The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 19, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 1
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Schedule Wednesday High n:.fn p.m. --Low 4:24 p.m. Thursday -- High S:OR a.m. arid I] : IR p.m.—Low I :.1S a.m. *nd p,m. VOL. 45 NO. 80" THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS T/JI> \ffiiftt ~.f -.— I J , . , _ ^W^ ^^* ^MM^r Coi/nfy Weather Tarecas! ~ Houdy with scattered «ncm-- "'.' and little change in torn- peratures through Thursday. Low tonisht around 77 arid hiirri Thursday 87. PRICE ~5~CENTS ry r; f\ « "" „ ~— 1 R .^J G *i SoU Register For Fiesta July 4 means various things to folks „„,,. , hi . ^"^ *^ "* \*k across Texas ,« u „„„,,, ^.,, . ,__,,, "<"< Ibis year in a Kid's Day. Thi« «»n v.. ... 4 means various- thin*, to folks across Tex*, a« it could spel) , holiday for dad, i wild west rodeo for the family, or J'"t a day in the outdoors. But for people in the Brazosport xrea of the Texas Gulf Oas». It will b- th. opening of the 10th annual Free.povt Javcee FisMn' Fiesta. This nationally known angling event * s open its doors on July 4 and runs thrown .„„„ 7 w|m , our Mi ft(f days of fishing. Street dance.. , n d outdoor barbecue. ••-ill all add to the four crowded dav, of '"Km*, with several hundred dollars in Prtr-s having j n the balance. Park A,.«,„„., „.,„ hf nn , h(k n|ahi of ^ •• " "HI be ih, annual shrimp boil, put on 'ho Jsyceettes. In arMition to th* regular rundown nf bv new ,hi.s year in a Kid's Day. This „,„ OP on Julv S ,nd will be pointed to all youths four through 12. An entry fee of J(i cent, will b. charged and the money collected will all g o hark for prize, to tht winne r- has been se, up between noon"rTjulT* until 4 p.m. Prizes will be Awarded for the largest fish, the most, and then the smallest The Freeport club expects to put around ^.oor, m p ri «., on |he b , oek by ^ f ^ f 'he Fiesta m ,|, , ro(lnd ^ ^.^ ^ "•ill include a bo,t and two motors. » car several ,ro D hies. » nd numerous rods .„„' rpf*J«. At present, some 7SO Gulf Coast, angler, have signed up ,„ , akr B , rt jn (he f(mc) . on '" ••""" *™ exDerting that number to S-'-et] to Ihe .?00n m,, rk Some nf ,h. „,,,« fnr th . fnm>!t] >vfni "•• tn,t fishing time u-ill he from J , m . • HO check „ , h . B ,.,o,l. Coun, y H.d —FaeH Photo by Don Wilton City Seeks Injunction District court will he pr| - a:kllie 1 tioned Into trwla,. „.. i . .. ""OfV .Judge Alton atteinnt, I,* K..J.J .. . . Hisirict court lioned late today , for the long-threatened inp;r.(- tion against Missouri Pacific Freeport City Attorney Wayne Holder said today. HoloVr s.iid that he had ?iv- eit MoPac officials notice that they bad 10 day, in whk->, :o raise the telegraph lines tbe railioacl crossing at West Rth Street. . ...luescja*' was the "loth with no action at the Holder said, to tins m he \v»s preparing a p..;itmn asking dlstrui court for ;, man- oatory injunction. At the same tune. Holder i, preparing two other prtinon* lion n-'.