Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 14
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LWJ 1J«* CMt Mm, f*. X. tM4 DEAR ABBY IN NAVY CIRCLES They 1 re Chimneys No More Biq Ones Are On the Move ' By FRANCES WRIGHT I The big flat tops are a familiar sight these days anchored at Pier Echo or at the Naval Shipyard. When 6ce of the aircraft carriers tails, as the USS Benningtoa did last week, it's always an {repressive sight. '; When she's leaving for a half year's deployment, as the Big Benn" was, and a thousand waving, tearful relatives watch as the ship -moves majestically out, it's a saddening sight. But most Navy families have had long training ia these separations since most of the combat- type ships average 60 percent of their time at tea. They try to help those who havtn't experienced it before put the crytog towels away and carry on. The Bennington. flagship for Rear Adm. Turner F. Caldwell. COMASW GROUP 5, is commanded by Capt. John S. HilL One of the most modern of anti-subma- Oswald Jacoby Keep Lead in Place The "avoidance" ptay did not get its name because it is something to avoid. Instead it is designed to avoid letting the wrong opponent into the lead. Usually it occurs in combination with another play known as "loser on loser." With this information you should have no trouble find- - ing the correct way for South to play his contract of five hearts doubled against the spade opening. South should figure out that West's six of spades was a singleton ind that he held ace and another trump. Otherwise he would surely have opened a diamond or club. Thus South should win the spade lead with dummy's king and play the king of clubs. If East should produce the ace South would ruff and lead a low trump, but East would play small whereupon South would discard his losing diamond. · · · * · WEST WOULD be back in the lead and would have co way to get his partner in. The actual declarer did not find this play. He won the spade in his own hand and played t h e jack of trumps. Had West ducked, everything would have been fine, but West hopped up with the ace and vmderled his ace of diamonds. East won the trick and returned a spade to set the contract. · tine-warfare-carriers, she will visit many Far Eastern ports after aa interval in Pearl Harbor. · : Another of the 'mighty giants docked at the Shipyard for an overhaul recently, the USS Princeton (Capt! J. H. Boyun). The schedule cans for completion in four rnrmiM. The 300 ship's company Marines had debarked earlier but when there is a normal complement aboard again, it will include a Marine squadron of helicopters and a landing battalion. The Fighting Lady," the USS Yorktown (Capt. James P. Lynch) has been in the Shipyard since October with a release date set for April 1. The Valley Forge (Capt. John E. Parks) had a target date of departure from overhaul as of Jan. 27 and is now in San Diego. The Hornet, (Capt. John Hardy) also homeported in Long Beach. is now with a HUK group in Wes Pac. The Kearsarge (Capt. Paul N. Gray) has been in and out recently oa ASW operational cruises. · * · · REAR ADM. K. L. Veth. C O M I N P A C / C O M N A V BASE LOSA, is soon to become commander of Anti- Submarine Warfare Group 3 in Hawaii. The change of command ceremony is set for Thursday. Among the additional honors extended to Adm. Veth by the many, both civilians and military, who hare enjoyed his cooperation for the past 2? months, was a farewell program at the Armed Forces YMCA last Monday. , PHIB RON 7 wives (their husbands are still deployed) are meeting for lunch at II JO on Tuesday at Allen Center with the wife of their new commodore. Mrs. Partee Crouch.'as honored guest. Kirs. Crouch and her daughter. Mary, plan to move to Long Beach when the school term ia Saa Diego closes in the spring. The board met earlier to coordinate plans for future social events, including a gala welcome for returning husbands. The following officers were elected: Chairman. Kay Darby (Capt. L.E^ USS Bayfield). Alice Brink (Capt J.D, Navarro). Kathy Hubert (U. JJ, Carter Hall). Judy Oliver (CapC R.E, Okanogan), Rita Bain(Cmdr. EC, BeDe Grove), Helen Johns (Cmdr. W.W.. Carter Hall) and Anne Brown (IX D.G, Cabildo). · · * * AMONG speakers at the February Fleet O f f i c e r s Wives luncheon was Doris Seabaugh (Cmdr. Raymond, XO. USS Taledega) the new chairman of Jango (Junior Army Navy Guild Organization) an inter sen-ice organization for women and teenage girls of the families of commissioned and warrant officers of the armed forces. Members must be 14 years cr over and are required to work a rnir.imum of 50 volunteer hours a year at Harbor General Hospital. Doris made a plea for more juniors to serve as nurses