Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1969 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 24, 1969
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. . . In tht Ht»rt ·« HmrfeacklinM 109th YEAR-NUMBER 266 The Public Interest It The First Concern Of This Newspaper FAYETTEVlllE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1969 .-.I tOCAl WtfCACT- ' Sunny and fair today! wltli e h a n c e of showers Wnun barometer 30.15 risinft wiodl northerly: sunset today CiMt nunrise Friday 5:35. High Low Expected today T3 #MJ Wednesday W *» qms Congress May Act, Senator Warns WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. tuart Symington says Congress may cut Pentagon spending cross the board unless the Sente Armed Services Committee ofcrs deployment of President ·lixon's Safeguard missile de- ense system. The Missouri Democrat spoke jut Wednesday as the commit- ee completed two days of pubic hearing on the proposed sys- em to protect U.S. missile sites. Symington said that in the past 22 years he had never seen he committee reject a single proposed weapons system. "If on this particular system ve can't just once show this hould he deferred. I predict hat the Senate will recommend North Little Rock Crash Fatal Police probe (lie wreckage of a light plane that crashed near a North Little Rock home this morning, killing Capt. Dan-til Blockcr, 32, Lcachvillc, an Air National Guard pilot and member ill Hie state Aeronautics Com- mission. Blockcr, wild operated a flying service in civilian life, was alone in the private plane. (AP Wirephoto) War-Oriented Crisis Worsens In Lebanon Arab guerrilla fighters freedom to use Lebanon as a base for operations against Israel. They battled security forces in Beirut, the southern city of Sidon and the village of Barr Klias in BEIRUT. Lebanon (AP) -Beirut and five other major Lebanese towns are under curfew- today, and a state of emergency is iii force throughout Lebanon following a day of riots in which at leasl 11 people were killed and 62 were wounded. The nalion's 15.000-man army patrolled the slreels, guarded key installations and kept thousands of Palestinian refugees in their camps. ' P R F D I C ' T F D The strict security m e a s u r e s ] 1 I N I _ L X I V « L-I-' PRESS issi- bilitv of scattered showers re the Bekaa Valley. Two of the dead were members ol Ihe sccu rity force. the slale of emergency wi last at least unlil Sunday, Ihe government said. SPRING RAIN The slrict security measures | - · ·-~ were taken to prevent funerals i ,, THE ASSOCIATED PRE1 for victims of Wednesday s vio- J . lence from turning into bloody f a r m e r an and the po.s. anti - government demonstrations. Thousands of Palestinian refugees in the southern city of Sidon threatened to defy the curfew to attend the burials. Premier Rashid K n r a m i considered resigning but was persuaded by Cabinet colleagues to remain in office, government sources reported. He made n dramatic midnight appeal for national unity and pledged the government would take all nee cssary measures to m a i n t a i n law and order. The premier said the entire country supports the Palestinian cause and noted that the government approved a new con scriplion law Wednesday n i g h t . Lebanon's population is about half Christian and half Moslem. and the government generally has tried to steer clear of involvement in the Middle East fighting. DIVIDED LOYALTIES In line with this, it has tried to prevent Palestinian commandos from using Lebanon as a base for operations against Israel, but in reprisal for an Arab attack on a Israeli El Al a i r l i n e r at Athens last December, Israc li commandos attacked Beirut International Airport and de- Probe Of Spy System Set turned to the Arkansas weather forecast for Friday. The U. S. Weather Bureau said the chance of showers would be mainly in the western part of the stale, with j gence system is run and if it i: h i g h temperatures Friday conducting too many missions, tomorrow generally in t h c j Pike says there is high-levc h i g h 70s and low 80s. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Rep Otis G. Pike. D-N.Y., whose in vestigation of the Pueblo cap lure has broadened to include the loss of a Navy reconnais sauce plane, says he wants to know how the military's intclli Lows tonight were cast mostly in the 'IDs. fore- President Backs Postal Increase WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Nixon stands f i r m l y on a Republican platform plank in proposing the nation's fourth round of postal rate increases in 11 years to bring the Post Office close to a pay as-you-mail oper- The message Nixon prepared for delivery to Congress today proposes increasing every postage rate but air m a i l for a net gain estimated by Postmaster stroyed 13 Lebanese planes. if;,,,, \viutnn M. Blnunl al Still Refugees who fled In Lebanon I m i l l i o n . j from Palestine in 1048 and t h e i r - ,.\ |,rst class Idler will cost I confusion in the Navy abou which intelligence mission need protection. He cited mcs sages about the Pueblo whicl never reached top commander., and said he wants to know if tin same thing happened with tin EC121. shot down over the Se? of Japn by North Korean MIGf April l~i. "This incident is onp nf a package." Pike said. "I havi some very f u n d a m e n t a l ques tions on how necessary the vol ume of our missions is." Some of those questions ma be directed to Gen. Karle G Wheeler, c h a i r m a n of the join chiefs of slaff, a scheduled wit ness when the stihcommilleo re sumes open hearings Friday. Time lags in report ing such incidents to top o f f i c i a l s in Washington are especially vex ing. said the New York Demo cral, chairman of the Hous Armed Services spc( ial subcotn mittee nn the Pueblo. offspring now number Hi'UlliO They arc fierce supporters of the ' Arab guerrilla movement. .seven cents, if approved by Con-1 R CP- I - - Mendel Rivers, D 1 1 - ' I ,, / , , _ _ · (· i , . I - . . M iS.C., chairman nl the lull com and many Lebanese back them. of them armed, surged t h r o u g h j c c n t s for the streets Wednesday demand-1 went ing Users of the m a i l s would pay miltee. Inld I'ike Wednesday s l u d i - n l s j n i o r i 1 for f i r s t class stamps for ! t h c f o u r t h liini 1 since 1958 when Refugees and students, m a n y the rale w e n t I r o m three to four · · · · · - 1 - 1 · · · - - - - - a Idler. T h e price me cent, in 19611 and that Hie g o v e r n m e n t g i v e l a g a i n J a n . 7. IIIWI expand the probe, saying: wish to p a r t i c u l a r l y emphasi/i my inleresl in ascertaining lb command and control responsi of the executive branch In ( h i lalcst incident." Pentagon Spending Cut Threatened --and very possibly the House also--a major across-the-board cut" in the ?80 billion Pentagon budget, Symington said. He exempted the $400 million in missile design funds w h i c h he believes should continue. Symington said the hearings had bolstered his position opposing Safeguard, but Chairman John Stennis saw the sessions as strengthening the proposal. Eight witnesses have testified some for and some against the controversial defense system. "All eight have some respect for it," Stennis said. "All eight argue it's the most advanced system we have despite its deficiencies.' To delay deployment. Stennis said, would "burn up precious time" needed to developing a defense against a possible Soviet threat in the mid-1970s. Stennis also challenged Symington's contention the commit- too has always rubber-stamped Pentagon requests for new weapons systems. He noted some funds were blocked for the controversial TFX fighter- bomber and the Nike-Hercules, one of the first anti-missile systems. There will be three or four weeks of closed hearing before the committee gets down to voting on the military procurement authorization bill, first of fuur with Safeguard funds. The measure probably won't get to Nixon Insists Inflation On The Way Out