The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 3, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS Local New® Smith N. Fowler wt|) a St. Louis visitor today.. -;.'• i Mrs. Alya Miller, of Golconda-is visiting her mother, Mrs. Jennie Rascoe 'Mrs. Elmer A. iting her : "sister, Smith. Sirs. is 'vis- R. C. Wright. Mrs. Smith ds enroute from Campbell,'. Mo,, to Flint", Mich., to join. her husband,'who is employed by'a •drug company there. R. E. Renfro made a. business trip to Marion today. GET THIS!! New York is usually a rather con- 6'ervtative town, and when fit ?goes crazy over an innovation, it may pretty generally be taken for. granted that there is something' worth seeing .or 'hearing in the:'new .fad. Arad New York .is. wildly enthusiastic .aTjout ^the saxophone. Every dining room. ,and catiaret orchestra is introducing- the new instrument, and it is even making its way gradually into the more dignified, sedate, and "high brow" sym' phony orchestras. . ... There could hardly be a better way to get acauaintei with all'the beauties and possibilities of the saxophone as an all-round musical instrument Mrs. ChasV" Duncan of Johnston City is visiting her sisters, Mesdames . Ella Murphy and. Bass Moake. " «»*i -0.11-ivuuu musical msirum&nic "maa Mrs. A.. P. Bolen'returned today to I to hear it in a purely saxophone or- her home in Campbell, Mo., after a ' ganization. Such an opportunity is visit here., She was j accompanied by ! yours. The.vfamous Columbia Saxo- lier daughter, Mrs. Arden Payne. phone Sextette is to appear at the Earth Theatre on iPriday, March 5th and this isn't all. Watch for tomor-| vow's announcement.—Advertisement. • Dir. F. L. Lingle was a business visitor in Murphysboro yesterday. Dr. R. H. Howe of Swanwick was a business visitor here today. Mrs Bruce A. Campbell returned today to her tome ini East 'St. Louis after a visit with Dr. and Mrs. H., C. Moss and -attending the reception given atithe Moss home Monday evening. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Moss, who will -be her guest for several days. ' . ; Mrs. LeRoy Adams returned today from tniim where she has 'been visiting her father, E. T. Gray. Homer Turner of Basfclaiid, Texas to-visiting his aunt, Mirs. Chas.'Haney. * ^7 Late-:;ind exclusive photograph of Miss Jane Addams, the noted sociologist of Chicago. ADDRESS WOMAN'S CLUB MEETING Mrs. Edna Duncan of Sparta was the guest yesterday of Mrs. John Y. Stotlar and attended the meeting of the 25th district Federation chairmen, held at the Roberts Hotel. Miss Ethel Carter will be removed from Holden Hospital to the home of her a aunt, Mrs. J. D. Dill, tomorrow, having sufficiently recovered from, an operation for appendicitis. MASONS ATTENTION Special meeting of Shekinah lodge 241 Thursday night, March 4, at 6:30, for work. T. A. Weaver, W. M. H. C. Mertz, Sec. Advertisement. OWL BRANCH. March 1. John Charles is confined to his room suffering with rheumatism. Ed Etherton and' family Sundayed with Joe Robinson and family. Mrs. Ben Glenn and ..father, Late Elston, departed for Arkansas' Saturday might for a left with their sister and daughter, Mrs. Charley Hagler. Mr. and Mra; J.-D. Farley and daughter, little..Gracie, attended the ,Mrs. Benz's Wednesday. Ed Farley and little niece Virginia Carter of. Hurst Sundayed with the former's father and mother, Mr. 'and Mrs! 3. D. .Parley. Bruce Glenn is working at the Meyers garage. A meeting of the chairmen of the Federation! of Women's Clulbs <of the 25th district was held at the Hotel Roberts yesterday. Mrs. Kate Wood Ray of Chicago, connected with the Illinois Board of Health, addressed the members. -Reports were^made by the different club leaders, 1'here being about 30 in attendance from surrounding towns. Mrs. "Ray went, from here to Marion ' to conduct a similar meeting. ' ' j It is hoped and expected th'at a return ( meeting will be held here about May I. "Social diseases" was the burden of the message delivered yesterday by Mrs. Ray, who stated that in the campaign of education now being conducted by the State > Department of Health in co-operation." with the United States Public Health Service 100,000 girls and women had been.reached in, Illinois with lectures and moving 1 pictures. Tihe education o£ women which is under the supervision of Dr. Rachelle S.Jarrows, has reached out and touched all classes of society, women's clubs, churches, universities, colleges, business