Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 29
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Contra. StippUvS *« "" VO'OR CAMERA HEADQUARTERS ^""'WE'BOATT"*"^ Lgne BeacjVt newest 4 mesl . . modern oeer laps. AUTOM-, 15MM. protector, new lisr»T_ __ wedai ltt.» ROtXf 1 li, r» Camera ut.ti MERCURY PHOTO ION Line teadl Bhnt HE M»! Buildings to It Moved 69 y CHECK / .BEFORE YOU BUY LATE MODEL INVENTORY Larao saVacKon tl Uta meJel Incgmg Uikits. AUo 2 1 J-SR. Hgns«l to fit g.unolt any tot. 100% FINANCING COMPLETION MONEY AVAIL. CONSOLIDATED HOUSE MOVERS. INC. IJTOI S. Western Gardena DAv. 7-41 II FA. 1-3110 ·V Beautiful Custom Built ibdrm., 2 baths, seo stall shower, sep. dm. rm. W/w carp.. drapes, flrcpl.. forced air fleet. -V Modern 4-Br.. 2 Baths And vour choice of many otters. No down Mynrt. 130% financing. Call day or night. OU 14111. 2 Modern Stucco Doubles 2 4 l-Bdrm, homes. Will move anywhere, lot paid for er not. 100% financing, ng dgwn payment. DU Mill. Day .r N ght Soil Conditioner 70 CHAMBLISS ORGANIC HUMUS Puts LIFE In soil. GE 1-4114 Building Materials 71 2i4's -- 40 2x1 1 -- Sc. 4l s -- SCI plumbing supplies. UN S-1MS Do It Yourself 71-A SAVE UP TO 75V llil your own floors. Buy direct from factory outlet. Shullermans. 1117 South St. 1 block wnl ot Cherry. elan mosaics. Tile grout X mas* tics. Park Tllo Juppl.n. 1701 Park St., Bllillower. ME 44371 Bldg. Mat). Lmbr. 71 -C SURPLUS MATERIAL Finished Wrcti t ««. plywood. rets sis ta.i* eiccrte 'eoitautt. Cost lie; only* *c tit ft. Eire. BlumMrr. fliturn-- Vt Drlct: tiling birch doors t frvnt. C*vt t»i only il. Miscellaneous for Sale 72 PLYWOOD VOLUME DEALERS LOWEST'pRM-ESFAsf SERVICE L. B. Plywood Co. HOUSE OP VACUUMS Rebuilt Klrtns. Me new. S4I.SO ee. Hundreds et vacuums from 110 up. Hoovers. Electrglui, GE, etc MUST BE 50 Oil uii citcRRr Da v t:n 7:58 FOPtfli-A Iff f\ SALVAGE MASTERS IMS Santa Fe. LB Also NEW LOC. HAWAIIAN GARDENS. 11120 Norway Blvd. Yard Open 4 l Oarl most cars. wim this ad. Chief Auto Sueotv. 15X4 Par*. mount, ME 4-43*4, Paramount. 7433 E. Ale-ira. NE »57S7. Co-- 3- ton. *44 Woodruff. HA jJ:74Lkwd TRASH CANS DELIVER S»Mt. metal, S7.II1 f ters. SI JO L voi galve"ired 4 wood tarte'i. Ul'ed "stuff. 1MI CheVrv^GA? $4411 Trwc. diW OCC ALSO stout FIXTURES HOY'S TOTS. Orer-ge I Co-son. Soum end ot Iowa Pors Bldg. USED BUILDING MATERIALS-- Uled start flitures L coun'crs. Lumber, g'asi, piywd. A plumbing. LONG BEACH Fence I Material. NEW TRASH CANS GALVANIZED 1 STEEL Used cans, iteel 1 l.per. A t . SAAAUL Itove. wnngrr washer, workbench, onnoer 1 tm. vile. Odd tooll. Many "7I" records. Ironing board. Cameras. 1554 w. TIM). WESTERN HOLLY chrome top range, griddle, eraig. aven Arot'S- yeltew' chreme brktit! set,' 4 cnrt'. TO 4541t WE BUY AND SELL Tools, booici, d.shes, g asiware. 4 nice euns -- IIS to 115 lOCOs el itenji. Barga'n Prices. 1PC. black I. illver lectional. Near. Iv pew, 11 cu. n. Fr-gcaire. O'Keete 1, Mirritt stove, a'to REBUILT WATER HEATERS 12) 50 4 up. 1 year Guarantee. 4701 E. Compfon Bl , Paramount INCOME TAX SPECIAL 1 only, victor Electric Adder. 144 so. American. 144 E. 4*. HE BEAUTY SHOP ecu'O. Dryer, Iwlvll chair, drenerette. shamp. chr. 1 bowl, manicure tn'e suppliei. ME J-1UI aguarmm w/accessones. t transistor port. r»de, ooil carnage, tm. KNEEHOLE desk, yanlty w/mlrror, girls- clothes si. 17. boys' clothes, pievpen. waiter, potty cfiair, etc. CERAMIC TILE-I'C H ft. t m. CERAMIC TILE CENTER 4tS4 I_B. Blvd. NE 14471 CLOTHES poles. Roiiaway nnet. lo- 230 E.' AUrt etTM " "*' GA n °j'n?7 NECCHI ug Jag. maeig capinet; Hi-fi set; liv. rm. let; M" bunk beSI. 1l9t Euclid. GE 7-1254. SIOOO STOCK et groceries » futures. Must move. 74731 Applan May. Lomita. DA 4-4470. Lady i Human Hair Wigs GE t-KW HA t SMS REDUCING TABLES RENT-BUY Steutfer-- Relaiaclsor -- V-b. Beits. Vliiti, HE Snnt c£ Mill BRAKES RELINED $12.50 Tlbtetfs. 1451 -. 4th. HE 4-24M PIANO bar with fountain in center. Formica top. Cost lisa, sell 1175 Piano available. GA 4-1777 31" TV SIS, 71- SSI !4- S75. W II late trade. Open Suns. Burs Rado TV, 4SS E. Marter. GA 7-1475. "TRASH CANS~D~EL"IVER OFFICE deikt. ctiari 1 tiles. Paramount Sales, 4000 Paramount Blvd.. L. B. ME 14771; GA 7-5501 MATTRESS renovated, your cover. Cleveland Furn. t Uohol. CA 2-7141 5444 L.8. Blvd. 1 HOSPITAL beds, csmplete, o«v- gen mask. J, regulator. 4 n'g*v stands. GA 4-1M7 CANVAS awnings, tarps, repairs Paramount Saes, 43W Paramount Blvd.. L. B. MCJ-C771: GA 7-5501 Window Shades $1. 49 4 up . STANLEY SHADE JSJ RedondJ Ay KEEP In top cond.tton with "WOM sacrifice. GE HOIS alter I pm POOL snooker *aoies. good con- d-tion. 21S E. Seande Blvd. after 12 noon, or GE M4M. CANVAS work, marine gr camml Sa'lmalen. 1142 W. 11th. HE 7-457 ELECTRIC heat cabirtt, custom made, 144. Call Pacific Coat ClutJ. HE 14725. dftie 'A 2' sg'e.' beds, tad'ies FU*N. 2 PC. iect^ frre, chei^, e'r « YDS Carpet Tweed tnt DriicoH Carpel. 4001 E. Ananeim FIREWOOD -- FREt uf.ivERY GA llttt anttdues. rVA S-151 40 SO. yds. wool tweed carpet 12il blue wool. 771S E. 2nd. KAR_I reslaurgnl gou pment. BEST OF?CRI 1711 E. Anaheim ClGARETtC machft. warring con dtwn, HS 7-431 USED RUGS. AIJ sixes 111 a\ uo 1145 Oerry HI 71171 CLOTH window sfiadet 19% an Maaon » T-1 S5H Aflanti (·oyAL^onae'e typewriter. Real 79- TRIMMER MOWER 1100. UK 4791) ·CA car retire- GE tin at»er 1 pm. ^m"w* A |ree7eJ*e't iwi f 'tl2l HOSPITAL BfD, arultab'e li Bee'eri, 27M e, 7n. CE »7n tTnttOME iirVtg set, t79, MISC.- Carson't, Pf. 4]7fri4 7 S'jits e L0«"» t» XI PINE. Ut. JOHNSON. ·llsctUtutou. for Salt 72 HEARING AIDS FOR YOU , Our New SUvertone (or 1962- Ttiii wggti FREE kearlnj teit . FREE wild «acn lirKfKj! 