Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 12, 1972 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1972
Page 10
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we HAS Been ABAOTIMBFOR M6iflW8£ IF I'M TOMORROW i ANDT0DM IS t WW, CHARLIE BROWN/THERE'S NO WAV THAT TOMORROW CAN B6 A BETTER tW /HiWA"-HE'S 1 (_ *COOKINeg*?J ^r fc ,\'T / ^att^e Jt orDWt/ 10 · N«rthwMt TIM«$, A««. LESTER L. COLEMAN, M, D. Leukemia Cure Nearly Ready HENRY WEBB WAS ONEC. . SRftNDSONOFAJ 9. CHILDREN T" ^ flN WHO HAD W TilE MARK6P FLftc LJ ·WEJ3S 'COWaTRUCTEO OF' MORTflft MIXED WITH '·'""· "WE f WHKf/ ' ArbssiuzED ROCK fOOMOWTHE AKAKUS Wis.. W THE SAHARA PESERT.IS MftRREOBYTHC TUNMElS*WDe 8V A WORM 400.000,000 YfABS ASO WJN'T SET ANY CUTE IDEAS, CAP1WH. ' IN MY IU6SAGE IS A BOMB. MY BOY FKIEMP HAS A IITTIE ElACK BOX. ONE RIP Of HIS Fl^GER.CAU PHOVWTE , THE BOMB ANP SLOW M3UR ' ' FIANE TO BrfSi THAT« YOUR, PROBLEM Now eer BUSY OM TWE RADIO. ·VOU HAVE TWO HOURS. 'NOW YOU'RE TAUOHa, CAPTAW HWE FOUR PARACHUTES AMP *ZTO,000 IK TWO PACKAGES ' WAITIHG FOR US AT DULLES AIRPORT FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope He een A 196B.C., WAS A MgAASBK W k^$ A of -me fVfteHT, 1 lais« CAUU'EM..; . fivet'soffy Mse ear %OM£1HIN'1O CALU'eM^ . ELV1NEV HflD ONE OF HER TEMPER TANTRUMS 1 WOULDN'T LET .ME SET FOOT OUT Of TH'HOUSE CflRD'GfiME LflST NIGHT, tone/? r BALLS O 4 FIRE'.! GOT VORE BIGHTS, LUKEV N'SHE'S GOT H5R LEFTS!! YOUR X.-RASSSHOVV THATDUZ TO YOUR DISSIPATED UF£,VOU . HAV£OfJiy 60 DAYS . TOLIVE. . Look in the section in v. which your birthday Comes''and fhid what your outlook is, according to the.'stars. FOB SUNDAY, AUG. 13, 1972 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Mars highly i auspicious. Your fine intuition v and imagination should be highly stimulated now. With a little "dressing.up" of ordinary chores, you c a n win top-achievement,'. . TAURUS (Apr. 21.. to May. .21) .You, too. should fitid-ia-.agi' nation even keener than usual now. If a really worthwhile project seems to be lagging at the moment, try to revitalize it. A new method or approach could do the trick.' '', .-' ·: :-· ·' GEMINI (May 22 to June'-21). Suggestions from friends c business associates could prove valuable now..-In leisure time shun social events which coulc impose top much of-a strain on you. '' . _ \-.~' CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Take care of your obligations d extract all .the benfits they ra r to offer. The attaihrnen one of your pet goals is in e offing. EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Fine, planetary. : influence inulate incentive and go-gel veness. Do not look back wit gret. Concentrate on the pres nt and the future. You will at in your.goals. ' -· IRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. : 23) Stress, your first-rale initia ive and all-around capabilit ow. Pay no heed to-inlerferin ersons. IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Seek to learn alt you ca bout those with whom y'o eal. their feelings on all su' ects,:.and express yourself pr :isely'but considerately. Be ert to new opportuniles. i5 'tu, THIS ff.Me YOU - 1HOU6HT FATHER HAt£C SAVE M£ TRAIW HCkTS, xfSDROlJR HONEYMOON / HAVE A 6REA-T TIM£ IN NEW VORK YOU SAM \ COKPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Do not go overboard in your nthusiasms now. Look well be- ore you invest . time,: talents loney. But neither be so fear ul that you miss . advantages hd pass over good buys. AGITTAR1US (Nov. 23 to' Dec. 1) , · v Choose astutely what you will ir will not attempt now, and ilay with essentials all the way. f you look further, you may ind that a discarded idea does lave merit. ;APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. :0) . Saturn's auspicious position laces you in line for success n vigorous enterprises. A cer- ain amount 'of daring favored now. . AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) You will accomplish more by pitching in with verve instead of standing irresolute between conflicting ideas. This is not a .ime for daydreaming. Be practical. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Exercise your keen mental acuities and intuition. Stars indicate some good opportunities which could be missed if you are too hasty or indecisive. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed- with .'personality - plus; can reach almost unscalable hejghts with ingenuity and dash. You are suited to any field whicl^brings you in contact,with the public: are a born leader, a salesman beyond par and, in anything you do, have a flair for the dramatic. You have a regal outlook on life, .thus may become too domineering, too proud, but your innate kindness and generosity to others often offsets these faults'; Birthdate of: Alfred ^Hitchcock, writer, film producer and director; George Grove, composer; Bcrl Lahr, comedian. Miiiiiiiuimwiyiii The control and the ovenlual cure of childhood'leukcmtn, an ultimate dream of medicine, seom to be on the horizon. Physicians at St. Jude Research Hospital !h Memphis, Tenn., have aggressively pursued and pioneered in the treatment of leukemia, In children. . . , All previously; established methods have relied on-n variety of chemicals to Inhibit and control the progress of tins catastrophic disease. Because of the research at St. ( Jude Hospital,' children with this form of blood' cancer arc now b e 1 n g .treated -with massive doses:of cobalt X-rays.' The results are so impressive that doctors in other institutions In America are duplicating tin St. Jude studies in order, tc substantiate. this 1 .exciting work Dr. Donald T.