helln anc wife, part of Ls 12, 13. B 1, Grant Road Park, revenue stamps $3.30., John C. Hayncs and wife to Edward Chesin, part of Ls 12. 13, B 1," Grant Rorid Park, revenue stamps 55 cents. Edward Chesin to Norman R. Cowpcr and wife, part of L 1, B 7, Graijt Road Park No, 2, revenue stamps $2;: Cornelius B. Brou-n and wife to Henry C, Cox. part of N'.b of NEU of S 21, T 19 S, R 16 E. revenue stamps S19.80. Samuel J. Graumnn to Ernest H. Vessey et al, part of L 4. Tract B, Luther Addn., revenue stamps $1.10, Angela Ochoa to Ramon Ochoa v and wife. L 15, B 11. Riverside Park Addn.. revenue stamps 55 cents. Ajustin O. Alvares to Frank G.-Durazo and wife. L 10, B 7. Southwestern Addn., revenue stamps sl;65. La Madera Land and Trust Co. to Edward Chesin. L 7, B 7, La Madera Addn., revenue stamps 55 cents. Edward Chesin to Frank M, Eamcs and wife, L 7, B 7, La Madera Addn., revenue stamps $3.85. , ; . _ Quit claim deed. Willie Mae Eamcs totlenzuela, "L 15, B 11, Riverside Park Addn. Southern Ariz on Banna Cornell? Sn«ll and Joseph Elmer |sj*' p^^.J" 1 ^ ° £ L "· B 8 ' G r a n t .Fred fl. Murray and wife to Northwestern Mutual Lire Insurance Co., $4.800. part of Ls 5, 10, B S, Eugene r. Cavannusb and wife Southern Arizona Bank, $5,400, L 4, B Little Rocky'fi Sub. John C. Gleason and wife and George D. Foreman and wife to Arizona Trust Co., 57,600, part of L 5, Chula Vista Addn. Oscar A, Brady and wife to Blllle K, Geyer, «M. L 12, B 1, La Mesa Sub. Mary P. Lockwood to Arizona Trust Co. nl, £2,500, L 15, B 1.. City of Tucson. William G. Cassady to John Hancock Mutual Lif,e Insurance Co., $5,600, part of Ls 35, 15, B 34, Country Club Manor. William N. Armstrong and wife to Pni- dentlal Insurance Co., $7,BOO, L 10, B IB,, Hoffman Addn. Elizabeth Caplc.i to Prudential Insurance Co., se.sm, L !0, B 4. City of Tucson. Joe Qulnlan and wife to Edgar A, Roger* $7,5M, SJi of 14 1. 2. B 4. Chattman'n Addn. , Alphonse Albanese and wife to Orlena Ely, Jl.COO, L 3, B 31, Home Addn. William N. Armstrong and \vlfc to Pru- Jentlal Insurance Co. $1,000, L 10, B 16, and wife to Tucson jjoffman Addn, Henry Weinlncer . _ Federal, $6,000, part of Ls t, 10, B 17, Hoff- mnn Addn. Santos Pcna and wife to Paz M, Leon and wife, $2,150," L 15, B 13. El Rio Park No. 2, Co., . Grant Road Pork Bank, 14.500. part ef .1, 13, B t. Grant /- 'r Vm ,'\ TTT - - - - - - - Gulps ( 2 w e e t ) H e r (Tiveet) Noisemaker TROY, N. Y.,' Nov. 1. OT-- Gail Seymour,: 11, huffed and puffed mightily oil her Halloween horn and wound up in the hospital. Gall,-who lives in nearby West Sand Lake, swallowed the noisemaker in her horn as she tooted at a costume parade here. She was admitted to St. Mary's hospital. Addn. Minos Vakarej «nd \rtfe to Thos. Edward Chcsin to - Southern Arizona Bank, $4,500, part ot Ls fl, 10, B a, Grant Road Park No. 2. Melvin A. Helln and wife to Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co,, $6.300, part of Ls 12, 13, B 1, Grant Road Park Addn. Frank M. Eames and wife to La Maderfl Land'end Trust Co., JS.100, L 7, B 7, LaMadera Addn. Samuel Sarko and wife to Henry Kal- dcnbaaBh, $2,000, L 20, La HJIracIa Addn. RELEASE OF REALTY MORTGAGES Marginal- release, L. D. Strubmger to Alfredo R. JVTendez and wife. Marginal release, "Plma Lumber Co. to Charles H. Cltnton and wife, and John Trott- and- wife. Marginal release, M. M. Hayhurrt to lannfl Cornelia Snel], Morslnnl releases. Tucson Federal to Al. bcrt Kcrland and wife; Fred Makley and wife, and Nunciante Brojjna. Marginal releases, Tucson Federal Sav- nfis and Loan Assn. to Mattlde de Franco: Dan Lee Callahan and wife: J. D. Kaiser and wife; San Gabriel Development Co.; Herbert H. Hudson and wife; Calvm Wllils unri wife: Dora C. Payne, E.|3rlzzce and wife. and Harry IlllUand, *10,000, part of B 100, City ofj Auguste T. .Walker to T. A. Inills and Tucson, Vclma M. Llsberg to Nationil Public iervlce Insurance Co., S5.500, W",4 of L 6, Vines Addn. ' At/redo R. Mendez and wlfa to L, D, ;truhinger. $387.31, L luh. 13, B 8, Homeland Frank M. Eames, L 7, B 7, La Madera Addn. Orlena Ely to Alphonse Albanese and wife, L .3, B 31, Home Addn., revenue tamps $1.65. Nathan K. Hall to Lucille Hall, L B 24, Highland Park Addn. Ernest H. Vessey et al to Aurora G, Cravman, - 55,500, part of L 4, Tract B, 6. Luther Addn. S. Construction Co. to Henry Weln- nger and wife, part of Ls 9, 10, B 17, lofftrian Addn., revenue stamps 19.00. Deed and assignment, Raymond B. Jordan to Hazel A. Jordan, part of L 13, B 11, REALTY MORTGAGES Edward Chcsln to 3outhcrn c Arizona Bank. $5,OCO, L 7, B 7, LaMadera Addn. Melvln- F,. Hartwell and wife to Marshall Mortgage and Trust Co., $5,850, part of L 16, B 37, Country Club Manor. Jesse C, Cosnad and wife to Marshall Mortgate and Trust Co., »7,000, !