schools, telephone operators, laundry workers , office girls, employees in industrial and commercial institutions—and the cooperation of employers has almost without ex- ceplion been^secured to the extent of their_giving one -hour of business time in which physicians give ithese lectures. After Mrs. Ray's .talk the meeting went on record Iby a resolution endorsing this Social Hygiene education as it is now being conducted by, the state and suggested that it receive a place on 'the program ot the 25th district federation meeting to be held in Beaton May 6. .with Mr. and Mrs. Ellas Phemlster Elmer Frost and 'Edgar Harris are. repairing bridges through here f Rolla Kelley and Jeff. Grain 'were business ..visitors in Carterville. Mr. Kelley butchered a hog for market and delivered it. Word has been received from Mr and Mrs. J. O. Christie that they have landed safely i™ St. Louis. The organization of the Farmers seeme to be working up to a very high point. We hope for better times-in the near future. Velma Christie spent Sunday and Sunday night withTJura Cha-mness. ;Mabel and Osbourn McMinn spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives in Carbondale! N. J. Grain made a business trip to Carbondale Friday. Arvei Harris is just gett'ng over a spell of tonsilitiis. DRURY. C?^; "j ' '•'• March 2. The flu is dying down a great deal in -our vicinity. We 'think we can start our churoh and Sunday school in a week or so. , ' .' • sjf Mrs. Rudolph Highland is improving slowly from pneumonia following influenza. ' ' Mirs. John Rich is thought to be some better. Mrs. Lyndia Willis has just returned ' from Washington to her sister, Mrs. John Rich's, who is very sick. Mrs. Frank Ahl made a business trip to Murphysboro Saturday. Mike Williams was a caller at his father r in-law^ Joe Killer's Sunday. Joe Trou'tman called at Rudie Holland's Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gregory of Carbondale visited John Hiller from Saturday till Monday. WHEAT IN RUSSIA Entente Turns to Soviet for Supplies Due to High Rate of V Excnanga. REDS REPORT BI& VICTORY NEW HOPfc. March 1. There is quite- a lot of sickness through here, but not any flu:; Fay Crain spent one night last week He Resigned $12,000 A Year For $4,000 MONEY was:notwhat"he was after. The .man who thinks only in terms of money could not understand why he did it. The man who sacrificed the $8,000 a year '. did it because he found a better opportunity to use all his brilliant faculties and his winning personality in the service of his Lord, Jesus Christ, and to interpret HIM to men and women. In this service the man is finding the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, peace and joy--REAL HAPPINESS.. How do YOU measure SUCCESS? By' MONEY or SERVICE? If service, then enlist for life service promoting the Gospel .of Christ. ,Your denomination can give qualified persons opportunities in all the world. LIFE WORK ENLISTMENT NOW. EVERY GHURCH IS A RECRUITING '"' '"" ' (Another Methodist Tither.) PLEASANT GROVE. March. 1. MT. and Mrs. H. G. Easterly of Carbondale, spent Sunday at the farm. Mr. and Mrs. Felo Gullea of Murphys- blDro visited |his sister, Mrs. John Henry Saturday. Miss Ida Kenyon of Carbondale was the guest of Miss Ella Fricke. Sunday. Freman Hughes is very sick with heart trouble. Wall Waller'was a business visitor at Firiney Friday. Mrs. John Henry went to Carbondale Sunday to see her daughter, Mrs. Mike Dillinger, who is ill -with the measles. Frank Easterly unloaded another car load of lime on. his farm. Mr. and Mrs. Will Trobaugh are at the : bedside of their sister, Mrs. loy Shewmaker of Bethel. ZION: v " - March 1. Edna McDanielof Canbondale spent Tuesday and Wednesday at hbme'here on account of the illness of her brother, Roy. '• •Mrs. Raleigh Batson. has returue'd home from Herrin where she visited her .daughter, Mrs. Delia Eaton, and family. " . ' . Willie Treece and family have returned to their home in Carbondale, after spending the past week with Mrs. Treece's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Me- Daniel. Leonard Rushing of Herrin spent Saturday night aruj Sunday with' his i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Rushing, and. family. ' ,, Mrs. Nona Rendleman" of Carbou- flale is nursing Harry Fox's family who are all sick with flu. Gorman Fox of the S. I. N. U. spenf the latter part of the week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Fox. Mrs. Emma SHI of Carbondale visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Eaton, a few days -last week. Earl McDaniel returned to her work at Carbondale Saturday after spending the -past few weeks here. Linsey Reid bought some sheep from Gress Webb of Makanda last week. Mintie Dutey stayed with Clyde Miller and family o£ Rendleman last week. 