Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 7, 1968 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
Page 23
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YOU SHOULD PUT HAND IN FRONT OF YOUR MOUTH YOU YAWN,TRIXIE.A BUG MIHT FLY IN rr BORINO AROUND AND LOIS LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1968 PAGE 25 3ACROSS (AC CONTROL YOURSELF--ALWAYS COUNT TO TEN BEFORE ANYTHING RASH F JOE CALLS ONCE MORE, I'M GOING TO SOCK 1 - 2 - 3 4-5-6 7 - 8 - 9 TEN I SAIP BEFORE 7ACROSS E J IW w- YACROSfc ANYTHING RASH ·tavHS - 8 'dmswvais -9 'avanaivD ~s ' 'NVD 'I--UMOQ -NIXdWDd ' O L 'HDinaD '6 '»NV9 ' ·aanoius '9 'XNIW 'xv -c 'igNaco · i--«o« v =sa3MSNv 3-7 WIZARD OF ID /* ffACIS BEFORE HERMW V£}tt LEFT BRENDA STARR MOW HER CREDIT CARD IS TAKING t N - r ' x ' OK, eoo-Hoq. SLOMDIE--THAT MEAN OLD TORE TUDSUAY'S WELL, DON'T YOU CRY, TOOTSIE DEAR CREDIT CARD/ BLONDIE WELL. SENATOK--I HAVE SOME GOOO . THAT PRIVATE POLL I HAP TAKEN 5HOWS VDL) WIN THAT 5TATE TRIMARV SteY BY AN ALMOST TWO- TO-ONE MAROIN/ VOU KNOW WHAT THAT \/PONT MEANS, PONT YOU. SON ? Y BUILP BE THE ONE ( youR HAVE TO RECKON WITH AT THE NOMINATING A TOO HIGH CONVENTION ' -^^ " i y , IVE BEEN IN POLITICS A LONS TIME--ANPJ KNOWA WINNER WHEN t SEE ONE/MY SON IS GO!NTO BE THE NEXT PRESIPENTOFTHE UNITED STATES/ WE 6TILL HAVE 8AKTON TO CONTENP WITH/ THAN HAfVY TO ACCEPT THE NUMBER TWO REX MORGAN WELL, THAT UP THE FOOTBALL 5EA50M REMEMBER FOOTB/ALL )Mr7 BASKETBAUt- SEASOM? BEETLE BAILEY MR. JAY NEWTOWN MAY NOT HAVE VISITORS --ESPECIALLy REPORTERS 50RRY (WR.NEWT0WN CANT. SEE ANY STEVE CANYON TELL ME WHY! Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The New Book of Knowledge 20-volume encyclopedia for school and home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: MATTHEW HARMON, 9 Elton, 111. What Does A Transistor Do? The fact that people all over the world now have tiny radios the size of a pack of cigarettes that they can carry around with them is due to the miracle of the transistor. To understand what a transistor does, we have to go back to how radio and television programs are transmitted. They go through the air in the form of waves. To get an idea of what such waves look like, imagine holding a rope that is tied at one end and you make up and down motions at the other end. You will produce a series of waves in the rope. Radio signals also are carried by waves, but we cannot see them, of course. Now, there are two important things to consider about these waves. One is called the amplitude, which is the strength or power of the wave. It is measured by how high the top of the waves rise above the axis or node. A loud sound has a large amplitude. The ether important . thing about the wave is its frequency. This is the number of crests and troughs in the wave in each second. The frequency determines the quality of the sound. If the frequency is changed, the sound is distorted or changed. What a radio does is receive the sound waves in the air and amplify them. That means to increase their strength. It does this without changing the frequency of the wave, so the quality of the sound remains the same as was sent. The device that did this used to be the vacuum tube (and still does in many radios and TV sets). The vacuum tube was simply an amplifier of the sound. Today, the transistor is replacing the vacuum tube. Each transistor is about the size of an acorn, and its chief job is to amplify the-sound waves that it receives so that you can hear them on your set. Transistors produce so little heat that they can be placed close together. They are so efficient that they require very little battery power, so the radio can use tiny batteries. They are rugged, last long and are inexpensive. And all of this is why they are replacing vacuum tubes in many types of equipment. * * * FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What fish is most valuable? 