· 14, and H. F. Burkstaller Jr. and wife to Oran Dale and wife, $3,274,77, L 1, and part ot L 2. B 52, Country Club Manor. Ramon Ochoa and wife to Francisco Va- Ernest H. Vessey and wife and William K. Yorcsen and 1 wife, M05.S8, 'part of L 4, Tract B, Luther Addn.. Edward Chesin to Southern Arizona Bank. 54,500, part of L 1, B 7, Grant Road No. 2. Edward Chesin 10 Southern Arizona Bank, $4,500, [mrt of Ls 12, 13, B 1, Grant Soad Park. Norman R. Cowper and wife to Northwestern Mutual Life · Insurance Co., $6,050. part ot L I, B 7, Grant Road Park No. 2. Joseph Rudis and wife to Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co^. $5.850, part of L 13, B S, Grant Boad Park No. 2. John Dale.Segcr and wife to Northwes- wlfe. Herman Lewis to Beulah Fatr, Joseph Lieberman and wife. to Tred T. Scanlon and wife. Partial release, B. H, Solot to Hong Moon Woon ana wife, part o! L 8, B 2 Farmingtcn Addn, ' Partial release, Tucson Federal to Prank H, Sydow and wife, p»rt of L« 25 2S. t3 2. Miracle MUc Manor. Marginal release, Arizona Trtut Co. to Albert F. Aguirre and wife. CONTRACTS FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE O. A. Mann, 615 North Seventh, alterations, $400. F. F. Gallarao, 840 South Fourth, house, $7,000. Hilda Houser, MJ North Fremont, : 123. Emery Hyde, 3013 East Helen, carport, $350. Diocese of Tucson, 25 and 35 West Corral, demolish, room. 75p, Dobry Investment Co., 848 North Fourth alteration!, $400. _City Meat Market, HO East Franklin, itgn, World Wide Motors, 240 North gtonf, neon sign, $207. Jack Turner, 1030 North 12th, move ramoda, $300. Safeway Stores Inc., 1323 South Seventh, demolish building, S500. Malansa Realty, 415 North Fourth, neon sign, $85. UTILITY C O N N E C T I O N S B. J. Melndl. 2420 HaskelJ, No, C; Harry Willis Jr., 4129 £. Haynes; H. C. Chan, 1934 E. Mabel; G. W. Dungan, 123 W. Mis- lour'i;" Bruce Harris.-2526 E. Eastland'; C. L. Hart, 4501 E. Cooper; Marsarita Carrlllo, 518 W. Prince; Zun~. House, 58 £. Congress; Warren -Wright, 19J8 N. Santa Hlta; S. A. Dlefenbach, 030 S. Railroad; C. B. Valencia Jr., 118 T!. Columbia; Stephen- King, 3508 S. Sth; Chas. Dyke, 914 E. Speedway; The Unseen Audience : : : BY H. T. TEBSTER , YOU V£ C5c£/M ·THAT BREAKFAST Fooo FOK.AVJSEK. s'Pose we FIND OUT HOW IT'S MADE YOU.~TH£ YARO is FULL you've R/q«6-a /WD THEM You CAN HELP Be AT Andrew Craw and wife to Carl R, Albert Castillo, 342 S. Meyer; Aldlno Fas- Thompson and wife, part of L 5, E IB, Avondale Sub. Herman H. Gersonde and wife to John chinl, 825 N. Montezuma; C. 0. Raylor, 740 S. Campbell; Wm. Nacy, 822 W. Jacinto; John Musanas 3301 E. Willard; H. L, Hsf. H. wiser and wife, L II, B 16, Brucknc»-3i nor 1009 W. Eric; Ray Durcn 447 E. 35th: M. Booker. 1408 Camilla; Mrs. J. p. Gregg, BUILDING PERMITS Safeway Stores Inc.. 1318 South Sixth, demolish building, J200. Safeway Stores Inc., 1303-10-12 South Sixth, demolish building, S300. Safeway Stores Inc., 1302-OS South Sixth, demolish building, $400. Frank Schuster, 112S East Lowell, addition, $300. F, A. Wheeler, 1311 East First, central tern Mutual Life Insurance Co., $5,950, heating, cooling, »7S5. part of L-12, B 8, Grant Road Pork No. 2. O. A. Mann, 75 East Fifth and «05 Edward Chesin to Southern Arizona North Seventh, alterations, (!400. 2232 E. Spring; Grant Ret. Sophie Portman. 2007 E B, R. Prleto, 4501 E. Speedway; H, H. Goldstein, 723 N, Treat; Al's Ajnphi Restaurant, 3152 N; 1st; J, A. Hlnes, 250: Elan- ton; J. E. Orrison. 1025 N, 2nd; Don Christian, 115 W. Washington: Lynn H, Sanders, 2461 N. Treat; Howard Eastabrooks, 4240 I'asco Dorado; Jack Perez, 305ii Wood; F, F. Edwards, 209 E. Palmdalc: Chester Porter, 4550 E. Cooper; D. N. Euchring, 3544 Youth Held In Fatal Halloween Shooting PORTSMOUTH, Ohio, Nov. 1. --A 17-year-old high derit shot and killed school stu- one of his 3est friends at near.by Franklin Furnace last night vvhile trying to scare .off Halloween pranksters, Sheriff Burl E. Justice reported. The 'victim was Joseph Bruin- field, IS, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brumfield. E. Falrmount; A. C. Brandon, 2553 J ; R. F. I . Bev- Sheriff Justice is holding Beech- 1603 N. Fo-seus; J jo?e'ph er Daniels, 17, for juvenile autliori- subiick, 2002 E. ist. i ties.' No charge has been filed. Four other youths are being questioned. The sheriff said Daniels told him he fired : a shotgun out of his living room window without aiming when lie thought Halloween pranksters were trying to overturn an outhouse. The charge struck Brurtfield, who died- on the way to Portsmouth General hospital. OX JOB 5G MEAJJS GREENVILLE, Ala. (U.?J -- Herman J. Greten, 82, chief of the Greenville fire department; has been on.the job for 56 years. He has been chief for almost" 50. Iurumt'flalljt ffiltT»ti - · Wednetdiy Evtnlna, Nev. 1, 1^0 Leaves 4 Y' For Clieinical Go. Job Jim Davies, who has served a* a'flult program secretary for 'the : YMCA, has resigned' .his position ; to join the Copper State Chemical Co. staff, Bill Skbug, company pre»- ident, announced today. Davies graduated from Nebraska