Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1930 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 5
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R W*& n By EDGAR WALLACE, Aathor of »fh* GM*B Art»«f. " ~ • " la th CHAfffett Of he, mu*d. aloud. "fit* Man from Morteco. the latidlng above. "Thin , , . of Ihihg calculated to scare ue. ^ ^ Slett heard th« "Aunt dertrude." It wan tHe'j Agfeed'on code. outside the house Mid within hail was a polide- hiatt specially -posted. The nian ran ac«?a*,lfl 4 answer to the flash-lamp slg- "JPhoniS the superintendent that the chter requires all alVlslonal/reserves— and * "cordon ! He will understand If you, Say 'Gertrude.' " He came, back td find Dick inspect* Ing the big room which Malpaa used 'as afl office* The curtains had.been removed from the paneled walls— fcom everywhere except the alcove that concealed "the strange bronze god and those that cov'ered the windows. Against the wall facing the Window was A long, oaken sideboard, the only article of furniture In the room except the. two chall-s, the little table at wMoh the guests of Malpas had sat and the writing desk. "Somebody has been here," said Steel. He pointed to a litter of cards on the floor. "I left those stacked on 'the desk. I Was just going to deal a hand when we heard the footsteps on the stars, 1 should think ,they've gone now " - Suddenly Dick gripped hia arm, arid the three men watted, straining their ears. Again It came, those shuffling, slippered feet on the stone stairs, and this time Dick Shannon signaled them to remain motionless. Louder and louder, until the feet halted, as it seemed, in the lobby outside. The door was ajar, but'as they looked it began to open slowly. Shannon's hand dropped to his hip. In another Instant the muzzle of hia revolver covered the doorway; but nothing else happened, and when he sped softly across the room and dashed out Into the lobby it was empty. The, policeman took off his helmet and wiped his warm'forehead. "Flesh and b,lood I can stand," he said huskily. "There isn't a man alive that I won't tackle. But this Is getting me rattled, sir!" "Take this lamp and search the rooms up above," said Dick. The uniformed man took the torch reluctantly. "And don't hesitate to use your stick." The policeman pulled his truncheon from his pocket and looked at It with a certain amount of misgiving. "All right, sir," he said, taking a long 1 breath. "I don't like it, but I'll do it." "An excellent motto for all police services," said Dick cheerfully. "I don't think there's anything upstairs except empty rooms, but give a shout if you see anything and I'll be up In two winks." , He heard the heavy-footed policeman walking up the stairs, and if he had been unaware that the man had no heart In the job his pace' would have told him. Suddenly the footsteps ceased and Dick walked to the foot of the stairs. "Are you all right?" he called. There was no answer, only a queer shuffle of feet and a sound such as a roosting chicken" would mpke—a short, throaty growl And then something round and dark came over the j banisters, fell on the stairs and bound- j ed to Dick's feet. It was the police-. man's helmet. I Followed by Steel ho ran up the stairs, and In the light of his lantern he saw something swaying on the up? per landing—something that swung and struggled andtjkicked impotontly. : It was .the policeman, and he dangled to and' 'iTO from the end of a rope noosed about his neck and fastened to "file *•»§," «»• ....„ .„.,*....„ .—.... The mart was on the point of collapse WheM Steel, springing forward, cut the rope above his head. They got him bacH to Malpas r room and laid him on the floor; while steel forced brandy'between his clenched teeth. It was tett minutes before he had recovered sufficiently to tell what had happened. And of that he knew very little. "I was turning to go up the next flight when a rope dropped over, my head from above. Before I could shout it was'pulled\tlght and 1 could see somebody hauling from the land- Ing. 1 had the presence of mind to throw my helmet over the banisters or I'd have been a dead man. Men I can tackle, Mr. Shannon, but ghosts "What is your weight; my friend?" "A hundred and seventy pounds, sir." . Dick nodded. , "Find me the ghost that can lift a hundred and seventy pounds at the end of a rope and I'll become a spiritualist." he said. "There's the Inspector, Steel; go down and let him In." Steel went to the desk, put his hand on the switch that controlled the,door and withdrew''it with a yell. "What's wrong?" "There's" a short circuit somewhere," said the sergeant. "Lend