'Herbert Gi'bbs was .in Carbondale Saturday Booking after some corn he bad bought. Frank and George Patrick called on their borther, John of. Carbondale Sat. urday. . ' , Soviet Troop. Annihilate Deiilkln'* Firit : Kuban Corps—Many Killed in, Battle—20,000 Refugees Flee •From Novorossiyak. Paris, March 3—Joint buying, distribution according to necessities and supervision of selling prices were provided for In a tentative plan agreed to at London Monday by the: economic section of the supreme allied council, says the Petit, Parislen, .which prints an outline;of| the program.'. ; . • The plan.must,be submitted to Pre- mler' Mlllerand before becoming effective. • ^ . . ; • : : •;,:: . "In the debate .which developed during-the meeting as to where the needed materials might be found,"'- fhe" newspnper says, "the exchange sltuii-' tion between Europe and the United' States was considered as hindering, purchases! and Premier Lloyd George of Great Britain urged exchanges with Russia, particularly for wheat. •" • "There'.was; therefore,: only a step to be taken "toward making' a direct agreement with' the soviet government for exchanges which were- previously^ arranged for with, the Russian Cp-oJ>- eraUve 1 societies, which'form =in reality; only, an administrative"" organ. ,.""'step "has been".taken.""' . : , • • '• All allied" countries wili be , upon to. -develop.,to. the. utmost ..their, productive forces,.and.advised theories improving, the. condition -of .workers, must be applied to.-that end, in ijT.iS)a.i>' Ifesto prepared by 'the economic tsec^- tian i of the council, says "Pertinax," political editor of the'Echo : de Paris': -'. Reds Report Big Victory. Londan, March 3.—The soviet troops haye! gained 'a great victory" near th«j Bielaya front-in the. northern Caucasus, region, according to an official-.announcement from Moscow. General Denlkin's First' Kuban corps, says the' dispatch, has been annihilated, many'perishing in battle and others being taken prisoner. The reds are reported to be advancing rapidly. After stubborn fighting the bolshe- vikl on Sunday occupied the town of Stavropol, capital of the government of Stavropol in the northern Cnuca- sus r according • to another bolshevist communication received here. 20,000 to Flee Novorossiysk. Constantinople, March 3.—The evac- nntlon of Novorossiysk, Caucasia, on the northeastern coast of the Black sea, is expected any day by officials of the allies at Constantinople, who «re discussing plans .for handling the refugees. Preference will be given to the women and children, and the wounded must be left behind. It is estimated that 20,000 Is the total additional number of refugees the allies can take care of. Also CftRISilE COMEDY ; If you are looking lora^bY^aser here it is Also MUTT AND JEFF i MUSIC 6:45 •-•<•• CURTAIM ' . <~UK1AIN 7:00 Hand 22 " . TOMORROW "THE CUP OF FURY" ^fi U P ER T HUGHE'S sm^ing story FRIDAY The Musical Entertainment Supreme- ARTISTS '•'.. C««h In Advance. One month,, per word .. M One week, per word !""""oi One insertion, per .irord joi .Three insertions, .per. word ..02 WANTED. WANTED—To trim trees. Experienced. William O'Neill, 611 North Washington. " .' •• • • - Two Killed in Riots In Spain. Bilbao/March 3.—Two persons,were killed and ten" others wounded in a street fight between' nationalists and patriot groups; ': --.-•' -' : Milan Strike All Over. • Milan, March 3.—The strike which has been in^ progress here for some days ended.; .Work everywhere was resumed.- " , . , FOR SENATE PROBE Oh SHIPS Senator McNary of Oregon Moves for an Official Price .Inquiry Into footwear Situation' Washington, March's.