university and came to Tucson in 1942. He has been,active In YMCA affairs especially ..in the physical education department. " . · Davies' resignation will be effective immediately, Skoug said. He will,be employed by the chemical company as a salesman of industrial chemicals and acids. · Held In Halloween Rape Of Girl, 8 SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 1. W-A 37-year-old man was charged today with raping a costumed 8- year-old girl, who asked him for a Halloween treat. - ' . · Police Officer Les Nelder said Frank Mendoza promised the child, a treat--but took her to. a secluded, spot last night and forced her to drink wine. The girl (name withheld .by police) said she lost consciousness.' Mendoza carried her to her home and told her father he had found her sick'on ^ street. The stepfather," disbelieving,,, held Mendoza at butcher knife- point vd:ile he called police. Hospital attendants said the . child had been raped. . Nelder said Mendoza admitted' fondling the child, but denied 1 'he ". raped her. ' , , · CL ASS IFIE D A D VE RT IS»NO fa 2-5855 · DIAL o oo © ««1 ALL "DEPARTMENTS JCutf on Newspapers, Ine CESSPOOLS--ASEPTIC 1ANKS C M PUMPING CO Cesspools an septic tanks vacuum cleaned Latex eauln: prompt, reliable. Dial 6-Oli) HAYDEN EXCAVATION Dial 5-6451 Our Reputation Your Guarantee MASON precast concrete septic tan* Approved county-city F.H.A. _ delivered Ph 2-22BO · ..MCCARTHY'S Septic system installed and cleaned Free Insp. and estimates Licensed con tractor. 327 E. Adams. Phone 3-'485 Afl eJainu of error la ·hall bt malt within M houn aftsr · «nt InurtJoo. No -tlalmi will be ·Eowtd Jor nor* thu OBI Incorrect lattrtloa. · ' - · TONY F. WAHD'S Cesspool - Pumping LICENSED CONTRACTORS ~ CESSPOOLS septic tanjcs cleaned licensed olurober P W Ganr .and Heatlns 1021 N 3rq Ph WAED BROS. PUMPING 24-HOtJK SERVICE Cesspools and septic tanks vacuum cleaned. For reliable serv. Dial 2-24H CHAIR RENTAL MiNUE RENTS chairs ing for your cany CONCRETE BLOCKS Minimum tauritd II M itiyi -- tl» Word 10-otiJ MlTilmiim Open Sundays 8 to 4 Cancellation Duolliw :!0 PiL Wl*lcdty t TM. Siiurday A* alpii«C«tici^y uranieil dlitc- tary o* outlniM, trtcUUiini la «rr- ICM neh M contractor!, Undicipliu, Tieuumt, fini, wubtn. and b«*tln|. ALL ELECTRIC HOTPO1NT KITCHENSr?? Dial 5-7471 ask for Harold-Low at the G H Electric Appliance Co. PERFECT BLOCK CO. : . ' 4 x 6 x l 2 - $49:75M- Since 1947 We' Sold riv«. Million Llmbcrlosi-Drlve j..-..- EBB WZBB DIAL-"3-S7n 2B4T N 1ST AVE CO.NXKACXORS BLOC, ana ~~ RZMODELJNO H..SCHELL. LIC. and doors weathcrstripped. Aluminum awninc.5, screens remodeling Licensed. Insured Skilled workmen Payments 11 desired 7ret es« tlmalc. Tilal 3-7530. . KITCHEN ln« FHA call Si BATHROOM remodel financins For Ciftimfltej I Peter L. Cooper, S-5924 to add an extra room, remodel or build a new home? Call Elmer B Dobson. gen, contractor. Ph 3-4350 Jst CLASS new constr Repair remod t Laree-Rmall Uc gen contr a-6B29 StlB CONTRACT block censed contractor. E B laying Baker PLASTERING, stucco work, patching. Good work: Reasonable prices. 3-8598. 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FENCES WOOD, ornamental fence constructed Clothesline poles First claw work Phone £9743 FURNITDRE REBUILDING BZRNHARD MANDL'S COMPLETE FURNITURE SERVICE 320 E. 6TH ST.--4-0342 FURNITURE REPAIRED rcfintshcd. Best in the west, Ph 2-8656. . P1BX NEEDS kefirs etc. ._ crltu, 1233 E 6th high chain, i 3-01:1 BOOKKEEPING SERVICE TAX AND BOOKKEEPING SERVICE for BTUUl business. C. M Morgan. Phane S-flio. 3950 E. aid St. SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS let m« assist you by keeping your books, payroll and tax records.- H»sonable fn: M/A. P«lten. P.O. Bo;c 710. BOOK STORES latb l»sue -maEazlnes bousht , Book NooH. 47 W. Congress. _. . .. U(;r*ry. KreeiUw cards, ita- tlonery Swanberu'i booka. ion N Park Ave. i-TOOl CEMENT WORK ZXPERT workmanship -- foundations. Hoorft. - sidewalks. estimates. «1~Q333. oatlos. etc. Free CONCRETE flbc-rt. Udewalkj. fndnts curb, onto wall. $2.50 UJ. Ett 5.7591 CONCRETE -Uri. fndatlons. - drvwys, xMewalks. Immediate service 5-2301. KASON TLOOK CO. Concrete work. S 11'kinds, colored floon A tpeclalty, .n ulimatea, 1-22«0, HAULING HAULING. lonK or short distances. Flagstone Specialty Ph. 2-M63 Taylor REFRIGERATOR SERVICE WASHIJv'G MACHINES MITCHELL'S Pick-up and delivery service 01 all makes of washers Lei experts TB pair your .washers 101 W CONGRESS Dial S-74B1- Ext WKLL DRILH.NC: CARI. PISTOE .DRILLING CO\'TRACTOH Cor. 25th and S 41h Ave. Dial S-7212 FOHSYTB DRILLINf; CO S- Mabel Dial a-3U31 V A. McDANlZL. drilling contricfor 1508 E Roger Sd Phone 2-Ciaa LOST AND FOUND HELP WANTED, Mala fl EXPERIENCED stock tool room man. individual capable of assumlnc complete responsibility for accountability of tools material. Good opportunity for man who desires permanent position based upon accuracy, initiative co-oocration. P, O. Box 2261. __ SITUATIONS, Male 11 YOUNG MAN full time, for light j work. Crystal erlndlnK. Apply 25 S.i Convent. I HIGH CLASS SALESMAN, grocery. mechanical, service Huve own car, Would consider position, distributorship or aeencv. Star-Citizen Box 301. EXPEIUENCED route salesman and professional driver of liKht or heavy. Health excellent. Good references LOANS Real Estate 2QA fSS FIHST MORTGAGE LOANS ON OWNER OCCUPIED SINGLE FAMILY HOME SEE TUCSOiV FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOC. CONGRESS AT STONE DIAL S-4121 AUTOS FOR SALE 23 1941 FORD COUPE or SEDAN. "Country Boy's." 1301 S. 6th. PIANO PLAYER. ABoly in ocrson. Jimmy's Chicken Shack. 