WASHINGTON (AP) - White louse sources insist last nonth's jump in living costs- biggest in 18 years--doesn't nean a new twist upward in the nflation spiral. "We don't foresee an increase n the price trend, we foresee a decrease," said a Ni.xon admin- stration source. "But this should increase Ihe worry about the slate of the economy and the need for economic restraint." The Labor Department Monday reported that the cost of living rose eight-tenths of one per cent in March, the biggest jump since the Korean war year of 1951. Last month's index was 125.6 meaning it cofi. $12.56 to bu\ what $10 would have purchase! in typical family goods am services in the 1957-59 base peri od. A substantial rise was re ported for food, clothing anc gasoline. Wholesale prices of foodstuffs and industrial raw materials also rose sharply, five-tenths ol one per cent, bringing that in de.x- to 111.7, a rise of 3.2 pet cent in a year. "During the first quarter o this year, consumer prices rose 1.5 per cent, the sharpest rate o: advance for any three-month period since May-July, 1956,' said the department's Bureau ol Labor Statistics. "The index now stands 5.1 per cent above a year ago." The White House source said in spite of the figures, "Hit economy is slowing down." al though the March hike "doe? suggest a long time to get down to a more acceptable level of price increases." He also said that the prospecl of government imposed wage price controls such as were used to stop Korean War inflation are "absolutely zero." UA-LRU Merger May Take Place July 1 ·Dr. David W. Mullins, pros! dent of the University of Ar Kansas, said today the merger of the U of A and Little Rock University could take- place J u l j 1. .Mullins said this depended on whether the full $1 million ap propriation allocated in t h e lie 1 enuB Stabilisation Act for tin first fiscal year of the consoli dation is a v a i l a b l e , and if thi Boards of Trustees nf both in stitutions. agree to the merge under limited eondi tions. the full Senate until mid-June at the earliest. As hearings concluded, Sym inglon said he had been fooled by intelligence estimates of a "bomber gap" and a "missile gap" in the 1950s. Now, he said, the Pentagon is trying to convince the committee the giant Soviet SS9 missile is intended to have a first strike offensive capability. Dr. Frederick Scitx. president of Rockefeller University and the National Academy of Sciences, told the committee Wednesday: "The SS9 gives them a great deal of capahili ty." Another witness. Prof. Albert Wnhlstetter of the Universi ty of Chicago, said the crucia tiling is that the SS9 is being equipped w i t h multiple warheads. Symington called the addition of the multiple warhead capabif- ity "totally inconsequential." 'Testifying against the ABM were Abram Chayes, Harvard law professor and former State Department legal advisor, and Dr. George Rathjens of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who are writing a report on the ABM at the request of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-.Mass., Hathjens said a Pentagon briefing on the ABM had only served to c o n f i r m his opposition to it. . "Safeguard in defense of Mill- Ititcman w o u l d be .somewhat less effective t h a n 1 thought it would be,' Rathjens said. Lodge Asks Withdrawls PARIS (AP) -- Tin- United I session of the V i e t n a m peace States today urged North Viet- t a l k s . Ambassador Henry Cabot lam to join in practical steps ; Lodge declared t h a t t i n s could mniediately tn begin w i t h d r a w start a series nf e v e n t s to end ing outside forces of both s i d e s . t i n - w a r . l i e said he .saw "no rom South V i e t n a m . -good reason why that process Speaking at Ihe Hth enlarged should not begin soon." N o r t h V i e t n a m representative X u a n T h u y . h o w e v e r , replied hat the only foreign troops in Smith V i e t n a m were those of the L'nin.'fl Slates and i!s a l l i e s and ivhat is needed is t h t ' i l - with- d r a w a l . Thuy's s t a t e m e n t seemed to r e b u f f , at leasl for t i n - present. Lodge's a p p e a l to i.