The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 18, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 8
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Pag? 8 Rejoins Brown Window Club Tim PACTS LJ Gators Lose Haney To Dallas tt-f. T-.mnin ty nrv 3M 11Y1 nrP^- t h*» rofflilar eaarith „ _ _ — u _t_ • . i . . _ After running up an impressive string of 269 strikeouts in only 18 panics, Weldon Haney ficials have high hopes of lur- 1 aVa .tarksnn :—_. tt ,-_ T _- . . . season. However, Lake Jackson of- is leaving the Lake Gators and rejoining mer Dallas mutes h> Cl fo t r n ' '"* Hayden Lues out of " ° 'firement to take over for j Dallas-bound jpeedballer. Feathers Resigns At Lanier Clifton D. Feathers, V*ead •oach al Lanier High School past several seasons the past several seasons., mat two-day ana: ounced his resignation from Gators beating Brow Brazosport School Svs'sm !Company of Dallas i 1( j av :a!s. thus saining a breathers who had bef n . World's Tournament for anno the B Mondav. Feathers, who sought after by Wallace • and a California Ju- ng a pitching mark of IS wins igainst only two defeats. His ist three wins came this past veekend whe* he came up vith victories to lead the Gat- ii-F lo a tournament crown in i two-day meet in Houston. Haney had n no-hitter in the otfener, came on in relief in the second game and won the fin- il by a 2-0 count over Ross 'ick. a foimer Gator and Holly Produce. From all indications the Gat's might still be able to use Taney on thoir mound staff ••hen Regional Tournament lime rolls around. Haney will not be eligible lo play for the Dallas nine in post-season activity but can play for Lake Schmidt field for the yearly i.Tackson. Regional toi'rnarrrnt. ! Should Lues join the squad That two-day affair had the and Haney return for tournev beating Brown Window activity, it will give LJ a competition since then. Should'Lues join the Gators. ill will give them two able pit- jchers, in Lues and Dink Mla- jdenka. to face reague nines in jthe Tri-County loop. j In 1956. the Lake Jackson 'nine hosted the lop softball teams across the state on Webb- field for the yearly been Hi^h ! in the fin- erth on the mound staff of Haney. Mia- denka. Lues and in Orange . Gene Silver .World's Tournament. i who pitched the Gattvs (o n After winning the slate'crown last year. ....._ crown. L.T picked up one of the , This foursome of pitchers nior Hi»h, is expected to take top pitchers on the Dallas club, j would be considered the best a coaching job in Alaska. .thai being Haney. During the: across the state and would put Mrs. Feathers .ilso resi.jnrrl, World meet. Haney worked the defending champions in n her teaching position in Sweery several games for LJ and came position to once again gain a take a post in the vip with fine pitching perform-; World tourney berth. anfi will iftKc rt fjusi in in*. 11 p ivii" »«t»^- |...i».....-,., j^ —~ - - - - i — -•••.,. .,^. j ui_t i n. Alaska school system. lances an some needed base hits. The 19S7 World meel will be •—•- • ' ---...---' During tne winter months,;held in Clcarwater, Fla.. and Haney found a job in the Braz-jwill be held from September • at Lanier. Fea'.hris' During tne winter months,; held in Clcarwater, Fla.. and I the Wildcat football.. Haney found a job in the Braz-j will be held from September all and track squads, osport area and moved to Lake • 16 through the 21. lotball elevens were Jackson, where he became a j Lake Jacksun will be in the leaders in the 10-A reeular member of the Gators.; Houston tonight to battle Air- eague. However. Kaney decided re- line Produce in a Tri-County While at Lanier. handled the Wildcat basketball His fo among the Nr'ro league Feathers was also the director of the Lanier reiay^ and go 0*1*.* wim ju»n m^ mm,^, . .»,»,,! tn Mttieti 10 ivas always i teammates and live in the Dal- denka on the mound County roufhs In Pasadena For Meet Brg,8o»j?ort. and Bmoria, Cannty, Tuesday, June 18, 1387 V Jr. Olympics Open Thursday A slron* lineiip ot Junior kt kick off the 19S7 Gulf Coast' Intermedia!