-mj port proceedings agsi.Tt the rs i if (wo pieces of Fret- property, and appnin- > i' 1 '.'. '>.' new to asses? >he d,lniB«i's. Freeport councllmen o-d-"-ed tbe cor-demnatlon pro.-ec a'nn, at their meeting Monda.-.' ao'c- •iad authoriied the inuinction nrocPcdinrs at the -p.-evic-u- rrH^TS^.sa.'-^rs^r "stalling tames" on of Mi.'soun Pacific MoPac had riKht-of-wav the part ,., j. v ^^n'li. 1 * 31 me •j'-evioti- ?.l! y ' iJ "^ iB ? !w * *«*!"•• ^'4 ; norn » ' * m J UnC <'0^» thrf'.irtJ^ r, ,^ ?!";" r r ..""""^ «««»birk . . - at 'empl, ^.nvnu osrt m ^r-r^^r;.^^ 1 Jh" 8 T^ B ,*" 12nri :a ^« S'«"c Throughout this pericM, mlenried !!,„., -,-,,, • -• •-.- «'»' theirs, and lha. if ibe cit.v wanted to put •i lo.ici a. ro.5.,. thev • o.-!o h-ve '.o oav all exo«n=. s of ,: 0 n« ,o includmij the ,j s ,, a i lign , But city official, found a -"I-? 14 irdei ,,'" Cr'V,^ ' Court ih al srjntev, tbe' permission to lay t t, c railn id 'he Magnolia Street riK ,|provided the compi and maintained tie way the em track;. When this is lifted, the city "•'ill immediately construct a ciossing. and they have iidi- cated that tney rnav go ndeari with ciossings at We,t 6th anci West 7th Street.? also. . „ The condemnation prnrped- frfi-1h»« in-(>r. e"? '• pl'e«»i ojferfwS^w— r ^ -;•'. on Tine. .-bs<?'-.«WnieTr«thr-,,JaJ Tev;,, HighwJv DefWrtmeft "»»P> i ."'I evptino to rW lan«it if the nolmp " cliv can secure the ri|jbl-of- Kids In Danger From Poisoner . A justice nf the p e, c « 9n d » ^•eterinallan both warned today that a dog poisoner operating in the west end of Freeport v a, endangering th? live, of children in that area. Justice Emmett Freeman said that at least three dogs had been poisoned in the 1200 block of West 10th. He said that h* had no sympathy with dog poisoners anyhow, and that in view of ihe additional hazard to childien. violators could "expect no mercy" in his court if convicted Dr. B. R. Mayse. O f the City Animal Hospital, said that the evidence indicated that the poisoner \\», an amateur at the -work, and therefore was; "n July 4th to 6 p . m . on , h , ,., '.vhtch i, July 7. ' ' " will be awarded in length, while s'l A,l' r u" 1 Wi " b ' """-"in"' hy weight. AH inshore fi^hinff rrui^t ho H • u - rtnne^nT'ho^ dr " P ?rS fiShin<! murt >" herthirg within the Freeport area. ThTTav^ '•'•« will man their re 3 u! ar receiving ,ta-on a, Second Street and Far* Avenue This station wUI be used for weighing. m fish, registration, and supph-ing * nin *. mation to local and out-of-town angers. All people taking pact murt „,„,„„. netore competing for prize,. A registratio fe of S3 has been set up this lear'niii". 