275 S. St. after 8 P.m. Ph. 7-- LOST--Pekingese male.- Brown black nose, Friday morntoR t.. _ near Sonta Rosa If Grant Rd. Name DO YOU "Teddy." Scward. Ft. Lowell Schoo' Caretaker.: . ULTIMATELY WANTED man who is interested li makinR 1400 per mo. We furnls leads not just names addresses See or call Harper. 650 N. 6th Ave TM- ·N8S71 BAINBOW W I L L WATER LIKE to make money ate you abnormal: Here's a nev product guaranteed io sell, in fact. 1 LOST: Blond cocker spaniel. Vicinit sells itself. Car not necessary. Con tact Mr. S. Moll in person. Soanlsh j Trail Mofd. anytime.- iccr for used cars r£ASNUM Jl b/rpin with-small dial I W^^S"^^ ^""^ mond at or near University SU- oP^-rT.Sf^- 13 " dluin Saturday nht. Liberal re^ ward. Call 5-4M6. cocker Tuesday. Bibward". LOST, Ph. 3-3410. OPPORTUNITY TO EARN weekly 'lor a few hours snare time Choose own -hours. 334!5 E, SDG«d way. LOST. Black Si white female Boston swers to name "Pepper." Reward, LAYOUT ARTIST for quality maea- zinc. Must have knowledge of typography. .Phor.e 8-0271 for appoint- r OUND Saturday ^oTHc type *emale,i^ t fggY'i i4 ,i.a - T;b--- I,L.;--"·· re fTfTT^ pffi y 5 S 7?S? d)Vay Md TUW ° n BIVd - ^SS WA !SSfcrtaS5S. W p Ck rm 5 S Phone.5-7203. . FrcVcr , colored inan. Apply . 10 a.in LOST--- Slack billfold · contatalns money and check. Reward. Return to 332 'JE. Lacuna. LOST -- Binoculars. · Miniature size, chrome plated In small leather case, at or near Rio Rita tavern Saturday evening. Reward. Phone 2-OJ50 . CAR SALESlilEN Pueblo Motor Co. M02 S. eth Avc EXPERIENCED Tire, battery and seat cover installation. Man. Permanent. Western Auto · Supply Co., 1 1 5 6 t h Ave. PERSONALS ri X DIAMONDS OLD GOLD ANTIQUES Cash Paid at Once Grunewald Adams so E CONGRESS -.: MRS. BROOKS orn . psychic Cj.i hejp §olv» rofalema. 2424 N. Stonr ·1) OYS Meachatn cifiea pay chic conlldentlal advice tell« important dates and changes 3926 Falrmount Teacup rrlgs. Thur eves Sne 5-770B 1VED1SH MASSAGE, steam bath. Afines.Thompson. 42 S..Fremont, Dial 1AROLD SYAN. soeclal Anent. Rep- Bcntlno PRUDENTIAL Insurance ^omoany of America, Insure Your 5om»? Mortcafie Loflna. Phone s;ng72. COMMERCIAL Rclriseration · Service --any hour at the twenty-four Call GLOVEtl-CLARK. INC. 2-4628 TOM RELIABLE service on al] make refrlcerators" cnll Prtnc* Enzlneer- inp Phnnp ft-flJS5l KE3TACRAXI HOTEL -RESTAURANT SUPPLY UNDEKGARTEN AND SCHOOL. 5 ' PH 2-08S4. MSS ADEN 2!4 S. OLSEN Psychi all subjects 3123 S. 4th " ._ advice on Pnone "2-2(34 SMS S. 4th Ave. Dial 4-0451 ROOF1XG ' Roofing Si Tucson E 7th. SAVE on coofinc and Insi MRS. LEWIS Spiritual psychic reader. Will adWse and help vou on all problems, business or personal HM 30 a.ro.-fi p.m. 2513 N Country Club. »-9aoq WHISKY STRAIGHT KENTUCKY Bourbon Palis, 4 years old, 5th «.t j BROADWAY VILLAGE DRUG DIFFICULT problems confidentially discussed.-Elizabeth Bullock. 2JI74 READER. ROTH REALTY NEEDS OJ.-E MOHE EXPERIENCED LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESMAN.. CALL MR, ROTH, 3-M08. · txpERIllNCED salesman, high qual- Ity men's wear. Excellent salary and opportunity. Star-Citizen. Box S02. pjDortun 'YOUNi MEN AND "VETERANS" Ages 18 to 24 free to travel 48 states. Liberal wages while training, No experience necessary. See Mr. Hodges at. Tucsonta Hotel, J _ WANTED--Man or young fellow to do general cleaning in restaurant, 2,t hrs. each mornln;; Ph. 2-2028. EXP. BAKERY helper. Apply in per- soa, Broadway Village Bakery. Broadway at Country Club. Route Man, S45 Ween. Star-Clt.. Box 4311. YOUNG MAN wnth fountain experi- encc"; Polar Bar. M4G^E. Speedw'a: £XPE2tt£?fC£D routc^drJvor after 4:*- - - - Co.. 6G3 --. Ins. Agent, Interested In securinji position with local nen- cral insurance office as agent Star- Citizen Box 408. WINTER --LAWNS, shrubs panted, Tree pruning, yard cleaninK. 3-7262. SITUATIONS. Female" 12 TUTORING BY EXPERIENCED TEACHIH CALL 3-S243 AFTER 4:30 MAIDS at your SERVICE For reliable domestic help by the hour, day or permanent. Re£. chi-cked 1641 E. Bdwy. Hi's. SL30 to 5. 