The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 23, 1978 · Page 22
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 22

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1978
Page 22
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{>•(., lElji- Iballu-sUiii pailjj Saturday Morning. September 23,1978 Television Programs (Saturday) ((Morning^) 6:00 QD AGRICULTURE U.S A © (17' THREE STOOGES- LITTLE RASCALS G<) DAVEY AND GOLIATH 6:30 © LAND OF THE LOST IS FARM AND GARDEN ',6>O SUMMER SEMESTER (D SATURDAY MORNING SHOW CE) TREEHOUSECLUB 7:00 © O YOGI'S SPACE RACE; ME TRIG MARVELS te; o 03 POPEYE; IN THE NEWS O WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW QP © FOR YOU BLACK WOMAN ffifl?) ULTRAMAN (B SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU; SCHOOL. ROCK 7:30 038 A BETTER WAY O WALL STREET WEEK 'Growth Slocks Finally Pay Olf Host: Louis Rukeyser. Guest: Eddie C. Brown. Vice President of T. Rowe Price Associates. (60 mins.) FURY PARTRIDGE FAMILY FANGFACE; SCHOOL. CK 8:00 CAMPUS WORKSHOP PEED-A-WAY-GO-KARTS ON EAST BEACH (n.n t *•••') OPEN WEEK NIGHT 4 to 10 P.M. SAT. 12 to 11P.M.- SUN. 12 to 9P.M. weather permitting CB QT) MOVIE MUSICAL)"' vGAlVEZ PIAZA C V££ A ^744-5358 BROADWAY AT 61STIXIT EVERY DAY'TIL l:30P.M.-S1.50 S'MJt CUEECH& CHONG'S UP IN SMOKE 5TH SMASH WEEKl 12:20-2:15-4:10 6:05-8:00-9:55 NATIONAL " LAMP***'. AM1WAI 1:15-3:15-5:15 7:15-9:15 HOW SHOWING! 1:00-3:10 5:20-7:30 9:40 D\MlEN ALL SEATS 99 < "Sl/DDENLY, WHILE SHOOTING. A HUGE WHITE SHARK TURNED I OH R SJUNTMfl AND MRKGUO ITS' VICTIM!" Eaten Alive 16) O BUGS BUNNY AND ROAD RUNNER; IN THE NEWS § TEXAS WEEKLY QD SERGEANT PRESTON THE YUKON (D BUGS BUNNY AND ROAD RUNNER; IN THE NEWS ffi Q7) STAR TREK The Apple' (60 mins.) O) CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS; SCHOOL ROCK 8:30 O O GODZILLA POWER HOUR; METRIC MARVELS Q 0$ FACET O LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS 'George C Marshall' (JOj© LONE RANGER 9:00 Q 09 MARLO AND THE MAGIC MOVIE MACHINE Q OVER EASY OSi g@ MOVIE (WESIbhM) •• 'Wells Fargo Gun Master' 1951 (60 mins.) -{COMEDY"Call Me Madam" 1953 Ethel Merman. Donald O'Connor A robust, uninhibited Washington hostess finds love is more effective than dollars in cementing international relations. (? hrs 30mins I (B SCOOBY'S ALL-STARS; SCHOOL. ROCK 9:30 f) FANTASTIE FOUR; METRIC MARVELS OS! TOM LANDRY SHOW Q FANTASTIC FOUR Gs) O CD TARZAN AND THE SUPER SEVEN; IN THE NEWS O GARDEN SHOW 10:00 Q O KROFFT SUPERSTAR HOUR; METRIC MARVELS IDREAM OFJEANNIE CONSUMER SURVIVAL KIT Q3 MOVIE -{WESTERN)" "Wyoming Outlaw" 1939 John Wayne, Ray Hutton. The Badmen ride down innocent victims. (90 mins.) 10:30 O S?. RICE FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS Q ECONOMICALLY SPEAKING © PINK PANTHER; SCHOOL. ROCK 11:00 8 O FABULOUS FUNNIES OS SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS QD O OD SPACE ACADEMY; IN THE NEWS O FRENCH CHEF KB ABC WEEKEND SPECIAL 11:30 B Q BAGGY PANTS AND NITWITS O9f BLACK FORUM ®G(D FAT ALBERT; IN THE NEWS Q CROCKETT'S VICTORY GARDEN 'Replenishing the Soil' 03 '© MOVIE {TDVENTQRE)"Vi "Sword ot Sherwood Forest" 1961 Richard Greene, Peter Gushing. Robin Hood and his band of outlaws defend a castle against the Sheriff of Nottingham and the evil Earl. (2 hrs.) (B NCAA FOOTBALL Michigan vs Notre Dame (( Afternoon)) 12:00 8 WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS © SOUL TRAIN Q E.O. GDGOD ARK H; IN THE NEWS O CENTER FOR OPEN LEARNING-PSYCHOLOGY © © MOVIE -{SUSPENSE)' * V, "Lisa" 1962 Stephen Soyd, Dolores Hart. The story of a Jewish girl who is smuggled out ot W W II Europe into Israel. (2 hrs ) 12.30 O REFLEJOS DEL BARRIO Q BLACK OUTREACH (T}Q 30 MINUTES O PSYCHOLOGY CD 30MIN 1:00 O O MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (PRE-GAME O 09' WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE (.fljfl LITTLE RASCALS O CENTER