1 deten baHeriei FREE tetepnene InJei SEARS ROEBUCKS CO. De»ntown Loncj leach 4JO Lgncj leach Urg 1 . CELEBRITIES' APPAREL SMART SPRING FASHIONS 6TH ANNUAL SALE ALSO Men's Suits Slacls CELEBRITIES' APPAREL 1231 E. 4th St.-- Ion, leach BlGELOrV rug Itill S2I. cheit SIT. mahog. gnd tablet L lamps, rock. er. chairs. Hoover hand vacuum. Airway vacuum, SIS. Field glesies L telescope 117. GE II1S4 Jewelry 72-A tCOTTlSH ritt diwnend rit*9 * Vflr* efl»mc«J p.n. HE 31774. Sporting Goods 72-B GUN SALE TERRIFIC DISCOUNTS LEACH'S 1213) E. CARSON. ARTt=SIA WANTED: GUNi-OUHi-GUMS ·XHITT-A*-BETTY" ttM E. AnaStjim HE 4-503* 30.0* cujttxrbuiit nfle. For intor* rtntlon cat! UNlvtntty Mill. Furniture for Sole 73 lMrrtri4*f,t f Prr«-Ti' HOME FURNISHING AND MERCHANDISE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING CODE Any »tfvfrti» w*.c*i l* not -TtttDt«if. c o m m t rti«i ·tfvcrttttrs tnutt Inctudt ttit "Ftrm N»m»'* ir urtrd ^Dfi'er." r«rton»I (JittrtM* claims, and rtrtenti Drenetmi ·'* r*ot ·cc*ot*tii* from oxn- *"tttpr«^«$f»f* m«y bt mtd ipvhcn oti'tr c«n *ut- ·t*nll*tf ttt« tla'm. Pnriits or eta m» h'er- iVioj m*rcJi4Wtdi»* If ov * * * * RE-ENLISTED FwrnlfuTf t ·potl»»rxe» tt»t bi it^r«ot. fen taVf tfut tin*y,cf co. tiff. Rrflitiej Mot tikt ovtf oivment* USO wk. MxJ U* room M.. comoi.. bdrm. tv'c, cor*iot.i S-e'fC* Q'nrtTtl Shown at wartftovti. TIMES curoiT co X3» ATLANTIC AVE.. LB °°T'* + if' SHOPPERS Chocl theto t«foro you buy Brend-New Furn. t Acpll. ADML Rfta, II cu.' 1144.50 AOMLRftd. lieu.' JI7t.50 2 PC. LIV. RM. Seh t 7?iO 4.PC. BEDROOM Seh f tt.SO 5 PC. DINEHE Sets » 2930 2 LOCATIONS EASTERN FURNITURE Ml. Atlanta. LB. 6A )-tC7l 720 S LB Cmptn. NE 5-7217 REPOSSESSED USED Largest se'avtion. Hub Compten store only. Ipc. dinette, lilt); 7 PC. liv. rm. sets, ITt.tSl tpc. d.n. rm. tell wim U.tlltl. UI.I5; S-pc. plond t««i tedrm. let with vanity dreiser. S5t t5l end cotte tuies. Sl.ts ro Ocunonii CM ti St IS. H o»l Mds, |4t 15) t 1 rt-gi. tloves. retrig. E-Z firm OUT OF IT»1E C'tOlT OK, SERVICFWEN WELCO.VE HUB -- 106 So. LB. Blvd at ALONOIA lonty t mile Ng. c ·fr RELEASE ti Gatr back to trrvkt. Irn rr»mt c( rnedctf. lirniturt 1 A; »!j*e, cmi-too rt'rio^ Joe. e mr room it*, ll-oc living room s* I t*4roan i«ti. buntx bWi. aut ·rr 4 rug. TMt oitr pvmt, HI* ma. FBI t*:*fica S347.U. Eair«r Fumltwr*. iOU AIIanTIC Art N. L. B. CAJ-W7I. Also .Vreoni Cl hont for a't «r rmt. TAKE OVER PAYMENT S Raoml New Furniture 9 PC. Hv. rm.r 11 PC. bedrm. w tedd.rg; llpc. twin pedrm.; PC. Nevamar dinette! range letng. Inc. All lor snt. On SUt per week. Will teeara'e. FREE TV «. HE 77711. Avon Discount Furniture lOto E. Pac. Ctt. riwy. In L.B REPOSSESSED 1 raoml turn. Includes TV. autem wast«r. retrlg., t-pc. living tm goup. 1 Bdrm. sets. '«. dnett let. drapes, uedipreed. pillow etc Comple'e prl:a 7J91. N TffiCTw ATLANTIC SIMMONS SALE en BOK Jtxina L matti 7 PC \\tt9 twambn. C*#*t Quality Rt.?. Uf ti Sit Atl t'ta btodina to ctwoit tn at tOO on B*»wtyrnt- INSURANCE FURNITURE KING-SIZE bdrm. set luit return from model home. Consisting a-lt. e-drawer dreiier t, mirro mnjtiie bed fr, king sue bo iprmg 1* mattreis a. nita stand Regular tmti. NOVT ONLI SJlf 15. Long Beactl tarn, 4th t Long Beach Btvd Released From Storege Complete S rmt. turn* incl, priikg refng., family tile range, I fadrm. II twin), dinette t uv. rm. » win tablet 1 lamps. Boy alt or part. All tor S4II-- eay only U weelty. Out ct Itltt crest OK HUB-- 80S So. L B. Blvd Arteiia Blvd.) compton Itore only HIDC-A-BCDS Beautyreit Wattrestes. For re Largest Selection in me Soutnlatd. SIMMONS SLEEP CENTER 441 E. 4ffl St. HE 7-917 VOUT.L l na wriat you want at IN b'g LEO SHULTZ -ACRE OF FURNIIUBE.- Ttti 1 L.8. llvd NEED FURNITURE? Try Surplus Furniture tor ance UU E. Ananeim GE 4-na NAUCAHTOE divan, nice nodern itvie, lite new, su: map* chair S10; 4 Davt'rom chroma ct'nette Uialrl. til TO 4I1M WODERiTBdrm. let. AdmrJ rung Itovg. TV. d.nettg let, al nearly MilC. turmturg. cfunn, bea. lamps, e'ec range, beautiful drakes, e'c SCS Cedar. BEO'OOM set. TV, am. »'e, gi range, wasner, refrtg , Ibner, etc I550g Bluer. NE 1-I4H ipRINO CLEARANCE -- f-ne bed room 1 Sntng room tutes Sltt f Herrsn'i. 4177 Ore»ge l*» : ALL WOOL carpet, goad gvaiity 1114 Orange. " Ruls braided and noned. t) pr Kurllian. 71J1 t. 4ti 61 »K* 1 1A*.K g-^rn davenpo^ a chair Good cord. 140 CA 4W1 . CtAViSS tta'e an fjf T. ie* gnces frgm 1 homes 3041 Tevi 5 RCCONO re*ng. » tat rangtt trgn in LB Furn. 41 IB ·· . II tl CA. ln* ret. i to tprngv B 1 P IllHov'o'a. LO. ' tjn. tlTt. |l»wy. f Airt. IT'" Fumlrur. for Solt 73 IS. MW yea ca« (uraitaj cludUif r»eg. tg(r!f. TV. gjinln rm, t"M rm. t bedrx. sets, far Ivit... $ 30 ' DOWN Free Patllnij Free Det.ery LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. Open every Mght till t eueot Tints. 4 closed Sun. 41H AND LB. BLVD. 5 DAYS ONLY!! FURNITURE SALE 50% OFF Evtry lUm-- No EtctpHent BRAND-NEV/ Maple-- Modem -- Prov. Lgwgil Prlcei or Your Money Bad! BELMONT FURNITURE 51 U E. 2nd, Balmpnl Snore Open Friday Nitg » SuttJay BANKAVERICARO * * * * * * \lewcomers Need responsible party to assurnt pavments. Will sauifice eouity tree S rooms furniture and appliances for 1711 Paymentt 17^7 wkty. w. dudes retrlg-, range. S-pc. dinette set. I bdrm. sets. cornM. Kroehler living rm. set, tables, lamps, avto. weihn, cotnW 71- TV, ied« t, phono. Ask tor lot 4k out gl stale credit O.K. See dairy 10 to t p. m. Saturday til 4 p. m. Ckned Sunday, See at 14» fe. Artnia. Lena fjeech or call Georeg Dir. GA 34)42 1 _L * i . *L. ul. nl. ^ Tf TT * * * * 5 ROOM GROUP INCLUDES CTOVE-REFRIG. DINETTE SET LIVING ROOM SET BEDROOM SET TWIN BED SET it FREE TV AND WASHER im U DELIVERS HUB^f90*ATLANTIC INLB 1 b'ks. So. gt Artesia St.l SERVICE MEN WIUOWE OUT OF STA1E CREDIT OK SAVE $450 Houseful of Maple Uvlna room, bedroom gnd tinning