me your go down; Urfy Ml MfWe 1ft" They Waited, but tftt KnoeRS Were re' peAted, fM rittstt looked at offft another. ^ . ,__ , ""The control doesn't seem, to be working," said t>lck, N B,nd at that mlft. ute the lights went out. ' "Keep to the wall and don't show your light," said ghaftfton in an utt- dertone. > But Steel .had already pressed the button of his electric torch. No sooner did the light flash than a pencil of flame leaped from the other room, something whistled past, his .head and there was a smack as the bullet.struck the wall. Dick fell flat, dragging his subordinates "with him. ' Down below the hammerlng-on the door echoed thunderously through the bare hall. Shannon shuffled forward, his lamp in one hand, his gun in the other, and Steel followed his example. The darkness of the room, was impenetrable. Shannon stopped to' listen. "He's there, in the corner near the BUSINESS WORLD glove, But sir.' Dick saved him the trouble Reaching out he turned over the switch, to find that leather was no window," he whispered. wall," I think he's against the whispered Steel. "My God!" A queer green oblong '61 light had appeared in the'paneled wall behind and level with the sideboard) and In the strange radiance they saw a figure lying. The light grew in intensity, revealing every horrible detail. It was a man in evenng dress, his shirt front black with powder smoke. The face was pallid and waxen; his two hands were clasped on his breast, Motionless, awful Shannon felt "a momentary thrill of fear. "It's a dead man;" croaked Steel. "My God I It's Marshall! Look- look, Shannon—it's the body of Marshall!" , ' (To Be Continued) Resorts—Atlantic City, N. J. Dream of the Rolltop Rolls at nine ... Rollers at eleven ... Rolling Chair at three ... Roll-less sleep at night. Rolls-Royce luxury of Rolling Seas at dawn . .; Roll down the Rolltop for the Rollers! ATLANTIC CITY Selected Group of the Finest and Matt Representative Hotels MOBTON-A ' STRAND-A-E DENNIS-A SEASIDE-A-E TRAYMORE-A-C GLASLYN-CHATHAM-A SHELBURNE-E WILTSHIRE-A-E KNICKERBOCKER-A-E ST. CHARLES-A-E BRIGHTON-A LAFAYETTE-A CHALFONTE-rlADOON HAU.-A-E MARLBOROUGH-BLENHEIKM-E (A— Aimrton PUn E— Evopwi Pltn _ _.__ - _ ______ . Kindly Write for Rates and Reservation* O corYitennn>. v. (.'•>.. l&o " • By 'JMHiJf 'St. NfiW- *6rtk, June 4.—those who ha«e been beating; the big drum about that elusive thing called prosperity which was supposed to have just dodged In fright behind a wall and might b« expected to leap back with us any moment and who are .now revising their predictions for the) return next fall may well survey the record ot security issues put out during the first five months of this year. The tbtal Is just about $190,000,000 less than In the exceptionally active first five months of last year and of this decline, which Is very small, almost the whole sum is to be found In last month's Issues. In other words, It Is apparent that the large doses of prosperity jalap which have been administered to .(this country by the boosters have jfco fruit In these amazingly high Cote of security Issues. Now cert* Inly It Is wise not to bear down on the tremolo stop at a time when there Is a good deal of discouragement. But there Is a serious side to playing up too loudly the Joyous notes. While they are be'lng sounded thousands of people are lured Into buying securities, and of 'course others are encouraged tig from th* «*ctM« lo *M»ti «*W securities offettaft *m carried »« year. And the losses sttstaltsfd to the market in the last six wWRs tf» dl* rectly traceable to the saftte thlflg. It is interesting to note tHert fit* ures. First of all security Coffering up to May totalled $3,W9,«to,000, But look at the way in which they were divided, between stocks and bonds this year and last. • ; This year bond offerings -were $2,351,000,000. Last yeaV they were $!,623,000,000—a Heavy gain. This year stock offerings were $817,000,000. Last year they were $2,167,000,000—an enormous falling off. But see another figure. Most of this $817,000,000 total of stocks have been offered in April and May—over $250,000,000 in April and $350,000,000 In May. In 'other words the stock salesmen are getting their second .wind again. Nothing'could be^more ill-timed than Ronnd Trip Philadelphia SUNDAY'S June 18, September 21 SPECIAL 1 XBAIN Standard Time Lv. Altoona 11.30 ^. M. Saturday night preceding excursion See Flyerg or Consult Agent* All Steel Equipment Pennsylvania Railroad tw> . 1930. t Inc./ MMftft ft* ***** SEt i,«M torttey £§«!. HAtmiSBtm<3, June 4.