2-649T. HOUSEKEEPER or comoanlon,, LlCht worlt. idults. live )n. Phone 5-3094. IRONING in my home. Verv rcason- ablo. Ph. 5-8021. Curtains any iti'le, washTjtrelcS, exp Mrs Gordon 1000 E. Sprint 2.6832 TYPING dictation In mv hom« 22SS E Prince Ph 5-0851 BAB* SITTERS, adult* health cards BrcndleV 0-0872 Parent Sitter? ExcftariRe UR£SaMAit£R. better kind References. Remodeling Formal! Rca- gnnartir ^nn N cherr-v a-niftfl FAMILY LAUNDRY--The \ l*e It--My home 2620 N 3-3089. SWEDISH COOK -- Expcrler, r;d. de- sircs' cooking iit home with children. Phone 5-7079. WE MAKE 2ND MTGES. 1 DAY SERVICE. Ph. 3-5420 OR 0.0764 EVES. 1st MORTGAGE LOANS BY MORTCACE SPECIALISTS ' Offering the best form of mortmain loans on residences, business or in come property or a straight term 1 5 to 10 years or on easy monlhl.v f payment plans to suit vour . nerd? LOWEST RATES MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. 200 N- Stone Estab. 1838 Dial ;-;a9s Liberal Mortgage Loans Refinancing See TALBOT of Tucson · Realtors 36 S. Stone Dial 3-0521 $ $ S S S S $ S - S to Tju:T mortgage* or contracts 3-8480 days or 6-07B4 CVRS. several 2ncT Call me al AUTO REPAIRING 21 · 6BBBRBBBBBBB B B BB B S.B g BBB · BRBBBBBBBBBBBBBBilBUSBB B8BB8BBS13BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBHBBBBBBBBBBBSBB3BBB ERBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBB BBBBB BBB BBB 1948 Plymouth service, EXPSlT Car Need Motor Repair? Expert mechanics to serve vou m7j55RE-My tone. .Quick| ^g^^S^^I^Vj \ t. will pick up. Phone 2-131 B. "-- ' -im-»«-^-i-_T^--r--=^-1 -- ~ main: TRUCKS FOR SALE 22 1948 Plymouth «dr. S ed. . « 12g5 Lot full of Fine Gars Come in TODAY BEAUDRY MOTO'R CO.. 847 N. STONE AUTOS FOR SALE 23 1838 FOKD TUDOR. $12i dn. "Country TJrti.^ · 1*)nt c civ . - . Boys." 1301 S. 61h. CABS FINANCED -fiX - OR SELLER · , ARIZONA CREDIT. CO. 10 N. 6th Ave. ' · - . · . ' · DI»1.3-OMl Next to Owl .Drug . 1937 BUICK COKV. »106 dn. -Country . Boys." 1301- S; eiti- PVT. owner will sell cliier '4S -Ford v-8 business coupe or 1947 Hudson Super Six sedan. Both cars in A-l. condition with over-drive -Almost new low pressure tires., Low mile- «gr ii-1755. _--- $3fl E pmint lob minor Booy AL110 BoVs IfiOl S ffh · . 1841 OLDSMOBILE 4-DOOR. . "Let 1 !-'- tradg." "Country Boys." 1301 S. 6th. trained care given my home. Any basis. Doctor'!! references. Broadway-Alvernon district. Phone 5-32G1 iVANT houicworlt. No laundry. IDS E, Adams St. - ' 'EACTICAL nurse desires Eight or day work. Dependable. Ph. B-2224 '/2-TON Danel. Good working cond Ph, 2-0512. LATE. '48 Chevrolet 3 ,i ton Good condition, $950 cash. 832 W. Pcnnsflvanta. - TENO-EOQKKEEPKR cxpflr:lence in {AUTOS FOR SALE finance. Ins. credit. Good health, Well qualified. Ph. 6-0801. Mrs, 23 PART-TIME work in small business, Ph. 3-99QS. as paid trainee Beat reference*. COUET Owners Vacation. ExceOtlon- alLv canable Arizona wonion will manage Tucson court for winter. Best references. Star Clt., EASTERN Woman with health card wants worK in diet kit. at hosp.--or housekeeper. Phone 3-fiin. LICENSED practical nurse. KcllaWe experienced. Best reference*. Ph. 3-f)90rt. ~ - ·- - · · - - ' - - . . . If you are wondering what to buy--and . BUIGK Used Car Center SPECfALS! 'Ford $1795 -- may we invite /you) to visit our display ' o f I H a c k e t t , W h i t i n g ! 4 9 "GOODWILL" Cars at 2419 S. Gth Ave. . - CUSTOM CLUB COUPE.'Loadc with accessories. 5,000 miles. A most new. ,,_ i .,., They, are Tops! And lENCED route driver Apply __. J , J ,- .,. « *· ·' , 1 1 i ·? j i i ;3o p.m. Peoples FUCI reed TRAVEL Opportunities , 15 we stand back of them! a. St. Marys Re. - -J?^ - r . ... .r^,.... *7Jr! . '50 Pontiac $2,385 HELP WANTED, M. F. EXP. COUPLE, man woman- maid,- 'Guest 3-973:1: , · · - · - V/AtHTSO--Coupic o: dishwasher, ranch.'- Ph, SU 5 P ?!«, C ,°«,-J M:EDnIIl! READER. Crystal Palm. z-liai^a-MUj -istrv card readings.' 200 E. 33rd St. work euaranteed . _. S 6th Ave Ph 2-M35 WESTERN AUTO S'JPPLV CO Free ' -138 HOffMAN RooflnK Si Paint Co Re- rooflntr 2.M3 N stone Dial 4-0312 RUG EOCK steam baths. Swedish massage Colon Ic irrigation. 2-0630. I WILL NOT be responsible for any debts made by anyone other than myself. Raymond B, Bryant. 1141 E. IClh. CLKAiS'lAU DIANEtic AUDITOR, tncrauy or in. Uw St furniture cleaning Carpe service. Stanley While. Phone 2-5183 SAW AJCD GRAVEL -ALL OUR farm for top soil crave raortarsand, fill fertilizer. lg«. rocfc .tractor for rent Ph 5-4458 or 4-0162 SCHOOLS AIRLINES, Needs young men women Men needed as Station Affents, Radio Operators fladio. Technicians. Technical Non-Technical. Aees to -35 Girls needed as Hostesses. Communi- cationists. Reservatlonlst. Aecs 18 tc 30, unmarried. Ktch school graduates ntervlcw by appointment only. Call tfr. J, K. Burnett for appointment at Pioneer Hotel, befrinnlns Tuesday morninK. Central Schools Airline Draining Division CERAMIC ART STUDIO Lessons in Ceramics 713 N- Campbell Ave. Ph 8-153! ARIZONA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Fully accredited business school 31 E. Brondwav Olal 4-1021 ATLIH'S SECRETARIAL SCHOOI Ston* 4-Q2S2 lnd|v instruction COX COMMERCIAL COLLEGE DAY AND.EVENING CLASSES outhcrn Arizona's Oldest and Fines! 