'ami,,, rate of .4 can be bought. Th |, in c ude, „ husband, wife and children un nr 12 years of age. Nine M As Shi Dead ie minding of a crossing bv >""-'" r ' "<" an amateur at e company's low-hanging lei L wnrk - and therefore was :raph line, which parallels the doubl 3' rt »"«erou« to children, acks. ' " w a, the opinion of Dr Soys Salary Justified: Constable Answers Grand Jury Charge —— - - w ^vm Crash ~ An Aric " n " nd a Greek no,-. one Mayse that th? poisoner had in mind tne destruction of strays that have incre»,eci ^ince ir-.i elimination of a citv d^gcatch- er. 'But what the pouonej-'in ac- tuallr getting U pedigreed ,'-*« , nf Freepo»-t_ ,. , r Jfcv5SgV»t.»*S3. «r-- ll* InMieir report i o n r. * ISA T!i *jn-«*^^*iC5««*' ThutJ?- «•„»-„„- •, Ml 'fAP/.'^r.""';^^" J-rr hed reromm'.nd Th« Grand .;,... , lion .last n f^ i nal ,;,, j,,, n per month sa'ane, ?,•,,> constables '(ouid b» r-.... Used in reinr.irrm* .t, <; n , r . Department *=< d:.pi't»o I. iiffs ( his neek I ,- Constabi» J. crossings where other intersected Magnolia. Out-Of-Court: $43,500 Settlement Made An OUt-of-COlirt ,elll^t^<«nl -. -. . . ^^ ^* An Tuesday in the $188^100 dam- City Court Fines Total $59 llnU ('orporaticin Court fines in Lake Jackson duruis t h e month of Mav totaled J5»l. with 2S i.ep:irate fines Msteri. ."ipeedcrs In'aded tbp lui with 1(1 champs, while six of thr 25 weir for miox'cition "Irivingf withoui f license bi'ou'jbt four dnveni into -he court, while |\vci churges were Jor d:.«ti rl.uig the peari' , I".--- -•«"« C. «. " nd l '°" lt 7 -"'« h '- by attorney, ' for •'•^ OeBerry. eight-, e.r- old boy injured in a rk* field ' °" The docket also o listed accident ! The cast had been tried before^ a jury in Judge T. M. uuptons 23rd Judicial Dutrict i^oiirt in Anuleton for a week. " was reset for one dav be. came of a criminal court tension Monday. 1 Sl«le Senator Jimmy Phil- ,'ip», one of the attorney* for 'he boy, ,aid that the origmal petition ashed for $218,000 in damage,, but thai ihe amount »'a« cm to $189.000 when the Mill came to trial. The , U it arose from »n ac ncient which occurred „„, caught in ,„. ,„,„ ... on which hauls ' lh, *,i ^ Ul - combin. („ the truck hf m «chlnery cut on,- loir l ' ov * the knee, .nd badly sire-!. Right-of-way was needed from eight property owner* but six hare either ...cherj an agreement with the city or are in the process of negotiation " the right-of-way in ob- ismod in the nfar future, m# comrnct for v.ideninj{ the rwart to a 52-foot concrete width mev be awarded by the Texas Hi«h- «av Commission at the Auriwt letting. .the case were Bill Langwonb of Angleton, and Tom Phillir of the firm of Baker and Boll "' Houston, representing the defendant: and Arthur Comb, representing the plaintiff. Two Cars Collide In Brnzoria Area ^ (MMironra; nogs that had been btwight to hin*' for treatment most of them h»rl survived, he r j*»id. Amy Loii It Hera Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Ham are announcing the arrival of Amy Loii, who arrived at Ihe Anxleton Hospital »t 12:20 p m. Mav S. Amy. who weighed iix pounds and ten ounces, i* a; home with her parents, in D«n• burv. 