* hnnr.fiil« inMi,rf« ,,1.1,,,.. ,„„ r !_.__ ,.. . A strong lineup ot Junior to kick off the 19S7 Gulf Coast; Intermediate hopefuls include visions are ,Iorgi*on Olympic tracksters — repre- A. A. U. Junior Olympic sea-;Robert Tale, Robert Kr«.-,t,.in.; D »! s "-°m. Fore*,. " ' senting Brazo-port, Angleton.Uon. " ' '_"", „""' *• .<••-.,,.,„,, Some of Ihe^irls taking part I IT ^, .—_,. ,. Fi as h- 5tr °n*. -tones, HIgins, in the J-Jrar.osport program in- (hp P"" 1 "choollVoy track learns West Columbia, Brnzoria and! F.xpor'sr track coach Flash "' ••;-•• • ••»•••«, ••• i Sweeny — move but of Brai- w *" t<>r has been working with Ev *ns, Clark and Lynn ton- yude ioria County training camps both boys flnd tirls in the Br»r- <>!*>« D,. H «. i_ *«.- •_ . _ .. •' ° Lookc, in programs in Angiefon, Swe«. n.y and Columbia were Thursday for the summer's first track carnival. Hundreds of youthful boys; seat Program, and girls will lie on hand at ' LI °>' rt """ ' - : working Brazoria Wright, Honna 'while Ihe Brazoria entry «-i!l Bill Hamrick heads the'county entry, the Pasadena High School Sta dium. Thursday at 7:30 p.m ly at 7:30 p.m, 5""-"" H wnlle ra _—!. RoXighneck track Rains Force jr Out Freeporf II Twinbill Giants' Win U Junior Game.... Teen-Age Busy Tonight Thomas has been [ with the youths in while Man-in Gray,' „ -k track coach, has ;been sending the West Coltim- ibia hopefuls through their | paces. j The track events through the „„,„„,„, seniors ana r i^;;,e sss^isis -•» *« int ° jh * *•»«• Programs held by each town ly Teen -Age picture Anight as ; . .—,-.-„ - iun^in^rrn^aiT^^lS'Sn"' 11 "' ""* '" "* | ^^^ '"~ wa'yW'™' W " t -r ^ Vtid!,* & '" "« *<"- "*». <>- single: ^mmyspinks won. n,l the Fo'rd ±i'G ^^forf^ trkes cnre of youths from 11 * ame P |ts «'« Cubs against lhp ; " a > f /or tne Pirates and gave (up r iv -. Tr-iry'Knipstcin while the juniors Red Sox in a big game, under ™ a l,. SC V C " saf . c hlows fls "'" the lone Freeport run fifth ••-' ' ' , Junlor!! ' scni ' lrs and '"'ajors :for the Giants and they only y '" , lh ™« . hil f' Prul{t . f "' s ' *>x mnlngs and ' and then a big six-run fourth ------ to win over the Redskins. all the P ' 1 ' 011 as hc tennis meet, which •enlly that he would like to game, and Galor manage*- Les back and join his former. Tolbirt is slated to have 'Mis- highlight in the spring sea-i la." son. of T l> ultra *FI >»rvvn^. He left the Gator* after h»v- Baseball Tryouf Camps Planned A couule of .-oort notes that should be of interest to Bra?.ona County high school and college baseball players, urday. •ake .- the tw.) major league baseball tryout camps that are com up. The Gators are unbeaten in conference play as they have -von seven straight. Jim Scherdin will handle Ihe catching for Lake Jackson while Lefty Underwood is at first. Rusty Koenig at second. • Harvey Whitehead at short and rxt Brannon at third. I Jim Hembree, Bill Moore 'Ross Ivy or Glenn Lippman will be in the Gator outfield tonight. On Thursday, the Gators win travel to Bay city for a twin- till against their All-Stars while on Saturday Lake Jackson will be at home for a du- bleheader. . The Pearl Beer team from San Antonio will rr.ove in against the Gators in ihe Saturday twin duels. The Webb- Schmidt Field aclion w' LAKE JACKSON loltbnll of- officiali art hop»ful of bringing back Harden Luei, abor«, to tak» Ih. pUc. of W.ldon Hsney, who recintlr !«lt to join a Dall.i club. Lu«, who ui«d to b» on* of Ih. Gator ac»5 on Jh» championihi> t»«m« a f*w years buck, h» not pluyed >ny loagu. toll- ball for torn, iwo y»ari. Th» ulurn of Lu« to Ih. Gator mound itaff would tsk. up most of th, ,l« c k whm H«n•T. a fast bailer with a 16-2 record, announced h» w«i le»Ting iht club to rtjbln hit formir nint. -..- ... , ,.