443 S STONE DIAL 2-2381 SKWIA'G MACHINES ·OR EXPERT sewlr.« machine repair- Ing cull the Singer Sowin« Machine Co Free estimate Phon« and DVT service man will call i THE ONLY Sineer Sewln« center In Tucson Is located at Slngpr SewinR Machine Co. 38 E Congress St Phope 2-74811 struction. Write P.O. Box 4083. Tucson. MEN, WOMEN I OLD? GET PEf! Ostrex Tonic Tablets invisorate body- old after 40 just because lacking iron. Also contain vitamin Bl. Introductory size only 50c. At ill druggists--in Tuc.son. nt Martin Drug. VOICE OF'TRUTH- WORLDS FOREMOST SPIRITUALIST LIFE ADVISER Mrs. Myrtle TRUE ADVICE. Even deepest, mystery solved. No heart so sad ] cannot chance to happiness I'm unequalled unfailing advice. $1 SPECIAL READING $1 Daily In trailer at Lacy's -Dueout. corner S 6th Ave. and Benson Hlwa SMALL PRY olay school. aK*s ,' io kindergarten. Phone 5-0021 . --,... _, 2 single women or single woman and man to cook and manage kitchen and- pantry 1n private boarding school. Goad and accommodations, St Sox 505, HELP WANTED, f-emale 10 passage to New .York City. Bh«rg--i!CTenM!, driving. Ph. 2-innz,; WAJN'TED^-Mnn witlv truck going to Detroit; take a -few pieces, ot fur- nltute. Phong 6-0910. . · MONEY" LOANS'. 20 ·$1795 SUPER SEDAJIET, D.vnaflow, dlo, heater, teal covers. 46 Cadillac 62 SEDAN 2-tone, and healer. $1595 hydra. 1 radi $100 in Your Hand Tomorrow OPPORTUNITY to earn $25 u-eckl for a fifw hours spare- time Choos own hours. 3345 E. Speedway ATTRACTIVE woman over 25. capabi meet public. 5 oavs week. Apply 40 E, sth St. 8 to D a.m. ready for wor if accepted TELEPHONE subscription selllna froi your home Must have own ohonc McCall's and other leading masa zlnes. Local department store co ooerailon Answer, sivine phon. number. Stnr-Cltlzen Box 1390 ATTRACTIVE vounc women, see ad under schools. Central Schools Air line Division. WANTED: B E A U T Y OPERATOR ARCADE BEAUTY SALON. 411 E BROADWAY. ^__ WOMAN (with child) to do liah housokeenine exchange for room hoard. Ph. 5-0517 . or sleep in. No heavy laundry. $80 month. 2221 E, Sth. DRESSER -- Experienced on toppln; and pressing pants. Steady work Supreme Cleaners, 2332 N. Stone. WOMAN for kitchen help; Live in St. Joseph's Academy. Phor.e K-5121 LEARN TO DRIVE Aril. Driving School. 6-1383'or 3-1022 NEED .QUICK CASH Turn vour Diamonds'into .Dollars 1 at CRESCENT JEWELERS UNENCUMBERED white lady, housekeeper, motherless home, live-in permangnt. Ph. 5-S35fi. SHIRT finishers, experienced' nre- ierred. Apply 249 §. Park. EXP. fountain Klrl. full time. Catn- llna Drug Store, 230B N. Campbell. LAYOUT ARTIST for Quality maca- zlne. .Must hsve knowledge of typo^- raphv. Ph.. 6-0271 for appointment. Alcoholics Anonymous Boy 44J; SECHETARIAL position. Reply Tn own handwriting stating ase. experience, permanency, salary expected Local references preferred:- Star- Citizen. Box 1338; I DESIRE mother's . helper lor younff couple with 2 small] children. Room board and small salary, please call 3-6110. REV. KISSEL sDiritualist reader will leln von. 113 W. Lacuna. ,3-6318 ELLEN Stewart ctlrouodlst foot cor- HEAT1NG DUCT WORK. "CENTRAL HEATING- COOLING SYS. FURNACES. COOL- 'ERS INSTALLED SERVICED ACE COOLER MAINTENANCE PH 5.i HOUSE MOVING ARIZONA HOUSE MOVING CO. A B Smith Free estimates, 2-1001 HUSSMAN- Com'l rcfriK.. new. used Frank Samuels Dtst Co. Dial !i~H92 HOUSES MOVED Frame brlclr or stucco Call 2-333] for free estlraam Tucson Warehouse Transfer Co 110 E Bth St Established IH32 _ HOUSEHOLD REPAIR" TUCSON MAINTENANCE SERVICE. Remodeling contractors Patio walls, fenclni;, roofing cooler service, city state license. Guaranteed work- 3-7301 THE FIX ALt SHOP 130 W tndlo Dial 2-8133 Dtcoratinr rurn reo flDDllancen reo canwntrv COOLER SERVICE JEWELER. WATCH REPAIR 1CXPERT watch »nd tswelrv Pltt Jewelers LANDSCAPING SHAMROCK LAWN CO. Winter Lawns. Tree Pruning. Yard Clean- Ine. Phone 3-7262. 4EW. lawns tree trimming shrubbery Flowing. Fl«« ut, Nordttrom 3-2750. 'FAFF sewine service 324 N_ maclune th Olai and { rectlon sneclalist a-4981 270 N Chureh Ph TO LEARN.photo finishinft. print an. velopmR and feencral procedure. Experience unnccesnary. Stur-Cit.. Box No. am SPRINKLER SYSTEMS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY LAWN sprinkling systems - Installed. Free estimates Folner's Ph 5-7345, e estimates Folger's Ph 5 STOKE EQUIPMENT TABLE PADS BEST TABLE PROTECTION wits HYLO heat 4 waterproof, washable pads See fiampigs Free e«ti. 3-1 ORAINBOARDS. bathroom floors. Tree erttenatoj D L, Pbllllpa, S-M43 or 5-24U UPHOtS'f EKING 2 M STUDIO--Llvlne room furniture--new, repaired--upholstered. SOS E. Delano Phone 2-8022. LESTER BENSON--UpholsteflnR and repoirinr. 