mr. Temps, tables, rugs, pictures, etc. of high grade eigmslte Early American. Brand pew -- lett In worghouse. Ong'nally S14T2JCV- tal. due HMl-50-ro money dn. only » It per wk. County Fair Maple Shops TO H754 17717 BELLFLOWER BLVD. ft block N. et Arteils Rlvl 1 OPEN NIGHTS. SUN. 175 P.M. MODEL HOME FURNITURE *·( havt 1 ftvtl t» d.wot* eft" 1 IN MAPLE L I IN MODERN Trtf art ccmoltla wiTn I'V'f-a r»n% ttdroom, tfnina roe^, rartgt ft rtfrlptri'or. ONLY TAX DOWN! And lauthart fl.OO ptr d«y VAN OROEN'S JlfJ Atlantic Av*. L. B. Own Cvtnlntn KtrUibhbbtlJ On Stlf At T-" WAPCHOUSE STtnr. tivefttj roomi, rvfit* c*Wtti, diMtl* L 1 room ertjuri, Leonard's Warehouse FURNITUHE «· a glroo". horr*, inckJdmo F rlo'dalriT automatic watheftg micftifrf, Igt. rmrrcri. ·voma antfouci. maela tfnlra rm. w*, drttjfr. m»*i etT 1 *-* rrrm. Ob I-/4JJ. lil/I r«KitiC Ait.. Antiques 74 Cairi for Antlqwts. HE 4401 Furniture Wanted 75 TOP PRICES PA r' D L,l turnitvrt in iterant. REPP MOTT. INC. 25CI E. Ananem CE 14777 STARTING NEW BUSINESS NrED FURNITURE 1 APPLIANCES TO 1-07:3. 0!r. Ait far Pete CASH GE 4-8920 DON'S 11*4 Oerry CE IM11 BEST'PRICES paid*for good furn. Call B t I Fum. Utorg you tell. 3100 E. Aneieim. CE 4 MIS CASH tar refrigs, freeters. ranges. SPOT CASH HE 2-3038 LInctdlom's HE VTKf CA 7-5407 CASH tor itgvei. retrigeretors furniture. Call Jim, CE 1-5494. 4, appliance!. Dir. CA J-K37I. Household Appliances 78 CROSSTOP refngergtgrl Kits t up Ranges UMSup. Delivered 1 guaranteed. AAA Appiiancei. 17)1 E. Artetie. CA SI535. RENT HE 4«« Auto washer, retrtg. range, TV rent appres to purchase. AA Appliances. 7IS L.B. Blvd. FROST FREE 7door Fngi'dj re. STttS. Your old refrlg. i tl-V week. Baker's Apgilancet. ttn i. Pacific. Ooen eves. HE 73t?4 NEW 17ft. ICetvlnVtor refrlg. SUMS Your old refrigerator If mo. Baker's Appliances, tm f. Pacific. Ooen eves. HE 72t!4 HOTPOINT refrigerator, 115 Ib.. bottom freeier. STvt.tS. Your old re- Ing. 1 SIS mo. Baker's Appliances, tm t. Pacific, open eves. HE 2-3T74 43" DELUXE Wedgewsod gis range Chrome too. grtdd'o rotuilrle Fully autom. Like rew. na. 44 W. Plemnt. L B. CA M5». CROSS TOP Colclipot Refng. S»tS it mo. buyt it. Bakers APOI e*?t i Pac. Open evet HE 77974 GOOD used retrigeraton. I7tt5 Bikers Aoeiianeet. tm 4, pacif c open evei. HE -»74 RECONOITIONEO wafers-- retrlg POTTER APPLIANCE SERVICE COOO used retrlgeratori. S^IS. Biker's Appliances, tm I. P:t'*'c open gvei. HE 7 JtK IIS1 FRlGlDAIRE autom. washer Mater L transmit!** lull aver haute4, 145 UN t4tn. Mjlt tic.; tilt gtttr. UN in: ·St CE retrlg. t ru ft. US. Can WE 4 ecu KFNMORE automatic washer, yrt. old. Cd. cond. trt. UN s-741 dr|tr r perfect cond-lion. TO 4-I WHIRLPOOL gat dryer. Xlnt. cond nu Albury CE 1-444 ll» FRIGIAIRE. good un4.tdn. at il. US. CE t-J«5 NORGE *fo. washer, 1 it rew, Ivs re Ml. S50. CE IJ11- REFRIG. wanted -- cut wgrting; gr not. -»»n- HE HIV lr)l PH.lCO Re'rig. cretl lo- freeier. HA 1 1171 a"er 1 ll N C r U 'rey'CAT7*Sl" 1 " T ' """*"' IL "7'5l"cA" v t;~'""' °* a ""* O K t t f E a W.frit ra»gt w f «»iil. Immeevie'e. TO fMfS. PMILC6 retng, gnod cond.reat 14*7 AKgrtc^t.l.J)* Th»_ lltts SlOVtS 1 HMUlGS. B^a, P. llil GAVIOTA, L. B ·M NO'Gt wn*er 7 apeel, 1 Cl cle Can de'tver. r*A 7414 n*ljST ten"igi'e ttove. Crat't rf-t. Wt'l't. Ct 1)177 Household Appllaacei 78 Spring C!»«i-"p V«1uei WAYTAC wrMar wltngr. (|| WHlVilFlJOL ««sgmalc wajwr. . 1-cvcle. f vr. guarantee-.-- SHI KENMORI Mttmttwwasner. A4AVTAO awiemailc washer" eraser, y,*«.irifii^ ,, . .....lit FRlGlDAIRE Itn. ft. I-ootr Itfrlggrtlgf. luarantegd . _IIU CHILL'S UM Atlantic GA J,;no ; GA 7 nn Oom Wwn, Tues. t"ur. Frl.'Mt WE RENT Wtihtr.-- Ref rtstri TW»-- R t*cti TYs-- $7^0 Month Up Aleiander Electric CE )«4I LOWEST PRICES In town on Frlg- Idalrt. Kit'lnater. HjTolnl ntrlg- trators. washers t ether appii. ances. Trade In tool Baker's Apptianas. tm L pacific, open evening!. HE 79V74 NEW tiotpoint automatic washer. SITt.tS. Comt and Dettem M lac, tonr cratn. Your eld washer I tt.tS mo. Bakers Appliances. tm t Pacific. , HE 77174 bottom freezer. Eiccl. cond. Ito. Elec. stove. Frtg^diire Imperial. g'ren. vsed t mo. Colt S574. lac. tits, bom lor 1750. CA inn. Retrlg^ gutem. waiher dryers. Any color. CE 41420. CE t-UI7 KITCHEN ranges. SlttS vp; refrigerators t7S VO. Free delivery and Inslaltatm. AtcKlnneys', ?» E. Pacific Coast Hwy. CE 156C4 LIKE NEW. Town I Country range. »· oven. Best offer, lull E. Musical Instruments 79 ACCORDION like new, colt 1541 will see. SI75. Must seiL HE 17143 TE J5134 714) Unden Pianos Organs 7 9- A ORGAN-PIANO SALE Lowrey Organ Trade-Ins and Studio Models S-A-V-E Stelnwey Grand 411. ebony, S77t5 Hammond Chord, walnut ,,, S!t5 Hammond spirit, M.]. big. SI345 Baldwin Orgaionlc, man. 1745 Fischer Grand, walnut reduced. Hammond Sotovox, as Is -- S5S Exclusive Dealer For: STEINWAY, EVERETT. CABLE-NELSON PIANOS. Alia Lowrey organs HUMPHREYS MUSIC COMPANY US Eait 3rd St. HE M29 ORGANS Hear lt» Wurtifitr "Soectra Tont" organ at ItWJ-- comptrtj wim ettvrn (9 S1WQ. Used Hammond, Thomas. Wurlitirr etc. from tltj. RENT AN ORGAN includes Privatt Insont PIANO SPECIALS New till VaKio Wurlitier NOW $495 GRAND PIANO BARGAINS UtS TO SHOO PLAYER PIANOS New available tor rent McCRERY'S H4 Pme. Long Btacft HE 41757 PIANO RENTALS UPRir.MTS - STUDIOS . SPINETS SA-II-tl-- 119 PER MONTH t month!' rente! can apply tg purchase If drtlrrd. No OM'gaf-on fo Buy COOD BUYS IN NEW AND USED PIANOS WE BUY PIANOS MOREY'S MUSIC STORE J47 PINE AVE. HE 4-TtTt PIANOS KlmeaiL Stan. L Clark. Winter AIL STYLES 1 COLORS B a Saving! in Floor sample! CONN F ORGANS ^""FOLK'S" " 711» N. Long Btacft Blvd. Oc«n OaJv Vt LOWREY SALE Faetarv avthemtd tavino« en rental rtturm, floor model*. tfKfv- »·« ervani. ttc VMO ·artv. Only 1 ef tad. .frit a. f.nistt. Fwil r " 1 "^ t TATLFORVr"' Open till t Mm., Sit.. Sun till S if. a Bent. 1. Artesia 107«57 REtIT AM ORGAtl LEARN TO PLAY STONER-S MUSIC CENTER 5491 E. Tnd St. CE 4 7114 S5IS or belt etterj or will trade for sp'net or console. CA 2-7411. MUNICH L Bach GRAND PIANO. Xlnt cond. MAKE OFFER. Mom. HE 4-7!451 EvCt. CA 7 4331. r£ Pay Ceih nr Uled Pianos LB. PIANO CO 4114 Orange Ae. GA 47C71 WE BUY ORGANS t PIANOS FOR. CASH GE 4-7415 HAMMOND ergan. Ml wim perrus s'on. walnut finish. Free taioni PLAYER p-ano. v^t. w«r.'