„,.. ,, ^me pits the Cubs against the By picking up a pair of runsi 8 "'' " ftclel ' wm ' e the juniors " etl Sox in a big game.under Jackson's National ' League j ""rhf'internipdiute dtvi.ion T'I ""ll "'l? 5 Oit a '' e un , bealon .!'""spinks"ha's' > U strikeouts over Cardmals nicked the Phillies'takes in bov? and gi* ha" ±'^ b.c'k "viTh "thaMnf* h" ? ' :|h T ! « ve » innings while PniiU • V W,M ^"X"^ niRht ^ are '« and is while*.e f na ^ .1-2 com to the Sox -""'• " mP UP - wlt - h ei « hl ' ' """ HrTthel/'w-^^B^ an^« V^^< ^j^^^?^ Dodgers were playing to a 2-2! Dashes, relays, field evcnls port lo take on the «,-con1 nlacc ^tandoff In the other game on ?"|* l " spbal1 .«"•<>*,« will high- nine in the Brazoria Cotimv Us National doubleheader. "R 1 ' 4 the Junior Olymoic HHCK standings. The WC nine took Rains forced out the action • c '" rrt - E?oh Contestant is allow- a 4-1 win over Freeporf in their n Freeport last night, while ed (o w ' ork ""-y one running first meeting. Anfleton's American League ovent . on e tMd event and then . West Columbia is also in ll.e got in a twinbill. rlm °" one relay team. • Major spotlight as lltcy draw Twinbills will be reeled off i ^"dena. soarkcd by Bert Bay City in a top gnme. Thin Freeport. Lake Jackson : J- oan ' and Bayjown, with their WC crew, made up of several ,,, 1J ,, V11 ,. I ,, West Columbia and An^ton i/"","^' al ' e the Gulf Coast of the high school players, are .ioi-Vclasco name was rained tonight whilp the B-C-vVn,' =omr, n f .1, • , ""beaten in loop play. out In Freeporl Some or the senior boys The only defeat that Bay Ci — tripled and : pnss ball. then scored on a - Pirales bangcd mlt Whitcker got timely hits for the winning Giants. Only one game was played in . Tha.Ramc played had West Co- lnmhia downing the Freeport ' Redskins 11-]. fvhile I he War ;'akes the week 'cotil camp. , . , off for Bnv 1 , m f sel '> or boy* The only defeat th ' under Walker this ly has suflered has been 1-0 run West ' in Columbia the rst o H Tlie Cards used Jim —-.., Ructt Mar- ible to field nine men. he nH.h-', "T,* Dandled:tin. Ronald West, Carl Tnpp. A Wednesday game in the ne pitching while Richard'Micky McKibben. Ronald Cal- Major loop find Lake Jackson imbo and Rovce Woodsihoun. Wallace Krcbs, Dona!,! moving over to Freeport for a orked on the mound for thejBrockett. Ronert TTestoury »nd crack at the defending cnamp- ' raves - • Jimmy Allred. ion Optimist. Lake Jackson is _ riding in second place in the •0^tle 11 lenl^e~~~; p ^t n ^^^d^h^ 1 ^rI^; JACKSON. Miss. —dpi— A games. the ba . seba " S a '" p between the In a Junior game played last • Winona and Jackson American night in the Lake' Jackson iiie I ^' f!ion tc * m « ended Friday at league it was the Giants gct- v _ the top of the fifth inning when ting a fl-2 win over the last- 10 place Pirates. )-; Ronnie Pruitt and Roger Sumlin worked o the mound wpr the Phillies, while osers had Bill Hucigins. Behind Windoll Beene, \n?Ielon Yankees lock a • in o"er the he Red SOT win the: Announcing The Opening ot BROWN'S Service Station and Trading Post Hwy. 28)1 and Main St. Chile Formerly Simm'i Service Station buy and tell of value" anything f/s/iin FIESTA JULY 4 - Get ready now! You'll Find AH Vnur neftls Al Palmer's. /tuthorOed Dr.tler Johnson Outhonrrt Motor* Silts * Servlo« Sporti Hcariquflrtera J. Hwr Palmer's Spr.rllnj Goods Clllle S-Z41J Angleton Falls To w«M Peach One camp will be in Frederickstaurg o\i June 21 and 22, /•vliile ths second wiU be over in Houston on the 26-27 and 28 of June. ' Yiar atUr year, »riral lint bataball plir«" com* out of the ichonibor rinki and ar* malarial (or eollaga ninti. Howtvvr, torn* of thai* countf boys m|0ht catch th« «ya of th* irotMiional icouti and th*f could T«rf eaiily *nd up with a contract. ... These scouts ann coaches also give good tips on hitting ollj'" 6 '" '^ op.ner. vjvi tiuii pflcpfi Hrs/orift at flip and pitching, which '.