Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 12
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FOR SOME BOYS happiness Is football, pets, magic tricks, square dancing, television and eating. Happiness Is all that for Endre Balogh, 11, but most of all, it's playing the violin. Young virtuoso is veteran musician at 11 By EI.ISE EMERY As Endre Balogh, 11, rehearses Mozart's "Coricerto No. 5" for violin, which he will play at his Long Beach concert Sunday, his mother recalls that she once told her husband: "If we ever have a child, I don't want him to be a musician! It takes too many hours of study, too much money for training and you never know how he'll turn out." Today, the 5 feet 1, 85-pound violin virtuoso has clippings of critics' reviews lauding him as'soloist with II symphony orchestras. These include the Santa Barbara Symphony, the Burbank Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. OJga Mitana Balogh, violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for 23 years, and her husband, Ference, a pharma- . ceutical chemist, first were aware of their son's extraordinary talent when he was 2'/2 years old. His pediatrician insisted that the youngster be given IQ tests at UCLA. He passed all the tests for 5-year-olds with ease and, amazingly salng a perfect scale in tune. "We didn't take the tests too seriously," his mother says, "until one day, when Endre was 3, he picked up a small violin and serenaded his dog in recognizable waltz tempo." Endre remembers the incident and explains, "I just knew how--you put one finger here and another one there . ,." THE BALOGHS sought advice from their friend, Mary Piastro, who specializes in teaching music to children, and she has chartered Endre's studies since. The merry boy with the quick, wide smile,- lively gestures and spatter of freckles, played nine times publicly when he was 4, and at the age of 6 made his debut as soloist with a symphony, performing the Vivaldi "Concerto in A Minor" with Mario Cajati conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In 1962 he was offered a full music scholarship to Curtis Institute in Philadelphia--an offer he was unable to accept because of family commitments. In 1964 he was the first American Wedding plans revealed child to receive a full scholarship to the Yehudi M e n u h i n School in London, where he studied under the famed violinist's personal .guidance. Now his teacher in Los Angeles is Mehli Meta, father of Zubin Mehta, conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. ENDRE budgets his time more tightly . than a miser budgets money. Up at 7:30 a.m., he practices half-an- hour, then has breakfast. "1 might skip breakfast, but not practice," he emphasizes. His special treat on Christmas is that he is allowed more time to play his violin. From 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. he studies at the Mirman School for intellectually gifted children in West Los Angeles where admission is based on an IQ of 130 or over. After a snack at home--"a couple of cans of hearty beef soup and a pot of spaghetti" -- he practices about three hours until dinner at 7:30. "I stretch practicing out as long as my mother will let me," he admits. After dinner comes three hours of school homework. "I hope Dr. Mirman reads that," he adds. AT THE REQUEST of Claude Ladrbne de Guevara, his French teacher at school, Endre has illustrated her book for juveniles, "The City Girl and the Country Boy," which will be published in this country or France. Endre sometimes uses the editorial we in talking--"We could only use four colors for the illustrations" though he is the sole artist. He explains, 1 "I picked that up from watching The Man From UNCLE. We do other silly things at school, too. There are the Friendlies, the in-group, and the Unfriendlies, the out-group. I'm usually in the in-groups because I organize most . of them but they fall apart in a hurry -- S t a f f photo by Skip Shuman because they're so'unbelievably ridicu- olus." The senior Baloghs speak their native language,'Hungarian, in their home at 318 N. Detroit Et., Los Angeles. Endre, however, speaks Hungarian only to his dog,' Minkie, because that's the only language she understands. He has a parakeet, two turtles, a lizard, tropical fish, a cat and wants a raccoon or skunk. ALTHOUGH his father confesses t o ' . , "butterflies in my stomach" before his son's c o n c e r t s , Endre is completely calm. "I have a trick, see. if I can see anything at all when I come on stage, which isn't often because of the lights, it's just heads in the first row and they look like a row of cabbages. I just ihinklttiat if the house lights went up and I could see the audience it would just be an auditorium full of cabbages and I don't get stage fright." ' ' · For his concert here' Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in the Concert Hall of Municipal Auditorium the young soloist will play "Ciaccona" by Vitali-David, "Sonta No. 5" for violin and piano by Beethoven, "Polonaise Brilliant" by Wieniawski and the Mozart concerto. His accompanist is award-winning pianist Alex Denes, 18. Tickets are on sale at Humphrey's Music Company, 135 E. Third St., and will be available at the box office before the concert. Endre is excited about the violin he will play. Mrs. Aldous Huxley, former concert violinist, heard Endre perform and has loaned him her Guarnerius violin for the performance. Endre has one overriding ambition, which he seems certain to realize: "To play concerts and go around the world." "It's more exciting than making a football touchdown when you get a standing ovation--when people cheer and call out, 'Bravo! Yea'." '/VILD WAVES Her time worth highest bonor hospital bestows By 1OLA MASTERSON -- I, P-T Society Editor We omen, Pag«B-,4--INDEPENDENT Long Beset, cull, Mwi., March 14, 1 Mpore-Poppen Mr. and Mrs. Pabert D Moore annourxe betrothal of their daughter, Mary Edith, to Gaylord Eugene Poppen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poppen Sr. All are L o n g Beach residents. The prospective bridegroom is serving with the U.S. M a r i n e Corps. No date has been set. Eva rts-And rows Mr. and Mrs. James Evarts of Lakewood announce the betrothal of their daughter Linda Diane to Richard H. Andrews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Andrews of Downey. The bride-elect will graduate from Lakewood High School in June; her fiance, a Bellflower High School graduate, is now attending Long Beach State College. A.June 25 wedding is be ing planned. Seymour-Howelt The engagement of Cherylll Nan Seymour and Daniel Howell has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willard D, Seymour of Lakewood. The bride-elect was grad-l uated from Brethren High School in Paramount. Her fiance, son of Mr. and Mrs.