*g con- d t o n UN 45119 PRIVATE Ply, want! gioer piano. PIANO warehouse, new S, used. Lowest prices) 5155 L.B. Blvd. Dir. HAMMOND home oro*n BV W/ Leslie. IlltS. CA 77404 dir. far cash. To 7I5LI PLAYER piano with £lana rolls. t!75. Cell HE 3 till. BABY Grand piano. Good cond . moving. U75. Call evei. GE 42U9 CONN Organ Rtutnody model. ME 11517 Radios Television 80 25c PER DAY .' Brand new T.V. »' NO cash reeded .' No red tat* Call far Info UN 47711 DlMart T.V. RENT A TV SOME RENTAL WILL APPLY MOREY'S MUSIC STORE 147 PINE AVC. HE 4 2T?t RCA Swl.ll Bate 11- TV. SHIS N«w picture tube. Your tit 4 SMS mo. Bikers Appliance!, t-tt Pacific. Open eves. HE 7 7934 HOFFMAN tow boy 71". l.le new, Your old til and 11 f 5 rv. Baieri Appliance tm 1 Pacif.c Open Evei HE 7-7t24 1117 TV-RENT TO OWN Alt rental fees applied if pur* ihaied PROFESSIONAL TV SERVICE, 411 E. Ocean. HE 4-1H7 TV RENTALS $i MO. UP Beach TV 35 C. 4m HE45M1 RENT A TV HE «-74t Rent will apply AA Appliances 7IS Long Beach Bl fV~SERVlCE AND OEfirALS Uud TV lets bought 1. sold. Vet IV 479 E. Ananem CE 4441] new picture lube, l/S. W Blw *TV i$~"TVs lifup. Buy or tradr^Bin eunt. Dr. IUI E. 7m. HE tlin WANTED-- TVt. worjing or not RCA TV. 'M Model CD. Cond mi Elns Gi 7-IIS4 Hi-Fi Stereo 80-A HEATH KIT, Stereo amp. 40 wa-t tin ar best eter. 411 !t' 1 ZENITH transoceanic port, rad.o 14IM. FA IU;*, all. 1 pm. TV Radio Repair 81 a m. to lo pm.-^/ diyi wtr 451 C. Mariet GA Mi; MORGON TV SERVICE SPECIALIZED attention Low cett. 1941 Cedar. HE UU IMMEDIATE TV SERVICE, 1] 4«T DeebOYtr, Ltwd. HA 1 1710 SRB*Ovy tv guar, repairs. AH areas 14437 Llwd. Bllflwr. TO 7 IFU Sewing Machines 8i J9TH t, PINE SINCE it» Se'et. re"1, repe'rs. te-n SFWlNd MACHlNS EJICHAW.I fNtw reel, lew mecTs.. saatcfe Sc i _|?J. Cal whse. VlJ! »71 119. Peril Sew»« Cw ter, $141 L B (ivd fV iVc; Livestock , 8 GYMKHANA Itriwtrrry roan r"l- Oor-e far fdi we lw Pers f let" mi fee ACcY^tA nn Pers fl ^Sr^SSlW "*"* " t Te v f*74S**' f*"T^ pm. after I ».m. OR" tttf t S,-«nl'eT»« , Poodles. Champ. A.£C.. 1770 Olive Ave. 1IPPIES wanted tor Cash 1 Ifiil roOOLC puoi- silver. AKC f WKI. p4 IttlTgiter 7 er weekend!. POODLE, silver, no papers, reas. Also rabbits t hutcnei. ME (,7410. fTmiTF n**hsnund. I5g w/gapers! 4547 Walnut. H L.B. ' CA It4t7 "REE 'to good 1 horn*, 7 mo. male beagtrHasshots 1 tic. HA 1 5477 ""CA'J'JSU* "' OY^ POODLES, A.K.C WTiite l|5 and IP. HA t-7474 IAMESE Uttens. After II noon SASSETT PUPS -- Robinson strain. ISOt Stanley Ave. GE tJ4M 3ACHSHUND puppies. AKC. Calli Miscellaneous for Rent 96 BOAR LINED ( ttgrgog^ LOCK. E RS. Hotels Motels 97 (FOR PENT! SEAYIEW HOTEL 79 ROOMS. ON OCEAN FRONT FORCED AIR HEAT-HFW BEOS ALL PRIVATE BATHS, tl, SOLE. XLNT. WK. RATES FOR PF.RM. 541 W, Seaside HE 74441 DELUXE Motel Aptsl ~ ALOHA MOTEL. 2140 Long Btacll Blvd. GA 4-1754. II JO UP WEEK RAtES DNIN TV Admiral Kitel 417 W. Ocean HOTEL GRANT, M. II weft Maid service. 117 VV. Ird. HE 71799. Rooms for Rent 98 ROOM FOR MAN Everything turn. TV or red o optional. Maid service. Reas. rates. MANOR Hotct-Pteaun! rms.. apts. Nr. beach, park, tretwoy. 17 wk. up. 117 Bonnie Brae. HE 7-t371. parking. Kitchen prlvl UM wk. up. Near ocean. 711 W. lit St. SIS MO.-- Eastslde. N'te rm. prlv. entrancg . bam. GE 4-7t4, CE 4-5731. TRANCE, PRIVATE BATH. 7071 ATLANTIC LGE. rm. connecting patio. 7 cloiets. Prtv. bam, kltch. prlv. 1 wevh- ing machine. TE 75747. WRIGLEY dulr., sleeping inr, cln.. LOVELY rm. shower, prlv. eiit. 1769 Part Ave. CE K»47. ROOM-- Close to Lakewood Blvd. «. Soum si. cent. ME 14«» area. Man. 119 wk. ME 15700 MAN-- Prlv. ent. Bel. Hts. 4117 E. ONIN.-U50 Hilpg. Pnv. entr wtr» shwr., th. p»g. ITOOAIamitct refrlg. 11 M wk. Man. IU w. Kti il»"w"tE«.~rbom W'Htch pnvi- leoes tor men. 1177 Oestnut BEST FOR LESSI KITCHEN PRIV. Prlv. entr. Mil C. Ut. CE 41141 LYNFORD HOTEL. Private bath. Clean, ouiet. Reas. 117 W. Ird. PLEASANT rm. tor. lady only. nr. I6I9E.4TH-- $8 WK. NiCE. b',j. n!t. f" .^ » er 2 f-fi. Kit. Dfiv. I3t Dauy. BACHELOR APT. til «... Ut tir. Quiet, n't*. 1)1 mo. 17V Da'iv- 42* LI ME. K't. pfiv. Ptrkirj CLEAN. DNTN. MAN. 11113. GUEST hovrtt. priy. r.t. JL b»**i Win p»Vl 4414 MMtair. HA S-1170 Nica l^nt l.ff, UM me. HE 4-1 73* NR. Dovfllai. Latrwood. JVm only. DNTH^ Me* h»kpfl-» Pfly. fl^tr. R+Iro.. ihwr. U. tf. Ma*i. 411 W. S. DOAHTOWH, rtd«c.. kltctHW rxlvtl, ·00 CEDAR DNTN Htkpo · prty. *ntr., .h«r. 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UN J-iU* ·?·· HOVE ta *^»'t tar rrT'ovH r...* Duplexes end Flats 10! (FUKNItHCOt 2BR. tt^rn. dvtir wim fftvfri yar L earact. KiOi 0 K L 1100 rno 4ll-«4?4 J73-N L.B Cll«i. Qu«t, 1-tM^rm net if turn.f d »o , ear., attjiti Bilmont HeJgrvfs 2-Bdrm Re^ec. Aduirt. Gar. KM Grand rVRlCLCY DlS'iRICT 153-- ucrer l*r. ckwlev. Nkel turn ZXf.1 CMar. HE »«13t LARGE Now Deluia 2-BR Aaglli. I4» Henderson HE 4- TO SI30 1 US-1 Jbr- smlll yd eutom wihr. Real nlcci Baby OK 1117 St. Leull. CE 1 IUI. IJ7SO. DARLING 1 br.. ti.e pv' nxn t k.tct AJoitl K3 C. in CE li»M. CE V'dl S4t SO-BCLLFLOAER. t br.. clean ctote-in Baby OK. Free wait*. dryer. Dan Keven Rlty. v;A S-l?cr il-- NEvVLY~DEC. IBR. » PUIL DN. Utlll M. Ng Mtl. 7441 E. Sth CE 41711 bix. nevty fumiihed 1 Bdrm. eolr Ditoosal. tre« launctry li girage AcMts. 