aides in this worthwhile community sen-ice project. WIVES OF NEW CO's in- troduced at the Fleet Wives luncheon included Sue Rosenberg (Capt. Edward. COM- DESDIV 232). Helen Dietrichson (Capt. CA, USS Cabildo) and Tutti Barton (Cmdr. George, USS MacKenzie). A program of "permanent* f l o w e r arrangements b r o u g h t ' a wealth of suggestions invaluable to young wives with d e c o r a t i n g chores ahead. Red net and silver hearts and cupids, the work of clever gals in Des Ron 23. highlighted the luncheon tables for the large group. · · · * SEAL BEACH Weps Sta recently entertained a group of 24 official visitors from the Concord Weps. Sta near San Francisco at a progressive dinner. Hostesses Barbara Hall (Capt. Warren C) proffered the dinner section. Thelma Carpenter (Cmdr. Ernest) the hors d"oeuvres, and Lillian Weaver (Lt. Cmdr. John) the cocktails to the all male guests. · · * * A NEW duplicate bridge schedule is being set up at Allen Center with the starting game on Tuesday, March 10 at 7:45 p.m. The new director. Cmdr. B. D. Lamar, attached to the Port Services. Fleet Support Office, has had extensive experience, directing a duplicate game at the YMCA in downtown Washington, D. C. for the past two years and in Subic Bay before that Both husbands and wives are invited to join but you don't have to have a partner to do so. New Aid for Handicapped Begun in Long Beach Area By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: About two years ago you had a whole column of letters en how to quit smoking. Would you please consider running it again? "NEEDS IT" IN PHILLY DEAR-NEEDS IT": With pleasure! · DEAR AB-v BY: My man · smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and used op a whole boxf of snuff, too.* He said that',, his mouth felt like the bottom of a bird ABBY cage. He got a prescription from his doctor for something that was guaranteed to curb his desire for smoking. I don't know what it wax. but ! know I saw a mirade happen'because my husband hasn't smoked in four years. OLLIE-S WIFE · · · · DEAR ABBY: One day, 12 years ago, I decided that smoking was a filthy, stupid and expensive habit, so t made up my mind to quit. This is what I did. The moment ! walked into a room I announced, "I'VE QUIT SMOKLNG." After that I couldn't very well bum a cigarette off anyone, and I didn't carry them myself. I kr.ew that I didn't dire beg a smoke or Fd make myself look like a real jerk. It was a matter of pride. NO JERK · » · » DEAR ABBY: After hav-' ing the cigarette habit for 40 years, I took my cigarettes out of my pocket and said, "You have been bossing me around for 40 years, now I am going to boss YOU around." I put away the pack and never smoked again. That was 15 yean ago. I'm now 92 and feel fine. W.H.E. (Ontario) · · ·- · DEAR ABBY: When I had to have a cigarette before I could open my eyes fuHy la the morning, I knew 1 had better quit. I tried to taper off. but that never works. I finally walked into a church one morning (it wasn't even of my own denominationX got down on my knees and prayed to God to deliver me of the habit. And do you know, I haven't smoked or even had the desire to since? When everything else fails, try prayer. AN ORDINARY GUY · · · · DEAR ABBY: My husband smoked like a chimney. He had a hmg X-ray taken at the suggestion of his physi- sian. A dark shadow was discovered on his lung. Fortunately it was NOT cancer, but my husband snipped off that part of the X-ray and taped it to a package of cigarettes. He carries it with him constantly and now every time he is tempted to smoke, he looks at that X-ray and takes a pepper n e n t drop instead. -GRATEFUL · » » · DEAR ABBY: Here is a proven method for overcoming the cigarette habit. If a person smokes 40 cigarettes aday, he should cut down to 39 the first day. 33 the second, 37 the third and so forth. It takes a lot of willpower, but if I could do it smoker for 32 years) anybody can. WILLPOWER WILL · * · · . DEAR ABBY: A psychologist once told me that in order to break a habit, substitute another one. So, instead of reaching for a cigarette. reach for a piece of gum. a carrot stick or a piece of licorice. It really works. When you finally get your sense of taste and smell hack again, you will never go back to smoking. It happened to me after 30 years. --SUBSTITUTE . Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, (I was a four-pack-a-day Calif, for Abb ft new booklet. "HOW TO WRITE LETTERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS." :^==^==== AMERICAN ' AND CANTONESE FOOD LUNCHEON DINNESS CHASCOA1 iionxo srtArs · ' COCITAILS · · Feed (a Tak. Out KE 5-S285 BJAKAMOS ^^-1 803 E. BROADWAY i LONG BEACH Teenager! Career Girl! Homemaker! Share' the »ecrel§ of the World Famou* '·POWERS MODELS" * IMMEDIATE CUSSES NOW FORUINS · f MOBCBE I HS1IOR · WJU.UK8 I MOTH · «ii» smws i MAXIIIF · IOIT scoinctiNC ·SmCI 1 HCTIM . ftisonum lErawKin ncon.nis ncixmois WBIVJ111U. K5TI3CTIOR JOHN ROBERT POWERS Icbo«Fi ·! StS Impnilmtmt for «»r IS ]r»n 42(2 Atlantic Are. Biiby knolls copvnii* era! TM«t«n CALL NOW FOt INFOIMATION GA 6-6401 .voiTn ii A K I T V 10 I 71 . *·« 4 K 1 0 I S WIST (D) CAST A C A S C I I V A 1 V 4 4 A Q I S « K J I 9 U 1 + A Q J M J * * 7 » SOUTH A A Q J S 1 1 V K Q J I I S Writ i * I * 5 » Db'« X.nh Eut Sooth r»s« i * i A 1A 4 * 4 V Dble P»a I V Pus Fits Flii kai-- A * Ivy Baker Priest Stevens, treasurer of the United States during President Eisenhower's administration and now a volunteer with Crippled Children's Society of Los Angelej County, was in Long Beach last weelc to announce a new service of the society for this area. Mrs. Stevens said that Long Beach ha] been chosen to launch a program of Home Care Physical Therapy. An accredited physical therapist will visit homes of physically handicapped persons to provide such service at no charge to the recipients. · Ronald HoJzman, member of the American Physical Therapists Association win be in charge. He formerly was with the Miami-Parkinson Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Research Institute in Florida. · · · · TYPES of disability for which home care therjpy may be requested include post-polio, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, my asthenia gravis and persons learning to use artificial limbs. The service will be available to both children and adults. Requests may be made to Mrj. Louise Graham, medical social worker at the society's Long Beach Regional Center, 2367 Long Beach Blvd. COMMUNITIES to be covered by the new service are Long Beach. Artesia, Avalon. Beflflower, Compton, Downey El Segundo, Gardena, Harbor City, Hawaiian Gardens, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach. HoUydale, Inglewood. Lakewood. Lynwood, Lomita, L e n n o x , Lawndale, La Mirada, Man- Ivy Stevens hat tan Beach, Nor w a l k . Palos Verdes, Pico Rivera, R e d o n d o Beach. Rolling Hills. San Pedro, Santa Fe Springs. Signal HiH. South Gate and Torrance. · * * * OTHER SERVICES provided by the society include resident summer camping, offering two-week vacations at camps designed for crippled children and young adults: day camps for younger children; speech therapy; job training in two rehabilitation workshops; counseling for families with problems associated with physical handicaps; and parent and youth group programs. All of these services are dependent en the generosity of the public during the annual Easter Seal' drive. which this year runs from Feb. 29 to March 29. THE SOCIETY is an independent and voluntary agency, with the Easter Seal campaign its major source of funds. This year it hopes to raise $800.000 to continue its services to the handicapped. More than 10,000 voJun- tcers in Los Angeles County help in the stuffing and mailing of two million envelopes containing Easter Seals and an appeal for contributions. · · · * MANY OF the volunteers, including Mrs. Stevens, then help count the incoming contributions. Now a California resident, Mrs. Stevens for the past 20 years has been active ia the Crippled Children's Society in Utah and the District of Columbia. She served as national volunteer chairman in 1 and has been a member oi the national board of direo tors. She now is a trustee ol the national society and member of the National Study Committee which is evaluating a research project conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; it concerns the growing needs of the physi cally handicapped- SANITONE WATER REPELLENT really works! "I ju?t fouUn't believe wfat they toM rae about SOFT-N- DRV. But tMj is one viter* r e p e l l e n t t h a t really keeps clothes dry ... and loft," Come in for a demonstration. See for yourself. Winter Special! any garment WATER REPELLED 50 JDDITIOIH LAUMDRY AND CLEANOtS CAB HOP SERVICE at 3001 E. Anaheim of Orixaba PICX-UP DELIVERY SERVICE Phone G£ 8-1124 SPECIALLY PURCHASED! SPECIALLY PRICED! gay colorful new SPRING $077 JACKETS SKIRTS Lay-ciways · Bankamericard VALUES TO $5.99 SHOTff»S LONG BEACH DOWNTOWN 116 E. THIRD LAKEWOOD CENTER 5225 HAZELBROOK SANTA ANA 22 FASHION SQUARE TORRANCE DK AMO CENTER 9 DAY SPECIAL Italian sandals Regularly 5.99 and 6.99, all leather sandals, wedges and thongs in sizes 5 fo 13, narrc* and medium widths. A. lone, white and black. EL tan, whife, Mack, yel- lo*, and turquoise. C bone and whife. D. bcce id white. Innes Ulewocd Center 5030 Pepper-woo^ Oarg» Accounh Iw

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