'Hat constables' ,,-ta, •», duced to tne legal ,-,, »nd that the monev i». . ti.'ed 'o reinforce the SS Department As iiKtifioation tl.o» 'h» figure of 5194 tn f m , '»rted bv -he eijh- <on.. •n 195fi. romoared io •->'; .^.-ie, o' s.Q^OO l..e» said thai rori^t? •>!» " furnish their o-,. n , ,, '•her 1-n.uiwrent. jno hr-iMijbo.]i 103^ - n( , ,. 0 ^, ^ork in U\v enforcemei he -, ^r r ?fl ; j s *•> corn .^en', r,f v »w enfo: "m-.pd »• o'iilding A* tr ':-*> •o;r.e tun'lai. I =aiarv and • i > orK. !.<*«. ;.. he V, •;„<-,! t •ri peopi* r,r fo ^ r. ^'>*-v not funr '•»< >ne .it.-.te. Four snio reports said nine «ons were known d,»ad _. on the in.506-to n tanker sonv Point «nd eight on the 9.145 'on Greek snip [oanis aerial i,. .'"ay have ,UP al rmD!s , nd added 10 the death othei ne , of fr om rnme uiher than sn<1 pr e- burned liv- in Ve.« es« from four and from 5 hi p J 0 casual., count midciay. b ii it ,, -i- rt \\-tn some sufienng '•or. it > dr jo. it SurvlTori Picktd Up r;,-.>, i sjon k o| "P died in n of r! 1P lhe eolli. li c.ff;ce 'I' <nr • <• me s»-ne one. 'bat. ••c »vf-v cm nf and .'fleer in thi- o.-,u:in « ell n,,,er,. of s, ,'thr .-OT,w;em I , ,,,,1 i,,i,. New LJ Area Viewed before un k er coMined., ., H a.m. Their ,-rew'« overboard , m ,,,ed,- , a The each for failure io gruit right, of-way, noisy muffler, and running a itop aign. —•— n Barry Eric I« Nevr (Stolen Snack Barry Kric 15 a new rp.sident of Old Ocean. He is making his nme uilh Mi and Mrs. J, H. Kllgi'l Harry aiiiveel at Ihe An-' Klelmi Hospital, ui-ighing sei-cn pounds and u e.unci..s on June 7 al 8 30 p m Scotia Name Girl Tilt new, iMUKIIIrl of .Ml Mrf. JaUH'S Alfled .-ii-,)| Clule has IB. 1958. Th. OeHerrv bo accompanied hit father" r ' t ''!.. el _ d _.. r Honney, HONOLULU —A*— t broke into a reslurant T,.. Bl • nd stole 15 pounds of ham. pounds of Mew meai (i Singers To Meet A nirctinu of the Brazosia Co u n l > SmgiiiK C'onvenlion will be held Sunday afternoon. June 2,1. at .' p.m. in the Temple .1141 ! 4 do?en eggs, 100 i : nee and a u CMMITl He also louk a *ma burner electric tiovc. Lee. She wi:i«n.-d ...e\en . and s-\ aim ..T. -i,.-nf on , - ... when she arnu-d Jim,: is lr) Do« llospiul. > .AUK iy had Mr5 - s N \Vliit.iker and J. lo a R Christian were involved in . and " '«"•«'• lollision M.milav evtiung on ibe Black's Ferrv Hoad at Babe's Corner. Mrs. Whitaker was alone in her car and Christian was ac- Itiicf compamed bv bis 12-\'d esday son navid. The Chiisiian ear ">. i" struck Ihe back fender of the nuncis Whitaker vehicle f un- Cbristian via- i I'*h. ins car BW«I bui 'Ih'*' w'l C ' ^' of u „< ilamated in the evient "Ih' I mned u bad to be aulcd awav. De;.