FOR OPEN LEARNING-PSYCHOLOGY CD WHO, WHAT, HOW 1:15 Q O MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 1:30 § >39 THRILLER FIRING LINE HOTFUDGE 03 (17j MOVIE -{COMEDY- MUSICAL) Cover Girl" 1944 Rila Hayworlh, Gene Kelly. Comedy centering around the life ol a glamorous model, the dancer she- loves, and the wealthy magamic editor who WHS once in lovo with her grandmother (?tirs i 2:00 (6.. O MOVIE -{COMEDY)""My Favorite Wife" 1940 Gary Grant, Irone Dunne A woman, supposedly dead, returns to the U S to fmii her husband remarried (90 mins I O MOVIE -{WESTERN)'' "Sheriff of Tombstone" 1941 Roy Rogers. Gabby Hayes. A •judge takes a sharpshooter in a poker gamrj. fireworks result. (100 mins.) (JO, 60 GHOST AND MRS. MUIR QD MOVIE -{HORROR-SCIENCE FICTION)' "The Braineaters" 1958 Ed Nelson. Joanna Lee. Research scientists investigate a large rnetal object, believing living parasites out to destroy the world are responsible lor local death and victims being turned into/ombies (90 mins.) 2:30 O 39 MOVIE -(MYSTERY)'" "Nightmare" 1964 David Knight. Moira Rodrnond. A girl is blackmailed into committing murder by a scheming guardian. (90 mms.) O UNION MAIDS This documentary locuses on three women WHO were part of the early union movement. The interviews of Kale. Stella and Sylvia are interspersed with lilm of the 1930's union demonstrations. (60 mins.) (JO 03 WORLD OF SUPER ADVENTURE 3:00 flO © WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME CB NCAA FOOTBALL USC vs Alabama 3:30 (6iQ SPORTS SPECTACULAR 1) USAC Trenton 150. auto race -for Indy-type cars. 2) The Rultian, featuring 3-year-olds anct up in a mile-and-one eighth race. (90 mins.) O DANIEL FOSTER, M.D. 'Muscular Dystrophy' (TO © WOODY WOODPECKER CD MOVIE -(DRAMA)"/? "The Wild Racers" 1968 Fabian, Mimsy Farmer, A devil-may- care .acmg driver is paid by a race car Czar to be a runner-up, not a winner, but he rebels against the crooked deal and becomes an internationally famous racer. (90 mms.) CB (17j THIS WEEK IN BASEBALL 4:00 B JACQUESCOUSTEAU (3ft TARZAN Q MARY TYLER MOORE O FOOTBALL: INSIDE THE NFL O DISCUSSIONS WITH RICHARD EVANS (10 ; 03 BION1C WOMAN (B(T7) MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4:30 8 WILD KINGDOM CINEMA SHOWCASE Guest: Director-stuntman Hal Needham comments on 'Hooper.' 5:00 8 POSITIVELY BLACK 09; VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA Q CD NEWS (8)Q FEEDBACK Q MOVIE -{WESTERN)'* "Sheriff of Tombstone" 1941 Roy Rogers. Gabby Hayes. A 'judge' takes a sharpshooter in a poker game; fireworks result. .'100 mins.) Q MUNDOREAL (19 03 MOVIE -(SUSPENSE)'" "the Nanny" 1965 Bette Davis, Wendy Craig. The suspects in the murder of a child are narrowed to a governess, and a disturbed youngster. (2 hrs.) CBC17J WRESTLING 5:30 QQ NBC NEWS CTjQ LAMAR UNIVERSITY O VISITA CON ELMA BARRERA CD SORTING IT OUT Evening 6:00 {.610 NEWS 9 STAR TREK CB HEE HAW Guests: Tennessee Ernie Ford. Barbara Fairchild. (60 mins ) 13 HEE HAW WITH TENN. ,. ERNIE FORD TONITE! TRADEWINDS Briny This Ad For 1 FREE Admission With 1 PAID Admission. Good for these features only. Coupon not yood on Monday FVight' MONDAY SI NIGHT 1 ™DflW\rVATEB fi £££ ROCK HUDSON MIA FARROW AVALANCHE ** .. .THE ULTIMATE RESORT LESLIE BOVEE • SHARON THORPE • OESIREE WEST • AMBER HUNT • ANNETTE HAVEN JOHNtlUK •JACIWIIICHT-lllllHAU.SUAniHOaUtO-CAIUXIIONG-.IOtrCIVIU -• »«**.« I, HUT IMOHNiniG >&-«w«l T ANIHOMr IPINULI • »•*•••• Of AM ROCIftS•* A^J**,' AHTMON* SPINflll • r«.l^i, 10KI McVII Mr*tMMNK A COI ' *~* u»« C * ^M-ltw, I,II»T LIHIIAI1 . D~ _.