[ David L. Howell of Lyn-| wood, also a graduate of Brethren High School, at-| tended Biola College. A Nov. 4 wedding datej has been chosen. Gibbs-Nevatie Mr. and Mrs. James Gibbsl of Long Beach announce the betrothal of their daughter, Linda, to Erkki Nevatie, son! of Mr. and Mrs. Jarl Nevatie | of Helsinki, Finland. The future bride is attend-l ing Banning High School in Wilmington. Her fiance is] serving in the the U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Pendle-l ton. Bronn-Westra An Aug. 20 wedding date I has been chosen by Sandra Kay Bronn and Kraig Anthony Westra following the announcement of their engagement by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Bronn of Long Baech. Miss Bronn was graduated from Millikan High School and is now a senior at USC where she is a member of I _ Kappa Alpha Theta. The groom-elect, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Westra of Sacramento, was graduated from USC and is now doing graduate work there. He is| \m a member of Sigma Chi. at DOOLEY'S you save more! DAY IN, DAY OUt-7 DAYS A WEEK INSTANT COFFEE lO-oi. Icr 99 S Price ' Includes 20c off label Fine coHeJ for rearly 1 10 o years Chase .Sariborn Special for One Week Only! | EH^nK5B^«K*^3J3^^ iTostems Pop-ups GRAPE-APPLE FLAVOR--I O-oi. Box Mother's Cookies BAG OF 10 DOZEN OATMEAL GEMS ....:. 59 Cheese Flings NABISCO -- 5% -01. ..._ Box Carnal/pit Instant COFFEEfttATE ll-oi. Jar Dooley's low Price! 59 SMUCKER'S GRAPE JELLY 20 .oz. 31 Green Beans Bosco In new easy pour boiile; 22-oz 55 Spam Lunch. Meat £?·_. 57 MD TOILET TISSUE 4-roll Pak 35' Early Calif. Black PITTED OLIVES IB-ounce Cans 28 C "WITH UNANIMOUS approval," said the formally prepared press release, "the board of directors of Long Beach Community Hospital directed the presentation of their Award of Merit to Mrs. David Atwater (Clare) for her matchless devotion to the hospital. This is the highest honor the hospital can bestow on an individual." That, dear friends, just scratches the surface of the real story. Seems that Ross Mason at the hospital one day (before Clare and her husband moved to Arcadia in January) asked her if she'd ever figured up how many volunteer hours she had devoted to her unselfish work. No, she hadn't. So, on the QT, Ross asked Marj' Sleet, president of the auxiliary, if she'd serve as bird dog and ferret out the facts. The facts, as it turned out, are that Clare, through the years, worked a minimum of 10,000 hours. When she first started records were kept rather Haphazardly so the 10,000 hours they're sure of could, actually, be many hundreds over that. Clare, a life member of the auxiliary, came down the other day to visit her co-volunteer buddies and in a surprise ceremony was presented with an onyx and platinum plaque in a most informal ceremony. She is the second person so honored by Community, and the first woman. Only other Award of Merit holder is Dr. William Carnes, who went so far and beyond the call of duty as chief of staff last year those who worked with him could think of no better way to express appreciation. As far as we know, there's only one other woman who can beat Clare's record. She is the indomitable Nina Burckle who, to date, has given 15,330 hours of volunteer work to Veterans Administration Hospital. EXCEPT FOR the names, a story I carried in this space last week is the same, almost to the dot, for another couple. Original story concerned Don and Evelyn Sullivan and a 25th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii in May to avoid the after- school's-out rush of tourists while saving their truly June date for additional celebrating. Another couple doing exactly the same thing at almost identical dates is Bill and Betty Willcoxen. Willcoxen's anniversary date {by the calendar) is June 28th while the Suliivans' will be June 27. Betty and Bill, like Don and Evelyn, will spend two weeks in Hawaii, doing all the islands and all at about same time in May. Merry month of. · SAVORING A planned trip to Las Vegas for some time have been Rex and Patti Richmond but they just hadn't gotten around to setting the actual date. Then Patti went to Children's Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's designer fashion show--and won a trip for two to Las Vegas! So, in about two weeks Rex and Patti will take off to be guests at the Hacienda "on the house." Think of all the extra jingle they'll have to splurge, over and above what they would have allowed themselves if they'd made trip before show. They still won't come out ahead, probably, but they'll have so much Educational discussions for parents A discussion of educational al and vocational roads will be presented by Stanford Junior High School, Millikan and Wilson High School counselors Tuesday at 7:30| p.m. Following the general session, planned in Stanford! Junior High A u d i t o r i u m , parents will divide into] grade level groups for additional discussion. Only of Doofey's low Prices! WEBER'S BREAD Fresh Daily! IS-oi. Loaf Home-Style Wheat or White Bread Reg. 29c Size--5 Loaves for $1.00 WEBER'S ROMAN MEAL BREAD 15-OUNCE LOAF DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE loaf libby's PINEAPPLE JUICE |46-oiince Can 26 Libby's B E E F S T E W jjp^-^kyp;^! SEND FOR FREE BOOKLtr...60 STYLES PSiCtO FROM S.SJ TO 2?.M ALYSSA 16.98 Black Patent with kid trim. : nffH i. 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