177 E. Slltl. CA 7«7». OCEAN BLVD. E. 1177, etner tyce S rooms, lit t'r. flat, semlfurn 11! CMIdren ti. LOV^ER turn. djo. ctownton-n. of Pine fenced va-d. HE S-lf^l 199 VO.* modent, 7 bdrmi . lower HONEYMOONERS DentMull 1C' 1 Mrm. ttl. Jill £lm. HA Mi!7 I-BDRU «tn garage. Pat g. wrig. ley Bit. Hr. everytwng HE 7.IM S47.U LOC lunny 1 br. djc.1. Clean AcMti. 1711 E^Bread^ay. HIM lirg'e. twtft tedt. Aduiti, tTl Ina. 1MI JuoBere. CE t CJS14 NAPLES Jblrm. 1 ee, prlv e «t r, fenced. S477 T^e Taieda. C E T 7 7 V LCC. sunny nr. S47. Intent OK, IV txSrms . nr. bus, shoes. S14 Rose 1)«t Almond Court. GA 4*471 cc"ije l-ti-t rt. Ct »Kl Marys Ovrt. Act. D. HE MW cMd lll7 Virgnla Ct. HE UTi 1 Btf., Ige. l.gtif. prtva*g gar. ac i Duplem and Flatj 10' lUNFUflNISHIOl . NEW JMr-u oV9'e «.T K"-,' west tide. 171. GA 17WI fEAL BEACH, new 1 Ir. l»X i 71 ul St. GE Mill. ice. nor. JDr. 41 n. rm, a*," III, eft Ird 1 Walnut, ifll t r . BAlr ». 1 tMrm. Nr. rew. Oxe j yd. 147 n. M4| Santa Fe A. ' t im«Vr*ir*'l' 'awngr.'V.a! flT ! ''Min^HiTTiieV'ViiSiwK U« -- 1 »*m. SIM Vlliaje Ota Ptwe HA H744. 9 " ttv-NCW IB*. BUIIHFS. Cira S131 V-4 Verena^a I1O-1 BH. fVnatg, ri«, adults l I NL.B.-tf'a If*. 7 Mrm net. 1 gar. Ad/*s (Ml li«« «ve I tI7«» lg. }» ifn. . in l cr:ie*i. Pe'i. Gl tec. JllNeww DupltxM aid Flats 104 1UNFURMISHEDI ~ 4 BRAND N E W ouruxcs FOX RENT OK LEASE Dehie »§··. Wr cgngLaygMi. au.ims. MI«. tlaj me. tetoem 4|g f 4fm Itrgets e«. 4eg«j A-e^Je-g Beat* Nr. Eel Amj i a. L B. Freewey. Ceil «wrer. 411 1719 llr| hvgf .la«!. tncA b*k » CMLfl. ret ge. 1411 Kasg Aug. GE »S34t r $65 5-Rm. Upptr: Sundtct Adults. 1914 Lama CE H!« 4S-- DUPlEX wgar. 1 txJrm. large, feisty tnii Met »t O»W.Q i 'i lilt Rise. GE tlut tEACrtlce large I. 4 7 bdrm. vgoer. CalltornlaAvCj Paramovnt. Open f 4. CA 24447 Avwlaoig Arrll fm. 4J-OUPiexn Ige. tvjrm.. Lie 7171 E. 4tti St. HA tS477 "w MIRA MAR-- New voper Ibr. Elec. range, drepes. garage. uRToE. 4*m. Nr. beach. Baby ek. 44e Magnolia, nr. Pine. HE N.LB. DELUXE I-BR. Garage. 40M Rose. GA M] SEL. HOTS. 7story Jbdmu lit battu. All lg». rooms. Sea d n. Pert Utlll- C"l SI74. GE tilt*. BDRM. tower. 73 CMJJ O K. Ooen Sun. or Hi. ME 1IISI ;S-LOE. mod. } br. Stove, retrio. SdwcT hle-foJ ilds ok. CE 1 l«t 60. 7BORM. nr. trans. «. Itores. COLORED grea. Xlrg Igg. Itr. *· p'.i. Tile tit. t bath. GAt-IIU. US-NEW 7br. infant ok. An 1 tit. Behind. 1141 Dawson LARGE 1 BR. Newly «cjr, Cl«cl Of pet ek. S51.50 mo. HE a^tni S70-- 2 BDRM Upper. Adultl. 1174 E Irtt He2-271a HE 7-3441 Furnished Aparfm'nrs 106 NEAR TOWN 170 E. ITttt. Itwdrm. upper, reer- |y new blda. Tile bati wiln gtail enclosed shower, garb, ctlso.. watt. t»wall carpet, 3 huge clouts with Acluiti. No eett. s». i BIG SWIM POOL Clean sg'e. auts.. gdutts enly. tli wlu SS7J9 rTM., all util. Dd. A u. need gitlstant manager 2»7 Caviota GE Itltl Comer of Alamltes t Gaviota OCEAN FRONT 1718 EAST OCEAN J-Bdrm.. elcture window. Must see tg eoereclate. 1115. Adults. HE 7.1771 Bellflower New l-Bdrm. Danish mod. turru eel. appliances. mary. tec Nr. stepping. Inlant OK. tl'50 mo. ME 4JS14. TO 15777 1327 Artesia St. BELMONT SHORE Ocean 1 block. Comer tit I. Nleta. Large lOclrm. SIS. See at Sill Eait HI or call GE 1-1114 or CE 44411 BBR. JIM. Also 1 Br. unfurn . US. Also 2Br. unturn. 1100. Healed pool, w w carpet, drapes, garage. Water tut. Nr. 4. nr. YOU can live rlgfit al Bliby Park a short walk lg' t*e ocean. Park 1 MO. FREE RENT III no. New dtf. 1 br. AH on!. leisure* w w carext, draoct. 44)1 L. B. Bl«d, NLB. CA ?31U $60 -- DELUXE Newt/ dtcer. 1 Bdrm., fjm. i unturn. IU4 Watnui A*t. HE 7«!3 tfwn. ever 9*r, AtTrar Good pfioriberhoed. ut.I. pd. M Ter- nvrto. CE 147{. 137 GARDENIA S12 wk.. Ige. igl.l IIS wk. VBR. SU. 2 EXTRA Ige. clean unglet. Nr. bus t stores. Util. ed. pnone. wesNer. fenced yd. Prkmg. Biby NEWLY dec. l-br.. ww carp, dranei. due. brltit. bar, Indry. Nr. bus. StO. Adults. 7911 E. 7th. r.r 4-1114 or GE «7144. HA'S EVERYTHING 1 Bdrm. lower, mi E. 19th. HE t-nil er HE l-ltll 2191 CHESTNUT S17 »k.. Ige. sgt.I SI4 wk. IB*. ROSSMOOR. Los Alamltes area. Newly lum. mod, 1 Br, act. Near f-aroutiar. CHARMING LOCATION BIG l-br. 4- pulldown bt tlQ Nr. ihooevifia canttr. Iin E. 7m. $45-- SGLt. lor oui«t mldd* aw lad/, na'l rta*tr. Fret »nihf ut. t. pd. Nr. Sitrwav. 714 RiytTxyrid CE Jill I-BR. H55 CEDAR $7 Uscer, nicely furn. Adjttl. Lge. 1 BR. Small ctuld ok. Lndrv J45-- SINGLE. CLEAN Eait I'de, parting, ill Ga.iei $65-- NEARLY NEW I-BR Wihr. J117 lemon Aye GA 4 tot t L 2 BDRM. lurn. t, untum trpcn SIM. Hel-ed poolt. TO 7 till. KOS Alondra. Bellllooer. 46 CHESTNUT AVE. Ltgt-.t Clean Dble L Sgle Act r-^m ^f. av.'laN. i«til l"ty u GE 14347 or UN 41117 OCEAN Avr. BELMONT SHOB Raomy 1 BO. aot. VII GE MC HirE7"lST St." 2 BDRWS7~i.7M sg. ft.. S rocmi, soadoui. rew ertr.. lirge yard. HC 7-71 Sgl- util. pd. 71 Pafk. Ct ltl?0 155 LARGE7 ucoer front iTng'e. d n. rm Adultl. Utll. Pl-d. IWI E. Sth HE 44411 S4S-- NtrtCR Ice dO'e. wotth tli. 10M Cerrrsi ctt E. lO'n S55~-1-BDR"A.. living rm , kitcfen, nock AdJltl. f» cell. WR'IGLEY I.BDR/W. LARGE CLOV ETS. New ce:nt. ADULTS Meir bus. IIS To tee call HA IIIII S44-1 BR. II.L.B. knotty ».ng l.vmj room. Gar. Ideal far 1 er 2 «*jtts. Clc*e to Doo'ev't. CA 14411 1862 MAGNOLIA 1 B'trm. beaut, turn. 111. CA 7 4001 ATTR»"CTIvrLY turn. lg. 1 br. aot. lit fir. Dip Bel. Hu. 111. CE till'. i73-OOY.mOV.N. I". . PUICn On rm w to w. Sho*f. 749 01. ve, GA 7-H:i Ut.l snared, also upr. sgle . baby Cl. Bus. lit C. 7th. GE 143'). ·TWECN OCEAII I.""BAY 14750. SINGLE. OISP. REAL CLEAN. 