<»«.,»», IOII HIM AUJMAN •'•««»•• »~t» JOI COIOW <"U»M M1« »WI Plus: John C. Holmes in "SON OF FULFILLMENT''* Matinees Dally No One Under 18 Admitted Late Shows Friday & Saturday O BLACK PERSPECTIVES ON THE NEWS CD WILD KINGDOM 'Moose Airlift' 6:30 Q EYES OF TEXAS C6)O TOM LANDRY SHOW O INTERCHANGE CD NEXT STEP BEYOND 7:00 O O CHIPs Jon and Ponch escort a truck loaded with volatile chemicals over remote mountain roads because the citizens of the towns along the direct route will not allow the dangerous convoy to pass through. (60 mins.) O® GILLEY'S PLACE L6JOCD RHODA Ida carries on an elaborate plot to hide the news from Rhoda and Brenda that their father has left her. (Season Premiere) Q MOVIE -{COMEDY)' ' "A Piece of the Action" 1977 Sidney Poitier. Bill Cosby. Two likable crooks try to mastermind their great rip-off. (PG) (2 hrs., 15 mins.) O DANCE IN AMERICA 'The Pennsylvania Ballet' A profile of the Pennsylvania Ballet company located in Philadelphia includes performances of selections ranging from classical to modern and scenes in rehearsals and classes. (60 mins.) 03 MAVERICK HEE HAW HONEYS CARTER COUNTRY Chief oy, handcuffed lo a prisoner who is a larcenous Casanova, gets lost in a storm on his way to Atlanta and sends the Clinton Corners Police Department out on an uproarious manhunt. (SEASON Premiere; 30 mins.) 1 3 Chief Roy & the gong •-'.- back for New Season! CARTER COUNTRY _ 7:00 PM >DV. 7:30 O (B © @® MARTY ROBBINS SPOTLIGHT CD GOOD TIMES It's the big day-Thelma walks down the aisle to marry handsome All- American football star Keith Anderson. CB APPLE PIE The Hollyhocks, a happy, somewhat zany but typical American family, except that they got together by the want ads., have advertised for a father but may have wound up with a dangerous, bank robber. Stars; Rue Me Clanahan, Dabney Coleman. (Premiere; 30 min.) 13 Premieres Tonight! . "APPLE PIE" Delicious New Comedy 7;30PM AOV* 8:00 GQ NBC SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES 'Burnt Offerings' Stars: Karen Black, Oliver Reed. A couple rent an isolated mansion for a peaceful summer vacation that turns into an unforgettable experience in terror. (2 hrs., 15 mins.) O © NASHVILLE ON THE ROAD f> CD THE AMERICAN RLS Two beautiful girl reporters team up as researchers for a television network magazine-formal news show. Stars: Priscilla Barnes, Debra Clinger. (Premiere) 11 THE AMERICAN GIRLS vV PREMIERES TONIGHT! . fcOOEM- ADV. O THE LONG SEARCH 'Footprint of the Buddha 1 This program takes viewers on a journey to Ceylon and India lo discover the type of Buddhism practiced in Southeast Asia. ROLLER SUPERSTARS © DOLLY PARTON SHOW THE LOVE BOAT Three vignettes: 'Julie's Dilemma' Stars: Norman Fell, Betty Garrett. 'Who's Who' Stars: James Coco, Dody Goodman, 'Rocky' Stars: Melissa Gilbert, Jimmy Baio. (60 mins.) 13 LOVE BOAT SAILS IN W TO SEA OF TROUBLE! 1:00 I'M — ADV. of his virgin daughter vows to build a Cathedral on the spot where she lies. (90 mins.) (TOjQ3 JUKEBOX CB (J?) POP GOES THE COUNTRY CB FANTASY ISLAND 13 "FANTASY ISLAND" ,Y ALL NEW TONIGHT! *00 PM - ADV. 9:30 POP GOES THE MUSIC 8:30 'Si THAT NASHVILLE 9:00 O© DOLLY PARTON SHOW GD O CD DALLAS Bobby thinks he has hit the jackpot in Las Vegas when he runs into Gary, his missing brother and Lucy's father, and convinces him to return to the family ranch in Texas. (Season Premiere; 60 mins.) 11 DALLAS/DARK FAMILY ••• SECRET THREATENS EWING EMPIRE! <HOO I'M — ADV. O MOVIE -{DRAMA) The Virgin Spring" 1961 Max Von Sydow, Brigitta Valberg. A man avenging the rape and murder Q & COUNTRY O MOVIE -(THRILLER)" "Ruby" 1977 Piper Laurie, Stuart Whitman. This lady's a tough, hard-drinking eccentric manager of a drive-in movie near a forbidding Florida swamp. (R) (85 mins.) T5 Q3 DONNA FARGO SHOW © NASHVILLE ON THE AD 10:00 jQCDCB NEWS PORTER WAGONER © 03 MOVIE -4DRAMA)' "Sincerely Yours" 1954 Liberace, Dorothy Malone. A deaf musician enters the lives of many people to help them with their problems. (2 hrs.) ©© LOVE EXPERTS 10:30 Q SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Host: Richard Dreyfuss. Guest: Jimmy Buffet. (R; 90 mins.) Q® WRESTLING CD 0 MOVIE -{DRAMA)'"% "Mary Of Scotland" 1936 Katharine Hepburn, Fredric March. The