— Mott, ttiafl 1,000 wild turkey egrgs have beets *et at th* game commission's farftt in Juniata county, C. A. Miner, 1ft charge Of propagation, said today. -I jMfflfW 1 WRIT! LIW1M MfHJf § f# 0MVNI •••» HWSImiHfc "A GIRL'S MOST ALLURING CHARM?" Footer's OLEANKKS AND OVERS 1111 llth St. Phone 5179 Typewriter Desk Special Bargain TheH.W. McCartney Co. 1107 llth Ave. Altoona, P». HERMAN'S GLASSES Registered Optometrist 1311 Eleventh Ave: Famous Screen Stars say: "Lovely Skin" Nothing attracts people as irresistibly as skin that is utterly soft and smooth. This is a secret every screen star knows. For without it ... say 45 Hollywood directors... no girl overreaches stardom. The close-up demands skin that is breath-taking in its loveliness. • Like 9 out of 10 charming screen stars, vivacious MariaAlba,ofFox Films, guards her MARIA AFRA skin with Lux MAKIAALBA Toilet Soap. "Its lather is so soothing, it leaves my akin like velvet," she says. Delightful Virginia Cherrill, oJ United Artists, also uses this white, delicately fragrant soap. "The close-ups magnify every- thing'so that we must have skin that is flawless. Lux Toilet Soap keeps mine perfectly smooth." VIRGINIA CHERKILL Armida, piquant Warner Brothers' player, says: I always use it." This is the official soap in all the studio dressing rooms . . > Have you discovered Lux Toilet Soap? Luxury such as you have found only in fine French soaps at ARMIDA 50jiahd $1.00 the cake... now lOji. Another Popular IVmi Cress ICE GREAM SPECIAL In the Handy Pint Package or in Bulk .FUDGE 'n th> )B Be sure to get this delectable .treat this week at your confectioner's. It costs no more! What are your favorite * flavors? Write and tell us. If you haven't yet tried the new Pint Package, there's a wonderful taste surprise awaiting you. Get it today! Penn Cress ICE CREAM The Cream of Them M FOCmTEPf c For the gown itself cmd for her trousseau t Now take this White Satin Slipper. Styled to bring oat every matchless detail of the wedding gown. Styled to make fit thoroughly modern, thoroughly trim and definitely in keeping with the entire Bridal out/it. $6.95 \ This suggested travelling shoe is of tan calf with contrasting Beige quarters and vamp; quite smart. $6.95 Eleventh Avenue Altuunu, J'a. It sings a song of crispness! ,YOU CAN'T imagine a more tempting cereal! So crisp it actually crackles when yon pour on milk or cream. And hovr these nourishing rice bubbles do taste! Crisp with toasted goodness, rich with flavor. Children welcome milk when it comes with Rice Krispies. Serve this crunchy cereal for your own midday meal. With sliced fruits or honey. Delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner* And the kiddies' supper—so easy to digest. Good to munch right dnt of the package. Sprinkle into soupt* Use in candies, macaroons, in place of nutmeats. Order Rice Krispies at hotels, cafeterias, on dining-cars. At all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Always oven-freth in the tcaxtite inner Meal wrapper. S ' RICE KRISPIES ftBAOVTOCAT ISPIES RICE K Standard Weight , Packages Everywhere 5RBTT Phone 7155 , for Fur Storage! Phone 7155 for Fur Storage? 12IO What Will the Graduate Wear? Whatever or whichever her scholastic preference may be—we are assured of this— Miss Graduate of 1930 is majoring in Fashion-Rightness. Smartness at a reasonable price is largely a matter of careful planning, so we've simplified her problem by planning for her an inexpensive Graduation Wardrobe. Graduation Dresses The modern Graduate sensibly demands a frock which may be worn again and again after the ceremony—a frock which will dance merrily an1 sturlily through brilliant summer days. Brett's is offering such frocks priced at $18.75. MAIN FLOOB Silk Lingerie— White and Pastel silk Teddies, fashioned on lines harmonizing with the prevalent slim, high waisted silhouette, are priced at $2.93 to $i.U5. Silk Slips, $3.95 to $8.50. MAIN' FLOOR Silk Stockings- Alluring SUiu tones are ultra smart this season and when worn with white they're utterly entrancing. Available in Hol«fprooi' Hose -$1.«3. Other Hose, $1.00 to $3.50. MAIN FLOOB Evening Frocks flowered or plain Net, Chifton, or Evening Frocks in the quaintly smart «tyl«ft adored by and created for the Junior are moderately priced at $18.73. Other Evening Frocks, S19.50 to S48.M. MAIN FLOOB Costume Jewelry- Prystal, the new "candy-like" jewelry, i« creasingly smart and popular. Coral, and Crystals are feminine and Necklaces, tl.tW to Utt.ttO. Summer Handbags New washable Fabric Handbags la colors that will prettily cooipl«a«nt graduation ensemble. They W* *o now *4.6a to S44.H4.

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