15] 42ND PL. GE JMII 1 BDRM. Children ek. Near Ham . schools, storei. util. paid. 717 Sunme Blvd GA 4 1541 111 SO YrfK. OR MONTHLY RATES. Clean 1 bdrm. apt. + will bed. ~ CHILD OK-I BR. UTIL. PD. 1565 LINDEN-- HA 1-79)0 aulra SI Atlantic. CLM, ouiat, 1-bdrm. ·*· pui on il) US-I.B5RM. ««r flat. 1C74 Lo- cult. HE JJWJ alter 7 pm. US - IP/DOM. REDECORATED $17 CERRITOS GA »4j7 I05'» VlSTA-Newiy Oecor. ggl. BELVONT H01S--ltr» large W w crp-i 1717 E. 2nd. GE 77lt. 179--4 RMS , nct'y turn. Ad'tl^ bus. Bk. 7st Orlllba. Gtt 4 1CT3 BFL. HFltMTS lit f'r^sg'e. front 1 UPPER front 1 Bedrm* re4ec_, 4 - Sgl., Mm., UM. p!, long Ew i IBdrm,JlI, Utll. ed. Adultl. N« p.ts. T7C4 r. Un nr. Mo.ina. ,' glnjfg. Util. pd. Adult. ' 1 fBR.-Accomrnin'e J or 4 edulti, no pets. Jl Nigtg, Bel. Shore. " S40. UPSTAIRS s»l. tjg. J'.en : MiT. 1ll4 Locuit. HE 7 ail i St !S. SINGLEl sa.7171 bdrm. U« ed Redec. l«» Under C SlO-iiNGLE. tleen, redec. tower ini'l Atlsntlc HA »7» 3 im t. J«0-lt7JJ Ibd-v. new Infrt. New tunMtvre. Gt ItU ; |U5 ELM-- Large tnie. til. ut.ll i". Ill llt-SGlES , dntn Utl. M Nice. Ad ft. 411 E. Oceen. L SSI UP. Adultl, gownn Nr. eea l av4 torium. Ciey, 471 t. Oce« 1. CHILDREN OK. IBFOROcta W«IL BCD. 141. 1114 GUNDR ir GUFST House-- Oarate. fV.MavC 1 tu * N im*iTI»D LO * t * tvv-fe* ig'e nt.*y **tt*. Aov utk f". 741 E. !eii"e. «raltbcdAiMrtnw'..10. GOLD MEDALLION ' 1 and 2-BicJroom Apis, "tkg aWlf Tgrtgc* 14 -- IIII.IU7 EAST ITH-(Manager gat. 7. HI tie.) ·7I* K*JU Gard'eni" -I7W AffUION- IManaggr eel. t. 4174U1) Furnished f IMumlihM ·urn carpeting f DruwM THE TOWER-- J67.50 DOWNTOWN BCLl'LOWEI? · DELUXE IURNISHINGS * [IV «* IK, KIT. A BAT- · IV 1 PHONll HOOKUP · POOL 1 fOJHIAIN ·779 FLOntK BCLtFLOnEk TO 6-4349 2230 E OCEAN $75. UTIL PAID. Nicely Furn. Lge. Singlas. OCEAN BLVD. t«7 C. Oc«an. Hr. Btifrvf P«rk- 1515 E. 3RD. ST. 1 BR. BeautlMly turn. Near super markets busline. Immaculate. $34 Mo. Util, Included Parklrg. tip/. ladU e*one lerv- Ke. aculti. no pets. GA 7-tOn 1520 E 2ND Utlls. Included. L*ndry r taclll. 7JO-- EXTRA LARGE Innt 1W- rm. plus wall bed. V blk. to bus 4 Itores. 4711 E. 4ttL GE tOOTt AJXURY I-BR. F^vrn. er unfum. Heatnj pool. ITS in. EFord.Rllr. GA 6-3909 532 E ESTHER Clean nice tngjo. US) cJM... S47. Nr bus 4. ichools. CMId ok. ATIO living al Its best. Siucious 1, 2 * HxSrnr, beated eooTvery modem. Every convenience. S100 VPI7710 Woodruff. WA S-7771. JlRGE'cteiuie 1 t 2Br. apts. w-w carpel, dismal, garage. Urge wardrobes. CBie fg freeway and store U7ja. ME 4-21t7 owtirjY -- 7 - 4 . JBlfm., 2 bams. Brand rew. SII9 to HIS month. Inquire 1IIJJ Lakewood Blvd. PLAZA 625 W. OCEAN Redec. tglet. dMes- 111.30 w. Ulil. Near SMPP^ng. HE 7 till 1040 E OCEAN Luvury acts. Everything fumll»ed. Ut.hties eld tm t vs. HE 71107 WRIGLEY-- 4Jpc*r, SIS. Redec* Ige. l*r. got.. Ige. gar., ml. ed. Adits. 1141 Henderson, next Meg- 2-BDRM. NR. SCHOOLS NEI4II7, tie] Atlantic Dr. 527 W. 3rd. Ulil. Pd. LCE. SGL.. tfl fir twin b*dt f US. 330 CEDAR U WK. er IU mo. Honestly dn. vgln. Util*. pd-* f'oi* (n. adytti. ha Mti. CDm« fU Cal.T. iO-ADULTi Clew upo*r doub4a. Vcnltd htat. duo.. B»bv P«rk area. IHI E. 3nd. Mt 34374. FACING fiobv Park. 1- fc 2 br. r.i«!.r l.-'n.. tf'tp. v*'l. rd. 23»" E Brtuxtw*/. Ina. 7060 AooUten. kit. «. brfctil. ixwk. fvn\. cr urv funt Adultl. HE 14232. APARTrVENTI, FUPN1IHED OR UNFURNISHED. REASON A PL fiENt. :n$ E. Jtjr. GE «i3 .14 V.K. A-Vn. till. LOC. S3t.. W.l- fnir.gten. 7 mfanti l pet OK. nr. UV MCWLY DECORATED, -vn. ·- tr. Ut.l. Intiuelrd, vtry doia 1". IS-- CLEAN tm«if. Util. crt . c»" air. t/i, I9f. CM. 1 bdrm . iff c.«ttl M Moffrt. GAtlt04 MWLo*. t BR. W/« crfit. L firri. 4 ctotatt. Levt't *i-Tn. Bnv Knolti Ad'ts GA 744JO; GA 4-714* SGL, «.r. aoi. WM. I Wk. N. et Tift, U b-k. E. ct Oranc*. Ill* Htlima'v 2.BR.-- HEATED POOL 3^; C. ARTESIA BLVD Uf Sft-NEWLV dtf^r. TV"fc t»*r* hockuo POOL Ottttraat .parhing 1310 Burton, Lvmvoed Nt »tlJ 917 GRAND-J65 |.»R. Apt. infant M^CE »-J77t SllJO WK. SSI mo. Honestly clean sgies. util. ed. cwte in. adits* r» peti. come toi California. filRN. 1 sintum. 1 «. I un, n Biioy Knolls shopp'ng tenier bus line Adults. 117 E. 44th. DOntltOiVN JillOLE. Redec.. nu ly turn., gmet. ail vtil. Adult. 140 111 l*nxt. at t-'ftn 119-1 BR. 're* washing nactlin gtlst parsng. V»'f.m, To tee call CA 441lt in', adult* TMV Isr 1. til lor 7 14U Chettnwt. HE 7-S^Ct. VVRICLEY Large, modern l-Bdrm. Con-pi redecorated. Adults. HE 444 Pd. Idrv. facll. 9Mrm. Mkt. But SM W. ITfl. CA 450S71 HE 4 IX PEMtHOUSE. S'njie. Ocean »ie Ull cait Oceat. Caraoe toar 179 Includng utils. HC 7-17 SEAL" BEACH, choice i BR.. w Oreai yew. til. Pn. 4M4771 S41 LOAER, duet. igie. Utl. pd 1-Mid aged tenon, got Mame ISO SS7.SO. 1 Bdrm.. gas pd Uf ALL bM. pd. Hr. IMS line 474 E IS'h. LBL TO 41141 1fl«. SAO. B«tY e«. New pan :iri c. tss'e. Act. e. HC 141 furn. 147.50. S4I Pine afternoon nr. town, ocean. Utit. t]4 E. 4 agers. 17!. nr. bus. 41Stut. US t UB-Xiaom flat. Ad-jlfi -U^ 11:1 STANLEY. Sg'e. actt. Ulil. pd in ft wnk. SCL. pr.f. e'deny peep'e elese" bus. IB! E. 7t«i HE SI3II. v« S41 '0 D?*i*n ig'es.. util. pd SSV-LAKCF ing'e Adultl Nr. t- t itr t . MSI Mahanna HE 74S StO l BOeM n'us pultdn ri.w^ Indry. :MI E. !"! CE 1 71 Sia-- illORU lc»er Cletn. Ld Coup'C. l»7 OrmM. CE 1IT4 In O«-.. Your 0»i CE « 1444. UV-- cm. *gl. tor I. no o-- 'le w»-- Lf.E. *g'e.. ut:l. pd . a t * 11,* t- 7TY CA 14U S»e lo aocrecla'el HT. 1 4 t»-SltlCLE. HI 7^-1 bdrm. U pd. R.dec. 1111 Llndm BELMONT~HEir f HfS. te.-^tiful Mrm. till. Adulll. CE 44 nice 4, clean, lit II ItU t. Tr "BRnsiiVitnctn. Lll W» dayl ca'l after S pm. WE 4 Ttti VERY NiCE'tbr. icCl lie" On'e'i ldrv_IM. 7141 Bermuda CE t lilt TURN. Sre. rlg^t dy«nto«»n~Niie clean Jll W. !'1 HF 14'SI Infint. 771 CayJ^te HE 17U4 114 so w. lower eery ig'e. Ad'tt Utl pd ItlS Atlantic CA 41JT) NICELV tum 1 iTVbr. actl. Aiply Apt O 7(11 E. lit" 7114 Al'ent'c. IDPM . over gir., ulil , wl, alltt. BELVONT Shore. Ibdrm. e p t . w w ·dulti. ill Argonne. HA t lift. HIM-- NICE loe. 7-bdrm. ad'ti gar. aye I. 17)1 E. lit. CEtllll ·BR. * PULIDH., GARAGE. It 1111 ORIIABA CA 7U1 i7lTTiJw"l Brj nr. tchl. tlhlffck 71111 Santa re IM. Aot 7. UrONTN. 