story of the Scottish Queen sentenced to death by a jealous Queen Elizabeth. (90 mins.) Q CINEMATIC EYE 'Torment' Host Benjamin Dunlap, film expert from the University of South Carolina, explores the cultural and social context of Ingmar Bergman's Cannes Film Festival Award-winning film. (D MOVIE-4ROMANCE) " 'Mr. And Mrs. Bo Jo Jones' 1971 Desi Arnaz, Jr., Christopher Norris. Reluctant high-school boy marries his pregnant schoolmate. (2 hrs.) CB 92) ROCK CONCERT Guests: Patti Labelle, Gary Wright, Ricci Martin. (90 mins.) ^ MOVIE -(DRAMA)" 1 /2 orplo" 1973 Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon. The story about a C.I.A. agent in trouble and a hired killer who wants to go straight, but finds himself cauaht in the system. (2 hrs.) 10:45 Q SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Host: Richard Dreyfuss. Guest: Jimmy Buffet. (R; 90 mins.) 11:00 O STANDING ROOM ONLY Will B. Able Baggy Pants And Co. Burlesque. (90 mins.) MOVIE -{DRAMA) 1 "' orment" 1944 Mai Zetterling, Alf Kjellin. A teacher romantically involved with one of his students finds oul she is also having an affair with one of the boys in his class. (2 hrs.) 12:00 O MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS O® 700CLUB (DQ SOUL TRAIN (10- U3 MOVIE -{DRAMA)" "I Wanted Wings" 1941 Ray Milland, William Holden. Three men undergo Air Force Training. (2 hrs.} CB ft?) MOVIE -(COMEDY)" "Muscle Beach Party" 1964 Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello. The antics of a bunch of zany surfers and their girlfriends. (2 hrs.) 12:30 O LITTLE OLE SHOW O MOVIE -{THRILLER)" "Ruby" 1977 Piper Laurie, Stuart Whitman. This lady's a tough, hard-drinking eccentric manager of a drive-in movie near a forbidding Florida swamp. (R)(85 mins.) CD MOVIE -(DRAMA)"" "Petulla" 1968 Julie Christie, George C. Scott. The story of a divorced doctor's relationship with an unhappily married kook. (90 mins.) CB NEWS 12:45 O NEWS 1:00 (DO WITH THIS RING CB MOVIE -{MYSTERY)" "Operation Secret" 1952 Cornel Wilde, Karl Maiden. W.W.II: A U.S. Marine takes on a dangerous mission at the risk of his life. (2 hrs.) 1:15 O NEWS 2:00 © Q3 MOVIE -(DRAMA)"Vfe "The Hitler Gang" 1944 Robert Watson, Martin Kosleck. The story of Adolph Hitler's rise to power. (2 hrs.) CB © MOVIE -{MUSICAL- BIOGRAPHICAL)" "Somebody Loves Me" 1951 Betty Hutton, Ralph Meeker. The biography ,of vaudeville troupers, Blossom Seely and Benny Fields. (2 hrs.) 4:00 CB © WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE 4:30 CB© AGRICULTURE U.S.A. 5:00 CB© PUBLIC POLICY FORUM NETWORKS AND STATIONS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES Your HOROSCOPE Bernice Bede Osol September 23, 1978 Conditions are likely to improve this coming year where your finances and personal Holdings are concerned. On the negative side ol the picture, you may have some serious, exlravagant whims to contend with. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You can avoid unnecessary problems and complications today by not being overiy self-serving. Too much emphasis on No. 1 will make you unpopular. Find out to whom you're romantically suited by sending lor your copy of Astro-Graph Letter. Mail 50 cents for each and a long, sell-addressed, stamped envelope to Astro- Graph, P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station. N.Y. 10019. Be sure to specify birth sign. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Come oul of your shell today. If you're withdrawn and moody you'll spoil the fun for yourselt and for others as well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) There is someone to whom you are presently obligated and you must guard against doing anything today to involve you deeper, especially if it relates to a loan. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Do nothing today that could possibly alienate allies pertinent to your immediate plans. Bend over backward to be diplomatic and cordial. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) For critical tasks, select coworkers with care today. Types who have to be bribed to help could cause you woes. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Your social activities could be spoiled today if you include someone who always wants to Bridge False carding is helpful NORTH 4> K 752 ¥ J 1084 » 87 * J64 9-23-A WEST * Q94 V A 96 » 9 63 * A 1075 EAST 4- J » K 75 2 » 1054 + Q9832 SOUTH * A 10 8 6 3 V Q3 * AKQJ 2 4 K Vulnerable: Both Dealer: South West North East South 14 Pass 2* Pass 4 + Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: 43 By Oswald Jacoby and Alan Sontag South won the diamond lead with the ace. Normally, this type of false-card is not effective, but South had a reason to make it. If trumps broke 2-2 there would be no trouble with the contract. If they broke 3-1 he had a rather interesting way tc hornswoggle West if he held the three trumps and his three of diamonds lead had been from a three card suit. South led a spade to dummy's king at trick two and a second spade back to his ace. Then he led the king and queen of diamonds and discarded one of dummy's four hearts on the queen. Next came the deuce of diamonds. South's skullduggery was about to pay off. What would you do as West? Wouldn't it look as if South had been dealt ace-king-queen-deuce of diamonds and East four diamonds to the jack-10. West thought so. He discarded. Away went another heart. Now came that well- concealed jack of diamonds; a third heart followed the first two and South only lost three tricks. We keep getting asked if we ever open a two-card club suit. We certainly don't recommend it, but we may actually make such a bid once every two or three years of steady play. I'HISK A.SS.V I do things his way. Share your time with friends known to be more amicable. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Small, but volatile, issues between you and your mate have a way of being blown out of proportion today. Tread gingerly in sensitive areas. TAURUS (April 20-May 20} Rather than own up to your mistakes today you're more likely to look for a scapegoat. This could be a serious mistake. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Today you might go to great pains to make a shopping list and then ignore it, much to the dismay of your budget. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Try not to be overly protective of those under your wing today. They'll deeply resent any restrictions on their independence. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) A friend will be hurt and angry if you exaggerate about a small favor you did for her. It's best you keep your good deeds to yourself. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) This is not a good day to pressure the boss for a raise, bonus or some special type of benefit. Wait till you have a definitely propitious opening. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) "We are in the midst of a disarmament conference to disarm ourselves of the things we figure won't be used in the next war, which will leave more money to develop the things that will be used. It's an economic, more than a humanitarian affair. "But you can't say civilization don't advance, for in every war they kill you in a new way." December 22,1929. fDo you have a question for the experts? Write "Ask She •'Experts." care of this newspaper. Individual questions will be answered it accompanied by stamped, self-addressed envelopes The wost interest ing questions will be use<1 in this column and will receive copies of JACOBY MODERN I Seletled and edited bv Brran SKrlino All &.r rvM (or "» wi " «•«« For your rree will Roeert leidei l onfl '.'"mpeo. ieH-atfdr.sted «Y, to Win Room Leaflet. Box «w Molnei. Iowa 50306

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