-ould be a benefit in league play through- plate with four hits in five t i .ri eader 'i scored a 1R-10 'ball win over An- ly in jyed In Bratoria , „ ~- ' «« "CDI lit. Hosting Brazoria dropped a ,™ 1 2,"'?f J? the 98n ' ? A "R'<-- out the co'inty in • i-ars to come The first jamp will be conducte^ by the Pittsburg Pirates and will be in Fredericksbui-g on Friday and Saturday. The sessions w.ll :.e held at Jimmy Pyka Field and will get unuerrt-ay rit 10 a.m. daily. Th* Iryoiit htisioni will b* und*r th* diractlon of Plral*t Scouting Sup*rTitor in th* Southw*st*rn araa. Buddy hanckcn, who will b* aiiiittd bf Plrat* Scout Darid Cutrra. Pirates and Cards .... Plajeri, l;e al loast 16 ypars of a;e and not taking part in any Amer can Legion Ifajue. Howe\er, boys that do play m this tjpe nf loop can make ihe camp by having a letter from the Legion coach. Players are expe -led to furnish tlu'ir own baseball shoes, uniforms and glo'.ts willi Hie Pirates furnishing all other, eqin]>ment. Plater., v.ill also be re.spun.sible for their travel- in/ and living exuen.<.es, with Ihe uimersiancling lhai all expenses wih be reimbursed to Ihnse >,ignod to contracts. Cam) numbir two will b* und.r th* dir.clion of Ih* St. Louit Cacdinnii and will b* h*ld at Sltdium ia Houilon. V«ierai icuuts anti coaches will be on hand each morn-' ing at 10 a.m. lo <•;.« ihe young hopefuls. These tryouis are open lo all players between 17 and 23. •• Th« Cards havt signed Ken Bo\er, Don Blasmgame and "Vinegar Bead 1 ' from tlirse ramps and vull probably pick up m.<ny rr.or« >iars from Ibis worthwhile camp. Sho*§, jlor. and uniform alio hat. to b* furmih.d by Ih* pltftn in Ih* Cardinal camp. (to the plate. Llovri Krenek slamm»d a four run homer for Wild Peach '" 'heir game with Aneleton Your Whirlnool dealer Brazosport JIM VOORHIES RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES 1? Circle Way. Like l.cVion Ph*ne 7-JJ7H of 7-7715 WcleiHlm You Haney To Dallas .... The L,ik« Jargon Galois lobt a fine piicher when Weldon Hanev decided !u move back to Dallas and play with bis former mans, liie Brown Window learn. Hnweier, 'hin f s might not be as gloomy as thi-y a eem right now as Ha.v.i,:,, I.UL-S might join tne squad, union will give LJ a Hood pi', lit r for Ilie of liie latjjue sta.Mjn. Th. G.lon should b. in ,.al good ihap« for lourn.- m.nt play thi. .«., on .. th.y hav. Dink MUd.nk.. only r^ulat pilrher. Lu«. G.n. siUar .nd mayb. H.n.y. Silver, the "V,., lev V i>it,,r." v. ho u,,, t d the Gators lo a Mau ci.,wn lasi >e a ,. will be pla.ymg in irgional games while Hane., will p,,,oably ,,,„„„ the squad (or ihe, e lourue.^ Haney will noi f.e eligible K, play «jti, U ie Dallas outfit Haney will no. be eligible to i lay v.nn .he Dallas outfit' if they ev,n win inur league and m, big city ,-,l a , o ff but' Hanev cou'd p:ay w,,l, .he Galo,,. who - a ,- f defending clumps and have a b"i th *;,eadj u-a.iv /o, th t ,n m , he sliilt ,,, tet H«n«y had k ho. 16-2 r«cord wilh Ih. G A t ot . beloi. h. 1.0 and h«d 261 alzik.ouia in .ho,. II g^... How.T.r h* wa. i-..ckad u o in th. Hl.d by .om. fin. pi , y . , nd ih.n had a jood hilling club al Ih. pl»i.. We look tor the Gators to ihake off the io.,s of H u ,iey ana yj on to ha\e one of their moil suix-fsful ica on • mnny : ,ea fi T| le soiioall f kns throughout the" count" tm be pulbng tor ihem to grab that stale tule oac. a,a,n and head off to Fionas and li:e World Tcurnaineni. Whal will jtu do when you reach /»V J —rciir. on * guanm- HtJ iittomt 11 I nkan ia 20 un .... of coaliau* la morlc or depend upon reltnm. fticndi or cbuiiy, >i the othti 19 mu>i dn.' Vou'U earn • foriuoc belwcco your litu and UM pay (faeck^— a p*ti of year earniagt should be in in«.i. For a oua ai ID. »l the very low io« ot unl> )Vli4* per tvcck. you can owu Modern Woodmcn'i MW Preferred Security Plan, whicb ftyi .... if you lit* .... if .. ou 4tr .... if you quit, Ai>4 km'i wlut 't wiU 4. to TOU ! « .*. it i. Cl.Hi ** ' J.l./aj •r Cuk * **• U I I.1U * Mo.lklj louau l<u lil< *> U I »» 70 MODERN WOODMEN oi Anciica Mrs. Pauline McBee District \ftnt I'HONE BKtZOrilA i95S t. f». Bot 196 Bra'ona, Texai WHETHER IT'S... Welsh Rarebit, Crepes-Suzettes, or Mulligan Stew,.. you ran toast boil bake or broil cook anything. .. anywhere with portable electric table cooking appliances HOUSTON LIGHTING G POWER COMPANY

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