414 E. 9th. Dial 2-1551. rHK F1MEST worn Mtchen Furn 7fi the Wwesi PJITS'S UPHOLSTERY and repairlna Phone y-omi gniii S Th WASHING MACHINES MAYTAG M HOUR SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AUTHORIZED DEALER BCACH WASHERS it AFP. co. 170 W. CONGRESS DIAL 3-9091 EXPERIENCED waitress 0= over 21 Jot- nijjhts. Ph. n j .5 p.m. O EXP. CASHIER . i car hop 2-9008 after SERVICE UNI IS! E. PENNINGTON . for cafeteria. New .- -- York Cafeteria, 235 E. Congress,,. ITED WOMAN for chambermaid ucncral DIAL 3-87921 work: Live In. Catallps Guest Banch HELP WANTED, Male 3838 N. Campbell--Ave. From Personal where out of J who apply for a loan get one. Get as little as you need, S25.00 or as much as S2000 on furniture, auto or salary. Your choice of repayment, dates and amounts. Convenient payments arranged, Phone or come in. let us try and arrange your loon the eame ay ' WE LIKE TO SAY "YZS" PERSONAL Finance Company II W. CONGRESS--PH. 2,4501 (Across from Fox Theater). · MONEY When You *N T eed It $20 to $1,000 HFC makes salary, car or furniture cans without endorsers for any worthwhile purpose. Our service is prompt and friendly. Consult tabli below for payment. Loan · 6 1!, U Amt. Won. Mo:, Mos, $100 «1».46 | 5,3i (19.05 SCO 36.80 16.65 1H.99 500 54.B3 24.50 29.61 SOU . . . . 30,58 45.00 1000 . . . . ',323 90.00 Phone or visit our office today. Household Finance Corporation. 142 E. Pennineton, 2nd Floor Phone 3-36IH EXACTLY, 2.S61 miles" on 'this Beautiful Skylark Blue HYDHA- JVJATIC 8 DcLuxc · Sedan Coupe. Loaded with' extras and undercoated. Like BRAND NEW In every detail, and carries a NEW CAR WARRANTY. '49-Pontiac$!,79, CHIEFTAIN B sedan in Beautlf MAYAN GOLD! Plastic cove Radio, etc. Immaculate 1 '49 Ford V8 $1,49. . . Sen Mist Green CUSTOM Cli. Coupe. OVERDRIVE. Radio. Hea er. Outside Visor, ar.d Rnd Pia Covers. Original Owner. 18,5 miles 47 Plymouth $1095 STATION WAGON. Fully equip pcd. '48 Pontfac $1,495 HVDBAMATJC 8, .DeLuxe liner 4-door. 2-tone gray, with Extras. '48 Chrysler 6 $ 1,49 : Diamond and other loan*,, Safe, quick Easy term». . · . Peoples Loans E. Broadway ftfow from VFW' loons $15'fo : $27S or more ' .'Signature - Auto · Furniture . · pb; in 'small p«yinen« that will Ht vour poclcitboolr OWE TRIP 3NLY. Phone, toll us what you need, hen come In (or the money. Pay al: our debts wlUi · loan from ui astcsl iervlc*. CARPENTERS Si MECHANICS-' · Buna Your Own acute We furnlsn. eaitslde lot and construction monev an far $ts dn MO raontSlv -(no 2827 t «'tl St Ph TELEVISION serviianK, amateur. FCC license Enroll now Day and evt Classes start soon 2-2050 everdn« SHOE SALESMAN wanted, exiierl enced Steady work. Rood pay ill E Congress. . -· SOAP SALESMAN: Oocortunity ^or man with rlcht backcround to de- veloo Into Reneral sales manaaer with new concern. Write in detail civlnjr experience, education aae personal data, Star-Citizen Box 4S4. AMBITIO0S youne men see ad under Schools. .Central School Airline DI- TWO FIRST CLASS auto salcmen Bowyer Motor Co., J237 N. stone. ., . . NIGHT dishwasher, must hnve trans- portatlon or live nearby. Polar Bar. 3440 E. Speedway. _ _ WANTBIJ--Piaster Contrflctors. Apply 4 to 6 pan. 4301 S. .Speedway. YOUNG lady. neat, for coda iountaln. f-- '.Must be experienced. He/e.-enccs. Al- f OrTlmPTr'P cazar prut Store. Grant Sc Manic-. | N--Wl 1 1 1 I Id CO SITUATIONS, Male 11 CARPENTRY -- New, remodeling, modernizing, finishing. hanslni? doors; · shelving, hour' rato.- 2-44S7." MAW -- With references ana chauffeur's license, desires oorterine or Job of any kind. Phong 3-6834. GARDENING - Waterlne - Lawns mowed - 'Houjiework - Bnbyslttina - Ironlni; . M y home. 3-13T7. PLASTHUNG. block Inylnu. rouen .carpenter. By hour, Ph, 5-6530. 1ST CLASS tool-die maker, production, working foreman plant mffr.. design, estimate, sell, supervtoc. Lookin* /or position or proposition Star-Citizen Box 503. -_ CABINETMAKER. Finish CarpentM. Hanu doors. rcmodelinR. Smith. Ph. 5-B336. PHARMACIST -- Registered Ai-iiona. Desires full or part time work. Local experience. Ph. after 1 p.m.. 2-P643. BLOCK WOHK, oointinir, carpentry work. Call aiter 2, 6-1311, GUI. - Go. ; 100 So Stone Ave. Ph. 3-7579 PACIFIC Finance lo,ni, KSK Broadway Dial ;-;m« - . $ CASH-IN A, HURRY $ Ceal enjoy with a locsi company ind quick friendly confidential loan strvlcea Uheral lendinn policies truclt- or ... _, .... Payment* reduced and bllla consolldi;t«d Can ft trailers financed (or buyer or seller ARIZONA CREDIT CO 10 N. 6th Avik Dial 3-0391 (Next to Owl 'Drugl LOANS Real fatate 2QA E sDticJaii^c In buylnn. wlllne and trading mortcaj;es. Oracl* Reftity, 2223 Oracle Hd. P,'aon» WINDSOR 4-door. Catallna Ta, ROYAL MASTER rayon Urcs, ra dla, heater, tailored covers, m full custom interior, '48 Pontiac $1,49. HYDHAMATIC 8 deluxe Stream liner Sedan Coupe. A 2-tonti beau ty with cvsry nice Extra could imagine. '48 De Soto 6 $I,3 QC; Black DeLuXe 2-door, From oric insl owner wJth 22.5CO miles an very, very nice. Radio, heater, etc '46 Pontfac $ 1,091 Streamliner 4-door, HclJnlsbed in beautiful Coventry Gray. Clean and lovely inside «nd out. 6-pl turcs.. 