- uty nohcrt Kouitrpv J n\'i* - 1 1 *H ' ubie- t-f^ (he arcideni. No in juries n i >ulted. i>i < IIO^IIM kiniiLn or LllliS. Everyone is urged io aitend. . tt Swimmers Galore Lake Jackson City Manager A. A MdcLean repM is tint (01 the first 17 days of Ji:ne there been iiu aierage a'.u-i-.d- ^nee at thf municipal \\vun- :nim; piMit of ,M)7 swmvners. More tlMn : *[tfl ehe.ked in for ihe iCL-ovci aiienriancc. - - (> Sun Data Sets to.iai at 7.25 p m. Hises Thursday al 5.21 a.m Sets Thur.sday at 7:25 p.m. City Councltmen t( l, a ke Jackson got th*lr first look at the plans for &». -Q" c.m, still closer to a fohition of the drainage problem of the Circle Way merchants, and opened bids on Water Well No. « a, a briefer - than . usual meeting Tuesday m ght. After vlewm, the plans for Area Q, which includes an Ovs ? ,er' 0 Cre°e 1 , , hk D " V<! ' ! ° n ' Creek, Ihe council set ?,";• J "' v 8 ^»" lhf «""« b,d. of wate^TJi """-""ion of naier and «w«r lines and iming , n the rejudential addi •'jck Reid and Ma.\ l!a<jri both n-vners nf C'ircle W,n ,T .. mess properu- plajnn-ii m ciiaiiidjse. problems. '\.>re -i^^in pi'f-ent a! ihe ruuncil ^,'<,;,m and tins imii- went aw.n 'M'n a firm answer from tbe cit\. The council «i{reeri io g,. -•ii.ean <vith plans for pa\ ing ,i IS foot ailev b:'ii., e,.ii C'ircle .,-, ins inedica Amen- ah,-i.'.rn The throiU'hoi;! «f the dft .isn r.alf the if eettin; i Hie c,,lls v lH ,il oil Mipplies. The big .<• i t h a hos hill ne.I into the ; kv- i em amed o\ . , Ihe area for i ore\ en! nig h.'llCopteis / Ihe •'l"'krd •meaied Thp 1'. in c l Air Foi I.are-Te .1. - as the spt , -or coii«'rurt; a! ent >n of scene man » m English and . the lA- Ger- Me if n-.ore tban id per cent lot owner., favored the Engmeers estimated , total cost of the p ,o|e c , Hh i includes con,?rult?oii of " e ,f m- ,,'.,, •ockv inan\- ,-'eai s. Tile . n.ckmann. first soip O n ""' "'" '"' genl "PI 16 " 1 ' ctnrs S nd medical ;un . •' -'« v,n,m,. S0mf from flaming n\. Haters said t |en,e , „ t the cosst at time n f lon and „, vi , ibl , s only 200 v,,r)« The point of land iva, Wl ,. ''""« awsy on the Breton roast. « C er,» of shipwrecks , n nasl r,ll *n as "the s-ail I'. oed n sptvd toward the disaster S line, Amenca uas stf-aming at • Ihe seu - 'or ihe paving and utility work pa\ine on a from ,,, n in.,. »i' t'ol.inarv ''" mburfed , on a '"' '""'. Msis of about ^ pe, he . at> truck f West A5 potljl, tak»n f..r < to Co- bid eet- .ned Fv'heiinen there ing. "he drinks his o'Ait bh> An iniernationa! sf e.s tu\ e a sa s i^sari' :.ry ','.>« liif rj.-ic.c-ors Rut snips. im-:i;ain« ine lux A/-. a,,,l rn.di ,rene -.vitii ., PM |: e s •m,,,ed •"as Dioparing aid tiealnnnl. Tbe Kile Re .ira-m appea;K «nr ihe K-en. O'I'K'r radioed ^iiuii, an nou >.men>ene.^ firjt Kmaiin sent o t for merliihl nd b ship Chirles- it would arriv, >uln a noclor m Around B r a z o s p o r t Th« school c«il«ri(i»r f,.r lu.iT- 18 wjs adopted this week by ihe WeM Columbia xihool trus- t.-cs during iheir regular meel- C-EU.. WILLIAMS, I., in, ^^1^^"^ ^ .in!,'.,::,, 1 ."•".'VK'llTa.N'liK 1 -M-' , l ;i <1 ^Li ll «, 'to'r'sZ'"! ^ Amis ..,,! ,,u-K T>M<NKH iir'iuu dtv'o c^ e , 5> -;;: ^™^. p ^:,!:;^jr,,r^i i ""' "•»«<»»& M| ; 'BK'^V^ w,, •v ! !H l \,. 