Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 20
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i'.LOVED PERON B-4--INDEPENDENT Imh, C^IL WW., HUy U, 1*17, Memories of a Visit to Presidential Villa /7Vil« i (he fourth in n sflrlns of 10 memoir* by ( JJitxu, H'/io «xi« /or ftro years ffta loynl companion o/ 0«n. Juan /"eron during the period when he wat the president and dictator o/ the Argmtine Republic.) By NKLIDA KIVAS Our Christmas party with General Peron was such · great success that I followed it up by promoting a New jear's party for him. JTfltir other c'rls of the U. E. S, feljlf ichool club Agreed to join me, and, after arguing nealn with our parents, we secured A TEEN-AGE MISTRESS ' Nclida Rlvas, 14-year-old companion of deposed Argentina dictator Juan Peron, Is pictured In the main reception room of the presidential palace In Buenos Aires. She Is holding Tinollta, miniature French poodle which formerly belonged to Eva Peron, the Inte wife of the General. Taken in March, 195-1, this is the first photo taken of Nellda Inside the palace after she moved into the presidential residence. their permission. "General," I said, 'we woulc like to spend New Year's with you. You have been so good to us, we don't want you to be alone. We already have our parents' permission," He asked how many we woulc be, and when I told him he said that his presidential villa at the U, E. S, grounds would be loo big for such a small group. He thought a moment and then said: "You haven't seen my villa In San Vlncente, have you? There are lots of things there that may Interest you--my col- eetlons of Japanese weapons, 'or Instance. I think that would » the best place for our party." We were delighted with the idea. I arranged for the four girls to meet at my home on :he morning of Dec. 31. The ;encral sent a car to take us to San Vlncente, about a two-hour drive from Buenos Aires. Out in the Garden When we arrived at the villa, wo found the general working n the garden, his hands and shoes thick with mud. lie welcomed us cordially, showed us around the grounds and took us Into the house for a delicious uncheon. Later, while the general took his usual siesta, we sat around he swimming pool, dipping our oei In the water and gossiping. We wanted to see the New fear In with the general, but we realized It would then very late for us to return t our homes in Buenos Aires. "Couldn't we stay here over night?" I asked the general. "What would your parent Sensational N EW Ferry- Cloth Dish Towels MILK; t.:-~"" ^..J^**^ Your doc *U1 lov* illthrctvsrlttlMot NEW IMPROVED THORO.FED ,,.look lor thtntw (old foil Iibtl Here's your bargain-opportunity to get wonderful-drying NEW Cannon Terry- Cloth Dish Towels...the same towels that art making sales history at department stores across the country. Lint-free, soft and extra-absorbent, these amazing kitchen helpers dry china and glassware sparkling bright in jiffy time. Guaranteed colorfast. No limit. Stock up for your home needs and for wonderful gifts. MAIL ORDIRS ACCIPTID... Add 264 for mailing.. t just lend 6 coupons and $1.23 for your 3 dish towel* la Sego Premium Department, 3SO Mission Street, San frantlico S, California. N O W A T Y O U R S E G O R E D E M P T I O N S T O R E LONG BEACH--Lakawood.Carion District--TV r-njlniiri,, Inc. 4160 Norn Way SANTA AHA-Taylor'i Appllanei Gilt Shop - · 512 North Main LAWNDALE--Homi Craft TV Hawthorna say?" he asked. "We will telephone and (Ind out," I answered. "But did you brine ny night thhigs along T" I assured him that we could manage. We telephoned our par ents, explained the situation and they agreed to let us stay overnight. toRrtlre " """' When U came time to retire, the general showed us to our rooms. The other girls paired up. I had « room to myself. During the first three days of when the new year the general did not show up at the U. E.S. I missed him and I began to won dcr If something had happened to him. I mustered my courage and on Jan. 4 I went by myself to the presidential residence In Buenos Aires. The general was ularmed ants when he saw me. He thought something had happened to me, "What's wrong?" he asked anxiously. "Nothing," I replied. "I Just wanted to see you. You haven't come to the club for so long, thought you might be ill." He roared with laughter. I watched and listened with groat dellKht. Finally he said: "Nothing has happened, I Just had a lot of work. Stay and have lunch with me." I did, and I returned every day after that. I explained to the general that I had plenty of time since high school had recessed for vacation, I would leave home at 11 a.m. and would arrive at the residence before Peron got back from his office In Government after House (Casa Rosada). . After Lunch After we had lunch together, Peron would take a siesta for an hour and then would £o to his office. I would spend the afternoon alone, watching one movie after another In his private cinema until he returnee In the evening. We would dine together and I would return home (or the night, Peron wai deeply attached to hli little white French poodle Monlto. During lunch and dinner Monlto would curl up al Peron'i feet, and while the master was away, I learner from the servants, his pet woulr He on his slippers upstairs awaiting his return. Monlto and I had become such good friends that I missed him I went home at night alone. I finally persuaded Ptron to let me take the poodle with me every night, returning him the following morning. One night, after I had lieen going to the presidential palace every day for about six weeks, Monlto caught a bad cold. To make matters worse, the serv told me that his little mate called Tlnollta, a dark gray miniature poodle who had belonged to Eva Peron, was pit* Ing and weeping for him every night. When father returned from work at the candy factory I told him It would be much better for all concerned If I moved into the presidential residence, I explained that It was a nuisance to have to come home late every night only to return again to the residence In the morning. I showed him hov; serious Montto's condition was, making It impossible for him to be moved back and forth. 'I Can Help* Besides, 1 continued, I would be able to keep the general company and help him In many different ways, such as looking Monlto and Tlnollta and (eeplng an eye on the house while he wss away. ' Father's Spanish blood began to boll and there was « scene. My arguments finally broke father's resistance and he agreed to let me move Into the presidential residence. The next day, when I re turned there, I told Peron that wanted to stay overnight. lie asked what my parents would think. I told him that father had agreed. Speaking to father, Renzl said that I was behaving very well at the presidential residence, that I was giving no came for complaint and that It would be ncrfectly all right for me to stay if he gave his permission. Father grumbled, still unconvinced, but finally he said, "Well, If you tell me It is all right . . ." I looked at Peron and beamed with pleasure. It was one of my happiest moments, Coprrlihl |937, N,« York Htr»l4 Trlbun* Int. ) (In the f i / t h article of this teriff, appearing tomorrow in The Independent, Frcti-Ttlt- gram, Mi» Rival tfllt how nhf took up retldence In the of the late Eva Peron.t "I'm Flat Bustid . . . ind would b« in a Krn'ble lit if I hadn't ofxntd t (huge «ccount ' · i P E T R I ' S f o r m r Liundrf ind Dry Grid* ing. 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