2419 SOUTH V6TH AVENUE " 3-6183 ; ··HACKETT - WHITING; .MOTOR-CO. Pontiac Dealer · ^'38 E, Alameda - i93S D£ SO"i'O 4-/5S. 350 tin. "Countri Boys." 1301 S. Sth. Used BIIV A NtW CROSLEV ones tool. Gardner Coofc Co authorized. dealer fi02 E fitb Phone '4S CHEV stylemaster 4-door sedan. heater. 11045. .2138 N S-7B09. Madclvn Ph' JEEP--1946. excellent cond. new tireir, " '~"'h. 3-3863. L_ujnj2er. 11 OS E. 15t! .D COffiPE. "Sits the 285 S. Stone. 12i3 .feepster cxccllem cond,' Low mileage Cqll 6-flMd ' r« PLYMOffTH 4-DR. "Let's trade.'- ·Country Boys." 1301 S. 6th, . tf4l PONTIAC tudor. ciean completely equipped, apply at Gitewsy Motel 131 Benson Hichway, Act, It. 47 Chevrolet FLEETL1NE sedan. 47 Olds $1095 $1095 68 SEDAN. Hydramatlc. radio and heater. YOUNG BUICK INC. -635 N. Stone Across from new cpr store 1940 BUICK 4-DR. $200 dn. "Countr Soys.'' 204 S. Stone. Bowyer Motor Co. PACKARD - INTERNATIONAL If it's a bargain you want--SEE US 1949 Packard ' 4 Door Sedan. Overdrivt 1948 Packard Super. Radio. Heater, Electrons tic Clutch. Overdrive, Low Milea. 7948 Ford Convertible 1948 Pontiac Deluxe Stalion Wason 1948 Studebaker Champion. Convertible Coupe. A , good selection of cheaper cars at greatly reduced prices. Plus TRUCKS of all types. BOWYER MOTOR CO. PACKARD - INTERNATIONAL SALES - SERVICE 1227 N. Stone Dlal2-J4Bl 1938 PLYMOUTH 4 door sedan Good Ctina tffvj' tlr»f C3« Ft Lowri) Rd' 1949 LINCOLN Cosmopolitan, prtvil* owner. 1913 E. Creenlee after 5 p.m. 1939 BUICK. $135 down. 294 S. Stone. "Country Boys." EXCELLENT 1347 Plymouth, $300-dn..- $34 per month. Prlvnte party. Phon« IMS CROSLEY. reasonable, new-motor, car hardly used. See anvtime at 4617 E. lith. ' APACHE MOTORS . Cadillac - Oldsmobile Ride in Tucson's . BEST ,;,: Used Automobiles '49 Ford $.1,450. 2-Door ' '49 Mercury' $1',895 Sedan. Overdrive R Ic K 49DeSoto Sedan 47Cadillac Sedan 80'» 40 Buick ,.; · Special Sedan Willys-Sedan tudebaker $l f 895 ·$1,995 $450. $50 $7.2.5 APACHE MOTORS USED CAR' DEPARTMENT 437 N. 6th Avc. (Next,to Firestone Store) Dial 4-0481 ' OWNER . 1851) Chevrolet Dcluxs door sedan SI700. See It s.1 1133 6 th Ava. 1:30 to 6. 38 PLYMOUTH COU?E7~Jl5iraown". " 'Country Boys." 1301 S 6th. t'OHD convertible. S375. Rec-alix lim ax miles: new oalnt. interior, Columbia rear end. Car valued «t I5(L__Phone 4-1243. 2-DR. *IOO downl · Country Boyi." 13D1 S. 61h. REDUCED $100- TO- $300 CHEAP BUT GOOD TRANSPORTATION - TUCSON'S FINEST Used Cars '47Chevrolef $995 Tucson Equipment Co. 49 W. Drachman Nash, Pickup . i m . . . 2 stude Rockne Pickup .... S9R 6 Packard 120, tudor ... ....... ..Tsss » Olds, ludqr 6 ..,,.,., ..... (... J]45 Plymouth cpe ................ ., sjgs Chevy, cpe ..................... S295 DcSoio. 4 dr ........... ....,,,.. S205 Nash, Lafayette, cpe. ____ ....S295 Nash, 4 dr. R «: H ..... . ...... 1395 Plymouth cpe. , .,..,;,,,.,... £385 nodae,.4 dr. . . . " ..... ........... tsss Dodsc, 1 T. pick up ........... $395 Ford 2 dr. "85" .......... S3S5 Chevy cpe, R H ........... "S495 . Chovy 4 door, K H ....... ..1995 Nash, Custom Ambassador, 4 door. R H," Loaded with extras . , , . S24S5 Y 'EM. TRY 'EM AND 'BUY 'EM AT PUEBLO MOTORS,-INC. South Oth and Benson Highway Dial 2-3914 1040 FO«O t 1 UDOR. A beauty. -Counr Boys." 234 S. Stone. Plceillne law CHEV Areo Fleclllw dclux«, only 23,000 miles, exccllcnl condition. First JI.25D lakes It Can n» financed. .!B_60 E North Ph 5-7176 1940 DODGE. Must sacrifice. Excellent shape. Ph. S-f'JSS. 1938 HONT1AC. $100 down. "Hlu th« Country Boys." 1301 S. Gth. 41 Fords, clb cpe. 4 dr. · _ Country Boys, 2S4 S. Stone 33 Ply 4-dr..Jl50 dn. "Country Boys." 294 S. Stone 41 Buick scdancttc ."Country Boys." 294 S. Stone 41 Ford J ,2 ton, "Very nice." 294 S. Stone. "Country Boys" 38 Plymouth 4-dr. $100 dn. 2S4 S. Stone. "Country Boys" _ CHEV. _clb cpe. "Let's trade." "Country Boys." 294 S. .Stone. TUCSON'S FINEST Used Cars 46 Packard $995 Clipper · Tucson Equipment Co. .49 W. Drachman -. PACKARD clb cpe. New motor. Hit's the "Country Boys." 285 -S. Stone. II CHRYSLER--! clb cpe, i sedan. "Let's trade." Country Boys. 294 S., stone. · 48 FORD 4 dr. Like · new. "Let 1 * trade." 294 S. Stone. "Country Bo.v. 41 Olds clb cpe. "Snaro," Will trade. 285 S. stone. 41 stude 4-dr. *200 dn. _285 S. Stone. "Country Boys"-42 Ford Sta. W«K, Motor A-J. "Country Boys. 285 S. Stone 49 Cbcv. Dx 2 dr. 1575 dn. 285 S. Stone. Country-Boyg 47 Stude Conv.--Cream, 285 S.. Stone. "Country Bovs" PRIVATE owner. 194.1 two tone Silver- streak Pontiac. 8. Good cond. Only 22,700 miles. Radio, heater, suotiiehv etc.. J1495. !70 W. 33rd St. 33nl- S. 12th Aye. ' - - ' . FOR SALE by owner. 1942 Chevrolet' Special Deluxe' Town Sedan: ExtrV- eauipment. Deluxe Radio. Punctur* : Proof Tubes, strombcric Carburetor. Clean and Jn nood condition. 2-7441. -EvtO*. 8-23W.

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