1A ,r^.r 1 , Ko^r oV'-o^'wrLj;;,, 1 '^ i": ^^ r '^°^^^ v.iHi, IKlMlMl Mil a.,,,Ki a ., 8 . 2|) . C | a , ses wll , .£'&?%.:, Th v' i , < " l '""'"" r \ lil "".i.tin.j. Chriitinas holidays on Dec, 20 K??. r : : ilw . '""s^ 1 ru'r" 11 " ^ ia r —. ^n^": h "a nv ,;^K ^uo^; ?„ Z 7i,,^1.*r"j SH1KLA Ho.S.S, LJ .11,11101 HiKb hmh sci.o,.!. so Ibal the teach PIT:,.S Club i,,..ul,,.,.. p,-fM.|it,.o e, s may attWid district confer" *» <it> ..ill. 3 u,,,y „( tbc ,-„«•. This coufn-ence date h»» r T;::r-k v ?:,,!,t" c ,1^:;;" r lrb ,T "i, % llir l ^r' e ? i. . w c. JEFKEHS >,,,„ ,„ M) „,'. h0 itri a > fo'r° W ii'Le ,"u TM i«iu uihte .jn uuiiiiest. cieau is ^ei to b« d«teri»ui«d. WC School Calendar Is Set Hnia>, Apr. 4 tt |H („, uu .|,ui. c.l in lhe Kaslei Imlmai . If me I'.ii.-iiU'.-s firms in I he cuulltv obst-rxt a |iolid«\ ..u Apr. 2!, liif loc.l i.b,..lls ,. Ill j.1,0 lake Ibis liol:oj\. If the school cio«.-» nut obbcue A pi. 21. U i, e »ti t .ti'r huliaa.%, giving uif ttuiieni> Monday, Apr. ? off as well ^5 tbe previous Fridi.v. The bacvdUui^^te MIAUL.S v ere set for Mav 25. wiih luii,- eiU'en-icni exerciit-s oil M«\ 27 i«nd banded oul to studenu on May ag, Ihe close of lhe school During ihe meeting. the Uusteei; aulhorued Ihe hiring of Milain Rowell as a junior M-li<Hi| equipment and facilities m |H'H1"S on the piugvam for the .-.indents of ibis school I'll' 1 coniiBct for ibe ..neei uu-ul mirk in the lii S n si-li u ,,, v liop building \> a.s let bv the iruitees to the Bloouiinjjth«u ii.clude pulling m a du*i col- iecioi and the various conncc- lioii* to the machinery m ibe shop to take lac dust out of the ouitding. >Sup»riiueiut..iU J. C. Rotors 'A«s directed by the board to work oul preliminary pi an., for Iheir approval for le.-l- iiKirns and concesiion stands under the \\esl gi«iul.,t s iid at Grigg» field. Thj group \oted! , U.hment ,>f » r," ^ tional progi-am for the Phaile I ' 58 ar !„ 1 , n lleu °' an > e Siom Point „ l, sl ed d's Reaister of shop,, « ,,,«l h , Unneri .-^ .leu::, Carriers. ] m . ol Vuik. rt oft'i.-ia.s in Bresi were ••'li'iied lo take tare of m» i '•. i MM -. .-01.1* of mem feared ' .tly injured. 'e were r,,nf|.,i m? r e. "n ihe number of cas- Clula will in hjv. Ticinilr anitatr ••*« •.rilc o raoatlli . P-«li=a ' ev.ry in . hopin, ,, will b. com- \VE HK1.P PEOPLf; LIKE VOU EVEHV DAV lli# Hld/o.-plHl fdltj jljJJ 'i Ilit'lHllv. toUllVOUS atalf bclp ion ill writing ads. wilnoiil nuiige all (.'Uisified .(Uv«.in.-ors from l-.ouiewile io b;« liia.isirial fi lm! . liit'v li iielp \OLI sell .our '•:,r in- lent \oij, -pare i >. li'id a bu.ver for tile nUiitf lou no longer iite. or hire me uelp u, u need! And ihev'll help iou writ* it in most effective uords. DIAL 3-3511 ..nd say "1 want io ;,^c» a Wa.u Ad,' 1 Yo -mckly Hnd thai when , IHe « lo lesulis, n's in. .a;o*port racii b.i « in; .e.rj nme.

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