11 W. Ird 1 BD»« SI4 ir.LF. t!t DM. ou'.t. TV evil $45-1 BDPM. A1 rtw. O'tp Nil NLB OelUT* Ige 1 Br. tree In^-y Adultl. 47St OtHSPO. VF 47tt SCLES. t« 1 lit. Ut:l. pdr*A4:tl Ing. 1)41 caronadd agt 17 CHUO Or. im t*IFRRY XlRX Ige I'ng e Upper tnan Ut.l M IUT-- Atlantic. HC Stll (LOSE M tgl. recently iainfe leaul. view. 471 t, 4ti, Apt, figt'cOA-Sitig'e ww. crft. liti Pd. KO tar 1. Ul gr 1. Aduttt. J l «n«M. « pool Ut.CpdTi'no'i tw in Hit Lir-g^ Me 7 7"ll. ·iCMFLOR Ag4, U»*tr. pnye entrancg. Ira 7la Gardenia Av ·WtWSttTMT'* seft-scL. ww ctrpen. ii'i. i Re'ng. Bit Pacific Ave. HI it* II L HOTS-- New leg. 7 be. tit _Mutts41l» t 4m. tt »» 1 iirAttiNTK -- -1 ·,*·*.. } BWm^gV^iHM. UT N L B -171 Modem clean ang (Mfl txn. tar. H» · 1411 tu-vtRV ttri oVe. Mr tn. ilevtSr. T17 Pacific Arg Cll»t iM-n. r*y.'«e-V~l1 iralslttd AfMrtm iH ID* KEENA KAI 3121 Matiqyit* luUggfi Irot t Ire-aWway s^^^Atrttasi natural aM catUett. Oar. avaiL WRIGLEY'S DELUXE B.autiM 1 t ibrv, w-w carpet. Sbtffvcurte'ffi. martets. Lew lates. See tnetg » VII will rent. Adultl. IMt CEDAR I4JJO tg US Utff URN. Neer Free- lay H.gnway 111. Harter City. Ill W. Anah/mtlTAOIeAAJL We lliW.Ananein pAf71M j|tw.Ana«eim gjljjlj SOME1HINO OI'FERENTI bdrm. apt.r Smart mod. turn, .eti et cieseti. Quiet 1 prly. Jle own horne. US. Aduttt. UP- i» Obitm. CE V47U; CE tint NEW 1 2-BR.. POOL Clrp.1. drtces. built Im. disposal, not water. Carport, 1139 up. 4541 Indiana Ave~ LB. GA 14771 ERRY LIDO APIS, across Iron me Big A. NEW l gr. fvm. l un- um. deiuie aptt. Heeted pool. rctg.. dracts, dse. rftr. SJO) URNISHEO 1 unfurnliFed U-oe 1 t Ibdrms. Gacege. Pool. Utt. retrlg^ fiutlt-ln gven i, range. Carpeted, drapes. Adults gr teenagers, m 7.itt7. 917 E. Ill St. 171.19. Lge. sing'e. w^tr carpetw-o. Cheer-ruTcor. 8ee«- litulty decor, i, turn, Utll. pd. Inmarutate. 1 bit to Octan. Adult. See manager. Apt. t. BEAUTIFUL 3-BR. APT. New modem furniture. carre*t draDei. Xlnt Long Beach location. Call Manager HE 44771. ISO E. 23RD ST. 1 Bedroom, dftvi, outtt, comfort' a(Ht. Prt'tr aw«r p»r»oot. 500 ORANGE AVE. HEATED POOL. NEW I.RDRM.. W W CRPT.. U5 UP. ELUXE IBdrm. All electric. cioie m. Ouiet neigtiborhood. t»o. tS74 Lot Angeles St. BellfloMer. Mar. Afit. 7. WA 5-4030. STOP VACANCIESI til g mo. will refurnish your act. Liberal trade. Mr. Sands, contract d»rt. LB. Furn. HE «!?t 1545 CHERRY AVE. N.L.B.-I-B'R. FURN. Vacant GA 14111: CA Kill $ 62.50 Mo. or Wkly. Rate BR. UNRESTRICTED. C!«»1 t*^ orn o.k. tia p«ti. S/5. Gai pa 1011 Lew's. HE 5-1CIS IS WEEK. SWJ.ii menTh. t-bdrn. act. um.tiM Mid Child, pat ek. lf» CHtRRY apt. nr. B*y, CXftV. ifxr*. Auto- rnatic «*avh«r. lit B Santa Ana. 540 E. 14th, $58, Util. Pd. REALLY CLEAN 1 BR. Nr. B'tby storei. Baby OkVllth Way 1. cal.tomia. GA7MI1 LOVELY redec.. ww. carpf* 1-br. Alto single 3tt Carroll Pk. Eait. GE » 7/oj er CE l un. ICELY furn. 1 decorated t.ngie ant Pn'l ing. Oilldr^t weirnme. J!7 Conten. HE 7 ml. Autom. winr.. mid lerv Women only. 7043 E. Anine-m. GE till) VERY NICE SINGLES SIS mo. See Mgr. 1101 E. l-n St. MODERN. XTRA LARGE 1 L IBr. 1403 Cr3ar HE 5-1101 CLOSE ta t?wn, corner 3rd 1 Lime. large nicely turn. 1 br. aot. * APPLY 537 LIME DELUXE I-BDRM. Till SPAULDINC CE t Mil 1430 Elm-- l-Stitm. irv.CRIBR. DU. Baby OK. IIS D'tp. stove, refr'g. 1174 H.tlman nr. 7th L orange. HE 4-7019 Nr. Ocean. Dlt. Front DDL w w . irl. edits. Ill DUE. t I-BR.. $85. BABY OK. »t E. HIM, MCR. APT, 11 aiS-lWR. SGIE, DHL PD. Igt, tVigpt, AdlU. 1104 L Ird J70-- 1-tR. NtWLY DEC. W-W Utll. fJ. Aduiti. U04 E. 3rd RMS. SI1.SO ». VPI tit. aotl. SIS wl. up W/pool compt. furn. mo. ra'et. 1777 Cherry. HE mil. BIXBY~kNOLLS. 17750. Lge. mod ern tachelar aot. Ne_wly furn. 1 ISO 75 LOWER llnoe. Ut). pd Adultl. Nr. but, tncgt. 417 Ron Ave. hr. Ina. I9t7 St. Louil. Linden. H£ 71111 1444 MAONOLlA-Lge^ cleii 1 BR. Ut.50. HE iKIl S4I UTIL. bd. 1 bdrm. Laan. fit. 7MI Atlantic GA 4 7717. COLORED--Loe 1 br. eot. Cloie bus SU 415IC17. CE tMM llf.VWLarge mod. ige. Utll pd lilt Coronldn HA 1 ?J?t 1 BURU. ut.l. rd. Nr. ihopi. 7 adjlti 179 5111 Lime NLt'.LY OLCORAICD SINGLE. ISO WO. ll.'l LIME AVF. Ul t. rl Afljltl only. 1311 Dl If. S4 1 UP-- Clem igie. UM . wthrt iU-KeJic, Lse. :... aJ.lii. itT. pd.. U40 Lucl.d Ave. ISISO UPPER Ibr. Infant ok. no UV-SIHC.Lt-ytlL, PAID. Parhing Aooly I1U Alarrutos. ^ 121 WK. UTIL? PD. BAHAMA'Art,' 1119 Sou-h St GA ItltO 1117 E. Jni' HC 417CI. tu-lCLL. ui,l. pd. aduitt enly Redecorated. 174 W. 7111 St. SS7.S0--I BR. wer. Utll. pd. One Infant OK. 174 W. 7111 V. ek. Ut.l! H ' HE tint BLL HOTS lt;r, Immac.. twin raij«! m Ouincv. CC 441S7 IBR 4 UPPER, furnace, 1 adu'ti ro pe'i. rew'y cleeor.. IM Cerr fat KJ MAINE, Lo*er L up»r~l«r aa'l Ut S9. V1 Blby o k. LKWQ 1 a 7Brl, ww cpt.. winr. gir. tl!. HIS. 1 V S443S; HA SIW CHILD OK.U1IL PD HE *S51 A»ttSIA. 1 liarm pool act ttl SO Adjiti. rim Pioneer. UN 5-7S1S Lge.~Clean, Smgle-US 55 XimenOj_Mgr. API. A IIV-CIOSC in. HI. pd retrlg 71 Mcrnald Place CA 744* LCcTso"«:oul" 1 Br. Ouet C'oie n" 1130 1117 f . 7nd t'E 4175 De'uie 1 tr , alu'fi, t*S mo. HA stt:i 111* WK.-- 1 b1rm~ uM. pd. smai ct-iH e*. Ill' Cowiel UiTl «R. LH.l. pd Aju'ts. P«7king 771 L. m, L B. GA4mt. 115 MO. been aol, utns. pd., men CA 7I47 7MI E. BROAD.VAY-Sing'e. Ut7 ba.d. Adultl GE 1 1741 SIS MO. SI4 Wk. Sg'e util. M Aduitt No cell. 7744 Locuit. IVOirL APTS 4lf, wk.. **0. Rmi 11) » wk. up III Mtgnoia. I11IC-ADLTS. TURN. UTILS.~PO 1)41 TEMPLE. CE ntl car. aval. 1777 Pine Aye ItilLO OK. US Small 1 BR. Ul pd. 1415 Rcie; HE 1411 III WEEK-SINGLE. UTIL. PAIC 1171 LB. Blvd GE 40*4 1 S47 wljPACIOUS rod ige N wa.l bed type. XS Corpnadd. )0-1 BR . double. US ig'e. ut Pd 1775 E 10-n. pa-d Phone ft washer. 