—A senate inquiry,, to determine "causes ot the present^high^prices of shoes"-was prb- posed-..! : in.;a -!resolution, introduced-r by Senator McNary (Rep.) of Plea fop Hem* Ownership. From Portland, Ore., a western Tiew of what the owu-your-own-home campaign means to the nation has been received by the United States department of labor. William A. McRae of the Bank of California writes: "Whether the home Is a. cottage or a palace If equally shelters and enshrines the sacred love and devoted affection of all that is best and worthiest in our common humanity. Why should every married man pwn his home? "First, to give his wife a chance to make v a home, which is.the natural desire of the normal woman, who In the cramped quarters of the boarding house or apartment lacks sufficient breathing space. Secondly, to supply his family with an environment where 'paternal love and devotion may have ample room and the privacy so essential to enable parents to- train' their children by setting before them in their plastic stage an example''worth while." - •WANTED—Two girls . of neat appearance for work in confectionery. Apply-at once. Fowler's Chocolate Shop. LpST-.Wrist {wAflt betw«« my home and postoffice. Call at division office and receive reward. Miss 1 Suste McGhee. : " TOLEDO. Irvin Messamore of Cobden was a *' h a «e as been having the croup the past few days . Harry Tweed of Walnut Grcve TO m our community Saturday morning. E WANTED—To rent modern house by May 1st. Address "A," care 'Free Press. WANTED—To rent house .with five or more rooms. -Permanent renter. No small children. Phone 128. ', • .' WANTEDt-Housekeeper in family of three. One that will make home a home, No Cashing. Address P.'-O. >B. 602, Murphysboro, Hi! • ij . .' ".',., *OH IIKHT. I .'• • . FOR RBNT^Two xrout room* or«t Style Shop, {orofflceor alee^loK roomm Apply Ml»» Rieth, Normal and Honra* Bt. s- y. i.} • • :.? y I .'. : -, "•:;', -,.\ jj v ;, Nora Bostion spent last week in Cobdenl :: M 1 *^?'' Biin VJ '. site d his mother .in Murphysboro Saturday and Sunday Swing Lamer was an Anna visitor. the first of the week. John Lamer spent Saturday and Sunday with his brother in Cobden The Misses Grace Lamer and Esther Messamore attended the party at Mrs Allie McCanm's Saturday night . Mrs. Wm. Harbaugh spent a couple- of days last week with her daughter Mrs. Frank Zimmerman; IFOR RBNT-^Btor««e ror honsekoU goods, in the one story brick _T;> ., F r™ -,-"«j. vwifc wi.; mm Theatre. Apply uin Rl^h. FOR RENT—,Two furnished rooms. 216 West Walnut. Phone 370 L; FOR RENT—Furnished room Call "414 X.' • ,- ' FOR.RENTr-T-Three room house with electric lights. Call" 476. L. FOR RENT—2 furnished roomis for light house keeping. 402 West Pecan. BOSKYDELL. March 1. iMrs. Herman Willis and son ot 'Car- teryille were the guests of Mrs Catherine Rowan Saturday and Sunday : Frank Hanson , formerly of this place, but now -residing in Cehtralia is at present risiting friends at this "' THE CHEERFUL OITO " : . - II. TKe kind rvigKt puts tKe world to ted And -srr\ootKes •zxwajy i"ts scar's And -sirvjs it loll-cJki'es witK v/ir>d '" And kisses it ^itK steers. FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Fivo room house and large"lot, close to town, J1500. Call at 305 East Main St , - ' FOR SALE—,Singer sewing machine; $10. Mrs. R.. C. Wright, 314 East College. , 'FOR. SALE—;5ony... Reasonable. 703 West Pecan. FOR SALE—Four room., house in good condition. Water, lights and gas. 407 West Elm. FOR SALE—Regan mahogany, finished $500 piano at bargain. Also music box and bench. !Mnst sell at once. Call 249 Y. . , Mrs. W. T. Holliday and granddaughter, Bessie Tanner; visited Ms former's daughter, Mrs. Fred Hunsaker of »ear Murphy«.boro Saturday Mr. and Mrs. John Biggs and family were .the week end guests of Mrs. Mima Allen of Buncombe. Wagner sctaxil was re-opened Feb. 26th, after being clpsed three days'be". cause of 'the resignation of the teacher, Floyd Rushing.. Mr. Rushing made many friends among patrons as well as pupils and it is with regret that we learned that he : has resigned. However the board was fortiinate in securing Hugh . Stearns, to flnlsh the term He has 'already taught : two terms 'at this school -and knows the pupils well. It wall be a, resumption of duties, pleasant to both 1 pupils and teacher. COLD ON CHEr AND sijRE mm ENDED OVERNIGHT You Get Action with -Mustarine !t Drives Out Pain in Half the ; Time it Takes other Remedies—It's the .Quickest Pai.n Killer on Earth.' FOR SALE—Five-room cottagg on West Sycamore .St. All' conveniences except heat. Lot 60x230.' feet. ; Has good barn also. Phone 247 K, at 412 pi-esTriStVoli West Jackson St. •" ..--.. . LOST-T-Glasses, Press. ' .. iLeave. at Free I .LOST—Left gray kid glove. Return : I to Free 'Fran;' '•.-"." --~j—•.--....- -.-..-.. takes

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