-nd "historical" exchanges and get down to practical problems. Trail Bun Klein, representa- t i v e of the Viet Cnnu's N a t i o n a l --AP Wlrephoto SIRHAN BISHARA SIRHAN . . . condemned (o die in gas chamber Psychiatric Testimony Fails To Convince Sirhan Jurors LOS ANGELES (AP) - The jury believed Sirhan Bishara Sirhan's mind was impaired, says juror George Stil/cl. but not to a degree to affect its ver- Bombers Hit Red Buildup SAIGON (AP) -- U.S. TJf2 bombers made- t h e i r heaviest raids of the Vietnam war Wednesday ( T u e s d a y U.S. time) near der. d r o p p i n g more t h a n 2.000 tons of bombs along a 30-mile stretch northwest nf Saigon, the U.S. Command reported. diet--death in the gas chamhn for the assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. What of the month-long testi inoiiy from psychiatrists am psychologists as Ihe defense tried to prove Sirhan lacked the mental capacity to form a ma lure ami meaningful plol against Kennedy? "It s t u n k -- I don't buy t h a i stuff," said Albert N. Fedcrico another juror. He expressed hi' view to newsmen after the ver diet was announced in courl Wednesday. Stit/.el. 57. a pressroom fore man at the Los Angeles Times riding consideration t h a t made him vole Ihe death penalty'.' "The g r a v i t y of the crime.' he told newsmen. "The cold blooded murder of an i u d i v i d u al. A planned murder." Did he believe the j u r y wnulr have decreed death if the v i c t i n had not been Kennedy, a candi date lor president'.' "I t h i n k we o r g , i . 1 , . ) H i t L I K M U J I M U I J I L . 1 L I N I I t s , i v i . lops so as not to let lien, get w | p u l ( j _ _ ^ ^ j( _ u;|s (|m g a n i 7. c d an A m e r i c a n ,,,,,,.i,,,,,,^,,,, i,,,,,,,,,,* crime." De Gaulle May Be Near End Of Reign P A R I S ( A P ) -- Imlicatiom arc m o u n t i n g t h a t ( h i s may hi President Charles dc Gaulle's last, week tn office. The 78-year old French leader has said he would resign immediately if the referendum Sunday votes down his proposal, lo t r a n s f e r some of t h e central i government's powers In region- (y"", K ..'"''',,,,','}','_., ",',,',',"'; v al a d m i n i s t r a t i o n s and reduce in Senflfo to a consultative roll?. The- newspaper Figaro pub lished a pnll t o d a y showing t h a t fin- the lirsl l i m e since De Gaule made his resignation threat, opponents of the consti- t u t i o n a l changes o u t n u m b e r supporters f3 per cent to -17 p e r j cent. As recently as M a r c h 31. polls showed per cndum. The s w i t c h came after He G a u l l e ' s televised address l i n k - ing his political f u t u r e tn thr lit tie understood, 3D page reform bill. DOUBTS Mri.TIPl.V De Gaulle h i m s e l f i n d i c a t e d dnubt Wednesday about Ihe mil come w h e n he t n h l his Cabinet at t h e end of their weekly scs sinil: "We'll meet a g a i n principle next Wednesday ' The me] iK anges h a v e Liberation Front, also continued to press a hard line policy. He insisted t h a t Ihe way to end the w a r w a s f u r t h e I'nitcd States t o w i t h d r a w it 1 ; forces and slop c l i n g i n g In t h i ! present Saigon a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . TALKS l)RA(i 01 T Tin. 1 U.S. r e p r e s e i i l a l i v e said e t a l k s had spenl l.'i weeks nf Ilia V i e t n a m conllii-1 and t h a t it 11 now l i m e In begin serious nego- t i a t i o n s . "Let us, ihi-re!'iirr. nnvv get down to t!ie t a ' k "I b r i n g i n g the war in V i e t n a m I n a:i end." he s;iid. "Let us serl. practical sol u t i o n s lo p r a c t i i . i l problems. "There is ii!!e p r a ' - t l c a l stop ca-i t a k e , (bat w - ' v in bring l i g h t i n g In an '·!;]. T h a t step forces nn \f process nf w i t h d r a w , d from South Viet- w o u i ( l Lodge repealed t h a t the United Stales is "prepared to begin Ihe w i l h d r . i w a l uf I. .S. fnrc«5 from Smith V i e t n a m simultaneously w i t h f h i e x t e r n a l forces mi your ^ide l.ndCe said hi 1 saw no re.i.snn why t h e m i l i t a r y and political aspects nC a M ' t t l e i n e n l could nnl be v . n r k ' ' d ' ' i ; l at ihe san'.ff if Ihe priipnsrd! 