4'lit E 1 . Unfurnished Aptt. 10 o'ntr roumg, i br . iMv., re i 1. U' 50. Call GA J-J054. an CALI*. IIEIGH7S ; NEWER IBR. S7S VO Adult NO PfTS. G«r. gyaiL *Mt l» GA 71111 Eves CA 714 ) I V IBR.. carpets, drapei. bit- r ». «. O- pool. l]l» Benedic Downey, "f M. W. at yvooarv L gtt imperial." WA J4« IlliW 7 ilrm--e.^titvl vine, 1 font welcome. l;yj wall St. (n · l»l_». Tempie Avel NEW detuig ItR, Ww cpt. Fore lg a:r heat. Car. Mr. tctoo.s. shco g. but, beacti Afcits. 711 Benne " Adults. Ina, nTpfn* nt *l* ? it7.9rx ALL g'tc. rew IftR, pf ll O*l , (TO · pet:. ATts GC 75 OL tft-- 7l«. nr, day nursery, f 1 Spautdnf. CE 1)414. ct 4)k tl. lllllacvtt* ' *' ' ME 174 ·*' ll W' l ?"'g T "t-eg C *laV«r "" 'uVJg'"'"!^^ wUr^ctfa 14451.' 411] CKI-W All jgn«iniia*fi mjn, !·· IMN6 THIS AD SAVE $10 . ON FIRST MONTH'S tUfiT AVALON VILLAGE BEAUTIFUL APTS. |.B«droom-- $62 JO 2.B«droom-- $74.50 ,' water 4 lawn care Mtt. ,' Harpwood toon. ,' Large cmen. ,' Children OK. 5St EAST 2JIST 11 ml H gl Wilmington en Avlten) TE 4-3454 PrettiM Ana _ lalewood Country Club Ttrrace - AOULTJ C e r o e t i . d r a p e s . patios, ail modern te»- tures tor comtortatue living. i 2-BR.-- $97.50 UP Some wim Us bant. 411? Lgvglsidg HA MI7I b'vo In a Prestige Area! PARK ESTATES ft Large single. S7S menttt ft 2-bedrgorm, S10Q mpntri Free moving charges with this ad-- local area. 550 La Pasada GE V4741 $118 UP 2 i 3-BR. 2-BATHS Lu*J M«rxif AcU. Tirofc»t Otcor. 2 Is. httt'td poots. buill tn * r. cond.. ttovt «% rtniv.. erpH, L tfriact. Al» somt turfflavrt*!.,. 5683 CHERRY SOUTH t CHERRY $75 UP. IN LAKEWOOD NEW DELUXE FURNISHfD BACHELORS 1 BRS, FURN. J. V N URM. W.W CARPCT. DISPOSAL LARGE CLOSETS. CARPORTS 1 BLOCKS W. Of PARAMOUNT 1055 LOMA Where Living Is a Pleasure) POOL -- RUMPUS ROOM PATIO - SUNDECK Modern large Ibdrm. apt. Dram. range 1 refrigerator, ww ear- Wash ng equipment f jr. nshed. CWy 1100 per mo Adults. BELMONT HGTS. DELUXE APTS. NICE OUIET NEW 1- and I Bedroom, range f. oven, carretl. dr.0,,. HA t.71,, 1 "' E ' ** "CE 4447, ·ft $75 UP. 1 2-BR'» Furnished Unfurnished W/w carpet, asposal. carport. L'drv. laoiires. waikJn closets, weik to Lalewood Center OPLH f UAtS -- 5024Hayler ME 0-6170 LOVELY ltdrm. aoU w« erol.. drares. renge t, rttrig.. fre« laundry faciut et. Close to shops Iranip. tri. 7017 Lima. Apt. A. Owner CE 1-7141 davs. HE 1-1471 WRiGLEY'S FINEST ' Deiue. loaclous newer 1- 4. J- BRs. Twin Pullman ba.. Bit-In evens 1. ranget. tioodi 1, fans. w w carpeting, draperies. Real, ra'es. Adults. 1141 Cedar. NEW! NEW! NEW! Oeluie 1 Bedroom. Fvm. fc un. fjrn. Natural ash. CAbinets. ma r be putlmen, w-w carpets L drps. r..rage avxl. llil Marlouita B-wn Ird 1 Broadway GEIttl FREE RENT 'TIL MAY 2435 L HTH-ADULTS 1 i 7 St.-- Carpel I Drapei Ha Lang Fhone GA 7-4111 1 MOVE IN NOW 1 Rent treg til May lit. IBR., 1 ba. ttudlot. child OK. 1 Br^ pool, pllioi. dtmnnr. htn. 1 2-BR.-- POOL W/w cgrp., drapal, builtHnt. 222 Sngth St. GA 3-3214 2-BDRM.-- $94.50 Exceptionally large nc r deluie. built mi, oowntlairt. Children o*. IU) Elm Ave. HE S:)l' 1. 1 1 IBR. aot. 4, hgusci. fum. or unfurn. No charge to tenants. C. L "JOHNNY" JOHNSON 7lll E. 77h CE »«4« BELLFlOAER-Neir new Ibedrrn. B t mi. stovei 1 evens, drares, iiooia'. Lone Pine Villa. lUli Lucaivctus. TO 7«II4 ~H'lGT~CLXSS COLORED A«EA 1 . Bedrtni. Redecorated. Smell child ek. 170. lilt Wesley Drive Also 1 bdrm. house, redec., SAO. QUIET. LGE. SGL. Cloit In SU mo. CE 1 1770 NEW 2-BR.. HEAT POOL Loll af cloiits. urpett. drapes. STOP VACANCIES «5 g month will furnish your art. r. Sands, contract dept , L B. furniture HE 4:i:i BEAUTIFUL ruitlc den. huge f're- E'are. liv. rm. dn. rm.. 2 bams. ocmy. Nr. Trait c Circle, till* ct.l 4177 Jacinth Way. CE 4?4tl, $55-- t-Br., Redecorated On but Carag« optional. HOt E. 4-n. LB. NE Hltl BEL SH. DELUXE l"BR. Near new. Front. Many clotett. in. Garage Avail. CE 1-0071 Closets - Pullman Bath · 2 Br. UK»r lower W/w. drapei. d IP. 1714 Sherman Place CE 4 71:1 NEW-- 2-BR.-- $85 W w cerpet. drepes, duo. blrcfi rab'nett. Blby ek. 1179 Glveta $45-- UTILS. PAID lower Sipg'e 1JT E. Itn 1117 F. 1ST St.. 1 BORMS. I.TOO 2121 LIME AVE. Dlt. J BRl. AH t'CC. Alto furn. ! M L B CLEAN, torr 1 *·*. C*f.-«o». Ampi* tiaitl*. Wftttf Pd. SU. 4?7I 1 C»'.f CA 2 US) Oldl ^-nClt\T A*g£* Lif-M 7BR., CftrM*.. «f«D*l. 22l2E.I5th86Calil. Lge. l-BRl.. carpet! drepes. STANTONl 1- 1 Ibr. W/w carpel, drapes, close tg trgnip. L shops. t'ISu up Alt Utll, Call 417.1541, - BCL. HTS-- Mod. I ar.. w-w cut.. 0 to . autgm. wihr. 4 dnrer, sun- detk, avh cab. 4411 E. 4tn. Apt. 1. · Ntw IBR. Drapes, d sg . ash co. in IM «. Parade (Nr. 101 Harhor I T DLX. UPPER I-BR.-- $80 171 Magnolia Adults. HE 4-1171 1 br, Pont t reaut. P4t.o. Gar. Aduiti. 1190 GE ItlU t BCL. tldTS l-i Br. new ee lu»e. w w , MO IICS. gar, Aduitt. 141 ^ Newport. t $65 Mo. Near New l-Br. Olid g k. Itn Junleere. CC 17:11 · S4S-LGE. 1 Bdrm . tower rear, tit- by Knoll!. 4 Clotett, idts. gnty. · in^NCyVLV ga!"ed. H tedrr-t. 7 Baby OK. Gai 4 water pd. KT-i An-e, Ar'« e (IH »7tl7 229 6th. SEAL BEACH ; 1 br. deiuie upper^ pn.^4lr41/l. isi-SUALL. 1 bdrm . d£J«. Steve * re-rig . alultl. 34» E. 4tti St. i GE itn. 't Brand New-- 1129 Cedir -: lbr..ww,drapet.wash. HI 74111 t. 6"ltult: 1 t- 1R- A»1. PO«. I-^ft'/aggtvH^flS^Sl- f «§UrtJr%^ iTGA tlSlt H4l_0range -1 su-BRTnoTiEW g»a«ug l«r. . s. w m itove and gvtn. -_. t. ssi p aorh He *t7Bl \. Hiicv t «3»v^5*^- i| y9' ri r ttt* u l2ij^* §·* ^li]?Wl T {|r^Ntvv' I V|gn~Ch.l4reri g' tett. . f t ^r,. t i3"cMrTy: ceT'iSri.TM 1 ' r. 1BORM. iar^ tgne. »ig, £u4- . 1 men MIL redec IW, D4I fir«. 1 l«l_ SHOg.1 IWrtn. «yw, gar..' a v a l . SW .111 Ximgngj HI T-fTM

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