2. What fish is a man's best friend? 3. What fish is a household pet? Answers 1. Goldfish. 2. Dogfish. 3. Catfish. Send y o u r tricks, riddles, or puzzles lo TELL M K W H Y ! Give your mime., ngc a n d address. A New Book of Knowledge Yearbook w i l l be awarded for the Jellcrs selected each week. Copyright 1968 Ariz. Butter Faces Threat Of Ban PHOENIX (AP)-The threat of federal condemnation hangs over 680,000 pounds of Arizona butter because of possible contamination by DDT. The U.S. Food and Drug administration office in Los Angeles seized 12,000 pounds of Arizona butter shipped into California about two months ago because of its contamination by the power insecticide. But Howard Bollinger, FDA deputy director in Los Angeles, said that as long as the butter is not shipped out of me state the federal agency is not involved. Leonard F. Cheatham, president of the United Dairymen of Arizona, said that while the stored butter has not been condemned, "We're darned worried about the possibility." Dairymen have complained r years that DDT - sprayed crops were contaminating feed for their herds. The problem was recently brought before state legislators at a hearing. THE PHANTOM SNUFFY SMITH BUZ SAWYER tW THINK I PONT CARE AWT OUR TEAM, DOWT THAT5EH006H f to CHARLIE PWaiCEWR L BROWM? (JELLJUSTTDSHOfcJVtJUTHATI K, I'VE R6UREDOUT A OS TO PUW NI6HT GAMES so AHEAD... eo our ON THE PITCHER'S MOUND AMP -THE FABUIOUS PHANTOM TKOPHY STANDS UN6UARPED ANDUKWAKHfO -EXCEPT BY KtX JUH6L£ CiMfVCS -AS THOUSANDS WATCH THE MGEROUSPOLE VAULT OV£RfIRE- IT T rr£ ALL ABOUT!, t ·-** *-j« jyt"t tf.oj.a^t THAR VE BE,TATER ALL BATHED AN' POWDERED UP AN--UH-- TREAT PR.LANE fOR A' SCORPION FISH STINS MUCH BETTER OM THE SUPPORT SHIP, SAWEK. CAN YOU SET HIM WTO THE PTC ELEVATOR! THEN HOLP HIM/ SET THESE TANKS AND FACE MASK ON HIM. RANK1N, VOU AND PEPPER GET INTO MINIMUM OWING BUT HE'S HAVING CONVULSIONS NOW IETS GEfHIM INTO THE PCT ELEVATOR, PEPPER... AND SEAL IT. WE'RE LAMD1NG 1M WASHIMGTON -HOME OP ^ THE GREAT SOCIETY// TO ME A SOCIETY IS AS GREAT AS ITS RUMP//NO GREATER// I'VE SEEN A DOZEN SOCIETIES TRIP-BOTWHAT RUM PS // ~ THEY'RE ENOUGH TO MAKE A MAN W1CP.'/ LIL ABNER That broken-down ol'A IT JUST WONY WORK. WE'RE HELPLESS. -SHRINKAGE OF THE FLESH-DEHYDRATION, ETT CETERA, MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE. LIKE ADDING PIGS AND TEACUPS. COME ON OVER. DIET SMITH. WE'RE IN TROUBLE. -AND THERE NO COMMON DENOMINATOR OF PROVABLE FACTS INVOLVING FINGERNAILS. DICK TRACY HE FOUND OUT ABOUT IT?! WHM'D YOU P0 ( SQUEAL ON ME? NO, THE COMPUTER PIDJ SMIDGENS !!P AIL WITH YNO/ TOW.CRRO.V IT'S THE THE SAME / ACTOR-- FRIPAY, THE PROOUCSR-- SATURPAY WITH THAT DIVINE SYMPHOU/ SANFORD PRICE HAS NO !P£A WHAT . '5 DONE FOR MV SOCIAL LIFE.' YOU WERE SWINGING TON!SHT,MAGEE/ I NEVER HAD 50 MUCH FUN- AND I'VE THREE LUNCHEON DATES THIS WEEK.' APARTMENT s c ^ ^ GASOLINE ALLEY ??

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