1 '"!''- "'· - : n ' - - e d t!,.- wnrd been nversha j " p r a c t l c a l " M-V.T.I! l i m e s m his dnwed by t i n 1 question of confi | stalpmrni dence in lie intended. The Ibn-al of defeat has rrcd t h e new elfnr! G n u l i s l s |i bill a b n l l t I h e r e f e r e n d u m a n d I h e f u t u r e nf I h e I I y r a r iild lie G a u l l e cpiieh. In a N o r t h .Ml ST FA I K l ' \ ( IS i cleienrn I* and Viet i j : n n rei'.ime, t . i M v e s a i d : · c n g n i 7 P t i n - 1 ' S r.'| " Y n n r \Mlr- : i ; nn under!.!-.I 1 :;.' nl'l.itK K ' O N T l N r i . 1 ) ( I N I ' A f i K TVV'ni The targets of the g i a n t SI rat oforlresses were enemy bases in the Viol Cong's War Zone; C. where the Viet Cong and N o r t h Vietnamese have built a network of camouflaged roads and DECISION S I I A I I E I ) Other j u r o r s s;iid Ihe s.une thing By most jurors' accnmil . i h e first vulr was eight, in [ a v n r nl the death p e n a l t y , t w o in l a v n r i n f i l t r a t i o n routes on which to;"' I"'-' ".' P'''TM''- ·'"'' '"", »!;' 1 ' 1 . NEWS BRIEFS Commissioner Ailing SErf^ XTM^"-""£«, ^ r-'p, b g;:," wi,,,,". !;r ^r^s. - ^^s'vz^,::;; mile and H h a l f of the hoi dc.. ,, ,, ' n j m o l l s _ T |,,. or,«i,,,il hnld- was a d n n l t e B a p l i ^ t Medi Bases To Close l.-urrl n shut Volpe Seeks Supersonic Jets Transportation Objectives Switched W A S H I N G T O N (AP) -- lagn. Airport and a i r w a y s i n i - l u p lo S2 b i l l i o n in loan g n a r a n - Transpnrlatiiin Secretary . I n h n l p r n v i i m - i i l and c o n s t r u c t i o n w a s l l c c s for construction nl airports Volpe has rcshufllcd his'depart | r a n k . n I m i r l h . which in some cities arc v a s t l y incut'-' priorities p u t t i n g l n o : I n I h e revised N i x n n budget . p r n f i t a h h conlrov crsial a i r w a y s proji-ctsi put out last week, a · '·- "''- ': ahead nl s o l v i n g mass t r a n s i t !$!!.'i million in new | )rn |)| ( . ln s The former iiut out last week, a rcquesl foi'i The bill also w o u l d provide K!.'i million in new money for'some $W million in n u l r i g h t I n i a s s t r a n s i t was cut out al ' g r a n t s for n i r p n r l cnnsiruelinn. governor reportedly has Inld I'n-sidenl N i x n u hi- w a u l s a d ministration approval lor ci'hcr the Supersonic Transport-- SST --or an airways and airports bill before aclion on incrrasing Massnehuselts though had Volpe Other programs, transit. including mass . The SST wasn'l ranked lit all viewer in .March t h a i t r u c k s and u i i l n s were c l i n k i n g the cities ami "we w o u l d n ' t be in Ihe nii";s w e ' r e in" if studies had becn s l a r l c d i-arlier. Of t h e I wo projects, the SST proposal is on the Prcsillenl's desk. A month ago il appeared headed I n r limbo but it's fMi- In H list of priorities publishedhinw is u n c e r t a i n . fey Volpe's Dcuiocralc prcdc The .urporls ·etNr, Alan S. Boyd, n year would provide for the first lime including lerininals. This practice was discontinued in Ihe 19"iOs licea'ise nf criticism dial ledcral money r being used There also is opposition to the g u r a n l c c i n g nf Inaus. Some critics say t h e g u r a n l c i ' s would put lax free m u n i c i p a l bonds ill di- rccl cnmpelilion w i t h t a x a b l e Treasury bonds al. a t i m e when Ihe Treasury needs all the cash il can get. The T r a n s p o r t a t i o n Department is expected In argue that and bigger a i r p o r t s are build such things as cocktail I desperately needed In ease iiir lounges. Critics in the administralion say federal aid is not needed to build iiirporls. Tliry rite the example nf t h e New York Port A u - t h o r i t y , which is building t w o congestion. Ihe government could easily stand the competition from m u n i c i p a l bonds and small and iniildlrsi/i- airports would benefit from Ihe lew Interest, of » gnvermiicnl loan huge skyscrapers ( n u n Ihe prof- Nixon RO ahead lor the SST or its of tlic three nil-ports it runs.lcvcn a delay order would be a major eh.iitge of Volpe w h n u.r for outs were not identified. eal (Vnlcr Inn- tm Under California l.iw. I h e 1 A h o s p i t a l spnKi"- ·same jury which f i n d - a dch-nd I S a i v e r had · . i i l l i - n - d ant guilty sets the pcn.dlv in , i , m g s p e l l " in oil; later trial. Superior ('nun . l u d g i - i Herbert V . Walker set M a y I I ) fur the formal sentencing. Slat law provides for an u n t o W A S H I N G T O N ' ( A l ' i l . i r y d D e l i - i . - I - M i - l v i n I a n n o i i n i c d |il.n:s today dn'.v n. e n i ^ i ' l i i i . i i i - ni 1 ( nt h.u k n . i h i . i r y i n s | a i : . i l i n n s and a c t i v :· !K -, in i h e I ' i n l e d Stall s In s a v 9 ahniit $'.'"' n i i i i i ' i n a n n u a l l y . \ int.11 HI :i iCl c i v i l i a n John v . i l l in- i - h i n i n . i i e d a n d f i . 2 2 2 m i l . h l . i i - . p i T M i n m 1 w i l l hi' Ir.irs- Arkanson Elected i[,.,-n d m o t l u r i i - M g n i n c n H un- G A T L I N H l i R G , Ti-i;n. ( A l ' i der t h e nl.n;. lie Rev. Craig Br.inh;im nl 1. 1 KocK. A i k . . I ' l e i l e d Wednesday secret. u v cases and Sirhan's lawyers h a v f said they w i l l move for a ncw | t r i a l . Judge Walker also has t h e ' ^ f missions of Ihe N n M h Ainei i power to reduce the penally to ,-an B a p l i s l Assnci i l i n n . life in prison. (Irani Cnnper. chii-f d e l e i r e l a w y e r , said t i n - .ippi-.i' h i g h l y favorable repnrl on I h e ' h e t a k e n of bdih l l n - Flames Kill Two K l . D O R A D O . An, ( A l ' i - An I I man c n i u m i l t c c of agen jM-nli-nri'. murder v r r d i c l and Hie dealh T u ( ) ,,,,,. SI) | 1S «;.,-,. i.dled e a r l y Hi cy heads and Cahmcl under si" ri-taries had d i . - i w n up recoil! mendalions for tin- report thai contained some severe crln lire thai roared be llin-r m a j o r p o i n t 1 : . ibroiich a hous,- al Kl Dniadn. --Thai Judge U a l k e r did mil | Al ,,|,,, n iie ;; , d e n t i f n - d t h xerciso discivtinn in rrjei l i n g ' lf , n(| -,, William W a l l a c i p r e t n a l divil allovviiiK Sirhiml,,.,, .,,,,| j, l( . A n,, n n ; | W | . Hackers of the SST said some J200 million was needed to keep it going full blast in fiscal 1970 but concede it could limp along In plead qtiilty lo f i r s t - d e n r r e Golcy, J. .V.I. Private School Set W A K K F . N , A r k . ( A I M - Tuition I . l i e s I n r ,1 p: - \ . l t e V h u i i l ('ailed; t i n - W a r r e n Ai adeiny were, nil- nniinci-il Wednesd.iv by Mrs. l.lnyil MeDiiMU.ild, a c l i n g chiiu 1 -' man of Fn .-dnni, Ir.c. Exemption Cost W A S H I N G T O N ( A P ) - - A top lax pulley spnl.csitur. testified I n d a v t h a t (id'.ihliiu: the amount nun der and I eiilenced to life Walker insislivl t h e case was too Important worltlwiiln to IX 1 sH- tlcil nut of (.oiirt. and the penal on carryover funds w h i l e Hncmi!|ly should be lell In a j u i y In '''· k, tin-,,,.,.1, (hi- s l n i i - l i i i e . CaiiM 1 Corp.. Ihe prime cnnlr.iclnr f n r j c K l c .. thr plane, t r i e s In w o r k out rtr sign bugs lhal. h a v e prompted much criticism of th» Mip'.-rjct, lial I h e gr.inil J u i y w h i c h i n d i c t e d w.u not properly constituted. nf t h e lire other peisnns l i v u u ; i n l o f the persnnal UK nine lax ox- cinplum In $1.200 would cost thi» govi-rnmi-nl $17 bilhdii ill 11« ( reviMiuc. The law nnvv periints « lax- p.-.yer lo c l a i m n JlilHl exemption for himself nnd onrh of hi* (If: pendeni';. O f l i i ei s said tin 1 (ire began M Ihe Irom i.f ihe l i v e room frain,- housp anrl spread rapid- nnl been lie- H'-v*w.v ·

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