-Pihkel, medlca director of ,St, Jude, says; "A this point we have suffipicn evidence to-Indicate that acut lymphocytic leukemia can b cured." Lymphocytic leukemi represents about 80 per cent o all cases .of leukemia , i children. ' . , . ; - ··,··"'.··., . FOUNDER'S NAME My readers; will; be delighte to know the name of the ma who conceived : the creation St. Jude Hospital. It originate as a visionary dream of a mf totally separated from mec cine and, s c i e n c e . Withoi search portfolio, and In t' ia co of limitless obstacles, ho eutcd the foutidnllon and tho perslnicluro Hint aro St. ide, . That man is Danny Iliomns, · When last I s poke to Mr. homas I was overwhelmingly nprosscd with his en- yctopcdio , knowledge . of igolng programs of research leukemia. Intensive-care units for heart nllenls, when originally o n c e 1 v e d, were at first nsually accepted, Now the ICU t every major · hospital holds he greatest , concentration o( ophisticated personnel imd quipment. . , - . ' . Today a now form of intensive are unit Is being established to lecrease the complications of .bstelrical care, and to increaso he survival rates of newborn nfanls Dr. Edward J. (Juilligan. professor of obstetrics at tha University of Southern' California School of Medicine in Los Angeles, is applying to the obstetrical . ICU's all the knowledge that, will bring greater safety and more efficient .cara to high-risk patients. .'; 'Mothers and infants v y i l l b a monitored witli the same concentration as are heart patients in the original ICU's. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) ·South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH A J 1 3 V Q J 2 * J95 4.SQ42 WEST * 9 7 V K 9 8 4 4 A K 7 6 2 i SOUTH * A Q G 2 V A73 · EAST A K10 8 5 V1065 · 104 4 8 7 6 3 + A95, The bidding: Soutli West 1+ 14 '"·· 2 NT Pass North 2* 3 NT East Pass Opening lead -- six of dia monds. . . · . . ,. Making three notrump may appear to be a forlorn hope but if you. keep your fingeri crossed and play your card; right, c o n t r a c t cpmei Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer , marching home (even if you don't have the advantage of see ing the East-West .cards). Let's say you win East's ten of diamonds with the queen am" i"ad a club to the king, conti nuing- with 'a low spade from dummy to your queen. The f nesse works, all , right -- yo to- ? Ok*# c ACROSS 1. Health resort 4. Levels 9. Droop 12.'Secreted 13. Drawing room 14. Cravat ' 15. A gland 17. Employ 18. Japanese · food fish 19. The . ' ' Orient 21. Opening in Doric frieze 24. Performer on ice 27. Candlonut · tree 28. And so forth (abbr.) 30. Upright pillar 31, Italian city 33. Still 35. Emerald Isle 36. Forbidding 38. Auditory organ 40. Greek ' . letter ?· · . 41. Recluse 43. Cylindrical container . 45. Intertwine 16. Egg: comb. form 47. -- Khan 4'9.To6k. : asa levy 54;Hcir," '55. Killed 56. Tiny , 57. Edgar Allan -- · 58. Mountain .lakes' 59. Madrid cheer DOWN 1. Haggard novel 2. Fasten 3. Co'nimp- iion 4. Avoid 5. Sort . 6. Hebrew priest 7.Eomaa date 8. Lurks 9. Stam- e lime of loltilloni 21 mrrt. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 10. Three-' toed - sloths ' 11. "Turn to the right" 16. Oklahoma - Indian- 20. Gratify 21. Swamp 22. Ham it up conqueror 25. Distinguished group 126. Of the kidneys 29. tetter · 32. Feminine name 34. Small · -drum 37. Most fastidious 39. Birds 42. American electrician 44.Inlet 47. Viper 48. Anything sticky 50. Sailor 51. Cardinal . number 52. Lamprey 53. Scottish river · vere forced to assume that Jast had the king in'order to lave a legitimate chance for he contract -- and yo.u then iroceed to cash the ace o f tabs. The. fall of West's J-10 of ilubs on the A-K makes your nine, a trick, and when you proceed to cash it West discards a ow heart. You are now at the crossroads of the hand because your only real chance lies in roceeding on the basis that Vest's original, distribution was i-4-5-2. If he has any other'dis- .ribution, you ; simply can't make the hand. In line with this, you cash the' ace of spades before thrusting West into the,lead.with a.diaV mond. All your assumptions turn put well, because, after West finishes cashing iiis f o u r diamond tricks, he is forced to return a heart away from his K-3-8. Dummy, at thi.vpoint, consists of the doubleton Q-J of hearts and the queen of clubs, while your last three cards ara the- A-7-3 of hearts. The forced heart return permits you to score the remaining tricks, and so you come breezing horiie with the contract -- all as a result of top-notch card .reading and, lest we forget, more than a modicum of good luck. PONYTAIL HA! I FWESSEP YOUR QUEHW AND MADE GAME/ THSTCWtfAMEMr BSIDSE TOUS.' 4*0 V^XJNiJ. 21 41 41 S4 29T 51 56 "Sugar Kea'rc diet seems to be working,.. she's dating boys who drive something besides pick-up trucks!" WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS for best results, Rivo lull description and ntwt your Classified Ad for 6 dsya. You tnny cancel It when results nr» oblnlncd. You'll only !M charged for th* actual ninnlwr of days tho ml ran.

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